Zachary's Bum Bum

Written by: JD 2015



Warning: The story you are about to read contains diaper use, violence, adult language and strong sexual content. The following is evil, illegal, should be banned, and all that other blah, blah, blah. If reading a coming of age story of self-discovery about pre-adolescent and adolescent boys that wet their beds, wear diapers, and explore their awakening sexuality with each other does not tickle your pickle (or if the law in your area says that pickle tickling is illegal) then don't read it.


Author's Note: Please be advised the following story will discuss Man/boy love, as well as aspects of diapers, scat, incest, and medical fetish. It is for fantasy only and never happened. The author does not condone this type of behavior at all in beyond the imagination.


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Chapter 3


I stood silently in the doorway of Zachary's bedroom, watching the cute little 11 year old boy, sleep peacefully. His bright nightlight, along with the light coming from the hallway, lit up his sleeping cute body perfectly, allowing me to drink in every curve and sweet part of my nephew, even his cute little belly button and perfect little boy feet. This was due to it being a warm night and he had thrown off all his covers at one point, and now laid there in only his diaper. He was currently lying on his side and looking so damn adorable, as he unconsciously sucked his thumb. Since I had my digital camera with me, I decided to take several pictures as he slept.


I decided to get a closer view of my nephew as he slept and as I came up to his bed and knelt next to it, I could tell by his breathing that he was in deep sleep. My mind wandered as I thought of all the things I wanted to do to this sexy boy and I had to mentally slap myself as I knew it was wrong to think of my nephew as an object, especially a sex object. He was a person, a very loving and trusting child, and the last thing I wanted to do was treat him out of disrespect. If I did anything, I really wanted it to be a mutual thing between the both of us. My problem was, I was finding it very hard to restrain myself with finally having the object I have so desperately desired for the last 7 years right in front of me...  Ugh! There I go again, looking at my cute little nephew as an object, but damn it so hard not too!


Cautiously, I laid my hand lightly on Zachy's warm back and let it sit there for a few minutes. When he continued to sleep without moving, I let my hand fully rest where it was and watched Zachy's face to see if he noticed the difference in the pressure my hand made on his back. I quickly noticed that the boy was in too much of a deep sleep to notice anything, and began to slowly run my hand down his back, all the way to his diaper.


While I was running my hand down his back, I bent close to him and using my nose, breathed in deeply his heavenly full boy scent. I decided I wanted to smell every part of this glorious boy, starting at his head. I could smell the fragrance of the Johnson and Johnson Baby shampoo in his hair. As I moved down to his face, I could feel his exhalations come out around his thumb as he sucked on it. It was easy to detect from them the smell of not only the minty toothpaste he uses to brush his little teeth with, but also the stronger smelling mouthwash. Another prominent feature that I love about Zachy's face is his so kissable mouth. His ruby lips just are begging to be kissed, especially when he sometimes puckers them up to pout. Man they look so damn cute then! They are so red it seems at times, that it almost looked as if he had gotten into his mommy's makeup and put on her lipstick. In fact, that was how red and full his lips seemed to look tonight, just begging to be kissed or to suck my man sized cock in that cute mouth of his.


He moved now from his nephew's face down to his small, cute, scrawny, body. His chest was thin and showed where most of his problem of being underweight for his size was affecting him. You could easily see his rib cage and his stomach was slightly concaved, but he wasn't so underweight that I would describe him looking skeletal, just enough to show his ribs. The rest of his body had enough baby fat on it still that kept him looking just the right weight for any boy lover to love, not too skinny and definitely not fat! I know there are those out there that like their boys on the heavier side but I wasn't one of them. As for the smell of his torso, it still smelled of the fragrant soap used for his bath that evening. At this point, being this close to his used diaper, I was definitely able to smell the odors emanating from it.


Once again I moved down further, hovering just over my nephews diapered crotch. Again I took a deep breath through my nose and breathed in Zachy's scent, loving the dirty smells of a young boy crotch. While I was doing this, I also ran my hand over the back of Zachy's diaper. I massaged his diapered butt with my hand, trying to feel his small boy globes that were hidden by the thick material. I took another long deliberate sniff of the air around his crotch and of course could again make out the smells that I had expected. I almost became intoxicated with the strong odor of little boy pee and the unmistakable earthy smell of boy shit, as it hit my nose. As always with Zachy since he is a diaper boy, there were the other trace smells as well. The other odors I could smell emanating from his diaper area were, Desitin diaper cream, baby powder, and of course the soap fragrance from his bath.


I could feel my own cock stiffen and tent out my jockey briefs, the only thing I happened to be wearing at that moment, unless you count the camera hanging around my neck. As I continued to take in Zachy's scent and move further down his body, my cock began to leak copious amounts of precum into my jockeys. As I got to his little knees, I stopped and kissed each one. This was something I had wanted to do with his lips, but I couldn't find it in myself to remove the boy's only source of comfort, his thumb, from his mouth to do so. I looked back up, and my cutie was still breathing, slow and heavily, a good sign of deep asleep, so I went on.


When I finally made it to his adorable little boy feet, I did something I had wanted to do for quite a long time. I lifted first his right foot up and brought it close to my face and took in the smell of his wonderful feet. Even though he had bathed, he seemed to not have washed his feet or at least not as well as he should have. I could not only still see the smudges of grime on them but I could also smell the wonderful smell that the foot was emanating from it. Slowly, I used my tongue to wash that dirty little foot, from his heel to his little toes. When I got to his toes, I took them one by one and sucked each of them clean. By the time I got to his left foot, I almost creamed my pants.


I had to actually stop in the middle of what I was doing and mentally tell my cock, "Oh no you don't! You are going to wait this time as I have plans for you." I then tried to think of anything that would drive all the sexual thoughts out of my head long enough for my cock to go limp. I hoped to keep it limp long enough until I was ready for it. Once I had successfully somewhat soft, I finished working on Zachy's left foot and sucking his toes as if it were his little dickey.


Getting horny as fuck again, I decided that I was going to need some lube for the next thing that I had planned for Zachy. The problem I had was that he currently was in the perfect position to do what I wanted him to do, but if I did it now, I would have to still take time to get his diaper off of him and clean him up before I could even use the spit lubed cock of mine for what I had planned. The question was, would it still be wet by then or would I have to straddle the boy in his bed just to get him to rewet my cock for me? I decided I would chance it and then try to hurry cleaning him up. I made my way back up to Zachy's beautiful lips and freed my large, stiff, leaking, member from my heavily pre-cum soaked briefs, and aimed the leaking man meat at my nephew's luscious lips. I knew the next part would be crucial as I could possibly awaken him by taking away his security, when I removed his thumb from his mouth. Slowly, I worked his thumb from his mouth and found it cute that even though he no longer had it in there, he was still sucking on an imaginary thumb, as his mouth continued to make the sucking sounds and motions. Smiling, I then put my cock against his beautiful full red lips, that were still trying to suck an imaginary thumb, and as I was hoping he would, he opened his mouth wider and took the head in and started to suck on it. I was actually surprised that he didn't notices the thickness difference between his thumb and my cock, but I was glad he hadn't. I knew that I needed him to lube more than just the head of it, so I fed him more of my length, trying to be careful to not give him too much, that I would choke the poor lad. I actually had a little over 4 inches of my cock fucking in between those sexy lips. A few times I got a little carried away and accidently slipped more in than poor Zachy could handle and he started to choke. When these episodes happened, I quickly pulled out of his mouth. I was sure the little guy would wake up, but he just laid there still asleep as if nothing had happened. The last time he had one of those choking fits, I was close to cumming anyways, so I decided to stop as I wanted to plant my seed in that beautiful bum of Zachary's! First I needed to get him changed out of that diaper and cleaned up.


My first task was to rearrange him so that he was now on his back so that I could easily remove his diaper and clean him up. If everything went to the plan I kinda came up on the spur of the moment, Zachy's next diaper would have an added new smell to it. A smell that someone would never associate with a small boy who is nowhere near puberty... My spunk! Just the thought of it was once again making me hard as I gathered Zachy's diaper wipes as for now that was all I needed. I was going to trust him that he wouldn't go to the bathroom while I used him for my sexual pleasure, but if he did, the pad he was lying on would capture any accident hopefully.


Massaging Zachy's diaper butt with my hand didn't help with the mess in his diaper at all! If it were not for the fact he was sound asleep, I would have much rather have taken him to the shower and wash off the mess then try to clean it with the diaper wipes. That would mean the end of my plans though and I wasn't about to do that, so I decided that even if it meant a hundred wipes, I would clean him without the use of a shower. Like I have been doing, I took the cleanest part of his diaper and used it to wipe as much of the mess off as I could. Then became the real work, I can't remember how many wipes it took as I didn't count them, but one after another, I wiped his butt until it was clean, including inside his boy pucker. I then used a final one to wash away any pee residue. With the mess finally cleaned, I wrapped all the wipes up inside the dirty disposable and then disposed of it in the diaper genie.


Now with my little nephew naked before me, I decided to join him in that state. My Jockeys the rest of the way down, besides they were so damp from my drooling member, that they were starting to feel a little uncomfortable. With my cock drooling so much, I knew it would more than make up for what spit lube that has dried by now. Once again, I moved Zachy so that he was now lying across his bed, so now his legs were hanging off the side of it. Through all of this, he hadn't awakened. A part of myself, kept trying to tell to me that what I was about to do was so very wrong, and was in fact rape. Not only was it illegal and even incest, but it could seriously hurt little Zachary, as my cock was pretty large and his boy hole very small. I know I had a theory that the boy had been raped before but it was only a theory and there was no evidence or proof to back it up. I just only had a suspicion that I had in my gut. Even if he had been, what were the chances he had been by a guy with a cock as big as mine was? And even so, unless he had been raped repeatedly by men with large cocks, his hole would eventually heal and close up again. Being entered again now by a cock my size, could rip him open and seriously injure him, if I wasn't careful.


I once again looked at the small boy's smooth, hairless, little, pink pucker, and then back down at my raging hard-on. My cock had grown to an amazing 12 inches, larger than it has ever been, that is how horny Zachery bum hole was making me right this moment. My cock was always much larger than others that I had knew but never anywhere this big. It was also very thick and would take both of Zachy's hands to completely encompass it. You know, I have read stories about guys with 11 or 12 inch dicks like they are average size or something and 6 or 7 inch dicks are small? Well, I am here to say that is bogus. In fact, the average size cock when erect is 5.16 inches. Now I am not saying there are not many men out there with 6 or 7 inch cocks, because there are, there are just a lot more with smaller ones. Men, who are really endowed, if they are good looking enough and young, have a real good chance to star in porn movies. These men tend to have cocks between 6 to 9 inches or larger. Now seeing my cock at one of these amazing lengths and thicknesses, it made me wonder if it will stay that size now that I had Zachary living with me. Boy would my brother ever be jealous if he ever got a chance to see me now. He had always been jealous of how much bigger I was then him when we were growing up. I think it made it hurt all the worse that I was younger than him too!


As I looked at my engorged cock I again became afraid it would rip open Zachary's insides and hesitated in what I was about to do as I was once again afraid of hurting my cute nephew. The problem was, it seemed as if I had two brains at that moment controlling me. The one in my actual head telling me all the reasons I shouldn't do it, and the one in my cock that demanded that I do it. For the obvious reasons of lust, it was my cock who won the argument. It wanted what it wanted and my brain finally gave into it. I lined my cock up and just started to push the tip up against the pink rose bud of Zachary's intoxicating bum-bum, and as I felt myself start to put pressure onto his boy hole and begin to start my entry in that most private and moist spot of a boy, I feel a hand on my shoulder...


"Mr. Wells, can you follow me?" I heard a gruff voice say as I was suddenly jerked out of the day dream I had been having about Zachy.


The dream had been so realistic that I had a raging boner and was leaking pre-cum into my pants; luckily as I looked down I could see that none of it was showing through. Other than the obvious bulge in my pants, I at least hadn't showed any outward signs of dampness on my pants.


As I followed the officer, I couldn't help shaking the feeling how realistic that dream had felt. The more I thought about it though; I should have realized I had been daydreaming. There had been clues in the daydream itself that should have told me that truth of the situation. Like the fact that Zachy was in his own room already when I hadn't even got his bedroom set yet. The fact that I would even allow myself to fuck the small boy in that way, there was no way I don't think I could ever do that. Then again, after he sees his doctor, who knew what I might do to him. Right now that was the biggest thing keeping me from doing exactly that. I knew if I penetrated Zachy like that, it would be noticed by the doctor right away, and I could easily become a suspect. The most obvious fact was I knew I didn't have a 12 inch cock. That is like every man's dream. There are in fact a lot of people out there who like to write stories making 12 inch cocks sound common, but that is bullshit! Most people should be glad if they have a 6 or 7 inch cock because anything bigger is very rare. Anyway, somehow, I allowed myself fall into this daydream while waiting forever for them to allow me to see my brother. I would then see my sister-in-law afterwards.




I hadn't really expect my brother to change from the time he called me this morning to the time I sat down in front of him with only about 3 inches of bullet proof glass between us. Of course I could have hoped that after my berating him some this morning, he might have at least attempt to try and consider being a more concerned father. But as soon as I picked up that phone, it was of course, all about him. I mean my freaking god! Come on, can't he ever think about anyone besides himself. I almost just got up and left right then and there but I decided to just let him rant and rave until he realized I wasn't even paying attention. Then once he calmed back down, I would tell him what I wanted from him and what he should expect from me. I for one was done with bailing him out of his troubles. If he wanted to get out of this, then he needed to find someone else to treat like shit. I made a decision that I was going to no longer not only be his whipping boy, but I refused to let him take my nest egg as well. It wasn't my fault that he screwed up!


"What the fuck John, why aren't you paying attention? I am trying to tell you the lawyers to look at getting for our case. You may even be able to get their fees reduced if you bargain with them." He shouted in the phone at me and got reprimanded by the guard, and told not to shout like that again. "I would like to see a lawyer today and maybe he can even get us out on bail after all." He stated hopefully.


I of course knew there was no hope in this happening as I had made some stops this morning before even coming here. After stopping at McDonald's and enjoying a quick breakfast that they were about to stop serving, I then ran Zachary over to his little friend's house. I didn't stay for long. I handed Mrs. Perkin's, Zachy's backpack that I had made into a diaper bag and reminded her of the suppository I had put in him and that it should take effect soon. I also mentioned to her that if she wanted to do so, she could help me out by giving him another enema later in the afternoon if he was still constipated and that I included a couple fleet enemas in his bag with the supplies. She made sure that I didn't have to worry about anything and that she knew I had a lot to take care of today and not to worry about Zachary. With that, I hugged the little guy goodbye and told him to behave for Mrs. Perkin's or I would have to spank him for being bad when I got home later. From the look on his face, I don't think if he could tell if I was serious or if I was joking and that seemed to make him a little nervous. I smiled at him which made him feel a little better I guess. As I got in the car, I gave him one more wave goodbye and left.


My first stop that morning was to try and see the prosecutor in charge. Now since I was the brother of the defendant, I found out it was against protocol and until someone impartial to both sides could also be there to witness anything I or he says, I wouldn't be able to actually see the prosecutor himself. I was informed that I could get a copy of the files of the case as they are all available to the public. After paying the required fee, a was able to get a copy of the complete file that the prosecutor had on my brother and his wife and all list evidence so far. Knowing that I needed professional help, I then made a few phone calls around trying to find a good lawyer. No, I wasn't trying to find a Lawyer for my brother and his wife, but one to represent me. I finally came across one who said I was in luck and said that he had a free hour now. If I wanted to come and meet with him, he would give me a free consultation and let me know what he thinks. I agreed and met with him. Since his office wasn't very far from where I was, it didn't take me long to get there and I was soon sitting behind his desk.


I first started out explaining everything about what happened last night with my brother and sister-in-law getting arrested and how it looked like they may get nailed for murder. I explained the circumstances of how I now have temporary custody of Zachary but that I would like to explore my options of getting something more permanent as the woman from Child Protective Services made it sound like they could at any time come and take Zachary away from me if I don't do this. Finally, I handed him the file I got from down at the courthouse of what was made public so far in the case against Zachy's parents. I watched as he paged through the file for a while and was starting to get impatient, though I knew there was a lot to go through in that file, much more than he possibly could go over in the time he allotted himself to see me, as is he was already running over the 1 hour time limit he had given me. Finally he put the file down.


"Interesting, you have a caseworker who is telling you outright, to get custody of the kid now, I wonder why that is? Is there something she knows that she isn't telling you? I can tell you this, from the looks of this file, the evidence they have against your Nephew's parents is rock solid. If I were a betting man, they are going to ask for the chair for your brother as he killed a cop. His wife could get life without the possibility of parole because of her part in it" He socked me suddenly when he planted this news on me.


"What! I didn't know a cop had been killed. They didn't even tell me it was a cop last night; they just said somebody was killed. I thought maybe it was one of their druggie friends that was killed when they raided the place." I stated in total shock and surprise.


"Nope, turns out your brother pulled a gun on a cop when busted into the place and shot him point blank in the head. The police force is furious over this one and I don't see your brother ever getting out of jail for this if he somehow escapes the death penalty. Like I said, his wife, your sister-in-law, was there at the scene of the crime breaking the law with him when this tragic event happened. I don't think the prosecutor will let her off lightly. This is the reason why bail has been denied and will most likely continue to be denied. If you are seriously considering paying for their representation, I highly recommend that you don't waste your money as it would be like throwing it into a never ending pit!" He cautioned me.


"As for getting custody, you have a possible case, but right now it is an uphill battle. It can get very expensive very fast and I can't guarantee that you will win. Your best bet will be to get the parents on your side. I tell you what, this is what I suggest, I can draw you up 2 documents. One document will make you his permanent guardian in Pro Tem, this means you will be responsible for him until one or both of his parents are released from the correctional system. Basically it is the same thing you are now but it is recognized by the government that you are his legal guardian and therefore no longer underneath the thumb of Child Protective Services and will no longer have them breathing down the back of your neck, unless you like that sort of thing." At this he laughed at his own joke. "The other document is probably going to be harder for you to get them to sign, but if you do, it is permanent. It will allow them to sign over their full parental rights of Zachary and allow you to adopt him as your own. But like I said, I doubt very much that, from what you told me about the mother, this document will get signed. You will be more likely to get the first one signed then the second one. The thing is though, once you're his legal guardian and after his parents get sentenced, which from the way the courts are backed up could take a while, you will be set up then to have a better chance to ask the court to sever the parental rights of the parents and seek the right to adopt him. If they are sitting in jail with life or death sentences, a judge will more likely grant your request and they would be more likely not to fight it either." The lawyer explained.


This sounded like a good idea, and after agreeing to his proposition we went over his price to do this. I got out my MasterCard and charged it. A few minutes later, I was walking out the door of his office with the form letters in my hand. It turned out that he had a template for both of the letters and all he had to do was plug in a few things and presto, out what would be considered a contract in a court of law but basically a letter of agreement. From the Lawyers office, I made my way to the county jail and hadn't expected to have to wait almost an hour. It was already 3 in the afternoon and I still had Zachy's bedroom stuff coming at some point today. Of course we didn't leave the house until 10 am and it was almost 11 am by the time I dropped Zachy off. It took me almost until 11:30 to get downtown to the county offices. I waited at the Prosecutors office for almost an hour, but at least I made my appoint for my Lawyer visit while there and met with the lawyer at 12:30 pm. He must have just been getting back from lunch when I called him. I left his office at almost 2 pm and now here it was 3 in the afternoon, finally talking to my brother. I really hoped that it didn't take as long to see my sister-in-law. I of course did tell them ahead of time that I wanted to see her right after my brother, so hopefully they had it setup so that I would stay seated and she would come out after he went back inside.


"Brother, I already talked to a lawyer this morning; he has taken a good look at your case and given me a fair assessment. He told me not to waste my money on it as it is not winnable and you have put yourself in this terrible mess!" I then gave him a stare of un-believability. "Brandon, why didn't you or anyone else tell me that you shot and killed an officer last night?"


"What I did last night, I had every constitutional right to do!" My idiotic brother stated. "I was protecting my home when it was invaded suddenly, and a man has a right to protect his home and family!"


"First of all Brandon, you are a convicted felon. You don't even have the right to carry a fire arm let alone fire one. Second of all, they were police officers who were doing a legal raid on your home and you not only shot one but did so in the head and killed him!" I said in anger.


"Well, where did you want me to shoot him, in the chest where it would be stopped by his bullet proof vest and allow him to tackle me or maybe shoot and kill me instead?" He asked kind of snottily.


I could see that this was getting nowhere so I decided to drop this for now. I wanted to get things back on track and I knew our visit time was almost up and I still needed a signature from him. I had already given the guard the papers to have him look over and I now nodded to have the guard hand them to my brother.


"Brandon, the papers put before you are two options regarding the custody of your son. It seems that if I don't do something about getting a more permanent standing on custody soon, the state might take him from me and put him in foster care. The lawyer I saw wasn't sure on the reason behind this but before I left he suggested it might be because of how young I am and the fact that I am a single male. One of these documents will make me his legal guardian and give me custody of Zachary until one or both of you are released from the correctional system. Since the charges against you are very high and I don't have the money to pay for a lawyer for your defense..." At this I could see him start to say something and I knew he was going to bring up my inheritance again and I wasn't about to let him. "I don't want to hear you say one more word about my inheritance money!" I stated and cut him off. "That money is what I live off of and if I were to use it to pay for lawyer fees, it would probably take almost every dime I had to cover both of your cases and then some. You will have to either find your own lawyers or ask for a public defender. Who knows, maybe you will get a decent public defender who will keep you off of death row. As it doesn't look to good for either you or Lauren, this other document was drawn up to allow me the chance to raise Zachary as my own child. By signing it, you would be signing away your parental rights and saying that you're giving me the right to adopt him and make him my son." I was glad I had that 3 inches of bullet proof glass between us at this point, as I could see the anger boiling over in my brother's eyes.


"How dare you come in here and first tell me that you are not going to help me then tell me you want to take my son away from me!" He exploded and at this the guard came forward to end our conversation but I tried to stop him by holding up one finger, showing him that I wished for one more minute.


"I will not warn you again to keep it down Wells." The guard yelled at my brother who clamped his mouth shut but glowered at me.


"Brother, I am not trying to upset you; I am just trying to protect your son. There are two papers, sign whichever one you wish and then we will leave it at that. If you don't sign at least one, there is a good chance your son will be taken from all of us. Do you want that to happen?" I asked him.


He thought about it for a moment and I knew I had him when he reluctantly sighed. I also knew my brother, deep down while he said he loved his son, I think he considered Zachy more of as a possession than as a person and therefore didn't feel true love for him as his mother did. He may have, deep down inside him somewhere way in his past, at one point felt love for his son, but he now seems more concerned about the fact of how he disappoints him more than the fact of the good things he represents in his life. I had a good feeling he wouldn't have a problem, especially knowing that he really didn't have any good chances escaping from prison anytime soon, of signing the adoption option for me.


When he finally picked up the pen and signed not one but both forms, I was ecstatic, but the last thing he said before they took him away, kind of bothered me, "I am the easy one, the one you really have to convince is my wife, and pigs will probably fly and Zachary will be dry before that will happen." He laughed a lot at his little rhyme as he was walked handcuffed out of the room.




I was in luck; I didn't have to wait long for Lauren, Zachary's mom, to be brought out. Our conversation went nicely at first and as any good and concerned mother; her very first question was about her son, and how he was taking all this. For the next few minutes we talked about Zachary and that seemed to cheer her up. When I felt the moment was right, I once again let it slip that I had been reading her treatment journals about Zachary's care and I was going to be seeing the doctor about a medication I noticed needed a refill. I was sure at that moment she got the hint, as I could see the fear in her eyes. It was at this point that I decided to go in for the kill and have the guard give her the papers.


I watched as Lauren looked over the papers and then looked back at me before asking, "Do you really expect me to sign this?"


"Lauren, you are looking at least life without parole and things could be even worse for you. Zachary would be better off with me and if I don't get this taken care of soon, he will be taken away from all of us and put into the foster care program." I tried to explain to her.


I had to say this about Lauren compared to my brother, at least she stayed calm and collective as she once again looked at the papers and then back up at me pointing at her husband's signature on both pages saying, "He actually signed away his son that easily? I always thought he never cared for Zachary and this proves it." She then put the papers back down and looked at me. "You know I love my son and there is no way I could ever give him up, even if it means I might not ever see him again." I tried to object but she stopped me, she never once raised her voice or argued about anything, she just flat out stated, "No!"


I sighed, I knew she was never going to let me adopt him the easy way and it meant I would have to fight for Zachary the hard way. This would mean I would have to wait until his parents were of course sentenced. I still needed to at least make Lauren understand that the other paper didn't take her rights away at all but just allowed me the right to be an absentee guardian of Zachary until a time when either she or her husband or both are released.


"Lauren, I accept that you don't want me to adopt him but what about the other paper that only gives me custody until which time you or your husband are released? I at least need that signed to keep Zachy or they will take him from me and put him in foster care." I pleaded with her and it looked as if she was thinking about this.


I watched as Lauren once again found the paper that would grant me temporary custody and her read through it. When she finished reading it, she picked up the other paper and tore it in many pieces and then picked up the pen and signed the Guardian Agreement. I sighed deeply as I saw her sign the agreement as I was afraid she was going to tear it up like she had the other agreement.


"John, I am trusting you a lot, you better be good to my boy and not be an ass like your brother was to him. From what I have seen in the past though, you have always been good to my boy and I hope you stay that way. If I ever find that you have ever hurt my baby, I will find a way to come after you and make you pay. Do you understand John?" She asked and I wasn't sure if she was trying to threaten me or what.


"Lauren, I love Zachary as if he was my own and I would never hurt him. I promise to make sure to protect him and keep him safe from harm." I promised her and with that my business was done, not once during our conversation did we discuss the details of her case.




I was on my way back home when I finally received the phone call that I been expecting from that detective. I had been afraid he might have called while I was talking to my brother and sister-in-law and missed the call. When visiting inmates you are not allowed certain items in the visiting area and that includes cell phones, so I didn't have mine during the whole visit and didn't know if I had or hadn't missed a call until I got my cell phone back. It turned out that the expected phone call didn't come while I was in the county jail and I was starting to worry that maybe the detective had forgotten all about me. When my cell rang, I took a look to see who was calling me and didn't recognize the number, I wasn't sure but I figured it had to be the detective, so I answered it.


"Hello, this is John Wells, can I help you?" I asked politely, hoping it was the detective or someone who he had that would be bringing over Zachy's bedroom stuff.


"Hi Mr. Wells, this is detective Williams, we met last night at your brother's place."


"Yes Detective, I have been waiting your call all day.


"Sorry about it being so late but we were not able to get the truck until late and just finished loading up everything. We can bring it over to your place now if you wish; otherwise we will have to wait until tomorrow."


 "Oh I really need that tonight Detective, Zachy really needs his own bed again and I think he will feel a lot better when he has his familiar surroundings around him." I explained to him. "By the way, I have a question for you. What is the law requirement for kids when it comes to them riding in car seats?"


"Oh, I didn't even think about that last night." The detective stated as if he was ashamed of his forgetfulness. "I assume we are talking about Zachary here?"


"Yes, he told me this morning that he needed to be in his car seat."


"He is right, due to his small size, he is required by state law to be in a car seat until he reaches the height of 4'9", which I am pretty sure he is not quite there yet." The detective explained.


I groaned, "No, he isn't. He is a half foot below that height. This is just great; I forgot to grab his seat last night and didn't know there was a law requiring him to be in it."


"Well, we are still at the house; I can get the seat from the car for you." The detective offered.


"Wow, that would be such a great help if you would be able to do that for me!" I thanked him, I hadn't realized until that moment that they were even still at my brother's house.


I then gave the detective my address and told him that I was going to be home in about 10 minutes. Detective Williams said it will take them about 20 minutes to get there and that he is bringing a few men along with him and that they should have everything unpacked and set up in the room like the way it was in the old room in about 20 to 30 minutes he hoped. I explained to him that Zachary was at the sitters for the day and I would just wait until they were done before going and getting him.




I spent the next almost hour at my house, part of it waiting for the detective and his police crew to show up and then watching them unload and even helping them set up Zachary's new bedroom. When it was done, other than a few slight differences, the biggest one being the walls were a different color, the room almost looked like Zachy's old room. This was an easy fix though, as I could repaint the walls to the same color if he wanted me too. Painting his room could even be used as a bonding time between us if he wanted to help me. With the room set up now, the Detective handed me the car seat and even showed me how to set it up in my back seat and to strap and unstrap and child in it.


It took a little longer than we had expected but once done, we were proud of everything we accomplished. I thanked each of the officers for their help before they left. I was especially thankful that they brought over the full contents of Zachary's room plus one other medication that I missed that the Detective found on the kitchen counter top. It was a powder laxative that was supposed to be mixed with either water or juice and given to Zachy once a day. I suddenly remembered reading something about this but forgotten about it until now.


As I watched the officers leave, I stood on the porch trying to think if there was anything that I needed to still do before picking up my gorgeous Nephew. Running the events of the last couple days through my mind, I remembered that my master shower still needed to be cleaned out. There was no way I wanted it left unwashed and left contaminated from cleaning up Zachary's messy butt this morning. I decided it was best to use Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach on the shower to kill any bacteria that might be in my little nephew's shit. I heavily sprayed down the shower with the cleaner and then let it soak for a while as I wanted it a chance to really do its job. About a half hour later, I came back and once again sprayed down the shower and with cleaning gloves on and a scrubbing brush, went to work scrubbing out every inch of the shower. To be honest, the shower needed the scrubbing anyway as it had been a couple months since I had last cleaned it out and by the time I was done, it was gleaming.


While I had been waiting for the shower to soak for that first 30 minutes from the spray down I gave it, I decided to go back over Lauren's journals of Zachary's daily treatment and care program to treat his problems. Something had been bothering me ever since Detective Williams had given me the powder laxative. You see, I had roughly gone through the notes that Lauren had on the meds that Zachy was on and besides the special one, he was on only a certain number of medication and that when I recounted the meds I had collected, I had the same number and assumed I had all of them. I never really paid attention to the fact that one of them was supposed to be a powder, even though I kinda remember reading it. Now, realizing that something was off and I had an extra medication, I was wondering if I had ... just maybe... the med that made him sleep so soundly.


It didn't take long to find all the meds he was taking and as I went down through the list, I went and located each med and set it aside. When I was finally done, I was left with one bottle. When I looked at it, I was amazed to find out that it was listed as a prescription of another med I had set aside already. I found the other bottle and checked them both. It took me a moment but I finally did pick up that one of them was filled several months ago, while the other was filled just recently. Next I opened the bottles and checked the pills inside and found that there was a very noticeable difference between the pills. Obviously, the officers checking the meds had no idea just as I hadn't, what I was looking at, But I bet anything that I was looking at the meds used to dose Zachy to make him sleep as they are somewhat described in the journal and there was even dosage descriptions including the milligrams of the tablets, which these were the same milligrams. Looking at all of this, I noticed that Lauren should be happy that I removed this stuff from their home as if I had left it, most likely these Journals would have found their way into police custody, along with the meds I now have.


With a smile on my face, I poured out the pills on the table in the dining room and counted them. There were a total of 27 of them left and that meant I could at least have fun with Zachary for the next 27 nights before I ran out of this special medication. I would have to figure out a way to discover who my brother and his wife were getting this drug from. Another thing concerned me as well, how addictive could this drug be and if he didn't have it, would he suffer side effects from it?


With my bathroom taken care of, and now all clean, the discovery of his sleeping medication in my possession all along, and happy that Zachy's room was now set up, I decided it was time to go and pick up my cute little stinky diapered boy. With a smile on my face, I practically ran to my car, excited, now that I could go and get him and spend the rest of the evening with enjoying all of his smells his body had emitted from a day of activity!






Chapter 3.5 (This half chapter will be told from Zachary's perspective of this day's events. Occasionally, we will see chapters such as these told from other character's view point's)


When Uncle John had started diapering me this morning, I really had thought he was going to give me that really good feeling again like he did earlier in the morning. It was really starting to feel good to and it confused me when he stopped and taped the diaper on me. I kinda felt a little cheated and disappointed, almost as if he were punishing me for something.


My disappointment left very quickly though when I found out that I was going to be spending the day with Timmy. Timmy was my best friend, in fact my only friend and the only kid I trusted with my secret about my diapers. He has never told another soul about my diapers, even though a lot of kids already know anyway, and I never told anybody that he wears them still at night. We have a real close bond and I have noticed that he is always fascinated when I get my diaper changed, especially my messy diapers. I also will never forget how he stared at me when Mommy was trying to take my temperature and was going to give me an enema.




As we went out to my uncle's car so we could head to McDonalds, I opened the back door and was about to get inside, but noticed something missing. Not knowing what to do, I looked over at my uncle who had just locked the house and was walking towards the car.


"Uncle John, where is my car seat?" I asked as I could see that my normal car booster seat was not in my uncle's car.


"Oh shi... I mean, darn it. I am sorry Zachy, I forgot all about your seat. Can you just do without it, you are a big boy now and you don't really need it do you?" My uncle asked me and I also caught that he had almost swore in front of me.


"But Mommy says I am too small to sit in the seat without my car seat. She told me I have to grow another half a foot before the law will allow me to not have to sit in my car seat anymore." I explained to my uncle.


"I am sorry Zachy, I will try to either get your seat or another one but for now can you just please get in the car. You can use the middle seatbelt; it isn't a shoulder strap belt so at least it will be more protective for you." My uncle begged me and I heard the desperation in his voice.


I decided not to fight about it for now, as I knew that my uncle couldn't do anything about it, anymore then he could about getting Mommy out of jail. I got in his car and buckled up as he told me to do. For some reason he didn't say anything as we started to drive away from his house and I wondered if he was going to talk to me at all. Since he wasn't talking, I decided to ask him a question that I had been wondering about.


"Uncle John, why did I get that good feeling when you were playing with my dickey? It felt as if I was going to pee but I never felt that good ever peeing before!" I sighed as I remembered the feeling that I got this morning.


My uncle suddenly seemed to be choking on something as he was coughing real hard. It took him a few minutes before he stopped coughing and was able to answer me.


"Sorry there Zachy, you kind of took me by surprise with that question and I think I choked on my own saliva. As for your question, I will try to give you the simplest answer, I hope that will be okay." I nodded my head and affirmed my answer before he continued. "Well, all boys and even grown up men like me and your daddy have dickeys. Now just like with yours, when they or someone else rubs on them, it makes them feel `sooo' good that they become happy and gives you that really good feeling. When boys get old enough, their dickeys get so happy that they will be able to produce the happy juice like I did this morning. Does that make sense to you?" He asked me.


Somehow, I felt there was more that he wasn't telling me but he did say he was going to give me the simplest answer and it did sound like the truth. For the rest of the short ride, Uncle John steered the conversation away from any mention of what I really wanted to talk about, anything and everything about my dickey and how I can make it feel good, and while we were not openly discussing it, I still had it in the back of my mind.


As I sat in the car talking to Uncle John, I found myself considering an idea, one that could be a very bad one for me and maybe even my uncle too. I just happened to find myself thinking about my friend Timmy. I was wondering if he would be the type of person that would like what I learned from Uncle John. Uncle John did say that other people rubbed on someone's dickey, that it made them feel real good, just like his Uncle had made his feel real good when he rubbed his.


I couldn't help thinking that maybe while at Timmy's house today, I could talk to him about it and get his reaction. I know that my uncle said I wasn't allowed to tell anyone about it, and what he did to me, and I promised him I wouldn't but, I really wanted my friend in on this. Maybe there was a way to tell Timmy without even bringing Uncle John up. The more I thought about Timmy and me rubbing each other's dickeys and getting the good feeling, the more I wanted to do it. The thing was, how could I do it without getting caught and in trouble or getting Uncle John put in jail? I thought about it for a minute or two and realized that when I told Timmy about what I learned; I didn't have to say anything about Uncle John at all. If he even asked, I would just tell him that I heard some older boys talking about it and tried it. It was risky as he might tell his mommy about it, but I felt I just had to tell my best friend about it and if I was lucky, maybe he will agree to us making each other feel good, just like my uncle had this morning.


It wasn't long before we got to McDonalds. Normally when we go to McDonalds I am only allowed to pick one of the kids' meals or if we do come at breakfast, Mommy always gets me pancakes. I was surprised though when Uncle John just looked at me and asked me what I wanted.


I looked up at him and with a little un-believability asked, "Are you really letting me choose anything I want?"


He just looked at me with a smile on his lips and nodded his head and asked, "Zachy, hasn't anyone ever allowed you to have a choice before, when going out to eat?"


I just shook my head back and forth then remembered about the kids meals and answered, "The only time I get choices is when it is either off a kids menu or between a couple small cheap meals. Like when I come to McDonalds, I usually get a choice out of a kids' meal if it is after breakfast but if it is before lunch starts, Mommy and Daddy always just get me pancakes."


My Uncle seemed to scowl at the mention of my parents, then a moment later, it was as if he had never scowled and he was now smiling as he nodded and then stated, "Well today you get to choose a breakfast of your choice."


With the whole breakfast menu for the first time to choose from, I found it hard to make a decision. I had thought about many times what I would decide if I could choose, but I just found it hard to make the choice when the time actually came. I decided I needed some help in making my decision as I wasn't sure what I wanted.


"What you getting Uncle John?" I asked him hoping maybe what he was getting sounded good.


It seemed my Uncle liked to smile a lot as he was once again grinning at me as he said, "I am getting a sausage egg and cheese McGriddle meal, which includes a hash brown and a small drink, I will be getting coffee for my drink."


I looked up at him with my eyes scrunched and asked, "What is a McGriddle Uncle John?"


That got a big ball of laughter out of my uncle which caused several of the other customers to look over our way. All of the attention suddenly on us was making me nervous and I clung to my uncle's arm. I guess he must have noticed my unease and stopped laughing and picked me up and gave me a hug. It took me a few minutes before I was feeling calm again but once I was, he sat me back on my feet.


Then as if the whole incident didn't even happen, he went on to explain exactly what a McGriddle was. When I found out it was basically two pancakes with syrup locked inside of it, with an egg, cheese, and your choice of meat; sausage or bacon in between them. I knew I wanted to try one of them. When we got up to the counter and my Uncle placed his order then looked down at me, I smiled back up at him then looked up at the cashier and flashed her my smile as well.


"Make that two of the same." I said to her, trying to sound grown up and use something I heard said on TV when somebody orders the same thing that someone else orders.


My uncle stopped the order taker though, saying, "I don't think he meant coffee. Please make his drink a pop."


To be honest I didn't even think about that. I have never had coffee before and for some reason decided I wanted to try it. My uncle did say he was going to allow me to order anything I wanted. Not wanting more attention drawn to me though with a possible argument at the counter, I decided I would wait until we were seated to ask him about it.


It didn't take us long to get our food and after a quick stop to get napkins and to fill my cup with pop at the drink station, we found a table and sat down to begin our breakfast. I could tell from the way my uncle was acting, that he didn't want to be here for long. He quickly divided our food and handed me my pop. I watched as he got his steaming cup ready and that is when I remembered about asking him why he didn't allow me to order coffee.


"Uncle John, I thought you were letting me order anything I wanted?" As I asked this he nodded. "Then why didn't you let me order the coffee like you got?" I asked bewildered.


"Zachy, to be honest, I thought you did it by accident. I also don't think children should drink coffee as it is an adult drink and you probably won't like it anyway." He explained to me.


I never bought that explanation. Every time I heard my parents or another adult say this, it always seemed as if they were trying to keep something from us kids because they wanted it all to themselves. I don't know why I felt this way or where this feeling came from, I just knew that I did.


"How am I supposed to know if I like it or not if I don't at least taste it? Mommy always says I am supposed to taste everything at least once before I can decide if I like it or not." I tried to use my best logic against him and I could see it working I thought.


My uncle sighed, "Okay, just don't say I didn't warn you." He told me. "Come here, I will hold the cup as it is too hot and it will burn your hand."


I got up and stood over next to my uncle and he slowly tilted the cup, which I could feel the hot steam almost burn my lips, and allow a small amount of the scalding fluid into my mouth. The first thing I noticed was that it was dreadfully hot and the next was that he had been right! This was no drink a kid would be in their right mind drinking, it tasted horrible! I wanted so badly to just spit the stuff back out of my mouth and almost did, but Uncle John had been prepared for that and thumped me on my back in the right place, and just hard enough to make me swallow the fluid in my mouth.


Uncle John watched me gaging as I retook my seat and asked, "Do you still want to order coffee?" I could see a slight smile on his face as I am sure he could tell from my reaction what my answer was going to be to his question.


I just gave him a mean look and chose not to answer him. Giving him an answer now was just in a way some form of mockery it seemed. I really didn't think my uncle was trying to be mean to me. He had warned me but I had insisted on trying the yucky stuff anyway. I think I will be more willing to take Uncle John's advice in the future as I am sure he really does just want to look out for me and my best interest.


The rest of our breakfast went by quickly; I did drink quite a bit of pop and was surprised that Uncle John allowed me to. Normally Mom would cut me off after my first cup but since no one stopped me, I ended up filling my cup 3 times. I knew this would mean that I would have a very wet diaper later on but I didn't really care since Timmy and his mommy already knew about them and didn't care that I wore them.




When we arrived at my friend Timmy's house, after saying goodbye to my Uncle, I asked Mrs. Perkins where Timmy was. She had told me that since it was a nice day outside, that she had sent him out back to play. I thanked her and headed towards the backdoor and out to his backyard. Timmy has a nice play set out here, even a large sandbox for us to play in. Some would probably say I am too old to be playing like this but I don't care what they think because I love playing with Timmy.


The Perkins also had an in-ground fenced in pool. Of course they would not allow us to swim in it without supervision. I was hoping that maybe Timmy and me could talk his mommy into letting us go swimming at some point that afternoon.


As I walked out of the backdoor, I found Timmy playing in the sandbox. As soon as he heard me, he looked up and waved me over. I could tell from his excitement that his mommy hadn't told him I was coming over today. I sat down in the sand next to him and helped him build roads for the city he was building.


"Boy Zachy, Mom's been trying to not talk about it in front of me, but I heard about it from some of the other kids." Timmy started to say and I could already tell where this was going. "I heard that your parents were arrested last night. I was almost afraid they arrested you too!" He sounded sincere in his fear. "I am glad that you are not arrested and are here. How long are you here, what happened last night, did they take you to jail and just now release you, and will you be staying with us now your parents are in jail?" He asked one question after another before finally taking a breath and giving me a chance to answer him.


"To be honest Timmy, I don't know much at all about what happened last night. Uncle John told me he will tell me more when he knows more. I didn't get into any trouble and I didn't go to jail. Uncle John picked me up last night while I was sleeping and I didn't even know I was at his place until I woke up today. As for being here, I am glad I am here too.


"From the way Uncle John was talking to mine and then your mommy this morning, it sounds like I might be here for a while today. Maybe we can get your mommy to let us go swimming in the pool." I suggested the idea to my young friend.


"That sounds like a good idea but it will have to wait after lunch probably. I guess it will also depend if Mom has anymore swim diapers left for you, as you know, she doesn't allow any poop in her pool." Timmy stated and reminded me of the fact that I had to wear swim diapers while in the pool.


"I hope she does have some, because it would suck if I couldn't swim because of that." I grumbled.


"Yeah, I know. Also remember, she wants you to go to the potty before going into the pool." Timmy reminded me of the other big rule his mommy had when it came to me, my toileting issue, and the pool.


There was also another big rule for me that had nothing to do with my toileting problems. I had to make sure I always wore the floaties that went around my arms. These were bought for me by Timmy's mommy when she found out that I really couldn't swim all that well. In fact, I was better at drowning then I was at swimming. The rule was I couldn't enter the deep end and had to wear the floaties. Mr. Perkins, Timmy's daddy, was teaching me how to swim as he had time. It was a slow process but I could now do the dog paddle ...somewhat.


Timmy decided to change subjects and asked, "How are you doing with your diaper issue?"


I always wondered if Timmy had a fascination in diapers like me too because he seemed to ask about mine a lot and always loved to watch me get changed. He even asked a few times how it felt to have a messy diaper or even walk around in messy underpants. It made me wonder if he wanted to actually feel the feeling himself but was afraid to either mess his own night diaper or his underpants. A couple times I considered talking to him about it but found myself chicken out at the last minute.


It was different to have a problem that required me to wear diapers but to actually like diapers and admit to him about it, he might think things that are not true. He may think that I use them on purpose and don't really have a problem after all. While there were times that I have purposefully let go of my bladder while in a diaper, the truth is that in most cases, I would have most likely wet it before I made it to the toilet anyway. Basically admitting to all of this, was opening myself up to more than I was willing too at the moment. If I did open myself up, I could be totally screwed if I was wrong about my thoughts on Timmy's feelings about my diapers. This is why I keep my mouth shut and my fantasies about diapers to myself.


Remembering he asked me a question, I gave him the only answer I could. "The same as the last time you saw me." I told him and to emphasize the point, my butt picked that moment to suddenly explode from the medicine that Uncle John had put up it this morning after my enema.


"Oops, looks like we need to get you in to see Mom." Timmy suggested as soon as he heard the explosion followed by the powerful stench.


Getting up, we both brushed the sand off of ourselves and then walked into the house. As we walked, my butt fired several more times inside my diaper as I cramped and bent over as each eruption hit me. I was beginning to wonder how long this was going to last and hoped not much longer. Before we left the back entrance area, we took off our shoes as Mrs. Perkins did not like the idea of us kids bringing sand into the house and ruining her carpet. We then went to look for Timmy's mommy and found her in the living room.


It didn't take much for Mrs. Perkins to figure out what I did. I am sure she could smell me coming a mile away. It didn't help that once again as we entered the room, I cramped up once again and my butt erupted like an uncontrollable volcano. After that last eruption though, I did seem to feel better as my stomach and bowels seemed settle a little, though it did feel like my bum hole was on fire. I could tell by the sloshy feeling inside of this diaper that this was going to be one hell of a messy diaper and I really wanted out of it. At least I was comfortable with Timmy's mommy changing me as she had been doing it now for some time and I had no problems with her doing it. She was just as caring and loving about it as my own Mommy was.


"Looks like your uncle was right, that suppository really did make you do a number in that diaper." She chuckled a little after I recovered after my last eruption.


I know that the comment could have been one of embarrassment but you have to understand, I have been pretty much use to this sort of thing by now with her and was used to it. I knew it was not meant to be mean but her way to be funny and make something that was embarrassing and make more of a joke out of it.


So I decided to be funny myself at that moment and joking as well stated, "Yah, a number 2! That is the number I did in my diaper!"


Mrs. Perkins laughed, "You sure did, now let's get that stinky diaper off and see how badly constipated you are now."


I didn't like where this was going as I didn't expect her to check my constipation, she never did that before. That was something that only to recently Mommy had done. I hoped she wasn't going to be sticking anything up my butt, but I kinda knew better. How else would she check if I were still constipated or not?


She had a lot more expertise with diaper changing then my uncle had and therefore, while this was worse than this morning full diaper and he felt it was easier to wash me off with the shower, Mrs. Perkins was good enough to be able to remove a good amount just with the diaper alone. She used the diaper wipes wisely to clean me up; it only took about 6 wipes to do the job. That even included 1 to finish wiping off my pee. She then pulled out a new diaper out of my book bag but when I saw her pull out the familiar thermometer and Vaseline, I was ready to bolt. I guess she felt me about to do so as she suddenly slapped my naked bottom sharply, which caused me to yell out in pain.


"Zachy, if you don't listen to me and do what I say; I will be forced to spank your naughty, naked bottom. I need you to behave while I check and see if you're constipated or not!" She threatened me.


I guess she decided not to do it in the living room because she helped me up, then took my hand and while she led me towards Timmy's room, she warned me that I better not go potty on her floor. I guess the reason she wanted to do it in her son's room was because she could have me lay on his bed and that way, even if I were to have an accident, the rubber sheet on my friend's bed would contain it.


She had me lay on my stomach with my dickey pointed into the new diaper she had gotten out for me. She made sure my legs were spread wide and for extra measure, my diaper front area, was laying over top of Timmy's two pillows which also had protectors on them. This allowed her an excellent view of my secret boy spot, a spot only a few people have ever seen. It just seems that lately that the list of those people have grown. Then again, this wasn't really the first time she saw it but it was the first time she saw it so opened up and exposed.


Curious as to what she was doing, I tried to sneak a peek but found it hard when she kept smacking my butt and telling me to lie back down. As she was behind me and in order to see her, I had to literally pick myself up and turn my head, which only irritated Mrs. Perkins. I did notice that Timmy must have followed us up to his room and was now off to the side watching with fascination. I knew that this was going to be the first time he was going to witness this most humiliating act done to me. I knew he loved watching me get changed but did he have to be here for this as well. I really wanted to tell him to leave but then I was afraid if I did that, I would sound more like a baby then. I did remember that Timmy told me that his mommy gave him enemas at times too but I bet he didn't get them as often as I did.


Because I couldn't see her, I wasn't prepared at all when I felt the slickened thermometer suddenly find my exposed hole and enter into it. As I had stated, I was all set up for her to go ahead and insert it; I just wasn't expecting her to put it in without letting me know first. I yelped out in shock and surprise as she slipped the thermometer all the way in. It also caused my bladder to betray me as I felt it spasm and then empty into the diaper that I was lying on. I could tell I soaked the diaper but I wouldn't know until later that it managed to keep Timmy's pillows and bed dry and hold all of the pee I released.


"There, there, sweetie, it will be all over in a minute and we will know soon if you are still constipated or not. Hopefully you got yourself all cleaned out and we won't have to do the enema." She gave me a little hope with those words and rubbed my back as we waited for SpongeBob to sing his song.


"Mom, if Zachy needs an enema, can I help?" Timmy asked out of the blue and I about died out of embarrassment then and there.


We were talking about embarrassment earlier and how I thought nothing here while in this home could embarrass me. I now know that is bullshit! There is always something I found out that you just didn't know about that could come up and could embarrass the daylights out of you. Like Timmy's question here had just done.


If I thought that was bad, it got only worse with his mommy's response, "That would be very nice of you Timmy. I would love it if you could help me with it if Zachy does indeed need one. I am sure Zachy would feel better having his friend close by to help keep him calm too."


I was just glad when at that moment SpongeBob started singing his song and stopped the conversation. For now, I hoped and prayed that my constipation had gone away and there would be no need for an enema and therefore no reason for Timmy to help his mommy giving me one. As it turns out, this was just not turning out to be my day, but in truth, when has it ever? When I heard Mrs. Perkins sigh; I knew that I was in trouble. She then showed me the thermometer and it of course did have the normal signs of about an inch of thick poopy smears on the end of it. This frustrated me so much, I couldn't believe how much I had pooped already today and it wasn't even noon yet! What was wrong with me that I could poop so much out of me, but still be constipated?


"How much poop do I have in me?!" I found myself asking worriedly to know one in particular out loud.


"Sweetie, your intestines are probably full of poop and there is quite a lot of length of intestines inside of you. You are just so backed up that you can't even empty yourself. I don't really think a fleet enema is going to work for you. I have a special enema remedy that I use when Timmy gets backed up and I believe it works much better than a fleet enema does. Though it does mean you will have to hold a lot more fluid in your bottom then you normally do with your fleet enema. Do you think you can do this?" Mrs. Perkins asked me.


I had homemade enemas before. My mommy had given me them on several occasions and only started the fleets after the newest treatment plan was put together with the doctor. It was also hard for me to retain the large amount of liquid from a regular enema for the required length of time and occasionally found myself accidentally losing control before the time was up and making a mess all over the place.


"I can try Mrs. Perkins, but I don't always hold them very good." I told her truthfully.


Mrs. Perkins smiled at me with a knowingly smile and then gave her son that same look, when she returned her look at me, she made a suggestion, "I think it might be best that we proceed to take this to the bathroom. That is where I always give Timmy all of his enemas. That way he is not that far from the toilet and if he can't hold it all in before he can get to it, the bathroom's linoleum floor is a lot easier to clean up then the carpet. Worst case scenario, I can always throw you in the tub if you can't stop enough to make it to the toilet."


I didn't want to tell Mrs. Perkins that my mommy always just re-diapered me after giving me my enema. She did insist that I hold it as long as I could though but when I couldn't any longer the diaper was there to catch the leaks. In fact, Uncle John was the first person in a long time to let me use the potty after giving me an enema. Mommy used to but at some point she just started to re-diaper me. I don't know why as I would think it would be easier for her to let me go on the potty and that way she wouldn't have the terrible and stinky mess to clean up afterwards.


"Okay, why don't you head over to the bathroom now and sit on the toilet, that way if you do anything it will go in the proper place. I will be with you shortly as soon as I get the enema ready for you." Mrs. Perkins explained. "Try to be patient; it will take me a few minutes to make it. Timmy, why not go and keep your friend company while I get his enema ready."


As she left to go get my enema ready, I looked over at Timmy then started to walk out of his room with him right behind me. I was holding the soaked diaper up between my legs just in case I peed more or pooped. The last thing I wanted to do was make a mess on Mrs. Perkins carpet right now. When I entered the bathroom I quickly lifted the lid and planted my little fanny on the toilet. No longer needing it, I put the urine drenched diaper beside it.


Timmy had of course followed me into the bathroom and sat on the floor in front of me. As he sat there staring at me, I realized something at that moment. Timmy had seen me many times naked, but in all the time I had known him, I had never seen him naked. Even when we went swimming, he changed into his suit in private and always closed and locked the bathroom door whenever he used the potty. In my mind it didn't seem fair that he got to see all my most embarrassing moments but I never got to see any of his. Then another thought occurred to me, why was I so worried and embarrassed about my friend seeing me get an enema when I wanted to try and talk him into doing something much more potentially embarrassing. So far I hadn't gotten up my nerve to even ask him yet about trying the new trick I learned. For one, I wasn't going to do it with his mommy so close that she might pop in at any moment and over hear us talking about it. It was best to wait until later, when her stories were on. She would then be so involved in them that Timmy and I could actually hear her shouting at the TV some times. We both knew that was the best time to do stuff we wanted to do, as her attention was so focused on the TV that we could get away with anything we wanted underneath her nose. I decided that was when I would try and tell him.


"I'm sorry... " Timmy started to say.


I looked at him strangely and asked sarcastically, "What do you have to be sorry about? You blowed up the world or something?" I asked and without realizing it, mispronounced blown.


I had a feeling what he was apologizing for but I really didn't want his pity right now. It also wasn't his fault either so there was nothing for him to be sorry about. It was mine and my body's fault.


Of course he had to insist on saying it anyway as he blurted out, "No moron! I am sorry that you have to go through all of this crappy shit all the time. I am sorry that as much as you were hoping that you wouldn't need it, that you have to get an enema anyway. I am also sorry because I know from experience that Mom's enemas are not only potent but are heavy on the liquid. When she gives it to you, it feels like the liquid actually makes it all the way back to your stomach!"


As I listened to my friend tell me about what I should expect, I was starting to get even more fearful of what was about to come. I wasn't sure if I liked the thought of someone running an enema mixture up into me that goes so far that it makes its way back into my stomach. It sounded way too painful and I had no idea how in the world I was going to be able to hold this enema inside of me.


"How long does your mommy make you hold it for?" I asked him in a small and scared voice.


He blushed at this before responding, "She wants me to hold it for 15 minutes but I think the longest I have ever held it for is like 9 or so minutes. The bad part is, if I don't hold it long enough to do the trick, she sometimes will repeat it."


Now I really didn't like the sound of that. One embarrassing enema was bad enough, but to get another one right away just because he failed to hold the water in long enough... well, that just wasn't fair! I decided to change the topic for the last few minutes I had before my guts were exploded from the inside, due to all my poop in them, and all the water that Mrs. Perkins was about to shoot up my bum! For the next few minutes we chatted about things like our favorite TV shows, we both loved SpongeBob and a few other cartoons. We also talked about how we could convince his mommy into letting us go swimming later. We were in the middle of that conversation when she entered the bathroom with the largest bag of water I think I have ever seen!


"I don't see any reason why you guys can't go swimming after lunch. I figured we can eat lunch a little late since Zachy had a late breakfast. Timmy do you think you can wait until 1pm to have lunch or do you need a snack to get you by with?" She asked her son causally as she set up her stuff.


"I think I will be okay Mom." He answered.


"Okay honey, can you get the medical IV pole from the closet. My hands are full and you did offer to help." She asked Timmy who jumped up and ran out to do what he was asked without even saying a word. "Sometimes that boy of mine gets so enthusiastic he forgets to even acknowledge that he heard exactly what was said to him." She said with a smile.


Timmy was back a few seconds later with what looked like a small metal pole. It wasn't until he started to loosen a ring on it and pull up, that I realized that it was a collapsible pole and that it had to be tightened down in place. Once it was all set up, it looked like one of those poles you see in a hospital next to hospital beds. His mommy then hung the huge bag that had to be as big as my thigh, on the pole, as I looked at it, my eyes bugged out and I was ready to bolt but she was expecting this and had stopped me before I was able to make it more than a foot from the toilet.


"Now Zachy, I know that it may look intimidating to you, but I want you to know that there is no way that all of that is going into you. I do want you to take as much of it as you can, but I won't make you take it all. The rest will be used in case we have to do a second treatment." She explained.


Even the thought of half of that, was scary. It was way more than any enema my mommy had ever given me. Her enema bottle, which I thought up to now, had been huge, was tiny in comparison to this.


"Zachy, I want you to lie on the floor but not on your back but on your side. I need you to loosen up on your muscles and try to relax and just not let it scare you baby. This shouldn't take long at all and once it is done, hopefully you will feel better. Timmy, sit next to him and rub his tummy and you two can talk to each other while I administer his enema into him." She did her best to sooth me and instructed her son on how to help her keep me calm.


I did as I was told as I knew it wouldn't do any good to try and fight it and Timmy per his mommy's instructions sat down next to me and started to rub my stomach. As he was doing this, I suddenly found myself wishing he was touching my dickey instead. Then as if it had a mind of its own, my little dickey suddenly got all stiff. I don't know why this embarrassed me so much, it wasn't like I never had a stiffy before when being changed by Mrs. Perkins. I guess maybe it was because it had something to do with the fact that I associated the stiffy with the fact that I had wanted Timmy to put his hands on my dickey right before I got all hard like it did.


I could now feel a finger with a cold slippery stuff being slipped between my bum and into my hole. I groaned in discomfort as Mrs. Perkins slipped her lubed finger as far into my bum hole as she could and then rub the lube all over everything. When she withdrew her finger, my relief was only temporary as then I was next feeling her push a long tube into my bum. She had explained as she did it, that the tube was also lubed so that it would cause less friction. Once she seemed satisfied with how much of the tube she had in me, she stopped shoving it up inside of me and I silently thanked GOD for that miracle as I didn't think I could take any more of that.


Now, if I had thought that the whole tube thing had been the worst part of all this, then I was totally wrong, because as I found out now, that when Mrs. Perkins had started the fluid and it was now flowing freely into my bum, and filling my insides up very quickly, there was now a whole new meaning to the word `PAIN'!


"OW! OW! OW! OW!" I started to scream as my insides began to cramp more severely than I ever remember them doing so before. "It hurts, please no more." I pleaded through tears streaming down my face.


"Zachy, just a bit more, okay? You almost have what you need in you, and I promise I will shut it off." She responded and I just responded with tears and choked sobs.


Sure enough, a few seconds later, she stopped the flow but didn't remove the tube. I was hoping that she would remove this as well. It was quite uncomfortable and while it no longer actually was hurting me, it was bothering the living daylights out of me and it made me feel like I needed to go all the more.


"Can we remove the tube now?" I begged through my sobs and I could even taste the snot dripping from my nose down onto my lips.


"I am sorry darling, but that tube right this moment is probably the only thing most likely keeping all the liquid inside of you. Even with it in you, there will probably be some leakage and come a point where you will end up over flowing around it. When it gets to that point, we have to pull the out because if we don't, all the water we just put in you will find its way out but the tube will make it very hard for any of the poopy that is up inside of you to find its way out of you. That is why it is important to hold it as long as you can but once you can't any longer, we have to pull the tube so everything comes out of you and hopefully clears you out. To be honest Zachy, I really think your uncle should take you to see a specialist. Somebody who can maybe help fix this problem for you once and for all. You are kind of old to be having this problem and it should have been fixed years ago." From the way she said this last part, it sounded as if she wanted to say more but made herself stop.


I am not sure how much time went by as the pressure in my guts just got worse and worse. Timmy tried his best to comfort me by continuing to rub my stomach and several times he actually went down low enough to brush my dickey, which again went stiff as soon as his fingers gently brushed by it. He giggled when it happened that first time and I guess that is why he did it several times more. I guess he must have picked times his mommy wasn't paying attention as she never said a word about the little game he was playing at the moment. It wasn't exactly what I wanted from my friend but it did at least finally answer a question I was wondering about. I was now sure without a doubt that I could trust him with my little new secret game. It also got me to stop crying as he did this as I found it too hard to cry while getting enjoyment at the same time.


I had been trying to do my best to hold it as long as I could and it had felt like I had been holding it forever, at least longer than Timmy's record of 9 minutes. I had been leaking for a little bit now, but suddenly I felt a huge cramp overtake me and I knew I was in trouble.


"It's coming!" I said as I tried to get up and walk to the toilet with that damn tube still stuck up my butt, when all of a sudden my insides of my thighs were coated in brown water as it made its way down and started to form a puddle on the floor.


Timmy's Mom grabbed me under my arms and plopped me in the tub and then quickly pulled out the tube from my bum. With all the pain from the cramping, I barely even felt her removing the tube, that is until it was finally free and it was like my bum had been uncorked. Suddenly, my bowels opened up as I squatted and erupted in the tub. It turned out, I spent more time pooping out all that enema water and poop inside of me then I had actually held it inside of me. You might be wondering how long I had held it inside of me, I was too and after everything, that included the tub and myself was clean again, and I was re-diapered and dressed, I did ask.


"You did very good for your first time sweetie." She said. "You held it in for almost 7 minutes."


I was shocked; I wanted to shout but instead asked, "I only held it for 7 minutes? I thought for sure I held it much longer." I could tell by her face that this didn't faze her and knew that she was the one with the timer, not me. "So am I still, constipated?" I asked her, which made me curious as to why she didn't check with the thermometer after the enema.


"I am not sure sweetie, you did pretty good on that enema and I didn't want to overdo it with giving another one again to you so soon after since you held that one as long as you did. You may not have held it as long as I wanted you to, but you held it long enough to produce quite a lot more than any diaper could ever hold. As for you being constipated still, I guess we will find out soon enough." She tried her best to not only explain things but also assuage my fears.




We had been in the swimming pool for quite a while having fun. I of course was in a swim diaper and Timmy in his swim trunks. Due to the rules, as normal, I had to go to the bathroom and sit on the potty before I was allowed to go in the pool and was not allowed to come in until I at least proven that I peed in the potty. That was the trouble with the swim diaper I found out, while it safely contained my poop, it did nothing for my pee. Due to the reason that this diaper did nothing for holding my pee, Mrs. Perkins made it very clear that I was to not pee in her pool but if I needed to pee, to go to the potty and do it. To help make sure I didn't have an accident while playing, she even occasionally asked me if I needed to go peepee. Now back when the first time I went swimming in the pool and this happened, I found this quite embarrassing, but by now I was quite used to the ordeal. I knew she was just trying to keep her pool clean from pee. The thing is, Timmy secretly told me that he had peed in the pool many times, now some may have used that against him, but not me! I never ratted on him and besides, while I tried my best not to, I too had a couple pee accidents in the pool.


Timmy and I were giggling and splashing each other quite a bit when his mommy called out, "Okay boys, time to get out. It is almost time for my stories and I still need to get Zachary back into a diaper."


"Ah Mommmm... Can't we stay in for a while longer? We will be good." Timmy begged his mommy, we of course knew this was going to be a losing battle but you could always hope.


I watched as Mrs. Perkins gave a scowl at her son before answering, "Timmy, I am tired of constantly going over this with you every single time. You know that I don't like to leave you out here alone in the pool, and before you say that you are not alone, that brings me to my next point! You also know that I will not leave Zachary out here without adult supervision because he is one, not my child and two, not able to swim. What would you do if he were to start drowning? You wouldn't be able to help him as you are not trained and you are not big enough to even get him out of the pool! I don't want to hear another word about this from you again. The next time I hear you beg about being allowed to swim after I told you it is time to get out, I am going to pull down your trunks and I will spank that wet bare little butt of yours! Do you understand young man?!"


Timmy looked both upset and scared and about to cry as he nodded his head and answered in a soft meek voice, "Yes Mommy."


I was shocked; it had been months since I had heard Timmy refer to his parents as mommy or daddy. He told me that he got made fun of at his school one day for doing it and ever since had called them mom and dad. I told him that I wouldn't ever let any bullies tell me what to call my mommy and daddy as that was who they have always been to me and always will be. I even asked him why he doesn't still just call them mommy and daddy when he wasn't at school and when he was there, he could call them mom and dad. Timmy just told me it was too hard to remember as he had already tried that and he kept messing it up. That was why he decided the only way to stop at school, was to stop completely. I was glad that he had no problem with me still calling my parents, Mommy and Daddy and even referring to his parents as his mommy and daddy. Still, a part of me felt like I was losing a small part of my friend when he decided he was too grown up to use those terms, and he was younger than me!


"Now I better see you two out of that pool right this minute or there will be two little wet boy butts getting spanked!" Timmy's mommy now threatened the both of us.


The threat of a spanking got us both out of the pool in a flash. I was not very fond of spankings one bit, as I remembered the many times my daddy spanked my bottom till it hurt so bad I couldn't even sit down on it. I hope now living with Uncle John that I wouldn't have to worry about being spanked anymore, he has always been so nice to me, for some reason I just couldn't ever see him spanking me. I didn't think he was the type of person that could ever hurt me like Daddy did. Still, Mommy loves me a lot and she is real nice to me even though she can embarrass me at times. Even though she loves me so much, she can still spank me just as hard as Daddy at times when she is mad enough at me. I am just glad she didn't do it as often as Daddy did. Both of them have used their hand at times, then there were times that they didn't. Daddy preferred to use his belt on my bare bottom a lot which really-really-really-REALLY HURT! As for Mommy, she would make me get her yard stick or sometimes one of the Ping-Pong paddles from downstairs off the Ping-Pong table and she would use these to whip my bare bottom till it was so sore that I it hurt for a week! As for Timmy's Mom, so for other than a smack to my butt every once in a while like earlier today, I have never really been spanked by her and according to what Timmy tells me, I don't want to be either. So I don't even tempt fate with her.


We both dried off as best as we could and then followed Timmy's mommy inside the house. She led us back to Timmy's room where she took my towel and laid it out on his bed and picked me up and laid me on it. With me laying now on the towel and my legs spread out for her, I watched as she tore each side of the disposable swim diaper and opened it up. I guess I must have not drunk enough water or something, because my pee was obviously extra strong to not have been bleached away from the pool water, when I must have had an accident. The telltale yellow patch in front gave away that I had indeed peed in it at some point while in the pool and this got an immediate response from her.


"Zachary Michael Wells! What did I tell you about peeing in the pool?!" She said angrily and smacked my thigh hard enough to make me cry out in pain and bring stinging tears to my eyes.


"I'm sorry Mrs. Perkins; I didn't know I had gone." I blubbered.


She gave me a look like she really didn't believe me. She knew I had a messing problem due to my constipation and a bedwetting problem, but it was her belief that my daytime wetting issues was either due to laziness or because I felt it was okay to pee in it since I was wearing a diaper. Granted, I did wet myself occasionally because I was wearing a diaper, but I was telling the truth this morning when I told Uncle John that I have been having a lot of wetting accidents that I didn't do on purpose. I find that they seem to happen when I get really involved with something, like playing with a friend, watching a good TV program, playing a game, or basically anything that takes my attention away from everything else.


I of course hadn't only wet the diaper but also had a small pile of poop in it as well. It had been the same with the diaper I had been wearing before we had gone out to the pool. This just only proved I must still be constipated and I cried even harder as Mrs. Perkins started to clean me up.


I tried to remember the last time I wasn't constipated but as hard as I tried, I couldn't remember when the last time was. I was sure that there were times I had been cleared out and accident free, but those times were so few and didn't last very long. This was why it made it hard for me to remember when the last time it was.


I had been so deep in my thoughts that I didn't even realize that Mrs. Perkins had finished diapering me until she was helping me up from the bed.


"Okay boys, you be good and don't get too rowdy while I go watch my stories." Timmy's mommy instructed us as she left the room with the wet towels, Timmy's wet trunks, which I didn't even see him take off, and the rolled up used swim diaper.


We both shouted out, "Okay we will." Loud enough so that she could hear us as she walked down the hallway.


I then looked over at my friend, hoping to see if he was still naked or not, but he was already back in the shorts he was wearing earlier. I didn't understand why I was suddenly so interested in seeing my playmate naked. I never had these thoughts before, but ever since this morning and having that really good feeling, I not only had a strong desire to share it with Timmy, but to see him naked as well. Knowing that if I was going to do this, I had better do it now, while we had the perfect opportunity, or not at all!


Acting kind of sneakily, I slowly walked over to Timmy's door and slowly closed it and walked back over to Timmy and in a quiet voice I asked, "Timmy, what would you say if I found out something that feels really good, but is naughty to do? If your mommy were to catch you, she would be very angry, so you can't tell anyone what I show you."


He looked at me a little disbelievingly, I could tell that he wasn't sure if he believed me or not. There was also the fact that once he did find out, would he tell anyone else. I mean, here I was telling him after I promised Uncle John that I wouldn't tell anyone else. I almost considered backing out of my plan right there until I realized that I wanted to feel that good feeling too much and since Uncle John wasn't here to help me with that, I wanted Timmy to help me with it. I also wanted to see if I could give Timmy the same feeling to.


He finally asked, "How?"


I smiled and prayed that he would go with me from here as I replied, "First you have to promise me that you will never tell anyone what I show you or what we end up doing here... No matter what!"


He sighed and rolled his eyes at me but replied, "Okay, promise not to tell anyone till the day I die."


I wasn't sure if he sounded sincere enough but my buddy had never told on me or broken a promise before, so I was going to trust him on this one. I really wasn't sure how to begin but then I remembered that Timmy had to wear diapers at night for his bedwetting. I went over to his supplies and found his diaper cream and held it up for him to see.


"Does your mommy use this on you every night?" I asked him and he gave me a questioning look. "When your mommy puts you in your night diaper, does she rub this cream in you every night too?"


At this he shook his head and said, "No, she only uses the cream if she sees that I might be starting to develop a rash."


I wasn't expecting this and I felt it might derail my new plan at getting Timmy to try what I was going to get him to try. I sighed; I decided to come after a different way. My hope was that it wasn't that long ago that he had the cream used that he could remember the feelings he had when it was rubbed into his dickey.


"Timmy, when was the last time your mommy used this cream on you then?" I asked him and watched as he screwed up his little face to think for a minute.


"A couple weeks ago she puts some on me." He responded and it seemed as if he was remembering back to the night.


I was sure I had him now as I smiled and asked, "When your mommy was putting the cream on you, did your dickey get all big and hard?" As I had hoped his response to this was to open his eyes real big and nod his head enthusiastically. "Did it feel real good down there as she was rubbing in the cream?" As I asked this question I pointed to his dickey and again he nodded his head and looked surprised that I knew this. Finally I asked, "Did it feel like you might pee at any moment but even though you were afraid you might do so, you didn't want her to quit?" At this point I lost him though as he shook his head no.


"Mom always seems to stop after I start getting the good feeling and it drives me nuts." Timmy stated sadly.


I smiled even broader as I was sure I had him now and made my proposition, "Timmy, how would you like to have that feeling again and not have to worry about having someone stopping on you?" I asked.


He looked at me and gasped, "You mean you would do it for me?"


I nodded my head and sheepishly asked, "Would you do it to me too?"


He nodded his head in agreement and we decided to do each other at the same time. In amazement, I watched as he quickly slipped out of his t-shirt then pulled his shorts and cartoon briefs down at the same time in one quick motion. I was shocked to see that his small dickey was all stiff too and was almost as big as mine. He seemed to be getting impatient with me and carefully helped me take off my diaper.


"You better not poop on my bed, Mom will kill me when I can't give her an explainable reason how a poop stain got on my sheets!" He warned me.


"Do you have something that you can lay under me that you don't mind getting messed up?" I asked him.


He looked around his room for a moment then his eyes light up, "Be right back!" He rattles off and is out the door before I can remind him he is naked.


"Boy I hope he doesn't get spotted by his mommy!" I find myself thinking out loud and dreading the thought if he does.


It doesn't take long before he shows back up in his room with a grin on his face with what appears to be a large rag in his hand and a big smile on his face.


"Oops, forgot I was naked! Mom almost saw me running around in my birthday suit!" With that he started to giggle.


I gave him an evil stare that just made him giggle more but he came over and put the rag on his bed and then had me lay down on it to make sure the rag was positioned right to catch any poop mess I might make. As soon as he was happy with that he joined me on the bed.


In order to make it easier to rub each other's dickeys, he laid down in the opposite direction on his bed that I laid so that we were looking at each other's stiffies. We then put a glob of cream on each and began rubbing them. It didn't take long before both of us were moaning. I knew my dickey was real hard and I could see that Timmy's dickey was hard as well. He suddenly was moaning so loudly that I was afraid that his mommy might hear him and come rushing into the room to check on us, but she never did. Later I would find out from Timmy that I was moaning loudly too, if not louder than himself.


I am not really sure how long it took after we started rubbing each other, but as I felt Timmy's little hand slide up my hard dickey and then back down, I started to feel that ticklish feeling that seemed to start right at the tip of my dickey and then flow down inside of me and like I did this morning, I got that same feeling like I needed to pee, very desperately! I remembered having to feel like I had to pee this morning but I was pretty sure I hadn't done so. I wasn't sure why it hadn't happened but I remembered telling Uncle John this morning that I had to pee and instead of stopping and putting me on the potty, he continued what he was doing, as if he knew I wouldn't pee. So I chose to trust my uncle on this and not warn Timmy as the feeling got stronger and stronger, before my whole body exploded in fireworks. I had that really good feeling and it felt even better with my best friend Timmy giving it to me. As I had thought, I didn't pee one drop, of course it didn't dawn on me that my bladder was currently empty, having done so shortly before getting out of the pool. Of course this was something that I really wasn't even conscious of at all. Instead my little dickey seemed to jump on its own and I felt the urge to thrust my body forward each time my dickey seemed to jump in Timmy's hand. Oh man did it feel great as that feeling as if something was trying to come out of the tip of my dickey. When it was all done and over with, I had to make sure just to see if nothing came out. I didn't want to pee on Timmy's bed, but I also was wondering if by chance I made the Happy Juice that Uncle John told me about. No matter how much I looked though, there was nothing to find and other than the cream on my dickey, there was no other wetness on it or the pee tip. Well, I guess I could have wished.


With me done, I put all my effort into trying to get Timmy to experience the good feeling. I decided to have him lay flat on his back and then I sat Indian style next to him as I stroked him. I could tell he was starting to get close when he started to thrust into my hand as I came down on his dickey.


"OH NO! Stop Zachy!" He cried out and that time I was almost positive his mommy must have heard us.


I put a finger up to my mouth, trying to let him know to be quiet. I tried to listen for his mommy but didn't hear anyone coming and decided that we must have been lucky and the TV must be up just loud enough where she can't hear us. All this time I had continued to rub Timmy and while he was still moaning in ecstasy, he was also whimpering.


"Please Zachy, I have to pee and I about to go right now if you don't stop." He pleaded and for a moment I considered his wish but I knew if I did, I would never get him to ever experience the good feeling.


I tried to calm him as I continued and quietly told him, "Don't worry, you are not going to pee, that is just what it feels like before the good feeling starts. I promise."


Stupid me had to make that promise, because sure enough, as Timmy was thrown into one of the best feelings I am sure he has ever felt in his life, his dickey which was jumping all about like mine had done started to shoot peepee all over him. I did the only thing I could think of, I grabbed my diaper that was still sitting on the bed popped it over his peeing spout. Luckily he recovered fast from his good feeling and was able to stop peeing, but by then the damage had been done. My diaper was soaked in his peepee and some of it got on his bed.


We were lucky that my diaper had soaked up most of it though. I knew we could easily tape the diaper back on me and blame me for wetting it though, so no problem there. As for the bed, it was a little harder to deal with as it got several spots of his top blanket wet. We were in luck that it didn't go below that, but still, how could we clean his blanket without his mommy finding out. We went over all our options and finally I decided that maybe it would be best if I take all the blame on this. After all, this whole thing had been my idea.


After discussing it, it was decided that my diaper would have a leak. So, after Timmy had washed himself up and gotten redressed, he snuck out to the kitchen and grabbed one of his mommy's sharp knives. If she knew we were going to use it, she would beat both of our butts. Once he got back to his room he took my diaper, which I still hadn't put back on yet, and cut a small slit in the bottom side of the diaper. He then helped me back into it, making sure it was as tight and snug as his mommy usually puts it on me. All the time he watches his mommy diaper me has really paid off, of course he has had his own experience being diapered by his mommy too. Timmy also got rid of the rag he got. Now while it turned out that I had not made a mess on it, according to Timmy, when he re-diapered me, I did have a small amount of poop in my butt crack.


Now that I was back in my diaper, I found it kind of neat feeling sitting in my friends pee. I decided to just throw on a t-shirt which was a norm for me here, if I was inside on a hot day. Timmy ran back out to the kitchen to return the knife and to get us something to drink. When he returned he gave me a look.


"What?" I asked.


"Mom wanted to know what we been up to. I told her we had been playing and that I was just getting us something to drink. She wanted us to come out to the kitchen to drink at first as she didn't want any spills in the room but I begged and finally convinced her when her story came back on from commercial." He told me and I thought it was a close call.


With my diaper capable of leaking now and if I did have a wetting accident, I sure didn't want to have one out in the kitchen and blow our plan. My plan was for the diaper to leak on Timmy's bed, not on the kitchen floor.


All the wet spots on Timmy's bed were not that far apart and I sat Indian style in-between them. Now all I needed to do was pee enough to leak a spot out of my diaper and combine those spots into one. Timmy was going to help me by peeing into my diaper, which both of us found naughty. In fact, since Timmy still had to pee pretty badly, he zipped down his fly and pulled out his dickey and stuck it into the top of my diaper and started to pee. It felt incredible, feeling another boy pee all over my dickey and inside my diaper. I could feel his warm pee hit my dickey then flow between my legs and down my bum crack; I couldn't help giggling at the feeling. I knew at some point I wanted, needed to return this favor to my friend as I had the strangest feeling he would love it. Then as my dickey started to get hard and feeling good, his peepee came to an end and he put his own dickey back in his pants. We checked to see if there were any leaks from him peeing into my diaper but amazingly, even with his earlier soaking, the diaper soaked it all up without a leak.


"Darn!" I said, I guess it is going to take a while. I only hope I can leak before your mommy insists on changing me." I stated and he agreed.


Over the next couple hours, we drank as much pop and water as we could and while we waited for the diaper to do what we expected it to do, we both sat cross legged on Timmy's bed playing handheld video games to pass the time. Finally I felt my bladder go and when it did this time it seemed as it was not going in the diaper at all, it just flowed right out onto the bed and made a huge wet spot, to the point where Timmy had to jump up to keep from getting wet.


"MOM! COME QUICK! ZACHY'S DIAPER JUST LEAKED ALL OVER MY BED!" He shouted loud enough so his mommy could definitely hear.


Sure enough, a few seconds later, she was quickly walking into the room and taking in the scene. Her son standing on his bed as far away from the wet spot as possible, and me crying in shame, sitting still in the large wet spot I had made.


"I don't understand; that diaper should have held until my stories were over." She said in confusion but then in resignation went to work on getting me cleaned up.


Since Timmy's bed was soaked, she decided to just un-tape my diaper there and then clean me up while standing. First she had me come to the edge of the bed and had me sit there. With me sitting there, she popped the tapes on the diaper and started to lower it.


"I really hope you are not that messy Zachary as it will only make this harder." She sighed and I hoped I wasn't either but I had no idea if I was or not.


I guess she had a reason to be afraid as she had been able to smell it before seeing it. I had been trying to pee so much that I was constantly putting pressure on my bladder which in turn was putting more pressure on my bowels. This meant that instead of the small amount I normally do, I had managed to push out quite a lot of those small little squiggles of poop that I do, enough of it that it had plastered itself all over my backside, all the way up to my boy-sack.


"Timmy, can you please help me dear and pull off Zachy's t-shirt." She asked my friend.


"Yes Mom." He answered and got down from the bed and came over to my side and helped me off with my shirt.


"Okay Zachary, I want you to stand and spread your legs. Timmy, can you get me Zachy's diaper wipes from his bag?" As she asked, we did it without saying anything.


I watched as Mrs. Perkins noticed that the front of my diaper was barely wet at all, just a little damp. Mainly it was due to the fact that I had pointed my dickey towards the bottom of my diaper so that it would leak faster. I hoped she wouldn't figure out that we purposefully sabotage the diaper. She did use the clean front part of the diaper to clean as much of my bum as she could. Then like any other time, she used my diaper wipes to finish the job. This time though, she had to have me bend over before she was done to open up more and give her better access to my bum and my bum hole.


When I was finally all clean again, she got a clean diaper and this time, inspected it. Once she seemed satisfied, she laid it on the floor and had me lay on top of it. She then proceeded to rub the diaper cream into me and like before, stopped before I could get to far into my good feeling. Next she sprinkled some baby powder for chaffing and finally taped me into my new diaper. As soon as I was back up on my feet, I put my t-shirt back on and then helped Mrs. Perkins with stripping Timmy's bed and remaking it.


For the rest of the time I was there, Timmy and I talked about what we experienced. I was actually surprised when I found out that he really wanted to do it again. Of course we would have to wait until we were sure his Mommy would be too busy not to come checking in on us. When I brought up the fact that I didn't think he would ever want to do it again because he peed all over, he grinned at me and said that he didn't care. It felt way too good not to do again and if he gets a little wet again, he would deal with it then.


I smiled and hugged my friend, grateful in knowing that he wanted to do it with me again.


The day had been a fun one and the time seemed to go by fast, before I knew it, Uncle John had arrived to come and take me home.


Chapter 4 should be interesting folks! Please let me know what you think of this long awaited chapter! I love to hear from all of you and do answer all messages.




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