Declaimer, this story contains homosexual content between minors, If this sort of thing offends you please don't read any further.

Prologue: (Sorry for my long intro. But this helped me pieced together a “huge puzzle” figuratively speaking of who I am today) If I only knew back then what I know now. I'm 25 years old now and this is a true story that took place in the summer of 2001 at an amusement park I was 15 at that time. I was uncertain about my sexual orientation then but I “knew” that I was “different” ever since I was 12 years old, I've felt different but I didn't know what it was or how to describe it but I started to feel sexually attracted to boys. I've always been masculine and straight acting. But being raised as a Baptist Christian restrained me for quite sometime. I was subconsciously aware that I was gay when I was 13. But I wasn't “consciously” or fully aware of it until I was 19 years old. I just accepted the fact that I'm gay a few weeks ago from this date (10/11/11) and I'm 25 now. I even went as far as having a very strong prayer to cast out the “inner daemons.” But it didn't work. I'm if the bible says that sin is sin then being gay should be just as wrong as a person that says “Hail Mary full of grace and the Lord is with thee” in church one moment and then cusses up a storm in their car when someone cuts them off at the intersection the next. Which I find to be very hypocritical.

I'm bringing this up because my experience took place on a trip that my church had. I've done a lot of praying and soul searching and I've found my own God centeredness and spiritual enlightenment. I've come to the conclusion that I was born with the preference. And people please I'm giving general advice do what you feel that is right in your heart, because if you don't you're going to eventually drive yourself crazy. And miss out on what could have possibly been a good time. Homosexuality is not a mental illness in fact there is scientific evidence of hormone imbalances in some people that are gay. I like this quote that I've come across on internet. If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work:  "Hello.  Can't work today, still queer."  ~Robin Tyler. I like this one also. "Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common" ~Dorothy Parker.

People that bash gay people and bisexual people by using the term “fag” it really burns me up inside. What is it to them if John is doing Jake? Love is love! As I was growing up, I've seen kids as young as elementary school age that were making out with friends of the same gender, and was enough damning evidence for me to support my claim that your sexual preference is in your DNA . This happened a year later after I prayed for a vision of what was right and what Is wrong and why I was feeling what I was feeling. I ended up catching a glimpse of elementary school boys in an alley way doing oral a few blocks away from home. I was 17 then I just minded my own business picked up my walking pace until I got home. I kept this to my self until now. One more thing take a look at “hermaphrodites” people born with both male and female gentiles. It was on a talk show that I saw a while back and that was the most profound thing that I've seen and heard. That lead me to conclusion in my theory of being born with the preference. And all of the pre-judging in this world needs to stop.

Now on to my story and after reading my intro you'll understand why I reacted in the manner that I did.

If you read my story “Fun With New Friends” (which can be found in the young friends section) all of my bodily attributes are true and me being a nerd is also true when I was 14. The I have a genetic defect on both my mother's and father's side of my family that was stunting my growth. The medical experts had isolated the problem and it's being treated but it wasn't until I was 19 where my height maxed out at 5'8.” My father is 5'6” and my mother was 5'3”. I grew up around a lot of jerks in my neighborhood that made fun of my height, physical appearance, and that I raised a gentleman. I wasn't with the thuggish “in crowd” and a lot of other bullshit.

When I on that trip to the amusement park when I was 15 I was 5'4” slim with black hair and brown eyes. My member was 6 1/2”x3” when erect. It was a hot 90 degree July day. So I went to ride the water rides first and then I would eat lunch, then walk around to let my food digest and then ride the wild rides. As I planned out in my head. As I got on the log plume ride (this was my last water ride before I took a break) The log had room to seat at least 4 average sized people 6 at the most depending on their body mass. And it had a long bench in side with bars at the sides to hold on to for safety. In other words there were no individual seats. As I got on into the log there was a about 15 seconds left before it left the safety point of the loading dock. The logs are spaced out about 45 seconds apart or so.

This cute blond-haired white boy with blue eyes came running to catch the log-boat. He asked a gentle hot teenaged voice I nodded my head yes and politely said sure. (My mother raised me to always to treat others the way I would like to be treated) He said thanks he got in and sat in front of me .Five seconds later we left the safety point and then the ride began.

(Note I'm from the east coast of the USA I'm black and a very open minded and not racist at all in no way what so ever but for some reason I always seem to attract those kind of guys, and most of always seem to approach me in a polite manner that'll be another story that I'll tell in the near future).

This hunk was about 5'6” medium build appeared to be 14-16 years old. The log plume proceeded to go around the track. It whipped around the first turn and splashed water all over. About 10 seconds in to the ride this hot dude started to back up into me. (I'm now using the term hot because looking back on this now I enjoyed that experience.) So I backs up a little note that I was topless and wearing only swimming trunks and water shoes. He's dressed the same. My trunks were blue his was red. The friction gave me a throbbing rock-hard erection.

There's now a straight away that went about a 50ft. He continued to back into me and I'm backing up more and more until finally my back is now against the tall wall of the log boat.

I started thinking to myself he's about twice my body mass and weigh about 1.5 times as much as I do. He's not doing this out fear of falling out he likes my hard dick up against him. I knew that he felt my member up against him because I felt him on it.

If anything with me being so small I should be the one that should afraid of falling not him. Besides the safety bars are about 1 foot above our waist lines so we were secured. We approach the end of the straight-away and we take a small plunge and go around another turn and we approach the chain thingy. (That goes click-click-click it hoists the roller coasters up to the of the hill). I said to my self holy God he's enjoying every bit of this, Not to mention that I enjoy that adrenaline rush from the drops but this time it added to the effect of my hard-on. We get to the top of the hill and then dropped we both yelled WOOAAHH!. We hit the bottom of the hill and water splashes and gets in my face and all over. From that drop alone almost made me jizz all in my trunks. (Damn his yell was so hot!).

We then travel along another straight-away went a round a few shallow turns we then had another small dip and we went around a tight turn and headed up the 2nd chain thingy and this hill was twice as high and the drop was about 20 degrees steeper than the first drop. I said to my self awww shit! Lol. That 2nd drop of about -2 G's. It was within inches of over-powering me. We went around the last curve and back into the loading dock. (that was the longest 2 minutes that I've ever experienced at that time.) The ride's attendant assisted him out first and then me. We proceeded to the exit and then we both just stared at each other in a puzzled manner with an innocent facial expression, “like did that just happen? That was fun let's do that again!” Be we kept our silence and as we went in opposite directions we caught our final glimpses of each other before vanishing into the large crowd of people. I had the feeling that he wanted to “play around” a little and I was somewhat nervous. And I think that he pretty much thought the same about me. (I'll touch bases with the lesson that I've learned from this experience in the epilogue.)

I went back to my church's picnic area and I had a sandwich and fried chicken. The hot summer sun quickly dried me off. I then went into the men's changing area and I put on some jeans which I had $40 in it and I didn't feel like spending it right then. I rode a few roller coasters and thought about what had just happened to me what does it all mean? I looked at my watch I literally remember the exact time it read 5:13pm and 27secs. I thought to my self good, I can squeeze in one more ride then I'll head back because we were leaving at 6:30pm.

When I got back with my church's group I couldn't get back home fast enough. I sat alone during the 1hr 15min ride on the bus back home. We arrived at the church front door at 7:48pm. I then said goodbye to everybody and that I'll see them tomorrow for Sunday service.

I then walked home very quickly, I lived 5 city blocks west of the church. I live in a big city and being held up by red lights was no option for me. Instead of walking up the main blocks, I'd cut over and I used the small blocks. They had no traffic lights and only stop signs.

I just wanted to go home and to my room then go to bed and think about why I got so horned-up in during those 120 seconds. When I got home the clock read 7:56pm. (I remember these times very vividly.)

My mother greets me at the front door and says “damn boy, I just got off the phone with the pastor and he said that you should be home in a few minutes.” But damn! I let out a little giggle and said “tired” I can move very quickly when I'm tired when the bed awaits me. “ Heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe!” Lol. She says that's easy for you to say when you're 15 and I'm 47.

I told her that I'll make a grilled cheese sandwich and some orange juice and I'll tell her how fun my day was.

I told my mother that I meet this person about my age in the park and he was very friendly and we enjoyed hanging out with each other but I felt a tad bit sad to say goodbye. If only I had a camera to take a few pictures for mementos. (That couldn't have been anymore further from the truth, but she bought it.) I ate my sandwich and drank my orange juice while keeping my cool.

It was now 8:43pm it was just now beginning to get pitch dark outside, I headed upstairs to my room closed and locked my door and I got undressed, got in bed and I quickly fell asleep.

I awoke shortly after 2:00am. I checked to see if my parents were asleep which they were. I quietly went back into my room locked my door and got my jar of Vaseline took off my shirt and boxer shorts and I got on my bed and I fantasied about me and that hot dude I saw playing around with each other in an isolated area of that park and making out. The thought of it all was just too much for me. I jizzed all over everywhere, it got all in my face, hair, eyes and even the damn walls lol. (It was a good thing that I had just got my hair cut 2 days prior to the trip) I used my arm to get the mess out of my eyes. I then scurried into the bathroom to get some paper towels and bleach to take care of the wall. I then went back in the bathroom to take a shower. I shampooed my scalp unlike I ever did before. I then did a thorough head to toe scrub. I then went for round 2 and blew my second large load in the shower. I then did a second clean up of myself and I made sure that all of the mess went down the drain. I got out of the shower made sure that tub was clean and I went back into my room and I closed my door. I put on some clean boxer shorts and t-shirt and I went back to bed, and I still had that cutie on my mind. I quickly feel back to sleep from the exhaustion for the clock read 3:15am and I had to get up at 8am and morning service started at 9am.

Epilogue: I wondered how that dude knew that I was possibly gay? I think that he had radar or the preferred slang term “gaydar.” If I could go back in time and do somethings differently I would've: (1) During the ride I would have lightly tapped his shoulder and asked him if he liked it in a curious tone if he said yeah then I would have (2) Got his name. (3) Accepted his advance because it was obvious that he saw something in me and liked me or else he probably wouldn't have attempted what he did or waited for the next boat. (4) I probably would have taken him to the swan pedal boats to talk and make out and probably stick our hands in each others pants, we'd be invisible to the public for a minute or 2 while in the tunnels. (5) I would have then got some lunch and bought him something and find a place and talk a little more. (I had that kind of personality and still do) (6) Found a photo booth and took pictures of the both of us and then single photos of us for a total of 4 pictures. It was $10 at the time but hell it would have been worth while. (7) If there was enough time ride a few more rides with him. (8) Find a spot that's away from the crowd to hug him and thank him for the nice time. (9) Got his email address. (10) Kept in touch with him for as long as possible while reminiscing on that fateful day. :D.

But I let those jerks that I grew up around wrecked my mind with their ignorance and senseless name calling. Then my religion restrained me also. He seemed to be a nice enough person and that alone would make me try the bait now. I had a good vibe coming from him also, he didn't seem like teasing or deceiving type. (I kind of have radar, I can tell who has ill-will towards me or not). Under optimum circumstances, I would have took his bait, damn my religion part. I feel bad that I've potentially let the guy down and I missed out on what could have been one the best times of my life.

In my adult life as of today, I've dated a few women and hung out with a few homosexual and straight guys and I must consider my self gay. There's no turning back, I feel 5% attracted to women and 95% attracted to men. I to hope some day find Mr. Right. But for the time being I enjoy reading gay fiction and non-fiction stories. I also enjoy writing about my experiences. I've had quite a few close non-sexual encounters and “a lot” of self-exploration that I'll write about in the future. I'll try my best to unleash my imagination and eventually write more fictional stories.

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