"Meet me at the door, boy. I been driving for a couple hours and gotta piss bad," James said when he called. So I stood by the door and waited, on my knees. I knew enough to be ready for him. He wouldn't wait once he got inside. I served a purpose and it was to take whatever came from his cock. When he came in, he looked down at me and smiled and I felt good, being there, being ready for him.

"Hell, yeah. You are a good bitch, ready to take care of me when I get home. You're going to like this as much as I do boy," he pointed out.

He unzipped and hauled his semi-hard cock from his jeans that were slung loose and low on his hips. "Open up," he directed, "and breathe deep." He placed his cock in my mouth and promptly went deep placing his cock right into my throat. It was barely lodged down my gullet when I could feel him pissing. He was pissing directly into me, bypassing my mouth, going right to my stomach. It was a new feeling, I knew what he was doing logically, but I had not considered it before.

"Just hold still boy. No reason I can't just piss directly where it needs to go, saves you from swallowing and spilling any here on the carpet. You can thank me when I'm done, saves you from cleaning that mess up later," he added smiling at me as he said it.

It seemed to go on forever, but I knew that it was not all that long of a time before his stream slowed. I began to think I was going to run out of breath, but I think James saw that too, because he did pull out of my throat and finished the last of it in my mouth, which I swallowed promptly as he finished. He pulled his cock out and I cleaned the last of his piss off. He tucked himself back into his pants.

"You forgetting something, bitch?"

I thought for a moment. "Oh, sorry Sir," I said when I figured out what he meant. "Thank you for pissing Sir and thanks for thinking of me and not letting me spill any. It does save me time, Sir."

"That's right, boy. I'm always thinking bout you," James smiled and patted me on the head. "Now get up, you got work to do. I got stuff in the car you need to bring in and put away."

I followed James out to his car. He had several boxes and a lot of clothes. He was going to move in! I got all nervous. James was bringing his stuff over. He was going to stay. I must have looked excited because he commented immediately.

"Okay, boy, don't get all worked up. This is just some of my stuff. Don't have all of it, and just cause I'm bringing it here doesn't mean I'm staying forever or even every night. But I need a place to keep my things and a place to relax on a regular basis."

"Yes, Sir," I answered automatically. I was thrilled he was going to be here more regularly. I didn't care if it was every night, but to know I was going to have a man around to service and serve regularly was really exciting to think about. I didn't know where things would go from here, but I was ready. I grabbed the first couple boxes and began carrying them in. James didn't take anything, but he did hold the door for me as we went back inside.

When we got upstairs he went right to the master bedroom closet.

"You got to get rid of this stuff, boy. There isn't any room for my things," he stated.

When I set his boxes down he began handing me my clothes. Just pulling them off the rack and piling them in my arms. When my arms were full he told me to go find a spot for those somewhere else. I thought about it and put them in the guest room closet and then came back for the rest of my clothes. He kept handing them to me and I kept putting them in the other closet until what used to be my closet was empty.

"Now," James said, seemingly satisfied that my things were out of the closet, "You got room to put my stuff when you bring it in. I'm just gonna sit here while you finish that up. You understand, bitch?"

"Yes, Sir. I'll get the rest." It took me several trips back and forth to get the rest of James clothes and his other things. I put his clothes away, refolding what had been messed up in his move. I hung up his shirts and pants, and put his underwear in the dresser. That meant I had to take my things out of the dresser, his dresser now, and put them in the other room. When I had finally gotten all my thongs, socks, and tees moved, I came back to the master bedroom and James was lying on the bed naked. He was stroking his cock.

"Get over here, boy. You got work to do," he let me know.  "and strip down to your panties boy. You better have some on.

I did, thankfully. I had been wearing the underwear he brought me at his last visit everyday like James had told me to. I was still embarrassed to have them on, even though no one could see them, the thought that they might see them was enough to make me think about them every time I put them on. I pulled my pants and shirt off. Removed my socks and stood there in the pink silky panties he bought.

"Good boy. I knew you would follow directions. I bet you like those panties, now." James praised me. "Now climb up here and get my dick wet."

I got between James' spread legs and I started licking his big dick, getting it all wet because I knew it would be entering me soon. He reached over my back and began slapping my ass through the panties. Soon his fingers were exploring my hole, spreading my cheeks, playing at the opening.  I didn't understand how a man's dick could be so big and so hard. How did a man get as big a dick as some men had? I kept thinking about stuff like that as James was working his fingers into my ass and his cock into my mouth. I figured that it must be one of those things a faggot could never know. I mean, I wasn't a man so I guessed it didn't matter for me. My dick was never gonna be that big, so it wasn't something I needed to spend any thinking time on. I just had to know how to take a big cock so I could please men that wanted to use me.

"Yeah, those panties look nice on that ass boy. They may get stretched out now though. Gonna pull them down so I can get at that nice pussy hole of yours," James started talking trash. He pulled my panties up and began sticking his fingers in.

"Yeah, always wet, aren't you? Seeing my dick probably makes it that way whether you know it or not. You true bottoms are all like that. Just need a dick inside to make you feel like a real woman."

I didn't think I was a real woman, but I did stop to think about what he said. I loved cock inside my hole. I knew that. I still had trouble believing that my hole got wet just thinking about dick, but maybe he was rightÉmaybe it did function like that, I guess it explained a lot if it was true. James seemed to know just what to do and how to make me feel goodÉit was a good thing, him here, telling me what to do, it was what I needed, more than anything. So much about my thinking had changed, once I accepted my place in the world. That was all I really needed to focus on, knowing my place.

"Bitch, get those legs up!" James interrupted my sucking and less importantly my thinking as he moved around behind me on the bed. He pulled the panties around my one ass cheek, exposing my hole, but leaving them on the rest of me at the same time. He began rubbing his cock on my hole, smearing his precum around and using my spittle to ready his dick for exploration.

"I'm gonna enjoy this tonight, boy," James says to my back as he begins slipping inside me. The head of his cock is teasing me. He is not putting any more of his dick inside me, just slipping the head in and out. He is sliding in and out and I can feel the head popping my ring back and forth. James moves around to my face, then shoving his cock in and out of my mouth. He is taking turns never fully inserting himself into my ass, but switching to my mouth and driving deep there. He is driving me crazy. I am already raging hard, stretching the material of my panties. My panties, I think, I just thought of them as my panties. The thought fascinates me, because it isn't something I wanted, yet it is something that is now mine, a gift from the man who is beginning to control my life.

I am so hard and I am leaking in my panties. James has slipped his cock in my ass again, he is moving deeper, exploring inside me. "So damn good, boy. You make my dick feel so damn good. This is how you are a good boy " Hearing James talking to me about being a good boy and having him use my hole was too much, I started moaning, I could feel my cock stiffen and I exploded, cum gushing through the panties as he kept fucking me. As I came, I tightened my hole on James cock, and he couldn't hold back either.

"Shit, bitch, your hole is tight and feels so good. Gonna fill you up now," he thrust deep and collapsed on top of me as he emptied his load. I was feeling so good, having James laying on top of me, inside me, that I guess I hadn't been paying attention to what was really going on. James pushed up on his arms. I could see every muscle in his arms. I then looked into his eyes and I saw that I had done something wrong.

"Boy, I told you no coming unless you asked. Did you ask if you could come?" James questioned me. He continued, "What gives you the idea that this is about you? This is not about you coming just anytime you want." James stared into my eyes, and I knew from the look he had in them, and his words that I had screwed up.

"I..I'm sorry Sir. I forgot. I was having such a good time that I just came, it felt so good with you inside me and you being on top of me, I'm sorry," I tried to make it clear to James that I just got lost in the moment but he wouldn't have any of it.

"Doesn't matter boy, you lost focus and you disobeyed me. I won't let it happen again." James slid his still firm cock out of my ass, standing up. My hole leaked some of his load and he went off to the closet where I had placed his belongings. When he came back in a few seconds he was holding a clear plastic thing in his hands. It looked like a hollow cock, with a cock ring attached to it. I had no idea what it was, but somehow it didn't look right to me. This is going to be something you hate bitch, at least at first, but that is the point. You need to remember that I'm in charge and my pleasure and needs come first. This is going to help you remember that, he explained to me. James smiled as he said this and stared at me so that I knew he meant what he said. "Hold still while I put this on you."

James opened up the clear cockring piece and placed it around the base of my balls. Then he took the hollow piece that looked like a cock and inserted my dick into it. This took a bit of time, but he worked at it until my deflated cock was inside the clear plastic tube. This piece them attached to the cockring with three pins and a small lock that James had in his hand was inserted through a small hole in the center pin. When he finished my dick was locked into this clear plastic device. It was tight fitting and there was no way that I could remove it short of cutting off the lock. I knew once the lock went on that this was a chastity device. I had never seen one before, but I had heard about them, and once the lock was set it was clear to me that I had just been placed in one. I didn't know what to say or do. I guess I could have fought with James about it, but he was clear that I was not to cum without asking, and I had forgotten that. He had done it all so matter-of-factly that I didn't struggle, nor resist his hands as he attached it to me. There it was, my dick locked up and from the looks of it, I couldn't even get hard in the device there was simply no way for it to expand if my dick tried to get hard. I had no idea what to say. I was honestly speechless. I had hundreds of thoughts running through my head. How could I shower at the gym? How could I wear my pants and have this not show through? How long would I have to be in this? How could I pee?

"Look up here, boy," James instructed me. I pulled my eyes from my caged dick and looked at James "This is going to stay on awhile. You need to focus on me for awhile. I'm new in your life and you don't need any distractions. This will keep your dick off limits and keep you thinking about my cock. You shouldn't have any problems pissing since you sit down anyway and there are plenty of openings in the plastic to let that leak out. I will let you out in a week so you can shave around it. Any other issues, you'll just have to deal with as they come along. It looks real nice on you, boy. You talk to me about it and let me know if there are any problems, you hear me?"

I was still stunned by the developments. I had too many thoughts running through my head, but all I could do at that moment was to answer with, "Yes, Sir."

"Good boy," was his reply. James wasted no time in going back to what he was enjoying before I had cum. He pushed me back on the bed and threw my legs up over my head. He placed his hard cock at my opening and slid in, lubed with the load he had already left in me, there was no problem for him spreading me open.

I knew I had screwed up, but it was too late to go back now. As James began to really pound my hole, I had nothing to do but think about what I had gotten my self into. As James worked his cock in me, my own dick tried to respond to what it was used to responding to, but it couldn't I could not get hard inside the cock cage. In fact, when I started to get hard the pressure was intense and was somewhat painful for me, as my dick tried to find a way to get hard, but couldn't. I must have been moaning as James laughed.

"Too bad, boy. You screwed up and now you are gonna have to learn to live with it," he instructed. "Can't get hard. Probably hurts some too, but you will deal with it. Not my concern. You will have to focus on something else instead of that dick, which is what you should have been doing anyway." James laughed again, and I was embarrassed to have him enjoying himself so much at my new condition.

I thought about what he said, but I could not not think about anything except the pressure on my dick and its useless struggle to get hard. How long was this going to last? How would I get out of it?