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There is a prequel to this story: (young-friends/growing-intimacy). I think you can understand most of the story even without reading it.

Thanks for all the emails and responses so far. Here’s Chapter 4.

Date Completed

22 Dec 2012

Chapter 4 - Hiding

With Max beside me every single moment, July passed in grace. August drew to its last few days in contentment.

When it didn’t rain, or when it drizzled, we rambled about on the beach looking for silly stuff to do. I can’t remember how many castles we built and how many swims we had.

In stormy days we stayed indoors. It was always my house. I’d been to his house fifteen minutes away from mine two times. In the end both of us agreed that my house was a better choice, and it would be the place in which we would pass our fervent summer days. When my parents were around, we strove to hide our unstoppable feelings for each other. When they weren’t, we let our cravings and desires run wild and gave in to teenage hormones. Soon tissues – piles and piles of tissues – became our best friend.

My parents were out most of the time; they always said they wanted to look around town and get used to this neighborhood. They asked whether I wanted to come along but I declined for a few times, and they never asked again. I was glad that my parents were understanding and easy-going people. My Mum told me one time she was proud of me because I made a friend so soon. Of course she talked about Joel. I tried to my best to avoid that subject. I had Max now.

Max was all I needed now. I was my true self being around him; there was never the need to beat around the bush when it came to Max. We were an open book to each other.

My super-cute boyfriend slept over whenever he could, and that was almost every night. Over the summer he spent less than ten days in his own house. I started to feel he was more like a member of my family. I loved him as my brother. My twin. My lover. Whatever. He was mine and I was his. And that was all that mattered.

We were penetratingly intrigued by our persistently energetic bodies. Our mouths didn’t run dry after a million kisses; our growing male organs didn’t go empty after a billion strokes. We loved the feeling of summer, the feeling of youth, and the feeling of love.

We wished it would never go away. But there was school. We often joked to our parents that we were quitting school. In their sly smiles, they had no idea that we were totally serious. We weren’t religious, but every night we prayed to God that before summer ended, someone would announce that school was forever out and summer was forever in.

Summer was the sweetest dreams, summer was me and Max, summer was love, summer was the beach, the ocean and my house. Summer was life. But now summer was over.

One night Max complained, “I just don’t know how I’m going to wait a year for the next summer vacation.” I did nothing but kissed him and stripped him and relieved him in minutes.

Sometimes late at night, I worried that our love wasn’t as strong as we thought. For one thing, it could only blossom inside a closet. Our romance was the beach, our romance was my house – it was spatially confined. Most depressingly, our romance was trapped, destined to be endlessly our own. There was no professing our love. No. We didn’t even dare display any signs of the heat. We wouldn’t get past our parents, let alone the school and this world.

I was certain that excitement from the secrecy would fade. Hiding for two months was fun, but hiding for a lifetime was definitely pain. Our sneakiness had to end someday. Could our bond survive the moment of revelation?

I hadn’t discussed my fears with Max. As I look back, it’s a pleasant surprise that I was somehow aware that complete honesty doesn’t always bring good, even I couldn’t quite yet formulate such a concept in my undeveloped mindset.

We just walked on. We walked on as long as there was land ahead.  We didn’t need to know if it was thin ice we were setting our foot on.

And so we walked past the crossroads, to the point where turning right, we saw the place which was called Cheavers Middle High School. I didn’t know whether Max and I were assigned together for our classes. We did try our best picking the same subjects. We had no interest in any specific subjects anyway. We had to report to different rooms; I didn’t know if we would see each other again today, but we had our instant messengers ready on our phones. Max was my number-one contact. Suddenly I was surprised by the number of messages exchanged over the vacation – 9892. Wow. I was determined to make it ten thousand.

People would think we were real brothers, related in blood and everything, because we hugged tight before heading different directions. I kept turning back and waving at him. Then a crowd of nine or ten graders strode past between us, and he vanished from my sight. Boy did I hate going to school.

I drew my phone out of my pocket. I knew just what to do.

***YOU: Miss u already.***

A few seconds later I got a reply.

***JANE: Same.***

I smiled, and continued walking in delight. I love modern technology.

And yeah, regarding the name. I wasn’t going to use some stupid names like “Maxie” or “boyfriend” for Max. I mean it was truly stupid if I did that. If someone figured it out, I couldn’t really blame anyone but myself. So I decided Jane would be my girlfriend. I showed Max earlier that day. He burst out in ceaseless laughter when he saw that.

“So I’m Jane now,” he laughed hard, “You arrogant fool! Made me a girl overnight. I’m not gonna be your subordinate, just so you know.”

“Sexist bastard. Girls aren’t subordinates.” That only made him laugh even harder, and we laughed together.

We ended up having five out of the six classes together. We weren’t together for P.E. Great, I thought. I could actually focus on doing some real sports instead of being in the same shower room with him.

During our English lesson, we arrived late at the classroom, and ended up sitting one seat apart. A blond, nerdy giant sat between us. We kept using him to pass all these love notes. Of course, they didn’t look at all like love notes. They were just random nonsense, because listening to literature was dull. Reading wasn’t; listening to a teacher explaining something I’d never read before was.

1382 words in total, my note said.

No, 1384, another said.

13 on the beach, I said.

No. 14, another said.

LOL, how about stars, I said.

Didn’t count. Couldn’t, another said.

If Shakespeare is love, then Harry Potter is _____, I said.

This time the blond didn’t pass the note. Instead he opened it, wrote on it and handed it back to Max. Max threw it out of the window at an instant. I went into a series of suppressed giggles. I found out later that the note said “You  faggots!”

The giant nerd probably meant nothing by that. But I knew why Max threw it out the window instantly and didn’t look at me for the remaining class. He was afraid our glances would betray us.

After school, I praised him for that, praised him for being able to not look at me for so long; I knew in my heart that was something I couldn’t do. The compliment took the form of a peck on his lips. Then we headed for my house with our hands on each other’s shoulder.

He went home that night because his parents missed him. I kind of forgot how long he hadn’t returned home. I was actually surprised that his parents didn’t really hurry back him all that time. I mean I’d thought his Mum was stern, keeping him from going out and stuff. But I knew they trusted him now that he was a grown man. He sure was one, with utter confidence hiding inside boyish disguise. That night I remembered to remind myself how much I loved him.

As I lay on my bed, I imagined his hand on my dick, rubbing up and down, and his beautiful eyes staring at me. I got hard almost instantly. I wasn’t about to stop this fantasy I was creating. I closed my eyes and pictured him sitting right beside me, his fondling going only faster and faster.

“Don’t stop…” I whispered repeatedly, totally aroused and excited.

Then I got the tingling feeling all over. I came. As my hand felt my stomach, I felt five little drops of my seed. My come felt somewhat stickier than before. Was that a sign of maturity?

More importantly, I had never thought I could pleasure myself like this with my own hand. I mean I knew I had much experience with Max now, but it was often his hand that was doing the work. This time wasn’t half as good as the feeling I had when Max did it, but I admitted it wasn’t too bad as an alternative.

I saw the sperm on my index and middle fingers. Without a second thought, I smelled and sucked on them. Right away the taste of my seed invaded my taste buds. It was the first time I really tasted come. I won’t lie. It wasn’t what you call delicious, but its taste was weird in a good way. There was no describing it with words. If you demanded one, I would have to say it tasted peculiarly salty.

This was the night I first tasted come (I wanted so much to taste Max then); this was also my first masturbation, of many to follow. It was one of my best nights, not counting those with Max beside me. It was the night I discovered how I could pleasure myself when I was alone.

I don’t know why I remember that night so well. Is it really because it was one of the best nights in my life? Or is it because the next day was quite a nightmare?

Around lunch on the next day, Max led me to a corner of the school basketball court and said he wouldn’t tell me what was going on till we got there and made sure no one was watching. I was scared, because I knew Max well, and that confidence in his eyes was gone; all that was left was the I-shit-my-pants look, which is the elevated version of fear.

“Take look at this,” whispered Max when he was sure no one was looking our way. Boy was he paranoid. I took a peek on his phone, and gasped.

***M7723: Cum to my house after school tday?***

“Almost wetted my pants when I saw this.”

“Is there an address?” I asked, trying to calm myself down. It didn’t work.

“Yeah,” he replied, his body trembling madly. “It’s in the next message.” He scrolled down the page and showed me.

***M7723: 516 Westside Street.***

We passed the rest of the day in agonizing dread. After school we headed for Westside Street. With each of my step, I felt danger approaching, prepared to engulf us. But I stayed strong and looked strong, for Max’s sake.

We acted like two normal friends along the way. The house was situated at the end of the street. It had a little garden in front of it, most of its lawn not properly mown. No flowers grew; it really just felt like a deserted mess of wild grass. The house itself wasn’t so bad. It was a regular looking house with two stories, not particularly standing out in the neighborhood. Of course whatever danger waited inside we didn’t know.

I insisted on going with him, but Max was certain it wasn’t the best idea. He promised he would be all right and said he would scream for help if anything happened. He kissed me on the cheek and went.

He rang the bell. Someone opened the door. It was that nerdy-looking guy in our class. What did he want with Max? At that moment, I was enraged because I felt like I couldn’t do anything. I wanted so bad to just rush to the front porch, but I promised I would let Max handle this. So I stayed back and watched heedfully the surroundings of the house.

What happened inside I had no way of knowing, but Max told me later. It was his recollection of events I’m going to tell.

Max said it was a dark, gloomy house. There was no artificial light, and no natural light – curtains blocked all the windows. The nerdy guy, who called himself Gregory Simons, led him upstairs into his room. He followed, in a careful manner. He made sure he could run away when he needed to. Of course he didn’t expect anything crazy to happen.

The upper floor was connected by a narrow passageway. Gregory’s room was the last one in the corridor. They went inside. Max sighed in relief when the guy didn’t close the door. As I also mentioned before, the guy was a giant with this nerdiness in him. He was big, standing at almost 5 feet 11 and weighed at least 170 pounds, at the age of 13.

An evil grin had formed in his mouth since Max entered the house. Once they were inside this Greg guy’s room, he seated Max down on his bed.

“So what am I doing here?” Max asked.

“To come. C-U-M, cum,” Greg said shamelessly.

Max tried to leave then, but it was too late. Okay, I don’t mean to say he was locked inside the room, tortured or anything. But something happened. Something just happened, and he froze.

In a smooth and rehearsed action, Gregory Simons had his hands firmly stuck to Max’s two hips. When Max told me about this, I almost cried. But he continued anyway, because he knew that I needed to know.

It took two seconds for the hands to loosen and undo the belt. The shorts were on the ground. Another second later the boxers followed. All this time, and I totally believed him because I probably would’ve done the same, Max was frozen like a statue, unable to move any muscle on his body. It was only three seconds, and this guy continued like an expert.

Max’s erection stood up pointing to heaven (or hell). “What are you…” he finally reacted, but was cut off once again. “Ah!” Max couldn’t believe what he was seeing and feeling. There was wetness wrapped around his 4-inch. Looking down, he saw nothing but Gregory Simons massaging his dick, with his mouth! This was the fourth second. He admitted that it was pure pleasure. He never thought this could happen, a mouth and a dick going together. In his young mind, it still didn’t make much sense.

But the fifth second set in, and it was all guilt. I wanted to cry once again when he came to that part. In one hard maneuver he pushed Simons away and ran like a wild horse for the door. He wasn’t stopped, according to him. He didn’t even look back, not for a single split second.

He ran past the front porch to the tree where I was standing, and collapsed into my tight hug, shivering and crying. “I wanna go home,” he said, tears running down his face.

And so I walked him home, and that was when he told me. He hesitated at first but I assured him it would be all right. Of course, when we arrived at his place, both of us were soaked in tears. I hugged him again. He walked inside the house assuring me repeatedly that he was okay and I didn’t have to stay with him.

I was so angry on my way home. How could he? For a moment I wanted to beat him up. This Gregory guy. Out of all people in the world, why did he have to mess with Max? Max was my one and only love. Seeing him like this hurt me so bad. I was guilty too, because I let him go inside alone. I could have done more, but I didn’t.

I didn’t cry again at night, but I was still angry. Then Max called, and we talked till it was morning. There was disappointment in his voice in the beginning, and infuriation in mine. We talked until they converged as we became ourselves again. We were happy and thankful that we were together. It was all over now. We knew we would always be by each other’s side. The feeling that nothing could separate us was golden.

The next day we found out Gregory Simons’ intention. He wasn’t really molesting Max; he was testing him. If Max had gone all the way with him…No. I can’t think like that.

Anyway, it turned out Greg wasn’t really in the nerd group. He hung with the ninth graders. They were a group that had everything against gays. I mean it wasn’t like in the older times when you just beat up every gay and bullied them out of the school and their lives, but being targeted could mean bad, really bad things. For starters, if you were targeted, you would receive endless humiliation.

How Max acted proved that he was clean in their standards. They might still suspect him for those five seconds of pleasure (I knew it was three seconds of shock and one second of pleasure and the last reserved for escaping), but they couldn’t be sure. I mean I can’t even imagine what would have happened had Max not acted the way he did. But no. I know Max. He loved me and me only.

We were in different classes in P.E., but we shared the same football field and the showers. We played opposite teams in a football match. Standing on the field looking out into the incessant ocean on one side and busy city traffic on the other, I thought about Oklahoma. I hadn’t played football for months. It wasn’t like I couldn’t live without it, but still. This feeling was reminiscent. Although I had a perfect home now, I missed my old home and my life. Then again, if I had to choose, it would be Max and Max and Max, if you asked me three times.

During the match, I was doing what Joel had done, intentionally engaging in physical contact with my secret love. Of course, Max and I shared all these knowing glances that Joel and I hadn’t shared back then. It felt wonderful. Just a few months into the future and I felt like I was now at a different stage of my life. Just into puberty and I felt like I was already a young adult. Love makes you feel special and strong.

Max’s team won by a point or two. I couldn’t care less; I’m never a serious gamer. I’m a serious lover. Max and I walked together to the shower room. I wanted so bad to hold his hand, but I didn’t, and once inside, we kept our distance.

The first three days of school felt like a roller-coaster ride. In the shower, I turned the water to its warmest and strongest, and enjoyed water travelling down my face and body and steam surrounding me like a mist of clouds.

I jumped when someone suddenly patted my shoulder. “Faggot! I know you!” A voice whispered into my ear.

God. I thought I was going to die.

“Ha! Got you!” said Max.

I pinned him against the wall. “It wasn’t funny. You scared the hell out of me!” I was really angry then, but mostly I was scared, my heart still trying to calm itself down.

“Why would you…” Before I finished that sentence my lips were sealed with a kiss. We were both completely naked. He pulled away staring at me blankly for an entire second. “You didn’t lock the door. I was reminding you,” he grinned. I turned and ready to get out, but Max grabbed my arm and pulled me to him close, so close; our slim bodies touched and I felt electricity passing through me, putting me into a stasis.

“Just close the door,” he said sheepishly.

“Max! Are you aware of what will happen if someone finds out we’re both in here?”

“Nobody will,” he assured. “Everyone left.” There was that confidence again. God. I love that about him. I gave up. I took two steps back and turned the lock. Our boy woods touched. Looking down, I saw two rock-hard organs. Wow. I didn’t even know when they got stiff.

Max was about to turn off the shower but I stopped him. “Keep it on,” I said. “This is hot.”

“You are hot.” His hands squeezed my butt cheeks firmly. In response, my stiff dick jumped. His hand held it at that precise moment, and began stroking in a steady rhythm. Without warning his tongue was inside my mouth the next second, hitting every spot. I relaxed into the kiss. He broke the kiss seconds later, planting kiss on his way as he proceeded downward. As hands were still stroking my erection as his lips worked the magic on my stiff nipples. He sucked on one while his spare hand played with the other.

“Max…don’t stop. This is the best feeling ever,” I cried.

“Wow. Shhh…” “Sorry,” I apologized. But this was seriously the feeling ever. Hot water running down my naked body. A beautiful boy almost kneeling before me, sucking on one of my nipples and massaging the other. Strokes on my desperate organ increasing in force and speed in every up-and-down movement.

Out of a sudden, to my surprise, his lips left my nipples and went further down, licking my belly button going in circles. His hand on my dick stopped its movement; my organ popped up and it hit him softly on the jaw. The feeling that my dick was an inch away from his mouth was crazy. I swear I could’ve come right there. But I held it in. I cried out in pleasure as he kept using his jaw to brush against my dick on purpose. Of course I stopped after the first accidental shout. At this moment I wasn’t at all worried about people finding out about us. Seriously, I was more afraid that the ecstasy taking place right now would end if someone walked in.

His tongue dug deep into my belly button and one of his hands put my dick in place, fondling it and thrusting it toward the soft skin of his jaw.

Ahh…” The sound made his eyes shoot up and meet my eyes. The steam and water drops on my face danced in pleasure; it all showed at that brief moment. Though this would be a first time and I couldn’t predict what would happen, my expression told me all he needed to know.

He responded with a single movement. His mouth no longer lingered near my abdomen; in a quick movement, it engulfed my dick. My foreskin was pulled back and his hot lips touched the mushroom-shaped head. In a second half of my organ was inside my lover’s mouth.

“Shit!” I cried. My feelings were out of control. Max froze immediately, his eyes looking up at me again. “Don’t stop…” My eagerness showed completely. My lust possessed me. I reacted by putting my hands on Max, my fingers entwining his wet hair, slightly pushing his head down at the right moment. This was one hundred times the pleasure I received from his hand. I never wanted this to end.

He continued eagerly after understanding the intense feelings I was getting from my gleaming eyes. Within thirty seconds, a familiar feeling started to build up inside of me, but this time it was a hundred times stronger. When the moment of release was about to happen, I bucked upward and pressed his head downward in a one synchronized movement, and I came, into the mouth of my lover. I could feel his tongue hitting all the spots, licking and swallowing everything.

I pulled him up and kissed him furiously. I thought I tasted my come then.

The next second I was down my knees. “This is going to be better than everything you’ve ever experienced.” Then I went down on him, returning the favor. When one is aroused like this, you don’t need to be a professional to bring him to his climax. All you need to do is to suck real hard and real fast. That was exactly what I did. Besides making sure my teeth didn’t hurt him in any way, all I did was to suck him like there was no tomorrow.

Ahhh....Ahhh…David…Ahhhh….Dav…I can’t believe what I’m feeling.”

This wasn’t the time to stop and talk. I went on sucking, exerting great pressure on his skin. My tongue kept adding moisture and intense sensations to his slit.

AhhhhhhAhhhhh…just a couple seconds longer. I’m almost there…”

I knew what I had to do. I aimed to deplete my energy in a few seconds. My speed significant rose. So did his yelling, both in frequency and volume.

“Oh shit! Ahhhh…” I hadn’t expected it, but some liquid hit the back of my mouth and I gagged for a second. It wasn’t much but it did catch me by surprise.

“Thanks man.” he stammered. Apparently he hadn’t recovered from the intensity of his orgasm.

When our lips met again, I was more content than ever. In the saliva, I tasted come. It was a different taste, for it was not merely mine or his. It was ours.

When we went out, everyone had indeed left. We were relieved. If there had been anyone out there, there was no way they could have not heard us. But when we reached the school corridor and was about to leave, we overheard people speaking in hushed tones.

“No! The test wasn’t enough. He isn’t clean, trust me. He loved what I did, I’m sure. When I did it to him he was all aroused. I mean, his dick was stiff as shit. Son of a bitch only left because he was so scared his tiny stick would break. Pretty certain that kid’s a virgin. Just keep an eye on him. Just do as I say. He’s one of ‘em, he is.”

Of course, it was no other than Gregory Simons. I swear I should’ve just killed him. That guy was such a nuisance.

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