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The usual: sex between minors, don't read if you don't like. Also, obviously I don't condone any of this, only my perverted imagination does. :)

Adam and Ryan are about to take their relationship to the next level, it's only a short one as time is limited. Sorry! :(


Adam and Ryan had ended up getting quite drunk with Chris. He called them light-weights because they'd only had two drinks each, but it was their first time after all, he'd said, and seemed to enjoy the fact that he was getting two underage boys drunk in his cabin. Ryan had expected to have a `hangover' when he woke up, and had gone to bed expecting to feel the effects of this condition that he'd heard adults talking about, but when the sun rose over the glistening Atlantic he felt fine. Such was the luxury of youth.

The morning cruise report was being made over the ship's PA as Ryan left the cabin, expecting to find his family at breakfast in the dining room, but hoping to find Adam instead. He pressed the button for the lift and stared in horrified shock as the doors opened. A tall man in a black bomber jacket and wife-beater vest was standing there, the man from the island, Dan. Ryan rapidly began to assess his options, to either get in the lift alone with him or run away, and thereby reveal that he was afraid of this monster that had attacked his friend.

It took him less than a moment to decide that if he and Adam's positions were reversed, Adam would not let himself be intimidated. So, looking as normal as possible, Ryan entered the lift and stood rigidly next to Dan. The man seemed to show no outward sign of discomfort or even recognition; though Ryan was sure he'd seen just the smallest widening of his eyes when Dan realized who he was. Ryan's heart was hammering so hard it felt painful against his ribcage.

The time it took for the lift to descend to the dining room seemed forever, and it was with great relief that Ryan eventually saw the doors opening, releasing him from the momentary prison of the elevator. The dining room was almost full, but Ryan couldn't see his family anywhere among the kaleidoscopic array of colours. He was wondering if they'd gone up to the buffet area when he caught sight of Adam waving at him from a table in the far corner of the dining room. Ryan couldn't help the spring in his step as he made his way over.

It was the first time Ryan had seen Adam with his family, and was surprised by how friendly and doting they were, Ryan had expected them to be aloof and show little interest in Adam. Instead it became clear the moment Ryan sat down that he was their pride and joy, even though they were so often away from him partying, or spending money in the casino.

"You must be Adam's friend, Ryan. He's told us all about you." Adam's mother said, gesturing to a waiter to come and take Ryan's order.

Ryan couldn't help the blush that spread across his face and he grinned stupidly at Adam. He talked about him when he wasn't around. The thought made him feel strangely content with life.

Adam winked at him as he spread butter liberally over two huge pieces of toast. "Mom and Dad are going to watch an opera show in the theatre after breakfast," he said to Ryan, though the tone of his voice implied he was ready for his parents to leave as well. Which they did soon after, his mother worrying that they wouldn't get good seats if they delayed any further.

"Did you have fun last night?" Adam asked him, leaning in conspiratorially once they were alone.

"Yeah," said Ryan, trying to stop himself laughing. He couldn't believe the way he'd acted and the things he'd done. But it had been so hot.

"Me too. How hot is Chris? He's the same age as my older brother, he couldn't come with us cos he had to work. I've always wondered what it would be like to mess around with someone his age though."

"Your brother? Isn't that weird?" Ryan asked, and then remembered some of the feeling he'd had toward his brother before and quickly dealt with the fact that he was a hypocrite.

Adam didn't even need to think about it. "Fuck no, I think my brother is hot as hell."

Ryan imagined Adam in a few years time, his angular face a little more defined, his shoulders wider, his body taller, his cock bigger, and felt a familiar feeling pass through his body, an aching, throbbing desire to tear Adam's clothes off and go down on him.

"Yeah, I'm sure he is," said Ryan, grinning slyly. "Would you do your brother?"

"If he offered, but he's straight anyway."

Ryan wondered what that made him and Adam, were they gay? That seemed obvious. Of course they were, but were they old enough to know that they were gay? Was he old enough to know that he loved Adam? Ryan thought so. After all, he didn't want to marry Adam or anything, god, that would be weird, and he didn't feel jealous of Adam messing around with anyone else. He just wanted to be there in the background of his life, so that he could always get a little of the light that Adam carried around with him.

"Your brother is hot, you know?" Adam said. "He's going to look a lot like you."

"He's nine."

"He's adorable."

Ryan tried not to acknowledge the compliment, though he could tell by the smile on Adam's face, that the look on his gave him away.

"Where are your parents now?" Adam asked.

"I dunno, they're not in the cabin."

"Good. Let's go back to your cabin a movie."

If that was meant to be code, Ryan was sure Adam could have come up with something better than that. They made their way back down to the cabin in silence, both aware of the real reason they were going there and both nervously excited, like errant schoolboys sneaking out of class. Ryan had only just shut the cabin door when he felt Adam's body against his, his arms wrapping around him, his hands sliding up under his T-shirt and his breath on the back of his neck. Ryan could feel that something had changed in the way they touched each other now, it was no longer with the careless lust of adolescence. It was more tender, though just as passionate.

Adam pulled Ryan's T-shirt off and slid his hands down into his jeans, his fingers lightly touching the boy's already hard, barely-teenage, cock. Adam gently stroked it and then withdrew his hands and quickly undid Ryan jeans and pushed them, and his boxers, down to the floor. Adam then turned his naked friend around and looked down at his slender body, running his hands down his hard, flat tummy to his boyish erection. Adam gently stroked Ryan's cock, running his fingers delicately over his swollen little cock head, he found circumcised guys fascinating, he wondered whether it felt different to them.

Adam looked into his friends face, at his perfectly smooth skin, his clear, green eyes and small lightly freckled nose. He was so cute, Adam wondered why he was so unsure of himself sometimes. To him, he was easily one of the cutest guys in the world. He leant in and touched his lips to Ryan's, he could taste the slight, sweet, hint of coke on his tongue as he lightly sucked on it and felt Ryan's cock harden in his hand as he gently bit his lower lip. Adam knew he was a good kisser, he'd been told by most of the girls, and one or two guys, at his school, and he smiled devilishly at Ryan.

Adam knelt down in front of his friend so that his head was at the same level as Ryan's cock and he leant in and gently kissed his boner in the same way he did his mouth, his tongue softly sliding underneath the head as Adam sucked lightly on the tip of Ryan's erection. Ryan leant back against the door, and closed his eyes, unable to believe what he was feeling. Adam had given him head before, and it had felt good, but this was incredible. He looked down again in time to see his cock disappearing into Adam's beautiful, fuckable mouth and felt Adam's other hand take hold of his balls and begin to roll them around, gently pulling on them and massaging them. He began to move his head back and forth, sliding Ryan's cock in and out of his mouth, and flicking his warm tongue against Ryan's tender, tingling cock head.

Then he pulled back off Ryan's cock and began to kiss and lick his balls, taking each one in his mouth in turn. Ryan had to hold his breath to stop himself gasping at the sudden electric feeling that shot through his body. Adam's mouth returned to his cock, his soft, warm lips wrapping around the head and his tongue sliding against it as he pulled Ryan towards him, brining his entire length into his mouth.

"Come in my mouth, Ryan," said Adam breathlessly, pulling Ryan's cock from his mouth and jacking him off, with his pretty, wet mouth open underneath him. Ryan could feel his whole body tightening, he could feel his little balls in Adam's hand drawing up between his legs as his cock throbbed and suddenly began to shoot his load into his friends waiting mouth. The first shot of Ryan's boy-cum landed right on Adam's pink little tongue, the second and third on his lower lip. Adam kept on jerking his friend off as he tasted Ryan's cum, playing with it on his tongue and licking it from his lips.

The intimacy of the moment was almost overwhelming and Ryan felt as though a pair of giant warm hands were cradling the two of them in a small circle of satisfaction. Adam stood back up in front of Ryan, licking his lips and grinning like the naughty little boy he was. Ryan felt the hardness of Adam's boner poking him and took hold of it decisively. Ryan led Adam by his cock over to the king-sized bed and sat down on the edge of it.

"What are you doing?" Adam asked as Ryan began to go through the bedside draws.

"Looking for lube," said Ryan and he quickly found the Durex Play bottle that he'd suspected would be in the cabin somewhere. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed again in front of Adam and, spreading his slender legs, began to rub his lubricated fingers against his tight little boy-hole. "Have you ever..." Ryan wasn't sure how to finish the question.

"Fucked before?" Adam, blunt as ever, finished it for him and grinned. "No, I haven't." Ryan could see by how hard Adam's cock had just gotten that he liked what he was suggesting. His friend's prettily boyish cock was so hard the head had half-emerged from his foreskin. Ryan took hold of Adam's penis and began to massage it, spreading the lube all over it. Then he leant back on the bed, spreading his legs even further and Adam climbed on top of him, the hard tip of his cock pushing here and there until he found the right place and Ryan felt it pushing up inside him. He forced himself to relax and prevent the reflex to clench, and then he felt the hot warmth of his friends cock sliding into him and suddenly it felt as though Adam's cock was massive, it seemed far too big to fit inside him.

"Are you okay? Am I hurting you?" Adam asked, a concerned look on his beautiful face, and Ryan saw again that sudden tenderness in Adam's blue eyes that made him vulnerable without his usual confidence and bravado.

"No, it's okay," said Ryan. "I want this, just push." And he put his arms around Adam and pulled him towards him to make his point, closing his eyes and holding his breath to stop himself crying out as Adam's now seemingly massive cock slid all the way in until he felt Adam's warm, soft balls pushing against him. Adam pulled back and then pushed gently back in again and Ryan began to get used to the feeling and gradually started to enjoy the way he knew he would. He wanted Adam's cock inside him, he wanted to be fucked by his blue eyed boy, this little god he'd fallen in love with.

He put his hands on Adam's firm, tight little ass and pulled him hard towards him, letting Adam know that it was okay, that he could have his way with him, and Adam did, he began to thrust back and forth with a hard eagerness that made every muscle in his body become taut and Ryan ran his hands all over Adam's upper body, enjoying the feel of his slender, boyish muscles against his hands as his stiff, huge boy-cock was shoved in and out of his ass. Ryan had once heard it referred to as a boy-cunt and now he knew why, once past the pain, it was an incredible feeling. His own cock was already hard again and Adam reached down and began to jerk his friend off while he fucked him, kneading his balls and looking down to watch as his cock slid in and out of Ryan's ass. He was so warm and tight, so much tighter than Adam had expected, and his cock was so hard that he was sure he must be hurting him, but in some primal, perverted part of his brain he didn't care, because Ryan looked so hot with his legs open beneath him and his little balls bouncing back and forth, and his ass so warm and tight, that all Adam wanted to do was fuck him harder, drive himself against him and cum inside him.

"Faster, Adam," Ryan breathed raggedly. "I'm gonna cum again." Adam fucked Ryan with boyish abandon and jerked his throbbing cock viciously and Ryan shot another load of boy-cum over his stomach and chest and Adam felt his ass twitching and clenching against his cock, getting even tighter and it was too much for Adam's barely pubescent, hormone crazed body and he felt his own cock erupt inside Ryan, filling him with spurt after spurt of his cum. The hotness of it inside him was more than what Ryan had expected, but fuck it felt so good, and the look on Adam's face as he came was so fucking sexy, that it made Ryan mind up entirely about whether he was in love with him or not.