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11 Dec 2012

Chapter 2 - Knowing

I waited all morning for Max. I was so freaking impatient. I’d waken at eight and couldn’t go back to sleep. Too much was on my mind. Too much had happened.

Something miraculous happened though. I got over Joel. The whole night all I could think about was Max. I thought about his cuteness and how he tasted. I thought about his defining quality – his confidence. I thought about how he cried, which was his more fragile side. God. I loved everything about him. A lot of people in this world could be similar to him, but no one was him. And he was the only thing I wanted in the world. He was a dream come true.

When noon came, he rang our doorbell and I ran to answer at full speed.

Wanna go on a hike today?” Max asked. How could I say no?

When I saw that he actually brought a tent, I felt something tense under my shorts. I wondered what was on his mind.

We didn’t end up going on a hike. My parents said no. The two of us ended up on the beach. Didn’t matter. We picked a nice little corner. The tent was still useful. At noon, we got inside to hide from the glaring sunlight.

“You shoulda brought a mini-fan or something,” I complained. “It’s crazy hot in here.” We were both sweating. Max suggested we talked away the heat. The moment he said that, I laughed so hard at his ridiculous idea.

The heat remained throughout the hours. If anything, what was between us was even hotter. We never got tired of doing little explorations inside our mouths. It was so intense that we felt our mouths run dry. It was like we sucked away all the moisture.

Soon we fell asleep in this magical afternoon. I was practically sleeping on him; my head resting on his chest and my arms wrapped tight around his back. I had no idea how we fell asleep in such uncomfortable positions, but with each other, everything felt relaxing; everything felt profound in this world. There was so much meaning in what we shared that I can’t even begin to explain.

When I opened my eyes, Max was already awake. His smile just killed me. His cuteness and confidence made him the best-looking boy in the universe. It was late afternoon; the sun was not as intense.

“So…” he stuttered. “What happens now?”

I shot him a confused look. It took me a few seconds to realize he wanted to know what would happen now between the two of us.

“I love you,” I said. This kind of cliché is so cheesy, but right now it was so effective. We made out for another minute. “Same,” he whispered. Was he too shy to say “I love you?” I loved it that he was so shy. I thought I was the shy one, but in front of Max, we were just equally shy and equally tender. In the outside world, I was sure he handled himself much better than I did, with that complete confidence of his. I reminded myself once again how much I loved being with him.

“It’s so great I have a boyfriend,” he said, content.

“Who says I’m your boyfriend?” I decided to mess with him a bit.

“You said you loved me,” He insisted, “You did!”

“I sure did. But you didn’t! So it’s not a done deal.”

“Same,” he pressed, leaning closer to my face. “That was what I said.” He continued, “They say a picture paints a thousand words. I say a word paints a thousand pictures…” He was a stubborn one, but knowing how he felt was enough.

I cut him off, “Okay. You got yourself a boyfriend.” Another kiss. Then we looked at each other for what felt like a thousand years, me conceiving in my young mind how that one word created a thousand images.

“We should celebrate this. To the beginning of our relationship!” said Max.

We kissed again, but it wasn’t enough for celebration. My entire body was yearning for pleasure, but only my mouth was receiving it. So I took a step forward. When I slipped my tongue into the sweetness of his imploring entrance, my hands started running all over him. Feeling the hairless and smooth skin on his arms was heaven. The softness urged me to go further. My hands reached inside, caressing his bare shoulders with proper pressure. My palms and fingers drew smooth circles as my thumbs tickled his nipples; they turned hard almost right away. All this time, our erections grew to their maximum size and seemingly continued growing. I broke the kiss, pulled out my hands and took another brave step. I needed to feel his flesh and the smoothness of his skin. There was no one to stop us now in this little tent that was our world. When my hands moved forward under the bottom of his thin T-shirt, he drew back a little and we shared a glance. I got the message and brought my hands to a temporary retreat. In a flash, his shirt was off, thrown to the side of the tent space.

I zipped the tent entirely close and turned back to face him. When my eyes met his, he had a mischievous grin on him that spoke louder than words. That face of his was so darn cute. That earned him another aggressive French kiss on the mouth. In seconds I managed to remove my shirt, as we went on demonstrating our passion in such close confines. It felt different this time when our lips touched; there was electricity all over our body. This time our bodies were truly one; there was no blockage, no layers between us. When our tongues met and whirled uncontrollably, it was thunderbolt. If you were to point a gun at me right now and told me to stop what I was doing, I would still go on. When our bodies were so close, when they touched so intimately like this, it was better than life itself. God. It was better than heaven. My hard nipples brushed against his; every time they touched it was another shock, sending another shiver up my spine. We were sweating like crazy but we didn’t care.

Without a word Max pushed me aside and flipped me over next to him. In an instant he jumped on me, my absolute erection pressed hard against his ass. I took a deep breath; he laid his hands on my nipples giving them a nice little massage.

“I love you, David. I love you so much. I’ve never felt this way before.” To me he was smiling and moaning at the same time.

“Same,” I replied smilingly. That was all it took. His eyes lit up, and I saw him leaning in for another passionate kiss, for another war between our begging tongues. Could it be any better?

But this time his hot lips didn’t land on my eager lips; it landed on my neck. I jumped as a first reaction. I was a little ticklish, but of course I didn’t care now, because my dick seemed to tense and grow even harder at that precise moment. He started planting kisses on my neck. After a few seconds, his lips reached finally where they aimed for – my hard and awaiting nipples. I yelled out in excitement.

I can’t describe the feelings that took place when one of my nipples was surrounded by the lips of another boy. The suction was pleasantly erotic; I felt my chest muscles tense as I started to pant.

“Oh my God…Max…this feels so good,” I moaned.

“I’m glad you like it. Been wanting to do this since yesterday. Been wanting to feel your warm chest against my tongue. Are you okay with this?”

“That’s naughty,” I grinned. He took it as a go and went on, slowly increasing his suction and alternating between the left and the right. At the same time his butt was shifting on my crotch, creating as much friction as possible. I moaned every time his butt cheeks brushed against my erection – the constant friction and layers between my dick and his bottom uplifted my desire and sent me all these kinds of great feelings beyond description. Words couldn’t describe what I felt right now.

“It’s all hard down there,” he commented. He was referring to my erection indeed, and quite probably also his. “I bet you feel super weird there.” “Me too,” he added without waiting for my response. My eyes already told him what he needed to know.

I decided to be brave one more time. Reaching to my hand I quickly came into contact with his precious hardness. I loved how it throbbed madly upon my touch; it was like a machine out of control. The whole thing was just so beautiful and arousing – him sucking on my nipples and I feeling his stiff organ pressed against my abdomen.

He got up and looked me in the eyes, my right hand still firmly grasping his boy wood. “Can I feel it?” he almost begged.

“I’ve wanted this to happen,” I said, honestly and eagerly. He smiled, and at that moment I knew he’d wanted this to happen, too. It was so good we could communicate through facial expressions.

A few seconds later he was sitting on my hips, his lips going further down. When they circled my belly button, I decided I could no longer stand the fact that my erection was not attended.

The next moment his hand reached under my shorts and firmly held my full erection. I gasped; I hadn’t expected that. But I made sure I let him know that I wanted him to go on, so I nodded, and nodded again. I didn’t know how many times I nodded. I wasn’t even trying to hide my sexual desire. I wanted him, and in his eyes I saw that he wanted me too. A part of me kept telling that this was all wrong, but I shut it down and got lost in the pleasure.

His tongue went further down; now it was almost touching my shorts. He asked in the sexiest voice ever, “How does it feel when I touch it?”

Ahhh…just…just good…” What else could I say that could justify the feeling? That encouraged him to go on. His other hand swiftly pulled my shorts down to my ankles. His right hand was now stuck between the shorts and my hip as it continued to fondle my hardness, giving me the best feelings in my young life. I was panting like I’d just run five thousand meters. The idea that there was now only one thin layer between my organ and his loving hand was thrilling. His loving strokes had no rhythm, but in it I heard music. When he saw that I was hyperventilating, he sped up his caresses and checked my reaction. My panting grew even more intense; he was satisfied. I knew it was impossible, but with each of his strokes my erection seemed to grow even larger, and each movement seemed to bring extra pleasure. The apparent boner defied its cotton imprisonment rebelliously; the tip was visible as I looked down. It was so exciting to see it throb after each stroke. I knew I couldn’t hold it against the imminent moment much longer. My shorts restrained his movements, but he was still moving his hand like a motor.

“Faster…” I moaned. He obeyed, and stroked faster, as if it was possible. He was giving me all this pleasure. He was doing it just for me. This moment was heavenly. One second I kept my eyes on my organ ready to spring out of control, the other I fixated them on my lover, the boy of my dreams. Each single stroke brought me closer to explosion; each single smile brought me closer to release. I couldn’t control all the muscles of my body. This was the time.

“Oh Max, I’m gonna...” He didn’t stop. I wasn’t even sure he heard me. If anything, he went even faster, expectant.

“Ah…ah!” Then I came. Hard. I tried to count how many times my organ pounded in all that great dizziness, but I just couldn’t. That feeling was so great it stopped every other function of my body.

When the pulsation ended, a few drops of transparent liquid were squeezed out. I was shocked then. Did I just have a real orgasm? Was that stuff…my come?

“You were like shaking like crazy. Are you okay?” Max looked genuinely concerned about my well-being.

“Don’t worry. I’m all right. That was the best feeling ever. Thanks.”

“What’s that stuff there?” he asked pointing at the few drops of jizz on my belly.

“I think that’s sperm,” I said. “The stuff that makes babies. The stuff that makes us.”

He nodded, but easily I could see he was perplexed. But I didn’t want to start explaining right now, and it wasn’t like I knew much anyway. Right now there was something more important to do. Right now I needed to take care of him. What he did to me was heaven. I was determined to give him a doubly good sensation. As my hand reached forward and rested on his belt, I envisioned what how he would react when that amazing feeling came to him. I wanted to know how he would feel when he had his orgasm, probably his very first one.

He looked both scared and curious as I undid his belt and unzipped him. When the pants went off, and a pair of boxers welcomed my hand, I was shocked by the size of the organ in front of me. He was huge. Mine was approximately three-inch long; this had to be four inches.

His eyes never left my eyes. As I felt his wide and long erection over the thin layer of cloth, he took another deep breath. I took that as the ultimate welcome and began stroking him over the cloth.

“It really feels so good,” he stammered. Then I noticed an expression on his face.

“I know,” I said tenderly. “Faster,” He almost begged. And so I did it faster, fully prepared for the epilogue. Not only did I do it faster, I also did each stroke harder. Seconds later he closed his eyes. It made me feel good knowing that I could pleasure someone in this way.

“Oh my God…I don’t know what’s happening to me, David.” He was on the edge.

“Just don’t move. I’ll do all the work. I promise it’ll be the best feeling ever.”

Then his mouth was suddenly open, but no word came out. From his body movements I could tell his very first orgasm was approaching.

“David, maybe you should stop…it’s like I’m about to pee.” He looked embarrassed, but I was sure seconds later his face would only be pure pleasure.

I did the best I could do. Ignoring him, I pulled myself closer to his dick and went on stroking, at my maximum speed. I wanted to look at it carefully, so I got real close.

Wha…” He was in heaven. I did it well. I slowed down my stroking and was about to fall back down on the floor, but before I could do that a rope or two of white stuff shot out of his throbbing erection; the first landed next to my right eye and the second on my lower lip. He squirted jizz on my face! To be honest, it was disgusting at first. But the next second I found it hotter than ever. For a moment I felt my dick hardened again, and I pleasured myself tasting some of his seed wiped off by my fingers.

His face was red all over. He was ashamed of what happened. To me, he looked so freaking cute.

“Hey,” I reassured him. “I love what you did. It was so freaking hot.”

“You do?” His smile returned in a split second. “So…I just shot sperm?”


“You know…I don’t know how to describe that. But that was like the best feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

I laughed. “Now you know why I kept going!” He laughed too. I pushed him down and we kissed furiously. Then I rolled over and lay next to him, my hand fondling with his now soft organ, enjoying our intimacy.

“Your dick is so beautiful. And I like it big.”

He grinned.

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