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A Toy of One's Own

by Kip

Chapter 5

All the right moves at the mall

"Hi." I mumbled into the phone.

It was Jeffey, all bright eyed and bushy tailed; the little fucker!

"You ready: sleepyhead?"

"For what, dufus?" I yawned.

"We are going to go to the skate shop, remember?"

"Oh fuck, yeah," was my reply. I had a vague memory of some
conversation about this at the cookout last night but I had totally forgotten.

"'K. I guess." was my lackluster response. I wanted more sleep.

"See ya in a bit," was his response, then the call ended.

Finally after I napped a bit again, Jona and I both woke up and had
breakfast. Milk and cereal. I had my fave mini maple whatever biscuit
flavored stuff drowned in enough milk to float me away. I generally like to
add a banana to it as well.

Jona was still sleepy but so cute wearing just his boxers as he sat at the
table and slowly ate his cereal and drank his juice.

I just could stare at him all day.

After we had eaten Jeffey came over with Kevin who looked kinda tired out
after a full night of being a total fuck toy. But the kid had genuinely loved it,
I am sure.

Kevin was going back to nap after dropping them off at a skate shop. I said
I had errands to do, which I did and I thought Jona should have a few hours
away from me, just so he could relax and process all the stuff that is going
on and all.

Jeffey had big plans and he was going to buy my boy a new skate board
and teach my little angel how to skate like a pro and was also going to get
him a helmet and all the pads to protect him. I worried like a mother hen
but I knew Jeffey would deliver him back in one piece and would not loose
him either.

I just so hated to have him out of sight for one minute. But I knew it was
healthy to have some away from me time.

After they peeled out of the drive in the Beemer I went back to bed and just
lay there thinking what I should be doing next, but at the same time trying
not to think too far ahead. This was getting all too serious, I was both
getting to love the kid so much as well as feeling responsible for him. I also
knew at some point that the 'rents would appear and ask embarrassing
questions that would have to be answered with at least some semblance of

This morning after breakfast Jona and I did have a serious talk for a few
minutes and I won a point although it almost drove the poor kid to tears. I
figured like the little junior detective I was, that he should let me
photograph his back with the bruises and welts that were still there
although weeks old, they still did show. He did let me do it finally after a lot
of argument, I did it with a date stamped on my camera so there were be
no doubt its authentic-ness. I put the camera chip in a safe place as I knew
that it might be very important in the future. He cried a bit when I shot the
photos, and I feel like a total shit for doing it but I figured it was good
insurance that he would never be sent back to that son of a bitch step-
father ever again.

As I lay there, sleeping where Jona had been, enjoying the strawberry scent
of his shampoo and of Jona himself still on the pillow, I suddenly
remembered I had a big pool party planned at the end of the week with lots
of friends coming. I needed to make plans for that, but the need for a tiny
nap took over for fifteen more minutes.

Still being lazy in bed, I picked up my silver raza and I called Scott cause I
wanted to know the 411 about A & F boy Aiden at the mall, especially if I
was going to invite him over and did not want to do anything that was going
to upset my boy Jona. Scott said I should meet him at the mall food court
and we could chat. He said he had a lunch break at 1:30 so I got dressed
and hopped in my Jeep and hit the mall again.

Scott and I met at the almost deserted food court, it was one of those quiet
late summer days at the mall when everyone wanted to be outside or away
or just not there I guess. I picked up a couple slices of pizza and we had a
little sit down gossip like we were some suburban housewives, ha ha. I
learned that Scott was not seeing any one which was interesting and he did
want a boy friend in the worst way and was definitely in the market for one.
I made a mental note of that.

He also told me that Aiden was really a sweet kid despite his slightly snobby
airs, and then said he was pretty closeted at home and had not done much
sexually but was so ready to bust out of his shell and mess about with some
cute boy. Also like yours truly, he sure liked slightly younger boys than his
own exact age. Scott then said the guy was pretty new to the neighborhood
having been in our town only a year and went to the ultra rich kid school,
Elm Hill Academy and was a total prep in some ways but he had a taste for
ordinary kids to socialize with. I learned a lot, like damn, Scott is so like a
walking local version of People Magazine, with all the best gossip.

On my way back through the corridors of the mall to the Jeep I decided to
check out Abercrombie again. When I entered I was hit by a wall of pumped
up music and stopped to drool at the hot enlarged photo of the model guy
shirtless in jeans. No customers around here today. The store was a ghost

I turned and caught a nice view of the cute rear of a boy clerk stuffing T's
on the high shelf of the gray painted wall cabinets. His own T' shirt was
riding up exposing tanned skin of his sexy back and showing some boxer
band as well and he was on his tip toes trying to get all of his 5'7" as high
as he could. I walked up behind and slipped my hand around to rub his flat
tummy and reach up to molest his pecs. This kind of bold flirting is so
totally unlike me, honest, as I am never that forward. Aiden stepped back
and found his butt pressing against a hard object in my cargo's - my
freakin' boner which I had just sprung.

"Hey," he almost moaned in surprise. "It's you again," he smiled at me as
he fully turned around. Then he placed his hand on my chest in a sexy way
and slowly dropped it so it grazed my T shirt covered flat stomach and
continued till it rested lightly on my bulging package. He did not really
squeeze it, but it just felt good resting there and gave him a thrill. I am
sure of that cause he was definitely tenting his cargos.

He glanced, around, grinned evilly at the deserted store, and said in a
whispered voice, one word "Stockroom!"

I followed him like a cat after a mouse and suddenly we were in a small side
room with a jumble of boxes and clothes about. We both grinned in wild
excitement with both of us realizing what we had just done in the store and
we had honesty surprised ourselves with this flirty bit of naughty teen lust.

"Sit," he said smiling.

I hopped up on a group of boxes and spread my legs, I had a good clue of
were this was going.

His nervous hands fumbled with my AE cargo short belt and top button and
soon they were pulled down exposing my Abercrombie gray boxer briefs
that had a serious bulge going on there.

His shaking hands pulled down my boxer-briefs so they were just under my
shaved balls now uncovering a rock hard six plus incher that suddenly
snapped upward towards my abs and stood almost straight out. It was a
nice one I had been told by other guys and he definitely looked at it like it
was a national treasure.

In a second he was down on his knees and his eager mouth was heading
towards it. I loved the look on his face as this shaggy headed Abercrombie
boy was slowing slipping his sweet lips on my eager dick. Man it felt so good
and it had been quite a few days since my dick had any attention like this.

What he lacked in skill he sure made up in eagerness, I did however have to
say to watch the teeth once but he was pretty good for an inexperienced kid
who was so eager to please a new buddy. He started to reach down to paw
at his own bulge which was seriously tenting his trendy A & F cargo's. I said
a definite "NO!" he pause thinking he had done something wrong, I realized
his confusion, and said, "Hey you have to save that for me dude, my way of
saying thanks."

You could almost feel the grin he was mentally making as he happily now
chowed away at my dick. God his nice full lips felt so freakin' good and he
was so cute as well. I gently put my hand on his shaggy brown hair and
sighed in pleasure. It really was a total gay boy fantasy come to life, sex at
an A & F store, ha ha.

With a free hand he massage my balls and the tugging on my nuts was only
adding to my extreme pleasure, he slipped a hand behind me and felt up
my ass, man that felt good as well and excited him too and just made him
slurp away more. After some minutes of this action I could not stand it any
more and felt my balls start to pull up.

"FUCK!" I yelled a softly as I could.

Man! I shot a serious load into his mouth and then another. He started to
gag a bit and then recovered and swallowed like a good gay kid should. His
lips were now pulling away from my sensitive dick. It almost hurt but in a
good way.

With a bit of cum still on his lips and cheek I pulled the kid into a passionate
kiss and tried to shove my tongue down his throat. He tasted nice, (well it
was my cum in his mouth), he smelt nice with the Fierce cologne he was
wearing and felt really good in my arms as he pressed against me. I could
feel his hard dick pushing in to my balls and it made me get semi hard

Releasing him form a tight grasp I let him sink down on to the pile of boxes.
I pushed his legs apart with my AE sandal clad feet.

We grinned at each other as I caught my breath and my heart stopped
racing. Man that was exciting! Now it was my turn to have fun and return
the favor.

He started to unbutton his cargos, but I said "Here, let me do that dude," I
love undressing a sexy guy, it sure adds to the fun of messing about.

His bulging cargos when lowered revealed a way tented pair of moose
design boxers, wow! How totally Abercrombie the kid was, I thought and
smiled at his fashion outfit. I knew I was going to really enjoy this. Pulling
them down and hooking them under his nice smooth balls, I revealed a neat
looking package, closely trimmed pubes under a cute fuzzy trail leading up
to a yummy looking belly button. The kid was not buff but had a nice boyish
like body, the type I really like. His cut five and a half inch dick was almost
tight up against his tummy and as I fell to my knees I had to pull it down to
my waiting lips.

He began to sigh as my lips touched the leaking head of his cock, It tasted
really nice. I began to slowly tease the tip and lick just the underside while I
fondled his smooth balls with one hand.

His dick tasted great, just like I thought it would as I slipped my mouth and
tongue around it.

Reaching around to his sweet butt I fondled the nice two melon like globes
of his tight little bubble butt.

I raised my hand to his face and placed two fingers at his lips, he eagerly
sucked on them wetting them and making them slick with saliva. Bringing
my hand down, it found its way to his rear and tracing a line in his crack
found his pucker and I gently pushed at with one finger ever so slightly. He
reacted by bucking his dick deeper into my mouth. I pushed in a bit more,
he began squirming and trying to back up into my probing digit. The kid
freakin' loved it. I wanted it to last for him and be as good as I could make
it so with my other hand I tugged down on his smooth balls to keep them
from riding up and having the hottie shoot too soon. I liked him and wanted
this to be really good for him as I don't think he was very experienced with
boy on boy sex.

This was great, we were both having an excellent time and Aiden was
panting and rolling his head back in ecstasy.

Finally after doing my best to prevent an early end to this fun, he couldn't
take any more of the action on his balls, dick and prostrate and he began to
blow, his balls pulled up and I gave them a final squeeze which pushed the
kid into a state of total teen sexual bliss. The little fucker almost gave us
away as he started to scream but I stopped that as I reached over and
grabbed a pair of new boxer briefs from on top of the box and reached up
and shoved them towards Aiden's mouth to muffle the girlie like moan and
scream. Man that kid gets really loud when he nuts! But hey, I was doing all
the serious work and I am told I am really good at this, ha ha.

After the muffled scream we were both panting and he was in a post
orgasmic high. We ended up in a passionate embrace and tongue session
and definitely tasted each others cum in our mouths, It was definitely a hot
moment. we both became half hard again but we knew we could not repeat
this classic boy-in-back-room sex episode with out serious risk to detection,
hey I did not wanna get the kid fired or in serious trouble.

To make it all look good I bought a pair of jeans that I wanted anyway so
that gave us a chance to chat more out side and say a proper, and an
almost straight-boi looking good-bye.

I was tired after all that high energy workout in the stockroom and headed
back for my Jeep and for home.

I got back home in time for another nap and to tidy up the place a bit
before the guys returned. I sat down, thought of Aiden and thought that it
was nice to have someone to fool around with now and then but we also
each needed a boy friend to be committed to. He was cute and all, but I
really knew it wasn't him. I began thinking of how Jeffey was so important
in my life, sure we would continue to mess around as best friends forever,
but he was committed to Kevin in a real way and I wanted the same thing
to happen to me in that way too. My dream was to have it happen with Jona
if it possibly could. I just did not know how, and was he the right one? Did
he care about me in that way too? It was definitely confusing.

There sure were a lot of "if's" there. Yes, I now know that he likes guys, we
know he is in some kind of self discovery mode, but even more important
does he like me? I loved Jeffey, like a brother, ok sometimes it is an
incestuous one at that, but still it was not a boyfriend kind of love. I
wondered if I should feel guilty about fooling around with Aiden but that
was just fun for both of us and I don't think Aiden felt it was anything more
then a fun time with a hot guy who might be a new friend. My mind spun
round and round with all of this until I fell asleep

I awoke from my nap with a start. Someone was speaking to me.

"Hey Blake," said my fave boy coming into the bed room where I lay on the
bed half asleep. Jeffey told me they had a great day so far and was
beaming like a new style head lamp on a Lexus.

Jona came in the door and stood beside him and looked like he had nary a
scrape, ding or blemish, well just a little one from skating. He was babbling
away about how cool it was cause he'd never a chance to really try and do
much skating before and do much on a board for months as his had been
broken a while ago by his step dad in a drunken rage. Man I just hated that
bad guy more and more. But today he was really in a happy mood. I was so
glad for the kid. It was just great to see him smiling.

Jeffey said he was a good learner with natural balance and had potential to
be a really good skater and they had had good fun. Jeffey also mentioned
that they had met a nice boy, and cute too he whispered to me, this new
kid was just Jona's age named Thad. Thad was a wanna be hottie skater kid
in cammy shorts, black baseball cap, torn rock band T, and lots of spiked
leather belts, chains and stuff, he had a silver ear cuff and he looked kinda
tough which he wasn't but the kid apparently had lots of street smarts.
Jeffey is a good judge of people.

Thad had recognized Jona from the week he spent in the park but was
totally cool and did not say anything 'cept it was good to see him around
again and looking much better, but he acted curious about why he was with
Jeffery but didn't really ask. He was just silent and figured it was skaters
code not to push the question about the relationship and all.

I was a bit surprised when Jona asked if Thad could come by some time, it
made me a tiny bit jealous but then it was also really good as the kid was
treating this as his home base which was so nice to hear he wanted to invite
friends over.

I didn't feel like cooking so the three of us went out to the Glen Dale Diner
which is one of these retro-diner place with all that art deco stuff around
and with a good menu of cheap eats. Jona got the meat loaf which he
seemed to enjoy and said it almost tasted like the one his mom used to
make and we quickly changed the topic when I saw that his eyes might tear
up at any moment. I dug into my salmon and Jeffey had a lasagna as we
chatted more about the skate park day. It was nice to have a topic that had
mutual interest for all of us.
We dropped Jeffey off at Kevin's place as they were hanging out tonight and
we went back alone to our house, did I just say "our?." Damn that sounds
fine to me! I sure could get used to that.

We curled up on the sofa to watch a movie on the big LCD screen TV. Jona
stretched out and kicked off his sneakers and I had him put his feet in my
lap so I could give them a massage. He does have cute feet I thought as i
kneaded his small feet still in their low cut white sox. He almost purred as I
did that.

The movie had just finished when my cell went off. I flipped it open having
just seen the pic on the front that it was my rents. I was a bit nervous for
some reason. Like I had done nothing wrong but I was anxious just the

My mom said hi and all the usual parental stuff and questions and then
suddenly she laid a surprise on me. She said they would be back in a week.
Good I thought, I would have some more time with Jona without worry.

Then she suddenly said she and dad wanted me to come to the summer
place in Maine for a week before Labor Day and I was to bring a friend if I
wanted to and I would get to stay in the small cabin by the water and they
would make sure we had fun and all the lobster, burgers and clams we
could possibly eat. How could one say no to that. I found myself agreeing
with my mom then wondered what I had just got into.

It sure would be great to go up there as I love the place, but damn I was
going to have to do some fast thinking and get Jona to go along with the
plan and also so we could work out a consistent story to tell the rents. I
hated to lie to my folks but I was going to somehow have to explain why
Jona was there.

But that was days away, I could worry about that later, right now I had a
pool party to plan.

To be continued.

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