Please be advised the following story will discuss Man/boy love, as well as aspects of diapers, scat, incest and medical fetish. It is for fantasy only and never happened. The author does not condone this type of behavior, but recognizes that boy love is a very real issue among many and that words are an effective and victimless means to express one's desires. Please feel free to e-mail comments and suggestions to the following address ( I am not a professional writer and this is my first attempt at a series. If there is a positive response, each chapter will get progressively longer and the relationship will become increasingly intimate.


What is it about a young boy that is so beautiful? I would venture to say that the answer is everything. The beautiful smile, smooth skin, little feet and creamy legs and ankles are so erotic, words cannot do justice. The smell of their hair and breath (yes even in the morning) brings me to my knees. Their sweaty feet, so moist and soft, all the better to admire from up close. Yes, all of these things are beautiful but let's face it, for most of us the real desire we seek is to see, smell, taste and enter a boy's most (moist?) private of all areas.

Today's clothing makes it hard (no pun intended) to appreciate a boy's bottom, but even an oversized t-shirt over baggy shorts can reveal the rise of buttocks and the crease in between. Let's not fail to mention boy's propensities towards lying on their tummies with their little mounds of love sheltering the hole of our desires. One wonders if they even understand how erotic this is for many of us. Let's not forget to mention all of the mom's who insist on taking their son's rectal temperatures and putting things like suppositories and enemas in their bums. But, without further delay, please allow me to digress.

The phone call came at three am on a Thursday morning. Tragically, my brother and sister in law had been arrested in a drug sting and from the way it sounded, neither would see the light of day. The person from the state was asking me if I could assume parental responsibilities for my nephew Zachary. My mind was spinning with the implications of such a request, because even though he was my nephew, from the time he was four years old, I was fascinated with everything about him. And when I say everything, I am alluding to everything. It may help to give some background information.

He is stunningly beautiful, and weighs in at about ninety pounds. He is blond haired and blue eyed. He has just a tad of baby fat and a gorgeous little boy bottom to top everything. I remember when he would come over to swim in my pool I would find his Spiderman underwear in the bathroom. It is hard to characterize the smell but where his undies met his anus, there was a distinct odor of pre-puberty sweat (is there anything better?) and faint poop. I could tell there were days when he didn't clean his bottom well, but I think all boys struggle with that issue at times. I would watch him walk around after school and imagine running my finger up his sweaty crack and inhaling the wonderful fragrance. I never could decide if smelling him after all day at school or right out of the bath tub would be more desirable. Either would have its good aspects.

I remember he would always ask me to scratch his back while he watched Cartoon Network. I could smell the baby shampoo in his hair and his breath was boyishly sweet. Just touching his flesh would get me aroused. It was creamy and smooth and when my hand would wander towards his crack, it was hard to resist the urge to go lower. I would struggle with a pounding heart and begin sweating profusely. He looked, felt and smelled so good I would run into the bathroom and relieve myself thinking about his little pucker of love and small hairless penis and balls. But alas, please allow me to tell you what really put me over the top.

You see my sister in law had always babied Zachary and it was no secret he suffered from bouts of constipation and bedwetting. I was over their house one day and became part of something which paved the way for my lust of his bottom to more fully manifest itself. Zachary was not feeling well and was lying on the couch looking very flushed and tired (I love a boy with flushed cheeks). He asked me to rub his belly which was something I thought odd for an eleven year old but never the less, I complied. Lauren (my sister-in-law) came over and asked him how he was feeling. She stroked him and asked him if he had made poopie that day. Of course his response was negative. Now my imagination was really going wild as I continued to rub his soft belly. When Lauren came back with a rectal thermometer and a jar of Vaseline, I almost passed out. Zachary pouted and said he didn't want it in his bottom and that he would be ok if she just left him alone (inwardly I was praying to God she would follow through). Lauren asked if I would hold his hand and help calm him down as she pulled back his Spider Man comforter to reveal his wonderfully soft and white little body wearing a youth size Depends. My jaw almost hit the ground in disbelief. He looked so cute and vulnerable lying there naked accept for the diaper. The idea he was about to have his most private area exposed and probed was weighing heavily on my mind.

Lauren explained that because of Zachy's (as she called him) bedwetting and constipation, he was often put into a diaper. I was in seventh's heaven, as there is nothing sexier than a boy in diapers whom is going to have his rectum probed by something or someone. Without hesitation, I offered my assistance as Zach pouted and whimpered, making the diaper crinkle as he moved around, wiggling in anticipation of what was to come next I stated I needed to use the bathroom first and rapidly egressed as Lauren was explaining to the whimpering boy the need to take his temperature in his bottom. I went to the bathroom and stoked my penis to a rapid rope spewing orgasm. Imagining the beautiful boy's rectum being exposed as he lied on the diaper with his little feet squirming was all I needed to imagine. How could this be happening? I quickly cleaned up and headed back to the den to find a crying little boy on his back waiting for things to go down (or in this case, up).

Lauren pulled at the tapes on the diaper and it came off slowly. What I saw was nothing short of amazing, and was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed in my life. There in front of me was his hairless penis and balls, the former of which not more than two inches and circumcised. When he lifted his legs and squirmed, I could see his balls and the crack underneath. There was the faint smell of Pampers as well as little boy pee in the air. What I was really yearning to see was his anus, but that would come in a little bit. My penis was throbbing as I watched Lauren shake down the thermometer and dip it deeply into the Vaseline Jar (my favorite lubricant).

Zach was so warm and flushed my mind went into overdrive thinking of how hot and moist his bottom must be. Oh how I yearned to somehow become that thermometer and be surrounded by his little boy rectal tissue; to push into an area of his body that is the most private of all. Its smell, appearance and associated feelings shunned by all but a few boy lovers of society. Its function was to many considered repugnant, but to me the anus and rectum were the quintessential meaning of boy love and lust. Its sights and smells are always associated with the most private of matters. As an adult I would sometimes smell my finger after running it up my crack to imagine that I was smelling the same aroma a boy's bottom emits (I am sure it is different but close). I had always yearned to smell a boy's butt hole- I thought that the next best thing would be to try to smell the used thermometer, but I knew it was a long shot.

Lauren skillfully removed his wet diaper and asked me to go to his room for a clean diaper. I was stunned to find his bedside table filled with disposable diapers, wipes, Desitin and incredibly, jars of glycerin suppositories, Dulcolax and Fleet enemas. I truly felt as though I was going to pass out from the very idea of this little boy being administered to in such a fashion. I grabbed a new diaper and smelled it. Sure enough, the smell brought me to a new level of sexual arousal. I almost ran back to the couch.

By this time she had unfolded the diaper and placed it over her lap. As Zachary moved over her lap his exquisite buttocks came into view. The crack was beautiful, and hid deep between the treasure most of us boy lovers really seek. By this point Zachary was lying on his belly and strangely enough, looking rather content. Lauren told me to hold him still and try to calm him (although this was not necessary as he was quite relaxed and appeared a little aroused) as she prepared for the much anticipated insertion. She explained that in addition to a more accurate reading, the rectal thermometer would serve to tell her the degree of his constipation. If it came out with poop on It, she would have a good idea that he was holding it again.

I took a mental picture of my nephew lying over her lap totally nude. His little feet and toes were wiggling in anticipation. How I wanted to put my nose up to them and smell and lick his pink little toes. The creamy white calves led up to his knobby and scarred little boy knees. I could appreciate his narrow waste and beautiful bottom. It was indeed a sight to behold that would make an indelible impression upon me that would last a lifetime. I could still smell Desitin and his pee from the wet diaper when it was removed. I don't think my penis could have been any more erect than it was at this point.

I reached for Zachary's hand and took hold of it gently, removing it from covering his bottom. It was soft and sweaty and I was further aroused by all of this. Lauren removed the Sponge Bob thermometer from the jar of Vaseline and looked to see if she had enough lubricant on the tip. I squeezed his hand and told him to relax and Lauren reached down to spread his bottom cheeks. They were so bulbous and creamy white, I could just barely make out the pinkish hue if the inside cleft. To my amazement she began to caress his bottom and talk baby talk. I could see from his reaction that this was calming him down. Lauren then took his bottom and opened the crack. I was greeted by a small pink pucker, with a completely hairless crack which was so soft and smooth in appearance it boggled my mind.

Here I was looking directly into the most private of places for a boy with an unobstructed view. I breathed in to try to search the air for some faint sign of his personal smell. I could see his anus clenching and relaxing, as if anticipating the thermometer being pushed in. Then there was a knock at the door and the sound of a young boy asking for help. We all looked up and for a moment, the process was frozen in time. To be continued...