A Noise in the Night



Disclaimer: This story describes sex between 2 minor boys.  If you choose to read it, you do so at your own risk.
Acknowledgment: This story is really that of a friend of mine.  He relayed it to me and kindly allowed me to put it into words.

It was a noise in the night that woke him.

Kevin lay quietly in his bed. He could see the outline of his older brother, Tanner, in the bed across the room. The noise had come from Tanner. Tanner was clearly in pain and that worried Kevin. No, it more than worried him, it scared him.

Tanner was 11, soon to be 12, and was like a god to Kevin. Tanner was super cool. Tanner was faster than almost everyone in school. He could catch, throw, dribble, and shoot better than most. Tanner was almost always picked first for games, when he wasn’t chosen to be a team captain, that is.

All the guys liked to hang out with Tanner. If there was a party, he was sure to be invited. He could tell great jokes and make everyone laugh. And, Tanner was real good looking. He had dirty blond hair that hung straight down past his ears. He had pale blue eyes and soft pink lips that everyone commented on. All the girls in the fifth and sixth grade liked him and he had had half dozen girlfriends already. Kevin wasn’t sure, but he even thought that Tanner may have kissed one or two.

Tanner could be pretty tough, too. He may not be able to beat up some of the bigger kids in school, but he would never back down. And, they seemed to know that and turned their attention to easier targets. That helped make Kevin’s life easier, too. When they learned that he was Tanner’s little brother, the older boys seemed to show him a lot more respect. Kevin even got to hang out with the older boys when they came over the house. Once, Tanner had some friends over after school. Kevin had come back from soccer practice expecting to find them in the basement playing video games, but they weren‘t. He grew really confused when he didn’t find them anywhere inside, so, perplexed, he wandered outside. He finally found them out behind the shed, and, even though they tried to hide it, Kevin realized they were smoking cigarettes. One of the kids went to chase Kevin away, but Tanner stood up for him. “He’s cool,” Tanner said, “Let him stay.” But, then Tanner shot him a look that Kevin knew well. It was the look that said, “Now that I stood up for you, don’t embarrass me!”

Tanner seemed to know about all the important things in life and didn’t seem to mind teaching Kevin. Like cussing, Tanner could use all sorts of words and sound good doing it. Even the f-word! Most kids Kevin’s age -- Kevin was 8 – and even older kids, sounded a bit stupid when they cursed; but not Tanner. Tanner could tell someone to go fuck themselves and it sounded just like he was ordering a cheeseburger at McDonald’s.

Tanner knew all about sex, too, and, when his friends weren’t there, he didn’t mind teaching Kevin. That’s how Kevin came to know what “copping a feel,” and what “finger fucking” meant. Tanner even taught Kevin about that most confusing of all terms, a “blow job.”

Kevin watched as Tanner lay on his side, facing away from him. His arm moved rhythmically as he rubbed his stomach. Kevin could also hear him as he moaned quietly. It was obvious to Kevin that Tanner didn’t want anyone to know he was feeling sick. He watched a bit longer, hoping Tanner would start to feel better.

Kevin wondered if he should go get mom or dad. They would know how to fix something like this; they always did. Then Kevin thought that if Tanner hadn’t gotten up and told mom, chances are he didn’t want her to know, and Kevin knew better than to tell. Kevin didn’t like it when he was sick or hurt, but he did like the attention and the care he got from mom. Tanner was different, however. When Tanner got hurt, he didn’t want any fuss. Kevin didn’t always understand why Tanner didn’t want mom and dad to know certain things, but he had learned the hard way to respect Tanner’s wishes.

But, what if it was something real serious! Kevin couldn’t stand the thought of Tanner being hurt and him not doing something. What if Tanner had to go to the hospital?

Finally, Kevin felt he could wait no longer. He pulled back the thin top sheet and padded quietly toward the door, hoping to slip out without Tanner seeing him. But, as he got closer to the door, and closer to Tanner, Kevin grew a bit confused. The noises Tanner was making didn’t sound like they were from pain, and Tanner clearly wasn’t rubbing his tummy, he was doing something else. Kevin knew that spying on Tanner was never a good idea. He had done it once or twice and knew the consequence of getting caught, but his feet just seemed to carry him closer to Tanner’s bed.

“Tanner!” Kevin whispered. But Tanner gave no sign of hearing him.

“Tanner!” Kevin whispered again, and this time he reached out and touched Tanner’s arm.

Startled, Tanner seemed to almost jump off the bed. He twisted around to look over his shoulder to see what was happening.

Now it was Kevin’s turn to be startled. The sheet that covered Tanner from behind was pulled down to his thighs in front. Tanner’s underwear was nowhere to be seen, and, most amazing of all, Tanner had a boner and that’s what he had been rubbing. In fact, his hand was still wrapped in a tight fist around his dick!

“What the fuck are you doing Kevin!” he sputtered, quickly pulling the sheet up over him.

Kevin was a mass of confusion, his thoughts all jumbled. He took a step back as he mumbled, “I’m sorry Tanner. I thought you were hurt or something.”

Then it struck him. It all made perfect sense; the words he had heard recently at school, that Kevin couldn’t understand at the time, now became perfectly clear. Forgetting to whisper, Kevin almost shouted, “YOU’RE JERKING O…!

The hand that just seconds before had been wrapped around Tanner’s dick was now wrapped tightly around Kevin’s mouth. “Shut up, Kevin!” Tanner whispered fiercely. Tanner had shot up and was now sitting on the edge of the bed, his face inches from Kevin’s. The sheet had fallen partly away and Kevin could see that Tanner was completely nude, the whiteness of Tanner’s groin and the darkness of the room made Tanner’s legs and torso seem even darker than they normally were.

Tanner slowly lowered his hand away from Kevin’s mouth, his face still contorted with anger, his breathing deep and fast.

“I’m sorry Tanner,” Kevin whispered. “I thought you were hurt!”

Something about that last remark struck Tanner as funny, and Kevin watched with relief as Tanner gave a soft laugh. Then Tanner got serious again. “Go back to bed!” he said. His voice betrayed some frustration, the same as when Kevin interrupted him during a critical moment in a video game.

“Can I watch?” Kevin asked in a small voice.

“No!” came the quick retort. Tanner lay back down on the bed, his back to Kevin.

“Please! I won’t tell!”

That remark brought more of a reaction than Kevin anticipated. Tanner rolled over quickly and stared at Kevin; his eyes hard. “You better not fucking tell!” Then he rolled away again.

“Does it feel good, ya know, jerking off?” Kevin asked. He liked the sound of the words. They sounded grown up.

Tanner gave a laugh like the answer was an obvious “yes.”

“Can you show me?”

“What!!” Tanner replied, rolling back over to look at his little brother. “Are you crazy? No way!”


Tanner paused and seemed to think about it, and, for a moment, Kevin got hopeful.

Instead Tanner said, “Look, Kev, you just grip your dick like this,” Tanner made an “O” with his fingers, “and rub up and down. In fact, seems like you got it down already,” Tanner laughed.

Kevin realized, for the first time, that he had a boner and that he was, without thinking, clutching it through his briefs. He was embarrassed to have been caught with his hand on his dick and was equally embarrassed to have it make such an obvious bulge in his underpants. He took his hand away from his crotch and sat down on the edge of Tanner’s bed.

“How long am I supposed to do it for?” he asked.

At that question, Tanner rolled over onto his side facing Kevin. He smiled wide, as if he had a special secret. “Trust me Kev, you’ll know when you’re done!”

“But what if I do it wrong and what if I end up hurting my…you know?” Kevin pointed even though it was obvious what he was talking about.

Tanner thought for a minute, looking at Kevin the whole time. Then, with a deep sigh, he said, “OK! Look, I’ll show you.” Kevin started to jump up, but Tanner stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. The deadly stare returned to his face and, in an exaggerated whisper, he added, “This has to be the biggest secret of your life. You can’t tell anyone; not mom and dad, not any of your friends, and certainly not any of my friends. If you so much as breathe a word of this, or hint about it in any way, I’ll kill you Kevin, I’ll fucking kill you!”

Kevin was off the bed in an instant, nodding the whole time. His briefs hit the floor at the same time as his feet. “OK, what do I do?”

Tanner laughed at his eager pupil. In some ways, it felt good to be the teacher for things so personal. And, he truly loved his brother and it felt good to be the one to share with him the important things in life; then Tanner stopped and pondered how best to do this. Finally deciding, Tanner threw back the sheet, kicked it to the bottom of the bed, and invited Kevin to lie in front of him.

The nude young boy scampered onto the bed and plopped down on his side in front of Tanner. Then he wiggled backward so that the two boys lay together; Kevin’s back against Tanner’s chest, his butt snuggled into Tanner’s crotch. For Tanner, the moment of contact brought an intense shock and a wave of pleasure that washed up from his groin and into his head. He thought for a moment that he might even pass out. A gasp came in the form of a quick intake of breath and it was loud enough that Kevin looked back in surprise.

“You OK?” Kevin asked.

“Umm…yea, sure,” Tanner replied, his voice thick. Tanner had often had skin-to-skin contact with other boys in the course of wrestling around and he had always enjoyed the sensation, but this was the first time he had ever laid naked next to someone and the feeling was overwhelming. In fact, Tanner quickly realized he was hard again and wondered what he should do. His dick wanted to stand up against his stomach but it was trapped below Kevin’s butt. And, he was embarrassed to have his brother know he was hard. In the end he realized that there was no hiding it and so he reached down and adjusted it.

Again Tanner found himself fighting for air. When he adjusted it up, he found that his dick fit neatly in the crack of Kevin’s butt which almost seemed to want to grip it tightly. Worse, his brother also noticed and seemed to find it funny. He flexed his butt and wiggled his hips in a way that drove Tanner nuts! Tanner couldn’t help but grind his hips forward at the same time.

This was not starting well from Tanner’s point of view. He had imagined that he would show his brother a few ways to hold himself, how to best vary his stoke to maximize his pleasure, and maybe explain what an orgasm was so Kevin would know what he was going for. Then he thought he would turn things over to Kevin; perhaps even enjoy watching Kevin go at it. But now things were completely different. His whole body yearned for more contact and his groin screamed for sex.

Tanner found himself admiring the young body in front of him. He had always thought Kevin had a nice solid build, not like the skinny little bodies of so many of his friends. Now he found himself admiring Kevin’s strong thighs and muscular butt. He also had a sharply defined tan line just above his hips that Tanner liked. Kevin tended to take his shirt off at the end of school and didn’t put it back on until September. And, his chest actually had a little bit of definition to it.

Then Tanner found himself staring into his brother’s eyes. Kevin had turned and was looking back at him expectantly. What Tanner saw was not his little brother, but a gorgeous young boy. Kevin’s mid-length hair, tousled from sleep, added to his charm. His eyes were bright and shiny, and Tanner knew that, in the light, they would sparkle like green emeralds. His smile was bright and warm and it made people do whatever they could to make him happy so they could see it all the more. And the lips that made that smile just invited a kiss.

The thought of kissing his little brother caught Tanner by surprise. Tanner had never considered kissing a boy before, let alone kissing Kevin. His brain screamed no, but his groin urged him on. Tanner knew it was wrong, in fact, he was horrified at the thought of it, but the voice from between his thighs was too strong to resist. So, Tanner leaned forward and kissed Kevin full on the lips, slipping his tongue inside the mouth of the surprised boy in front of him.

Kevin’s shock lasted only an instant. He enjoyed Tanner’s warm breath against his face, the feel of his soft lips on his own, and the taste of his tongue inside his mouth. His tongue rose to meet Tanner’s and the two wrestled for space inside each other’s mouth.

Finally Tanner broke the kiss and leaned back, worried about what he had just done yet drunk with pleasure from having done it. Kevin seemed unfazed. He licked his lips as if he was eager to get the last drop of something sweet.

“So, is this all part of jerking off?” he asked. “I kinda like it,” and leaned his head toward Tanner, eager to kiss again. Tanner, in turn, wasted no time giving him what he wanted.

When Tanner did begin the lesson, it was a much different lesson than he imagined. Instead of going straight to the business at hand, he lingered in his enjoyment of the youthful body in front of him. He found himself approaching his work the way he did when he was by himself. Tanner loved to take his time and make the experience last as long as he could. He loved to run his hands over his whole body, leaving not a single inch unexplored, and discovering what areas were sensitive to what kind of touch.

Now he did the same with Kevin. He ran his hand down Kevin’s chest, enjoying the feel of the soft, warm skin beneath his fingers. He brought a finger to his mouth, wet it, and made tiny circles around Kevin’s nipples. Kevin giggled in response and leaned back against Tanner all the more. He explored Kevin’s arm pits and traced the line of his collarbone. He traced the line beneath Kevin’s small pecs and followed the crease down the center of Kevin’s abdomen to his bellybutton. He took time to learn the sensual young form in front of him, the one he had known for 8 years, but that he was learning again for the first time.

To Kevin, Tanner’s fingers were like magic. They made him feel the way he never imagined a person could feel. Kevin loved the feel of roller coasters, of warm baths, and of a well hit baseball. But this was a very different sort of feeling; one he had never experienced before. Tanner’s hands never came close to his dick, but it’s as if each touch, no matter where on his body, also stroked gently across it like a feather. He was desperate for Tanner to take it in his hand they way he had seen him take his own; in a tightly closed fist. If he could, he would have ripped it from his body and forced into Tanner’s hand. As it was, he couldn’t help but rock his hips back and forth in anticipation.

Slowly Tanner worked his hand down Kevin’s torso. As Tanner’s hand dipped below his waist, Kevin lifted his upper leg and brought his foot down next to the knee of his lower leg; spreading his thighs wide and inviting Tanner to continue down. And Tanner did, but he didn’t go where Kevin wanted. Instead, Tanner’s fingers swirled all around, up the inside of Kevin’s thighs and back again, all around Kevin’s hard dick and balls, between his legs and across his groin, even around the globes of Kevin’s butt. Kevin began to whimper and rock his hips harder while his hands grasped the hand that Tanner had wrapped around Kevin’s shoulder and across his chest.

But the worst was yet to come. Tanner finally began to touch Kevin exactly where he needed it most, but not in the way that Kevin wanted. Tanner stroked softly across Kevin’s balls and gently along the underside of his dick, but never hard enough to provide Kevin the relief he was desperate for. Again he wet one finger and slowly circled the head of Kevin’s penis. Kevin’s whimpers became almost animal like growls and finally his hand shot down to do what he hadn’t known how to before tonight, but which now seemed clear. But Tanner was there a second before him.

Tanner grabbed Kevin’s dick firmly, two fingers on the underside and his thumb on top. With a smooth rhythm he made long, deep strokes, making sure to go as far down the base as he could and bringing the skin up over the head of the small circumcised penis on the way back up. Kevin’s growls and whines, in turn, became a soft purr, and his more wild hip thrusts slowed and became deeper. The torturous tickling from earlier turned to sheer pleasure and Kevin relaxed into a bliss he had never experienced before. Each firm stroke brought with it a sense of well being he had never known and he knew he could lie like this forever. Kevin snuggled against Tanner even more firmly than before.

Slowly, so slowly that Kevin didn’t notice at first, Tanner began to take shorter and faster strokes. Kevin missed the feeling that came when Tanner’s fingers went deeper down, but it was replaced by something new. Kevin now realized that everything he had experienced to this point was just a prelude to something better; beneath the wonderful feeling that came with Tanner’s hand on his dick came a new sensation, a feeling that was building and becoming more distinct with each moment.

Kevin’s breathing quickened and became hot and ragged. The whine returned, but it took on a deeper urgency. With each stroke Kevin felt himself approaching something new and, despite not knowing what it was, he felt an irresistible need to get there quickly. And, somehow, the path to this nirvana was through his groin. Instinctually, he began to thrust his hips again. At the same time, he felt Tanner lean in and kiss the top of his head. Then he felt Tanner’s warm breath against his ear and, through the fog of pleasure, he heard Tanner whisper, “You’re almost there Kev. Just let it happen!” Kevin didn’t know what “it” was, nor did he care.

Kevin thrust his hips hard, driving his dick through Tanner’s fingers. After a couple of missed strokes that almost made Kevin cry in frustration, Tanner stopped stroking and just held on firmly, letting Kevin do all the work. And work Kevin did! His body felt hot, too hot to even touch, and he could feel a film of sweat where his back pressed against Tanner’s chest. His consciousness narrowed to the touch of Tanner’s skin against his own and to his groin. Then, with a few more deep thrusts, it happened.

An explosion took place in Kevin’s groin that traveled like a wave to his brain. There it burst like fireballs of light. The pleasure was so intense, he felt himself grow lightheaded and wondered, dreamily, if he actually might pass out. But, that didn’t matter. In fact, to Kevin, nothing mattered. He simply rode the wave wherever it might take him; unable to move, unable to speak, unable to think.

A minute or two later, Kevin found himself collapsed back against his brother. Tanner’s hand was gone, his dick was soft. Kevin felt more relaxed than he ever did before. His arms and legs felt weak, his entire body felt like jelly. If it had been at all possible, Kevin would have simply melted into the bed like rapidly warming ice cream.

As he slowly came back around, Kevin realized could feel Tanner’s hand sliding lightly back and forth across his butt as Tanner stroked himself lazily. It felt good to be touched that way, even if it was accidental, and Kevin, in turn, began to fondle himself. Finally, he looked up to see Tanner grinning down at him.

“Did you like that?” Tanner asked.

“Fuckin ay!” was Kevin’s reply, and somehow he knew he used the word just right. And with that, Tanner left off stroking himself and leaned in to kiss Kevin again.

Then a new thought occurred to him, “Hey Tanner, what about you? Do you want me to do you?”

Tanner’s hand, which had resumed stroking his own dick, went still as he thought this through. His desire had never been stronger, his body literally burned in its need for relief. His first thought was to finish as quickly as possible in the manner he knew was most reliable. But, the excitement that came from having his nude body pressed up against Kevin’s and the feel of his dick in the cleft of Kevin’s butt was still fresh in his mind. And so he decided on a more creative approach.

“Lay flat,” he commanded, and he pushed gently on his brother’s shoulder in emphasis. Kevin complied without question and Tanner climbed on top of him, his hips against the soft, round globes and his dick firm within the crevasse they created. Then, with his own urgency, he began to rock his hips.

Kevin, despite having only a single experience, immediately understood what Tanner was doing and he clenched his butt cheeks together as tightly as he could, looking over his shoulder to watch his older brother work. Tanner had his chest raised up as high as it would go, his arms straight, his hands planted on either side of Kevin’s shoulders. Kevin saw that Tanner watched hungrily as the head of his dick appeared and disappeared at the top of the crevasse. A small drop of saliva fell from Tanner’s mouth onto Kevin’s back in between the small grunts that came with each thrust. Kevin felt his own lust grow again as he watched his brother’s drive for release.

Tanner dropped the full length of his body onto his brother’s back as he built up speed, still he worked as hard as he could to drive his hips down and increase the friction on his dick. Unlike his younger brother, Tanner’s balls had begun to hang more loosely, and he felt them slap against the bottom of his brother’s butt with each forward stroke. He was already in such a frenzy from helping his brother to his first orgasm that his was a just a few short seconds away.

Kevin felt Tanner give three hard thrusts, each accompanied by a deep grunt, and he knew his brother’s climax arrived. Tanner collapsed with his full weight onto Kevin. Kevin felt Tanner’s hot breath upon his back; Tanner’s open mouth on his shoulder. He heard Tanner’s breath coming fast, as if he had just run a race, and he felt Tanner’s dick spasm between his cheeks. He smiled to think he had been such an intimate part of his brother’s pleasure. They both lay there, Kevin enjoying the weight of his brother’s body on his own, Tanner oblivious to the world.

Eventually Tanner rolled off his little brother, a bit guilty about having squashed him so selfishly. He lay on his back, staring absently at the ceiling; the fingers of one hand running gently around his genitals.  Kevin lay pressed up against him on one side, his arm across his brother’s chest, one leg across his brother’s thighs.

Tanner felt closer to Kevin than he had in a long time. He was always proud of him. Kevin was a real tough little kid. He always did his best to stand up for himself. Kevin was even fun to have around when Tanner’s friends were there. You could count on Kevin to keep his mouth shut about stuff and he didn’t whine or try to be the center of attention like most other little brothers. More than once, a friend of Tanner’s had confided in him that he’d be happy to have Kevin as a brother.

“So, Kev, what do you think about jerking off?” Tanner whispered.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s OK, I guess. As long as nothing good’s on TV,” came the reply.

“You little shit!” said Tanner, and he sent Kevin into gales of stifled laughter as he dug his fingers into Kevin’s side.

“Hey Tanner!” Kevin whispered, once the two had settled down again. “Are you allowed to do jerking off more than once a night?”

“There are no rules!” was the reply.


The next evening, Tanner and Kevin’s parents sat watching TV; the boys had gone off to bed about a half hour before.

“You know,” said their mother, “I was surprised at how well the boys got along today. I don’t think either of them slept well last night. They were both really tired and that usually has them at each other’s throats. But, for whatever reason, they really did great. Tanner seemed especially patient.”

“Really, you think so?” answered their father nonchalantly. He, too, had noticed, despite pretending not to. In fact, he had probably watched more closely than his wife. Last night he had stumbled out of bed for a drink of water. In a half stupor, he had stopped by the door of the boys’ bedroom, drawn by a noise in the night. It took him only seconds to recognize the sounds and their unique, universal rhythm. He had, at that point, hastened away, embarrassed to have invaded the boys’ privacy.

His wife began to rise. “I might go down and make sure their not still up talking or fooling around,” she said. “I’ll be back before the commercial’s over.”

“Umm…no,” was her husband’s quick reply. “I’m sure their already asleep. I’ll say something to Tanner in the morning. He’ll take care of it.”

“You sure?” she replied, sinking back onto the couch.

“I am,” he said, patting her arm reassuringly. “You know Anne,” he continued, “while I’m thinking about it, Tanner’s reaching that age where we should think about knocking before going in his room.”

“Don’t be silly,” Anne answered, “he’s only eleven.”

“Some boys mature faster than others,” her husband replied, “and I really think that Tanner would appreciate a little extra privacy.”

With that, the television program returned and they both became absorbed. Inside, however, the man smiled to himself. He thought back to his own childhood and to times alone with his own brother. Those were special times; times when boys seemed to approach sex with a special innocence, with only concern for the immediate pleasure and without the emotional baggage or guilt that comes later. He envied Tanner and Kevin and vowed to do what he could to protect that time for them as much as he could. And he knew he would continue to listen for and enjoy those noises in the night.