Zachary's Bum Bum

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Original Author's Note: Please be advised the following story will discuss Man/boy love, as well as aspects of diapers, scat, incest, and medical fetish. It is for fantasy only and never happened. The author does not condone this type of behavior, but recognizes that boy love is a very real issue among many and that words are an effective and victimless means to express one's desires.


Warning: The story you are about to read contains diaper use, violence, adult language and strong sexual content. The following is evil, illegal, should be banned, and all that other blah, blah, blah. If reading a coming of age story of self-discovery about pre-adolescent and adolescent boys that wet their beds, wear diapers, and explore their awakening sexuality with each other does not tickle your pickle (or if the law in your area says that pickle tickling is illegal) then don't read it.


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Chapter 1


What is it about a young boy that is so beautiful? I would venture to say that the answer is everything. The beautiful smile, smooth skin, little feet, and creamy legs and ankles are so erotic; words cannot do justice. The smell of their hair and breath (Yes even in the morning) brings me to my knees. Their sweaty feet, so moist and soft; all the better to admire from up close. Yes, all of these things are beautiful but let's face it, for most of us, the real desire we seek is to see, smell, taste, and enter a boy's most `moist' private of all areas.


Today's clothing makes it hard (no pun intended) to appreciate a boy's bottom, but even an oversized t-shirt over baggy shorts can reveal the rise of buttocks and the crease in between. Let's not fail to mention boy's propensities towards lying on their tummies with their little mounds of love sheltering the hole of our desires. One wonders if they even understand how erotic this is for many of us. Let's not forget to mention all of the moms who insist on taking their son's rectal temperatures and putting things like suppositories and enemas in their bums. But, without further delay, please allow me to digress.


The phone call came at three am on a Thursday morning. I of course was dead asleep at the time and it took several rings of the phone to awake me before I finally answered it.


"Hello" I answered sleepily.


"I am sorry about disturbing you so early in the morning but am I speaking to Mr. Well... John Wells?" The women's voice on the other end asked, without even a hello of her own.


Trying to clear out the cobwebs of sleep, I mentally slapped myself before saying, "Yes this is he. How Can I help you."


"Sir, I am afraid there has been an incident, I don't know how best to say this but to just come straight and tell you. I am afraid that your brother Brandon and his wife Lauren have both been arrested tonight in a drug sting that went bad. Unfortunately, someone was killed and because of this, there is no way either of them will be getting bailed out anytime soon. My guess is that bail will most likely be denied and that they will both be facing quite a few years behind bars." She explained to me.


"I see, so what can I do for them if I cannot arrange bail for them?" I asked as I was baffled by being called if there was nothing I could do to help my brother.


"Well the problem isn't what you can do for them but what you can do for their son Zachary, your nephew." She answered. "At this point in time, we need someone to take him in and assume his care and we usually first turn to his relatives before going to other sources like foster care." She replied.


Fully awake now with the mentioning of me taking Zachy into my home, I quickly said, "Yes, I will take him. I have no problem being his legal guardian and taking over the responsibility of his care."


"That is good to know, we will see you soon." She responded.


And before she could hang up the phone, I realized I didn't know for sure where to go and get Zachy, I asked, "Where am I supposed to pick him up at?"


"We are all still at your brother's home, you can come here and get him and pack some things for him to get by for the next few days. After that you should be able to come back and collect more of his things at that time. Please come as quickly as you can." With that said she hung up the phone.


My mind was spinning with the implications of such a request, because even though he was my nephew, from the time he was four years old, I was fascinated with everything about him. And when I say everything, I am alluding to everything. It may help to give some background information.


He is stunningly beautiful! He is small for his age at 4 foot 3 inches and weighs in at about sixty pounds. He is blond haired and blue eyed. He has just a tad of baby fat and a gorgeous little boy bottom to top everything. I remember when he would come over to swim in my pool I would find his Spiderman underwear in the bathroom. It is hard to characterize the smell but where his undies met his anus; there was a distinct odor of pre-puberty sweat and poop. Is there anything better? I could tell there were days when he didn't clean his bottom well, but I think all boys struggle with that issue at times. There were also times I would find his underwear with poop in them, showing that he actually pooped in them. I knew what caused this to happen as he had a constant problem with constipation, which caused him to poop his pants if it was not taken care of. I would watch him walk around after school and imagine sticking my nose to his sweaty and possibly poopy crack, and inhaling the wonderful fragrance. I never could decide if smelling him after all day at school or right out of the bathtub would be more desirable. Either would have its good aspects.


I remember the times he would always ask me to scratch his back while he watched the Cartoon Network. I could smell the baby shampoo in his hair and his breath was boyishly sweet. Just touching his flesh would get me aroused. It was creamy and smooth and when my hand would wander towards his crack, it was hard to resist the urge to go lower. I would struggle with a pounding heart and begin sweating profusely. He looked, felt, and smelled so good, that it drove me sexually crazy! In order to keep from exploding in my pants right there in front of him, I would have to make some hurried excuse and leave quickly. I would then run into the bathroom and relieve myself thinking about his little pucker of love and small hairless penis and balls. But alas, please allow me to tell you what really put me over the top.


You see, my sister in law had always babied Zachary and as I said before, it was no secret he suffered from bouts of constipation and he also had a nightly bedwetting problem as well. It wasn't that long ago, about 4 months ago, a month after Zachary turned 11, that I was over at their house one day and became part of something which paved the way for my lust of his bottom to more fully manifest itself. Zachary was not feeling well and was lying on the couch looking very flushed and tired. I love a boy with flushed cheeks. He was definitely cute lying there bare chest, covered with a Spider-Man comforter.


"Uncle John, can you rub my belly?" He asked me, which was something I thought odd for an eleven year old but never the less, I complied.


Lauren, my sister-in-law came over and asked, "How are you feeling baby?" She stroked him and then asked, "Have you made a poopie yet today?"


He just shook his head no in response and said, "I am sorry Mommy, I didn't feel like I had to go?"


Now my imagination was really going wild as I continued to rub his soft belly. When Lauren came back with a SpongeBob SquarePants rectal thermometer and a jar of Vaseline, I almost passed out.


Zachary pouted and said, "I don't want that in my bottom and if you just leave me alone I would be ok!"


I started inwardly praying to God that she would follow through.


John, would you please hold his hand and help calm him down? Lauren asked as she pulled back his Spider Man comforter to reveal his wonderfully soft and white little body wearing what appeared to be a Pampers size 6 diaper.


My jaw almost hit the ground in disbelief. He looked so cute and vulnerable lying there naked accept for the diaper. The idea he was about to have one of his most private areas exposed and probed was weighing heavily on my mind. The diaper was icing on the cake and the fact that it was bloated and heavily tinted yellow with my nephew's piss, excited me even more right then!


Lauren explained that because of Zachy's, as everyone normally called him, bedwetting and constipation, he was often put into a diaper. I was in seventh's heaven, as there is nothing sexier than a boy in diapers whom is going to have his rectum probed by something or someone. Without hesitation, I offered my assistance as Zachy pouted and whimpered, making the diaper crinkle as he moved around, wiggling in anticipation of what was to come next. All of this was too much for me and I needed to take care of my raging boner inside of my pants before I exploded everywhere, making a mess of my own.


"I am sorry Lauren, but can you hold off for just a second, I really need to use the bathroom." I told her as I quickly headed that way.


As I rapidly made my exit, I heard Lauren explain to her whimpering son, "Zachy, I need to take your temperature in your bottom because it is the most accurate way of getting a temperature..."


I am not sure what else she said as by then I had already shut the bathroom door and was busy unzipping my pants. I quickly freed my now throbbing hard on and began to stroke my penis. It didn't take long before I orgasmed, spewing one a rapid rope of cum after another. If I had done this in my pants, it would have definitely left a wet spot on the outside of my jeans considering the amount of cum I just produced. Imagining the beautiful boy's rectum being exposed as he lied on the diaper with his little feet squirming was all I needed to imagine for me to get off on. Is all this really happening or is it some weird dream? All I knew then was if it were a dream, it was one I never wanted to wake from! I quickly cleaned up and headed back to the den to find a crying little boy, now on his back waiting for things to go down, or in this case, up.


"Thank god you are back John; I really want to get this over with. Can you do something to help me stop him crying? He seemed to like it earlier when you rubbed his tummy, can you do that again and see if that helps?" Lauren asked me out of desperation.


"Sure, no problem."


I then did as she asked and she was right, it did seem to work. Zachy slowly but surely stopped crying and his mom was able to get her nerves back in check. I knew she was under a lot of stress and now looking back at that time I guess I can now see the fact that she was under the effect of mood enhancing drugs as well. Even with her Drug problem though, she never abused or hurt her son in any way that I could ever tell. She loved him more than anything and maybe in some ways loved him too much to let him grow up. Anyway, now that Zachy was more calm and Lauren was feeling less stressed, she began to go to work on removing her sons well used diaper.


Lauren pulled at the tapes on each side of the diaper and it came off slowly. What I saw was nothing short of amazing, and was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed in my life. There in front of me was his hairless penis and balls, the former of which was rock hard and not more than two inches and circumcised. Something at the back of my mind told me that as much as Zachy protested and pouted about this, his little hard on was proof that in some way whether he realized it or not, he enjoyed it in some small degree. When he lifted his legs and squirmed, I could see his balls and the crack underneath. The area of the diaper where his butt had been sitting had a small amount of poop in it as if he were a baby and shat a baby turd. There was the smell of little boy pee and of course poop in the air. What I was really yearning to see was his anus, but that would come in a little bit. My penis was throbbing as I watched Lauren shake down the thermometer and dip it deeply into the Vaseline Jar, my favorite lubricant.


Zachy was so warm and flushed my mind went into overdrive thinking of how hot and moist his bottom must be. Oh how I yearned to somehow become that thermometer and be surrounded by his little boy rectal tissue; to push into an area of his body that is the most private of all. Its smell, appearance and associated feelings shunned by all but a few boy lovers of society. Its function was to many, considered repugnant, but to me the anus and rectum were the quintessential meaning of boy love and lust. Its sights and smells are always associated with the most private of matters. As an adult I would sometimes smell my finger after running it up my crack to imagine that I smelled the same aroma a boy's bottom emits, I am sure it is different but close. I had always yearned to smell a boy's butt hole. I thought that the next best thing would be to try to smell the used thermometer, but I knew it was a long shot.


Lauren skillfully used the backside of the diaper to clean most of the poop residue off of Zachy's bum before removing his wet diaper.


"John, could you do me a favor and go to Zachy's room and get a clean diaper for me and a couple wipes." She asked, but before I could leave she stopped me and I waited as she expertly rolled up the used diaper into a ball and finally handed it to me. "Also can you please dispose of this for me in the diaper Genie?"


Now I knew where Zachy's room was, but because I had never been invited into it before and I felt it would be weird for me to go to his room, I had never actually been inside of it before this day. To say I was stunned to find what was inside would be an understatement! It was a boys' room obviously, but it also contained many babyish things an 11 year old boy would never be caught dead with. His bedside table was filled with disposable diapers, wipes, Desitin, and incredibly, jars of glycerin suppositories, Dulcolax and Fleet enemas. I truly felt as though I was going to pass out from the very idea of this little boy being administered to in such a fashion. A quick scan around the room and I was able to locate the diaper Genie. It was one of those one that all you had to do is drop the diaper into the top and was fully automated so you didn't have to do nothing else, the diaper Genie took care of everything else until it was full and needed to be changed out with a new bag. I listened as it made its wrapping noises which lasted only for a few seconds and then it was done. With the used diaper disposed of, I grabbed a new diaper and smelled it. Sure enough, the smell brought me to a new level of sexual arousal. I then found the wipes and pulled out 2 as she requested. I almost ran back to the bathroom but knowing that Lauren was waiting for the diaper and wipes, I headed towards the couch.


With stunning expertise, she quickly used the first wipe to wipe away any remaining fecal matter. She then used the second wipe to wipe away the pee from around his crotch and butt, making sure that he was once again clean. That now done, she unfolded the new diaper.


"John, could you do me another favor please and lift him for me so that I can sit on the couch." As she asked this latest request my mind went crazy as I nodded my head yes.


Here I was going to have a chance to pick up my naked nephew for the first time and I wouldn't even get in trouble for doing it as I was helping his mother out doing so. As I reached down to pick him up, my mind went to all the thing I wanted to do to him at that moment but I knew that there was no way that I could do those thing at that time and get away with them. For the time being, I would have to be satisfied with the fact that I was just able to cradle his naked little body in my arms. That is exactly what I did, I cradled his body in my arms as I didn't want there to be any misconception of what I trying to do. His naked bum rested on my arm and it drove me mad that I couldn't shift my position enough so it was resting on my hand instead.


Once Lauren was settled on the couch and had the new diaper spread out on her lap, she said, "Okay John, please put him face down and make sure that you put his mid-section on the diaper so that his peepee is on it in case the pressure of the thermometer makes him tinkle."


I did as she asked and placed him exactly how she wanted him to be placed. As I did this, I got a good look of my nephew's exquisite buttocks. The crack was beautiful, and hid deep between, the treasure most of us boy lovers really seek. By this point Zachary was strangely enough, looking rather content.


"John, could you hold him still and try to calm him?" Lauren asked, although this was not necessary as he was quite relaxed and still appeared aroused, as she prepared for the much anticipated insertion. "In addition to a more accurate reading, the rectal thermometer will let me know the degree of Zachy's constipation. If it came out with poop on it, I will have a good idea that he has been holding it again." She explained to me which I am guessing was what she had explained earlier to her son when I had gone into the bathroom to take care of my raging hard on.


I took a mental picture of my nephew lying over her lap totally nude. His little feet and toes were wiggling in anticipation. How I wanted to put my nose up to them and smell and lick his pink little toes. The creamy white calves led up to his knobby and scarred little boy knees. I could appreciate his narrow waist and beautiful bottom. It was indeed a sight to behold that would make an indelible impression upon me that would last a lifetime. I could still smell Desitin and his pee and poop from the wet diaper when it was removed. I don't know if the small was in my head or was actually emanating from the air as I had already disposed of the thing that had be causing the smell. I am sure what little bit that was on the wipe couldn't be causing it so either we needed to spray the room with deodorizer afterwards, which really I didn't mind but I knew that Lauren probably would, or it was all in my head after all because I did have the smell of the well-used diaper on my mind. I don't think my penis could have been any more erect than it was at this point.


I reached for Zachary's hand and took hold of it gently, removing it from covering his bottom. It was soft and sweaty and I was further aroused by all of this. Lauren removed the SpongeBob thermometer from the jar of Vaseline and looked to see if she had enough lubricant on the tip. I squeezed his hand for reassurance.


"Zachy just relax there buddy and it will all be over in a few minutes." I tried to assure him.


Lauren then reached down to spread his bottom cheeks and I finally got a chance to see what was hiding inside of them. They were so bulbous and creamy white, I could just barely make out the pinkish hue in the inside cleft. To my amazement she began to caress his bottom and talk baby talk. I could see from his reaction that this was calming him down. Lauren then took his bottom and opened the crack. I was greeted by a small pink pucker, with a completely hairless crack, which was so soft and smooth in appearance it boggled my mind.


Here I was looking directly into the most private of places for a boy with an unobstructed view. I breathed in to try to search the air for some faint sign of his personal smell. I could see his anus clenching and relaxing, as if anticipating the thermometer being pushed in. Then there was a knock at the door.


It was quickly followed with the sound of a young boy asking, "Hello; is Zachy Home?"


We all looked up and for a moment, the process was frozen in time.


          "Damn! That sounds like Timmy. John can you answer the door and find out what he wants?"


          As I let go of his hand and went to answer the door as Lauren asked me to do, Zachy cried out, "Uncle John, please just tell him I am not home!"


I have to say his pleas were heartfelt to me and I would normally never want to ever hurt him in any way but suddenly, I felt like I couldn't resist the urge to allow this one bit of embarrassment to happen. It made not only my mind whirl with the thoughts of what would come of the boy seeing Zachy in this predicament but it also made my dick hard as stone! It was difficult to walk with the huge erection I was sporting but never the less, I made my way over. When I opened the door, I was greeted by Zachy's friend Timmy whom was peering in through the screen door. He had his baseball cap and his little league uniform on and was asking to see Zachy. As I said, I really couldn't stop myself from what I did next. I let him in and watched his expression of shock as he looked over at Zachy lying over Lauren's lap on top of an opened Pamper with a jar of Vaseline next to them. I wondered what he was thinking. Perhaps he had memories of having his temperature taken in his bottom also? My mind wandered to thinking about his sweaty baseball uniform and taking in his scent. His breath was fruity and he smelled of boy sweat and Johnson's Baby Shampoo. He was another boy I had always wanted to have a chance with but like with my nephew, I never had. He was a gorgeous 10 year old with brown hair and emerald green eyes. He was about 4 foot tall and somewhere between 45 to 50 pounds. He lived a few houses down from my brother's place. I would have loved to let the two boys have a chance to talk but unfortunately I could tell from the look that Lauren was giving me that she was not happy that I let the young boy in. I needed to focus on handling the crisis, so I quickly returned to reality. After all, Timmy was only Ten years old and that is somewhat young to be thinking about such intimate things. I could also see that Zachy was definitely not happy that Timmy was seeing him in this situation but that was to be expected.


Lauren was speaking in a calm way and stroking Zachy on the back, while at the same time looking at me and giving me a stern look as if to say, "Hurry up and make him go away."


"I am sorry Timmy but Zachy is not feeling good but will be ok in a day or so." I assured him.


I was about to send him away when he turned and yelled to Zachy, "My mom takes my temperature in my bum too so don't worry, it's no big deal."


He then bolted home, I guess to change out of his Little League uniform since it was after the game now. I walked back to the `scene' stupefied with sexual tension. Why was all this happening to me? I could not understand why or how that for some reason, boys' bottoms were now the focus of the entire day. It had always been my secret lust and now I was being tantalized by all angles.


Lauren had placed the thermometer back in the jar of Vaseline so it would be ready when I returned. Zachy was still lying in the `nursery position' but now he was telling us he was going to be a good boy and go poopie.


"Mommy, I swear, I will go poopie for you right now! You don't have to stick that in me, I will poop!" I he tried his best to evade what was coming.


"You are just trying to avoid the thermometer and I am going to take your temperature any way." She stated firmly to him.


"Now John, the insertion itself may be enough to stimulate him and make him go." She explained to me.


I sat down and admired his boy bum and wondered what the thermometer would really find in his hole. Again he tried to cover his hole but I held his hand and Lauren again spread his legs, uncovering his little dark opening. The perfect little pink bud winked at us. It now appeared dirty as he had poop a small amount, which was quickly cleaned up with one of the diaper wipes but otherwise, the process continued. She held the SpongeBob thermometer up with a large glob of Vaseline on its tip. Ever so gently she pushed the tip into his bottom. Zachary pushed back and grunted in an attempt to keep it from sliding in, but this just made its penetration all that much easier as she inserted the instrument a full two inches.


Zachy grunted and pushed like a toddler trying to relieve himself. Now picture this eleven year old beauty lying on a Pamper, his legs draped over his mom's and the thermometer protruding out of his anus. Lauren started to talk baby talk and `draw' letters and numbers on his back, having him guess what they were. I held his hand and tried to sniff the air for his scent. This time there was just the odor of the Pampers but nothing else as of yet. I guess the earlier prevailing odors were like I had said, either in my head or they had yet to dissipate from the room and had the chance to do so when the front door was opened. I was trying to manage my breathing and my erection while at the same time I took mental pictures of what was occurring in front of me. With his bottom spread wide I could see where the excess lubricant had pushed up around the thermometer and against his clenched anus. Lauren switched so her hand was cupping his bottom, with the thermometer sticking between her fingers like a cigarette. I was so aroused I was not able to even speak. The entire event was right out of my imagination. The boy of my dreams laying there showing all his most intimate and beautiful places, his mommy comforting him and making for a future Freudian nightmare.


It wasn't long and Zachary stopped grunting and said he had to go poop.


"No honey, we have to let the thermometer do its job in your bottom. Squeeze your Uncle Jimmy's hand and try not to push on it anymore." She asked him softly.


I wondered what he was thinking as I looked at the character thermometer sticking out of his butt. It was a strange juxtaposition to say the least, the entire juvenile theme just served to add fuel to my fire.


"Ok baby, mommy is going to take it out of your bottom now and see if you really did have to go. You know I can see if there is poop there or not."


She winked at me and slapped his thigh in a playful manner. I stood by, waiting in anticipation for the withdrawal.


Inwardly, I thought to myself, I would make it my goal to try to snatch the thermometer before she washed it and keep it for my own `use'. What a trophy that would make indeed. I listened as SpongeBob sang his song and Zachy pushed one more time, this effort rewarded by Lauren's hand shifting and beginning to pull out the thermometer. I focused on his little hole my desire, which if one used his imagination, was trying to either suck in, or push out the item imbedded in it. I felt him breath out, as if relieved in some manner as it slid out. As it came out, there was the distinct sound of a little bottom passing air. The entire seen was almost too much for me to handle but the clincher was when the thermometer came out and there was the distinct brown smear of little boy poop on it. There was in fact at least one inch of it along with the Vaseline she used to insert the thermometer. I was now dizzy but held on for the possibilities that lay ahead.


Lauren said with a distinctive tone, "I told you I thought you were constipated and holding again, there is poop on the thermometer. That is why you have poopy pants all the time. I am going to give you something to make you poop."


As she was stating this she was cupping his bottom as he lay over her lap.


"No Mommy, I don't wanna get a suppository!!!"


I let go of his hand and ran to the bathroom, pretending to have a coughing fit.




As I said, this was a particular memory that more than anything, made me want, no desire my little nephew's bum. Now suddenly, I get a call out of the blue at 3am in the morning and I may finally get my chance to have what I have been craving all these years.


I gathered my clothes as my mind raced thinking of my little nephew needing my help and set off to pick him up at his home. I wondered what condition I would find Zachy in as I arrived. Would he be in a diaper? Would I get to change him and attend to all his anal needs, as deemed medically appropriate? I had to get myself together as that little boy needed me and I needed to help him. As I approached the house there were a number of people milling around, none of whom were attending to said child. I quickly located the Social worker who was in the kitchen talking to another officer. Of course when I first saw her I didn't know who she was until she saw me and introduced herself.


"You must be John Wells." A well-dressed woman said as she came up and offered her hand, which I shook and nodded my head in agreement. "My name is Amanda Thompkins and I have been assigned to your nephew's case."


I looked at her confusingly as I wasn't sure what she was talking about.


"I am sorry, I am sure it is me as it is early but can you explain that to me." I asked.


"You see Mr. Wells; I work for Child Protective Services a division of Social Services. I am Zachary's Social Worker and will be checking up on him from time to time until either the release of his parents or until the courts grant you official custody. Until then, it is up to the State to make sure that the child is being taken care of properly. I hope you don't take offense but it is just part of the regulations and I am sure that once you work something out with your brother and sister-in-law, you will be able to have legal custody of Zachary in no time." Amanda Thompkins explained to me.


I wasn't sure if I liked this arrangement completely but I had no choice so I just nodded my head in understanding.


"Okay, I have some documents for you to sign and then you are good to go. No need to do anything else since you are family and your brother insisted we call you." Mrs. Thompkins stated.


I quickly looked over the forms and mostly they were just temporary legal guardian stuff, no big deal. I signed them and looked at Mrs. Thompkins.


"Is there anything else?" I tried to ask politely but I am sure a little bit of edginess made it through but Mrs. Thompkins made no look or move that suggested she even noticed.


"No, that will be all. Zachary is sleeping in his room; you can go and gather him and some of his things. Please take enough to get him through the next few days as the house will be sealed until the investigation is complete." She said and with that, her job seemed to be done.


I watched as she shook a few of the officers' hands and then headed out the door. My guess was that she wanted to go back home to bed as much as I did too, except I wanted to bring my nephew into my bed with me, especially since I really didn't have a spare bed set up for him yet. I would have to eventually talk to someone about getting his contents from his room like his bed and the rest of his furniture. In the meantime, he could sleep with me, though I would be smart to buy a rubber sheet for my bed just in case his diaper sprung a leak at night. I would just make a quick stop on the way home at Wal-Mart and grab one there.


As I walked down to his room, I found it hard to believe that Zachy could sleep though all of what went down and then through all the commotion that was now going on through the house right now. Then again, I remembered the fact that this was a boy that was used to sleeping through late night parties that my brother and his mom would throw. Ones with the music blaring so loud, that the police would be called just to get them to turn it down. He was after all, a deep sleeper, which is one of the reasons why he was a bedwetter.


I cracked the door to his bedroom and was greeted by the smells reminiscent of a nursery. Powder, Desitin, pee and poop all were in the air. I allowed my eyes to adjust to the dark and peered over the sleeping boy. He had tossed his blankets aside at some point and was now fully exposed. There, lying on his stomach with his top leg pulled up; was an eleven year old boy wearing nothing but a disposable diaper that obviously needed to be changed. I admired his diapered boy bottom as he slept. It was heavy with urine and I gently sat down on his mattress to wake him. As I sat, I could feel the rubber sheet beneath his sheet stretch under my weight. I saw in my distant vision a fleet pediatric enema sitting on his bureau. Now I was really having a `hard' time with the entire situation.


I put my hand on his diaper and felt the swollen material. There is no denying he was soaked. I could feel the heat of his body through the wet disposable. As my eyes got even more adjusted I could see the diaper was falling down and was rewarded by a view of the top of his crack. The smooth white skin of his back contrasted the diaper that, dipping down from his spine, allowed me to see his boy crack where it began. As I listened to his rhythmic breathing it was clear to me he was deeply sleeping. The authorities had left me alone with him, so I ventured to savor the moment in a harmless manner that would fulfill one of the fantasies I had always entertained. I put my nose up to the top of his crack and inhaled deeply, savoring the perfume of the boy.


I was rewarded by a heavy fecal, mixed with little boy pee and sweaty smell that struck at the very essence of my sexual being. It was almost like the rising dough smells in the cooking process to make bread. The aroma, combined with the sights of the boy and the room, served to bring to me to an orgasm in my pants that was immediate and required no manipulation. It was a harmless release of sexual tension with the only consequence being some dirty underwear on my behalf and a little bit of guilt. I basked in the afterglow as I got up and browsed around his room. There were the usual boy items of sports posters, action figures, and Pokémon cards. Little League pictures and assorted sneakers, all small enough for his little boy feet, were seemingly everywhere. The room was essentially a normal little boy's room the exception being a large assortment of disposable diapers in youth sizes, pampers in size 6, a well-used rectal thermometer, tub of Vaseline, Desitin cream, a diaper Genie, pampers wipes, bag enema set, fleet enemas for kids, Dulcolax suppositories, glycerin suppositories, and lastly, a bottle of mineral oil and Fletcher's Castoria.


I looked at his desk and found a schedule and medical records detailing his treatment for what was called chronic constipation and soiling. It was some kind of program that required him to poop regularly with the aid of medication and diapers. I turned to him and took a deep breath, thinking to myself that I was going to get to tend to this child in ways that were going to be very intimate and legal.


I decided as much as Zachy needed changed, I thought it best to try and figure out how I was going to get his things packed and taken back and to my place. Luckily I had thought ahead, I wasn't sure if my brother owned any type of luggage or if Zachy had a bag big enough to carry back all the things I knew we would have to get from his room. I wasn't a rich man and therefore would need to get as many of the things from his room that I could possibly get. So in the case they didn't have what I might need, I brought a couple of large duffle bags with me that I could throw in the trunk of my car.


I quickly left Zachy's room and went out to my car to retrieve the bags and on the way back in was stopped by one of the officers.


"I am sorry, but what are you planning on doing with those bags sir?" The officer asked.


"Sir, I am just using them to pack up the necessary items that my nephew needs and since I don't know for sure how long it will be before we are allowed back in to get the rest of his stuff, I am taking as much of his medically needed stuff that I can take with me." I calmly explained to him. "If you want to watch me pack to make sure I don't take any evidence, be my guest but it is late and I really want to get this done."


"That is alright sir, I am sorry to bother you, just make sure you don't take anything outside the boy's room."


"I will not take anything outside his room other than any medications he has inside the bathroom or refrigerator." I promised him.


"Okay, but those will have to be cleared first. So far only the contents of the boy's room have been cleared." As he said this, I nodded my head in understanding.


I then made my way back to my nephew's room where I quietly started to pack up his belongings. I found his school backpack which did have some school stuff in it but since it was in the middle of the summer, I decided the school stuff wasn't as important. I put the calendar and the doctor information inside and then added some of his books, comics, games, and other toys. Once I had it full, I then began filling the first duffle bag. Now these bags are large, like the ones the arm gives you. I filled the first one with the contents of his dresser and closet. I couldn't take as many pairs of shoes as he may have liked, but I picked out a pair for dress and a pair of tennis shoes. I filled that duffle bag quickly.


The last duffle bag I used to put his diapers and as many of his supplies I could get in them. I couldn't get them all but I made sure that I had a wide variety of everything I might need for all of his possible needs. I did decide to stick with the Pampers size 6 diapers versus the youth diapers as I preferred them and their smell. I also found the refills for the diaper Genie and added them to the bag as well. With the bag now filled I flung Zachy's backpack over my shoulder and then with a heave, I picked up both of the now very heavy duffle bags and carried them out to the door where I sat them down and asked to speak to the officer in charge.


"He is over there." A young officer said as he pointed towards a plain clothes cop.


I walked over to him and introduced myself. The guy while rough looking, turned out to be kind of nice and agreed, when I asked about making sure that there were no medications for Zachy in the fridge or the bathroom. He just wanted to make sure he was there as I looked. After checking the fridge, I did find one small prescription bottle with Zachy's name on it and after the detective checked it out I put it in one of the pockets of Zachy's backpack that I had left empty just for this case. We then took a stroll to the bathroom where we found about 4 prescription bottles with Zachy's name on it. Again, after the detective thoroughly checked out the bottles and the pills inside, he gave them over to me.  I had already knew that Zachy was on something for his ADHD, I wasn't sure what the other medications were for but I am guessing that maybe 1 or more had to do with his constant problem with constipation.


I knew for fact that it was embarrassing for him to have this problem as it did cause him to poop his pants uncontrollably. It also at times would put a lot of pressure on his bladder and suddenly make him pee himself without warning. This became cause for taunts and humiliation from his peers at school and away. I don't even understand why Timmy hangs out with him, considering that it would most likely cause him to get teased as well. Then again Timmy is one grade behind Zachy and still in the grade school while Zachy is in the Jr. High. That right there could make all the difference!


With his medicine now packed, I went back to the front door and grabbed the 2 bags waiting there for me. The detective was kind enough to let me out and even took one of the bags from me to relieve me of some of the weight I had to carry out to my car. When we got out there, I fished my keys out of my pocket and opened my trunk and we loaded the stuff inside. As I turned to go back inside, the detective stopped me.


"Are you not going to shut your trunk?"


"No, I have one more item I have to get before I can bring out my nephew. He has a diaper Genie inside his room that I need for sanitary reasons and I want to just bring it out here and stick it in the trunk before closing it." I explained.


"I see; that would be a good idea."


"By the way, how soon do you think it will be before I can have access to the house again?" I asked the detective. "I really don't have anything to set up my spare room at this moment for Zachy, so I could really use his bedroom set." I explained.


"I see, that is a hard one but I can see your dilemma. I will tell you what, I can't let you in and I don't when for sure when I will be able to, but I can do this for you. I will have them take one of our trucks and load up his bedroom furniture and maybe even grab the rest of his stuff for you, and we will bring it over to you sometime tomorrow. I will give you a call when we are ready to bring it over. How does that sound?" He asked.


"That sounds perfect." I answered and smiled as I thanked him.


I then went back inside but before I brought out the diaper Genie I needed now to take care of my nephew's diaper as I didn't want it to explode on the way back to my place.


I would have loved to have had a more private place to be doing this so I could have the chance to really enjoy myself, but with all the police activity still going on around the home, I couldn't take the chance of someone entering Zachy's room while I was in the middle of doing something intimate. So this one diaper change had to be quick and efficient even though my penis was already once again a raging hard on inside my pants.


"Please oh god, don't allow me to explode in my pants again!" I pleaded to myself.


I knew I took the chance that another ejaculation would defiantly show signs through my pants and all those cops out there would see it and would begin to wonder about me. That was the very last thing I wanted to happen! I don't think for one minute they would believe that I pissed myself and would instantly believe that I creamed my pants. It wouldn't take them long to deduce why I creamed my pants and come to the conclusion that it was Zachy that caused it to happen.


There was only one way to take care of this and I knew it was a big chance but I took it anyway. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my ragging hard on from my sticky underwear and then gently, I rolled Zachy over so that he was on his back and then untapped his diaper pulling it away from his mid-section and allowing it to fall between his legs that I had slightly stretched apart. I then got on his bed over top of him and angled my hard on so that it was pointed towards his diaper and while looking at his beautiful shrunken penis and balls, I very quickly stroked myself to an explosive orgasm. Now, not only did my little nephew's diaper contain pee and poop, but it also contain a large amount of my cum as well.


Luckily, no one came into the room as I was doing this but I wasn't going to chance anything further. I quickly put my tool away and zipped myself back up and proceeded to finish what I started, to change Zachy's diaper.


Since his diaper had a nice amount of poop in it, I knew it was going to take a few wipes to clean him up. Like his mom had done that one time, I used the back of the diaper to get as much of the poop off his bum as I could. Now before I had even started this, I had gotten one of his Pampers out along with his wipes. I had thought about using the cream and powder as well but chose not to on this occasion as I wanted to just get him diapered and out of there as quickly as I could. Since the diaper was not able to get all of his poop off, I grabbed a diaper wipe and started to clean his bum, all while holding his ankles up so to keep his bum off his bed. It took 3 wipes to clean his bum fully and another to clean the rest of him from his pee. After that was done, I taped him into the Pampers diaper and then carried him out to my car where I laid him down on the back seat and buckled him into the middle seatbelt.


Through this whole process, amazingly, Zachy slept and didn't even seem disturbed one bit. I knew when I got in my car and started it up and headed towards Wal-Mart that there was going to be a lot of things I would have to explain tomorrow to a very confused little boy and truthfully, there wasn't much I could really tell him until I had a chance to talk to my brother. I knew at some point that I would have to see my brother and I would have to arrange a sitter for my nephew but at this point I really rather spend the time with Zachy then waste it with my brother, then again, the sooner I see him, the sooner I can get the legal crap out of the way and get Social Services off my back! So at some point today, I would have to make arrangements.


"Maybe I could somehow get Timmy's mom to look after him for a few hours." I thought to myself.


One thing was sure, my brother would eventually call me, probably to make sure I was coming and getting a lawyer for him. I can ask then who they normally get to watch Zachy.


It didn't take me long to reach Wal-Mart and as soon as I parked in the almost empty lot I had to make a decision, to either take the sleeping boy in with me or leave him out here alone for the few minutes I would hopefully be inside.


I knew it was wrong but I decided to leave him inside the car as he was peacefully sleeping and he was only dressed in a diaper and it would look strange to bring in a child his age in that condition. I could also tell that said diaper had already been peed in as some of the picture on the front had already disappeared. My reasoning was that I would be gone at tops for only 15 minutes and that he would be okay at this time of the morning.


I ran inside and instead of wasting precious time trying to find what I was looking for by myself, I located a woman employee and asked for her help. She was kind enough to take me exactly where the item was that I needed for my bed and showed me the one that she recommended. I thanked her for her help and made my way to the checkout lanes. Another nice thing about this time of the morning, empty lanes and this meant I was able to get right through the lane without any wait. I actually made it back out to the car in just under 10 minutes and my lovely nephew still zonked out in the back seat.


Now with the protective sheet bought, I made my way for home. It had been 3am when the call came and a few minutes later when I had left. It was now almost a quarter after 4 in the morning and because of the Wal-Mart detour it would almost be 4:30 by the time I got back home. An hour and a half, gone, just like that!


As soon as I got home and brought everything inside, I then carried my still sleeping nephew and placed him temporarily on the couch as I went to get my bed ready for the night. It didn't take long to remake my bed with the new protective sheet underneath it and I then went back out to collect Zachy. Now my mind had on many occasions wandered on what I would do if I ever had this chance and now I finally did, I found myself too tired to actually do anything. I made sure that Zachy's diaper was okay enough to get him through the rest of the morning until we got up and then placed him into my bed. I then undressed myself including the cummy underwear and went to the bathroom to use a washcloth to clean the mess I made on my skin. I then went back to my room and got me a clean pair of briefs and slipped them on before getting into bed with Zachy. Pulling him close to me I hugged him before falling back to sleep.


Chapter 2 coming soon – Expect a lot of sexual activity between John and Zachary in it and in forth coming chapters!