Understanding my Submission 18a

As the game wore on I began to worry. Was I going to be after-game entertainment also? I was excited about the thought of serving James' friends but I was also afraid if I had to get fucked by all of them including Peter's huge cock. But part of me wanted to see if I could fit all of it inside me. The thought of taking a man of that size inside me made me itch just thinking about it. I could feel my hole clenching tight trying to feel something of that size in me. Would it fit? Could I satisfy his need?

When James called me in the game was ending. I was cleaning up the empty beer cans and collecting the food they had been eating. James smiled that crooked smile at me that he would get when he was going to do something he enjoyed to me.

"Hey, looks like the boy is ready for some more fun," James announced to the room. It meant that I was going to find out what else these men would do to me. It also meant that James was ready for more fun. He was ready, so I had to be ready too. James took my hand and pulled me toward him. He pulled down the tight little shorts I had on, exposing my ass and the thong I was wearing. He spun me around to show my ass to the men, and slapped my cheeks hard, making me let out a little yelp. I felt my face redden and the heat spread up my ears. You would think that after already being used by them earlier I wouldn't blush but I couldn't help it, James knew it and enjoyed watching me get humiliated.

"Look at that ass," Marcus started carrying on. "I already knew I wanted in that hole.  Nice creamy white and I bet that hole just waiting for a dick like mine," he added as he rubbed the front of his jeans. "I'll give him something to make it all creamy inside too." He laughed at his own joke. "Shit, seeing that pretty ass just gets me all hard already. Those hips look like a good place to hold onto when I drive home"

James laughed at that last remark. "Well, whose first guys? Don't all jump at once," he added. James put his hand around the back of my neck and pulled my head down toward his crotch. This exposed my ass to his friends. James used his hands to reach over my back and spread my cheeks open, exposing my hole. He slipped a finger inside to demonstrate the readiness of my hole, causing me to moan.

"Listen to the bitch, wanting this cock," Marcus said. I could see him moving forward. But Ross got there first and pushed Marcus back, causing him to sit back down on the sofa. James laughed, as the bigger man easily made clear where in the line Marcus was.

"No way am I getting any sloppy seconds," Ross said. "I want to feel this tight ass before it gets all stretched out for the day."  I could hear Ross unzipping. He dropped his pants but didn't step out of them. He took his hands and spread my cheeks further, pulling my thong out of his way. James pulled his finger out leaving my hole empty. That lasted only a second as I heard Ross spit on his cock, then another glob on my ass then he lined his cock up and slid in.

"Yeah, that is nice" he sighed. "Aww, man. He's got a hot hole. It's wrapped itself around my dick already, squeezing and pulling on it."

James lifted my face up to look at me and smacked me gently on the face. "Good boy," he told me. He pulled me closer and pushed my face into his chest, letting me lick through his shirt at his nipples and nuzzle in his pits. He pulled off his shirt so he could give me access to his chest.

I loved James' pits. I had never noticed armpits until recently. But after I had my hair removed from my armpits, I started noticing a man's pits. I loved to see men wandering around in a sleeveless shirt, their pit hair showing. A man looked so sexy with his arms over his head showing his guns and those hairy pits. I loved to bury my nose in there and lap at the hair, getting all the sweat and smell all over me. It reminded me of what a great man James was.

Ross was just going slow fucking me. I was moaning all the same. A man's cock inside me did that and I no longer was afraid to admit it. I loved the feel of nice cock moving in and out of me. I was squeezing it to feel the full length of it and to make sure he was feeling as good as possible.  Ross had reached around and was playing with my nipples; pulling on the rings and twisting them, making them poke up more. He started sliding out all the way and moving back in all the way. He wasn't pounding me like James did, but he was making me feel the length of his dick.

Ross began pushing my ass down. I finally caught on he wanted me to get on the floor on all fours. The minute I did that, I was taken away from James' pits and Marcus wasted no time in getting in front of me and feeding me his cock in my mouth again. It was like having the same cock in my mouth and in my ass at the same time. Other than being different colors, Ross and Marcus had such similar looking dicks I would have made them stand next to each so I could compare, if I had a choice, but I didn't. I was fed one cock in my face and another in my ass.

I glanced around and James was just watching, smiling at me. Peter was sitting still where he had spent the afternoon except when his huge cock was buried in my throat. He was rubbing his cock through the fabric of his jeans but was making no movement to join in the group.

Ross was on his knees behind me and Marcus was in front of me. Marcus was thrusting down my throat hard. If I hadn't been so stretched from earlier in the day, I might have noticed how rough he was being. After a bit he pulled out and began kissing me, his tongue entering my mouth and diving in as far as it could reach. Ross wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled back, suddenly separating my tongue from Marcus. He was beginning to get into fucking me, no longer being as gentle as he had to start.

"I like this idea of a bitch," he said. No worry about whether they are enjoying it or not, just knowing they like it hard."  I could feel his balls slapping my ass and he was pulling me back to him, twisting me around so he could kiss me too. Marcus changed positions and was sitting in front of me now, playing with my nipples, his cock straight up in the air. I was thinking that I wanted it back in my mouth, wanted to feel as much cock in me as I could, but I was being held, pulled back by Ross as he thrust up inside me.

"Tell me you like it," he demanded.

"Oh god," I moaned, "Yes, I love it. I love your cock there. PleaseÉplease keep fucking." I did, I wanted to take what he was giving me.

He finally let me go, I went to go back to Marcus's cock and he had shifted again. He had slid down to lay on the floor and his mouth was where his cock had been. He grabbed my head and brought me down to his mouth. I tried not to bite his lips and I sucked on his tongue, slurping at it. His hands on my nipples, and Ross dick in my hole.

Then Marcus moved again, and his dick was at the entrance to my pussy. He was going to force himself inside along with Ross' cock. I moaned long as he started in. I thought it would probably fit, but I didn't know, and it was definitely stretching me. He kept his tongue inside my mouth, keeping me from making too much noise. Pulling my hips down, making Ross support himself on his hands, while Marcus got to where he could also push his way in.

"Come on, bitch, let me in too," he said. He had a hold of my head now. He was thrusting up, and Ross was pushing in. Ross wasn't going to give him any extra space, but he wasn't stopping him from trying. I was going to have to give in, to loosen or they were going to rip me open. Their dicks were so similar in size and shape. I could only imagine what it looked like when they both finally were inside me at the same thrust. After it happened, they took turns. One would pound in as the other pulled back, then the other would thrust forward as the second pulled back; neither of them leaving my hole. Stretching me out, filling me up.

"Damn, Marcus, that feels so strange," Ross was the first to speak. "Your hard dick rubbing up against me. I would have told you not to do that, but I kinda like it.'

"Fuck, it feels good, what it feels," Marcus replied. "Plenty of room for both of us and its like double jacking wit'chu but no hands. Tell me this ain't the best hole you fucked."

I was happy to hear that comment. I couldn't believe he said it, but I was pleased deep inside that Marcus said my pussy was the best.

"I'm not gonna say it's the best, but is sure has been a long time since I felt anything this nice," Ross admitted.

Both of them fucked. They pumped, and they stretched me open. I could hear myself moaning, telling them to fuck me, telling them I wanted it deep. I had lost all self-control. I no longer felt embarrassed about this, I felt like I had been called to take their cocks, to be the middle of their sandwich.

I threw my head back, my mouth hanging open. James looked at me and smiled. "Good job, bitch. You got them happy, that's what I like to see."  He was stroking his cock, just sitting back in his chair, smiling at me. I had to smile back when I saw that. It felt so good, so right to be taking his friend's cocks. I wanted them so bad. I hated it to end, but I knew that both of these men were nearing their climax. I could feel them rubbing inside me. I could here Ross' breathing quicken and Marcus was pulling me down, pulling me into him, kissing me, working his tongue in deep, his breathing getting more ragged.

"Shit, IÉI'm gonna cum." Ross announced. Can't..stop..FUCKKKK, He was pushing deep, and Marcus didn't pull back leaving me stuffed with cock. I moaned loudly, feeling Ross pump his load inside me.

"Goddam, that is fuckin, HOT," Marcus roared. I could feel his dick pulsing too. Both cocks emptying their loads in me, where it should be. I could feel them cumming, both of them thrusting up, wanting to be deep, unloading it all. Ross collapsed squeezing me between he and Marcus. The two of them kissed. I thought that was hot. Two men inside me and they were kissing. Ross pulled out first then, I could feel Marcus sliding out, leaving my hole stretched and leaking their loads. I wanted it to stay inside but there was so much and they had left my hole empty. Marcus pushed me over, and I rolled onto my back.

Peter was standing over me, his dick already hard. Already looming over me. He kneeled down and lifted my legs up, pushing my knees up to meet my chest. He took his pole, for there is nothing else to describe it like, and aimed it at my hole. He rubbed the big head around smearing Marcus' and Ross' loads then beginning his probing of me. It was big from the start. And I know I was making noises. He seemed to have room, It wasn't causing the same stretching that he had around my lips earlier.

"Look at that," Marcus pointed out, "he pushing all that cum out, filling that pussy UP."

"Damn, He's going to try and fit that inside him." Ross was stating the obvious again.

It was a guttural sound I was making. Peter hadn't said he was going to fit it all in at once, but he never stopped pushing. He just mounted me and went to it. It didn't seem to bother him the other guy's cum dripping from me, he just went to work, or maybe it was pleasure. I didn't know whether it would go. I didn't care either. It was either going or it wasn't but it felt so good, and he had this big smile on his face as he lay there on top of me pushing.




"Oh, jeezus, that's nice," Peter said. "All warm and wet. He grabs on to it like he doesn't want it to leave," Peter looked over at James.

"Yeah, the bitch got a real pussy there. I told you, you will enjoy it," James chuckled as he continued watching.

I hadn't noticed that I was grabbing Peter's cock, but James had me trained to grab his cock as it slid back and to relax and let it in as he pushed forward. I must have just automatically been doing that when Peter started his fuck.

Peter put his hands on my ankles and pushed my legs higher. He was starting to do some pumping now. He would pull back a good long way and then go forward. He was playing with my hole. Stretching it back and forth, moving his cock around in there, widening my entrance for more to come. James told me later that I had been arching my back as he thrust forward and going flat on my back as he pulled back. My head was moving back and forth on the floor and I was moaning, saying "please, please, please."

"That's so pretty, boy," James said. "Let that cock in there, open up wide. I want you to take it all for me. Let Peter use that for me, he hasn't had a good fuck in a long time."

I would have thought all of it was in by now. I reached back around to my hole and felt for Peter's cock. I could still grab a handful even when he was thrust forward as far as he was going. He was thrusting big, but I hadn't taken it all yet, He was just getting me all wet for what was to come later.

Peter slowed down. I could feel every inch sliding in and out now. James kept talking. "Look at that hole. It's wide open when you pull it all the way out. Squeezing down looking for that dick to go back inside," he added.

"It's so good," Peter gasped. No wonder you call it a pussy." James just laughed. I guess Peter had not expected to enjoy this as much. Peter pulled all the way out and stopped. He got up and took my hand and pulled me up and over to the sofa. He literally threw off the pillows. He lay down on his back never losing any hardness at all. His cock remained stiff. He held it at the base with both hands, straight up once he lay down, waving it at me.

"Come on, boy. Climb on. I want to see if you can lower yourself down on it all the way. Sometimes that is easier," Peter instructed me.

I started standing over him and began to lower myself down, spreading my cheeks. Again, getting to the same point, but now there was more pressure inside. I could feel his cock bumping up against something in there. I just knew I wanted all of his big cock inside me. The width challenge was not the problem, it was just sooo long, and I wanted to get all of it in me. I wanted to see Peter happy and pleased with the fuck. I was straddling his stomach, one leg on each side of Peter, trying to sit down completely, still feeling that last handful of cock on the outside. Peter was pushing gently on my shoulders and I was trying hard to sit down. Then Peter was massaging my stomach, telling me it was going to fit.

"Remember, Steve. I'm not stopping," he said.

"Play with her titties," James told him, all the while watching this fuck. "They seem to be connected to that hole. It just gets wetter when you do that." Marcus laughed. I could hear him still in the room but I couldn't see anyone, or anything other than the big cock I was riding.

Peter began to play with my nipples. Twisting them, pulling them, he even leaned forward and began licking and biting them. Running his tongue over them. It got me into a frenzy.

"OhÉoh godÉoh yes, Sir." I was moaning and squirming around. Twisting and my head shaking as if I was saying no, no, no, but it felt so good. I started bouncing around and then suddenly, I slid down another couple inches on his dick and that was it. I felt myself sitting on Peter's hips, and he found his cock buried completely, deep inside me.

"Fuuuckkkk," was all he said.

I collapsed forward, laying on his chest. He wasted no time though, once he was in. He held me there and shifted his hips. He had his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks, feeling that indeed his cock was all the way in. My ass no longer felt so stretched. I only felt Peter's cock in me. He began pumping, little back and forth motions, getting me used to it being there. Widening my hole, stretching that my insides.

"You boys taking all this in?" Peter asked. "You watching to see what a real cock can do to a bitch?" James was still watching from his chair.

"Oh, yeah," James said. "I knew he'd take it all after seeing him swallow it earlier. You just fuck," he told Peter.

That was when Peter stopped being as polite and quiet as I had known him to be up till then. Suddenly once his cock was firmly inside me, he began to let go of that well controlled personality and his well-controlled need to breed took over. I guess he controlled things because he was often disappointed when someone couldn't take all of it, but once it was done, he took over and was going to get a good long fuck in, this time at my expense. His hips were already driving back and forth. He was still holding me to his chest, whispering things in my ear, as I bit his shoulder and endured his cock's movements deep inside me.

"You took all of it, boy. I can't believe I didn't even need lube. James is right, you got a pussy there. No reason not to fill it up and use it good," he told me. He pushed me up off his chest. I noticed it for the first time. Smooth and strong, only a few hairs scattered across it and around his nipples. I placed my hands on his chest and I began to bounce up and down again riding myself on his cock. My legs were aching from this position, but I was being driven wild by his cock in me. I was only concerned with feeling it moving around inside.

Peter pushed me and I fell backwards until my back hit the sofa, never once leaving his cock. Peter positioned himself on his knees and drove into me. I let loose a squeal. "Oh, god, you're so goodÉso bigÉgodÉ"

"Bitch never even gets hard, does she?" Peter asked James.

"Naw, I took care of that, but she leaks like crazy once you get to fucking her," he said. Both of them acted as if I wasn't in the room, or as if I was some minor character in the play that was going on around me.

"Shit, that little dick IS leaking," Peter commented. "Do you like that cock, you little bitch?"

I was just moaning, in my own world, not really hearing anything. Peter smacked me across the face with his hand, snapping me out of my daze. "I'm speaking to you, boy. Answer me when I ask you something." James laughed in the background. "Do you like my cock, bitch?"

"Oh yes, Sir, Mr. Peter. Oh, god, yes Sir, it's so big and you are so good to let me have it, ughghhhh" I was amazed I strung together that many words. Marcus and Ross were laughing now too. I sounded even to myself like I must have been in heat.

"Sure was nice of your man, James to pimp you out to us today. Guess that makes you officially a whore, doesn't it bitch?"

I answered quickly this time, "yes Sir, I'm James' whore today. He is so good to me, to let me serve you."

Peter had pushed my legs up and placed them on his shoulders. He had an arm on each side of me supporting his weight and he was beginning to drive hard into me now.

"That's right. You're his whore, taking men's cocks all the time like this if he wants. Never forget that boy, you do as your man tells you. Otherwise you get your ass beat. Course that ass, sure looks nice with my cock splitting it open." Peter laughed. "You like this Chinese cock don't you, bitch? Never seen anything like I bet."

"Yes, Sir. I love your cock, Sir. It's the biggest dick I've ever seen, Mr. Peter," I told him and I wasn't lying. "O Sir, oh ,ohhh, oh Sir, I..." I looked at my dick. It was shrunken up and useless, but I felt like I was gonna cum. Peter was hitting places inside me that I'd never had hit before. "oohohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh," I couldn't manage words. I was lifting my back up off the sofa and Peter was pounding my pussy hard.

"Look at that, damn," James said. I turned to look at him. "Her toes all curled up and she having an orgasm, like a real woman." He was cracking himself up. "I told you this bitch needs dicking."

"Yeah, look at that cock drool now," Peter noted. I glanced down and saw my dick just oozing. "Maybe that is a clit after all."

I had a hold of Peter's back, and was grasping onto it. It was like I didn't want him going anywhere. Holding on tight, all tensed up, and my body shuddering. "ooohhhhhhhhh, yes, please, ohhhhhhhh," I held tight and babbled. Peter smiled down at me, and I managed a smile back. "Thank you Mr. Peter, thank you," I was ecstatic. I continued to shudder, and my toes continued to curl. I was grabbing and clenching at Peter's cock the best I could.

My hole started making all kinds of noise after that. Sloppy, wet, slurpy noises as Peter pulled back and shoved forward. It was as if juice had been released from inside somewhere.

"You just got wetter, boy. You must be lubricating yourself. You have a regular cunt there," Peter told me. "I've never seen a boy's hole do this. Usually they just fight me, thinking I'm gonna kill them, but you love this. The more I go on the better you like it," he stated.

"Oh yes, Mr. Peter yes. Yes, I love your cock. Please, keep going, keep fucking me a long time," I begged.

Marcus and Ross were laughing. I could see them now. Marcus was stroking his cock. "This one's a real pussy, James. He's better than any of the other ones I've seen you with. He knows inside that he loves that cock."

"Yeah, I just about got him fully trained," I heard James say. "Maybe I'll pass him on to someone else and start training your black ass now," James started laughing as soon as he said it. Ross and Peter laughed at too. Suddenly, Marcus was humiliated and I could see he wasn't all that amused. I knew that James was teasing, I didn't think he was going anywhere soon, but somehow I knew if Marcus wasn't saying anything he might actually enjoy the thought of James' cock inside him.

"Yeah, Marcus," Ross was speaking. "Maybe you could get on your knees and start practicing on mine before you work up to James's dick." Another round of laughter followed at Marcus' expense.

That seemed to piss Marcus off, hearing both of his buddies talking like that. "Ain't nothing gonna turn me into no bitch," Marcus was getting loud, protesting his buddies ideas. "Y'all can just forget that shit. The only bitch here is that one on her back."

Peter started breathing irregular. He started tightening up, and he got very hard, and I swear he got bigger still, as he prepared to cum. I wanted it all. I didn't want to lose a drop of this man's load. I needed his seed in me. I started milking his cock, pulling at it as it left and opening as wide as I could when he plunged forward.

"Ah, hell," Peter said. "I'm gonna cum. That pussy is draining my balls." He drove deep inside and then he just moved his cockhead back and forth deep in there. It sent me off the deep end again. I arched my back and I could feel my toes curl up, and I was holding Peter very tight to me as I felt another puddle of drool ooze from my clit. Peter let lose a roar about then and I could feel him shoot, not just feel his dick stiffen and pulse in me, but also I swear I could feel his cum hitting inside me somewhere. He must have shot six or seven spurts from his cock before he collapsed on top of me and held my head, letting his cum soak inside me, slowly coming back to earth after his load was emptied.

I was exhausted. I lay under Peter and could have fallen asleep if it weren't for his still mostly hard cock buried so deep I didn't think I could curl up with it inside me like that. He got up on his knees and rolled me to my side and lifted one leg up, exposing my ass and my well used pussy for the crowd. James moved in closer. Peter began removing his dick from me. Once it was all the way out, he got off the sofa and came around to my head, his cock waving proudly still at least 10 inches away from his body.

"Lick it up, boy. Clean up that load I left inside you." I opened and Peter just stuck his whole cock down my throat. I gagged but he just pushed it all the way in. I tasted it all as he slid it down. When he pulled it back I licked my lips. Then he went right back around to my other hole and got back on the sofa. He started smacking my sore ass, with his dick, causing me to moan, in some sort of pain, but knowing it was his cock that had brought so much pleasure I could only lay there and let him do it. He then lined up his cock and I could feel him entering me again.

"I'm not done yet, Steve. I am going to leave another load in you," he let me know ahead of time. "I don't get to fuck like this very often, so you have to take it while I enjoy using it."

"Yes, Sir," I mumbled. "I can take it," I said.

"Yeah, you are a real bitch, Steve. You love it. So take it from me."

I could see the others now. My eyes were open, not focused so much on Peter now. James was standing in front of Marcus. Ross had a hold of Marcus's hands, holding them behind his back, keeping Marcus on his knees. James had Marcus' head and was rubbing his hard cock around Marcus' lips.  Marcus was struggling but he wasn't going anywhere. James was going to make him give a blow job.

"C'mon, Marcus. Open up. You wanted to suck on this for awhile now. Learn to take it." James had a smile on his face.

I wanted to watch more, I wanted to see what happened, but at the moment Peter had my attention. His cock was lined up and he drove hard on that first stroke, and I moaned and lifted my head. I watched as he pulled his cock all the way out and slid it all the way back in. The gaping hole I now had to call a pussy, stayed open, waiting to be assaulted. Cum ran from my ass as it stayed open. It accepted his cock willingly. My pussylips were all large and looked to grasp his cock as he was inside me. He seemed to enjoy this view and he continued to pull all the way out and slide all the way in, making me moan as he reached full length and I felt his balls on my ass cheeks.

"I'm not going to be satisfied now, James," Peter stated. "I'm going to want to use him now that I know he can handle it, Now that I know I can throw a fuck into the bitch and she can appreciate a real man fucking her." Peter had gone from polite and gentle to demanding and brusque. I liked him both ways, I decided. "You going to let me have my turn at her regularly?" he asked James.

James was still working his way into Marcus' mouth. "Oh, yeah," he replied. "Not a problem. I'm sure we can work out something in trade," James and Peter both laughed. I had no idea what they were talking about. How could men talk during sex? I had to concentrate on their dick, squeezing it, milking it, treating it well, and then there were all the feelings that came over me when I was getting fucked. All the emotions of serving that particular man, all the knowledge that this was the way I was meant to be, the happiness at getting filled up like this.

"On your knees, faggot," Peter slapped my ass as he said it.

"Owww," I know he did that on purpose to make me pay attention, so I was up quick. "Yes, Sir." I stuck my ass up and arched my back. He placed his hands on my shoulders and pulled me back onto him. "You want it as much as I do," he commented.

"Yes, Sir. You are right I do want it," I responded.

He alternated now, in no hurry, letting his next climax build slowly. He would fuck deep for a bit, then pull out and slap my opening with his cock. He put me in several positions, seemingly trying out different things that he didn't get to do often or at all. My dick drooled, making a mess, flopping uselessly between my legs. James HAD turned it into a clit, for the most part. It was not generally anything I needed for pleasure unless he wanted to play with it, I received more than enough enjoyment serving him or the men he brought me to serve. I didn't need to think about it. He was right to punish me for thinking all that stuff earlier, right to break me in serving Peter. It was my calling.

Meanwhile, Marcus was slurping on James' cock. He no longer looked like he was fighting it. James still had a hold of his head but Marcus was bobbing up and down on his own. I could see Ross standing now too, waiting his turn at Marcus' mouth.

Peter was now on top of me again, my legs around his waist, he was on his elbows, just regular fucking. He leaned into me and started talking quietly. I wasn't even sure James could hear. Peter licked my neck and nibbled at my ear while he whispered.

"Don't EVER tell a man you don't think you can handle their dick, bitch. We both know it is a lie now after you took all of me. Your cunt can handle it all. You have about as much of a pussy as a male can get, boy and you need to let men use it if they want." He punctuated his statements with thrusts in me, as I knew men did to make a point. "You were clearly created for pleasing a man, so don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You are trained well and respectful to men, you will get used plenty, so enjoy it. It should be an honor to serve me and my dick." I could feel myself building towards another orgasm as he spoke so clearly just for me to hear him. "You ever get treated poorly by ANYone," he emphasized, "you come tell me and I will take care of the issue. Your pussy is worth more than anyone that can't treat you properly."

"Now," he continued, raising up and looking me in the eyes, "I am going to fill that cunt with another load. You are going to orgasm at the same time that I do that. Am I clear, bitch?"

"Yes, sir, iÉI am so closeÉ"

"When I tell you, boy, you be a good fag and cum for me," Peter instructed. I want to feel you grabbing hard at my cock. I want to feel you squeeze with those pussy muscles so I can shoot."

Oooooh, god, oohhooooohhhhhh." My toes were curling. Peter was pounding me again. Long strokes, hard strokes, pushing through whatever inside me had opened up for him to enter, using it as his personal G spot to bring me over the line. "Oohhhhh, Sir, oh god, oh gggoddddddd, Mr. PeterÉ"

"Do it bitch, cum for me, dribble that load out of your clit, faggot. DO IT!! You hear me? He demanded.

"Yessssssssss, yes Sir." My hands clenched at his back, my legs wrapped around his waist and my toes did curl, and I felt waves of pleasure shoot through my ass, my dicklet, my brain. He had made me cum again, but it seemed like my whole body was involved, not just a dick. This is what a faggot orgasm was like, I thought.

"Arrrggghhhhh," Peter wailed loudly, erupting in me again. "Take my load, boy. Take my big, fucking load. Fuck, that pussy is gooooooddddd."

When he finished we collapsed again. James groaned. I looked up to see him pull on his dick a few times and cum on Marcus' face. He told Ross to do the same and Ross grunted before I saw him blow his load on Marcus too. Marcus was trying to catch their loads, his tongue hanging out. Somehow when I had been getting taught how to cum with never getting hard or never touching my dick, Marcus had been taught to be a cocksucker. Marcus dick was hard, he was playing with himself while getting fed two loads.

I thanked Mr. Peter for fucking me. I was still holding his cock not letting it go. He pulled his cock out slowly and cum ran from my hole.  He walked over to Marcus this time.

"Clean this up, Marcus," he clearly stated. Marcus just looked up at him for a few seconds. I was on my elbows watching him. He didn't say no, and he started licking Mr. Peter's slowly deflating cock. He never took it in his mouth fully, but he licked it clean.

James spoke. "You did well Marcus. Go fuck the bitch again and dump your load."

Marcus didn't say anything, but moved quickly to me. He lasted only a few strokes before he dumped his load in me again. This time when we kissed I could taste James and Ross on Marcus' lips.

I had taken five loads in my pussy. I was worn out. Marcus pulled out and left me laying there. He looked at me and seemed kinda embarrassed about what had gone on. I knew what he was going through, but I said nothing. I knew he would be learning more from men about how to make them happy.