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The story is pure fiction and includes bondage and water sports. If this is too much for you, I suggest you find something more vanilla.

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by Nicky R.

Chapter 1

I had six more days off because I thought that I would probably be spending at least a week in the courtroom and had taken a weeks vacation from my job, but it was all over in less than an hour. Now I was free and not married. I guess I should fill you in on myself. I am a pretty normal guy I think, I am 27, and have been married for nine years. Well, I was married for nine years. I met Linda in my sophomore year. She was not the only girl I dated for the next two years. And as a normal teenage male, I had a very strong libido. If it moved and was female, I would dick it. One night in my junior year I finally got into Linda's pants and porked her good. Too good in fact, she told me two months later that she was pregnant. She told her parents and they called my parents. The next thing was that they decided even though we were too young, we should get married. So a month later we were married.

Now there is one thing I want to make clear. I had never had sex with a male, never thought about it. I had never beat off with any guys, nor checked them out in the gym showers. I was strictly hetero period. Or a least I thought.

At first I thought the world had come to an end. Then I resigned my self to my situation and figured that it had one advantage. A piece of tail any time I wanted it. Boy, was I in for a surprise. In a month I found out that I had been tricked. Linda was no more pregnant than I was. She just wanted to be married. I was mad and got drunk. When I came home, I decided that I wanted a piece of ass and raped her. I figured at least I would at least get some pleasure out of this mess. Any way that is a husbands rights. If she wanted to be a wife she had to service her husband. For nine years we had a stormy relationship over sex. As I said I was pretty randy fucker when I was a teen and as I moved into my twenties, I wanted more. Also, I wanted variation. I wanted her cunt, her ass and her mouth. And I wanted it when I wanted it. I did not give a shit about what she wanted, if she did not agree, I took it anyway. That is what finally ended the marriage. She filed for a divorce citing me with physical and mental cruelty. In that nine years I may have never got enough, but I had never once cheated on Linda.

So as I left the courthouse a free man, I still felt that I had been in the right. I guess I was lucky, no kids for child support and she had a good job so no alimony. She even let me have the house, furniture and my car.

I jumped into the car and headed for the freeway feeling pretty good about myself that I had not been fucked over. I'm young, pretty good looking with my slim build (155#)dark wavy hair and stand about 6'1". I got cash in my pocket, a week off and I feel pretty sure that I can find some cunt to swing on my good 9" of uncut cock. In fact just thinking about it made me have to adjust myself in the seat to make room for a definite rising between my legs.

As I headed down the ramp to the freeway I noticed a guy hitching. He was in his twenties longish blond hair, wearing jeans torn at the knees, a tank top and some sort of loose jacket that came down below his ass. I thought to my self, I could sure use some company. He looked like he might be some college punk heading to the local school about two miles down the road. Maybe he can turn me on to some chicks or some good smoke because I could sure stand to get stoned , so I slowed down and pulled over about fifty feet in front of him. He came up and asked me how far I was going. I told him about ten miles down the road. He jumped in and thanked me for stopping and said he would go as far as I was going and threw the small gym bag he was carrying into the back seat.

About three miles down the road I saw another guy hitching. Now this guy did not look at all like a college dude. He was shirtless and wearing a leather vest with chains holding it together, rather tight black jeans and boots. He had dark hair and a mustache and goatee. He appeared to be Latin because of his dark complexion and dark hair that hang to his shoulders.

The blond said "Hey, that's a friend of mine, stop and pick him up."

I said that I didn't think so. As I turned to him I said "Oh shit". He had a gun pointed at me and said "Pull, over buster, now."

You, can rationalize all you want after a situation like this, but you really can't think at the time it happens. Fear takes over and you react by instinct. I pulled over and stopped about 100 yards in front of the hitcher. I knew I was going to be robbed and remembered that I was carrying $2,500.00 in cash that I thought I might need to pay court costs.

The blond moved over closer to me and stuck the gun in my lower ribs and told me that he did not want any funny stuff, and if I cooperated I would not be hurt.

The second hitcher ran up to the car and jumped in the back seat and said. "What, took you so long shithead?" The blond explained that four cars had stopped for him but he had rejected the first three. "One car had an elderly couple, the second an older man and the third was a family. I had to wait for the right one, Dave." With that the guy in the back leaned forward and glanced at me. "Well, I think you might have done all right even if it took you a fucking long time, give me the gun."

Dave stuck the gun to the back of my head and told me "OK, now fuckhead I am in charge now. Just stay cool and you won't be hurt. Just keep driving and I will tell you where."

Dave told me to take the next exit, turn right and drive about three miles and I would find another road on my left and I was to take that one. He said "Mark, have you searched this fuck face?" Mark moved over toward me and started to pat me down and then reach into my pockets. He found the pocket knife I usually carry, some loose change, a package of rubbers, and my wallet. He handed all of them to Dave. Dave opened my wallet and went through it. He said "Shit man why you carrying so much cash, don't you know a guy could get his throat slashed for a stash like that." He looked at my drivers license and said, "So, your name is Anthony? What do they call you?" I told him Tony.

"Well, Tony, here is your wallet and change. I will hold onto the knife, I would not want you to cut yourself and as far as the condoms go, I don't believe in them. Now slow down I want you to turn left after the next curve." Then he asked Mark if that was all I had. Mark said that the only thing else he could find was my cock and balls. They both laughed at that as if the joke was on me. I was surprised and confused when I got the wallet back that the money was still in it.

By this time we were really out in the boonies. We had not passed another car or house for several minutes.

Mark told me that there was a dirt road up ahead on the right and to pull into it and that I would find a clearing where I was to stop the car and turn off the engine. To emphasize this he jabbed the back of my neck with the gun. I found the spot and did as I was told. He said "All right everybody out."I opened the door and got out and Dave told me not to forget the keys. He motioned with the gun for me to go to the rear of the car. I looked around me and wondered if they would ever find my body in this remote place. I noticed that the spot was well used and that there were used rubbers all over the ground, so I knew what it was used for also.

Mark said "Man, I gotta piss." Dave told him to piss his pants and I was totally surprised when I saw the front of his jeans start to darken and start to glisten as he pissed himself. I was amazed at the power that Dave had over this blond kid. What would make him do every thing that he told him. I had a strong instinct to run, but stood froze to the spot, when Dave turned to me and told me to take my shoes, socks and shirt off and turn around. He told Mark to get his bag. As I did as I had been told, my gut feeling was that I was to be shot in the back of head in one of those execution type killings you read about in the papers. I was ordered to put my hands behind my back and I felt them being cuffed there. Then Dave told me to turn around.

There I stood half naked in front of a rough looking character holding a gun on me and this blond kid that had just pissed his pants. Dave took the gun started to run it all over my chest and stomach. The touch of the cold steel made me shiver and begin to shake. I felt like crying and started to beg him not to kill me. He just stood back and grinned very evilly at me. He said "Hey man were not going to kill you, but you might be begging me to sometime." He then asked me if I minded Mark setting on the car seat with his wet pants. I said that I wished he would not. He told Mark to take his pants off. Mark kicked off his shoes and stripped his wet pants off and stood there naked from the waist down because he wore no underwear. I noticed that he had a fairly large prick, longer than mine but not as thick and also uncut. But, the big surprise was that he had thrown a hard and it was sticking straight out infront of him. I think that this is about the time I started to realized that I might get raped as well as robbed and killed. I looked at Dave and called him a perverted faggot. He back handed me so hard that I fell back toward the trunk of the car.

I was stunned by the unexpected blow and looked back at Dave to see that evil grin on his face as he reach down and adjusted his meat in his pants. I could see that he was swelling down there and was impressed by the increasing bulge. He said "Now we can't have Marky boy here riding around half nude in the car can we?" "What do you suggest Tony boy." I did not answer. He told Mark to take my pants off and to put them on. Mark stepped in front of me and undid my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I lifted each foot and let him pull them off. There I stood in just my jock strap, my hands still cuffed behind my back and feeling quite vulnerable. Mark pulled my dress pants up over his hard rod and struggled with the zipper and put his shoes back on.

Dave asked me if I needed to piss. I just nodded my head. He said that I had better get on with it then because we had a long drive ahead of us. I asked if Mark would pull down my jock and Dave laughed and stopped him as Mark stepped forward to do it. "No just piss in the jock Tony boy." I needed to go so bad that I did not need any more encouragement I just let fly and was surprised how good the warm piss filled jock felt around my cock and balls and then the feeling of it running down my legs. When I was done Dave told Mark to remove my jock. Mark pulled it down and off. I was not sure but I think I caught him smelling it which I found disgusting. Now, I am naked and really vulnerable. Dave moved toward me and with the nozzle of the gun lifted my cock up off of my nut sack. He said "Not bad Tony boy, not bad at all" as he played around with my cock and balls with the gun barrel. he even stuck the end of it into my foreskin. I was amazed that the cool steel of the gun was sending strange sensations through my loins and up into my gut. I began to get an erection which caused Dave to laugh and put the gun away. He then told Mark to put his jeans on me to cover my fuck pole. Mark pulled the wet cold jeans over my ass and shoved my hard cock down the left leg. Dave opened up the trunk of the car and looked around to see what was in there. When he was done searching he ordered me into the trunk. I tried to get in but Mark had to help support me as I crawled in and lay on my left side facing the front of the car. Dave ordered me on my back so I rolled over.. He told Mark to get a strip of duct tape from his bag. Mark came back with a strip about eight inches long. Dave grabbed my piss soaked jock strap and stuffed it in my mouth then stuck the piece of tape over my mouth so I could not spit it out. The thought of it made me gag, but I soon found out that I got used to the feel and even the taste of my own piss. Again, I felt a rising in my groin and felt my prick pop out of the open jeans because Mark did not pull up the zipper. Dave found this amusing and said to Mark that I must like piss. It was a good thing that whenever I bought a new car I always lined the trunk with plastic to protect the carpet because the jeans I had on were still dripping Marks piss.

Dave waved a strange looking thing in front of my face and asked me if I knew what it was used for. I shook my head. It was make of leather. It had a piece about two inches wide with snaps and a buckle on it. Dangling from it was another piece that was about three inches long with a strange spring clamp attached. Dave reached into the front of the jeans and pulled out my balls. He wrapped the leather around my bag and snapped it leaving my balls stretched below it with the clamped end hanging down below my ball sack.

He fasted the buckle that held the whole thing tight in place. It did not hurt just felt strange. Then he took one of the chains from his vest and hooked it on to the clamp and pulled it up and I watched as he pulled my family jewels up into the air and gave them a full yank. Now, this hurt and I screamed through the piss soaked jock that was gagging me and he laughed. He pulled the trunk lid down and attached the other end of the chain to the lid. When he let go of the lid it pulled my balls straight up in the air and I could feel my ball sack being stretched to the limit as it held the lid about two thirds open. It hurt so bad that I broke out into a cold sweat and I raised my ass off of the trunk floor to try and relieve the pressure and pleaded with my eyes to both guys to help me. Dave said to me "Have you got a problem there, Tony boy." Then he laughed and asked me if I was cold. I nodded yes and he told me they would warm me up. They both pulled out their cocks and shook them toward me. I was aghast at the size of Dave. He made me and Mark look like first graders. It had to be at least 12" soft and looked more like a ball bat hanging out of his pants. Mark started to piss on me then Dave joined him and aimed it right at my face. They soaked me real good. And as Dave slammed the lid closed I heard him say "Now let the fun begin."

Chapter 2

I felt the car turn around and go back down the dirt road. I tried to get more comfortable, because laying on my back was starting to make my arms hurt. I tried rolling to my left but found that it pulled my ball sack tight so I tried it to the right and even though I could feel a slight stretching of my balls it was not uncomfortable.

I had time now to think. I analyzed the situation that I found my self into. I was soaked with piss, I had a piss soaked jock stuffed into my mouth, and my balls had been strung up by some type of stretcher and chained to the trunk lid. I was scared of what was going to happen to me, but felt secure that I had some time to try to escape as long as I was still alive and they were driving. I tried to kick the trunk but found that by doing so all I did was hurt my foot and this also caused my balls to stretch out further send sharp pains up into my abdomen. I was surprised that my cock was still erect. I could not see it but I knew that I had thrown one of the biggest boners of my life because I could feel my foreskin being stretched.

This confused me. What has caused this excitement in my loins? I had never had any thought of sex with men. I had never thought of piss as a turn on. But, here I lay in about two inches of man piss that was turning colder each minute and I was springing a hard on.

Every time the car slowed down I would turn on my back and lift my ass up in the air in case they stopped and opened the trunk lid. I figured that the strength of the trunk spring might just yank my balls off.

Once the car stopped and I heard the door open but they never cut the engine off. Pretty soon I heard it open again and could hear Dave ask Mark if he had got every thing. I could tell that they were loading something into the back seat. It stopped once more and I could tell by the sound that they were gassing up. About this time I felt that I needed to piss. My bladder was really full. I thought what the hell, I am soaked already so I let fly. I forgot my hard on and the piss flew up in the air and hit the trunk lid and bounced back into my face. I let out a few profanities but was amazed that this was turning me on more.

We drove for about another hour and I felt the road getting rougher. The car was rocking, the piss was sloshing and the chain was yanking at my balls. They finally slowed down and I could tell that they were turning around. Then they stopped and got out. I felt that this was it. Now, something would happen. If they got me out of the trunk maybe I could make my escape.

I heard them unloading the car and in a few minutes I heard them returning. One of them slapped the trunk with their hand and I heard the lid being unlocked. I was surprised that they let it up slowly so even though my nuts were stretched there was not a sudden yank.

The glare of the bright sun struck my eyes and I could only see the shadows of the two punks that were holding me captive.

Mark removed the chain from the trunk lid but left the chain hooked to my balls. He ordered Mark to strip and help me out of the car because he did not want to get soaked with piss. My legs were weak as this blond naked guy propped me up against the side of the car. He pulled the tape off of my mouth and I spit out my piss and saliva soaked jock. I felt weak and also scared again. Dave said "How was the ride, Tony boy?" I told him to fuck off. He said we would talk about fucking later. He told Mark to fold up my pants that he had just taken off and put them into the back seat of the car. He took my wallet out of my pants and asked Dave what he should do with it. He opened it and showed me that every thing was intact and told Mark to lock it in the glove compartment. This confused me more.

I was now beginning to look around. We were out in the absolute nowhere. All I could see was woods and a small shack. I saw that the road to this place was no more that two dirt tracks with weeds growing between them. Dave grabbed me by the chain hooked to my nuts and led me toward the shack. About twenty feet from it he told me to sit down on this cinder block. I told him to piss off and tried to kick him in the balls. He shoved me back and I fell on my ass. He was mad and I immediately knew I had made a mistake. He pulled me to my feet and told Mark to hold me from behind. He pulled my cock up with his left hand and pulled on the chain with his right. This exposed my balls and he raised his knee and slammed it into my exposed nuts. I fell to the ground doubled up screaming. As I did so he hooked the chain to the cinder block. I could not raise up more that a foot before my balls started to pull on the block.

Dave told Mark he was going to start cooking something. He handed him a eight inch knife and told him that I needed to be cleaned up. He said that to clean out my gut good because he did not like a shitty taste on any meat he ate.

Shit, I thought, these perverts are cannibals. They are going to clean me like a deer, hang me up to drain and roast me for diner.

As Dave left, Mark said. "Man, you should not have done that you have made him mad. Take my word for it you don't want Dave mad at you it will just go harder for you." He came toward me with the knife and I tried to get away but the cinder block kept pulling me back down and stretching my balls. Mark took the knife and began cutting his jeans from my body. I could feel the cold steel against my skin and it sent shivers up my spine and I noticed that I began to throw another hard.

Chapter 3

Mark went into the shack and left me for about a half hour to think of the situation that I was in. I tried to maneuver myself around so I could unhook the chain that was holding me to the cinder block but could not quite reach it. I tried to pick up the cinder block but each time I did and stood up it would slip out of my hands and pull me back down by my aching nuts.

Mark came back about that time with a cardboard box and set it on a picnic table near where I was then went back inside. He came back carrying two buckets and I could tell they were full of hot water from the steam rising from them. I watched his cock swing from side as he set down the buckets on the table. For some reason I felt this exciting. Here was this hunk of a blond going about his business as naked as the day he was born and he did not seem the least bit self conscious where I was still quite embarrassed being so vulnerable and naked in front of him. He stretched a garden hose over toward the table and turned on the water.

He came over and stood in front of me and looked down at me. He began to talk to me and his manner was very kind. He asked how I was feeling. He told me that I needed to cooperate with Dave and try not to get him angry. He said if I did I would just make it hard for myself. He knelt down on his haunches and examined my balls. He fondled them gently and said that there was no damage. He assured me that my nuts could take a lot more and that it might hurt but there would not be any permanent injury. I looked down at him and saw that his uncut cock was scraping the ground and that his foreskin was at least two inches longer than his soft meat. For some reason I began to feel much more comfortable with him and felt much more secure squatted down infront of him and talking with him. I kidded him that if he was not careful he would step on his foreskin and stretch it as he stood up. He looked into my eyes and told me it had been stretched before. He reached under me and unhooked the chain from the cinder block and we both stood up.

He led me by the chain over to the table asked me to sit down and explained that he had to chain my balls to the table. I told him I understood. While he laid out several item on the table and prepared things he explained what he was going to do. "First thing to do is clean you up so you don't smell like a public toilet. Then I am going to clean you out with an enema, then give you a good shave. Dave, don't like hair." For some reason this all began to turn me on and my cock started rising until it stuck straight out in front of me. What in the hell was happening to me. No, not the situation, but in my mind. Here I am naked, covered in piss, hands cuffed behind my back and balls chained to a table and I am getting a stiffy.

Mark takes a sponge and begins to soak my head with warm water. He takes some shampoo and works into my scalp and then takes the hose and begins to rinse my hair. The cold water makes goose bumps appear all over my body. He apologizes for the cold water. I understood. In fact I was starting to enjoy the care he was giving me. It reminded me of when I was a kid and Mom had give me a bath. He washed my face and neck and behind my ears, then dried my hair on a towel and combed it. He returned to the box and removed a leather collar and placed it around my neck. It felt strange. He asked me how my arms were doing. I told him they were aching. He told me he was going to make them more comfortable, but I was not to try anything funny. He reached behind me and released my left arm. I pulled it infront of me and began to stretch it. He took my hand and began to wash my arm with warm water. Then he placed a leather band around my wrist and hooked it to a "D"ring on the collar. I tried to bring my right hand around to the front and felt a tug at my nuts. He said, "Sorry about that but when I unhooked the left cuff I put it around the chain. I should have told you." He released the cuff on my other arm and repeated the cleaning and binding. He sat down beside me and lit a cigarette and offered it to me then lit another for himself. He reached over and began to massage my legs and crotch. I felt strange, but I began to relax. He finally got up and continued to clean me up with the sponge and hot water. He paid a lot attention to my cock, balls and ass. He scrubbed my legs and feet and then hosed me down again.

The next thing surprised me. He knelt down and unhooked the chain from the table and hooked the chain to one of the cuffs, then placed the other cuff on himself and locked it. He looked anxiously toward the cabin while he was still kneeling between my legs. All of a sudden he took my cock between his lips and started to lick around my cock head under my foreskin. I was really getting turned on and felt my balls try to tighten up and felt my hot juices start to build when he let go and stood up. "God, you tasted good" he said. "But, don't let Dave find out I did that." I told him I would not tell, but I wished he had not stopped.

He asked me to get on the table on my knees, and to lean forward. He came around behind me and told me to spread my legs more. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and began to probe around my tight hole. He took something out of a tube and began to lube up my pucker. I felt him probing around back there and for some reason it felt good. Then he started pressing his finger unto the dark virginity of my ass. As he pressed deeper the pleasure began to turn to pain and I began to squirm and sucked in a deep breath. Then the pain began to feel better as he started to rub against my prostate. Then he withdrew and washed his hand. He said with a chuckle, "Your full of shit, Tony."

I watched as he filled one of the enema bags with warm water and put some liquid soap in it. He moved behind me and hung the bag on a tree limb hanging over the table. He gently stuck the end of the tube up my greased rectum and released the valve and I felt the warm liquid begin to fill my gut. He sat down at the table and lit another cigarette. I began to squirm because I was getting quite uncomfortable. He reached out and began to massage my stomach. I told him I could not take anymore. He said that only half the bag was empty and I needed to hold on some more. I started to sweat and groan and feel like my gut was going to bust. I told him I could not hold it any longer. He cut the valve off and helped me off the table. He led me by my balls a few feet away and told me to squat but not let loose yet. He squatted infront of me and held my balls and cock up with the hand that was cuffed to the chain on my nuts. With the other hand he reached under me and began to rub my hole. I told him he better not do that, because I could not hold it much longer. He said it was OK because he had to check to see how clean I was. I felt my insides begin to gurgle and could not hold it any longer. He stuck a finger up my ass and I let go. Instead of pulling back his hand, he kept massaging my hole as all of the water and my shit flowed all over his hand. When I felt empty he pulled his hand out and I saw that it was covered in shit and a large turd was cupped in his hand. He threw it on the ground and stood up pulling me with him. He went over to the bucket of water and lathered up his hand and washed it again. Then he told me to get on the table and assume the position again. He filled the other bag and hung it beside the first. I saw that the first was still about a third full. He repeated the process three more times.

By this time I was getting weak from the whole scene and my legs were cramping. I told Mark this and he suggested that I take a walk around before the final rinse. He lit us both another cigarette and we walked together back to the car and then back to the table. He said that this time He was going to do the rinse a little different. He told me to bend over and he took the hose and aimed it at my crack. He moved it closer and I soon felt the tip of the hose touch my pucker and then Mark applied pressure and I could feel the cold water rushing up my gut. He pushed harder and the tip of the hose entered my ass. It hurt like crazy and I could feel my stomach extend and could not hold it I relaxed my ass and the water began to spray out of me catching Mark in the face. He said not to worry about it because I was running clear. He removed the hose and let me squat and empty my self.

He helped me back up on the table and told me to lie down on my back. God, that felt good to be able to relax. I had not been able to lie down comfortably since this whole nightmare started with my hands cuffed behind my back. He asked me if I wanted a cigarette before he shaved me. I told him no. He got a can of shaving cream and lathered up my face.. I was shocked when he also lathered up my arm pits, my chest and then my crotch. Then I realized that he meant to shave all of me. I protested. He told me to shut up or he would have to restrain me. I knew then that it did not matter one way or the other, I was loosing my hair, so I just laid there and let him proceed.

The thing that amazed me was that this was turning me on. I had a raging hard on. He shaved my face and then to my pits. This tickled as the razor ran over my sensitive arm pits. Then he worked to my chest and stomach. Then my legs and finally he removed my pubes. I asked him if he was going to shave my ass also. He said no, because Dave liked his pussy hairy.

Then he again washed me all over with the sponge and rinsed me with the cold water. He then took a large towel and dried me off and gave me a pair of thongs for my feet. He stepped back and started to look me over. He said that I looked good enough to eat. He asked if I was hungry, and for some reason I knew that I was starving. He led me by the balls toward the shack and said that Dave probably had dinner ready by now. I said, "Mark, can I ask you a question?" "Sure shoot" he replied. I said "Why, did Dave have you lock my wallet in the glove department? Why did he not take the money?" He stopped in his tracks and said. "Man look around you. Dave don't need your money. You are standing in the middle of 650 acres of his property, and this is only one of four places he owns." Then I asked, "Why then in hell did you kidnap me? What does he want?"

"Your ass man, your ass. Dave likes to rape straight men. Tie them up and fuck the shit out of them. Cram his cock down their throats and up their tight virgin ass and make them beg for more. And I get my rocks off helping him and watching. God, it is hot to watch these guys squirm and beg."

Chapter 4

For some reason I was not shocked by Mark's statements. I guess in the back of my mind that I had already figured this all out. Let's face it, I had been humiliated, pissed on, stripped naked, bound up, my bowels cleaned out, and all my body hair shaved. What else could I have expected, I was going to be a sex slave to some rich perverted biker type of guy with a cock that was at least 12" soft. Then I began to sweat thinking what was going to happen. My straight libido could deal with another guy swinging on my hard rod, maybe even fucking some studs tight shit hole, but I was scared to death of what I was imagining was going to happen to me. I was not sure I could deal with it physically or mentally.

Mark could tell what was going through my mind. He said to me that if I cooperated it would soon be over and I would recover. I said "Shit, man Dave's cock is so big it will rip my guts out." He bent over in front of me and pulled his cheeks apart and showed me his tight pucker and said "Does that look like I have been ripped open and man I have been plugged by that giant piece of man meat hundreds of times. Now, lets go, I am getting hungry."

I was nervous as Mark tugged at the chain hooked to my nuts and lead me towards the shack. Now, as we entered the shack I was so startled that I have to stop a while and tell you what I saw. It certainly was not what I imagined. Inside the shack was much larger than I expected. Also it was spotless and very modern and upto date. It was all one large open room. In the far left rear corner was a very modern and up to date kitchen. There was a range, refrigerator, nice cabinets and on a center isle even a barbecue spit. Every thing was black and white. The floor was covered in large tiles of black and white. In the front left front was a very modern and expensive dinning room table of black lacquer set for dinner with a white table cloth, real china, silver and crystal. There was a zebra skin rug on the floor under the table. Directly in front of the door in the opposite wall was a large stone fireplace with a blazing fire flanked on both sides with two black lacquer storage units. In front of the fire place was a "U" shaped couch covered in black leather. There was a large black and white picture over the mantel depicting a naked and bound man. In the far right rear corner was a toilet area. There were no partitions. There certainly was no privacy here. There was a double lavatory, toilet and the rest was an open shower area. The whole area was in white tile and there was a curb around it to keep the water from running out onto the rest of the floor. The front right area contained a large king size bed on a pedistal covered in what appeared to be black leather. All the walls were covered in white formica. The ceiling was white with exposed wood beams in a dark blackend wood. The only other decorations was made up of chains and leather items hanging in various places. This was one hell of a pad. There was soft music playing and a delicious aroma flowed though out of food. It smelt so good that I could hear my stomach grumbling.

Dave came over to greet us from the kitchen area. All he was wearing was a chain that hung between his nipples. I saw that each nipple was pierced with a ring, the chain was permanently attached to each ring. His gigantic fuck pole hung flacid between his legs above his huge nuts and swung back and forth as he walked. He said to me. "Welcome Tony, are you hungry." I guardedly said yes, I was not sure what he had in mind. He said that dinner was going to be about fifteen more minutes and told Mark to get me a drink. Mark asked what I drank and I told him either a beer or a gin & tonic. Mark went to fix the drink and Dave began to look me over. He ran his hands over my body and stroked my cock and balls. He said you sure look nice this evening and told me he liked what I was wearing and laughed. He said that I would need to be a little mere comfortable and the opened a chest and took out two chains about two feet long. He locked on to each side of the collar and released each wrist and locked them to the ends of the chain. I found that I could then lower my arms to a little below my chest area. He said this would make it easy for me to drink and eat but not to be able to touch my cock. Mark brought me the drink and I took a swig and noticed it was more gin than tonic. He asked Mark if I was clean all over. He said yes and Dave moved behind me and started to rub my ass. "Is his ass cleaned?" Mark told him yes. He asked Mark if he was sure and Mark nodded. He said get down there and make sure, eat him out. Mark knelt behind me and told me to bend forward. I felt a sensation move beween my ass crack as his tounge found my virgin pucker. He started to flick the tounge over my sensitive opening and this almost drove me wild. I could not help but to shove my butt back onto his probing tounge. I felt it penitrate my tight sphincter and I began to relax to experience more of this exciting probing. Dave told him to stand up and come around in front of me. He comented to Mark to look at my cock which was throbbing hard. Mark reached for me and Dave slapped his hand away and said. "Look, don't touch." He said to me "Now Tony, I want you to tell me if your ass is clean." He told Mark to stick out his tounge and ordered me to suck it. What was I going to do but comply. I told him I could not taste anything. He just smiled.

Dave told Mark to go clean up for dinner, and said he meant to clean inside and out. Mark headed for the toilet area. Dave then went to the chest again and pulled a chain out and locked it to the clamp below my balls. He then showed me a steel ring in the center of the floor and he locked the end of the chain to it. He then told me that I could roam around the room. He pointed out that the chain was not long enough to reach to the door, the toilet, or the kitchen. He said that it would reach the couches, the dinning area and the bed. He slapped me on the ass and went back to the kitchen. I walked over and sat down on the couch facing the toilet area and leaned back. The soft leather felt sensuous on my naked ass. I began to mellow out with the warm fire, the strong drink and for some strange reason, I felt very comfortable.

I watched Mark in the shower area as he shaved his days growth of beard. He turned on the showen and I noticed that he pulled a strange object like a hose with a long metal shaft attached that hung down beside the shower head. He turned a valve and I watched water begin to spray out of it. He soaped up his ass and stuck it up his hole. I could see that his stomach imediatly started to extend. When he was full he went over to the toilet sat down and I could hear him releive himself. He continued this for at least four times. The last time he stuck his hand between his legs and I could tell he was checking if he was running clear. For some reason this really turned me on and I looked down at my shaved crotch and watched as my rod began to twitch. I tried to reach down and masterbate it, but as Dave said, my chained hands would not reach.

I did not realize that Dave was standing behind me until he reached over and took my empty glass and went to refill it. I was ashamed that he saw my hard on. He came back and said to me. "I see that Marks bathing has you really turned on, me too." He laid his now ridgid cock on my shoulder and I looked over and saw that it was huge. It had grown in both length and girth. God, I thought its a wonder he don't pass out from the loss of blood to his head as it filled that wicked piece of meat between his legs. He told me that dinner would be longer than he thought, that we still had about a half hour.

I took a long swig from my drink and almost choked. It was stronger than the one Mark had fixed. As Mark was drying his hair. Dave sat on the couch accross from me and stretched out to where his feet were in between mine. He started to pull on the chain that held my nuts and I began to slide down to relieve the pressure. He then took his foot and began to massage my cock. It felt great and I was really getting turned on. I was almost ready to shoot my wad when he stopped. He saw the dissapointment in my face, and smiled and told me, "Not yet, Tony." Mark came over and sat down on the floor in between us. and Dave told him to roll some joints. I had finished my drink and Dave stood up and refilled it again. I felt that I was getting very drunk. I also began to realize that my bladder was full. When Dave returned to the couch in front of me he lit up one of the joints and passed to me. I took a hit and passed to Mark. We smoked about three in a row and now my head was spinning. Dave asked Mark if he was clean and he said that he was. Dave said to me, "Tony, is he clean?" I replied that I guessed so. Dave told me to be sure. I did not know what he meant, but Mark did. He stood up in front of me and bent over and spread his cheeks. I then knew that he expected me to lick him to find out. I did not think I was ready for that, but when Dave yanked on the chain hooked to my nuts, I decided what the hell, and leaned forward and ran my tounge over Marks pucker and began to rim the hell out of his asshole. I was amazed that not only did it taste good that I really enjoyed doing it. Mark stood up and I told Dave that he definatly was clean.

Dave stood up and said he was going to set the table. I told him that I needed to piss and asked to be released to go to the toilet. He said that was not necessary. Then he said for Mark to knell in front of me. Mark did and he took my prick in his mouth. Dave said, "OK, Tony, go for it." I thought to my self, why not. If Mark wanted to be my private toilet it was alright with me, and I began to unload my load of hot piss down his throat. He did not miss a drop. When I stopped he pulled back and belched real loud. Dave told Mark that he could play around with me, but not to touch my cock. When he left Mark knelt between my legs and began to lick my balls. He sucked one into his mouth and then took both of them. I began to squirm. It was so sensuous. Then he moved up my body and began to lick my chest, taking each nipple in his mouth and biting on it gently at first then stronger. His belly was laying on my hard rod and I began to hump him like a dog. He pulled back quick and smiled up at me and shook his head.

Dave called us to the table. I sat at the side with Mark at one end to my left and Dave at the other to my right. They each unfolded the linen napkin and laid it in their laps. I tried to do the same but because the chain would not let my hands reach down that far, Dave did it for me. The food looked great. There was a great looking salad with some strange creamy dressing on it. There was a shrimp cocktail. And the main course seemed to be a stroganoff over wide flat noodles. There were also some snow peas with small onions in a white sauce. Dave poured us all a glass of wine. I ate the shrimp and found that it was great. Dave removed all the first course dishes to the kitchen. I began on the salad. It was great. The sauce was creaming and tangy yet had a cheesy taste to it. I commented to Dave that it was great. I asked what was in the dressing. He said that it was something special he had whipped up and smiled. I got his drift and almost spit it out right there. Then he laughed and told me that it was a home made mayonaise with gormet mustad and parmasean cheese.

After the meal Dave and I returned to the couches and Mark cleared the table. Dave lit another joint and handed it to me. I was really mellow. He got down on his haunches and put some more logs on the fire. I could see his hairy ass and wondered what it would be like to stick my tounge between those cheeks and lick his hot hole. He sat back down on the couch and started to play with himself and looking at me with a grin on his face. He asked me if I had enjoyed the dinner and I told him that I had. He said now it was time for me to get some desert and pay him back for his hard work over a hot stove. I knew what he meant and looked him straight in the eye and told him that I couldn't that I was straight and was not into guys. He said, "I know that you are straight, but you can swing on this cock and you will. Not only that you will do any thing I want before the night is over then in the morning, I will give you your keys and you will drive out of here with a smile on your face."

Mark, came back over and sat on the couch beside Dave in the middle of the remark and looked at me to see how I was going to react. I thought to myself, well this is the time I had dreaded since we first stepped in the shack, should I fight, should I scream, should I cry and beg or should I just give into the whole thing and get it over with. Yes, I had dreaded it all evening, but also antisipated it with some curousity. I made my decision, and looked into Daves eyes and resigned my self to my fate. I said, "What do you want me to do?" He said that he thought we would start with a little cock sucking. I got up and knelt in front of him. He told me not him, but Mark, because he wanted me to get used to it before he shoved his large rod down my gullet. I moved over in front of Mark and swallowed to get enough courage to do it. I took a deep breath and leaned forward and took Marks hard piece of fuck meat in my mouth. I was amazed but it felt good. There was no bad taste, but I could smell a musky masculine scent and this started to turn me on. I stuck my tounge under his long foreskin and licked around the head. Mark began to moan. I heard Dave tell me to take more. I began to move down further until I felt the tip of it in the back of my throat. I began to gag and moved back. Dave told me to keep trying, and Mark just lay there moaning. I tried again and took more. I did this several times and soon felt his cock hairs brushing my nose and upper lip. Mark asked Dave if he could cum. Dave looked at me and said yes that he thought I was ready. He may have thought so but I was not so sure. Mark started to rotate his hips with my up and down motion on his cock and I reach up and started to play with his balls. I felt them tighten in their sack and his cock start to swell and I knew it was now or never. He screamed out and began to unload into my throat. I knew I was expected to swallow so I tried but some of it ran out of the corner of my mouth and ran down my chest. Mark colapsed back on the couch and I cleaned up his cock which was growing soft in my mouth and let it fall out onto his thigh. Then I looked at Dave and he gave me a smile of approval. He surprised me when he stood me up and licked all of Mark's cum from my body. He then knelt down in front of me and began to suck on my cock, taking it all down his throat. He reached behind me and started to finger my ass hole. I told him I was going to cum and he told me to hold off. He stood up and came behind me and bent me over and I knew that he was going to fuck me, but he didn't. He knelt and began to eat out my hole. I thought I would go insane. It seemed like that it had been months since I came even though I knew it had been less than 48 hours. He told Mark to kneel in front of me and I saw that Mark had got a hard on again. Dave stood beside me and stuck two fingers up my shit hole with his left hand and started jacking me off with his right. Only three strokes and I shot a load that was like nothing I had ever had experienced before. I shot out at least twelve times all landing on Mark in front of me. I colapsed on to the floor in front of Mark and looked at him. He was covered in my spunk from head to toe. It was dripping from his nose, chin and running down his body into his pubic hair. Dave told me to clean it off Mark. I did and did not miss a drop. It tasted different from Marks own cum, but I was becoming a cum hungry cock sucker. I looked at Dave and asked him if he was ready to fuck my mouth now. He just smiled down and me.

Chapter 5

He told me that he was not ready for me to suck his cock yet that he had other ideas. We all three colapsed on the couch, both Mark and I were exhausted from our orgasm. Dave fixed us all drinks and lit another joint then put more logs on the fire. I had mixed emotions and I think that Dave knew that. I felt comfortable, yet sore. I felt relaxed, yet still scared. I felt used, yet still horny. I knew that I wanted this to all stop. But, I also knew it was not going to and that I was curious as to what would be next. Yet, I was still scared. Not, of the pain or being hurt. That I had endured very well. I was afraid of my emotions.

Both Mark and I told Dave we needed to piss. He just looked at us, pondering what to do next. He told me to sit back on the couch and relax. He went to the kitchen and got a large plastic pitcher and came back. Mark sort of looked disapointed. I could tell he wanted my load of hot piss. Dave told Mark to stand up in front of my face on the couch and put his cock in my mouth. He knelt between my legs and told us that he was going to snap his fingers three times and on the third snap we were to start pissing. I was not sure I could do this and Dave sensed my feelings. He grabbled my nuts and told me if I missed a drop he would squeeze them until they were mush in his hand. On the third snap I felt the hot salty liquid start to fill my mouth. At the same time I started to unload and knew that I was not pissing in the pitcher, but in to Daves mouth. I could not see because of Mark's crotch blocking my view, but I could hear piss flowing into the pitcher at the same time and knew it was Dave's. After the first two swallows it was not so bad. In fact it was sort of erotic. I could imagine Mark's piss flowing through me into Dave and out into the pitcher.

When, we were finished, we all belched from being full of piss and we laughed at this together. Dave, took our drink glasses and topped them off from the pitcher. He proposed a toast to me loosing my virginity. I took a swig of my drink and it tasted strange to say the least. The mixture of gin, tonic, and lime mixed with Dave's urine. Dave took the pitcher and chug-a-lugged the rest.

I looked at him and said. "OK, I am ready to suck your cock." You might think this odd, but I had a plan. I knew what sucking was like after doing Mark. I knew that it was going to be harder for me to take Dave, because of the size, down my throat, but felt that this would be better than having him rip my asshole open with it. I figured that if I got him off he might forget trying to fuck me. He looked at me and I felt that he could see through my plan. He smiled and told me that my plan would not work. He said that all it would do was delay the inevitable and make the fuck that much longer as he built up a second load of fuck juice. I began to sweat at the thought of what was going to happen.

Dave, explained to me that what turned him on the most was that I was going to be a virgin. He liked to take virgin, straight ass holes and pulverize them. He also said he would be careful not to damage anything, but he was going to stretch me so wide that I would look like the Holland tunnel. But, he also told me he would be fair to me. He said it would be easier on me if I let Mark fuck me first to loosen me up. I thought this might be a good idea. Mark was long but not as thick as Dave. "Of course," said Dave, "I will be very disapointed and probably mad because I want to take your cherry." He said he would give me an even chance. All I had to do was to convince Mark to fuck me. He told Mark to get some leather cuffs and to put them on. He strung Mark up with chains from the exposed beam with his hands above his head. He said to me. "OK. now Tony boy all you have to do is convince Mark to fuck you ass. Not that it is going to stop me from fucking you but it will loosen you up for me. You can beg, plead, or do any thing except back up on his rod to get him to say yes. You can turn him on as much as you want, but you have to get him to agree. If after 30 minutes he has not agreed then your ass is mine."

I walked over to Mark and tried to figure out how I was going to convince him. I knew the first thing I was going to have to do was turn him on and get him excited so that he would want my virgin ass. I began to caress his body gently and rub him all over. I stroked his cock and even knelt down and sucked him until he was close to cumming. He said to me, "Sorry, Tony, I can't fuck you. I know you don't understand, but I just can't." I began a more intense use of his body. I sucked his tits, and licked his arm pits, I even rimmed out his ass. But, he still said, no. I even bent over in front of him and spread my cheeks apart and began to taunt him. I told him. "Now, Mark would you not like to sink your hard cock into that sweet virgin pucker. Would you not like to feel that hot hole around your ridgid didgit, squeezing and releasing and drawing your cum out of your balls." He just shook his head. I got down on my knees and began to beg, and to plea with him. I even tried the sympathy trick of asking him to save my ass from being torn apart. That did not work either. He just said. "Tony, you don't know what he would do to me if I gave into fucking you. I have before and what happened to me was horrible."

I sat down on the floor between his legs and reach up and caressed his nuts and asked me to tell him about it. He began the story.

"One other time with a straight guy that Dave wanted to fuck he gave him the same option. The kid was young and crying so I felt sorry for him. I finally gave in and agreed. Now, Dave was true to his word. He let me penetrate the kid and loosen him up and get him used to being fucked. I shot a huge load of spunk up the kids ass, so when later Dave began his assault, the kid was ready. Now, he knew how to relax, and the lube of my hot cum allowed him to take Dave to the hilt. It still hurt and he screamed but he was able to take it. I felt good that I had helped him. But, after he packed up and left, Dave was furious. He strung me up as I am now, and beat my ass until it was black and blue. But, that was not the worst. You remember I told you my foreskin had been stretched before, well this is when it happened. He pulled on it and stretched it. He stuck his two fingers inside and spread it apart until I could feel it ripping. He worked over my balls until I was sure that they were going to rupture. He put, alegator clamps on my nipples and stuck pins in them and my foreskin. Then he really did something I will never forget. He went outside and got a brick. Then he squeezed a whole tube of Super glue on to the end of the brick and glued my foreskin to it. When it was dried he let the brick swing. I was just lucky that My cock head was soaked in pre cum and did not stick, just the foreskin. This was very painful. He left me that way for 24 hours. He filled me with an enima of beer and pluged my ass so I could not let it out. He kept pissing in an enema bag and shoved the nozzel down my throat. Then he worked my cock until I came. It filled my foreskin but the glue kept it from oozing out. My bladder was so full that I could not hold it any longer and when I let go and pissed this filled my foreskin out like a water balloon. I finally passed out. I can't go through that again, Tony. Not for your ass or even your life."

The thought of what he went through made me break out into a cold sweat. I decided then and there that I could not make this kid go through any thing like that. I realized that having my ass split open was not going to kill me. I looked at Dave and told him that he had won. My ass was his.

Dave unhooked Mark and told him to get me ready. Mark led me to the bed and told me to get on all fours in a doggy position. Dave told him to unhook my balls from their restraints so I could relax. Mark told me that he was going to do every thing he could to make it as easy on me as possible. He took a inhaler and filled it with amyle and explained that when the pain got real intense I should take a hit. The inhaler was on a rawhide rope and put it around my neck. He massaged my ass and my balls. He stroked my cock, trying to sooth me and make me relax. He asked if I wanted another drink or joint. I just shook my head. He got up from the bed and went into the kitchen and brought back a can of Crisco. He scooped out a large hand full and began rubbing it into my crack and hole. He began by working one finger into me, then two. When he stuck in three fingers, I felt the first searing pain. I yelled for him to take it out. He told me to take a hit of amyle. I did and found that it helped me to relax and endure the pain. Soon I was relaxed again and he slid another finger in to my hot hole working them around. The pain was not so bad this time. I was learning to control my sphincter muscles. Soon he added the thumb and I felt so full that I could not believe I was taking so much. I felt him working it around more and more. I was sure that he was going to stick his whole hand up my rectum but he stoped and turned to Dave and told him I was ready. Yes, there was pain, but I was amazed not as bad as I had expected. In fact there was a lot of pleasure also and the pleasure had far exceeded the pain by the time he had put the thumb into my hot hole. I also was amazed that I was very hard.

As Dave moved onto the bed between my legs, he told Mark to get a leather strap from the chest. He began to rub his large cock head up and down the crack of my ass. He told Mark to apply more Crisco to my crack and his prick. Then he began to put pressure on my puckering hole. He told me not to fight it and just relax as I felt the head of his cock enter my rectum. There was pain but it soon subsided with my relaxing and taking a couple of hits from the inhaler. He began to pump slowly into my ass and I felt I was getting fuller and fuller. I began screaming and sceaming as he reached total penetration. I was trying to pull away. He told Mark to get down beween my legs and check if every thing was alright. Mark told him it looked fine and there was no blood. Dave told Mark to use the leather strap and tie our balls together. I still screamed in pain but it was more from the fantastic pleasure. I was screaming so loud that Mark came around in front of me and started to rub my face to see if I was OK. I just gave him a smile and wink and began screaming again. This was sure turning Dave on and he kept thrusting his rod back and forth over my prostate. When he would pull out it would tug on both our balls and stimutate both of us. I gave out a scream and shot my load. He kept pumping and in five minutes I came again. Mark continue to caress my face and began to kiss me. I shot another load of spunk. I could feel Dave's cock swell in me and soon felt it begin to twitch inside my gut as he sprayed my insides with his hot load. I could not beleive that my cock was still hard and as Dave came I felt another load shoot from my rod. I passed out and colapsed onto the bed pulling Dave down with me by the nuts. He screamed for Mark to remove the strap and then fell on top of me. I soon came to and found that Dave had rolled off of me and was laying on his back beside me in a pool of my spent seed. I rolled over and Mark leaned forward and kissed me with a wet passionate open mouth kiss. We kissed and flicked our tounges back and forth into each others mouth. I was totally spent and felt weak.

They both helped me off the bed and lead me to the shower. Dave removed my collar and wrist straps and then held me up while Mark bathed my body. When I was clean they dried me with a soft fluffy towel and led me to the couch where I colapsed on one and Dave on the other. Mark lit two cigaretts for us and went to the bed and cleaned up the mess. He put clean sheets and got some pillows and a blanket. Then he led me to the bed. The last thing I remembered was Mark pulling the blanket over my body.

Chapter 6

When I woke the next morning, Mark was in the bed with me and was still asleep with his head on my shoulder and his nude body entwined with mine. I felt totaly at peace with myself. I felt warm and satisfied. I saw that Dave was on the couch and wondered if he had spent the whole night there. Then I saw that the pillow on the other side of me indicated that he had also shared the bed, but that he was already up. I stretched which woke Mark up and we both yawned. I had a piss hard, but did not want to get up. I thought at first that maybe Mark would like it, but decided I did not want to start again this morning. Not yet any way. I leaned over and kissed Mark full on the lips. Marked looked into my eyes and told me he had lied to me. I asked him what he had lied about. He said that Dave had never tortured him for fucking the young kid. He told me he loved Dave so much, he could not give in and fuck me as much as he had wanted to. He told me that Dave wanted my virginity so bad and he wanted him to have it. I saw tears start to pool in his eyes. I hugged him and told him it was OK. I knew down deep that it was just a story. He thanked me for showing Dave a good time, because he knew my screaming was for effect only. I told him it had been my pleasure.

We both got up and sat on the side of the bed. Dave walked over toward the front door and reached up to the hook and retreived my car keys. He walked over to me and with a strange look of guilt on his face handed them to me. I took them and looked at them laying in my hand. I knew I should just get up and walk out, but I just sat there with my mind working overtime.

I stood up and walked toward the door. I reached up and hung the keys back on the hook. As I headed for the toilet. I told them I need to piss. I asked Dave what was for breakfast. He asked what I wanted. I said just some juice and buns. He said he had either tomatoe or orange juice but no buns. I looked at him and smiled. I told him I meant man juice and don't worry I could supply buns for both of them.