The penultimate chapter in this five part trilogy -- (Joke, ok?)

This is a factual account of my formative years, perhaps expanded a little but essentially accurate.

Names have been changed to avoid embarrassment, the location is also disguised but is fairly obvious to those of you who are familiar with the central-south of England.

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Ian did nothing to arrest my horny addiction for him, - always making grabs for my `bits' -- innuendoes about sex, none of them specific but you would have to be completely stupid not to `get the drift'.

I wanted him.

I didn't know how I wanted him?

I just couldn't stop thinking about his body -- how much I just loved it!

I was just a little scared that I was going beyond the boundaries.

Fooling around was one thing but my `all abiding fear' was that I actually was falling in love with him and that, - was a real `no-no'!"


Dinner gone.

Ian's mother could feed for England. -- What a meal!!

"Thanks Mrs. Hillier, - that was so good! My Mum could learn some from you!"

"I'm a chef Andy. It's my job! Appreciate what your Mum does for you in these difficult times. I'll bet she's very busy too, isn't she? Thankyou anyway. Now go on upstairs and get out of my way -- unless you want to do the washing up!"

I looked at Ian before I opened my big mouth!

"Go and sit down Mrs Hillier. Ian and I will do the washing up. -- I'll wash, - Ian can dry and put away! Put your feet up!"

Mrs Hillier smiled and walked into the living room.

I could see her slip off her shoes and sink into an armchair and almost immediately fall asleep.

Ian looked at me with daggers in his eyes and whispered, "I HATE washing up you prick!"

"Settle down man! Let's just do it. -- Won't take five minutes! Think of the `brownie points'! Your Mum will love us forever! Bet that's the first time you've done the washing up, ever? Think about it! `What a nice boy Andy is! What a good influence on Ian!? I'll be allowed over all the time, --- well, --- that's if you want me to be, -- to come over again -- sometime, ---ever?"

"Prick!! Let's do the washing up! Jesus you have a manipulative mind! You have my mother wrapped around your little finger! I've some stuff to learn!"

"Tell them what they want to hear and then do it! Simple!"

"And what?"

"They'll trust us, stupid! We do as we say we'll do! Trust! They'll leave us alone but if they ask us to do something or other, we do it and everything is cool! God! Don't you ever understand how to manipulate you parents!"

Ten minutes later, Ian and I were up in his bedroom.

"Want a shower or a bath or something? I'm going to. I stink like a dead fish".

"Is that what I can smell", I answered, "never knew I'd like the smell of dead fish"!

I showered first and with duty done, I collapsed onto the camp bed which I assumed had been made up for me. Ian emerged from the bathroom some few minutes later, - a towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping from his always uncontrollable hair.

"One day it'll behave itself, damn it!"

"What will. Your hair?"

"Bollocks to my hair, twat for brains! My dick! I fucking hate it when it does this! It's got a bloody mind of it's own".

I glanced at the protrusion forming in the towel.

"Oh that sort of problem! Don't fret about it, - I've the same problem most of the time".

Our conversation was interrupted with a tap on the door.

"Ian? Your father and I are going down to the Conservative club. Please don't be too late for bed, will you".

Ian winked at me before replying. "I'm sure we won't mother! Have a good time".

I did a good job of stifling my giggles but obviously wasn't picked up as seconds later we heard the front door slam shut.

"You sod Ian! That sort of comment is a dead giveaway"!

"Doubt she even heard. She'd have been halfway down the stairs. They always go to the club on a Friday night, - their one night out a week and generally go back to a friends house and play cards or whatever. It's always a late night".

I watched as Ian dried himself off. Damn he was sexy! He caught me perving him and grinned. "See something you like, big boy?"

"Hell of a lot I like actually!"

"Well, I'm pleased to announce that today is your lucky day! I'm on special offer tonight so may I suggest that you take full advantage of me early to avoid disappointment? Anyhow, what you doing in that bed?"

Ian dropped the towel on the floor and held out his hand to me. "Come to Ian, you sexy beast!"

I needed no second invitation. I scrambled out of bed and into his arms. We kissed like lovers, all the time caressing each other, getting more and more horny by the minute.

Ian broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear.

"I've a very strict dress code for very special people who spend the night in my bed? Loose the underwear!"

I stepped out of my pants allowing my dick to spring free.

"I'll remember for next time, - honest!"

We resumed our kissing, both of us lost in the sweetest passion.

I reached down and cupped his hairless balls in my hand and gently stroked his beautiful cock with the other.

Ian shuddered. "Oh man that feels so good!"

I slipped from his embrace and dropped on to my knees in front of him, his throbbing four and a half inches directly in front of my face. I slowly drew back his foreskin, revealing his shiny purple knob.

"I swear to God you polish this!"

Ian didn't reply, - just another shudder and a sigh.

I looked up at him but his eyes were closed and his head, tilted back.

Like a baby suckles on anything it fids, - a breast, it's toes, a dummy, - I had this overwhelming desire to take him in my mouth, - and I mean overwhelming!

"Forgive me Ian."

"What's to forgive?.......Oh my God!!"

I slipped my lips over his glands and gently teased the sensitive underside with my tongue. I wanted all of him in my mouth so very much! I tickled his balls and ran my finger between his legs and slipped as much of his dick into my mouth as I could take giving it the sort of treatment that I would want him to give me.

Ian seemed to be in another world, - just breathing the words "Oh my God, oh my God" over and over. Then suddenly he put his hands on my head, - his entire body shaking as he yelled out "Oh fucking Jaesussssss! Ahhhhh! Umphhhh! OH MY GOD!"

His cock swelled in my mouth as he jettisoned two or three globs of cum on to my tongue.

Now why hadn't I been expecting that! I didn't have a chance to consider whether or not to spit it out, - I just swallowed. Yes. The first time I sucked cock, I swallowed!

His now deflating dick slipped from my mouth and I can remember how disappointed I was that it was over!

I looked up at him and he down to me.

"Fucking hell, Andy! How, - I mean why, - I mean..?"

"I'm sorry Ian! I just had to! You looked just so fucking beautiful! I'm really sorry!"

Ian put his hands on my cheeks as if to lift me up. Once standing he threw his arms around me and kissed me deeply. He broke off the kiss, his hand still stroking my face.

"Don't you ever, - I mean ever..."


Ian smiled at me. "I was about to say, shit for brains, don't ever apologise for doing that to me! I thought I'd gone to heaven! How did you learn how to do that?!"

The feeling of relief that surged through me was indescribable!

"Guess you could say I learnt on the job, so to speak! I've never done that before but you looked just so bloody fantastic, I just couldn't help myself!"

"Shit man! Please find me bloody fantastic all the time is all I can say! I have never, ever felt anything so wonderful in my life!"

I rested my head on his shoulder and breathed a massive sigh of relief.

"That will never be a problem! I enjoyed doing that to you probably as much as you did having me do it."

We cuddled for a while, - both of us trying to get our respective heads around what had happened.

Ian broke the silence.

"Can I ask you something Andy?"

"Ask away. What you wanna know?"

"Well? When I shot in your mouth, you swallowed it didn't you?"

"Um -- yeah I did."

"How come?"

"Didn't have a game plan! It sort of happened, you know? I wanted you to enjoy it so much and I suppose I didn't realise just how much I was enjoying it too! The moment came...! Then you did! No time to think but I just felt so good, you know, - being able to make you feel so good. I swallowed. It was ok actually!"

"So how did it taste?"

"Salty, peppery. Not bad actually. Oh God, can I be honest? I liked it. A lot! In fact I was going to place an order for breakfast!"

"AW fuck! You going to leave it that long?!"

"Well Ian. If you just promise to be good, I may have to order some desert in a bit!"

"I'll be good, Andy, - really good, - really, really good!"


As we lay in each others arms, I couldn't think of a time when I felt so complete. -- So at one with myself.

I hadn't cum and my poor cock was raging hard but somehow it didn't seem to matter. -- I'd made my best friend feel brilliant!

I remembered what I'd done to him and my heart skipped a beat. I took a very deep breath and Ian must have heard."

"Oh damn my bad manners Andy? You must be so frustrated? I've had all the pleasure and given no thought to you. What a selfish bastard I am!"

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it! I'm just so happy being here like this. I just don't want it to end!"

"But I do worry about it. -- Well I do now I'm awake and remembered what you did?"

"It really doesn't matter. Just relax."

Ian paused his conversation, - deep in thought.

"Andy I'm not sure, - well you know, - if I can reciprocate like that."

"I don't give a flying fuck! You do what feels right for you but please promise me that you'll cuddle me all night. There's something else I want to say but you might just freak out."

"Try me."

"Nah! This is seriously weird."

"So why mention it? Listen to me Andy! Get it off your chest man!"

"Oh fuck it already! Jesus Ian? I think I'm in love with you?"

Ian turned away from me. My heart sank lower than the `Titanic'.

The next moment he turned himself around in an instant and hugged me so hard that I had a job to breathe.

His chest was rising and falling sporadically and I could feel dampness on my shoulder.

Oh God, I'd made him cry.

I hugged him back.

"Sorry Ian. The last thing I wanted to do was to make you..."

Ian interjected.

"Unhappy! Unhappy! That was what you were going to say, - right!"

"I suppose so. -- Yeah. Unhappy."

" You are the most stupidest, caring, loveable idiot that has ever walked the planet!! Don't you know? -- No you don't, do you!?

All the signals, - God Andy! Don't you think that I love you too? UNHAPPY!! Oh for fucks sake! I'm alive man!! I can say openly to you at last! Andy. -- Shit for brains Andy! I LOVE YOU! Oh and bollocks to it! One day someone will sing a song like, `I'm so glad to be homo' -- or something like that!"

"Doesn't rhyme. Never catch on and besides, you can't sing!"

"That's true maybe `Sing that I'm glad to be homo'. No. doesn't work either does it! Oh well."

Ian paused.

"Just for the record. I'm comfortable with how I feel about you. I know we can't blab it about, hold hands or anything but I feel so very good! Oh shit! If it was ever to be possible to stand up straight and tell the world!"

"Jesus Ian! You must be fucking joking!"

"Yeah I know but what if? You see girls walking down the street holding hands and that's ok? If we did it we'd be arrested maybe. That's so not fucking fair!"

"Why don't you cuddle me, -- please? Maybe stuff will change. -- After all, - they say we might get a labour government at the next election!"

"That'll make a difference then."

"No. None whatsoever! Just another stupid crowd of pricks in charge! My Dad recons they're all `gay' or something"!

"GOT IT NOW!! `Sing if you're glad to be gay'!

"Never catch on. -- I want desert now!!"


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