Understanding my submission 17

I wanted James' cock. I knew what I wanted. What had I wanted before him? I wanted Mr. Williams cock, or I wanted Mr. Ericsson's cock. Before them, I had wanted other men's cock. I didn't need to cum, but I did need cock. Did I need any cock or just the man I belonged to? Was James making me into his girl as Mr. LeForge kept suggesting? I wasn't sure I wanted to be a girl, but I wasn't sure anymore that I was a man either. What was the difference of hearing James use all those terms for women and their body when referring to me? Was a faggot somewhere between a man and a woman?

James said that I worried too much, just to let him take care of things and he would show me exactly what I needed and what he wanted me to do. So far he had been right. He had made it even clearer to me than Mr. Ericsson that I wanted cock, and that I didn't even have other desires, like cumming, when it came down to specifics. I just needed his cock and I felt satisfied. I had thanked him for fucking and pissing inside me and I had meant it. It was as if I had needed it despite my initial fear of him doing it. So many men were able to teach me so much about myself, it made me wonder whether I was able to learn anything myself, or if I had learned all this myself, why it took so long for me to put it all together?

My dick remained locked most of the time. It no longer bothered me as it had initially. I had forgotten for the most part that it was even locked. I had forgotten for the most part that I even had a dick. James rarely referred to it unless it was the day he wanted me to trim my hair around my crotch. I continued to shave the rest of my body regularly. I hadn't thought I was very hairy when I had done it initially, but as I continued shaving I realized that I was fairly hairy. It was always an ongoing project. It seemed to me that I was always shaving some body part or spotting a hair that needed to be cut off. James insisted. In fact after a couple months of shaving he complained that I was too hairy. He told me to go to a laser hair removal shop and get rid of it permanently.

"You are too damn hairy. I'm tired of the stubble on your chest and on your legs. You think a man should put up with that if there is a way to get rid of it?" he exclaimed one morning. I couldn't think of a reason a man should put up with it if he did not like it and there was a way to get rid of it.

I was hesitant at first. I would be getting rid permanently of my body hair. What was I doing even thinking about it? But it was not part of my identity. My identity changed, was always changing. Life was always changing, and if James wanted it gone, I realized it meant nothing to me, and it might mean I could be free from shaving. Although I didn't think it was working initially, James said it was and by the time I had visited the laser hair removal place the third or fourth time, I too was noticing a difference. Another change, another bit of submission, another giving up of what I had thought was myself only to learn it wasn't really me. I enjoyed not shaving every day. My legs became smooth, my chest and abdomen had only a few stray hairs, my arms and armpits hairless. James allowed me to keep my hair on my face, head, and crotch, but they were always trimmed short or shaved if it was my face. He said he wouldn't completely make me hairless. This was actually a relief to me. If I had facial hair, I still had some semblance of being a guy.

"Boy, I'm unlocking you today," James announced. He smiled as he said it.

"Thank you, Sir," I responded immediately. "Do I need to trim today?" I looked forward at times to trimming. It meant I could get rid of any long hairs, clean myself and feel free of the device. Sometimes it meant James would let me cum, but it rarely involved his fucking me, so I saw it more as a release, than a true pleasure. Pleasure and satisfaction came from James' cock, not my own. I was very sure of that, now.

"Nope. You're done being locked, though. No need anymore," James told me. I didn't know what to say. It had become almost a part of me. "You haven't reached for your cock in a long time, when we are together. That's how I like a boy, paying more attention to me, and their holes, than to their clit. You'll be fine without it.

"Thank you, Sir," I know I smiled at his compliments. "I will try my best to continue doing well," I added. I was truly excited. He seemed very pleased with my growth towards what he wanted from me and this gave me no end of satisfaction, and made me feel, well, loved.

"I know boy. You want to be good, so I know you will be. You know your dick is unimportant during sex now." My dick WAS unimportant during sex. He had shown me through his control, that I didn't need to cum, and cumming was the least important part of sex for me now. Receiving a man's cock in me brought me so much pleasure I drooled out of my dick constantly. My throat and pussy craved to have James's cock buiried in them. That brought extreme pleasure to me, and certainly to James, the most important part.

I hadn't been free in a few months other than a few short hours here and there. I didn't know how I would react. I somewhat feared I would go back to masturbating regularly or finding my dick to grab hold of during sex. Although consciously I knew I no longer associated cumming with sex or even being hard during sex, I wondered if that would hold true when I was not locked up. James told me he still wanted me sitting down to pee. That had become ingrained in me where ever I was at because it has been nearly impossible to do so standing with the device on. It never crossed my mind to stand to pee after that, I always went in to a stall even after he had removed the device.

A couple days after being unlocked, James came home with some friends. He had rarely come home with friends so three of them visiting at one time was unusual. But they settled in to watch football on the television. The Steelers were playing, James' favorite team. I hoped they would win, as he was often disappointed if they lost their games. He had me running to the kitchen getting snacks and beer while he and his friends sat around and watched the game. I was initially a little hesitant, James had not provided me instruction so I wasn't sure how to address them or him. He didn't address me at all in fact until halftime, when I heard him call me. A couple times I thought maybe his friends were staring at me. I admit the clothes I had on were skimpy, just some short cut-offs with a thong on underneath and just a wifebeater t-shirt on as usual.

"Boy, get in here, it's halftime," he hollered. "You have things to take care of."

I came right away and began to pick up some empty cans, when James stopped me.

"Naw, I'm talking bout other things boy. Those can wait until later. Right now you got to take care of this," he said taking my hand and rubbing his cock though his pants with it. He smiled knowingly at me, and I blushed at his words and direct brazen way of embarrassing me.

All of his friends had seen and heard him, so I knew the score. He wanted something now, and he wanted me to do the same for his friends, was my guess. It dawned on me that I was going to be halftime entertainment for the party.

"These are my friends, boy," James continued. "You'll treat them just as you do me, you hear me?"

"Yes, Sir. I hear you," I answered.

"Good boy. Now, that's Marcus," he said pointing at black man sitting on the sofa. "That's Ross," a tall white man who looked like he had played football sometime in his past. "and this is Peter," he added, pointing to a man who looked to be at least part Chinese, maybe Malay or Filipino, I thought. "Now get over here, and get to work, boy."

James grabbed my hand and pulled me over to this chair and pushed me down in front of him. I looked around and everyone was watching me, and no one had said anything. I looked at James and he just smiled. I unzipped his pants and fumbled around, pulling his already hard cock out of his pants. He spread his legs so I could have better access, but let me do most of the work.

I took his cock in my hand and began pumping it. I let myself calm down as much as possible then began licking his big head, eventually wetting his shaft then working my mouth over his cockhead. He closed his eyes and put his head back as I sank onto his full shaft.

"Shit, if he can swallow that dick, he sure as hell can deep throat mine," a voice behind me said. I assumed it was Ross, because his voiced matched what I had assumed was a white jock. "You weren't joking, James. I didn't really figure you had a guy who would do this in front of everybody," the voice continued. I was nervous. I felt as if I was on show for everyone. Part of me was glad that James had not mentioned he was going to do this, part of me was liking the fact that James wanted to show me off. I was thinking about all of the cocks that I could serve for him today.

"What the hell I got to lie about?" James responded. "He knows what I like and he knows what he needs, and he needs cock." James moved his hand to the back of my head and began pumping my head up and down on his dick. "Plus he knows who's in charge. I tell him when and he asks for how long." I heard the others laughing at James comment and I blushed, he could still make me blush, even after months of humiliating me in different ways.

I heard a couple zippers opening and I assumed that they were pulling out cocks, but I couldn't see anything other than the big black cock going in and out of my mouth at the moment. James didn't take too long. I think he wanted the others to have some fun. In just a couple minutes he blew a load partially in my mouth but also on my face. I would have swallowed his entire load, but he pulled out to leave some on my lips and cheek, I think more of a way of marking me as his, before sending me off to service his friends.

"Ok, boy, you move on down the line and let the men tell you what they like," were the only words James spoke. I crawled over on my hands and knees to the next in line, Ross. His dick was about 6 or 7 inches long, a nice, slightly above average, piece of meat. He was uncut and the skin was already half peeled back from his hard dick as he was stroking it while I had been sucking on James' cock. I could also see Marcus' cock, which other than being cut and several shades darker, looked remarkably like Ross' dick. He had taken his out earlier also and was stroking. I glanced quickly at Peter but he had not opened his pants, though his hand was near his crotch as if he might be stroking it through the material.

"That's right uhmmm, boy, I'm next" Ross said. "Guess I'll call you that since James didn't give you a name," he added.

"Call him whatever you want," James told them. "I told you he knows his place, he'll answer to most anything. Bitch, slut, whore, don't worry ‘bout it. I already told y'all He would be putting out at halftime," James laughed as he finished. I just blushed as I was kneeling there in front of Ross. "Ask nicely, boy," James added.

"May I suck your cock, Sir?" I quietly asked Ross. I knew to address him now as Sir. James had always said to address men formally unless he had given me other instructions. I also knew to ask politely. A man enjoyed having someone ask if they could suck his cock.

"Hell, yes you can suck my cock!" Ross smiled and lay back in the chair leaving the work to me.

Ross had his cock by the base, and smacked me on the lips with it. He wiped the remaining load from James up with the head of his dick, then slipped it into my mouth. Then I took hold of the base of his cock, and his hand slipped off it. I skinned back the head. I licked around it, savoring the heavy scent and taste. He clearly had not showered since his workout sometime earlier in the day. He smelled of sweat and tasted salty. Each cock was different, I thought to myself. They were all unique. I licked up and down his shaft, getting a few sighs from Ross and he seemed to settle back into the chair.

"How long you had this bitch?" Marcus, the man next to Ross asked.

"A few months now," James answered.

"Damn, you're holding back on me this time," Marcus responded. "Must be good, you keeping him all to yourself. You know you sposed to share your toys with your friends." Marcus chuckled. I am sure I blushed, hearing them talk about me like this.

"Don't need to share everything. Plus, I wanted to be sure he was properly trained for it." James laughed too.

"Yeah, that was a problem with your last toy," Marcus paused before continuing. "Didn't like being shared."

"Wait a minute, you mean you guys have done this before?" Ross asked. You've had uhhh, a bitch, that did stuff like this and you let him suck Marcus' cock?" Ross sounded as if he didn't believe he had missed out on whatever had happened before.

"You born yesterday?" Marcus asked Ross. "James always has a bitch around. You think that Danny was his boyfriend or something?" James and Marcus laughed at the comment.

"I never thought about it, I guess. I just figured he WAS his boyfriend,' Ross answered. "I didn't really know that a guy would let himself be treated like a slut like this. I wouldn't have pegged this one to be such a slut."

"Your last boyfriend would have made a nice bitch," Marcus said to Ross. "You let Billy get away with too much. A man has to make it clear he's in charge, don't you know that yet?"

I looked up at Ross. He didn't seem to know what to say to Marcus. It looked like he hadn't given it much thought. A true jock, I thought to myself. Marcus continued.

"You need to train them to know who's in charge. Some train easy, others weren't meant for it. A lot of fags just waiting for a real man to take charge, not all guys are trained to be as slutty as this one, but a lot can be trained to submit to a man who makes it clear he's the boss. I don't ever settle for less than complete respect and authority when I don't have to," Marcus finished.

Ross didn't say anything. It seemed Ross was learning things about being in charge. These two men, James and Marcus were telling him what life was about and I could see his jock brain working hard on it, but he didn't know what to say. He settled back in the chair and seemed satisfied with me continuing to work his cock.

"Fuck, that's good," was all Ross could say. I alternated between licking up and down his firm pole, and swallowing it to the base. His balls, which had been hanging loose had tightened up while the conversation was ongoing. I didn't think it would be long before he blew his load. As if confirming my thoughts, Ross pulled me back from his cock.

"Suck on my balls," he hesitated momentarily before adding "bitch."

I looked into his eyes and responded, "Yes, Sir." He smirked at me, clearly enjoying calling me a bitch, and having me address him as Sir.

I took each of them separately and then the two of them together. Running my tongue over them and pulling them gently away with suction, bringing them back down a bit. Ross seemed to want to wait a bit before blowing his load. I lapped at the base of his balls and in response he slumped a bit more in the chair allowing me to tongue his asshole, briefly before I went back to his balls. He had a hold of his dick, and moved my face back into position then slipped it easily into my mouth again. Once there it wasn't long before I knew he was ready. He took his hand and placed it on the back of my head and gently pulled me all the way down his dick so the head was lodged back in my throat. His dick suddenly became extra rigid and I could feel it pulse and feel his load spilling down into my throat. I was sorry I had not been able to taste it, but I was satisfied I had received his seed inside me.

Ross sighed, and slowly pulled his cock back from my mouth. "Fuck, you're good."

"Thank you, Sir," I smiled and responded." There was nothing better for me to hear than a man satisfied with my cocksucking.

I started crawling now over to Marcus. I glanced over at Peter and he still hadn't pulled his cock out of his pants, but he was clearly watching what was going on.

"That's right faggot, I'm next," Marcus smiled slightly. "Better ask real nicely."

"Please, Sir, may I suck your cock?" I asked politely. "I would be real happy to serve you, Sir," I stated honestly.

"Damn straight you will be." Marcus laughed. He took his cock by the base and started beating my face with his dick. His left hand held my head still so I couldn't move and with his right hand grasping his dick, I was sure he was trying to make my face red without doing it through embarrassment.

"He just let's you do that to him," commented Ross. "I suppose you've been serviced here before too, Peter," he addressed the man who until now had been silent. "How come you never mentioned it?"

"Nope, I didn't know James saw his boys as bitches," Peter said simply. "None of my business how he treats his boys, unless he brings it up"

Marcus stopped cockslapping my face and stuck his fingers to my mouth, prying open my lips and inserting them. I sucked on his fingers as he rubbed his cock around my lips. When he pulled his wet fingers from my mouth, Marcus slipped his cock in taking their place. He scooted forward which forced his dick down into my throat, and slipped his hand towards my pants, slipping his moist fingers down the back of my shorts.

"Nice, he's wearing a thong," Marcus announced to the room. "and he's got a nice open cunt on him too," he continued as he slipped his fingers inside my pussy, causing me to moan audibly.

"Hey," James spoke up. "No playing with his cunt right now. Maybe I'll let you do that later. It's halftime and he's just half through here and the game is gonna start back up soon. Maybe if the Steelers win I'll let you use that hole."

"Steelers damn well better win. I don't want to miss that opportunity," Marcus stated. He pulled his fingers back out of my ass and slipped them into my mouth.

"Clean those off boy. Maybe if you are lucky, you'll experience a real fuck later," he stated jokingly, making James and Ross laugh.

"He's doing it too," Ross stated. "Man, I wish I knew about this before now."

After that Marcus just let me go to work. He was more directive than Ross had been. Telling me where he wanted licked, how he wanted his cock sucked, and overall letting me know I was doing a good job.

"That's it, boy. Work that tongue on that pole. Get it nice and slick. " I did as he said spilling saliva over his rigid dick with my watering mouth. "Ok, take it all down now." As if he gave me another option, I thought, with his hand forcing me to swallow his cock down to the base. "Yeah, that's a good bitch here. No problems swallowing dick at all," Marcus observed.

He may not have been as big around or as long as James but Marcus was going to make sure that I got as much of his cock in my mouth as would fit. If he shoved any further or harder, I might have swallowed his balls at the same time. He was shoving my head down and pulling it back up with a steady firm rhythm. No slow strokes from me were going to satisfy him. He wanted long deep strokes into my throat. I gave over control of my mouth and let Marcus do the driving.

"Yeah, that's good faggot," he mumbled. "Hey, James, this one come trained this good, or you have to start at the beginning?" he asked.

"Naw, he had some experience, but he just needed a bit of direction and practice," James said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, figures, I thought this was pretty damn good for just a few months of training," Marcus said, making me feel proud of how good I must have been doing in his judgment.

Up and down. Two hands on my head. Forcing me down, pulling me up, fucking my face, effortlessly for Marcus, as he sat back in the chair. Every few strokes he would keep my head down and tell me to swallow while his cock was buried in my throat. He wanted to feel my throat squeezing his cock and I happily obliged, feeling how hard it was there as my muscles clenched around his cock.

"Gonna come," Marcus let me know. His force, pushing and pulling my head increased.

"Damn, look at him," Ross commented. I didn't know you could be rough on him like that," he said to the room.

James answered for Marcus, who was too close to shooting his load to provide any complete response. "He does what you tell him to do. If you are gentle on him then that's how its gonna be. If you work the faggot hard then he's gonna accept that as the way its gonna be. He enjoys it either way, that's how a real faggot behaves. He wants the cock more than anything."

About the time James finished his explanation Marcus was finishing with my face. He pulled my head down hard into his crotch, burying his cock much further than Ross had, given they were the same size, while bucking up off the chair and grinding his hips forward. His load exploded deep down my throat and he was shouting as he came.

"Fuckin' bitch, take my seed. FUCK yeah. Fuck!! Take it!" pumping his hips, slamming my throat, making sure I remembered his load. Some of his cream shot into my mouth as he pumped back and forth but he just slammed into the back of my throat and buried what had been in my mouth deep inside me. As he slowed, he collapsed on to the chair.

"Clean it up faggot, before you move on to Peter," he demanded. Gladly I licked all the saliva and cum from the cock that had invaded my mouth and throat. When I was done, I thanked Marcus for allowing me to suck his beautiful cock.

"Shiiit, you ARE a good fag," was all he could mumble as he seemed exhausted by the work. He started to tuck his slowly deflating cock back into his pants. I looked around the room. James was smiling at me, Ross was just watching. He was still playing with his dick. I looked at Peter, knowing I had one cock left to suck before "halftime" was over. I crawled over to him and looked up at his face. He was about average height. 5' 9" or so I figured, about the same height as James. But he was slimmer, muscled, not fat, but not as big in the muscle area as James.

"May I suck your cock, Mr. Peter, Sir?" I asked politely.

"What's your name, boy?" Peter responded.

"What ever you want to call me is good, Sir, I don't care," I told him honestly.

"No, I asked you a question, boy. What is your name," he repeated to me.

I raised my eyes up off his crotch and looked at him directly. "Steve, Sir. My name is Steve," I informed him.

"Well, Steve, you've done good so far," he stated simply staring into my eyes. "You think you can handle one more?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir, if you allow me to, I can handle it," I replied honestly.

"We'll see," was all he stated. He stood up, undid the button on his pants and unzipped them. He let them fall to his ankles and then he removed his cock from his very bright white briefs, which also fell down his slim legs where they sat on top of his pants. He stepped out of both of them and pushed them aside.

"Once you start, I expect you to finish," he said. "I won't stop once you start, so don't even ask. So I am going to ask you again, Steve, Are you sure you want this cock?"

I looked at his cock. It seemed to be an average cock. Uncut, hanging about 4 inches, with plenty of foreskin dangling from the head, he didn't seem to be hard at all. He had large balls hanging down on either side of his cock, about the size of golf balls. I thought they looked huge on his body. It should have tipped me off, but I was hungry, and knew James wanted me to service his friends. To say no, would have gotten me in trouble after the game. "Yes, Sir. I will take what you have. I want your cock," I told him.

"Then get started," he said.

I reached for Peter's balls and fondled them as I licked his foreskin. With my other hand, I grasped the base and began running my tongue inside the skin and tasting him. He was clean tasting, as if he had recently showered. His pubes were like all Asian men, wiry and dark, he was not very hairy around his crotch, though his legs were quite hairy. I glanced up at his face and he was watching me. I lowered my eyes and continued. His cock began to grow with my licking and sucking. I pulled at his foreskin with my lips and nibbled at it, ran my tongue around his head, which was still buried in skin. His cock grew some more. I began to run my hand back and forth moving the foreskin back and forth, making access to the head easier. I licked up and down the shaft trying to moisten all of it before I went down on it fully, and it continued to grow.

"Holy crap!" it was Ross. "Your dick is big!" When I looked up, Peter just smiled at him, but said nothing.

I had gotten it all wet from the saliva I had going from three cocks already sucked. The way it was growing I knew I better swallow it all soon, or I might not get it all in me later. I took a deep breath and began lowering my mouth down his cock. I knew it was not fully hard, even if Ross may have thought otherwise. When I reached the base, I knew it was long, and I wondered if I had indeed started something I might not be able to finish. I could hear Peter sigh.

"Nice," was all he added.

I backed off his cock and worked on the head, I bobbed up and down on the shaft as far as I could easily go. His cock had reached enormous proportion to his body, but it now matched well the size of his balls. I just kinda stared at it a bit. Peter took his cock, and began rubbing the head over my lips and face, not beating me with it, as Marcus had done, but smacking my face with it nonetheless. It was like a small club. At least 10 inches, bigger than Mr. Williams had been, and big as my wrist around, which I could place my thumb and middle finger around and just barely touch, but I could not get my finger to touch my thumb when I had placed it around Peter's cock.

"Shit, man," Marcus was even impressed. That has gots to be the biggest fuckin' dick I ever seen! That's bigger than yours James, damn! Dude, you should seriously be doin' porn."

Peter ignored Marcus, but when I looked up at him, he stared back. I remembered he said once I had started sucking, he wouldn't stop until he was finished. It was certainly the biggest cock I had seen in person, and blew all to hell the stereotype of Asian guys not being hung. I was begginig to think James had set me up and maybe I wouldn't be able to take all of this cock. But I still wanted to. I wanted that cock, wanted to know what it felt like in me.

When I looked at James, even he seemed impressed. "Why you think that wife of his is so happy," James looked at Marcus. "That woman knows she's got something good, she's going nowhere fast."

"Fuck," Ross added. I didn't even know you were married, Peter."

Peter didn't say anything. Marcus just sat there open-mouthed, nodding to what James had said.

I went back to work on his cock. I wanted it as wet as I could get it. I wasn't sure I could swallow this, but I also wasn't sure that I would have any choice in the matter, having agreed to service it before I knew what I was getting into. I thought I had some chance at it. I had taken Mr. Williams down most of the way, and I had gotten used to James' cock. I hoped in the back of my mind that this was enough training. I certainly had gotten over any gag reflex that I used to have.

Peter took his cock and simply looked at me and said, "ready?"

I nodded and opened wide. He began slowly. The first seven inches slipped past my lips, but then he bumped up against the back of my throat. He pulled back and moved his cock back and forth in my mouth allowing me to get it all wet and slick. Then he began pushing after I had taken a deep breath. I thought my throat had been stretched before, but I was wrong. Peter twisted my head a little to the right and I felt his cock move slowly forward, but I could definitely feel the stretching. It was slow, my throat was expanding, as needed, to be filled but it was slow. His hands remained on my head and I dropped my hands from his cock and balls. He was guiding this and there was nothing for me to do except follow through on my word and let him do what he wanted.

"Come on, boy," James interrupted. "Take that fucking dick." He was ordering me to do it.

Peter pulled back a little to let me breathe, but as soon as I had some air he went back to work widening my throat and stretching my lips. He kept a constant pressure on my head with his hands, and at the back of my throat with his cock. He did not hurt me, but it was definitely new territory that he was exploring. It took him three or four tries, and I honestly wasn't sure it would all fit, but after the fourth time of backing up and moving forward, Peter had succeeded in getting all of that enormous cock into my face and my lips were stretched around the base, his pubes tickling my nose.

"Nice," he said again. ‘Real nice, boy. That's real good."

He left his cock there for a few seconds then pulled out and went back in. Slowly he pulled back and then went forward again. Back and forth, as if making sure my throat wasn't going to close up tight and not let him back in. Each time the block at the back of my throat gave way more easily, though it was going to be sore tomorrow, I could tell. My lips felt all stretched too, trying to cover my teeth so as not to damage his cock, but to allow the monster inside me.

"Bitch's lips got split on both sides," Marcus exclaimed. "Look at that, she got blood trickling down from the corners."

I didn't doubt what he was saying. It sure felt like nothing else I had taken before. No one else said anything. They were just watching.

Peter was moving more of his cock in and out now, making long strokes into and back out of my throat. After what seemed several minutes of this slow stretching, allowing me to become adjusted to his cock, Peter took his hands off my head and just stood there, not thrusting forward. I looked up and he was staring at me.

"Go on, you're ready now," he told me.

I started moving my head myself, down onto his cock. I won't say it slid easily down my throat that first time, but I did get it down there myself. I took hold of the back of his legs and began to pull myself onto his dick, and then would pull back off it. I hoped that he would not fuck me roughly like Marcus had because I didn't think I could take a pounding from his cock. I wanted to build up a regular speed, knowing that a regular stroke from the throat would generally get a man to cum without much trouble. Peter did not rush me. He seemed more than happy to let me throat fuck myself on his cock. So I did. It must have made quite a scene. Me backing off the huge dick then moving forward, feeling it bump part way in then the rest disappearing. I took it all the way out on a couple of occasions to look at the whole thing and see if I was really taking it all. Before I knew it all the other guys, including James were standing around watching us, pulling on their own hard cocks, as I went down to the bone and back up off Peter's cock. James even felt my throat as he liked to do, to feel it moving inside me. I could not get much speed going on it, but it didn't seem to matter. He actually got harder just before he blew his load. I wasn't prepared for that little bit of extra width and didn't get his cock down my throat for the first spurt, but he grabbed the back of my head after the first spray into my mouth and pulled me onto the full length, his cock pulsing for a good long time emptying his balls into me, pulling out only when he had finished. He sighed as he released, just saying, nice, nice, nice, over and over. The other men blew their loads on me as he finished, Marcus first, then Ross and James. They seemed to be as turned on by the whole thing as I had been. I felt I had accomplished something, but I noticed my dick wasn't even hard, it was leaking, but I felt so turned on, and fulfilled. I felt I had accomplished something and it left me feeling very satisfied.

I backed off his dick to take a breath. I looked up at Peter and he slapped my cheek with his palm.

"Good job, Steve," he said. "You're the first in a long time to take my dick like that."

"Thank you, Sir, I…I never had anything like your dick before," I told him. I cleaned his cock thoroughly and thanked him again. By the time I had finished he had deflated down to 6 or 7 inches. He pulled his underwear and pants back on and sat back down.

Marcus, seemingly the talkative one, said, "The faggot's lips all stretched out. He work on that dick all the time, he look like Mick Jagger in no time." Even Peter laughed at that, and I just blushed. The other guys shook their cocks off onto me. I cleaned the last drops of cum from their dicks and they took their spots as if nothing had happened.

James followed me into the kitchen.

"I'm real proud of you, boy," he smiled at me. "You did real good. Won me a bet whether you'd take all of Peter's cock or not. He didn't think you'd be able to do it, but I told him you would."

I blushed at the compliment. James slapped my ass. "I think you're leaking back there, bitch. Not surprised. I figured you'd like that." He told me to go get cleaned up, especially my wet cunt and put on some clean clothes on and bring the guys some more beer. The second half had just started.