A Brady Tale

****While the story is named sort of after the Brady Bunch that some of you may recall from TV, it is not a Brady Bunch story and involves none of their characters. This is not in any way a fan fiction and should not be read as such. It is however a gay story of love that also happens to involve diaper usage. If all this is good for you, then I hope that you enjoy the read. If you enjoy it, please feel free to email me at erich5748 at ymail.com. I would love to hear from you, but please, as always, no flames, for I do this for myself and no others.****

Billy Bray, a twenty nine year old gay man with a ten year old son, had just made a very large decision with his partner, now both had to go talk to someone. Billy had to go home and talk to his son, Bobby.

Danny Dee, thirty years old, also gay, and also with a ten year old son named Donnie. He had been dating Billy for more than a year and they loved each other a great deal. The two had met online, they had matching interests. Not only were they both gay, they had both had children when young and stupid and had been trying their best to prove how straight they were, but they were both diaper lovers as well. Their first in person meeting was almost a year after they had met online and had started talking, so they had known each other for almost two years now, and it had been a very shy event.

Until the time they had met in person, neither had ever admitted to anyone that they were gay in person, nor had either ever worn a diaper out of the house or where anyone could ever see them. Both were shy and timid about anyone ever finding out about them, but now they were about to make a huge step, they were both about to come out in a huge way, they were about to get married. Now all they had to do was inform their sons, family and all their friends. If only they had known that this was not going to come as too much of a shock to almost all of them.

“Bobby, could you come here for a minute please, we need to talk?” Billy called out when he made it home. To say he was nervous would be an understatement. He had never admitted to anyone in person that he was gay.

“Yeah Daddy, what do you need to talk about?” His beautiful young son asked as he came scampering in the room.

“We better go sit down, some of this may come as a shock to you.”

“What Daddy, what's wrong?” He asked cautiously, hoping there was nothing wrong with his dad, he loved him a great deal and would not want to live without him.

“There's nothing wrong, but, well, I have something to tell you and it might come as a bit of a shock. It's well, it's like this, I'm gay.”

“Yeah, so, I've known for forever that you were, so what.”

“Really, but how, I've never told anyone.”

“Um, your friend Danny's stayed a few nights just a little too late, and our bedrooms are kinda right next door. I'm not exactly dumb you know.” Bobby grinned.

“Oh god, you heard us?”

“Yeah, only a bit though. I've known you were probably gay for a long time though, don't worry. That can't be all you wanted to tell me though is it?”

“No, it isn't. Well, you see, we wanna get married, and since I own the house and Danny doesn't, we want us all to live here.”

“Oh, that's good. Danny's got a son the same age as me though, doesn't he. Why haven't we ever met by the way?”

“Yeah, he does and it just never came up to have you boys meet, not sure why.”

“Oh no, we only have two bedrooms, that means we'll have to share a bedroom though, what'll he think about me wetting the bed and still wearing diapers?” Bobby gasped.

“He'll be fine with it, just explain to him and I'm sure he'll be good. I think Danny said once that Donnie wet the bed too, maybe he still does and he wears diapers as well.”

“When are you guys getting married then, and where?”

“We were thinking end of the month, summer just started so it'll be nice, and we're just gonna do it here, since we have a nice back yard.”

“Have you admitted it to anyone else though, or am I the first you told?”

“You're the first.”

“You know Grandma and Grandpa aren't gonna be shocked either right?”

“How do you know?”

“The week I spent there a few months ago, they asked me about your friend Danny, and I said you were really good friends. They asked if he spent the night, but I told them no, because technically he hasn't, so I think they know.”

“Oh.” Was about all Billy could come up with.

“How are you gonna tell everyone?”

“I was thinking of having the family over for dinner tomorrow night and letting them know.”

“And when are Danny and his son moving in?”

“He's gonna give notice tomorrow that he's moving, and then they'll probably move in in about a week or two.”

“Okay. Well at least my bedroom's really big, so I guess we'll fit easily enough.”

“Thanks Bobby, I'm so glad you're a nice boy.” Billy said, hugging his beautiful son close to him.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of town, Danny had just arrived home to talk to his son Donnie.

“Hey Donnie, we need to talk, come sit down with me please?” He asked softly as soon as he walked in and found Donnie sitting on the floor watching TV.

“Okay.” He said and went and joined his dad on the couch, turning off the TV as he went. “So, what's up Daddy?”

“What I'm about to tell you may come as a bit of a shock to you, but please let me finish before you say anything? This is hard enough as it is.”


“Thanks. Well, here goes. I'm gay and I have a boyfriend. We love each other a great deal and want to get married and move in with each other. This is only a rental place and is too small for four people to live, but his house is much bigger, yet only has two bedrooms and has a huge yard. He owns the house, has a ten year old son just like you, and you boys will have to share a bedroom. You're the first person I've ever told in real life that I'm gay, and this is really hard.” He rushed out all in one breath nearly.

“Okay, except, well what about my bed wetting, we have to share a bedroom, how am I gonna hide that?”

“All that I told you and that's all you wanna know about?” Danny asked incredulously.

“Well yeah. I've known you were gay for a long time, I don't care about that, and I knew you were dating a man, that's fine. I'm not stupid you know. But how am I gonna hide wetting the bed when there's someone in the same room as me?”

“I think his son still wets the bed too, so you might be fine. If he doesn't, you'll just have to explain it to him, don't worry, I wouldn't let him make fun of you.”

“Okay. So, I'm the first person you've ever told?”

“Yeah, and I'm scared shitless of telling your grandparents.”

“I bet they already know. You remember that week I spent with them a few months ago when you had to go away, well they asked me when your last date was, and I said that you'd never gone on a date that I knew of. They just nodded their heads and went on with business as usual, so I'm pretty sure they know. Where did you go that week anyway, you never said, just said it was business?”

“My boyfriend and I went away together for the week, we went to a small gay oriented resort in Holland, it was a really nice trip where we could be ourselves around other people.”

“I thought you said you'd never told anyone before?”

“Well, I haven't. At least no one I knew, and even there, it was never said, it was just the way it was there, no one had to ask.” He blushed.

“Oh. I know they have a lot of nudist resorts there, was that one of them?”

“No, and how would you know that?”

“Because one of my friends at school is from there and he said there are more nude beaches and resorts there than there are non nude. It was funny, I asked him if he went to the nude ones, and he said all his life, and now when he went swimming here, he wanted to swim naked, but he's not allowed and he doesn't like it.”

“Oh.” Danny laughed.

“So, you're finally getting married then. When and where?”

“End of the month we're hoping, and it'll be in the back yard of our new house.”

“When are we moving, and when do you plan to tell the family?”

“Probably in a few days.”

“To both.”

“Yeah. Haven't figured out how I'm gonna do it yet, but considering I want all the family there at the wedding and most of my friends too, I guess I should tell them before they find out at the wedding.”

“That might be funny actually. So, which one of you wears the dress then?” Donny giggled.

“Oh shut up.” Danny laughed and smacked his brat.

“Actually, I wasn't really kidding, is one of you more girly, 'cause I don't really think you are, so will one of you be wearing a dress?”

“No, neither of us are like that and we'll both wear suits.”

“Okay. How big is the house then, how are four people gonna live in a two bedroom house?”

“It's a pretty good sized rancher actually, the bedrooms are really big, at least the master bedroom is, and it looks like Bobby's bedroom might be too from what I've seen of it.”

“Oh, that's good I guess. So, when do I meet them then and why didn't you guys let us boys meet before?”

“Never came up, I just always went to his house or we went out.”

“Oh, so you know Bobby then was it?”

“Sorta, not a lot though. I kinda was always there either just before he went to bed or right after, so we never talked a lot.”

“Oh. So he knew you guys were gay then!”

“No, Billy never told him.”

“I guarantee he knows though.”

“Probably not.”

“I knew and you weren't coming here for fun.” Donnie pointed out.


“So, when do I meet them then, and are they nice?”

“Oh right. We could try and meet tomorrow maybe and Billy's super nice and from what I know of Bobby, so is he.”

“That's good.”

That night after the boys went to bed, the men talked to each other on the phone for a good half an hour, telling how the first telling had went, and they both had to laugh that both their sons already knew. Both admitted though that it was a good thing that they had been wearing diapers at the time, because they were so nervous they had wet a lot. They agreed that the next morning they would have to get together and let the boys meet and have everyone get to know each other, so that was all set. Billy also called his parents, sisters and brother, and asked them to dinner the following night, and they all agreed, saying it sounded nice.

Danny and Donnie were on their way to Billy and Bobby's house the next morning, it was all the way across town, so it was a long drive, and on the way there, they talked some.

“I'm sorta nervous Daddy, what if they don't like me, what'll happen then?” Donnie admitted.

“They'll love you Baby, don't worry so much. You're smart, good looking, kind and caring, what's not to like!”

“Yeah, like all the bullies at school like me. They hate me for all those reasons, what if Bobby's the same as they are?”

“He's not, and from what little I know, he has the same problems at school.”

“Oh, that's good at least I guess.”

They talked lots more, but said nothing much. Almost the exact same conversation was being had by Billy and Bobby though, Bobby was just as nervous. Finally Danny and Donnie made it and went up to the door and knocked and were let in moments later. It was funny at first when the two boys were introduced, they were both shy and awkward, shook each others hands and stuttered a hello. Both men noticed something right away, the boys liked what they saw, and while both men wondered about the sexuality of their sons, neither was certain if the boys were going to turn out gay as well, though they did have their suspicions.

The next couple hours went by with the four of them sitting on the couch and chairs getting to know each other. They all talked a lot, but nothing of great importance was really said. The boys did warm up a bit and did not seem quite so shy, but still they hardly talked and the adults had to push them into the conversation at times. All in all though it was a good first meeting, and as soon as Danny and Donnie left, Billy and Bobby started making dinner for the family.

They made a nice big dinner and the family arrived, greetings were passed around and small talk was made. Dinner was served and they all ate happily. Finally dinner and desert were done with, and Billy stood up and got everyone's attention.

“I have an announcement to make.” He said clearly.

The entire place went silent, not that there were that many people there mind you.

“This may come as a surprise to everyone, but I'm getting married.”

“Really, to who?” His mom asked.

“Now there's the part that may or may not surprise everyone. His name's Danny, we're getting married at the end of the month. We've been dating for about a year now and have known each other for about two. So, in case you missed it, I'm gay, I'm happy, I'm proud, and I'm getting married to a very nice man.”

“Congratulations.” Everyone said happily.

The news that he was gay came as no real surprise to his family, that he would get married though had, until of course he said it was to a man. They all talked and talked after that, everyone offering what help they could give for the upcoming wedding preparations. Of course everyone asked when they were going to get to meet the lucky guy and his son, because Billy told them all about him having a son as well, that in fact they were much alike in that way. All in all, it was a very good evening, and by the end of it, they felt that the wedding was going to be a piece of cake, hell, even that was going to be taken care of by his mom, who happened to be a cake decorator.

The next day Danny went and talked to all his family, he had Donnie with him of course, and told them all that he was gay and getting married, they too were not all that surprised by the news that he was gay, and laughed when he said he was getting married, that is until he too explained that he was marrying a man. They too all offered their help in preparing for the wedding, so that was good. Both nights the men talked to each other and told of their outing to their families, and they both laughed, saying that in the end, it was a great deal easier than they had ever imagined it would be, and that they had all been more surprised to hear they were getting married.

Danny gave his notice to his landlord and told him that he was moving out on the fifteenth of the month, or before, because he may as well, and he was good with that. Danny and Donnie went and grabbed a bunch of boxes and started packing their things that very night and within a few days, they were ready to go. Since they lived in a furnished apartment, the chore was surprisingly fast and easy, so before too long, they were pretty much ready to go. Danny called up Billy and asked if they were ready for them to move in, and of course Billy said yes.

Billy and Bobby excitedly went and helped the two to bring all their belongings from the old house to their new house, and then helped to get everything put away. Still the boys were both nervous as to what was to happen at bed time. Neither had admitted to the other that they were bed wetters. That point was fast approaching though, they had worked long and hard all day long getting the two new occupants of the house all settled in, and it was nearing bed time for both the tired boys.

“Okay boys, time for bed. Go on up, and I think you both need to have a talk before you do, but do so in private.” Billy said after catching Danny's eye, pretty much telling him what he was going to do. They had of course talked it over and agreed that the boys had to do this themselves.

“Okay, goodnight, love you.” They both said to their dads, both giving hugs and kisses goodnight.

“Goodnight, love you too.” Both men said to their boys.

The boys trudged to the bedroom, both not wanting to do what they knew they had to do, both were scared and nervous. Finally they made it to their bedroom and they each sat on their own bed, facing each other. They both tried to start, a couple times each, but finally it was Bobby that had worked up the courage to do it first.

“I wet the bed and wear diapers.” He blurted out all in one fast breath.

“Really, I do too!”

“Really, that's awesome, then there's no problems. What kinda diapers do you wear?”

“They're a tape on ultra absorbency, how about you? My dad tried me on the Goodnites, but they always leaked.”

“Same here actually. Do you still like your dad to change you?”

“Sometimes, but most of the time no.”

“Same here. Is it for the same reason as I don't like him to change me much anymore?”

“Probably. You get hard too huh?”

“Yeah, like super hard. He just laughs at his hard little baby and tells me to think about the nastiest, ugliest girl I can, that usually does it too.”

“Same here.” Donnie giggled.

“You wanna change each other?” Bobby blushed.

“I think I'd like that.”

“Me too. Do you think you're gay?” Bobby blushed.

“Yeah, how about you?”

“Yeah. Sometimes when your dad came over for the evening, I listened to them having sex and I dreamed it was me in there instead. I don't wanna have sex with my dad, but you know, I was just so hard. Do you jack off?”

“Oh yeah, all the time. You really heard them?”

“They tried to stay quiet, but I could still hear them sometimes.”

“Man, I'd love to hear them. You think they'll do it tonight?”

“Hard to say.”

“Speaking of hard, are you as hard as I am right now?”

“Probably. How long have you been jacking off?”

“Don't know. I sorta always played with it, Daddy was forever telling me to play with myself in private, but it's been about a year since I really starting jacking off 'til the good feelings.”

“Cumming you mean?”

“Yeah, I guess so, but I don't make cum. Daddy says that'll come along when I'm about thirteen probably.”

“Doesn't matter if you produce it or not, my dad says it's still cumming.”

“Oh. You really talk to your dad about that?”

“Oh yeah, he and I can talk about anything. I don't know why he thought he could hide that he was gay from me, because I've known since I was five. Mind you, I haven't told him yet either. Wanna diaper each other now then?”

“Okay.” Donnie smiled.

Bobby went and got two of his diapers, since he knew where they were, and then went back to the bed. He pulled Donnie up to a standing position and started to undress him, stopping once Donnie was standing there in a very hot looking pair of very tight fitting boxer briefs. Donnie then repaid the favor until Bobby was standing there in an equally hot and tight pair of bikini briefs.

“My god you're hot.” They both said at the same time once they stopped staring and drooling at each other, it took a few minutes.

Bobby pushed Donnie onto the bed on his back and grabbed the diaper and got it ready. He then did something that he had wanted to do for a very long time, pull down another boys underwear and see what he was hiding. He had never got the chance to see another boy naked before, and now he was not only going to get the chance, but the boy he was about to see was exceptionally hard, the truth of that was pulsing madly already under the thin fabric, doing little to hide the fact that he was a very hard and happy little boy.

Bobby gasped when he pulled the fabric back and exposed the boy who was soon going to be his brother, it was even better than he imagined it would be. Donnie was so hard, his foreskin was pulled all the way back in his hardness in fact, and his erection was pulsing away like crazy. Bobby found himself having to lick his lips, a lot, because his mouth was suddenly very dry. He finally managed to pulled Donnie's underwear all the way off and then slipped the diaper underneath his very nice bum. He grabbed his cream and opened it up, and then scooped some out and applied it to Donnie. The first touch was too much, for both boys actually, because they both came, and came hard. They were both dry of course, but they sure did cum.

“Wow.” They both said at the same time almost ten minutes later. Bobby had even slumped onto the floor.

Donnie was still just as hard as he was before, and with no further words, Bobby got up and finished creaming his new brother, and then wiped his hand off on the inside of the diaper and then taped Donnie up.

They traded places and Donnie finally got the chance to see another boy naked and hard. He too had longed to see just what he was about to reveal, and when he did finally see it, he too gasped. He pulled off Bobby's underwear and slipped the diaper under his fine little bum and grabbed the cream. This time they did not cum at the very first touch, but Donnie wanted Bobby to cum, so he was rubbing just a bit more than was strictly needed. Granted, it did not take much, and as soon as Bobby went off, so did Donnie. They both slumped down for even longer this time and then both said wow once again once they came down. Donnie completed the diapering of Bobby right away, and then they were both done.

“Wanna crawl into bed with me so that we can talk a bit before we go to sleep?” Bobby asked.


They both crawled into the bed and pulled the blankets up.

“So, how long have you thought you were gay then?” Bobby asked.

“Don't know, just sorta always I guess. I've always preferred hanging around boys and looking at boys more than girls. I have some girl friends, but not many. How about you?”

“Same really. How about diapers, do you like wearing them too?”

“Yeah, you do too?”

“Yeah, truth be told, I probably stopped wetting the bed when I was six or so, but Dad never made me try or give up my diapers, so I never did. How about you?”

“About the same actually.” He giggled.

“Cool, do you ever wear them during the day when no one's home?”

“Yeah, all the time, or at least as much as I can. Dad even asked me once why I was going through so many diapers, and I just shrugged and said, don't know. He never said anything more, but I think he suspects something.”

“Yeah, my dad asked me the same thing, I think he suspects something as well.”

“What does your dad do with you while he's at work during the summer?”

“This year he said I can stay home by myself, because I'm really good and he doesn't wanna haveta pay for someone to watch me anymore.”

“Same, so I guess we can watch each other. They both work tomorrow, wanna wear only our diapers all day 'til they get home?”

“Sure, that'd be awesome. I've never gotten to wear diapers with someone else before.”

“Me neither.”

“Well, I suppose we should probably get to sleep, but before we do, have you ever kissed anyone before?”

“No, have you?”

“No, would you like to?”


So they reached into each other and pressed their lips together and kissed tenderly for a few moments. As soon as the kiss broke, they both sighed contentedly, said goodnight to each other, and then Bobby shut off the light and they curled up and went to sleep.

Danny and Billy stayed up for a while watching TV, until they knew the boys were going to be asleep, and then they too went to bed. They changed each others soggy diapers and took care of each others needs as they did so, and then laid down and talked for a bit.

“So, how do you think the boys' talk went?” Billy asked.

“Probably really good. Wonder how long it'll take them to become boyfriends?”

“Probably by the end of the week, and I'm willing to bet that they diapered each other and played a little as well. I know Bobby's getting the urge a lot more frequently, he hardly lets me diaper him any more because he's always so hard, that and I think he likes to jack off into his diaper. Can't say's I blame him any for that mind you.”

“Yeah, Donnie's been pretty much the same, they'll sure make a cute little couple. You think Bobby's a diaper lover, because I'm pretty sure Donnie is?”

“Yeah, I'm reasonably certain he officially stopped wetting the bed a few years ago, and I know he uses his diapers during the day some, whenever he can, because he goes through them faster than he should be.”

“Yeah, same with Donnie. I'm happy for them and I sorta wish I had've gotten what they get now when I was a kid, I would've been far happier and not felt so alone. At least the boys have understanding dads they can talk to. Should we let them know we know they're diaper lovers, or let them know that so are we?”

“Not yet, let's hold off and let them make the decision on their own fully as to how far they take it. Within a couple weeks we'll know by how many diapers they've used whether or not they really and truly are.”

“Good point, and with both of us being at work and letting the boys stay home by themselves, they'll definitely get lots of opportunity to wear their diapers as much as they care to, should they care to, which I bet they do.”

“I wouldn't bet against you, that's for sure.”

“Well my love, should we get to sleep?”

“Yes, I think we should.” Billy said and they kissed goodnight and went to sleep themselves.

Chapter 2

They all slept well through the night. Their first ever real sleepover, and they all enjoyed it, getting to cuddle up to someone, though the men did get to enjoy one weeks worth, but now this was permanent and they were no longer hiding. The men woke up in time to get ready for work, just letting the boys sleep until they were ready to get up. The boys at least got to relax for the summer break, but both men had to go to work. They got up, had their shower, together of course, then diapered and dressed each other and then went and had some coffee and breakfast. Just before it was time for them to leave, they both headed to the boys' bedroom to let them know they were leaving. As they entered the room, they noticed that the boys were sleeping together in the same bed, and they were all cuddled up, it was very cute.

“Aw, isn't that adorable. The little baby boys had their first sleepover.” Billy cooed.

“Yeah, wonder if maybe we're just gonna have to replace the two twin beds for one queen bed, but we'll wait for that.”


Danny went and shook the boys' shoulders to wake them up enough so that they could say goodbye, and within a couple minutes, both boys were awake.

“Oh, mornin' Daddy.” They both grumbled out.

“Morning Boys.” Both men said.

“We have to be heading to work now boys, so we wanted to say goodbye and to tell you to behave yourselves today.” Billy said.

“Okay Daddy, you guys have a good day at work and we'll behave.”

“I know you will, because I'm sure you both know the repercussions should you misbehave, and I'm willing to bet neither of you wants that. You both know our numbers at work, so call if you need anything or anything comes up you can't handle.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

“Love you.” All of them said together.

The men left and made their way to work, while the boys stayed cuddled up in their warm and cozy bed, cuddled up to each other as they had been all night long. They stayed like that for quite a while, just luxuriating in the warmth of both the bed and the cuddles. Finally it was Bobby that broke the silence.

“So, you think they know? They had to have noticed how we were sleeping together and all cuddled up together all night long.”

“They know, but how much you wanna bet they say nothing and just pretend as if nothing's out of place and let us go to them with it. By the way, I wanna ask if we can get a bigger bed and just have the one, I liked sleeping with you, I've never slept so well in my life.”

“Same here, and I bet you're right too.”

“Should we get our soggy baby bums outta bed and go get some breakfast?”

“Sure. Are you as soggy as I am?”

“I don't know, why don't you check?” Donnie grinned.

“Okay.” Bobby said brightly, so they both checked the others diaper, and sure enough, they both felt each others hardness alright.

“Oh yeah, you're just as wet as me, and just as hard too. I like to rub myself through my wet diapers in the morning, how about you?”

“For sure, wanna kiss and rub each other?”

“Oh yeah.” Donnie said huskily, and they both rolled and attached their lips, and then started kissing and rubbing at the same time.

For the next several minutes they kept this up, they were both enjoying it so much. Never before had jacking off felt so good, neither ever wanted this to end. So, on that note, when they came, they continued right on stroking and kissing, and even after their second amazing orgasms, they still continued going. It was not until after their fourth orgasms that they were satisfied, in fact both boys were now soft inside their diapers. They sighed deeply and rolled apart, both laying on their backs, staring at the ceiling as they came down from such a massive experience.

“Wow, that was incredible.” Donnie was the first to break the silence this time.

“I'll say. I've dreamed of doing that for so long, but that was way better than I ever imagined it could be.”

“Same here. Should we get up and go get breakfast, I'm getting really hungry now?”

“Yeah, but we should probably change each other first.”

“You're right. Hey, wanna try something I've read about but never had the chance to try?”


“Double diapering.”

“I've never tried it either, but I've read about it too and I'd definitely try that with you.” Bobby said happily.

“Wicked, I'll get everything then.”

Donnie hopped out of bed and went and grabbed two fresh diapers, and then searched around for something that was sharp enough to poke holes in their diapers. He found a pair of nail clippers on top of the dresser, and it had a nail file with a point on it, so that would do just fine. He grinned to Bobby as soon as he found what he was looking for, then headed back to the bed. By the time he made it there, Bobby was already in diaper change position, so Donnie got him ready first. He poked lots of holes in Bobby's diaper and then slipped the new diaper underneath him and then taped it up nice and snug. They then traded places and Bobby repaid the favor.

“Wow, this is totally awesome.” Donnie said happily once he was done.

“Definitely. Let's try not to change each other 'til just before our dads are about to get home, and then we can get dressed as well. Have you ever worn a diaper under your clothes in front of your dad before?”

“Okay that sounds great, and I bet these last 'til then too. Yeah, I have a few times, but I tried to stay sitting as much as possible or out of his sight as much as I could, and I'm sure I blushed a bit too. How about you?”

“Same here. Wanna do it tonight though, change each others diapers and then get dressed just before they get home?”

“Okay.” Donnie said brightly.

They headed to the kitchen and made and ate some breakfast, then headed to the living room to lay back and watch some cartoons. They did that for a couple hours until they were bored of that.

“So, what should we do now?” Donnie asked.

“Wanna play some games?”

“Sure, why not.”

They set up the game that they wanted to play and sat back and played that for the next couple hours, until they once again got bored, as well as hungry. They went to the kitchen and made and ate some lunch, and as they were eating, they talked, not that they had not been the entire time they were playing their games mind you.

“So, what's your last name anyway Bobby?”

“Bray, how about yours?”

“Dee. Wonder how our dads are gonna put their names after they're married and if we'll be asked to take the same name? Oh wait, Bray and Dee, that's too funny, we could be called Bray-Dee, or Brady, as in the Brady Bunch, that'd be so hilarious, and it sorta fits too.” Donnie giggled.

“Huh, no idea what you're talking about here.” Bobby said in confusion.

“Oh right, I forget that most kids probably don't watch old sitcom reruns. It's a really old show from back in the seventies that shows on some of the retro TV channels. It's about two families that come together and their name was Brady. We're the same, two families that came together, albeit quite different as well, but the same and funny none the less.”

“Oh. It sorta makes sense though for them to combine our last names somehow, and that sorta does make sense. I've never even heard of the show though, so the comedy of it does sorta escape me, But Bray-Dee does sound good.” Bobby chuckled.

“And actually, now that I think of it, what's even funnier is that in the show, there's a Bobby Brady as well.”

“Oh, is that a good or a bad thing?” He had to ask.

“Good, or at least I can't come up with any reason why it wouldn't be.” Donnie shrugged.

“Okay then, so Bray-Dee is what we suggest to our dads if they haven't already thought it over.”

“Cool, we'll be the new Brady Bunch then.” Donnie giggled.

“So, how shocked were you to find out your dad was getting married anyway?”

“I probably should have been wearing a diaper, I nearly peed myself in shock, and my underwear were a little wet after, but I had to clamp it down hard to not fully wet. I'd known my dad was gay for a long time, even though he never admitted it to anyone 'til the day he told me, so him telling me he was getting married was more than a little shocking. Then he told me who to and I was relieved. To tell you the truth, I would've fought him had he told me he was getting married to a woman, I didn't want any female around to ruin things for us, but another guy, now that's a different story. It's even better that I get such a cool brother out of the deal.”

“Cool, hardly. I get teased and taunted and very nearly bullied at school, I'm so far from being cool it's not even funny. I'm more a nerd than anything, and the dorks at school take great pride in reminding me daily. Granted, they also taunt me for wetting my pants, even though I haven't peed at school since I was in grade two, but kids never forget anything.”

“That's funny, because I'm the exact same, except my last accident at school was grade three. So how'd you take your dad telling you he was getting married?”

“Actually, almost the exact same as you. Like you, I had no idea what I would've done had he actually brought home a female, not that I thought he would, because I've known he was gay as well for a long time. When he said it was a guy and that he and his son were moving in with us, I was happy. That is until I realized that we only have two bedrooms, which meant that you'd have to share with me, but what about my bed wetting. I figured you'd probably be just another bully and I'd end up getting it at home too, only now there'd be no way to hide that I wore diapers to bed. At least at school no one knows I wear diapers to bed, though they've still said it anyway. Dad told me not to worry about it though, said that he thought you might still wet too, but I'm sure he knew you did.”

“Yeah, pretty much the exact same things went through my mind as well and my dad said the same thing to me too, so they both knew fully, but they made us tell each other instead. I suppose it was probably the best way to handle it, and it worked out for the best. By the way, how wet is your outer diaper, can you even tell yet?”

“It's getting wet, but not too bad. As for our dads, yeah, I think they did it on purpose too, to make us tell each other, and I think it worked out for the best too.” Bobby smiled.

“Same here. So, what do you think our dads thought of finding us sleeping together?”

“Who knows, but I'm betting they know, but I'm also willing to bet they never say anything to us at all about it.”

“I bet you're right, but we'll tell them soon anyway and maybe ask for a bigger bed so that it's more comfortable.”

“Yeah, that'd be nice. At least we're not too big for the bed yet.” Bobby said.

As soon as they finished lunch, they went and sat back down in the living room for the rest of the afternoon and either watched TV or played video games. They did in fact manage to catch an episode of The Brady Bunch though and Bobby had to admit it was pretty funny. Just before the Dads were to get home, the boys decided that they had better go change their soggy diapers, so headed to their bedroom to do so.

“So, we gonna still change each other into fresh diapers?” Bobby asked once they made it there.

“I'm game if you are.” Donnie grinned.

“Cool.” He grinned and went and grabbed two diapers.

Bobby went to the bed with the diapers and Donnie was already laying down in diaper change position. He was now very clearly very wet on his outer diaper. Bobby removed the first and then the second diapers and balled and taped them up, then used a wipe to clean up Donnie, who was extremely hard of course, and then put a fresh diaper underneath him and applied a good coating of cream. Bobby did not play though, he wanted to wait until both of them were freshly diapered, and then he wanted to kiss and rub again, so on that, he taped Donnie up nice and snug. They then traded places and Donnie changed Bobby the same way.

“Ah, much better. I so love getting into a nice fresh diaper so that I can pee it.” Bobby sighed.

He then pulled Donnie down onto the bed, and once they were there, they attached themselves at the lips and kissed once more, and for their first time, introduced their tongues to each other. In fact, at the exact same time that they started petting each others little diaper monsters. They moaned deeply into each other and then a few seconds later had their first orgasm. They continued right on going though and had two more in rapid succession before they were once again satisfied.

“Mmm, that was so nice, thanks, but now I think we should get dressed.” Bobby pulled away and sighed.

“Mmmhmm, I guess we should, and then we should go make some dinner.”

“Probably should.” Bobby sighed once again.

They got up and dressed each other, both of them putting the other into sweat pants that were a bit too big and a longer tee shirt. Once they were dressed, they headed to the kitchen to start making something for dinner. Neither boy was all that much of a cook yet, but they each knew a bit. Shortly after starting, the dads arrived.

“Hi Boys, oh, you started dinner already, thanks.” Billy said first.

“Hi Daddy.” Both boys said and hugged their dads.

“You boys didn't have to start making dinner, we would've gotten that.” Danny said.

“We know, but we figured we may as well, you guys worked all day. So, how'd all your friends at work take you guys getting married, or did you tell them today?” Donnie asked.

“There was only one person there who was shocked, and we don't consider him a friend anyway, he's the local gay hater. The rest congratulated us and had said they had wondered when we would get together. A couple of the guys there asked me if that's why I got Danny the job there in the first place, and I had to admit that yes, I had wanted my boyfriend working there with me. They laughed and said thought so.”

“Yeah, but it's a great place to work too and it's been a great year since I started there.” Danny smiled.

“You think you're gonna have troubles with that one guy?” Donnie asked curiously.

“Probably not. The company has a strict no harassment policy in place and should he cause us any problems, he could get himself fired. We may have to put up with the occasional icy glare, but whatever. Never liked him anyway, because I knew how much he hated me, even though he had no idea. I doubt he sticks around though, having to work right next to two openly gay men will probably cause him to quit before too long.” Billy said.

“I never liked him either and I'll be happy to see him go. He's always so arrogant, and I'm willing to bet he only gets worse.”

“With him though it's far better to smile serenely at him and just agree with whatever he says. No matter what he's going on about, if you do that to him, it totally disarms him and he stops talking. When he gets overbearing like that, that's all I do, and he usually takes a hike pretty quickly. He's very confrontational and likes to pick fights, but he has no idea how to handle politeness or niceties.”

“Yeah, I've noticed that too, and I've seen you and a couple of the others do that to him, it's quite funny. He's never even attempted to start a conversation with me though, nor I he, so I've never had the opportunity to really find out. Hearing him though was usually more than enough.” Danny laughed.

“You're lucky actually. So, what are you boys cooking anyway?” Billy asked.

“Just some chicken and rice. We can have salad with it I think, but we haven't started that yet.” Donnie said.

“Okay, we'll get that ready then.”

“You don't have to, we will.” Bobby said.

“We know, but we'll do it.” Danny said.

The men got a good salad prepared and then shortly thereafter, they all sat down to eat. As they ate, they all talked about their day, and the boys told the men about their conversation about last names. Both men had to laugh, but agreed that joining the names in that way made the most sense. They all talked and laughed all through dinner and then all helped to clean up. Finally they all headed to the living room for the evening, put on a movie and watched that, and then watched a bit of TV until it was time for the boys to head to bed.

“Goodnight boys, have a good sleep.” Both men said and then gave their sons hugs and kisses goodnight.

They headed up to their bedroom and stripped each other. They deemed their diapers good enough for the night, neither of them figuring that they would pee more than their diapers could hold, hopefully they were right. When they crawled into bed, they joined at the lips once again and rubbed each other through their nice wet diapers until they had cum twice each, and then fell fast asleep. Meanwhile the men were still on the couch, and as soon as the boys were out of hearing range for sure, they started talking.

“They were diapered for sure, and they were glowing as well. They're definitely getting close to each other. When do you figure they'll tell us?” Billy laughed.

“If they make it to the weekend I'll be surprised.” Danny chuckled as well.

“Me too. I hope they change their diapers though, they were already starting to show under their sweats, and I know my little soaker, he'll fill it up fully and overflow if he doesn't.”

“Same with mine, but oh well if they don't, they'll have to learn that one on their own. Speaking of wet diapers though, mine's getting more than a little soaked as well, and well, I could use a nice diaper change, how about you?”

“Now that you mention it, yeah, I could.” Bobby smiled brightly and turned off the TV.

As they went past the bathroom, Bobby decided to look in the diaper pail, since that was where the boys put their wet diapers, and sure enough, there were four diapers in it, when he had emptied it the night before, so there should have only been two in it. Then he noticed something.

“Psst, take a look at this. There's four diapers in here, when there should only be two, and there's holes all through two of them. They double diapered each other today.” He whispered, so that the boys could not possibly hear.

“Hmm, sounds like a good idea to me actually. We haven't done that to each other since our vacation.” Danny said happily.

“Okay.” Billy said brightly.

So they headed to their bedroom and poked holes in each others diapers as soon as they were undressed, and then proceeded to double diaper each other. Once they were ready, they adopted the same position that the boys had used and took care of each other twice as well. They too fell asleep soon after, actually falling asleep early, even for them.

Chapter 3

The following morning the men headed to work shortly after waking the boys and telling them goodbye. The boys then proceeded to rub a few good orgasms a piece from each other and then double diapered each other again. They got dressed this time and went out back and played for a good portion of the day, stopping only to go in and make and eat lunch. Just before the dads got home, they went in and changed each other once again, jacking off only once this time, single diapering each other and then dressing each other.

The next few days went the exact same, and before they all knew it, it was Friday afternoon and the men just got home from work. The boys had not been out of diapers once the entire week and were wetting more and more freely, sometimes without hardly realizing they were doing it. That night in bed, the boys were talking after their release, and they agreed that they had to tell their dads. They decided to do so the following morning.

“Morning Daddy.” Both boys said as they entered the kitchen.

“Mornin Boys.” They both said.

“Go ahead and get yourself some breakfast boys, then we have to go get some stuff done today, we only have a few weeks left to get everything for the wedding to pull this off.” Danny said.

“Okay, and we want to tell you something as well while we eat.” Donnie said.

“Okay.” Both men said, wondering if the boys were going to finally admit to them what they already knew.

The men had known of course that the boys were playing around, the evidence was all there. Not only could they see it in the boys' faces whenever they looked at them, but they had heard the boys almost every night after their first time, neither was too careful about being quiet. Not only did they not feel it was really necessary, but they could not actually control it any anyway.

“So, we decided that we wanted to let you guys know a couple things, we're gay, we're boyfriends, and we're diaper lovers. We'd like to go get a new bed today that we can sleep in more comfortably, and we'd like to wear our diapers all the time, or at least as much as possible.” Bobby said, just laying it all on the line.

“Okay, but you have been wearing diapers all day every day since Donnie moved in, so what difference does it make?” Billy asked curiously.

“Fair enough. We wondered if you'd noticed.”

“Yeah, we did, and you've been double diapering yourselves every morning too, but then, so have we a couple times.”

“Yeah, I wondered if that wasn't a diaper bulge I saw a few times. Your bedroom also always smelled like baby powder. This is so cool. So, why are we all wearing clothes then?” Bobby grinned.

“Because you hadn't been ready to tell us, once you did, then it was safe to do so, but there's no point now, since we have to get going soon. And yes, we'll get you boys a new bed. So, how far have you gone so far then?” Danny asked.

“Just kissing and rubbing so far.” Donnie answered.

“That's nice. We're happy for you boys, and of course, if you have any questions whatsoever, you make sure and come to us, okay. We don't want you boys hurting each other when it comes time to play with your bums, it's easy to do, and we don't want you to learn the hard way like we both did.” Billy said.

“Thanks, but we've both read enough and done enough research about it that I think we're covered, but if we have any questions, you know I'd ask.” Bobby smiled happily.

“Good, glad to hear it.”

“So, what all do we have to go buy today then?” Donnie asked.

“Well, a new bed and more diapers for you boys, because you're getting low, and then we have to go start getting all the supplies and things for the wedding. We can't get food yet, but there's lots of things that we either need to arrange or buy. To make life a lot easier, we'll be doing buffet style for the food and using paper plates and plastic utensils and cups. Yeah, we know, not very classy, but we're not very classy guys, and this will make our lives a hell of a lot easier. We'll rent all the catering things for keeping food hot or cold, as well as a few things for cooking outside as well, though I think we'll probably buy that. Not sure yet, we'll figure that out once we know the costs on things. We also have to try and figure out all the tables and chairs and stuff.” Danny answered.

“That's cool, but have you figured out how you're gonna work it out if it rains or something stupid like that, and what are you doing for music?” Bobby asked.

“We're gonna arrange to have a couple large tents brought in, they'll help with shade as well, so we can use them either way, and I figured that we have a good stereo system and a computer with thousands of songs in it, so we can just do the music ourselves. We don't wanna spend a huge amount of money, we'd rather have a nice trip after.”

“Oh, okay, but that brings up something else, where are you going and what's happening with us?” Donnie asked.

“We haven't actually decided yet, but we were thinking of taking you boys with us and just getting two rooms.” Billy answered.

“Really!” Both boys said as one.

“Yeah, we felt you boys deserved a nice trip as well, neither of you've ever gotten to go anywhere before, and if we have two rooms, we can still have the privacy we need, and you two can as well.”

“Wicked, thanks.” They both said again.

“You're welcome, now finish up so that we can get outta here and go shopping.”

The boys finished up shortly thereafter, then they all went and packed their diaper bags and headed out. This was to be the boys' first time leaving the house in their diapers and they were both nervous and excited. What if anyone noticed, they thought, but then thought better of it. With the clothes they were wearing, you would be hard pressed to actually see that they were in fact wearing diapers. Though a diaper lover would see it instantly, and probably, if he was a gay man, cum in his pants instantly from it. Both boys were very cute after all.

They headed to a furniture place first and went in and looked at a few of the options, the men letting the boys pick out the one they liked, and they finally found one that they both liked, the dads both agreed that it was a good choice, so they went and paid for it and arranged to have it delivered on Monday. The boys were told that it would be their job to disassemble the two old beds and have them out of the way, as well as have the room ready for the new bed when it arrived, and they agreed.

From the furniture store, they headed toward a clothing store that the boys had no clue about, and when they got curious enough to ask, they were told that it was a gays only clothing store and that there were clothes there that may help the boys. They were both confused, and when they asked what their dads were talking about, they were told to just wait patiently and they would see. Oh, they saw alright.

When they entered the store, the boys found that while it was geared toward gays, there were clothes of every sort there, some of them probably should not be seen by boys, but the dads were not worried about their little boys seeing anything in there. Not only were there the more regular clothes, of almost every style, as well as some very feminine ones, but there were outfits galore; from a very skimpy maids outfit to a full leather one that was very shiny. There were so many strange and exotic, wild and kinky outfits, that not just the men were hard in their diapers looking at them, and they enjoyed watching the boys look at them, but the boys were painfully hard. Then they came to the section that the men were interested in.

“Here's there adult and teen baby wear section. We won't buy you anything from the kinky wear section, not 'til you're at least twelve, mostly because there isn't a hope in hell that any of it'd fit you yet, but we probably shouldn't either. Here however they have lots of things that'll fit even you boys, but you both need to pick out a few diaper shirts you like, and you can feel free to grab anything else that you like as well.” Billy said to the boys.

Both boys tried to say okay, or even thanks, but neither could get their dry mouths to say it. Hell neither could barely get their brains to think it, since a good portion of their blood was currently in the wrong heads. They did look through the options though and picked out several shirts each, as well as they picked out a pair of the cutest footed pajamas either of them had ever seen before, and they even grabbed a pair of hot looking snap crotch jean shortalls each. The men almost came from that, and they could not wait to see the boys in them. Neither was interested in their boys, or either of them for that matter in a sexual way, but they were diaper lovers, and seeing the boys in only their diapers was always enjoyed, hence the reason neither boy was ever encouraged to stop wetting the bed.

“Anything else while we're here?” Danny asked once the boys had picked through the entire rack and picked out all they wanted.

“Um, no, nothing that I can think of, at least not from this store.” Donnie stuttered, he was still so very hard and hardly able to concentrate.

“Sounds like you boys maybe need to visit the bathroom, I assure you, it's used a great deal for what you boys need it for right now.” Danny laughed.

“No, we'll wait 'til we get home thanks.” Bobby grinned.

“Okay, but what else did you boys want that they wouldn't carry here?” Billy asked.

“Well, I've always wanted a butt plug, and a dildo would be awesome as well.” Bobby said hesitantly, fully expecting an answer of no.

“Oh, sex toys, we should've guessed. We assume that you'd both like them?” Danny laughed.

“Yeah.” Both boys said.

“There's a separate room, that unfortunately you boys technically aren't allowed in, but they do carry a good selection of those here as well. I'll ask the guy if he'll turn the other way and accidentally not see you boys enter that room and we can go pick out a few toys for you.” Billy grinned and skipped off.

He went and asked the owner, explaining that his son and boyfriend wanted to pick out a couple toys, and he said okay, saying that the boys sure were a cute little baby couple. Billy had to agree. He went and told the others it was a go, none of them had any doubts it would be, the man was extremely gay, and both Billy and Danny suspected that the young boy that sometimes worked in the store was more than just his helper, and the boy was only just thirteen at best.

The men took the boys to the room and went in, and in there the boys nearly came in their diapers again. There were shelves upon shelves of all sorts of sex toys, some even the boys had no idea what they did or were for. Whenever they looked and saw something and got a puzzled look on their faces, one of the dads would explain it to the boys. They ended up adding a couple extra items in this fashion, because the boys liked the sounds of it. There were several items though that neither boy was interested in at all though. They each ended up picking out a nice sized vibrating dildo and butt plug, the smallest vibrating cock rings they had, even though none of them figured they would even fit the boys properly yet, but they would still be enjoyable, as well as a pair of anal beads and a really hot looking, but fairly small double ended dildo that the boys giggled about but said might be a lot of fun. The dads only laughed and said it was, but theirs was a lot larger.

“You guys have some of this stuff?” Bobby asked.

“How do you think we know of this place, we've both come here several times and we have all this same stuff, just bigger. Now, pick out some good lube, we suggest either the boy butter or the anal ease, but there are some really fun ones here as well.” Billy smiled largely.

“Wow, okay.” Both boys said, so they went to the large selection of lubes and picked out three jars, none of them small either. There was one of each boy butter and anal ease, they both figured they may as well try them out, and then there was a smaller jar of a heating one that the men said was enjoyable.

“Anything else boys?” Danny asked as they were leaving the toy room.

“Nothing that I can think of, but, you think you guys can do the rest of the shopping yourselves?” Bobby asked, blushing.

“Sure, we don't need you boys, but we did want your opinion on things, so today we'll go get the things that we don't want your opinion on and we'll drop you off at home.” Billy smiled warmly to his overly horny baby boy.


They went and paid for their purchases and then the men drove the boys home. They hopped out of the car with their bags before it even stopped and yelled goodbye to the dads before they even realized what was happening. The men just laughed, did not even bother to get out of the car, and both silently wondered if the boys would even be awake when they did get back home, and they figured that they would be several hours.

“I think we should've saved that stop for last.” Danny said as they were pulling out, they had both just finished laughing.

“No kidding. Did you see how horny they were, man, I wasn't anywhere near that bad 'til I was about fourteen or fifteen. Then again, I hardly knew what my dick was at their age.”

“Same here, lucky baby boys for sure having such caring and understanding daddies to take care of them. Sure wish I could've had what they have now when I was their age, but then, I probably wasn't really ready for it, yet, but I sure was by the time I was twelve, I had a full understanding of who and what I was by then.”

“Same here, though it was closer to thirteen for me.”

“Same, but I was still twelve.”

“True.” Billy laughed.

They took off and headed on their way to their first stop, which was to be a restaurant supply store that they knew of that would probably be able to help them with a vast majority of their needs. When they arrived, they were pleased to see that they were very much correct. Not only did they have the bulk quantities of food that they were going to be needing, but they also had all the things there to keep the food all hot or cold, everything to serve it all, and they even carried huge packs of paper and plastic dishes. They copied down all the prices of everything that they would be needing, because they wanted to check out a few places so as to get the best possible deal. They figured though that they would be able to get almost ninety percent of their purchases just from that one store if they so desired, but they did not want to over pay for things either, so they headed to their next stop.

They hit five more places throughout the day, checking all the prices at each one. Two of the places were rental places, and while they had much of what they wanted, in some cases it was actually cheaper for them to buy what they wanted, and most of that from the first store. The only benefit was that they would not have to store it afterward, but they figured they could easily sell it after they were done as well and make some of their money back, so that was what they decided to do. They would still rent most of the big stuff, but the large cook stove and a massive barbecue they decided to just buy, because they would come in handy later anyway, but the tables and chairs and the large shelter were far cheaper to rent.

Finally, some five hours later, the men had had enough shopping for one day, they had found a lot of great things, so they headed home. Both wondered once again if the boys would be awake, and they hoped that they would be diapered if they were asleep.

As soon as they made it in the house, the boys started talking excitedly.

“I can't believe that our dads bought us all that cool stuff, I'm so hard still it hurts.” Bobby said first.

“I know, so am I, wanna go try it all out?”

“Oh yeah, for sure.”

They nearly ran to their bedroom and jumped on the bed, both of them still carrying their bags with all their goodies in them. They each dumped out the contents of their bags and sorted through it all and opened up all the packages.

“How should we do this, I've never really played with my bum too much before, other than putting a finger inside?” Donnie asked.

“Same here, so let's start out that way on each other, and I so wanna try sucking you as well. We could do it at the same time, suck each other, a 69, and finger each others bums. Should we take our diapers off though to do it?”

“That sounds so hot, but no, I'd rather leave my diaper on and poke a hole in the bum of it and pull the front down.” Donnie said happily.


They both stripped quickly until they were standing there in only their diapers, and even though they were still little baby boys, you could still tell how happy and horny they were from the bulge that they were both pushing. They hopped onto the bed, head to tail, and pulled down the front of each others diapers at the same time. Neither had sucked before, but they had both read a lot about it and had really wanted to try it, a lot, and before too long, they sucked each other in.

Thirty seconds at best is all they managed to last for their first orgasm, they were both just too horny, too charged, and they exploded. They did not stop though, not even a little, they just kept sucking. It felt absolutely amazing to them both, and they wished they could do this forever. Almost a minute after their first orgasms, they both started petting the others bum through their soggy diaper and then started poking a hole in it in the right place. Once they had the holes in place, Bobby reached out and grabbed the first jar of lube his hand touched, got it opened up, even though he could not see it at all, and then scooped some onto his fingers and reinserted them inside Donnie's diaper. He then passed the lube to Donnie, who did the same thing.

They each very easily inserted one slender finger in each others small back passages, both of them moaning softly as the others finger slipped into them. Neither was at all uncomfortable or in any pain, it just felt so good. Orgasm number two happened roughly ten seconds after insertion. Yet they still did not stop, in fact, they seemed to just be starting. Ah, the power of youth.

Just after coming down from their second orgasm, they slipped a second finger inside each other and started really going at it now. They were really enjoying themselves, and within only a couple minutes, they were almost ready to explode again, so just before doing so, they each inserted a third finger inside each other. Then they fired off again, this time it was even more powerful than even their first. They both loved having the other inside them like this, it felt so good to them, so right.

They managed to suck and finger one more orgasm out of each other before they both finally collapsed and laid on their backs, staring at the ceiling for a good ten minutes, waiting to come down fully. When they did, Bobby turned around and pressed his lips to Donnie's and they kissed.

“Wow, that was totally awesome. Wanna try the dildos now?” Donnie asked.

“Heck yeah.” Bobby said happily.

“Same way as we fingered each other?”

“For sure, that was totally awesome.”

So they got into position once again and sucked each other, each grabbing a dildo and presenting it to their brothers baby boy hole at the same time and then inserting them. These toys, while some of the smallest the store had, were still larger than the boys' three fingers were, so they were a bit of a stretch, but the boys only moaned lowly from the incredible feelings they caused. Once again, there was no pain.

Through three more orgasms, they used the dildos on each other and sucked each other, both of them enjoying it so much that still they did not want to stop, even though they were both getting very tired. After that third orgasm, they both collapsed back down again and came down for a good fifteen to twenty minutes this time.

“Wow, that was so incredible. Wanna really bum fuck each other now?” Bobby asked, saying the F word for the first time in his life, but he really meant it.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?” Donnie asked huskily.

“How about this?” He answered, grabbing the double ended dildo and showing it to Donnie.

“Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?”

“How it would feel to have our padded soggy baby bums together with this in between us!” Bobby grinned.

“Oh yeah.”

They both got up on their hands and knees and worked so that they were bum to bum. Bobby took the dildo and worked the one end into his bum first, and once he had it in as far as he could, Donnie took the other end and worked it into himself as well, backing up once he was able to, until their diapers were pressed together. They both sighed deeply, this was officially the most kinky thing either of them had ever read about and or dreamed about, and it was better than they ever imagined it could be.

They stayed still for a couple minutes just enjoying the feelings, and then together they started moving. The moved until they were about half way, then backed back into each other. This dildo was a good twenty five percent larger than their dildos were, so it was a very nice stretch for them, and doing it this way was doing things to them that neither had ever even thought were possible.

Their first orgasms this time came after only about two minutes, but once again they did not even bother to stop. They were both getting insanely tired, they were both burning up from all the exercise, their breathing was becoming labored, and neither one wanted to stop any time soon. They managed a further two orgasms though before their bodies finally had enough, and as soon as they came for their last time, with twin screams I might add, they both passed out. They fell to their sides, diapered bums still touching, their double ended dildo still firmly inside them, and they slept. They were still sound asleep almost an hour later when their dads finally made it home.

As they were walking up to the house, the men were talking.

“You think the boys will be awake?” Billy asked.

“I'd be surprised if they were, granted, if they are, I'm almost willing to bet that we find them in a compromising position.”

“Hell, we might find them sleeping in a compromising position.” Billy laughed.

“I wouldn't bet against you.” Danny laughed as well as he opened the door. The boys had not even bothered to lock it behind themselves in their hurry to have fun.

“I don't hear anything.” He said as they entered.

“Wanna go check their bedroom? I bet they didn't even close the door.” Billy grinned.


They headed to the bedroom and almost laughed out loud when they found the boys sound asleep, their diapered bums still touching, but in the position they were in, the dads could still easily see the double ended dildo stuck inside both of them.

“Gee, that brings back memories, doesn't it?” Billy laughed quietly.

“Yeah, but at least they're still wearing their diapers, so there's no mess. Remember when we did that the first time, we woke up and the bed was a mess.”

“Yeah, apparently they're smarter and left their diapers on from the beginning. Though they're so full that they're gonna start leaking soon, and the holes in their bums aren't helping any either.”

“No kidding. Should we wake them or let them sleep and learn on their own?”

“Let them sleep. There's a better than even chance that we wouldn't wake them up anyway. Wonder how long they've been out for?”

“Hard to say, but considering that they're both still so sweaty, probably only half an hour or so.”

“Probably. You wanna head to our room and have a little fun before the babies wake up?”

“Hell yeah.” Danny grinned, and they skipped to their room and had wild sex for a good half an hour, then installed a butt plug into each other and finally changed each others diapers. Once they were ready, they did something that they had never done in their homes before, left their bedrooms in only their diapers.

Finally, almost an hour after the dads made it home, the boys woke up. They grumbled a bit to each other, before they were finally able to make sense and actually spoke to each other.

“Wow, that was totally awesome.” Bobby managed to get out first.

“No kidding. We should probably get up and change our diapers. I think we might've leaked a bit and I'm really full.”

“Your diaper or your bum?” Bobby giggled.

“Both. Only one of which I want to fix right now.”

“You thinking trying out our butt plugs?”

“For sure and then we need to change our diapers. Wonder if our dads are home yet!”

“Hard to say, but probably. We had to have been out for a long time, because I feel lots better now. I still hurt, and I still feel great, but just before we passed out, I thought I was gonna die I hurt so bad, it was awesome.”

“Same here.”

They gently extracted themselves from their toy, grabbed each others butt plugs and inserted them, with not even a hint of a grunt from either, and then they changed each others ruined diapers. They had both leaked, but not a huge amount, so that was good. While Bobby collected all the messed bedding, Donnie grabbed all the toys, and they headed to the bathroom, which was also the laundry room, and they both got their things in to wash. Once that was taken care of, they took the now cleaned toys back to their bedroom and put them away, then went to find their dads, wearing only their diapers.

“Hi boys. From the position we found you in, we take it that you had a really good time?” Billy smiled warmly to the boys once they came in.

“Oh yeah, it was incredible, thanks so much for buying them for us.” Bobby sighed.

“You're welcome. We're glad that you boys enjoyed them and it sounds as if you did it properly. How do your little holes feel now?” Danny asked.

“Really stretched, but that's mostly because we have our butt plugs in now. They're awesome though.” Donnie smiled brightly.

“Know how you feel, we do too. Sounds as if your diapers leaked a bit too, hence the sound of the washer.” Billy said.

“Cool. Yeah, we passed out and our diapers were too full, so we leaked a bit, thankfully not lots though.” Donnie said.

“Been there, done that, no worries. Just remember to keep your waterproof mattress protector on your bed for just such an emergency and you'll be fine. We'll have to remember to get you boys a new one when we buy your new bedding tomorrow.” Billy said.

“Okay, thanks.” Both boys said.

“So, what all did you guys find today, and did you buy anything?” Bobby asked.

The men told of all their shopping and all that they had found out, both saying that they would probably go back the following day to pick up everything that they could, the boys were happy to go along and help out. For the rest of the day, they all spent it in the house, watching TV and talking about the up and coming wedding. The boys ended up still very tired and went to bed early, and though they did suck a good orgasm from each other before changing their diapers, they were unable to play for as long as they usually did. The men went to bed a while later and did the same for each other, and they all slept well.

Chapter 4

The following morning, all four of them emerged from their bedrooms at almost the same time, all of them still in their very soggy night diapers. They all smiled at each other and then went and made and ate breakfast. Once that was all cleaned up from, they all headed to their bedrooms, where they changed and dressed their boyfriends, and once they were all packed and ready to go, they headed out.

It was a long day of shopping, because they went and bought all that the men had found the day before that they could get right away, and it was a good thing that they had thought to bring both vehicles for this trip, because they stuffed both of them full. They also hit a few other stores or places, and with the boys' help they picked out all the different things that were going to be needed for the wedding. They picked which colors were going to be used, they decided on both their favorites, royal blue and a really nice red. It looked really good together. They picked the flowers, the centerpieces, the wedding arch that they wanted, the table cloths, everything. Now all they had to do was get everything in place and they would be set. Much of that they took with them right away, other than the flowers and the arch, which of course they had to order, so they did so. Finally they made it home and the boys were told to go on in and have a bath and remove their butt plugs, since it was not a good idea to leave them in too long. They thought a bath was a great idea, so went and did so. They all went to bed at their regular times and had a good sleep, after making themselves more tired of course.

Monday morning the men got up and went to work after waking the boys and wishing them a good day, and reminding them that the new bed was to be delivered and that they had to get their bedroom cleaned and ready for it. They were good with this, so got up just after their dads left, had a little fun, changed each others diapers and then dressed each other for the day. They went and made and ate some breakfast, and then went back to their bedroom to figure out how they were going to arrange it.

“So, how should we do this then?” Bobby asked.

“Not a clue. It's been your room a lot longer than it has mine, so I hoped you'd have a clue as to what to do in here.” Donnie grinned.

“Fair enough, but no, it's just always been this way, it's how it worked. Not even sure why I had two beds in here, never had anyone ever spend the night.”

“It worked out in the end, and maybe your dad hoped you'd be more social and have friends over.”

“Probably. I suppose we should just start by taking the beds apart and taking them out. I hope we can figure that out and they're not too heavy, because I've never taken furniture apart in my life, and I'm not very strong.” Bobby shrugged.

“I'm sure we'll figure it out, it can't be that hard, and between the two of us, I'm sure we'll be strong enough.”


They started by removing the bedding from both beds, and then the mattresses. Once that was all removed and taken to the garage, they went back and tried to figure out how to take the bed frames apart. After looking for a few seconds, they found that it was super simple, the side rails just clipped into the end posts, so removing them was as simple as lifting them up, and the mattress base was simply a piece of plywood that they had to remove first, so they did so, and took both of them out to the garage as well. They then got the beds apart and found that once apart, they were able to easily grab a piece each and take them out. They took the four trips necessary and got them there.

“Well, that wasn't too bad, was it?” Bobby said once they were standing there surveying their handiwork.

“No, it wasn't actually. Now that the bedroom's almost empty though, I think I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

“With our rather large closet, which was way bigger than my dads old walk in closet at the apartment by the way, and it was big, why not move some of the shelves around in there, since they're all moveable, put the dresser in there, and we can just put all our small things in there and fold and stack the rest of our clothes on the shelves. That'll give us a lot more room in here, even with one larger bed. Then we can put the bed under the window, and we should probably ask for another desk for in here and they can go side by side. I haven't even been able to set up my computer yet because I have nowhere to put it. Same with my TV, you don't have one, but if we move the book shelf and adjust a couple of the shelves on it, we can put the TV on it and have it at the end of the bed, so that we can lay in bed and watch it if we want to. I say the desks go on that wall there.” Donnie suggested, pointing everything out.

“Sounds good to me, but I doubt the two of us together can move the dresser or the bookshelf, and the desk might be tough too. They're all real wood and really heavy my dad said. I remember him bringing it all in when he got it for me a couple years ago, and even he thought it was heavy.”

“Maybe, but we can always empty them and try, and if we can't, then we can ask our dads to help us when they get home. Also, he had to move three heavy pieces a long way, we won't have to move them far, and I bet if we put a blanket under them, we can slide them pretty easily on the wood floor.”

“Okay, that works, and it doesn't hurt to try right.” Bobby smiled.

So that was what they did. They started off by adjusting the closet how they were going to need to, then got to work on getting the dresser in there. They found that once the six drawers in it were removed, that it was surprisingly easy to slide on a blanket, in fact it was harder to get the blanket under the dresser than it was to move it once it was under. They got the drawers back in place and moved all their stuff around so that it was all good. Since they both wore the same size, it did not matter if their clothes got mixed up. They ended up just throwing out all their underwear, had all their socks in the top drawer, their pajamas in the second, tank tops and diaper shirts in the third, tee shirts in the fourth, long sleeve shirts in the fifth and shorts in the last. All their pants were folded up on the shelves. They thought it worked perfectly.

With the dresser out of the way, which had been where they wanted the bookshelf to go, they were now able to move it into place, but it too was full of stuff. Just as they were about to start unloading it though, the doorbell rang, and they knew their new bed had arrived. They ran to the door and greeted the delivery guys and showed them where the new bed was to go, so they did so and were gone in about half an hour after getting it all set up.

“Wow, it looks great in here and it's a really good match for the rest of the furniture too.” Bobby said once they were alone again.

“Yeah, it does. I almost want to ask you if you want to test out the new bed, but we should get the bedroom finished first.”

“Oh god, now you're making me want to say to heck with setting everything up and test out the new bed too, but we can wait.” Bobby said, physically having to force himself to snap out of it, they had more important things to be doing.

Donnie just laughed. They emptied the bookshelf, just throwing everything onto the new bed in the meantime, and then they were able to move it. Once again it was harder to get the blanket under it than it was to move it once it was. Once in place, they adjusted the shelves and Donnie found the box with his TV in it and they placed it on the shelf. They then went and laid on the bed and made sure that it was in a good position for them, and it was, so they started putting everything back onto it, omitting some of the things that had been on it before, so that Donnie could put some of his things on it as well.

Next was the desk, and it was easier, but only because it was smaller. They still had to take Bobby's computer off it before they dared move it, but once it was moved, they got it set back up again and then they were almost done.

“Now all we have to do is make the bed. Did you ever transfer the bedding from the washer to the dryer though, because I forgot to?” Donnie asked, because they had thought to put it in the night before.

“Um, no, I didn't. Crap. Oh well, it won't take long to dry anyway.” Bobby said as they headed to the bathroom to do so.

When they arrived, they did not find the bedding in the wash though, so Bobby checked the dryer, and sure enough, it was in there.

“Hmm, one of our dads musta switched it over or us. That's good though.” Donnie said and they grabbed the bedding.

They opened the mattress protector once they made it to the bedroom and got it put on, and then they made their bed with all the new linens. It was a really nice thick soft cotton, just plain white bedding, and a very nice patterned blue blanket to go with it, it was exactly what the boys wanted.

“Wow, this looks great. Wonder when our dads will take us shopping for a new desk though, because I'd like to get the room finished soon.” Bobby said.

“Same, but maybe they'll take us tonight. It's only one thing, so it won't take long.” Donnie shrugged.

They realized that it was after lunch and they were both getting very hungry, so they went and made and ate lunch, cleaned that up, and then decided that they should probably go change their diapers, since they were getting very full as well. Well, a diaper change for two horny baby boys always takes a long time, but this diaper change took even longer than that, and they each fired off five orgasms in five different positions, all while using their regular dildos on each other and sucking each other.

“Mmmm, that was nice, and this new bed is so comfortable.” Donnie sighed deeply.

“Mmmhmm, I agree.” Bobby sighed even deeper still.

“Wanna try out our new baby shorts that we bought the other day?”

“Okay. With or without shirts?”

“I say without, then we can go play outside for a bit.” Donnie said brightly.

They hopped up and went and grabbed their diapers and outfits, then came back and changed and dressed each other.

“My god, you look hot like that.” Bobby moaned once they were done and he really looked at Donnie.

“You do too. Wouldn't it be funny to go to the playground like this, or even better yet, with a double thick super soggy diaper on underneath it.”

“I'd be so embarrassed.”

“Me too, but I bet a few boys and men cum from seeing us like this.” Donnie giggled.

“I bet you're right, but no, I don't think it's a good idea. We'd probably end up getting hit on and having to say no to a hundred guys who want sex, because I only want you.” Bobby smiled warmly.

“You're probably right.” Donnie smiled back just as warmly.

They headed out to the back yard and played for a while, just having fun and being the boys that they really truly were. They played outside for a good three hours, in fact it was almost time for the dads to come home when they finally decided to call it a day and go in and make dinner. The men walked in less than half way through the dinner making process.

“Don't you boys just look adorable.” Billy sighed.

“Thanks Daddy, these are awesome. Thanks so much.”

“You're welcome. So, did the bed come today?”

“Sure did.” Both boys said as one.

“And we have a favor to ask.” Bobby said.

“What's that.”

“A favor, well it's a question that one asks when they are hoping to get something but cannot pay anything for it.” Bobby said so straight faced it amazed both Donnie and Danny.

“Oh, you Sir are a brat. What's this favor you wish to ask.” Billy laughed, Danny and Donnie could also not hold it in and burst out laughing as well.

“Thanks. Well, we changed the room around, and we realized that we sorta need another desk, because mine isn't big enough for the both of us, so can we go out after dinner and buy one please?” Bobby grinned.

“I don't see any reason why not. Let us go take a look at your bedroom and then we'll come and help you make dinner. As soon as we're all done and cleaned up, then we can go.”

“Okay, you may as well change your diapers while you're at it too, you're starting to show a bit.” Donnie suggested.

“Good idea. We would've just changed after dinner, but that works too.”

The boys continued working while the dads went and looked at the bedroom. Once they saw what all they needed to see, they headed to their bedroom and changed each other, getting redressed as well, since they were going out again right away. They met the boys back in the kitchen a few minutes later and helped to finish it off, and as they did so, they talked.

“I really like how you boys set up the room, it's perfect.” Billy said.

“I agree. What kind of desk do you want though?” Danny asked.

“Just something that matches the desk that's already in there was about all we were thinking of.” Donnie shrugged his shoulders.

“Yeah.” Bobby added.

“What if we just got you one larger desk, would that be okay? There's lots of room there, so we could make it almost any size we wanted and still have room left over.” Billy said.

“Suppose so. Doesn't really matter what we do I guess. You're the designer, so we'll let you figure it out.” Bobby shrugged.

“I have a few ideas that you boys might like, we'll just have to go shopping and see what we can come up with. So, did you have any problems with the furniture delivery, and how exactly did you move the old stuff around anyway, considering most of it's heavier than you boys are?”

“No, we had no troubles at all, and we just put an old blanket under the things we needed to move and slid them into place, then removed the blanket. It was really easy actually.”

“That's good, that's using your head. Use your head, not your back I always say.”

“Oh trust me, we still used our backs.” Donnie giggled.

“Yes, I bet you did, and that's good too, but you did it in such a way that it reduced the amount of raw strength you needed, which neither of you really has yet, and let you be able to do something that was technically above your abilities. By using your brains, you can achieve almost anything you can think of, when your body would surely fail you.” Billy said proudly.

“Gee, thanks for not calling us weak or anything?” Bobby sighed animatedly.

“Um, you're ten years old, you're both really skinny and have almost no muscle tone, I hate to say it, but raw strength is nowhere near your abilities. We're the same though, trust me, that's not a bad thing.” Danny laughed.

“We know. Would be nice to at least have a little muscle, so that the kids at school couldn't push me around so easily. I mean, there's a boy in my class that's a head taller than me, his arms are already bigger around than my legs, and he picked me up easily last year and threw me. That's just not fair.” Bobby said sadly.

“No, but how much should I bet that he didn't get an all glowing report card with the suggestion that he skips a grade. How much should I bet that if you two were put to a mental challenge that he'd be so outclassed that you'd stomp him in under thirty seconds. And how much should I bet that he's more insecure of his inabilities than you are. Trust me, I went through all the same things, took all the same teasing, both Danny and I did, we feel you boys' pain, but just remember, they bully and tease you because you have something they don't have, and can probably never get, smarts. Sure, they can apply themselves and work hard and make themselves as smart, just like you boys could work out and make yourselves stronger, but does that really change who you are. No, not really. Not that you boys shouldn't get some more definition and work out some, you probably should, same as we probably should've when we were your age, but not to help you beat up other kids.”

“I know, you've told me all this before, well except to work out some, but it's so hard being picked on and teased all the time. I know you know, you've told me all about what you went through, and Donnie told me all the stories of what he and his dad went through, so we're all the same here, but that doesn't really make it any easier to deal with.”

“No, but it lets you understand that you're not alone. Once you boys go back to school, you'll have each other, and there's strength in numbers. Of course, bullies are usually pack animals too, emphasis on animals of course, but as long as you stick together, they can't hurt you. You boys do know though that with as much as you've started to love diapers and how much we can tell you want to wear them all the time, that once you get to school, the kids will find out, eventually at least, and the taunting and teasing will only intensify. What will you boys do then?”

“I know, and I guess we'll just have to deal with it as best we can, and like you said, at least we'll be together.”

“That's good. The decision is yours though as to whether you wear diapers or not, we won't tell you yes or no, that has to be up to you.”

“There's no choice really. If you're half as much a diaper lover as I am, then you know what my answer will be, and I can only assume that Danny and Donnie's answers would be the same.”

“They are.” All three of them said as one.

“Yeah, that's what I thought. No, I want to wear my diapers full time from now on, and no amount of bullying will change my mind. Can we get some weights and stuff though, so that we can try working out a bit?” Bobby asked.

“That's a good boy. You're so much stronger and smarter than I was at your age. Hell, it was only a couple years ago that I really started to realize half of what you already know.”


They finished off dinner shortly thereafter, then all sat down to eat. Once they were finished, they cleaned up, and then the boys were urged to go change. They giggled and said, 'ah why, we wanna go out like this.' The men laughed and said yeah right. The boys did go and change their clothes, as well as their diapers though, then checked their diaper bag, just in case they were out for a while, and then they all headed out. Billy pointed them not to a furniture store, but instead to a lumber yard, and when the boys asked why, he told them that it was one of his ideas, and to just leave it to him.

When they arrived, they all went inside and looked around for a bit. Billy asked the boys if they liked the same woods that were in the bedroom already, and they both said that yes, they did, so he pointed them at some plywood that was ten foot long that matched what they had in their bedroom.

“Why are you looking at plywood Daddy?”

“Because, I think that this'll make a good work station, and with three end tables that match what you already have, they'll make the uprights, as well as good storage. It'll be strong enough, it'll look good, and you'll be able to fit everything and more that you need to. If you like that idea, then we'll get them to cut it for us, so that we can transport it.”

“Cool, that sounds like a really good idea.”


Billy went and asked one of the guys to cut the sheet into three sixteen inch strips for them, so he did, and while he was doing that, Billy led the others to the veneer section and grabbed the edge banding that he would need to finish off the edges. He also grabbed a few wire grommets so that they could drill holes in the work top, but have it look nice. When the boys asked what the rest of the plywood would be used for, he told them that he would just use it for shelving somewhere, since good storage was never a bad thing, especially since they were going to have a lot of catering type things to store. He also grabbed a couple pairs of keyboard slides, so that the boys could have hidden keyboards. Once the plywood was all cut, they paid for their purchases and loaded them in the truck, then headed out.

Billy took them to the furniture store next and they picked out three end tables that were identical to the ones the boys already had. They had three drawers in each one, though they did decide to grab one with only one drawer and a cupboard as well, for just in case. He also grabbed them a smaller book shelf that could be set right on the desktop to store things on. The boys also needed another desk chair, but Billy grabbed two new ones, since Bobby's chair was getting old and rickety. They all decided that that was going to be more than enough for the bedroom, so they paid for their purchases and then loaded it all in the truck as well and headed home.

Once they made it home, the boys were instructed to go in and start removing everything from the desk in their bedroom, the men saying that they would bring in all the stuff for their new desk. The boys were good with this, so went and did so right away. The dads just brought everything into the bedroom, and as soon as they were done bringing it all in, they took the old desk out, because the boys had just finished emptying it as well. They then all helped to put everything together, and then Billy grabbed the iron and a razor knife and applied the edging. Once that was applied, he grabbed his drill and the right stuff and installed the keyboard slides and drilled for the wire grommets. When that was done, he trimmed off the excess edging, and with that, they were complete.

“Wow, this is a really cool desk, thanks so much Daddy.” Bobby said happily.

“Yeah, it does look good in here, you're welcome.”

“What are you gonna do with the old desk though, it's in really good condition still?”

“Probably use it in the kitchen as a phone desk, since we don't have one and we do have the space for it. You boys go ahead and start getting your desk put back together, we'll take care of that.”

“Okay.” The boys both said.

The men headed out and grabbed the desk and took it to the kitchen as planned.

“Wanna strip down to just our baby diapers?” Donnie asked.

“Okay.” Bobby said happily, loving having the freedom to wear just his diapers now.

They both stripped down to just their diapers and then got started on putting their new awesome desk together the way they wanted it. Donnie had to grab his computer that was still boxed up and he got it all hooked up while Bobby was setting his up as well. Both boys had fairly nice systems, not high end, but good. Just as the boys were finishing up, the dads walked in, also in only their diapers.

“Looks good boys.” Danny said.

“Thanks.” Both boys said.

“We're just about to sit down to watch a little TV before bed, you wanna come join us, or do you still have more work to do?” Billy asked.

“No, I think we're good for the night, so we'll join you. If we think of anything else, we can do it later. What all did you guys do, because it can't have taken you that long to do what you were gonna do?” Donnie asked.

“We got the desk in place and got it all set up properly, then we went and got more shelf supports put up in the garage and put up the two new shelves and got a few things stored on them.” Danny said.

“That's good, and it looks like you got comfortable as well.” Donnie grinned.

“Yeah, we did, pretty much as soon as we left you boys.” Billy smiled.

“Same here.” Bobby said.

They all went and sat back and watched TV for the night, and when it was time for the boys to head to bed, they did, making sure to change each others diapers before they did, which of course started some fun times. Tonight they got into a 69 and sucked each other and fingered each other until they had three fingers in each other and three orgasms. Once they came down from their last one, they slipped in each others butt plugs and called it a night.

Monday morning, and the normal routine that was set the previous week was pretty much exactly how this morning went as well. The men were up and got ready for work, then went and woke the babies up just before leaving and then headed to work. The boys laid in bed snuggling for quite a while before getting up, and the dads hopped in the truck today instead of the car and headed out. As they did so, they of course talked.

“I was thinking of taking off a bit early today and going and grabbing the boys some workout equipment, not that we can't stand to use it some either mind you.” Billy said almost as soon as they left the driveway.

“Okay, we can do that, but I don't know how comfortable I am in getting the boys weights. It's not good for their bodies to do weights yet, I've heard kids shouldn't do that 'til after puberty.”

“I wasn't planning on getting any real weights, because I've heard the same thing, but a little weight won't hurt them. I was just thinking some dumbbells to help them tone up a bit, which, like I said we could use too, and then stuff for them to do situps and pushups, jump ropes, things like that that'll help more than weights.”

“Oh, that's good. I almost wish we had a pool, because that's the best form of exercise there is.”

“We could always put in an above ground pool, they're not that expensive anymore, even for a good one, and we have lots of space.” Bobby said.

“Would you mind, especially with the wedding coming up, that'll take up a fair bit of space in the yard.”

“Of course I wouldn't mind, it's your house too now right. There's lots of space, even with the biggest pool we can get, so there's no worries there. The only problem is the money. We don't exactly have unlimited funds, and a good pool is still gonna set us back probably a thousand dollars by the time all is said and done.”

“That much you figure?”

“Yeah, I checked it out last year, because I was thinking of it then, but I decided not to, because just two of us wouldn't use it enough to pay it off I felt, but four of us will. The one I wanted is eighteen feet across, round, fifty four inches deep, salt water purification, hard sides, solar blanket and heat, it pretty much had it all.”

“Oh. Well, as long as we don't do anything too terribly fancy or expensive for our honeymoon, then we can still afford it, and with us doing all the work and doing the wedding at home and for as cheap as possible, we should be fine. We both have lots saved and owe no money, as well with both of us paying the mortgage and utilities, we're gonna do far better now, so unless you don't want to, I say let's go for it.” Danny smiled.

“Okay, and I agree about money. It was never tight for the two of us, but I did have to be careful, but now with two of us making good money and living together, that'll save us more as well.”

“That's good. So, you figure we could leave at lunch then, go get everything, then come home and surprise the boys?”

“Sounds good to me, we'll just have to ask the boss, but I'm sure he'll be okay with it, especially if we tell him it's wedding related.”

“Yeah, he sure was happy about us getting married and gave us as much time off as we wanted.”

“Yeah, but then I've always suspected he might be gay too.”

“You think so?”

“Hard to say really, maybe he's not, maybe he's bi, but could you imagine the look on Jim's face if he found out his boss was gay too.” Billy laughed.

“No shit. Did I tell you about my run in with him on Friday though?”

“No, you didn't.”

“I didn't think so, I just remembered about it. Anyway, I was just about to go into the bathroom as he was, he was before me, and as soon as he saw me entering as well, he sounded as if he choked, and then turned around and left, and under his breath he said something. I can't be sure what he said, but it sounded like he said I'm not going to the bathroom with a fagot. I just shook my head and went and did my business and left. I mean, like I'd want to do anything to him anyway, and I was gonna be in a stall, so what did he think would happen, that I'd look over the wall and watch him or something stupid like that.”

“Who knows what could possibly be going through the mind of a gay hater. He hasn't come into the bathroom when I'm in there either, but that doesn't exactly bother me.”

“Nah, it doesn't bother me either. Should we be telling the boss you figure?”

“Probably not a bad idea to let him know, so that he can keep an eye out for him, but we'll have to tell him not to confront Jim either, that'll only cause us more problems.”

“For sure.”

They continued talking the rest of the way to work. Just as they were pulling in, the boys were just crawling out of bed. They had not even said one word to each other yet, they just stayed cuddling up to each other until they decided to get up.

“Wanna double diaper each other and then put our cute baby shorts on Baby?” Donnie asked.

“Okay.” Bobby said brightly.

Donnie hopped up and grabbed all that they would be needing and came back to the bed. They double diapered each other and then got each other into their cute snap crotch shortalls. With a super thick double diaper on under them, they looked even more adorable than they had before. Once they were all dressed and ready to go, they went and had some breakfast, and then went and laid back for a bit and watched TV.

After a couple hours of that, the boys went out back and played in the yard for a couple more hours, until they were ready for lunch in fact, so they went in and made and ate that. After lunch, they went back outside to play, and that was where they stayed until their dads came home.

Billy and Danny went right to the bosses office as soon as they made it to work and asked if he would mind them taking off at lunch time, saying that they had some things for the wedding to take care of, and he was perfectly okay with that. They also told him about Jim and how he was acting toward them since they came out, and he said he had already seen it a few times, and furthermore had already talked to Jim about what he had witnessed, and told him that it was either shape up or ship out, that he would not have any of his employees feeling uncomfortable because he did not like gays. Billy and Danny were happy with this, then headed off to their offices and got started on their work for the day and worked hard until lunch time, then said goodbye to everyone and headed out.

Their first stop was where Billy had found the pool last year that he liked, so they went in and looked around. They found almost the same model of pool, but it was twenty feet around now, but the same depth, and it came with a better pump and large sand filter instead of a standard cartridge filter, as well as the salt water purification. The solar heater was also different, it looked bigger and the sign said high performance, so that was good. The price was a hundred dollars more than it had been the previous year, but considering all it came with, Billy was more than happy with that. They went to the sales desk and talked to a guy there and asked if they could get the pool they wanted, and just on a long shot, Billy asked if there was a sale price for it. The guy hummed and hawed for a moment, then said business had been slow lately, so he would let it go for a hundred and fifty less to ensure he got the sale. The men were happy with that. In fact, with their savings, they decided to get a few of the pool accessories as well. They grabbed enough foam dumbbells for them all for doing resistance training in the water, they grabbed a few pool noodles and boards, for fun and for working out with, they grabbed a set of diving rings, a pool thermometer, a pool cleaning head that they could attach and let it go and it would clean all by itself, and then finally a few floating lounge chairs. Their total when they went up to pay for everything was almost a hundred dollars more than the original price of the pool, so that was excellent. They got everything loaded into the truck and took off.

Unfortunately that store had not carried anything other than pool stuff, so they had to go elsewhere for the rest of the workout stuff. For that, Billy pointed them to another store and they went in, and the store was having a large inventory blowout sale and claimed that everything was on sale, so once again, the men were happy with that, because that meant they could buy more for less. They grabbed a good set of dumbbells, a weight bench with barbell and a few light weights for it, a couple good skipping ropes, and a few other small things they could all use. The weight bench was a multi purpose one, you could use weights on it for leg exercises, and it could be locked in position for doing situps as well. All told they only spent a couple hundred dollars there, but they had a lot to show for it. They loaded all their purchases into the truck as well and hopped in.

“So, anything else before we head home?” Billy asked before he started the truck.

“Nothing that I can think of.”

“Okay.” He said and started the truck and headed home.

They drove all the way home talking excitedly about all that they had bought and where they were going to put it all, and when they got home, they backed in and Billy had them right by the gate to the back yard for ease of offloading. They headed in to find the boys, only to find them already in the back yard.

“Oh, there you boys are.” Danny said.

“Hi Daddy, what are you doing home already?” Both boys asked at the same time.

“We have a surprise for you. We took off early and went and got a few things that we'll all enjoy and get good use out of. We have the truck parked by the gate, no one can see you boys from there anyway, so come help us unload and bring it to the back yard here.” Billy said.


They headed to the truck, after Billy unlocked and opened the gate, and then when the truck was opened up so that the boys could see inside, they both gasped.

“You bought a pool, how cool is that!” Bobby said.

“Yes, we did. It's a bit better version of the one I was dreaming of last year but decided not to get. We also got a few other things for working out, so we can all get in better shape, since none of us seem to have too much tone, even if we're all thin.” Billy smiled.

“Thanks Daddy.” Both boys said and came and hugged their respective daddy.

“Well, what are you boys waiting for, let's get this offloaded. We'll get the pool though, it's bloody heavy.” Danny said happily.

“Okay.” They both said, and then with a vengeance, the boys tore at the stuff and hauled it all into the back yard.

Once the pool was free and clear, the dads grabbed that and took it to the back yard as well. Bobby was asked to go close and re-lock the gate, then they all worked to pull everything out of the box for the pool and they all helped to put it together. Thankfully it was not hard to do, and they already had a perfect place for it. There was for some reason a large concrete pad in the back yard, and it was more than large enough for the pool to fully sit on, and there was still space left over. Billy figured that whomever had put it in had either put it in for a pool or a shop, either way, it worked perfectly for them. It took a good couple hours for the four of them to get it all built, but by the time it was dinner time, they had it done. Now all they had to do was fill it with water. They stuck the hose in it and then they headed into the house to make and eat dinner.

After dinner was finished and cleaned up from, they all headed out and got started on unpacking the rest of the stuff. The boys asked where they were going to put the weights and stuff, and they were told by the dads that it would all stay out on the covered deck, and since they had such mild winters, they could still use it all year round. Though the pool may not be comfortable for swimming in, because the solar heat would likely not be able to keep it that warm. By the time bedtime rolled around, the pool was still less than half way to being filled up, but they did get the pump going with the salt in the water, they put the solar blanket on, not only to gather what heat it could first thing in the morning, but to keep crap out of the pool too, and then they shut off the water and the boys headed to bed.

Bobby and Donnie stripped each other down to their super wet diapers, they had not changed all day and it showed, then stripped them off and put each other into fresh diapers after removing each others butt plugs and cleaning each other off. Once they were ready for bed, they laid down and kissed and rubbed two orgasms from each other before passing out. They slept peacefully all night long, all cuddled up to each other.

The dads went to bed themselves not long after and they too changed each other and then kissed and jacked each off before they too fell fast asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 5

The following morning after the men headed to work, the boys got up and went out and started the hose again to finish filling up the pool. They had been asked to not use the pool until later, so that the dads could check everything, but they did ask the boys to make sure it was full. After they got the hose going, they went in and made and ate breakfast, and then went back out and worked out for a bit with what they had. They only worked for about half an hour before they were tired and decided to quit, and while neither of them did any real weights, it was still more than enough for them. The pool finished filling an hour past lunch time, so the hose was turned off and pulled from the pool, and then the boys played or watched TV for the rest of the day until their dads came home.

“Hi there our soggy little baby boys, how was your day?” Billy asked as he and Danny walked in the door. The boys were sitting on the couch in just their very soggy diapers.

“Great, how about yours?” Bobby asked.

“Not too bad. Is the pool full?” Danny said.

“Yep, and we worked out for a bit this morning too.” Donnie said.

“That's good. Try and get a light workout every day, try for about an hour a day. We're gonna do the same, we'll probably join you, but we should all do it in the morning, we'll just have to get up earlier is all.” Danny said.

“Okay, I suppose we could get up earlier and join you guys, but we only lasted half an hour this morning.” Bobby said.

“And that's fine. We probably won't fare much better ourselves to start, but we all do need it. Even I can admit I'm too skinny and have no definition, and the rest of you are pretty much the same.” Billy said pointedly, looking at both boys' clearly showing ribs for emphasis.

“Yeah, you're right.” Danny said, chuckling.

“Did you boys make dinner?”

“No, we totally forgot, we didn't even realize the time, sorry.” Bobby said.

“That's okay, we'll all go in and figure something out and then we can all make it. But tonight, we can just do something simple and quick.”

“Okay.” Everyone said.

They all headed to the kitchen and took some chicken out of the freezer and they decided to make a simple chicken salad with it and got everything ready. It did not take long at all and they were eating, and then cleaning it all up. As they were cooking, the men excused themselves for a few moments to go strip down, so that by the time they were eating, all four of them were dressed the same way, that is to say they were all in just their wet diapers. After that, they all headed out to the back yard, because the men wanted to check the pool, Billy grabbing the water testing kit from the counter as they were going.

Once they made it outside, Danny started by removing the cover to the pool, while Billy opened up the kit and grabbed the instructions for it to see how the hell he was supposed to test the water. It took him about ten minutes to do so, but by the time he was done, he felt he had it figured out, so went and got some water and tested it. It came back pretty good, just slightly off, so he read the instructions on how to rectify it and then did so. He then tested the water temperature, though the other three had already done so.

“The water's not so bad already, but I guess it was a good sunny day. Still pretty cold though, so I say we wait 'til tomorrow, maybe by then it'll be fine.” He said, throwing the thermometer in the water to see just what temperature it was. It was probably only one or maybe two degrees warmer than the water had been after filling it, but that was pretty good considering the amount of water that was in there and how quick the solar heater had already heated it up by.

“Can we swim in it by ourselves tomorrow while you guys are at work Daddy?” Bobby asked.

“I don't know, because one thing I don't know is how well Donnie swims. I know you've been in swimming lessons several times and can swim very well, but I wouldn't want you by yourselves if only one of you can swim.”

“I can swim great, I love swimming.” Said boy said right away.

“He's taken several swim lessons as well and swims like a fish, so I'd be fine with it if Bobby swims just as well.” Danny said.

“Okay boys, but you have to promise to be careful of course, and remember, the water's about as deep as you are tall, so you won't be able to touch bottom and still breath, and there's to be absolutely no diving.”

“Okay.” They both said.

“Are we allowed to swim naked?” Bobby asked.

“I don't see any reason why not. With sixteen foot tall cedar hedges all the way around the yard, there's no way anyone can see us in the yard, unless they're in the yard or somehow looking through the hedges, so sure, why not, and that's certainly how I want to swim as well.” Billy smiled.

“Wicked.” Both boys said.

“Why would you even bother asking though, you boys come out here dressed in just diapers, swimming naked would be less embarrassing than that?” Danny had to ask though.

“It's not about embarrassment, we weren't sure if we'd be allowed to or not. Most parents wouldn't let their kids swim naked, even if the pool is completely concealed. Thankfully you guys aren't most parents though, you guys are wicked cool.” Donnie said happily.

“Thanks, and I have no idea why most parents would even care, but whatever. All I say is poor kids who aren't allowed to.” Danny laughed.

They all went in the house for the night and relaxed until it was bedtime. The boys headed to bed, changing each others diapers and playing with each other for a bit before finally falling asleep. The following morning the men headed to work and when the boys got up and started their day, they decided to just strip down totally and went and got themselves some breakfast, because they wanted to go for a swim. Once they were ready to do so, they headed out back and got the cover of the pool off.

“You sure you wanna do this, it's probably still pretty cold?” Donnie had to ask.

“Sure, why not. Can't possibly be any worse than swimming at the lake.”

“That's probably true, but to tell you the truth, I hate swimming there because the water's so cold, I prefer the pool in town, it's nice and warm. This body doesn't do so good in the cold.”

“I tell you what, after we've swam and played for a while, I'll take you back to our bedroom and warm you up real good.” Bobby grinned brightly.

“Well hell, throw in some ice and let's go swimming.” Donnie said and was the first to start climbing the ladder to enter the water.

Bobby just laughed and climbed up with Donnie and they both stood on the platform. Bobby counted it off, and as soon as he hit three, they both jumped in the water.

“Holy crap, it's real cold.” Donnie surfaced and screeched out.

“Oh, it's not that bad. Keep whining and when we get inside I'll just have to diaper you like a big baby.” Bobby teased.

“Okay.” Donnie grinned, but with chattering teeth, it looked weird.

“Get moving, it'll feel warmer once you start moving. Should we try and swim hard and workout for a bit?”

“We probably should.”

So they did. They swam good and hard for a good twenty minutes, and then Bobby hopped out and grabbed two sets of the foam dumbbells and jumped back in and they started doing some water aerobics with them. They found this a lot harder than it had seemed, because the nearly weightless dumbbells had a huge amount of resistance in the water, thus making them work far harder than they thought they might have otherwise. They lasted only another twenty minutes.

“Wow, I'm done, but I am warmer now, even if the water's still really cold.” Donnie gasped.

They had worked good and hard, both admitting that they really needed this, so they worked hard to do it right.

“Yeah, same here. Let's just swim and play now for a bit.”


They stayed in the water for almost half an hour longer, just playing and having fun, but finally they had had enough, so they hopped out. Both boys started giggling as soon as they saw each other out of the water though, because they were so cold they looked like girls. They knew a way to bring them back out of hiding though, and they planned to do just that, but they got the pool closed up first, because they knew that if they did not, they would not do it. They had better places to be after all.

They headed into their bedroom as quick as they could, and by the time they made it, their boy bits were already starting to show. They were already starting to get hard in anticipation of what was to come, but even still, by the time they made it, they were still so cold that neither was anywhere near their full sizes yet. They hopped onto the bed and landed face to crotch and started sucking each other. That was all they needed to warm up and fully harden.

Within a few seconds of starting, they both slipped a finger into each other's moist little bum holes and started fingering each other. Bobby rolled away for a second and grabbed the lube, which was not hidden at all, just sitting on the end table. He popped the top and grabbed some lube, then passed it to Donnie, who happily took it, then took some himself, and before too long, they were fingering each other with three fingers each. They exploded only seconds after their third fingers entered each other.

“I want you to fuck me please?” Donnie pulled away and asked seconds after they finished cumming.

“Dick or dildo?”

“I want your dick in me, it'll be our first time, we've never actually fucked each other with our dicks.”

“Okay.” Bobby said brightly.

Donnie rolled onto his back and pulled his legs open and back a bit, showing Bobby just what he had planned. Bobby thought this looked good, so with his hot hard little baby erection leading the way like a heat seeking missile, he zeroed in on his target and his aim was true. He hit his target first try, and slipped in all the way. They both moaned lowly.

“Wow, and here I thought the dildos and butt plugs were good. You're not nearly as big, but you're so hot and hard, and I can feel you pulsing in me.” Donnie sighed deeply.

“Yeah, and you're so hot and soft inside, and I can even feel you pulsing from inside as well, it feels incredible.”

“Do it, make love to me.”

Bobby needed no further encouragement, he just started thrusting softly and slowly, pulling out until he was in danger of slipping out, and then slipping all the way back in. It was pure bliss for both boys. With their main tension already released, they had hoped that this would last longer, but unfortunately little boys are not known for their lasting powers. That did not stop them though.

As soon as they came, they just kept right on going. In fact, Bobby only paused for just a second as the feelings washed over him like the waves of the ocean crashing over him. Through two more earth shattering orgasms, Bobby made love to Donnie, then they traded places and lasted for another two incredible cums.

“Wow, that was way better than I ever imagined it would be. Can you grab the butt plugs though and fill me up, and then we definitely need to get diapered?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah, it was.” Donnie said dreamily.

Donnie grabbed the butt plugs and they both inserted them into the other quickly, then they grabbed their diapers and cream and diapered each other the way they both liked.

The rest of the day went by quickly and they had fun and rested as well, and then the rest of the week went much the same way. They went out and swam and or worked out in the morning, then played for the rest of the day. Sometimes they were outside, sometimes inside, sometimes they watched TV or sometimes they played video games. They of course also made love to each other a few more times throughout the week, as well as used their toys a couple more, and in these ways they kept themselves well drained. Though technically neither boy had anything to drain.

This weekend the four of them went about more shopping, and on Saturday all four of them had their suit fittings, so they had go do that. If the man who was to do the fitting was surprised that all four of them were in diapers, he said nothing. He was the utmost in professional, though they could all tell he came in his pants when the boys stripped down to just their diapers to try on their pants. After their fittings they went about the daunting task of ordering all the food that they would be needing, most of it would be delivered the day before, but a good portion of it was to be delivered the morning of, so that it was perfectly fresh. Both men talked to their moms Sunday night and went over all the plans again to make sure everything went off without a hitch, or at least any unexpected ones, because there was only to be one expected hitch. They were all good with their duties and made sure that they would have all the help they would be needing from the rest of the families.

It was getting eerily close to the wedding though and both men were starting to panic, wondering if they had bitten off more than they could chew, planning a wedding in only a month. It was this coming weekend, they had to go to work only Monday and Tuesday, and then they were to be off for three weeks. They would be gone for two weeks after the wedding and then be home for a couple days before having to be back to work.

The boys of course did all that they could do, amongst working out and playing of course, and they were a huge help. Wednesday the tent, chairs, tables, and all the other fixtures arrived. The tent guys set up the tent, but the rest of it was to be up to the men and boys to do. They had it done by the end of Wednesday.

Thursday they had their final suit fitting, and when they went in, they were deemed perfect, there were no last minute alterations that had to be made, so that was good. They also deemed it neighborly to write up a letter to all the neighbors stating that there was to be a wedding and party at the house Saturday night, that it would be loud and the street would be full of cars. A few of the neighbors were friends of theirs and were invited, but for the rest, they did not want to annoy too much. They did appreciate the warning when they read their letters and many of them decided it would be a good night to go out. Most just figured they would stay home, since it would be of little concern to them.

Friday all the food that was to be delivered, as well as all the flowers were delivered, and what they could prepare, they did. Some of it was delivered to their parents places, so that the moms and aunts could do what they could to help out, but the men and boys took on almost half the work themselves. They also got almost everything set up outside that they could, so that they had less work to do the following day.

Saturday morning finally arrived, the men were both nervous wrecks, Billy had thrown up, Danny almost did, but they both managed to eat a tiny bit of breakfast. The boys laughed at them and told them they were going to be fine, and that if by chance anything was forgotten, it was too late to worry about now, so there was no point in worrying about it, that they would just figure it out.

As soon as they were ready to do so, they got started on the cooking projects that just had to get started, and got started on preparing the rest of it as well. The delivery for all the fresh fruit, vegetables, breads and pastries arrived when they were supposed to, and they got that all prepared as needed as well.

The wedding ceremony was to take place at three, then the party was to go from after that until everyone was too tired to stand any more, so they figured twelve or so. The parents and several of the aunts and uncles arrived at just after eleven, all of them bringing food and last minute things that needed to be done still. Billy's mom and dad brought in the cake, and when Billy and Danny asked to see it, they were told to back away from the cake, that they would get to see it once it was revealed to them after the ceremony. They took it to a table, got it all set up, after telling the men to get their butts in the house, and then once it was set up, it was covered again.

“So, Bobby, who's this?” His grandma asked him of Donnie.

“This is Donnie, he's my brother now.”

“Oh, that's so nice. It's good to finally meet you Donnie. So, Bobby, anything else you care to tell us about your brother?” She asked.

“Sure, he's my boyfriend as well, and another secret, we're diaper lovers as well.”

“I thought I detected a diaper under your pants when I hugged you. Your dad doesn't know I know, but I know he is as well, and so's Danny, isn't he?”

“Yeah, I sorta thought you knew, and I felt you pat my bum, that's why I told you.” He grinned.

“Thought so. So, are you two excited?”

“Sure, but we didn't need the wedding ceremony really for them to be husbands or us brothers, and they our daddies, but they wanted to. We might do the same when we're old enough, but we'll figure all that out later. By the way, the cake was really nice. Daddy's gonna cry when he sees it.”

“Thanks, and that's why I didn't want him to see it yet.”


“Oh, there's my grandparents.” Donnie said and then called them over.

“Hi Grandma and Grandpa, this is Bobby and his grandparents.” He greeted and then introduced them all.

“Hi Donnie, my don't you look charming.” His grandma said, picking him up and patting his bum too, then she got a grin on her face.

“Yeah, in case you missed that, I'm wearing a diaper, I'm a diaper lover. And this is my new brother, and boyfriend too, Bobby.”

“That's what I thought. You're so much like your dad it's scary sometimes.” She laughed.

“Same with Bobby.” His grandma said.

“Yeah, the boys are diaper lovers too, but I've known about Danny since he was sixteen for sure that he loved diapers. I'm happy you two are so much more free than your dads are.”

“Thanks. How'd you know he was a diaper lover back then, he said he never wore diapers at all?” Donnie asked curiously.

“Ah, but he did, whenever he had the chance. He thought we didn't know about his using towels and putting them in his underwear and wetting them, but we did.”

“Hah, now that's funny, because Billy did the exact same thing, and his occasional wet beds were more than likely not as accidental as he played them up to be. He was trying to work up the courage but always failed to get his diapers.”

“Same with Danny. We started seeing it when he was about ten or so, right around you boys' age actually, but by the time he was sixteen, we were pretty sure of it, same with his being gay. I tell you, the day he came home and said he got a girl pregnant was the biggest shock of our lives.”

“Yep, same with Billy. Well, as much as I'd love to stay and get to know you guys, we really do have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time left to do it, so what say we all get together later and talk and get to know all the dirty details of our soon to be son in laws.”

“Sounds like a date.”

The boys giggled and they all took off and continued working hard to get everything prepared. The next few hours went by in a madhouse of activities, not one of them stopped running the entire time they felt. Just before the ceremony, all four of them went into the house to change their very wet diapers, and then shortly thereafter, it started.

Once everyone was seated, the music started, but neither of the men were walking down the aisle, they were to just enter from opposite side, greet in the center, hold hands and walk the rest of the way to where they were to stand. Danny's dad was taking all the photos for the event, he had a very nice camera, and he was snapping away merrily. The actual ceremony took only fifteen minutes, it was totally non religious, and then all the paper signing took a further fifteen minutes, and then they declared married and introduced as the Bray-Dee's. The entire crowd stood as one and applauded the new couple. For almost an hour the two of them had their pictures taken, the boys having to join them for several as well, and then before too long, the party started. Billy stood up to start the speeches.

“Well, here we all are. I bet almost none of you expected to ever come to a wedding for me, since it seems that my being gay wasn't nearly as big a secret as I thought it was. I know almost all of you almost laughed when I said I was getting married, and then you chuckled at the irony of it when I told you to whom I was marrying. I never felt that anyone would understand or accept me as being gay, I guess I didn't really have to worry about it so much. I have so much now to be thankful for that I couldn't really truly begin to say it all, but I do have a few people to thank. To my wonderful son, who has been by my side since the day he was born, and just laughed at me and said I know, I'm not stupid you know when I told him I was gay. To my loving parents, how you didn't kill me in my teen years, I really have no idea, thanks for always being there and accepting me for who and what I was without question. To my grandparents, who I wish were still here, thanks for spoiling me rotten, even though half the time I didn't actually deserve it. To my aunts, uncles and cousins, thanks for all the fun times that we had together. To my sisters and brother, thanks for all the years of torture and torment, I loved every second of it, and I hope you loved every second of it I managed to give back to you. And finally to all my friends, thanks for sticking by my side, even when I told you my biggest darkest secret, I thought you'd all take off and never talk to me again, I guess that didn't happen. Without you all, I certainly would not be here today, so once again, thanks for everything everyone and tonight, we party.”

Everyone cheered and his parents had tears in their eyes. Danny stood up next, and he too gave his speech.

“Much like Billy, I too was scared to death of telling anyone that I was gay, and same as his family and friends, they pretty much already knew. All the family had pretty much the same reaction to my telling you that I was getting married that Billy did, and I almost laughed at some of your reactions as well. I too must thank all my family and friends for sticking by me, even though you knew I was gay. I thought then that it was the ultimate wrong to love another boy, but then I met another boy, Billy in case you missed it, and we fell in love. Together we have learned a lot about being gay, we always knew we were, but neither of us had ever loved anyone before, at least not the type of love two partners should share, neither of us ever felt we could love another the way we thought we should. Then we both got up the courage to meet each other and we found that love. Did we have to get married? Nah, not really, it's only a piece of paper after all right, but we wanted to. We wanted the ceremony, we wanted everyone to be here with us when we stood up there and swore that we would be there for each other 'til do we part, and I for one hope that we last a very long time together. This means the world to us, and we thank you once again for being here with us on our special day.”

Once again the entire crowd stood and cheered and clapped. Bobby stood up next.

“To my wonderful daddy, you're finally getting what I knew you wanted and needed all along. I'm glad that you finally told me and that you're getting married to a nice man, someone who doesn't hate me and wants to ship me off to some boarding school.”

“Who says I still might not.” Danny grinned, everyone laughed.

“Nah, you wouldn't do that.” He grinned.

“You're right.”

“Anyway, I'm also glad that I'm getting a great brother out of this and another great daddy too. Thanks for always being there for me and I hope you have a great life.”

Once he was done, everyone stood and clapped and cheered once again, and finally Donnie got up.

“I guess I'm the last, and considering I hate doing this, I'm keeping it really short. Let's eat, I'm starving, I haven't eaten since six this morning.”

For some reason, Donnie got the loudest clapping and cheering. The head table got up and went to the food tables and started dishing up first, so the men and their boys and parents, and then the rest of the people went up in an orderly fashion and they all dished up. If there was one person there that did not go back for seconds of the great food, it would have been a huge surprise. Many went for more too, and the food was to be kept out all night so that everyone who wanted more to eat, could do so. Finally it was cake time. The grandparents led the newlyweds to the cake platform and Billy's mom lifted the cover. The entire crowd gathered around them all and they all oohed and awed as it was uncovered, and like she had surmised, Billy started crying.

“Oh Mom, it's so beautiful, you outdid yourself.” He cried happily,

“You're very welcome my beautiful baby boy. I made sure it was extra perfect just for you. And it's your favorite as well. Triple fudge chocolate cake. I hope no one here's allergic to chocolate, because this cake will send them to the grave, forget the hospital.” She grinned, everyone laughed.

“Thanks Mom.” He smiled.

It really was a beautiful cake, not much for fancy decorating, but it was perfect in every way, and on the top were just two male figures holding hands, looking at each other. The men almost felt bad for cutting it, but they did not want to insult Billy's mom either, because it was meant to be cut, so cut it was, and then they fed each other a piece of cake, then cut and served all their guests, Billy's mom being the first. Everyone enjoyed the cake a great deal, probably everyone going back for seconds, and in some cases thirds, but those they got to serve themselves.

Finally the music was started, and the first song that they had in their play list was to be the two of them dancing alone, and they danced to their favorite song, I Hope You Dance, it was very beautiful. The second song the men grabbed their moms and danced with them, and then the dance floor was opened up for all to enjoy, and for the next several hours, enjoy they did. Bobby and Donnie even got up and danced together several times, both of them admitting to their aunts, uncles and cousins that they too were gay. No one seemed at all surprised by that news either. About half way through the night, Danny's mom got on the microphone and said that she felt it was gift opening time, so the music was paused and the gift table was brought to the center of the dance floor. There was not a lot on it though, because both men already had everything they really needed.

There were a few gifts there though, but for the most part, it was just nice artwork and things like that, and each gift giver was thanked gracefully. Then they started opening the cards, and they found that the invitations that their parents had sent out had said that money would be far more appreciated since they were all set up for the house anyway, and it would be put toward their trip. Once again they read all the cards and thanked each person for all the money they had received. They did not count it all, but by the end, there was almost four thousand dollars. There was nothing there from either of the parents, though the men had really not noticed that yet. The dancing commenced and when the men went to sit down for a bit to rest, Billy's parents came over, followed shortly thereafter by Danny's, and they all sat down as well.

“In case you failed to notice boys, there was nothing in there from us, since we wanted this to be a surprise.” Billy's dad started.

“Actually, I hadn't noticed.” Billy admitted as his dad handed him an envelope.

“Thanks, but why didn't you give this to us up there?”

“Look inside, you'll know why.”

So he did, and inside were four first class plane tickets to Mexico.

“Plane tickets to Mexico?” He asked.

“Yes.” His dad said, and then Danny's dad handed Danny their envelope.

Danny opened it up and stared for a few seconds.

“Two rooms at an all inclusive resort for two weeks?” Danny asked, looking up with tears in his eyes.


So Billy's dad explained it all.

“We've been talking to each other on the phone, deciding what all we needed to do to prepare. One of the things was what we should get you guys, so we decided that there was really nothing that we could get you, and money didn't seem right, not from us, so we decided to give you boys the trip. The kids are of course included, since you said they were coming with you. But this way, you can use the money for other things around the house, and not have to worry about a thing. You can also afford to take all sorts of tours and do all sorts of sightseeing while you're there, whereas before you might not have been able to. The resort includes all meals, so you won't have to worry about that, and they're very gay friendly, we made sure to check into that, so there's no fears there, so all you have to do is enjoy. You leave tomorrow morning at eleven, and we're driving you all to the airport.”

“Wow, thanks so much guys, this is too much.”

“No, it's about right.” They all said.

The men gave their parents hugs and thanked them a great deal. From there on though everyone had a great time. Billy and Danny both sat with as many of their guests as they could to thank them in person for their gifts and to just talk as well. It seemed universal though from all their guests that the wedding was beautiful and that it had gone off perfectly. Finally at almost one the next morning, the last of the guests left for home, though almost everyone helped to clean everything up, so that there was not a huge mess when they woke in the morning.

The newlywed men and the boys all crashed into their beds, nearly leaving their suits on, and had it not been for the fact that they all desperately needed diaper changes, they may have done just that too, but they did, so they changed. There was no wedding night bliss for the two newlyweds this night though, they were far too tired for that, they had been going for almost twenty hours, and they were absolutely beat. They actually fell asleep before the boys did, only by a few seconds sure, but before them none the less.

The next morning they were all up quite late for them, but it was still only just nine when they did roll out of bed, they all nearly crawled into the kitchen, they still looked absolutely wiped. Even the boys almost had coffee to wake them up, but they all got some breakfast. Their flight left in just a couple hours, and they needed to get ready to go though right away, so as soon as they had breakfast in them, they all had the energy they needed to get their packing done.

They all headed to their bedrooms and changed each other first, then got dressed, and finally they each packed a suitcase and a carry on with the essentials. Not even ten minutes after getting their stuff ready to go, both sets of parents arrived to the house. Billy's parents were to drive them, but Danny's wanted to see them all off as well.

“Now, you boys all go have a good time, we'll take care of getting the yard all cleaned up and getting the rented stuff back today for you. We don't know exactly where you want all the stuff you bought, so we'll just set it in a nice pile in the garage for now.” Danny's dad said.

“Thanks Dad, that'd be great. We'll have to find homes for it all, and we'll probably ask the family if they want any of it, because while we'll keep some of it, we really don't need it all.”

“No prob. Now, like I said, you boys go have a great time.”


“Love you.” His mom said.

She gave them all hugs and kisses goodbye, and then they all piled into Billy's parents van and took off for the thankfully short drive to the airport they were taking off from. When they got there, they got hugs and kisses from the parents once again and told to have a really good time and to have lots of fun, but stay safe. The men and boys headed into the airport with their luggage and were soon aboard their flight. This was to be the first time the boys had ever flown, so they were both excited and nervous, but they were okay. Takeoff was fun they thought, turbulence over the mountains they could have done without, but they survived, and finally the landing was nice and smooth. They got off the plane and into the airport, collected all their baggage, and then headed outside into the stifling heat. They had all had hot summers before, but nothing like what they were feeling right then, and it almost took their breath away at first.

The resort had sent a van for them, so as soon as they were told to hop aboard, they did, and then they were off. They made it to the resort a little more than an hour later and they were helped to take all their things up to their rooms. They were told that normally families had adjoining rooms, but given the men had the honeymoon suite, and normally newlyweds did not take their kids with them, the men had to trust that their boys would be fine across the hall in their executive suite. All were good with this, so they entered the boys' room first. Both boys gasped.

“My god, this place is bigger than our house is, and it's all ours for two weeks?” Bobby managed to squeak out.

“Yes Master Bobby, all we ask is that you do not order any alcohol, your grandparents already requested that there be none in the room, and room service was asked not to bring it, but sometimes accidents happen. Please do not do so or we may have to ask you and your dads to leave. Otherwise the entire suite is yours to use and enjoy to its fullest. We have also provided for you boys a mattress protector, and should a wet bed occur, please just leave it and we'll take care of it for you, just put the sign on the door asking for cleaning and it'll be taken care of right away. The same is true for you gentlemen. Should you also require any incontinent supplies, we are fully stocked to take care of all our guest's needs, and you may feel free to call for anything at any time, and I assure you, we can probably bring for you almost anything you could ask for. Anything except of course things that may be illegal, but you know what we mean. Also, you may order from room service at any time any food that you desire, or you may visit one of our dining rooms, we always have people on staff to cook for our guests. Almost all beverages can be brought to you as well, but once again, no alcohol for you boys. We do strongly suggest though that you stay away from the tap water, drink only the filtered or bottled water while here, most foreigners find our water makes them a little sick at first. I've been to your beautiful country many times myself and I must say, your drinking water is far nicer than ours is. I think I thought of everything, but should you have any questions, of course, call at any time and we'll see what we can do to help you out.”

“Thanks for everything. The boys won't ask for or take any alcohol anyway, so you don't need to worry about that any, but everything else is great. So, I guess it's to our room next.” Billy smiled.

“Yes, of course, follow me.” He said and led the four of them right across the hall and into the mens' suite. It was just as spacious, but was done up in a much more romantic décor, it was very nice. They were all impressed with it to be sure.

“Thank you very much for all your help.” Danny said and then passed the man a bill. All he knew was that it was worth about twenty dollars, but had no clue how much it was there. The man thanked him happily and left.

“Okay boys, let's get unpacked and check the place out. Always keep your key cards on you at all times, and if for any reason we're not together and you need help or something, just call front desk and ask for it.” Billy said.

“Okay.” Both boys said as one and headed over to their suite.

They took a few minutes to unpack all their stuff, change each others very wet diapers, change into some nice shorts and a tank top, and they met their dads in the hall. The men had done exactly the same thing and were out only a second after the boys.

“Okay, let's go check the place out.” Danny said excitedly and they all headed out.

They toured the place, just checking everything out for a good hour, before they all decided that they were getting pretty hungry, so they went to one of the restaurants in the resort, sat down and ordered their food a few minutes later. By the time they were finished eating, they were all stuffed and ready to go, so they did. They decided to call it a night and all headed up to their rooms, where not one of them was thinking anything about sleeping. It may have been the dads' honeymoon, but the boys had almost as much to celebrate, and they planned to do so for as long as they could.

To say it was a long night all around would be an understatement, but it was a very good long night. They all played for more than two hours, the men actually outlasting the boys this night, but not by much, and then they all passed out. Thankfully they were all diapered.

The following day they checked out all the options for tours and whatnot after breakfast and decided on two different things for the day and then went and did them. One before and one after lunch, then they had dinner and sat around the pool for a couple hours before bed. It was a far more tame evening, but they did all play too. The entire rest of their stay was the same though, they got up, had breakfast together, went and did a couple activities through the day, and then back to their rooms. Before they knew it, and long before they were ready to do so, they were on their way home. They were all tired and happy and they all slept all the way home. It was Danny's parents there to greet them and take them home, though the men had not actually thought of who was picking them up, so they were just happy to see that someone was.

On the ride home, they told the grandparents all about the trip and everything that they had done the entire time they were there, and they were glad that the men and boys had had such a good time. When they got home, Billy's parents were there to greet them, and then the men and boys had to retell their tale again, but they were happy to do so, only this time they hooked up the camera to the TV and showed all the pictures as well, and considering Danny's parents stayed, they got to see it all as well and hear more of what they had done. Finally after dinner, the parents headed home, leaving the boys to wind down and relax, and they did. They all went and changed their diapers and then came out in just them and laid back on the couch for the rest of the night and watched TV.

Chapter 6

As time seems to do, it whipped by far too fast. The week after getting back from their trip, the men had to head back to work, and they had a great time telling all their co-workers all about it. Though they did not have to put up with the miserable one, because they got some good news. Apparently he had gone into the bosses office while they were away and told him that he should fire both Billy and Danny, because they were, in his words, a disgrace to the company and to mankind. The boss fired him instantly, and though he tried to say he would sue the company for wrongful dismissal, the boss was not worried, because he had a very strict anti harassment policy in place, and that violated it to the extremes, and the miserable one knew what the consequences were, so it was his fault. Billy and Danny were happy with it, mind you, so was everyone else.

The boys got back into their routine that they had started and worked out every day that they could, and by the time summer ended, you could already see the difference in them. They were still small and skinny, but now their ribs did not show and they were starting to get some definition in their taut tummies and chests. Even the men were working out with the boys as much as they could, and they too were feeling the effects. The boys were still insatiable of course, and almost every day they made love to each other a couple times in one form or another, but occasionally they only did it once in a day, but it was rare.

Before they knew it though, school was about to start, and they were both getting a little on the nervous side. A couple times the dads asked them if they were still sure of wearing diapers to school, and both said that they were very sure of it. Not only did they love them, but now they almost truly did need them, because they hardly ever noticed when they had to pee, so without them, they would surely have accidents. They both said that they were just more nervous about going to school and admitting that they were boyfriends, because they felt it would be better in the long run to let it out right at the beginning and let everyone get used to it, rather than have them find out by seeing the boys together.

The dads had to admit that this was probably the best course of action, because there was no way the boys could hide what they shared in front of the other kids, they would see it instantly, and then tear the boys to shreds. On this front, both Billy and Danny had already went and talked to the schools principal and warned him that the boys were not only openly gay and out, but that they were going to admit it on their first day, so that they did not have to hide it. He was shocked of course that a pair of young boys would admit such a thing, but did have to admit that if the boys were easy to read, that it probably was for the best as well. He did ask though that the men asked the boys to keep any open affection off the school grounds or he would have to ask them to leave, they agreed to this, and so did the boys.

They went and did all their back to school shopping and on the first day of school, the boys dressed in their nicest new clothes and headed out. It was only to be a half day, but both boys felt that it was going to be a very long day. Bobby already had some friends in the school, well, sorta friends really. He knew them from school, but they had never done anything outside of school. They all congregated in the front to ask each other how the summer was. The other kids had the usual stories, and then Bobby got his chance to talk.

“Well, my dad got married during the summer and I ended up with a brother. This is Donnie, but we really liked each other, to the point that we're actually boyfriends now. What's funny though is that our dads are gay as well, and they're the ones who got married. Then after the wedding we went on a two week trip to an awesome resort in Mexico, it was really nice.” Bobby said all upbeat. For the next several seconds you could have heard a pin drop.

“You're telling us that you're gay?” A boy named Timmy asked, he and Bobby had gone to school together their whole lives.

“Yeah, and I have to wear diapers now as well, and so does Donnie, because his bladder never worked and mine failed totally right at the end of school last year.” Bobby answered happily.

“Oh.” He and a couple others said. The boys could tell that this news was not all that well received by the five boys.

“I can see that none of you care to hear this, in which case I guess I won't call you friends any more. Oh well, your loss.” He said and both he and Donnie turned and walked into the school.

A couple of the boys blabbed right away to others, whereas the rest of them were actually okay with the revelation, just shocked. None the less, by the time their first break came about, almost all the older kids in the school knew, some of the younger ones did too, but most of them failed to truly understand what it meant, well, except the diaper wearing part. They got a couple taunts like gay baby, and things like that, but they just smiled and waved at the offending student and went on their way. It actually did not bother them at all. They were very happy with their decision and had found it far easier than they thought they would. Finally they were released from their first day of school at what would normally be their lunch time, and Timmy caught up to them.

“Hi guys. Sorry about my reaction this morning, was just a bit of a shock is all. I wasn't the one to tell, I promise, though it doesn't seem to be bothering you guys.”

“That's okay, we knew it would happen, and we wanted it to as well, so that everyone can see that we're not bothered by it, so that they can get it all out right now.” Billy smiled.

“Oh. You really have to wear diapers though?”

“Yep, see.” Bobby said and pulled his shirt and pants out of the way enough for Timmy to see.

“Oh, doesn't that sorta suck?”

“Nah, we actually love them, and to tell you the truth, even if I did have control back tomorrow, I probably wouldn't give them up now. They're wicked comfortable and so convenient you have no idea.”

“Oh.” He blushed.

“Oh, you do know.” Bobby smiled brightly.

“No, of course not, what do you mean!” He panicked.

“Let me guess, bed wetter, but sometimes when you're by yourself or when you can get away with it, you wear your night diapers, don't you?” Bobby asked quietly.

“No, of course not.” He said, but he was blushing madly and was nearly hyper ventilating.

“It's okay to admit it to us, like we'd say anything. Have you admitted that you're gay yet as well?” Donnie asked.

“Oh, you think he's gay, I never noticed before?” Bobby asked, but took a closer look at his somewhat friend.

“Sure, two of the boys this morning were, I'm sure of it. You've grown up with them, so you probably didn't notice it, because it was just always that way, but I noticed right away.

“I'm not gay.” He said in a squeaky voice, nearly starting to cry.

“It's okay if you are you know. Look at us, we're happy, we're healthy, and we're gay. You don't have to admit it to us right now, maybe you aren't, only you can say that, it's just what I feel, maybe my gaydar isn't fully active yet.” Donnie giggled.

“Gaydar?” Timmy laughed, the term sounded ludicrous.

“Yeah, our daddies say that lots of gay guys have what's called gaydar, it's the ability to tell who's gay and who's not. Some people say it like it's a joke, but you know, ever since I truly admitted what I was, I've started noticing that other guys are gay, though some are iffy, so maybe they're just bi, who knows. We still have a lot to learn I suppose, we're only ten. Mind you, we both turn eleven really soon. Man, I can't believe we're already in grade six, it's cool being the oldest in the school.”


“It's okay, like Donnie said, it's not something you have to admit right away, even to yourself, but if you are, you should accept it. Remember what the guidance counselor told us all last year about teen suicide and what the number one cause was, he told us all about it during our sex ed class and what gay really was and that almost all kids that commit suicide do so because they can't handle being gay. Mostly because they think their families would hate them.” Bobby said softly.

“Thanks.” He whispered, and then before the boys could say anything further, he turned and headed off. The boys just let him go, the rest had to be up to him now.

“That was interesting. So, you thought another of them was gay too huh?”

“Yeah, pretty sure of it. The pretty blond boy.”


“Didn't get his name, but if he's the one with the long wavy blond hair, oh yeah, nearly went hard the first time I saw him I thought he was so gay.” Donnie giggled.

“Slut.” Bobby giggled too.

“Wanna go home and get a little slutty together?”

“Thought you'd never ask.”

They ran all the way home and crashed in the door, ran to their bedroom and jumped on the bed and then proceeded to make love to each other for an hour or more. Once they were satisfied, they got out of bed and changed each others diapers, then headed into the kitchen to get some lunch. They went and worked out on the equipment a bit and then played for the rest of the day, made dinner, and then ate it with their dads once they got home. The boys happily told them about their first day of school and their public outing and what had happened with Timmy. The men were happy with the boys and told them so.

The following day Timmy was not at school, the boys figured that he had needed the time to adjust, though they had hoped he had not gone and done anything stupid. Mikey and a couple of the others that Bobby had called friends had actually sat with them at lunch and they all talked and had a good time. Bobby and Donnie did have to take a few taunts, but they just smiled and waved once again and just let it go.

The next morning Tommy was there for the day, and he was quiet all day and stayed to himself for the most part, but as soon as school ended, he came up to Bobby and Donnie and asked to talk to them. The boys steered all three of them to a quiet place to sit and talk.

“So, what did you want to talk about, and how are you feeling Timmy?” Bobby asked.

“I think you know what, and the reason I didn't come to school yesterday was because my dad and I stayed home all day talking. He stayed home from work as well and we just talked all day long. When I got home the other day, he could tell something was wrong and asked me. I wouldn't tell him, because I thought he'd be really upset. Finally after dinner he made me tell him what was wrong and I told him I thought I was gay. He just, 'okay, that's fine with me,' and that was it. He did admit that he's bi though, and I went to bed. Yesterday morning I woke up really wet, my Goodnite leaked and everything, and my dad asked me if I was scared of being gay, so I told him yes.”

“I started crying because I didn't want to be gay, I wanted to be normal, and he just hugged me, even though I was soaked. He laid me down on my bed and stripped me, washed me down and then put me into another one of my Goodnites, all while I was still crying. I tried to ask him why he put another Goodnite on me, but he told me not to talk yet. Then he picked me up and carried me to the living room and sat down and we just talked and talked all day long. He told me all about how he was scared that he was gay when he was my age as well, how he decided that he was bi instead, how he hid the gay side of himself, and how much it had hurt him to do so, but that he didn't want me to do the same thing. He told me how he'd suspected since I was five or six that I was gay, and told me that he suspected that I was totally gay, that I wouldn't enjoy being with a girl at all.”

“I only cried more, because I had to admit to him that I'd tried looking at pictures of girls on the computer, but they grossed me out, but not the pictures of the boys. He just laughed and told me that he thought as much. I really don't want to be gay, but I think I am, and I enjoyed getting to wear my diaper all day long with my dad. He changed me two more times throughout the day, and when I asked him why he kept changing my diaper, he asked me if I really wanted him to answer that, so I said yes. He told me that he knew I was a diaper lover as well and even asked me if I wanted real diapers instead of the Goodnites. I'm pretty sure I blushed a lot at that, but I did say yes. I wasn't gonna lose the chance if he offered, even though I was really embarrassed.”

“Congratulations Timmy, I bet you feel way better too.” Bobby said, hugging his friend lightly.

“Yeah, I sorta do to tell you the truth, but I'm not ready to do what you guys did and tell the whole school.”

“That's okay, no one said you had to. We had no choice, because even we could tell that there was no way we'd be able to hide what we felt for each other, so we figured it was the lesser of two evils, and this way everyone can see we're not bothered by it.” Donnie smiled.

“Makes sense, and even I could tell right away.” He giggled.

“Yeah, but you're gay and your gaydar is probably already somewhat active. Tell me, have you noticed any of our other friends that might be gay?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah, I think Mikey is.”

“So do we. Would you like him as a boyfriend?”

“Oh yeah, he's so freaking cute, and I'd totally love to see him in a soggy diaper too.” He grinned and blushed.

“Same here, but then, we wouldn't mind seeing you like that either. Wanna come spend the night at our house on Friday night, we'll invite him as well and see where things lead?” Donnie asked.

“Thanks, I think. I don't know about spending the night at your house, I've never spent the night anywhere before because of my bed wetting.”

“Yeah, but we wear diapers all the time, and something else you'd find out about anyway, but so do our dads. When we're at home together, that's about all we wear too.”


“Oh yeah, and you'd get to as well. Maybe we can get Mikey into diapers as well. We'll arrange it all tomorrow, and then the next day we'll all spend the night together.” Donnie smiled.

“Okay. I'll ask my dad, but he'll probably say yes, because he keeps telling me that wetting the bed is no reason to not have sleepovers, especially with my Goodnites.”

“Exactly, so ask him tonight and we'll talk more tomorrow. We should probably be heading home though, we want to go do our daily workout and then we have to start dinner soon.”

“Oh, okay. I thought you were looking better, you've been working out?”

“Thanks, yeah, we both have been. We have some small weights, a few other workout things and a pool now to use, so it's really good. We're not allowed to do heavy lifting yet, because it's not good for our bodies, but we do work quite hard, and it's already helping too.”

“Cool. You think I could come over and work out with you guys?”

“Don't see any reason why not. Just call your dad and see if he'd allow it and then we'll go from there.” Bobby smiled.

“Cool, thanks.”

He grabbed a cell phone from the bottom of his backpack, turned it on, and then called his dad and asked. He must have said it was okay, because he smiled brightly and said goodbye. He excitedly told the boys that he was allowed to stay until dinner time and then come home, so the three boys headed out. Just as they were about to leave the school yard, Mikey saw them and came over.

“What are you still doing here?” Timmy asked him.

“I was actually waiting for you to finish talking to Bobby and Donnie, because I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh, well we're heading to their place, because I'm gonna go workout with them.”

“Oh, maybe tomorrow then, or you can call me tonight, but I'd rather talk in person.”

“Why not see if you can come to our place and you can talk on the way?” Bobby said.

“No thanks, it's sorta private.” Mikey blushed.

“Oh, okay, but what if I were to tell you that all three of us think you're gay as well, and that we think that you think that Timmy is too and you maybe want to ask him to be your boyfriend?” Bobby grinned.

“Huh, what.” Both Timmy and Mikey said at the same time.

“You heard me. Go ahead and call home and then come to our place, all four of us can talk.”


He called his mom and asked, and she said yes and to be home for dinner as well. All four of them headed out right away and walked toward Bobby and Donnie's house. When they made it there, they all went out back.

“Pool or workout equipment?” Bobby asked.

“Pool.” Timmy and Mikey both answered.

“Good, we hoped you'd say that. This pool has a very strict dress code though.”


“That you wear none.”

“Huh, as in no swim suits?” Timmy gasped.

“That's right, so come on, let's strip. Don't worry, we all have the same stuff between our legs and no one can see us. We're also allowed to swim naked here and our dads won't mind, so you don't have to be afraid.” Donnie said, he and Bobby were already stripping.

The two new boys just stared in shock as the two boys ended up standing there in just their soggy diapers before them unashamedly. With a cough from Bobby, they both started stripping until they were standing there in just their underwear. Both boys were wearing hot looking boxer briefs that hugged their cute bodies very nicely, and showed off the fact that they must have enjoyed seeing Bobby and Donnie in just their diapers. All four of them removed their last items that were covering their bodies, and all four boys looked at each other appreciatively. All four of them were hard, and they were all about the same size. All their foreskins were pulled almost all the way back, and then Bobby happened to notice something about Mikey.

“Mikey, you're circumcised, that's weird, most kids our age aren't any more. Our dads both are, but they said that's just because that's what they did when they were babies.”

“Yeah, apparently my mom wanted me cut, she said it was cleaner, so she went and had it done. Whatever.” He shrugged, but he had a rather large blush from admitting it as well.

“That's okay, I'm sure it still feels good anyway.” Donnie grinned.

“Oh yeah.” He said and then blushed more.

“That's good. Well, let's go hop in the pool and we'll talk as we work out.” Bobby laughed.

Bobby went and opened up the pool and put the ladder in, while Donnie grabbed the pool weights and threw them in. They all hopped in the cool water and then started swimming around. After a good fifteen minute swim, they all got into a circle and Bobby said he would lead, and while he did that, they talked.

“So, how long have you known you were gay then Mikey?” Bobby asked.

“Don't really know, sorta always did I guess. My mom says she's known since I was real young as well.”

“So, she knows about you then!”

“Yeah, I admitted to her a year ago that I thought I was different than other boys, I always felt more like a girl. She said she knew that already and asked me how all I felt different. I told her that I just sorta always thought of my boy friends and wanted to see them naked, things like that. She asked me if I knew what gay was, and I said I thought I knew, so she explained it all to me, and I admitted that I was pretty sure I was, she said she was pretty sure I was as well. She admitted that she's bi and what that meant, but I sorta already knew, because she'd had men and women stay the night with her before, sometimes one or two of each. She told me she's what's known as a swinger, she likes sex.” He laughed and blushed.

“Cool. I've known I was gay for a long time, so has Donnie, and we made Timmy admit it the day before yesterday.”

“Yeah, I know, I was around the corner when you did it. I wanted to follow him home and ask him to be my boyfriend right then, but I knew why you guys didn't follow him and thought that was a good idea. Then today I could tell that he'd accepted it, so I wanted to ask him. So Timmy, would you be my boyfriend?”

“Yes, but I have something to tell you first.”

“Okay, what?” He smiled brightly.

“Well, I'm a bed wetter and wear diapers to bed, and I sometimes like to wear diapers during the day too.”

“Really, that's sorta weird, but sorta cool too. I sometimes wet the bed, but not enough to have to wear diapers to bed, only once a month or so. But I should tell you that I sometimes like to dress up a little girly, and I have a few girls clothes at home.”

“Really, that's sorta weird, but sorta cool too. You even wear girls panties?”

“Yeah, and they're pink too. I love pink, and I'd wear pink to school every day if I could.”

“Neat. If I let you dress me up like that, would you let me diaper you?”

“Sure.” Mikey smiled brightly.

“Wicked. Donnie and Bobby asked for me to spend the night here Friday night, and they were gonna ask you to as well, would you like to, and we can all get diapered?”

“Sure, that'd be awesome. I've never spent the night at someone's house before, just in case I wet the bed. That'd be really embarrassing, but my mom told me that she'd buy me some Goodnites if I wanted to spend the night, so that no one would have to know. I wouldn't let her though.”

“Maybe you should've, then you could've learned to love diapers like I do.” Timmy blushed.

“Maybe. What about you guys? Something doesn't add up with you Bobby.” Mikey asked.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, last year you had no accidents at school or anything, now you say that your bladder failed you and you have to wear diapers.”

“That's what everyone at school needs to know, what they don't need to know though is that it was my choice it failed, and mostly because I just forget about it now. Same with Donnie, he and I are both diaper lovers and we choose to wear diapers all the time. They're really comfortable and super handy too.” Bobby admitted freely.

“That's sorta what I thought. I admit I've wondered what it'd be like to wear diapers before, because I wet the bed of course.” He grinned.

“Right. Our dads are diaper lovers too, and my dad told me that so many gay boys like diapers it's not even funny, and even lots of straight boys like them too, because they're so comfortable and handy. It's so nice to get to watch a whole movie and drink lots of pop and not have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of it.”

“They are too, cool.”

“Yeah, and when you spend the night, you'll see it, because we don't wear anything over our diapers.”

“Will you diaper me and make me wear nothing over it as well?” He asked sheepishly.

“Yes, but if you want to bring a cute pink pair of panties to wear over it, then we could probably allow that.” Bobby grinned.

“I don't know about that. I mean, wearing a diaper is one thing, wearing only a diaper though is another thing. And will you make me use it?”

“We'd never make you do anything, and if you really want to wear a diaper, but would feel more comfortable wearing clothes over it, then so be it, but we won't be. Also, you use it only as much as you feel comfortable doing so. We don't poop in our diapers, just pee, and I assure you, it's awesome.” Donnie said reassuringly.

“Oh, okay.”

They talked more and more as they worked out, just really getting to know each other really well. After a good half an hour of working out, they just started swimming to have fun. Finally they all hopped out of the pool and ran naked and wet into the house to dry off, after closing up the pool of course. Once dry, they all headed to the boys' bedroom, where Bobby and Donnie diapered each other.

“Are you two gonna stay naked for now 'til you have to go home, or are you gonna go grab your clothes and get dressed? I of course suggest naked.” Bobby asked.

“You would.” Mikey grinned.

“You're pretty cute, and you have such a cute little peepee.” Bobby giggled.

“Thanks, yours isn't so bad either.” He giggled as well.

“Thanks. We should probably go get something out of the freezer for dinner and then we can go play games or something.”

They all headed to the kitchen, Mikey and Timmy opting to just stay naked, but they did go out and grab their clothes so that they had them for when it was time to go home. They then all headed to the living room and they put on a four player game and they all had fun for the next forty or so minutes before the boys had to be heading home. They went and grabbed their clothes from the kitchen and got dressed.

“Thanks so much guys, I'll definitely ask my mom tonight if I can stay Friday night, but she'll say yes.” Mikey said.

“And I'll ask my dad about Friday night as well, so I'll let you know tomorrow at school. Can we come over tomorrow after school as well?”

“Sure, both of you can, just ask your parents tonight as well and then we'll all come here right after school.” Bobby smiled. He had never had friends come over after school or anything, and he liked it.

As soon as Timmy and Mikey left, Bobby and Donnie got started on dinner and had it ready for as soon as their dads walked in the door. They sat down to eat and the boys excitedly told the dads about their day and what had happened after school. They were proud of the boys and said so. They all relaxed for the evening and went to bed at their regular times, and after a little playtime, they all went to sleep.

The next day at school, only one of their regular group was not sitting together at lunch, he had been the main one to spread around that Bobby and Donnie were gay babies, and he was not ready to face them yet. They knew it was him, and they knew he was ashamed, but they let him stew on it. He would come to them when he was ready, until then they just let him be. The rest though were all good with the boys being gay and having to wear diapers, and the other boy that had spilled their secret had already admitted and apologized for doing so, but said he had done it not out of spite and more out of shock. They all had a great day at school, and before they knew it, the four boys were heading to Bobby and Donnie's house.

“We need to change our diapers, and then we'll do a different workout today. Would either of you like a diaper?” Bobby asked.

“Please.” Timmy said meekly.

“Okay, I'll wear one too if Timmy does.”

“Okay.” Bobby said brightly and all four of them stripped bare.

Timmy was diapered first, then Mikey, Bobby and finally Donnie. Both new boys felt the front of their thick soft diapers, they liked it, and then because both of them had to pee, they did so right away. Bobby and Donnie enjoyed seeing this. Once they were all diapered, they all stood there and looked at each other.

“You two look really nice like that.” Bobby smiled.

“And it looks as if you've already enjoyed your nice thick thirsty baby diapers.” Donnie added, both boys blushed.

“Don't be embarrassed, we have too, see.” Bobby said while pointing to the wet spots on both his and Donnie's diapers, both boys looked, and they could see it as well.

“So, how do they feel?” Donnie asked.

“Real nice, these are way better and more comfortable than the Goodnites. After one good wetting I already have to change almost, two is about all I can do in them. The Underjams were better though, not sure why my dad usually gets me the Goodnites when I told him that.”

“And I really like how they feel. I might have to wet my bed a few more times and ask my mom for these, these are awesome. They feel so nice when wet too.” Mikey grinned brightly.

“Good, glad you guys enjoy. So, let's go do our workout then.”

So they headed out to the back yard and got started on their workout and worked for a little under an hour, all four of them working up a good sweat. Finally they decided to call it a day and headed into the house to give themselves a quick wipe off and then went and played games for about an hour before the boys had to head home. It was getting close to that time when both said that they should get going.

“Your diapers will still hold lots more. Would you like to just wear them home, or are you gonna change out of them?” Donnie asked.

“I better change.” Mikey said.

“I'm gonna keep mine on, my dad already knows I'm a diaper lover anyway.” Timmy smiled.

“Then I'll keep mine on too. My mom probably won't even notice.”


The two boys went and got dressed, and considering their clothes had not been bought around hiding diapers, both Bobby and Donnie could tell with expert eyes that the other two were diapered, but they figured most would not notice, and even though they felt the boys' parents would, they felt that they should not tell the boys this. Timmy's dad would be fine anyway, but Mikey's mom would probably notice and say something.

As soon as the two of them left, Bobby and Donnie got started on making dinner, and once again it was done as soon as the dads walked in. They all sat down to eat, and then the boys had a little homework to do, so got that done, then joined their dads in watching TV for the rest of the night. Once again they all went to bed and played for a bit before going to sleep for the night.

The following day was an almost exact repeat of the day before at school, and finally the day was over. The four boys headed to Bobby and Donnie's, all of them hoping to have a great night. As they walked there, they talked.

“My dad noticed that I was diapered quite heavily when he got home. He laughed and asked me where I got the diaper, so I told him that you guys gave it to me and that you were diaper lovers as well.”

“Oh yeah, what'd he say to that?” Bobby asked.

“He just laughed and said it figured. He didn't have a problem with it and asked if those were the diapers I wanted him to buy me, and I said for sure. He checked it out and found out the brand and then did some research to find where to get them, then went out after dinner and bought me a couple cases of them. I almost wore one to school today, but I just couldn't do it.”

“It'll happen, don't worry.” Bobby laughed.

“Don't know.”

“And did your mom notice you wearing the diaper as well Mikey?” Donnie asked.

“Yeah, she did. She asked me why it looked like I was wearing a diaper, and I said because I am. She asked why that was and I told her my friends were diaper lovers and that you had asked me if I wanted to try one, so I admitted to her that I did, and that I was diapered. She asked what I thought of it and I told her it was sorta nice. She told me that my father had been a diaper lover as well and often wondered if I'd end up loving them as well.”

“Really, that's cool. What happened to him?”

“He died when I was two.”

“Sorry. What about your mom Timmy?”

“Took off after I was born. She didn't want the burden. My dad says she was a bitch anyway and wasn't even sure why the hell he was with her in the first place, so no big loss. How about you guys?”

“Close to the same as yours actually.” Bobby said.

“And my dad just told my mom that he didn't love her any more and wanted to break up, that he wanted to keep the baby, and I've never seen her since. We left her when I was almost one he said.”

“So, we're really all the same then. So, did you bring panties as well Mikey?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah, four pairs, in case I can talk you two into trying some on as well.”

“Thought you might, and we might too, but only over my diaper. I like pink too, but my favorite color is purple.” He grinned.

“I like pink too, but my favorite is red.” Donnie added.

“I actually don't even like pink at all, I think it's almost as bad as bright yellow, my favorite's blue.” Timmy said last.

“Oh, I don't have any other colors, sorry. If you want to wear one, then you'll have to suffer with pink.”

“That's okay, I'll try one on, but only over my diaper as well.”

“Same.” Donnie and Mikey grinned.

They made it home a few minutes later, and decided to just head right in and diaper each other and forgo the workout. This was after all a sleepover, they were supposed to be for fun, and they wanted to get diapered and start their fun right away. They all stripped right down, all of them were hard, and then they diapered each other, couples changing each other, even though the two technically weren't a couple yet, since they had yet to couple. Mikey then grabbed the panties out of his bag and handed them out, and all four of them slipped them up over their already wet diapers. Bobby took one look at them all and started giggling, which of course set them all off.

“This looks ridiculous, even more so than just wearing diapers.” He giggled more.

“Yeah, it does.” They all said.

“Well, I think you're all hot like this.” Mikey said, looking as if he were about to spontaneously cum.

Timmy must have seen this too, because he went up to Mikey, gave him a kiss and petted his hot little diaper lump for just a second, and Mikey exploded. It took several minutes for the cute little baby boy to come down, and when he did, he sighed and smiled.

“Wow, that was nice, thanks.” Mikey said dreamily.

“Yeah, it was.” Timmy sighed.

Bobby and Donnie just smiled.

“Okay, what should we do guys?” Donnie asked.

“Let's go play out in the back yard.” Mikey smiled.

“Okay.” The other three said as one, so they went out back and played.

They played outside for a good two hours, all four of them having fun running and chasing each other, wrestling, tickling, tackling, whatever, they just had fun. The dads managed to make it home before the boys even realized what time it was, and they stood on the back porch watching the four boys having fun. They had to laugh at what they were all wearing though, but thought that the boys looked really cute like they did as well.

It was Timmy that happened to notice the men standing there, and he screamed, “Oh my god, we're being watched.” As he was diving for some sort of cover.

The other three looked up, Mikey blushed, but Bobby and Donnie ran up to their dads. “Hi Daddy.” They both yelled and jumped into their dads arms and hugged them.

“Hi our little baby boys. It seems we've embarrassed your friends though. I had no idea you'd have them both in diapers already, and what's with the pink panties?” Billy said.

“These are Mikey's, he's the blond one, he loves panties and other girls clothes and loves pink, so we all agreed to wear them over our diapers. Not a huge fan of them myself, but why not right.” Bobby giggled.

“Why not. Come on over boys and introduce yourselves.” Danny smiled.

It took a couple minutes, but finally both boys came over, both of them blushing madly, neither of them looking at the men.

“Maybe you two should strip down to just your diapers as well, that way they won't feel so embarrassed. They know you wear already, but I think maybe they need to see it.” Donnie suggested.

“Okay.” They both said and started to strip right away.

Both boys watched furtively, wondering if they really were diapered and secretly wanting to see them in just their diapers. They found out only a few seconds later that it was true, and the secret really was not so much a secret as the two shy boys would have liked to think it was, because all four of the others could see how curious they were. The men stood there for several moments, just letting the boys look at them, even though they were trying not to let it look like they were showing off, just like the boys were trying not to let it show that they were looking, it was cute.

“See, we're all alike here boys. We're all gay, we all love diapers, though one of you I understand hasn't really had all that much chance yet to truly love them, but are well on the way to doing so. So go ahead and look at us, we don't bite, at least not you guys.” Billy grinned.

“Huh.” Timmy said, not sure what to make of that last part.

“We like to nibble on each other, it's quite enjoyable. You two will probably enjoy that too before too long, but don't rush it either.” Danny smiled.

“Oh.” Both boys said, once again blushing more.

“We see that you boys didn't get a chance to start dinner, so we're gonna head in and get that started right now. You boys go ahead and stay out here playing and we'll call you in once it's ready.” Billy said.

“Okay Daddy, thanks.”

The men turned around and headed back into the house and got started on dinner. As they did, they of course talked.

“They're adorable, aren't they?” Billy sighed.

“Yeah. Don't you wish you were their age again?”

“Definitely. And pink panties as well, that was a bit of a surprise. Neither of our boys are at all girly, but the blond one, Mikey I think it was, sure is. My god is he ever a pretty boy.”

“Tell me about it. It was cute though, and seeing their reaction, and I guess it's Timmy, seeing him dive behind that chair was hilarious.”

“No shit, the look on his face was priceless and I'll probably remember it forever.” He laughed.

The men continued talking as they made dinner. As soon as it was ready, they called the boys in to come and eat.

As soon as the men turned and went inside, Bobby and Donnie went to comfort their two friends, who were still more than a little embarrassed to have been caught so vulnerable.

“It's okay you two. As you clearly saw, we're all the same here, we weren't embarrassed, even though we were caught wearing girls panties. Our dads are really open, and you can tell or show them anything and I bet they just say it's great. And you saw them in diapers too, which by the way, we all saw how much you liked seeing them in just their diapers too. So, there's no need to be embarrassed.” Bobby said softly.

“Yeah, and they looked real nice like that too, but it was a bit of a shock to see them standing there watching us, and still having anyone know anything about me is weird. Most of the kids at school would call me a freak if they knew.” Timmy said.

“Hmm, we haven't been called freaks yet, at least that we've heard, but so what even if they did. I bet most of the kids there are just as freaky as we are in some way or another. Though my dad says that most kids our age don't really understand all their feelings yet, even though we're already starting to feel them by the time we're eight. And you know what, we don't mind that some of the kids have called us gay babies, because you know what else, you can't be upset about the truth. Now if someone were to start harassing us, then it might be a different story, but we'd survive and just tell them off. If you don't let them bother you, then they won't bother you.” Donnie said.

“Yeah, I guess that's true.”

They sat around in a circle on the lawn just talking until they were called into dinner, Timmy and Mikey both getting out a lot of their feelings about themselves, and they felt better for it. Finally they were called into dinner, and when they walked in, they wore happy smiles and were not embarrassed in front of the men. They were congratulated, and then they all ate dinner.

That night the six of them sat around in just their diapers after getting changed after dinner, and they all relaxed and watched a movie. When bedtime came, all four boys slept in the boys' queen bed and talked until really late, then fell fast asleep. It was officially the best time they had ever had with other kids.

The following morning they all met in the kitchen for breakfast, and then it was decided to go out and swim and workout for a bit. The two new boys never even batted an eye as they all started stripping off their diapers in the kitchen, so that they could go swim. Being seen in diapers was way more embarrassing than being seen naked. The men checked out the two cute little boys and smiled warmly to them and told them they had fine little bodies, and their cute little dicks and balls were very yummy looking and told them to enjoy tasting each other, repeatedly. The boys did not blush, just giggled cutely. The boys did not say it, but they were both planning on asking the other over to their house for the night so that they could do just that. The other four saw it though.

They went and worked out for a good hour and a half, and then just played around in the water for a further hour, before deciding to climb out. They all laid in the grass, and though the sun was not very hot, it was still plenty warm enough to dry them and relax them, and they all relaxed there for quite a while.

Just after lunch, Timmy and Mikey excused themselves, saying they were going to head home, so they went and got all their things ready to go, and then headed out. Mikey ended up calling his mom to ask her if he could spend the night at Timmy's house tonight, and she said okay. They ran all the way there and when they arrived, Timmy asked his dad, who said that was fine, but that he had already made plans to go out for the evening, so they would be alone for most of the night. This was definitely okay with both boys, and he could tell instantly and almost laughed.

Did they have a great night, you had better believe they did. They started with just kissing and petting, then went to licking and sucking, and before the night was out and Timmy's dad came home and the boys fell fast asleep, they had lost their virginity, three times each. Though I guess technically you can only lose it once, but you get the drift.

Meanwhile, back at Bobby and Donnie's.

“They're so going back to one of their places and they're totally gonna have wild sex all night long. I hope whichever parent is home when they get there doesn't mind, or decides to go out, because it might be a long night. I wonder if either of them will be able to walk on Monday.” Bobby giggled almost as soon as the boys were out the door.

“I wouldn't bet against you, that's for sure. They make a really cute couple, that's for sure. So, how was you boys' first ever sleepover with friends then?” Billy asked.

“It was great.” Both boys said.

“That's really good, we're happy for you.”

That night and then all day Sunday, the four of them just relaxed and enjoyed their time together. Monday morning, found Mikey and Timmy coming to school together, and they were holding hands until they walked in the school grounds. They too had to admit to everyone that they were gay, and though they wanted to say diaper lovers as well, they held off on that for the time being. Why the others had no idea, since almost everyone could tell that they were wearing as well anyway.

While the boys did take some teasing at school from time to time, for the most part, it was just in fun, because they ended up being surprisingly popular as they got older. Their freedom and openness was catching, and they found that they always had people around them talking to them and listening to them. They never had to deal with another bully and they did amazing at school. They also seemed to attract all the other gay boys at school, as well as a couple more diaper lovers, this of course made them happy.

Billy and Danny stayed together for life, staying right in their humble little home, both enjoying it a great deal.

Bobby and Billy also stayed together for life, getting married the day after they finished high school, and they had over three hundred friends, plus all their families at the wedding, it was an amazing thing. It too was held in their back yard. While the boys went on to university to become all that they wanted to be, they stayed living at home for free, and then as soon as they were finished, they bought the house next door to their dads. It was perfect for them, and they all loved living right there with each other always there. Bobby and Donnie adopted a few boys over the years as well, they were all throw away boys, the ones no one else wanted, and those boys ended up doing spectacularly well. They were all gay, and all of them eventually became diaper lovers as well, although eventually usually came after only a few days. It was perfect.

Mikey and Timmy also ended up getting married, right after Bobby and Donnie in fact, the following day, and they all went on their honeymoons together, at the same resort that the dads and boys had went to for the dads' honeymoon. They too ended up buying the house next door to Billy and Danny, just the opposite side, and they loved being right there with their best friends as well. Gates were put into the fences in each others back yards and with the tall hedges in all three yards, no one ever knew that they were usually either naked or diapered in their back yards.

And they all lived happily ever after.