Zachary's Bum Bum


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Chapter 2



As expected, my brother Brandon's phone call came early that morning, though it was considerate of him to at least wait until 7:23 in the morning to wake me. It felt like I had barely gone back to sleep when the phone rang and woke me up once again that early morning. I quickly grabbed it as I didn't want it to disturb Zachy's sleep right now. I felt the longer he slept, the longer he had to be protected from knowing the truth of what happened to his parents. I shouldn't have worried though, as Zachy easily slept right through the few times the phone rang without stirring even once!


"Hello" I answered, and even I could hear the exhaustion in my voice.


A computerized voice responded back, "Collect call from the county jail from..." At this point the computerized voice stopped and I heard my brother speak his own name, after that the computerized voice came back. "Do you wish to accept the charges of this call, if so, press 1, if not, press 2."


Sighing and knowing what is about to come, I pressed 1. There was a short click and then I was connected to my brother. Now you would think the first thing he would be worried about as a father would be his son but of course my brother is a selfish asshole so it didn't surprise me one bit that he immediately started to make demands on me and my time without even saying a hello or in fact asking about his own son.


"Good morning Brandon, by the way, your son is okay but he still doesn't know yet about what happened last night. Any suggestions on what I should tell him?" I broke into what my brother was currently going on about.


This seemed to temporarily shut Brandon up for the moment which I was very happy for. It allowed me a chance to put the conversation under my control and direct it the way I wanted it to go. First of all there were some things I wanted to know though I wasn't sure if my brother knew the answer to some of the questions as he wasn't as involved with Zachy's day to day upbringing as his mother was. Then again, I had a pretty good feeling I would also hear from her as well at some point that morning too, though I figured she would have the sense to wait and call after her son was awake so she could also speak to him. Unlike my brother who I never seen show any concern or care for Zachy at all, in fact, I think he was disgusted with the fact that his son had all the bathroom issues that he did; anyway, unlike my brother, I knew that Lauren loved Zachy very much just from watching her that is when her head was on straight and she was not stoned, high, or drunk. Even during those times I don't think she would ever violently hurt her son.


Anyway, now that I had my brother's attention, I laid out my plan for to him for the day.


"Brandon, I was awaken at 3am this morning, I didn't get back to sleep until almost 5am, and now you have awaken me just a little over 2 hours later! I am exhausted and need sleep and from the looks of it, your son does too as he is really out of it! I am going to get at least another 2 hours sleep if not 3 and then I plan on getting up for the day and making breakfast for me and Zachy. If your wife hasn't called by this time, I will then wait for her to call as I am sure she will want to talk to Zachy this morning to make sure he is okay. After that I hope to have somewhere to take Zachy for the day while I have to deal with your mess. From that point, I am not sure, as I haven't thought that far yet. I know though that I can't be with you all day because sometime today one of the Detectives has arranged to have Zachy's bedroom furniture brought over to my place and I need to be here at home to let them in. What I need to know is, are there any food allergies that I need to be aware of that Zachy has, do you know who usually babysits him, and is there anything else you can think of that I need to be aware of?" It was definitely a mouthful as I finely asked my questions.


"I am sorry John; I really screwed up this time. I know I don't always show it but I do care for my son too. I am glad he is with you instead of with Lauren's psychotic family. I wouldn't trust them to look after a dog let alone my son! I don't think he is allergic to any foods but you will have to ask my wife to be certain. I know that there a certain foods that she tries to limit him on as they tend to cause him to become more constipated. Just like there are more foods she encourages him to eat that help him poop. I am not really sure what all these foods were but they were suggested in his doctor's treatment plan, so that is what she did." As he said this, I realized that I needed to take a more thorough look at all the papers and notes I took dealing with Zachy's treatment from his room; the food list might be in there somewhere. I could also hear the disdain in my brother's voice as he talked about Zachy's problem and knew that he definitely still had an issue with his son's difficulty over his toiling problem. "As for his babysitter, we have used a few at times but I really can't remember their names. Several times we pawned him off on his friend Timmy's family for free under the pretense that he was coming over there for the afternoon to play with Timmy. That would probably be the best place to start, I am sure his mom wouldn't have no problem looking after Zachy for a few hours and he and Timmy would have lots of fun playing together." Brandon suggested.


I wasn't sure if he was trying to tell me to dump him off on Timmy's mom like they use to do or if he was suggesting actually asking her and suggesting payment. Either way, it felt like I was once again losing control over the conversation and sure enough, my brother's next statement proved it.


"John, you do your morning thing and as soon as you drop my son off at Timmy's, I want you down here because we need to discuss possible lawyers to hire for mine and my wife's case. Then you need to get us bailed out!" He demanded.


"Brandon, you do realize that the police seized all of your accounts and everything you own? You have nothing to hire a lawyer with or to pay for bail if there was bail but in your case the court has decided at this time to not grant bail." I informed him


I could hear the anger burn in his words as Brandon said, "It figures! They always find a way to screw you! They say you have the right to properly defend yourself in this country, but then take away your ability to do so, by taking away everything you own!" He paused a moment and other than the background noises of the jail, it was silent. "John, you still have your portion of Mom and Dad's Life Insurance and estate sale, right?" He asked.


What Brandon was asking about was a sum of money that we each got 5 years ago when our parents were killed in an automobile accident. After all the bills were paid and everything was sold off, the final dollar amount of the estate was 1.3 million dollars. The reason it was so high was because of the high value of Dad's life insurance Policy on himself and Mom. Brandon and I split it and we each got $650,000, which Brandon managed to go through his in the first 3 years. I on the other hand was a little bit more cautious with my money. I invested $500,000 of it into a high interest bearing account that pays an average of 5% annually which works out to around $25000 a year. Now it isn't a lot but I have a simple life and have managed to live off it fairly without touching the original Half Million Dollars. The other $150,000, I used to buy the home that I now live in. This means that I owe nothing on it and it is one less bill that I have to worry about. Now Brandon wants me to use my security towards his possible freedom, which I did not think would happen anyway, and make life harder not only for myself but also for his son.


"I do Brandon, but I will not allow you to squander my inheritance and your son's future for a slight possibility of getting out of prison!" I shouted into the phone and for a moment I thought I might awaken Zachy but he just continued to lay there still. Though at some point during my conversation with his dad he had stuck his thumb in his mouth and was now sucking it and looking cute as ever.


I knew right then that I wanted out of this call with my worthless brother and have a little quality time with Zachy before he woke up. An idea had formed in my mind as he laid there so peaceful sleeping through everything that I might be able to do almost anything with this beautiful boy without his knowledge and get away with it. Just thinking about it, made my penis spring to life and make a tent in my underwear.


Just as Brandon start to reply, I broke in with, "I am sorry brother, but I have to get some more sleep; I will see you later. By the way, don't bother calling back this morning as I will not accept any more calls from you and if you keep waking me, all it will do, is keep me from showing up at all!" I informed him. Then before he could reply to that, I ended the conversation with a simple, "Goodbye brother, see you later." then hung up the phone.


Unfortunately, I was now awake, I probably could go back to sleep but my lust for the sleeping boy lying next to me was too strong and I knew I had to somehow feed that lust. The thing was, just how far was I willing to go with my Nephew this first time, especially early in the morning when he could wake up at any time? I decided that I would take it one step at a time.


Getting out of bed, I walked over to the side that my little Nephew Zachy was sleeping on, and checked his diaper and found that in the couple hours since we had laid down, he had wet it some more. The diaper could have held more pee but I needed a reason to get him naked. I went out to the bags I packed for him and found the one with all his diapers and diaper supplies and got what I needed for his diaper change. I didn't have time or I should say didn't want to make time right now to go through all the medical stuff and would do that later, for now I would just have to wing it. I brought it into the room and then went back out and got the diaper Genie.


With everything I needed, I carefully moved Zachy so that he was lying across the width of the bed and that way; make it easier for what I wanted to do. As I untapped his diaper I breathed in the scent of the adorable boy now in my custody. It was a scent that only a little boy like he could make, smell so intoxicating. The smell of boy pee mixed with the scent of fresh boy shit, overpowered the other smells that there were hints of. It was obvious he had a bath at some point the day before as his hair still smelled of baby shampoo. The fact that he had used mouthwash last night before going to bed when brushing his teeth was still obvious on his breath even though it was starting to wear down from the night's sleep.


Just smelling the boy and looking at his perfect nude body as he slept peacefully, with his thumb still planted in his mouth, made my boner get even stiffer than before. I knew that I wanted, no had to do more than just jack off on him this time. First things first though, I needed to clean Zachy up and then pray that he didn't have another accident while I had my fun with him.


Using the cleanest part of the diaper, I wiped as much of the poop off of Zachy's bum as I could. I then used diaper wipes to finish the job; making sure that not only his bum was clean but also the rest of his diaper area as well. I didn't want him getting a diaper rash because I didn't get all the pee off of him. When I cleaned his bum, I made sure to do a thorough job and even made sure his bum hole was cleaned off. I went as far as wrapping a wet wipe around my pinky finger and cautiously sticking it up in his bum hole and cleaning out his inside. I guess this must have been something he was use to as this intrusion didn't wake him either but then again, I only used my pinky finger and I didn't go that deep into him. Then to be prepared, I placed the new Pamper on the bed and rolled him over onto it so that he was lying on his stomach and if he peed he would then pee directly onto the diaper underneath him.


Then carefully, so as not to wake him; I spread his legs apart. As soon as I had them as wide as I could get them, I checked on Zachy who was amazingly still asleep. I then turned my focus back on his bum crack which was wide and open enough that I could almost see his hidden boy love spot! I reached down and cupped each of his cute boy butt cheeks, and spread them even further, fully exposing the glory hole of my dreams. I knew for now that his bum hole was clean for the most part, though there was no telling how long this would be the case. I wasn't worried too much if he pooped a small amount now that I got most of it cleaned away as the smell is part of what I find so intoxicating about my Nephew, so what I was going to do next was going to be very enjoyable to me.


I got down on my knees and lowered my face into Zachy's bum which now had the scent from the pampers baby wipes that I used on him to clean him up, and as my nose got closer to his bum, I could even still get a light smell of boy poop coming from inside of his boy hole. Zachy was definitely still constipated and probably had a good amount of lodged shit that was in him somewhere, deep in his intestines. All this did was drive me more into a frenzy, as I drove my tongue into his bum hole and started to fuck my Nephew with it. I got as deep into his insides as I could, it didn't surprise me when I tasted the bitter but also in a weird way, the sweet taste of fecal matter. Now don't get me wrong, while I love the smell of a little boy's pee and poop, I would never eat poop or drink piss, but I guess in trace amounts like I am experiencing now, it wasn't that bad. I just wasn't going to be anyone's toilet, but I on the other hand would never say no to anyone else who wanted to drink my pee or eat my poop. I know it doesn't sound right to want someone to do for you but not want to give the same back in return, but that was just one of those things that I wasn't willing to do and I could never allow Zachy to do it for me either no matter if he begged me or not as he would be too young. Now maybe when he got older... Of course I am jumping the gun big time as I already have Zachy a willing partner and not only that but begging to do things that I refuse to do and that is just not the case as he as far as I knew wasn't even sexually aware! Still, it was nice to dream of the possibilities and in the meantime and get my rocks off like this when he is sleeping!


As I continued to rim and tongue fuck Zachy, in my mind, I pretended that I was actually fucking him. Like last night, it didn't take long for me to blow my load into my underwear without even touching myself. Feeling a little guilty for what I just did, but knowing that I would do it again in a heartbeat, I grabbed another diaper wipe and cleaned up my saliva off my Nephews bum and from his inside as good as I could. I then carefully picked him up and put him back on his back so that his little peepee was now sticking straight up. Either he subconsciously enjoyed what just happened, was getting a piss boner, or he just happened to just be having a boner at that moment. Whatever it was that made him hard definitely did a good job as I don't think I ever seen my Nephew's penis as large as it was. It was still completely hairless, thin, and now almost a good 3 inches rock hard, probably closer to two and a half inches. Of course without measuring it, I wasn't for sure and almost went and got the tape measure to do just that, but decided against that for now. I figured I would do it another time when I could just get the tape measurer before bed time and have it ready for me and then get the measurements the next time he was asleep and hard. For now, that beautiful, almost 3 inch penis was calling out my name and begging my mouth to suck it, so I gave in and did just that!


I wrapped my lips around the beautiful little shaft and at the same time used two of my fingers as well to help jack Zachy off as I sucked his small boyhood into my mouth. I wasn't sure if Zach could shoot anything yet or not, but by the look of him, I didn't think so. His balls had yet to drop and as I said he still was completely hairless and had a penis the size of maybe an 8 or 9 year old. Basically, he still looked very much underdeveloped for his age though he did have a small growth spurt down there since the whole diaper issue, it appears, that is unless he hadn't been fully hard at the time as I had thought.


With all the sucking I was doing on Zachy's peepee, I was no longer paying attention to cues on whether or not if he was waking up or not. I quickly looked up at my young Nephew and found him still peacefully sleeping and sucking his thumb. Satisfied, I went back to work on the delicious boy treat in front of me. I decided as I sucked him that I would take a further chance and stimulate his little warm moist boy glory hole as well. Who knows, I might be able to actually milk the boy to his first ever orgasm. Of course I would have to also pray that in the process he doesn't wake up as well.


I stop sucking so that I could turn to my night stand and grab the Vaseline I had in there so I could use it as lubricant for my pointer finger which was the one I decided to use to enter young Zachy's bum because it was the longest. Of course the pointer finger was also one of my fattest fingers as well so it could possibly cause a lot of pain but I had a good feeling that Zachy had probably been molested before. I know I didn't have any real evidence of this, but I always suspected that he had been because of certain vibes I got not only from my Nephew but also from the other guys that come to the house. As I turned back towards Zachy, I was shocked to see the boy peeing and because he was still somewhat hard, the pee was shooting up in the air like a yellow fountain and falling back down onto the boys stomach, face, and the bed around him. This now seemed to do the trick in waking up the boy as he seemed to stir as I tried to quickly stem the flow by folding his clean diaper that was still under him over the still pee streaming boy dick. This at least stopped the pee from going all over everywhere but by then, for the most part, the damage was already done.


"Uncle John, I peed all over myself!" Cried Zachy, who finally woke up from his deep sleep and made me glad that I didn't try to do what I almost did, as he would have probably woke up then as well due to the fact that he was not as heavily asleep as he was earlier.


Then again, maybe I was wrong because as I tried to comfort the boy, I quickly noticed that he stopped crying and had stuck his thumb back in his mouth and fallen back to sleep just like that! I couldn't believe it! He was still covered in his pee lying in the wet sheets and didn't seem to even notice. I started to wonder if he even fully was awake and even aware of what had happened or if in his mind it was all some sort of dream.


I decided that I couldn't let the boy sleep in a puddle no matter how tired he was and he needed to be washed up desperately as well. So I picked Zachy up and tried to stand him on his feet which all he did was drop to his feet. Of course, since I never taped the diaper on him, it was still lying on the bed and I noticed that he had a small amount of poop hanging from his bum. I decided to use the diaper to clean that up as I didn't want that on my floor if I could help it and once again stood my Nephew on his feet. This time I held him up enough to keep him falling but made him put enough weight on his feet so that he could still feel that he was on them. I wanted to make sure he realized that he was the one that need to walk and that I was not going to do everything for him.


"NO! Let me lay down! I want to sleep now!" Zachy whined loudly in protest as I forced him to walk towards my master bathroom.


He refused to open his eyes and talked around his thumb in his mouth so some of his words were harder to understand, but I got the gist of what he was saying for the most part.


I wasn't 100% sure how I was going to do this as the kid was fighting me the whole way. He did not want to wake up and for him that was final. I realized that I would have to get into the shower and physically hold him while washing him at the same time and not let him fall to the shower floor and possibly hurt himself in the process. This wasn't going to be easy but luckily the boy was small for his age which made it even easier, and he was a tad bit underweight. This means that I could hold him against my body with one arm and use the other hand to wash the boy with.


The Master bathroom in my home had a large tub for me to soak in with jets built into it and a nice large shower as well. I liked the fact that there was plenty of room in the shower to move around in and that because it was large enough, I could get inside of it and hang out at the one end without getting splashed with either cold or burning hot water and give the water time to adjust to the right temperature. For now, I sat Zachy in the corner on this end of the shower and went to turn on the shower and set it to where I knew the temperature would be just about right but knew it would take several seconds to a minute to heat up. I did consider for a moment dipping my Nephews head into the cold water now pouring out of the shower head and help wake him up, but not only did I think it sounded a little cruel and something that maybe his own father might do, but I needed to get him a towel so I could dry him off when he was done. Mine was already on the bar in the shower and I decided to just put Zachy's for now, on the glass door handle bar, outside the shower.


As I got back into the shower, the water had reached its optimal tempt as the steam was now rolling up towards the vent in the ceiling that was sucking it up and keeping it from damaging the walls or anything else with its hot moisture.


I decided to quickly shower first and get that taken of. As tired as I had been earlier, I knew there was no way that I was going back to sleep now. My mind was on so many other things, most dealing with Zachy. Like what will I find when I start reading the medical stuff that I knew that I needed to read, as it would help me take care of my cute little Nephew and all his problems properly by the medical specialist recommendations! There was also how was I going to break the news to the boy of what happened to his parents and how will he take it? Should I be diapering him during the day as well as night, of course this might be answered in the medical stuff but even if not I had a pretty good idea that I probably should as I did know that Zachy was still constipated and pooping uncontrollably and I didn't want to have to worry about cleaning poop out of his underwear. I should have checked better in his room to see if he had any pull on type diapers so that he could still pee in the toilet if needed, otherwise all a taped on diaper was going to do was encourage him to be less toilet trained and pee in the diaper as soon as the need arises. I decided that while I was out today that maybe I would pick him up some GoodNites or something like them for times like school or maybe when he wants to go out somewhere with a friend who doesn't know about his problem. Again, I figured I might learn more about what I should do about this from the doctor's notes and maybe Zachy himself when he was awake. With the doctor on my mind, I also wondered if I should contact Zachy's Pediatrician and let him know that I would be taking care of the boy for a while and maybe see if I should bring him in for an appointment or something? But the biggest thing that was on my mind was Zachy and his luscious sweet little boy rod and that ever so perfect `Bum' of his that would make any boy lover drool!


Quickly washing my body down along with my hair, I occasionally glanced over at the naked slumped over body of my Nephew sitting in the corner of the shower and as soon as I rinsed off I decided it was time for him to wake up a little. Maybe it was a little mean of me, but I really wanted him to be more awake at least for the shower and if he wanted to go back to sleep after, then so be it, but I took the sprayer hose down from its cradle and aimed it in his direction. As I hoped, the water suddenly spraying on him had its intended effect as he was yet not in a deep enough sleep as he had been earlier this morning when I picked him up from his house. I wasn't even sure if he would get back to that deep of a sleep as it was getting closer to the time he would more than likely be getting out of bed. Of course, I had no idea what time he went to sleep the night before either, Maybe he had trouble getting to sleep and that is why he was so tired and grouchy this morning.


"Stop, leave me alone, why can't you let me sleep!" Zachy lifted his head as the warm water hit him and bawled. "MOMMMMMYYYYY!" He shouted and continued to cry which made me feel awful inside.


I hung the sprayer back up and scooped Zachy up into my arms and tried my best to calm him down. I soothed him by rubbing his back and calmly trying to talk to him softly in his ear. As I did this, it seemed to work and Zachy's sobs turned to light sniffles and finally stopped altogether. When he finally seemed to be back under control, I set him back on his feet and I looked at him once again. I could still see the tiredness in his eyes, but at least he was awake enough to somewhat stand on his own feet now, with a little support from me.


"Zachy, I know you are still tired and all, but I need to get you cleaned up. You peed all over yourself and the bed while I was in the middle of changing you and got pee all over everything." I explained to him though I don't know if he was really paying full attention to what I was saying.


At least he was being somewhat cooperative, standing up and allowing me to wash him. I started with his hair and squirted a small amount of shampoo into on his head. I wished I had thought of grabbing some Johnson and Johnson Baby No Tears Shampoo at Wal-Mart when I was there last night, but I didn't think of it. For today, I would have to accept the fact that his hair would have to smell like my cheap shampoo that I use, which had no real smell that I noticed. I would stop at some point today though, and grab a few essentials that I knew I would need now that he was here, like the baby shampoo.


"Zachy, please close your eyes for me so that the shampoo won't get into them and sting them." I told him and looked to make sure he had listened to me.


I guess I didn't need to worry as he seemed to have had them closed, whether he closed them when I asked or had them closed already because he was starting to fall back to sleep, I didn't know. I just hope if it was the later, that he would hold on long enough until I was done washing him.


Thankfully luck held out and he was still standing as I finished rinsing his body down. Hanging the hose back up and shutting the warm water off, I quickly grabbed the towel I had got for Zachy and wrapped him in it.


"Uncle John, can I go back to sleep now?" My young Nephew asked tiredly and I smiled at him even though his eyes were still shut and he could not possibly see me.


"Just as soon as I get you all dried and into a clean diaper." I promised him as I started to dry his cute little body off. "Just promise me to not go to the bathroom until I get you into the diaper, or we will have to do this all over again." I teased him.


"I will try to hold it Uncle John?" He murmured and it sounded like he was quickly drifting back to sleep.


"Come on Zachy, just stay with me for a few more minutes!" And as I said this, I smacked him lightly on his `Luscious Bum Bum', not hard enough to hurt him, just enough to get his attention.


Sure enough his eyes flew open and were in shock as if I beat him with a belt! For a minute I thought he might scream or holler bloody murder, but I knew better. Even though his mom probably didn't spank him, I knew my brother had on many occasions and wasn't anywhere as gentle as I had been. I had barely tapped him where my brother had whipped him on many occasions. This meant he should know the difference between a real spanking and what I just did. I think it mostly just stunned him was all, being as tired as he was. Sure enough, his next response was to stick his thumb in his mouth and lightly pout but other than that, he kept his eyes open and tried to stay awake.


Once I had him all dry, I picked him up and hugged him and apologized for being so mean to him this morning but I just didn't know what else to do. I explained to him that all I was trying to do was help him and that he needed to obey me when I told him to do something. I then took him back out through my room and out to the hall and down to the living room. With the bed being all wet I figured I would have to put him on the couch for now and that his diaper should be okay for a couple hours without leaking.


"Okay squirt, since you got my bed all wet, I am going to put you on the couch. You remember your promise to me?" I asked and he nodded his head yes. I said, "Good, what did I ask you?"


He thought for a second before answering, "To not use the bathroom until I get diapered." he answered.


"Good that is exactly what I said. Do you need to go pee or poop before I put a diaper on you?" I asked him just to make sure and he shook his head no. "Okay, you stay here and I am going to get your diaper supplies."


Being naked and still wet myself, I first went and dried myself off and then put on a pair of underwear and my thick bathrobe, it didn't even hit me until then that my Nephew had just seen me naked, which is something he had never had a chance to do before. It bothered me because if he were to say something about it to the wrong person, it could get me in as much if not more trouble than my brother and his wife. My only hope was that what he saw would be something that would be more like a dream than real to him and he will not remember it as actually happening. If that was not the case, I would have to try and talk to him later that morning and explain to him why I had to do what I did and hope he understands why he can't repeat what happened. Wanting to really be more dressed, but not wanting to keep Zachy waiting un-diapered any longer than necessary, I quickly headed to gather his supplies.


As I went to get a clean diaper, baby powder, diaper cream, and just in case... diaper wipes, I couldn't help think how cooperative Zachy was being now all of a sudden. I was also surprised he hadn't asked why he was at my place instead of his own house. It isn't like he never been here before, but this would be the first time he had been here by himself without his mom, let alone overnight! I also wondered if he was even 100% fully awake, the reason was because I never saw him suck his thumb before and I assume he only did that in very private moments or when he was asleep. I couldn't help thinking that he didn't realize he was doing it now in front of me and I didn't want to embarrass him by saying anything about it. I did find it adorable though and decided that I needed to get a picture of him doing it at some point. In fact, I thought about grabbing my digital camera and after he goes back to sleep, take several naughty shots of him; though I doubted if that would be possible this morning now.


I was glad that I grabbed those wipes after all because Zachy had already a small amount of poop between his legs. Luckily none of the poop had gotten on the couch as it was contained in the thick towel wrapped around him. I removed the towel and cleaned his bum with the wipes, making sure to scoop out as much of the waste that was still in his bum hole that had yet to be pushed out.


"I am sorry Uncle John." Zachy cried lightly around his thumb he was still sucking.


"It is okay, I got it all cleaned up, but it looks like that we will need to try and do something later this morning before we go out about your constipation being as bad as it is."


"Please no Uncle John, not that, I swear I will poop it all out in my diaper."


"Well we will see but I don't want to leave the house with you this badly constipated without at least trying to do something about it." I warned him. "Unless you can prove to me that you are no longer constipated by the time breakfast is over with, I will have no choice but to force you to have a bowel movement."


He whimpered as he heard this but I really wasn't sure how much he would remember by the time he awoke later this morning. For now, I let the matter drop and decided to let him have a little pleasure and using a nice amount of diaper cream, I started to massage it into his bum and little boy rod, which was starting to rise and stiffen. I could tell that he was enjoying this quite a bit as his breathing became more rapid as his penis rose to its full height, I am guessing his mom would never take it this far but I couldn't help myself as my own prick started to harden in my underwear and started become slick with my precum. I knew if I kept this up, I was going to shoot any minute and I didn't know if I really wanted to do this in front of Zachy while awake. I considered it for a minute or two and decided that the chances of him noticing it were slim considering I had my bathrobe on and he was enjoying his own sensual experience so much that I really didn't want to stop and rob him of that first time orgasm, so I kept going.


I tried my best to pace myself with Zachy, but just the feeling of his stiff little manhood and his glorious boy bum, put me over the top as I shot my load into my underpants. I didn't stop rubbing on Zachy though and as I shot my 4th time, I felt Zachy's groin muscles tighten and suddenly jerk and spasm violently.


"I am sorry, I am going to pee, I didn't mean to!" Zachy shouted surprised, scared, and excited all at once.


Of course he didn't pee. His balls contracted and tried to shoot but since they were still very immature and nowhere near able to make semen, his orgasm was dry. Still, as a dry orgasm, it was very powerful and intense indeed. I could also tell that it was very tiring on him and that he was once again getting sleepy.


"Okay squirt, let's get this diaper on you so you can go back to sleep. It looks like you are getting tired again." I softly told him as I taped the new diaper around his waist.


"Thank you Uncle John." He mumbled softly around his thumb and turned over on his stomach which I guess is what he prefers to sleep on. "That felt good; can we do that again sometime?" He asked before falling back to sleep.


I thought to myself, "I would love to do it again squirt, I just need to make sure you understand that you can't tell anyone else about it."


As I thought this, I worried about what would happen if he ever did tell anyone and how I could keep that from ever happening. My only thought was for the time being that he would hopefully not remember the incident or think it was all a dream. For now, I needed to go and clean myself up and I had some reading to do.




For the last 2 hours I had spent the time reading all the stuff I had collected from Zachy's room about his condition and his treatment plan and some unexpected stuff that I hadn't realized I had grabbed as well. It was this stuff, his mother's journals on his daily treatment plan that became the biggest eye opener for me and also allowed me to see why Zachy was such a deep sleeper as he was. I don't understand how the police missed these journals because if they had seen them and read them, they would have noticed that my brother and his wife had been illegally drugging their son with some sort of tranquilizing sedative drug that quickly leaves the system after it wears off. As for wearing off, it takes about 10 hours to do so. I guess this means that Zachy normally sleeps a good 10 hours a night. According to the schedule, he is normally put to bed around 9pm and the medicine should wear off around 7am.


"This means that he should not be sleeping under the medicine now unless he didn't get to bed on time last night." I thought to myself.


She didn't have last night's entry so I am guessing that she normally does the entries at a later time and since she and my brother were arrested before she could, she wasn't able to. I did notice in the journal that there were times that she had put Zachy to bed later, sometimes as late as midnight. I am not sure how the little guy managed to stay awake that long but I am guessing that caffeine and maybe a good movie or video games had something to do with it. According to the journal, those times they wanted him to sleep in later so they made him stay up later and last night may have been one of those times as well. This meant that there was a good chance that he could sleep for a little longer yet.


I had gone out to the living room and checked on Zachy a couple times to make sure he was okay. I also wanted to make sure his diaper didn't leak on my couch. Unlike my bed, I didn't have anything to protect it if the diaper did leak. I did consider putting him back in my bed as I had put fresh linens on it. As for all the wet bedding, it was now washed and probably now finished drying. I decided not to move him though as he was so cute and peaceful looking, laying there on his stomach with his head facing towards the room and his thumb still in his mouth. What made it even cuter was that his diapered bum was raised up in the air and I couldn't help wondering how he could sleep so soundly that way, but he was. I did get me a couple of pictures of the scene. The house was at a decent temperature that he didn't seem cold as he had kicked off the blanket that I had given him earlier. He did have his other hand, the one with his thumb in his mouth, gripped around the top of the blanket so I guess if he got cold he could always pull it over himself again.


The last time I went out to check on him was a few minutes ago and his diaper was starting to look pretty full. I could tell that he did manage to get a good portion of poop out of him and that maybe the reason he was in the position he was in. The front side was wet but not to the point of leaking, my hope was that the diaper would hold out until he woke up. I didn't want to disturb him now as I said, he was just to peaceful and cute looking and I knew he would be awake soon.


For the time being, I continued to read the information I got and learned what foods Zachy was not supposed to eat and what foods he could eat. I learned about his medications and doses. I found out how his schedule was with the laxatives suppositories. I even found out when his next doctor visit was, though I figured I could hopefully move it up a month since it was next month and I really wanted to get my Nephew into the doctor as soon as possible. Last but not least, I now knew the person and how to contact them who supplied my brother and his wife the special drug for Zachy. I had to now decide if I wanted to go the high road or use this bit of knowledge to get the thing I have always wanted. If this guy supplies this drug, he may also supply Rohypnol, the date rape drug! I couldn't help myself from thinking how bad I have always wanted Zachary's Bum Bum! This may now be my chance, the thing is, he was my Nephew and I was supposed to protect him from guys like me! This was an inner struggle and I knew that the bad side of me was not going to win this one.


It was while I was struggling with this dilemma when a scared small diapered boy, entered my office and asked me the question I had been dreading ever since I picked him up from his house early this morning.


"Uncle John, why am I here, where is Mommy?"


I paused as I looked at the frightened boy who I guess hasn't ever spent a night away from his mom in his life. My brother had been right, he had said on many occasions that Lauren babied Zachy too much and because of that, he has become a momma's boy. What 11 year old still calls their mom, mommy? Even though I found it cute, right now I knew it was going to just make this much harder, because of that, I really didn't know what to say to him. I had been dreading this question and trying my best to figure out what I would tell him when he did finally ask and I still didn't know the answer. Maybe it was due to the fact that I yet didn't know all the facts myself. I felt that I needed to know more before I could tell him anything. So the question before me is what to tell him now to placate him and not sound like a lie when I or someone else does eventually tell him the truth.


"Come here Zachy." I said and opened my arms to show I wanted him to come and sit in my lap.


He slowly walked over to me and stopped for me and froze.


"What's wrong Zachy?"


"Nothing I am just peeing is all." He informed me.


"Why didn't you tell me you had to go and I would have taken the diaper off and you could have peed into the toilet?" I asked him.


"I don't know." He shrugged. "I just usually go in my diaper when I am wearing one. Mommy usually tells me to use the diaper so that is what I do." He said to me and he must have been done peeing because he walked over the rest of the way and got in my lap, and as he sat down, I could tell by the squish sound, that his diaper was desperately in need of a changing.


"I didn't think you liked wearing diapers. From the way you act at times you seem to not like them. From what I am seeing now though, you seem to not really care." I questioned him.


"Well, I do and I don't like them. I like all the attention that Mommy gives me because of them; I don't like the teasing I get from the bullies when they find out that I have to wear diapers sometimes. Lately I had to wear them more often because my pooping has been so much worse and I have been having more wetting accidents too." He admitted to me.


"Would you rather wear something like a GoodNite or your diaper? With a GoodNite you can still use the bathroom when you need to and therefore you don't have to go in the diaper all the time." I asked him.


"Mommy tried me on GoodNites at School but they didn't work for me. I ended up peeing through them and soaking my pants and they don't contain my poopy very good."


"Well, you are not supposed to be peeing in them buddy, remember you are supposed to be using the toilet, they are not meant to be used as diapers but as a backup in case of an accident." I explained to him.


"I know, Mommy said the same thing but I couldn't help it. I was just so used to peeing whenever I had to go that I just peed."


"When did you start wearing diapers to school?" I asked.


"I started to wear them full time last year and wore them at times through all my other grades." He then looked up into my eyes and reminded me that I hadn't answered his original question. "Uncle John, you never did tell me why I am here at your house and not at home."


"Well Zachy, it is complicated. I really don't know everything yet myself, so I can't really tell you until I find out all the facts. What I can say is that last night something bad happened and your mommy and daddy are now being accused of some very bad things. You watch police shows don't you?" I asked him and he nodded. "Okay, that will hopefully make this a little easier. Your mommy and daddy were arrested last night because someone said that they did some bad things. For now they are not going to be able to see you, but they still love you and want you safe so they are going to have me watch over you until they get out of jail." I explained to Zachy who by now was crying, hearing that his parents were in jail. "Oh don't you worry little guy, I am here and I will protect you just like your mommy did and I will give you all the love and attention that she did. I know I can't replace her but I will do my best to live up to her example and we will have lots of fun too." I told him which he smiled and rubbed some of the tears away.


"You mean like this morning when you made my dickey feel real funny and good!" He said and suddenly I was afraid again of what that little information he remembered would do to me if he ever told it to someone else.


I quickly nodded my head and answered, "Yes but Zachy, you need to know that what we did this morning, you can't tell anyone else or the police will come and take me away too."


Zachy looked at me in fear when he heard this.


"I promise I won't tell anyone! I don't want the police to take you away too!" He started to cry again.


"Now, now, don't you worry, as long as you keep what we do secret, the police will not come and get me. I will be here for you Zachy, I love you so much and don't want anything bad ever to happen to you. Now what do you say we get you out of that nasty diaper and cleaned up and then we will see if you need that enema and..."


"Nooooooooo!" Zachy cried out and interrupted me. "I pooped real good, I don't need an enema!" He pouted.


"I am sorry little guy, you know that you have had a lot of trouble lately and just because you managed to get a nice amount out doesn't mean you got all of it out. I still need to check to see if you got more in you that needs to come out." Zachy tears started up again but I could tell that he was resigned to the fact that he would have to endure this humiliating deed. "Okay, I am going to go and get your stuff ready and we will do this in my master bathroom. So why don't you walk over to my bedroom, it is the last door on the left. Then just lie down on the bathroom floor and wait for me. Okay?" I asked him and he got up reluctantly from lap and nodded his head and walked out of the room.


I then went and grabbed all the supplies I would need. I grabbed the SpongeBob Thermometer, a jar of Vaseline, a fleet enema, a clean diaper, wipes, powder, cream, and finally a suppository that I would stick up him once the enema was finished. This would guarantee at least one very messy diaper that Timmy's Mom would have to change, or hopefully wouldn't mind changing. I wasn't sure yet if she would change Zachy's diapers or not. That was one thing I would have to ask either Zachy or if he didn't know Mrs. Perkins, Timmy's mom. As I gathered these supplies my cock was rock hard in my pants, I had gotten dressed as well after I had taken care of the bed.


I could feel my man juice drooling into my fresh clean underwear and thinking, "There goes another clean pair of underpants and the way it is going a pair of jeans as well."


I could not believe how much my cock was drooling, considering it just shot a large load only a couple hours ago. The amazing thing was this was only the precum and if that was as bad as it was, the actual cum was going to be one amazing cum. I did consider going into the other bathroom and taking care of my manhood first before dealing with Zachy but I knew that I couldn't rob myself of the sexual excitement of what was about to happen and wanted the release to happen as I was with my beautiful Nephew that I wanted so desperately. I also knew that I would be inside of him before long. He would see the doctor first of course, then I would get my drug and I would be in him because I wanted him to be awake and enjoying the sensations as much as I do without the memory of the rape. For now, I knew there were other things me and Zachy could do that I could enjoy and this was one of them.


I walked into the master bathroom and found Zachy where I told him to be. I put all the stuff down on the floor next to him. I then opened the toilet lid so that it was ready for the boy so that he didn't have to waste time fumbling with it, I also repositioned him so that it would be easier for him to get up and get on the toilet when it was time. Finally, when I was sure everything was just right, I got down on the floor on my knees between his legs which I had spread apart.


"Okay stinky boy, time for us to plug our noses." I said and as if as an afterthought I asked, "You don't have to go anymore right this moment do you?"


"No, I peed already and I can't poop anymore." He shook his head as he answered.


I then removed the tapes of the diaper and pulled back the front to find a real mess. He had poop everywhere, it was so bad that there was no way that I was going to be able to clean him with the wipes, it would take probably every wipe in the package to do the job properly. Yes I could have done it several other ways but the easiest since I was at home was to just put him in the shower and spray him down, and that is what I did.


"Sorry buddy, but you are just too much of a mess and this is much easier." I explained to him as I sprayed the last of the poop off of him and down the drain. "I will have to clean the shower later too before we use it again." I thought to myself.


I then told him to wash everything from his waist down to his toes. I gave him a wash cloth and pointed to the soap.


"But Uncle John, Mommy always gives me a bath!" He whined and I knew that I was already not living up to my promise.


"Well, kiddo, you slept forever this morning and I really need to get going, I am surprised your mom hasn't called yet and that means I haven't the time to give you a bath. Is it alright that I just wash you down here in the shower this morning?" I asked him and he nodded.


So I told him to take the shower hose from me and point it towards the shower corner, I then reached in and got the wash cloth wet under the water and soaped it up real good. I then quickly used the cloth to clean Zachy's prepubescent body. I paid real good attention to his tiny little circumcised penis that wobbled back and forth as I washed it and he giggled a lot as I did this. I also made sure his bum was real clean as well, even though I could tell just by looking at it that he was still constipated because he was still leaking poop as I was washing him. I decided not to say anything at that moment as I knew he would get fussy if I did and right then he was behaving. Finally now all soaped up and washed, I asked for the shower hose back and rinsed away all the soap from his body to reveal a squeaky clean little boy. I did have to make him wait there as I went and grabbed a new towel as he did get poop in the one I used on him earlier and so I through it in the wash along with the sheets and a few other things.


I quickly dried him off and had him laid back down on the floor and before I did anything else, I got his new diaper ready for him. As I started to put the diaper under his bum, I remembered his Mom saying that he sometimes peed when she stuck the thermometer in his bum, but I really didn't want to lay him on his stomach on the bathroom floor. I decided that I had to let him lay in my lap instead. So I went and grabbed a couple of pillows off my bed and brought them back into the bathroom, I then sat cross legged on the floor and place Zachy's diaper in my lap.


"Okay Zachy, I want you to lie on your stomach in my lap so that your dickey is in the diaper. You can put your head on one of the pillows and feet on the other pillow." I explained and used the word he used for his penis.


He did as I asked and I got his SpongeBob thermometer ready with the Vaseline. This was the same thermometer that I had desperately wanted to take but there was no way I could get it and even if I had, there was a good chance that Lauren would have guessed it was me who took it, I mean who else would have known about it and taken it from the house? It was kind of neat how it worked because it was designed to let the person know who was taking the temperature when it was done by singing the SpongeBob theme song from the show which I knew my Nephew still watched as I had seen him watching it several times when I was over at their house.


I could tell that Zachy was getting a little tense from the upcoming insertion and all this was doing was making me just more sexually excited. To calm him I rubbed his back and spoke soothingly to him to reassure him that it would soon be over. Then to make him feel a little good, I reached down underneath him to the front of his diaper and started to rub it, knowing that his sensitive penis should feel the rubbing motion, and as I heard his breathing quickly pick up from the stimulation that the rubbing motion was causing, I then slowly pushed the thermometer into his boy hole that I exposed. He of course tried to push out the incoming object and like the time I witness, all it did was make it go in easier. Soon the thermometer was sunk deep into the perfect boy glory hole that I so desperately wanted to claim as my own. The memory of this morning as I tasted that wonderful boy spot and the juiciness of it, was amazing and I couldn't wait to have more and more of it! That is all it too was that memory as I shot my load in my pants and it of course was large as it seeped through the thin cotton of my underwear and into my jeans. I could tell that there was definitely going to be a large noticeable spot. I think even Zachy noticed as he suddenly shifted as if he was trying to get away from the wetness.


"Uncle John, did you just pee your pants?" Zachy asked wide eyed and for a minute I considered just lying and telling that is what I did, but in the end I decided that maybe telling him at least part of the truth would be better.


"No Zachy, you just made your Uncle's dickey feel real happy and because it got `SO' happy, some other stuff came out of it that is not pee. When you are older, you will also be able to make the happy juice too. Right now your body still makes you feel real good like you can make it so you can at least still feel the good feelings it gives you without all the mess." As I sad this I winked at him and luckily he seemed to take it at face value at the time and didn't as any further questions, of course he did still have a thermometer stuck in his bum!


SpongeBob started to sing his song at this point and I could feel my little Nephew's body relax as I pulled the thermometer out of his deep cavity. Of course a good inch of the long rectal thermometer was a brown smear and stank of a very strong boy earthy aroma! I breathed in the scent and then before Zachy could realize how depraved his Uncle really was, I took one of his wipes and cleaned the thermometer off.


"I am sorry sport, but the thermometer doesn't lie, you're still constipated and you know what that means." I calmly told him as rubbed his back with one hand and grabbed the pediatric fleet enema with the other and started to read the directions. "Okay Zachy, I am going to put this in you and I need you to try and hold it in at least for 15 minutes."


"Uncle please..." He started to say but realized I wasn't going to stop when he watch me out of the corner of his eye open the box and pull out the enema and proceed to get it ready for insertion. "I will try my best." He said with a slight tremble in his voice.


As easily as I could, I pushed the tip of the bottle into Zachy's bum hole and emptied its contents into his rectum and dreaming it was my penis instead of the enema bottle that had just entered him and that I was splattering his insides with thick ropes of my cum. Just the thought of it all, made my dick start to swell in size once again. Unfortunately, I was brought out of my fantasy by the ringing of the telephone and checking the time, figured it was either my fucked up brother wondering where the hell I was, or it was Zachy's mom finally calling. It of course could have been any number of people calling at this point, including the detective from earlier this morning, who I just realized I couldn't even remember what his name was. Not wanting to get up but not having any choice as it could be Lauren and I didn't want to miss her call, I moved Zachy from my lap and onto the bathroom rug instead, making sure to readjust the pillows.


"I am going to grab the phone, remember to keep holding until I tell you that you can go to the toilet, okay Zachy?"


"Yes Uncle John." He whimpered and I walked quickly to my bedroom where the closest phone was at.


"Hello" I said as I answered the phone.


As I expected, it was my sister in law calling and I accepted her collect call as I headed with the phone back to the bathroom and where her son was still waiting.


"Hello Lauren, I am glad that you waited later this morning to call me than my idiot brother did but I hope you are not going to waste this call on making demands on me. I will try and help you and my brother out the best I can and will be down to talk to you and my brother as soon as I get out the door and find someone to look after Zachy for the day. Speaking of that, do you think Timmy's mom would have any objections watching Zachy and dealing with his diapers for the day?" I asked not knowing if she even knew or not the answer to my question but then again Zachy could hear me as I asked it and could tell me if she couldn't.


"Oh, I'm sure she would watch him but I never asked her to change Zachy before. I usually have Zachy come home when he needs to be changed. Can I talk to my son please?"


"Sure, it might take his mind off the enema I just gave him." I answered and handed the phone to Zachy as picked him up and sat him in my lap, making sure that he was still sitting on his diaper in case he leaked a little of the enema out.


"Hi Mommy... Yes I have been good... Yeah, Uncle John had to give me an enema this morning because I was too constipated... Yes Mommy Uncle John told me, I was scared when I saw you not here this morning when I woke up... I get to spend the day with Timmy, cool! Yes Mommy, his mommy knows about my diapers... But she has changed me before... Uh huh, she used Timmy's diapers; he has to wear them at night because he wets the bed like me... I didn't know until after he saw me in my diaper that one day you were giving me my enema... Yeah, the day that Uncle John let him in and he saw me. When I saw him next, he told me about how he had to wear diapers for wetting the bed and I told him about having to wear them for my bedwetting and other stuff too... Yeah, he was cool about it and didn't tease me at all... I guess I never thought about saying anything to you or Daddy... I am sorry Mommy, I didn't think you would be upset if I let his mommy change me... Okay Mommy, here is Uncle John." With that said he handed the phone back to me, as he did though, he had a funny look on his face."


"Just a moment Lauren." I quickly told Zachy's mom and looked down at my small cute Nephew. "Hey buddy, you okay there?"


"Uncle John, I don't think I can hold it any longer!" Zachy cried out with panic in his voice.


"Yes you can squirt. You need to hold it for another five minutes." I informed him, letting him know that he was two thirds through his fifteen minutes already.


"I will try." He again whimpered.


"It sounds like my poor little boy is suffering. Oh how I do wish I could be there right now with him." Lauren sighed in only the way a mother could that showed how much a child was dear to them. "I do hope that you will take care of my boy and make sure nothing bad happens to him John. I am trusting you with my most precious thing in the whole world."


I couldn't help thinking to myself as I heard her say this that if he was so precious, she would not have been so self-destructive around him and not been giving him illegally proscribed drugs; of course I said nothing of the sort. I instead promised her that I would keep him safe and that I would make sure to keep to his schedule for his treatment program.


"Oh Lauren, I thought that it might be a good idea to move up Zachy's doctor appointment so I can get to know his doctor and also because I want to have him checked again as he does seem to be pretty bad right now and I am not sure if the enemas are going to be good enough for the job."


We talked the remaining 5 minutes while I tried to coax Zachy into continue holding his poop back. I did drop a subtle hint that I had been reading her journals about Zachy's care but left it at that. When Zachy said he couldn't hold it any longer, I ended my call with his mom and I put him on the toilet where he stayed for about 5 minutes pooping his guts out until he couldn't get anything else out.


As luck would have it, he managed to keep his diaper clean so I was able to reuse the diaper and as much as I wanted to play with him some more, I really just didn't have the time. I quickly cleaned up his messy behind. Once I had him clean, I applied his diaper cream, making sure it was thoroughly rubbed into his diaper area. I did spend quite a bit of time on his Penis and bum and watched him get a nice stiffy and he really was enjoying it quite a bit, but was disappointed when I stopped and applied the powder and taped up the diaper. Right before I taped up that diaper though, I had to do one more thing that I knew Zachy wasn't going to like; I took the suppository, and using my finger, shoved it up as far as I could into his small bum hole.


"Okay slugger, we are kinda really running late this morning since somebody didn't want to get up. So, I want you to go to the room across from this room, which will be your room from now on. In there you will find some duffle bags and in one of them is some clothes, it isn't much but the rest of your stuff should be here by the end of the day today; anyway, pick out something to wear for the day and while you do that, your uncle is going to get into some clean pants and make a phone call." I told him and then patted him on his diapered bum to let him know to scoot.


I watched as he left the room and then dialed the number for Perkin's residence that Lauren had given to me.


On the 5th ring, a woman answered, "Hello, Perkin's residence, how can I help you?"


"Hello, my name is John Wells, Zachary's Uncle. Are you Mrs. Perkin's?" I asked the woman on the phone.


"Hello Mr. Wells, and the answer to your question is yes. How can I help you this morning? Zachy is okay is he? I heard about the police being down at his house this morning."


Wow, I couldn't believe how fast the news had traveled, but then again, she only lived a few houses down from my Brother and his family and most of the morning was gone by now and closer to noon.


"Yes, he is okay, a little scared but okay. He just got done talking to his mom and I think that helped a little." I paused here for second to clear my thoughts and order them before proceeding. "As you are probably aware, his parents are in jail and I need to spend some time dealing with issues pertaining to them for the day..."


"You don't have to say another word." She interrupted me. "Bring the boy over here and I will keep an eye on him. Timmy will love to have some company and I know that it would probably be good for Zachy to be with his friend considering what he is going through today."


"It is so great to hear you say that, I didn't know what I was going to do if you were not able to take him. I can pay you for your troubles, I know that my brother and sister in-law never did and I would never intentionally take advantage of your kindness. Also there is the matter of Zachy's diaper and the occasional need of it being changed." I pointed out.


"Oh Posh! Don't worry about Zachy. I have changed that kid dozens of times. I don't like the idea of a kid running around in a fully loaded diaper and thought it unnecessary to make him waddle like he was all the way home when I can change him myself. Ever since Timmy found out that Zachy wore diapers, the boy has been less careful about hiding them around us here and therefore has let them get very full. I guess before, he use to make sure he got them changed more regularly as we never noticed though I always suspected though I never came out and said anything as I didn't want to embarrass the boy. As for pay, that I will leave entirely up to you. We could always do a deal where you be willing to take Timmy off our hands, which is something your brother and his wife never did. I know that my husband and I have been dying to get out of the house now for quite a while but haven't as Timmy chased away our last babysitter we had."


I laughed at the last statement as I found it hard that such an adorable could be so hard on babysitters, then again I remembered how I was on babysitters.


"Okay, that sounds like a deal. I am willing to take Timmy occasionally if you can take Zachy when I need time away." I answered.


Before I ended the call with her, I told her that I would have Zachy there in about forty five minutes to an hour and that I would have him fed so he might not be hungry for lunch. She of course reminded me that it had been a while since I had been a kid. I also let her know that I had to give Zachy a suppository this morning and it would mean that he would most likely have a very messy diaper soon, she again told me not to worry about that as well but I of course just wanted to point it out to her so that she was just aware of it. I then made some quick plans with her to pick up Timmy tomorrow evening and keep him over night and that way give her and her husband some time alone, which of course meant no alone time for me and Zachy but at least I could stare at 2 beautiful boys all night and I would get a chance to see Timmy naked when I put him in his night diaper.


As soon as I hung up the phone, I got myself cleaned up and into a clean pair of underwear and jeans and went across the hall and into Zachy's room to find out what was taking him so long. I found him there dressed and playing with some of his toys that he found, I guess he had been waiting for me.


"You hungry for breakfast squirt?"


"Yeah, what are we having?" He asked.


"I was thinking about McDonalds and then I will drop you off at Timmy's house." I offered.


"Yummy, McDonalds and then Timmy's! Yeah!" He shouted "Yippee!"


Before we left, I made a diaper bag out of Zachy's backpack, making sure he had all the supplies he needed so that Timmy's mom wouldn't have to waste any of hers on him. I also gave Zachy all of his morning meds and made sure to pack any he would need for the day. We then headed out the door.


As we backed out the driveway, I wondered how I was going to get through this day as all I wanted right that moment was one thing... The little boy sitting in the seat next me!



Coming Soon: Chapter 3