I was busy at work when I got a call from Mr. LeForge. I had not seen or heard from him lately. He would call when he needed something he thought I could provide, but that was the extent of his relationship to me. It was normal. Men who knew me knew I would do what they wanted. Mr. LeForge was just one of those men. He was straight, but had known immediately that I was a fag and would do what he said to do. He liked to have me doing things for him on occasion. Just stuff that someone else would not do, like emptying his recycling if it got filled during the day, before the janitorial crew could get to it. Or filing his work properly, since he hated doing that and didn't have a administrative assistant that was assigned to him. I don't know if he told other people that I did that stuff, he didn't seem the sort of man that would do that, but I did know he enjoyed his place in the world and enjoyed reminding me of mine.


I was filing that day for Mr. LeForge. He had a lot of material that needed to be put away. I was moving around his desk and cabinet for an hour or so putting things away where he could find them when he needed to do so. It was as natural to me now as taking care of James' needs. Just part of my work, even though I didn't work for Mr. LeForge. I was there late, that day, James had said he would be busy tonite so it worked well that Mr. LeForge had called today. I got a lot of satisfaction assisting Mr. LeForge. He never said a lot to me, but when he did, I paid attention to him. He was direct and clear in everything he said to me, leaving no doubt in my mind that he was in charge when I was around him. It was part of why I admired him so much, he was comfortable with himself and with me being around.


I was really paying attention to the filing and had not been talking to Mr. LeForge for a bit. He liked me working when I was there. So I didn't notice that Mr. LeForge had gotten up to close his office door until I heard it shutting behind me. I looked up and Mr. LeForge was standing there, grinning at me. I smiled back, but wondered why he shut the door as he usually left it open. He had always enjoyed people seeing that I was doing work for him.


"Something different today, Steve," Mr. LeForge began. "You seem to be a bit big in your pants. At first I just thought you were happy to be here and doing some work, but I noticed that the bulge there never went away as you have been working. Then I noticed your earrings. You haven't had those before, Steve. Suddenly felt a need to go make yourself pretty? What are you hiding in your pants, Steve," he queried?


"Uhh...ummm...,"he had me turning red. I hadn't given my chastity device much thought at work of late. I was afraid initially that everyone would notice, but had stopped worrying when no one had mentioned it. I had learned that not everyone paid attention to things very well. I should have known Mr. LeForge would see it. He saw through things easily. "uhh, yes, Mr. LeForge. I have, uhmmm, a...well, I'm wearing, uhmmm..."


"Just tell me, faggot. You think I can't figure things out? I know more about you fags than you might imagine," Mr. LeForge was nothing if not direct with me. "Just tell me what it is, now!"


"Yes, Sir. I understand," I replied quicky. "uhmmm...I have a chastity device on...uhhh, to keep me...to keep me from playing with myself." I could have died there. I was warm and knew I was very red. Telling a man at work about being locked up. How embarrassing I thought, but I was never able to lie to direct questions from a man.


Mr. LeForge laughed. He laughed hard. "You should see yourself Steve. You're red, I mean, really red. More than your usual red when I embarrass you. That's good, I like that," he continued. "You should be embarrassed. You're a man. Well, at least you look like one to most folks. But some REAL man has you locked up and is hiding the key, that is too funny. You are such a bitch, Steve. Letting a man control your dick. Too funny."


"I want to see it, bitch. Take off your clothes," Mr. LeForge directed. I hesitated too long. "DO IT! NOW!!"


"But, but this is work. What if someone finds out?" I sounded like a cowering mouse I am sure, but I was nervous.


"It's after hours, fag. No one is around anymore," Mr. LeForge told me. " My door is shut and locked. You think I want anyone to see you here? Get your clothes off and get on your knees. Do it NOW. Don't make me repeat myself again, bitch."


I started undressing. Mr. LeForge was not happy that I was delaying this. I took off my clothes. When I got my pants off Mr. LeForge started laughing. He continued until I was finished.


"Panties," he asked? "He has you in panties? This just gets better all the time. From the looks of it you got your tits pierced too this weekend. Very nice. This man must really be something, taking you out for jewelry and locking you up already. It hasn't been that long since you were here last. He's moving fast." Mr. LeForge paused, just looking at me. I dropped my gaze from his eyes to the floor. I had nothing to say, I was too humiliated.


Mr. LeForge walked closer to me. He moved his foot forward and gently kicked at my dick that was behind plastic.


"Clear plastic, interesting. I haven't seen one like that before," he commented to himself more than me I thought. "I have to admit, Steve, that I really didn't think you had it in you." I looked up at Mr. LeForge again. I wasn't sure what he meant. "I figured you were playing mostly, not ready to turn yourself over to a man so fully," he stated. "It looks like I underestimated just how much of pussy you are."


I dropped my face again. He was right of course. I knew it, just like he did, now.


"No telling what else this man has planned for you, faggot," Mr. LeForge continued. "You think you can handle it? Answer me honestly."


I looked back up at Mr. LeForge. Could I handle it? Did he know more than I did? What did he think would happen next with James? "I...I think I can, Mr. LeForge. I don't know, I...I hadn't thought about what happens next..." I hadn't either. I didn't know where it was going. I didn't need to know, I thought.


"Faggot. Really a good faggot, if you are being honest" he told me. "Put your panties back on, I've seen enough of your useless dick."


I stood and found my panties. I put them back on and turned to Mr. LeForge.

"Back on your knees, bitch," he ordered! "Stay there awhile."


He walked around me, looking at me, staring. I began to grow uncomfortable. Mr. LeForge though seemed to be enjoying it. I began looking closer and I wondered if he was getting hard. At first I thought it was my imagination. Then I wasn't sure.


"He has you shaving all your hair, doesn't he," Mr. LeForge asked. "Lift your arms." I raised my arms up above my head, showing him my shaved pits. "That's what I thought. A fag doesn't need hair on his body." As he looked down at me, Mr. LeForge moved his hand down to his crotch. He ran his hand over the area. I was right he was enjoying this!


"He's making you into a real girl isn't he? Got you shaving yourself, removing all semblance of being a man. Letting you know what its like being a girly-boy. Taking you out and getting you some nice earrings. And those tit rings, well that's just too good to be true. Bet those rings make you feel real pretty, don't they faggot. Maybe I'll just start calling you sugar, or honey around the office, hahaha. Would you like that Sugar?"


Mr. LeForge was laughing at me again. I was turning red listening to his humiliating statements, but I could do nothing. It was all-true. I did feel "pretty" with my rings in my ears and nipples.


"I want to meet this man," Mr. LeForge continued with his barrage. "One of these days you'll have to bring him down here and introduce him so I can congratulate him. He seems to be making good progress making a real bitch of you." Mr. LeForge was now rubbing his crotch and not hiding that fact.


"Just look at those panties he has you wearing. They even have lace on the legholes, nice. A useless dick, locked up, dressed up in panties. You'd probably be hard about now, if you could." Mr. LeForge laughed again. "But you can't get hard, can you you, fag?" He paused, I guessed I was supposed to answer him.


"No, Sir. I can't get hard anymore," I told him truthfully. It was horrible to admit, but true. He was making me feel very small and he knew it. I looked at him and felt myself redden again. Mr. LeForge was playing with himself through his pants now, It was obvious. His cock was outlined in his khaki pants. It was not a small piece of meet. I was quickly envious of his wife.


"Licking your lips, faggot? Wishing you could have some of this," Mr. LeForge asked? "You are so obvious Steve. You do need to learn a few manners. A girl like you needs to keep those thoughts to herself." I hadn't even noticed my tongue out of my mouth, but I am sure I must have done what he said. I couldn't help it. I wanted cock that is what I always wanted. "Those earrings are cute too Sugar. Just look at you. On your knees, in panties, licking your lips, all shaved and pierced. I have to say, I do find this image to be interesting. I think I like the thought of reducing a faggot to nothing more than property to serve a man. Most fags I have known have some respectability, but you have surrendered all yours so he can make you what he wants"


He was right of course. I had basically given up myself to James already. Mr. LeForge was just stating the truth for me to hear it. I lowered my head in humiliation. I was completely a bitch to James, just property, as Mr. LeForge saw it.


Mr. LeForge continued his thinking. "Maybe some day if my wife ever decides she can live without me, I'd consider something like you instead. I didn't think it was possible I would find a faggot so fascinating, but looking at you there, submissive, dressed up, pierced, and humiliated has me admittedly a bit aroused, bitch."


I looked up again and Mr. LeForge had his cock out of his pants. He had opened his zipper and pulled his balls and dick out and was rubbing them in front of me. It was an impressive package. His cock was extremely thick, uncut, curving up, and he was very hard. His balls were drawn up tight but still large hanging below his meat. I wanted it. I couldn't believe I was thinking that, but I did. I belonged to James but I wanted this cock. I know my mouth was hanging open because Mr. LeForge mentioned it.


"You aren't getting any meat, faggot. It's not for you to touch. You touch it in any manner and it goes back in my pants and you'll never see it again. No hands, no tongue, no lips. I don't plan on giving you a taste of my cock anytime soon. I wouldn't want to dirty the cock that feeds my wife. That being said, I fully plan on splattering your face with a big load today, you bitch. I want a little release, and I just decided your girly, faggot face seems like a place to do it that is as good as any."


Mr. Le Forge was working his cock in his hands. It took both hands I noticed to work his meat. I really wanted some of it but I understood that I didn't automatically earn anything from a man, especially a straight man. I was secretly very happy that a straight man like him would even consider a faggot worthy of being sprayed with his seed.


"Little pussy," he continued, his words becoming harsher and more ragged as I began to think he was working towards his climax. I wanted to feel his cock so bad, but I knew better than to even try to lean forward and take it in my mouth. "Not even a man anymore looking like that. Kneeling there in your panties, with jewelry in your ears and your titties. Don't even have a dick to play with anymore. Its useless. What really makes it sad is you like this shit, faggot. You get off being so submissive and being that man's property. How you get off is something I can't even imagine. This going to give you jacking material for years, I'm sure."


With that statement Mr. LeForge moved forward to where his dick from in front of my face. He pointed his fat cock at my open mouth and started spraying his load on me.


"Fuck, I'm cumming, you little faggot-bitch. Taste a real man's load." His eyed bored into me, and he looked intense, almost angry. He blew three or four big shots that went on my face and in my mouth, then a few small ones that flew onto me in various places. He shook his cock at me, getting the last of his load out of his big dick. I just knelt there, not really knowing what to do.


Mr. LeForge kept his dick pointed at me. Piss started streaming from the end of it. "Open up, bitch" he ordered. I opened my mouth again. He pissed in my mouth and on me. Piss ran down my chest and soaked my panties, and ran onto his floor, making a puddle on the tile. I swallowed as much as I could but he didn't allow me to get it all, he wanted to get me wet. I was at my workplace and a man was pissing on me in his office. I wanted to cry but my dick was leaking in its cage, releasing tension the only way it could now. Everything he said was true, I enjoyed this and couldn't hide it. Even straight men could tell what I was.


"I'm going home faggot. Clean up this mess and get out of my office. Close the door behind you when its clean. He tucked his semi-hard cock back in his pants and left me there. When I had gotten everything clean and had gotten dressed, I left too. When I got home James could smell the piss on me. He wasn't mad, in fact he laughed at me, at the event, and told me it was good another man knew what to do with a faggot like me.