The first time James let me out of the chastity device my dick got hard immediately. He produced the key for the lock and removed the hollow, clear, plastic tube and the cockring. The simple touch of his strong hands on my dick got me hard. It was the first time in a week that it had been outside of the cage and the first thing to touch my dick since it went inside a week ago. James stood there next to me as he allowed me to shave myself around my hole and my cock and balls.

"Don't trust you yet to leave you alone with your dick free," James informed me. "You might be tempted to get yourself off and I'm not interested in that happening yet."

Although hearing James say that kinda hurt my feelings, I understood it. I wasn't sure I could trust myself if he left me alone with my dick. When I finished shaving, my dick was still hard and I could not see how he could fit it back in the tube, but James instructed me to get into the shower. He turned the cold water on and I had to stand there until my dick shrunk up enough for him to get the device back on me. It didn't take long as I could not stand the cold water.

Although I hated the device for keeping me imprisoned during sex, it was actually worse at night, while I tried to sleep. In the rest of my life, I always awoke each morning with a stiff dick. Now, I would wake because my dick was trying to get stiff but could not. The pain was enough of a distraction that it would wake me and I would have to wait until my dick deflated enough so that I could fall back to sleep.  I seemed to pay more attention to my dick now, than I had ever paid to it before. When James fucked me, I paid attention, when I had to piss I paid attention. When I got dressed I paid attention so that I wore clothes that did not show the device. It seemed to me that I paid more and more attention to my dick because of the device. I thought James had wanted me to not pay attention to it, but this device only seemed to have the opposite effect on me. Now when James fucked me, I struggled to avoid getting hard. The device drew my attention to the growing pressure on my dick each time he fucked. I couldn't get hard but it seemed my dick wanted to so bad. I started trying to think of other things when he fucked me. I looked at his eyes. I looked at his arms and focused on his muscles as they held me or were positioned on either side of me as he was on top of me. I tried focusing on his cock, going in and out of my hole when in reality what held my attention most was my own cock.

In addition to getting adjusted to being kept in chastity, I had to adjust to a man living with me now. James used the master bedroom as his room. I needed to keep it clean for him and do his laundry. He had no specific things that he required as far as those tasks. He just wanted them done. It was part of my duties as his boy. I also was getting adjusted to his schedule, his comings and goings. Despite his business and friends, I pretty much knew after a couple of weeks when he was going to be around and when he was going to be out. I can't say that I didn't look for the key to release the lock that imprisoned me, but I could not find it. I finally gave up and just assumed he kept it with him at all times.

James had a fairly basic routine that he expected me to follow. He expected that I would be awake when he woke up. When that didn't happen he would call me to get up. Most of the time I slept in the guest room, on occasion after a particularly exhausting session of sex he might allow me to fall asleep with him in his bed but during the night I generally would get a gentle shove telling me I was snoring and to get back to my room. If James was in bed and he needed to piss he would text me or phone me and it was my duty to serve as his pissboy, taking his cock in my mouth or throat and receiving his water. Each day started with me receiving my "breakfast juice" as he termed it. Then I would make the bed and make him breakfast as he showered and got ready for the day. James was generally gone before I would head off to work. If he was not home when I got back from work then the first thing I did was greet him at the door. The piss ritual was repeated at that time, with me on my knees greeting him and receiving the gift he had for me after his long drive home. If he was already home then when I got home it was usually dinner that was the first task I needed to complete. As far as sex James was voracious. He always wanted to get off in some manner. His dick was quickly becoming my number one focus as I was never sure when or where he would want to get off next. I was always ready, if I wasn't doing another task for him, for James to call me over and start bringing pleasure to his cock. I began to learn what pleased him most. What flick of my tongue or squeeze of my ass worked well and brought him pleasure.

At the end of the second week of not being able to touch myself, James again let me out of the device and I shaved again. The cold shower scene was repeated in order for the thing to be placed back on me. I wanted to cum so bad; everytime James touched me I was getting hard. When the device was back on, he spoke.

"Come on, boy. We're going to get you a nice present for being so good about not cumming." James continued, "You need something else to focus on for a few days and I got something in mind."

I couldn't imagine what it was but if James wanted to give me something then I was ready to receive it. I honestly got excited thinking about what he might have in mind. Maybe he was going to get me some new clothes to wear. Maybe he wanted me to go on a trip with him somewhere. That would get my mind off this thing. So I was not really prepared for when he pulled up to the tattoo and piercing parlor. I didn't know what he had in mind, but I was a bit scared now.

"Boy, we're going in here and I don't want any arguments. You are my boy and I am going to start doing some things to you because I like my boy to look good and because I control that body," he explained. "You need something else to focus on for awhile to get your mind off that damn little dick of yours and focus on my dick. You don't understand all of that yet, but you will and this is going to help I think." He paused and took my chin in his hands and forced me to focus on his eyes. He always looked into my eyes when he had something important to say. I knew I had better pay attention then. "You got a problem with me doing what I like to your body you tell me now, boy, cause this is where it starts."

I didn't know exactly what he had in mind yet, and James didn't say, but we were in front of a place that did piercing and tattoos. I guessed that meant I was getting one or the other. I thought about it as I looked in James' eyes and he stared into mine. I could tell he meant everything he said. He was going to do something here. How far would he go? What would I let him do? Did I really believe that he controlled my body that completely? I thought back through everything that had brought me here. All the men I had been with, all the things they had put me through. I thought about how I had been afraid for years to be the obedient submissive one completely, and how I had learned so much doing just that in the last year or so. It didn't take me long to decide. I knew what I was going to say.

"No, Sir. I have no problem with you doing what you want in here. I don't know what it is, but I know that I am yours now and you already have been controlling me." As I started speaking to James telling him I had no problems with whatever he was going to do, my damn dick tried to get hard. "Please help me take my mind off my dick, Sir. I know you will do what you think is best for you and me, Sir," I finished. That was all I felt I needed to say.

James smiled. "Good boy. I know you want to please me," he said quietly. He then moved forward and kissed me deeply right there in the car, in the parking lot. We got out of the car and James took my hand and led me into the store. It felt good and right to be led by James inside. No one said a thing to us or even looked funny at us as he held my hand. It helped me feel good about my decision feeling his strength as he spoke to the man behind the counter, knowing he felt good enough about me to be seen with me holding his hand. I know men sometimes talk about their dizzy women and how they never pay attention or make no sense sometimes. I guess that I knew what a man was talking about then because I really hadn't heard what was being said. I was looking around the store at everything and feeling James' hand in mine. I was thinking about how good it felt to have him there and being in charge. I told James "yes" to a couple questions he asked me but if I think about it I have no idea what he was asking or telling me at that point. I was just saying yes because it was what I was supposed to do and I was distracted with all my feelings. I guess this is what he meant when he said I didn't need to be thinking. I guess I could have been labeled dizzy, because that was how I felt, dizzy with different feelings and not paying any attention to what was going on. The next thing I knew I was going into the back area with James' hand on my back, gently pushing me forward.

So when the piercer set me on the table and told me to remove my shirt, I was caught off guard. "What? I'm sorry, my shirt? What do I need to remove my shirt for?" James and the piercer laughed. I blushed. "I guess I wasn't paying attention earlier," I stated, though they already knew that I guessed, which just made me look real dizzy.

"We're gonna get those nipples pierced, boy. Get your shirt off for the man," James instructed me.

I started to remove my shirt. I had never considered getting my nipples pierced. One man I knew years ago had told me he thought I would look good with them pierced but I had never done it. I didn't even have my ears pierced. James wanted me to do this though and I had agreed before entering the store so I was going to go through with it. I wasn't going to hesitate now. I lay back on the bench and the man dabbed alcohol on both nipples. He placed a clothespin on each nipple. He said that this would cause it to stand out some so he could get a better grasp of the area to place the ring. The instrument he had looked big and the needle looked painful.

"Ready"? the piercer inquired.

I looked at James. He smiled and took hold of my hand. I looked back at the piercer and told him, "Yes, ready?" I squeezed James' hand.

The pain was sharp for about 10 seconds, then quickly became a dull aching throb as the piercer removed the instrument and placed a silver-colored hoop about 2 or 3 mm thick in the newly created punch hole through the back of my nipple. They weren't overly big rings, nor all that thick. There was a small matching ball that filled the gap in the ring, so eventually I could remove the ring if I wanted to do that. It didn't look too bad I thought to myself from this angle looking down at it.

"That looks real nice," James stated. The piercer agreed with him.

Before I had time to think too long about the new ring, the piercer removed the clothespin from my other nipple and was ready to do it too. There was another sharp pain. I gasped this time, as I guess I knew what was coming. Then he inserted a matching hoop in my other nipple, and closed the gap with the tiny ball. James sat me up on the table and I could see myself in the mirror across the room. I had rings in my nipples! I caught myself smiling, I don't know why. I guess I liked the look of them. James was standing there next to me and he saw me smile.

"See, boy," he said. "You like them already." James was looking at me in the mirror, and I was looking back at his face in the mirror. "I thought this would be a good idea. Now lets get those ears done too before we go home."

There was going to be more? My nipples were throbbing. If it was James' idea that the throbbing in my nipples would replace the throbbing of my dick in its' prison then maybe it would work, I thought to myself. The piercer quickly marked spots on my ears, one in each ear where he would place the rings. James approved of the locations, the mirror was too far away for me to see clearly. A different device was used for my ears. The pain was less than when my nipples were done, but still it was a quick poke. Then before I had time to think about it at all, I had smaller hoops of some type of silver color in my ears, with the same design as those in my nipples.

The piercer gave me some cleaning liquid and an instruction sheet on how to clean my piercings. James thanked the man and we paid on the way out of the place. I was in a daze. I had throbbing pain in four different spots of my body and was very aware of the rings that were now running through the holes where the pain was.

When we got to the car James kissed me again. "You did real well boy. I'm proud of you going through that for me," he explained. "You didn't hesitate or think about it at all, just let the man do what I wanted him to do. That is extremely sexy and hot to me, knowing you are going to follow through with what I want to do boy. I just want you to know that. Your obedience is very sexy."

I felt suddenly very warm all over. James had given me a big complement and I knew it. I had just followed instructions and my instinct and it had made him happy! I felt happy. The connection was not lost on me at all. Just being me, being obedient and doing what my man wanted me to do was making me happier each day. Knowing James was pleased made everything seem easy.

"Thank you, Sir." I wasn't sure of what else to say. I just felt good. "I want to be good for you, I want you to be pleased." That felt right, and honest. I couldn't think of anything else to say at the moment.

When we got home James took me upstairs to his room and took off my shirt. My nipples still throbbed. He led me into the bathroom where I could see the rings there. He began kissing my nipples and licking them. They became very hard and they were definitely sore to even the gentleness of his tongue on them. So when he stopped and reached out his fingers to play with them I let out a squeal of pain.

"Oh god, oh shit, that hurts, Sir," I heard myself exclaim. "Sorry, Sir, but they are sore."

"Course they're sore boy. You just had a hole punched in them. It's gonna hurt for a few days," James explained. "Think that will distract you from your dick," he asked?

I didn't see how it wouldn't at this point. "Yes, Sir," I replied honestly. "Sorry for complaining," I added.

I watched in the mirror as James continued to lick my nipples. I tried to be quieter, but his tongue continued to cause me to moan at times. I also looked at my face. It dawned on me suddenly that it would be very visible when I went into work that I had gotten my ears pierced. I was in my mid-40s and suddenly I had gone out and gotten my ears pierced. I wondered what people would think. I was sure that lots of people would ask about it. What would suddenly make me run out and get my ears pierced' This thought hadn't occurred to me when it was being done, but now it came to the front of my mind.

James reached up and touched my ears with his hands. He looked at my reflection, studying me as I looked at myself. "What do you think, boy," he enquired? "You like your new look?"

I wasn't sure what to think. I liked it because James liked it. It was new. I saw rings in my ears and in my nipples and I just kept thinking it was imaginary, not me. I thought that I looked good, but it would take me awhile to adjust to the new image, just as I was adjusting to seeing myself with my body hair shaved.

"Yes, Sir. I like them. Thank you for them," I said turning my head to face James.

"That's good, boy, because they are part of you now," James stated. "A fag should always have some nice jewelry. I can't believe you didn't already have your ears done, as queer as you are. Only made sense to get those pierced while I was doing the nipples."

James made sense, as always. Everyone already knew I was gay. Everyone could tell, what difference did it make if I had my ears pierced? I had thought about doing it a long time ago, but had never had the courage to do it. Now it was done, and it felt good. I was a faggot and I should have them pierced.

James was rubbing his crotch up against my hole. He was already hard and wanting to fuck again. He took me by the hand and back to his bed. He pushed me down on my back and took my shoes off, then pulled my pants and panties down. "Don't need to keep your panties on now," he told me. "You can't reach your dick and it doesn't get in my way all locked up." He laughed.

I had forgotten about that for a few minutes. What with James playing with my nipples, any thought of my dick had vanished. He began sliding his dick along my crack. His cock was getting lubed with his precum and I could feel it getting slick and ready. He pointed it at my hole and began slipping inside me. As he did that he began in pinching and twisting my nipples again. I couldn't help it so I started whining and writhing on the bed. It really hurt and I was squirming from the pain, not from his cock anymore, but from my piercings. He seemed to be enjoying making it hurt.

"You like that, bitch? You like how that feels," James asked?

" Sir, please stop, please not so much," I whined to him.

"hahahahahaha, too bad it hurts right now," James laughed at me. "You'll be begging me to do that in a couple weeks." I wasn't sure what he was talking about because at that point I didn't want him touching my nipples. I tried moving his hands away but he just held my hands over my head and with one of his hands and continued to play with them with his free hand. All the while his cock was driving into me, bumping inside me, feeling so good. But I was focusing on my pain

"Don't fight me, boy. Just let it happen. Focus on what you're feeling," James stated.

I was at the point of being driven crazy by James twisting at my nipples. I was ready to do anything to think about something else. I was almost to the point of crying, they hurt so much with his hands playing with them. I started thinking about how they hurt and the pain shooting through them, his fingers running over my chest. I could tell when they neared my nipples as they heightened the bruised feeling. I tried thinking about James' dick sliding in and out of my ass, his cock marauding around inside my body. I even tried thinking about how the bedcovers felt on my back as I squirmed around, trying to get rid of the pain. I looked into James' eyes and watched as he enjoyed the fuck. He smiled and closed his eyes, threw back his head, pounded me awhile, then would slow down awhile. I squirmed but tried to focus. James finally pulled me out of my mental wanderings.

"I wondered when you'd start leaking, boy. You been locked up long enough, I'm surprised its been this long," he smiled at me as he spoke. I wasn't sure what he was talking about. I must have looked confused. "Your little dick is leaking juice, bitch," he laughed. "Gotta get rid of it somehow, since I'm not letting you cum regular."

I looked down at my cock, trapped in its plastic cage. I wasn't hard, which was the first thing I noticed, that was the first time since he had locked it in the plastic that I had not been hard while he was fucking me. Then I felt the plastic around my cock. It was slimy, like a precum. I rarely ever had any precum, so this was a new thing for me. This was heavy and I could see it coming from my dick as James had said.

"That's what I like to see, bitch. Your little dick is leaking from my fucking you. Don't even need to be hard for it to happen. Just natural for a fag to leak like that after awhile of not cumming."

James went back to flicking his fingers at my nipples. I was soon distracted again by the pain and forgot about my caged dick, leaking or not. I tried to rub it through the plastic but that was useless. I had tried that over the last two weeks more than I wanted to admit. It just caused me frustration, and got James laughing at my inability to pleasure myself, so my hands went elsewhere. Rubbing James' nipples, grabbing his ass pulling him inside me, running my hands up and down his big arms placed on either side of me, trying to focus on things besides my nipples was difficult, but then it dawned on me that I had FORGOTTEN about my dick. Between the cage and the piercings today, I had managed to not think about my dick just as James wanted me to do. Suddenly, for whatever reason I wanted James to cum. I was being driven crazy from the feelings in my nipples, from his cock, from his hands. I wanted him to fill me with his load. I really didn't think it was possible to be enjoying the fucking so much despite the fact that I couldn't touch my cock. Fucking was about release and cumming, but not for me anymore. It was about James cumming, for him to unload and feel good. For me it was suddenly about his cock in me, his hands on me, and surrendering to all sorts of feelings besides my dick. I was bucking up against James by now. I was pulling him inside me, urging him on, raising my hips up to meet his thrusts forward, grabbing his ass, bringing as much of him inside me as possible.

"Shit, bitch," James was breathing heavy. "You are gonna make me cum. I'm gonna fill you up good today. You better be ready."

I was ready. He roared as he came. He drove deep and I could feel him pulsing in me, each release of seed captured deep in me. I clenched hard, not wanting to lose any. I wanted it all from him. It was the first time in two weeks that I had fully enjoyed the sex, first time I had ignored my dick, the first time I knew fully what it was to focus on something besides my own dick's release as part of the act.

I was exhausted. But I also felt release. I wanted James' cock to remain in me. I didn't want to let it go. I wanted his hands on me still. I felt like I had shot my own load but my dick had not even been hard. He was kissing me, licking my neck, telling me I was a good boy, a good bitch. I could feel myself falling into sleep. My man's arms around me, his cock buried deep in me, my nipples throbbing from his attention to them. It was too much to think about now. I drifted safely to sleep.