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Chapter 16 Kissing cousins


It's been a few weeks since the Hurricane hit us. We have not had any guests yet but this week that will change. Mom told us that a group of tourists from Germany are arriving and are ready for a week of fun in the Florida sun.


Also a large group of nudists from L.A are heading over as they had booked for this week so that will make us all happy. It has been a while since we had been hit and now most of Florida has power and some shops have reopened.


The owner of the resort had a large truck deliver a month's worth of food and supplies from Georgia. That made dad happy as the bigger holding areas that supplied food had been damaged so our food had to be trucked in from other states.


"Timmy, come and help with the supplies." Mom yells out to me. "Ok mom, be right there." I replied. I was with Steve wiping down all the machines in the arcade room. Cody is away with his two dads in L.A for a week. Since the college and high school have been badly damaged we had to do our lessons on the computer.


"Man' that is a frigging big truck." Steve grunts as we all head to the kitchen and grab all the trolleys and begin to unload the supply truck. It took us a good hour to empty that truck.


"All done boys, you all did a swell job." Dad grins as we all relax and enjoy an ice-cream. I was not aware that someone had arrived at the resort. I knew that tomorrow most of the guests are arriving but a large cab is now out the front of the resort. Two boys get out and I didn't know who they are.


That was until dad calls us all to the main office where William and Pieter squeal like pigs seeing the two boys standing next to dad. "Benny' Bjorn what the hell are you doing here?" William said as he hugs Benny and then Bjorn.


"Come for a visit." Benny replied in Swedish. "A visit, where are your parents?" Pieter asked in Swedish. "Back home, we came here on our own." Bjorn said in his best English. "Timmy, these are our cousins from Linkoping." William said as my mom began to speak in Swedish telling our cousins to sit down and have a drink of soda.


"This is Timmy our brother that you have not seen before." Pieter said as he sat next to 12 year old Benny. Bjorn is 13 years old. "Oh hi Timmy, we heard all about you from our cousins in Stockholm." Bjorn said as he did his best to speak English.


"So how long are you here in Florida?" Pieter asked as Axel walks in seeing his cousins for the first time in 4 years. "We are here for three weeks." Benny said as he gets a hug from Axel. "Oh wow, we have to show you around Orlando." Axel grinned.


"Well for now your cousins need to rest up, they have been on a long flight and need to relax." Mom told us. "Ok, can we take them to our villa?" William asked. "Sure, take them to the guest room." Mom smiled. She knew that us boys would welcome our cousins and look after them.


"You ready to get nude?" Axel asked the boys. "Yep, I can't wait to see loads of naked American boys." Bjorn giggled. "Oh yes, we want to see many cut boys." Benny said in Swedish. Steve is with us and didn't understand anything we said in Swedish.


"This is our villa' all you have to do is use your wristband to open the doors." William told the guys. He had already programmed the wristbands for the cousins.


After we all sat down we heard what has been happing back in Stockholm and surrounding areas back home. "Timmy, how do you like being part of this family?" Benny asked me. "I love being with my new family, never thought I would end up living with an awesome family." I said as I began to get undressed.


In minutes we are all naked and yes eyes soon went down to our private parts. "Cool, you are cut and so is Steve." Bjorn gasped as he fiddled with his foreskin. "You will see many cut boys tomorrow." I told Bjorn.


"Oh wow, Cody will have to come back soon and see your cousins." William announced. "He's back next week so I will tell him all about the cousins. I remarked. "Ok, you better take a nap as jet lag will kick in." Pieter quoted as we left the cousins to take a nap and we would see them in a few hours.


"I never knew they would be coming here." William said as he and Steve head to the pool. "Your parents must have known all about it." Steve said. "Yeah, well they sure kept it a secret then." William remarked.


After a few hours resting up our cousins arrived and walked into the dining room where we all sat down and enjoyed a Swedish dinner. Mom had cooked us a private meal that was all Swedish food. The residents now ate what the chef made or went out for a meal.


"Meatballs' wow these look real yummy." Benny said as he piles his plate and grabs some herring that mom had pickled. "You don't eat herring then Timmy?" Bjorn said seeing that I was the only one not grabbing any pickled herring.


"I don't like it." I muttered. Mom knew I didn't like to eat it so she didn't bother trying. I did grab a plateful of meatballs though.


We finished eating dinner and our cousins told us all about the family back home as mom and dad had some questions about the family. "Hey Timmy, can you help us with our English as we don't speak it much back home.' Bjorn said as he polished off the last bit of pickled herring.


"Glad to help out." I replied. I knew I was going to get on with my new cousins. Dad told us that an early night for us all as the guests will be arriving tomorrow and we have to be ready for them.


The next day I woke up with a morning wood and quickly got out of my bed and walked to my bathroom and began to try and pee. I hate waking up with a pee boner. My brothers have seen me plenty of times with a pee boner. "Hey Timmy, nice boner you have there." Bjorn said as he walks into the bathroom and uses the urinal next to me.


Yes we have small urinals in our bathrooms. Two stalls and two urinals. Dad made sure we had plenty of toilets to use. "I can't help it, I get boners all the time now in the morning." I moaned. Bjorn then pulls his foreskin back and unloads his bladder. I love seeing uncut boys skin back.


I finally finish peeing and wash my hands. My other brothers now enter the bathroom and pee or poop. Breakfast will be ready soon and we have to get the resort set up for our first visitors that day.


"Boys, come eat." Mom yells as she sorts out the eggs and ham we are eating for breakfast. "Oh boy, I could eat a pig right now." Benny said as he walks into the kitchen in the nude. His brother Bjorn comes in singing a happy Swedish song.


"Good morning boys, sit down and dig in." Mom remarked. Dad walks in and grabs a cup of coffee and then heads to the pool seeing if it has been filled up with water. We had to do some repair work on all the pools due to some damage done by the hurricane.


"See you all later on." Dad said as he grabs his radio and heads out. "Timmy you and me are looking after the babies today." Pieter said as he ate his toast. "Oh no' not the tykes." I moaned. "Yes Timmy, it's your turn to keep an eye on the younger kids." My mom quoted.


"Ok, I hope there is not too many of them today." I groaned. In the kids pool we have to keep an eye on the younger kids and it was our job to make sure that the younger kids didn't hurt themselves while in the pool.


Pieter and I had the morning shift to watch the smaller kids. We arrived seeing tykes all wearing their arm blow up support armbands. It was so funny seeing these naked kids all giggling and enjoying the shallow pool. A few girls aged around 4 or 5 would check the boys their same age seeing their tiny cut doodles and a few would try and pull on the boy's wieners.


"Now we are almost at the end of our shift." I said to Pieter. "Yep' lunchtime and then free time for the rest of the day." Pieter grinned. I was ready to eat and after dad said that we are free we both headed to the deep pool took a quick dip and then headed to the outdoor dining room and jumped ahead to the staff area and grabbed our lunch.


"Hey Pieter, Hey Timmy." Benny said as he grabs a seat next to me. "Hi Benny, how are you feeling, got over your jetlag?" I asked him. "Yes, it went quickly." Benny remarked. Bjorn arrives with a plateful of salad and sliced meats.


"I love this place, man the eye candy here is making me hard." Bjorn said in a lowered voice. "You seen that big black boy with a wiener that is cut and hangs to the left." Benny asked us. "Oh `you mean Frank, he's gay and loves boys and said he wants to try out some of the German uncut boys." Axel said as he sips on his juice.


"Frank, how did you know his name?" I asked Axel. "Easy, he was checking out William's sausage and said to me that he's into uncut boys and loves how their hoodies roll back." Axel said as he checks that no adults are around.


"He was checking me out?" William gasped. "Yep, said he wanted to mount you and give his big black cock a heavy ride on your butt." Axel said in Swedish. "His knob must be big then?" William moaned. "It would slide in and not hurt you William' you have had loads of big cut helmets up your ass." Pieter chuckled.


Mom walks by and checks both of our cousins and tells them to keep using the sun block so that they would not get burnt. The sun is hotter here in Florida than it is in Sweden.


"That was close." Bjorn moaned. "Mom knows we fuck around." Axel said without a care. "Axel." I said covering his mouth. "OK, tomorrow we are taking you both to Orlando where you can pick a theme park to visit." My dad said to our cousins.


"Thank you uncle, mom said that we should visit Disneyworld first." Bjorn replied. "Then that is where we will take you." My dad smiled. We had extra staff come in tomorrow to cover all of our chores.


"So have you found a boy you want to fool around with?" Axel asks Benny while they head to the activity room. "Yes, he's a nice looking boy with a pink helmet, his name is Ryon." Benny announced. "So we better see what he looks like then." My brother Axel remarked as the boys entered the activity room and in minutes Benny sees Ryon by one of the video games.


"Over there Axel, see him on the spider man game." Benny said as he points to Ryon. Axel checks Ryon's boy goods and sees he's cut and has a long thin pecker with a pink tip. "Nice butt." Axel said as he walks by Ryon.


Both Axel and Benny find a game close to Ryon and they both try to set up a challenge between Ryon and his brother Rod. "Oh man, this is so easy to play." Benny said in his best English. "Oh you think it's easy then try this game." Ryon said as he moves to the left so that Benny can play on the game.


Ryon checks Benny out seeing he has a 4 inch uncut wiener and his left ball is dangling lower than his right ball. "Nice butt." Ryon whispered in Benny's ear. That caused Benny to crash and end the game. "Oh looks like the Swedish boy has lost." Ryon said as he fiddles with his 4 inch cut wiener. Benny sees that Ryon is handling his wiener and almost bones up.


"You did well my cousin." Axel said as that told Ryon that Benny is part of the family. "So you are part of the L.A nudist group?" Axel asked Ryon. "Yes, all of us go to the nudist beach in L.A and we all have a camp out every year so this year we all wanted to come to Florida." Ryon remarked.


"Cool, it was hard to get this place cleaned up after the hurricane' this place was full of trash and seaweed." Axel announced. "So how did you protect all the games?" Ryon enquired. "Oh we have special covers that were placed over the machines and that protected them." Axel quoted.


"I have to pee cousin, where is the bathroom?" Benny said as he was seeing if Ryon comes into the bathroom. "Over there cousin, by the red door." Axel replied as he pointed to the red door. "Ok, you need to pee?" Benny asked Ryon and Axel.


Both boys nodded their heads and they all walked to the bathroom. There the boys found the long urinals and all the boys stood side by side and Benny plus Axel both skinned their foreskins back showing off their red knobs.


Ryon gasped as he watched his first ever uncut boys skinning their hoodies. In his school they had pee protector walls so you could not see the boy next to you peeing. He licked his lips as he unloaded his bladder while not holding onto his wiener. Then Benny and Axel dropped their hands and free peed showing off their exposed knobs.


"You like what you see?' Benny said in a sexy voice. Than told Ryon that benny is into boys. Ryon licked his lips and nodded his head. When he finished peeing he allowed Benny to fondle his cut knob and Benny allowed Ryon to fondle his uncut wiener.


"I don't know what it feels like to have skin on your knob, yes I have seen older men with a hoodie but never seen it uncovered before." Ryon moaned as he slipped Benny's foreskin back and forth seeing the red lipstick knob appear and then get covered up by the thin foreskin.


"So you have never fondled or touched an uncut boy's wiener until now?" Axel asked as he moved beside Ryon so that he could get a feel of Ryon's pecker. "Yes, first time, not many boys are uncut on our nudist beach, just old men." Ryon gasped as he felt his mushroomed knob being fondled. It has been a while since he last had a boy on the end of his pecker.


Then a few more boys entered the bathroom and they were the German boys. They are aged 13 and 14 years old and speaking German while they peed. They didn't skin back so Ryon copped an eyeful of uncut boys peeing with their hoods covering their helmets.


Both German boys did a quick check seeing the uncut boys with their hoodies rolled back. Then they looked at Ryon's 4 incher seeing he is cut. "Nice scar you have there." Gustof said in his gruff English voice.


"It's all mine." Ryon replied as he moved away from the urinals and washed his hands. The boys then returned to the video games and played until it was time to leave as dinner is almost ready. "So how did you feel about those German boys checking you out?" Benny asked Ryon.


"It was ok' I thought they were going to do me." Ryon gulped. "They would have been kicked out' as I was there and they noticed me and they know my parents run this place." Axel quipped.


"Anyway they were a bit older so I only like boys my age." Ryon grinned. "Ok, we will catch up later on, tonight we are having B.B.Q for dinner and the food will make you happy." Axel stated as he gave Ryon a quick grope before heading to our villa.


"So Bjorn, do you like to fool around with other boys in your village?" I asked Bjorn while we sat in the pool. We spoke in Swedish so that no one would hear what we are saying. "Oh yes, love boys not girls." Bjorn grinned.


"Cool, I would love to dock with you sometime, you know what docking is?" I asked Bjorn. "Done it a few times with my best friend in our school. It's a boarding school so we can get it on in there." Bjorn sniggered as he felt me up.


"Never been to a boarding school." I remarked. "It's ok, as my parents are always working a lot we had to be sent to a boarding school." Bjorn replied as he took my hand so that I could feel his hoodie. The pool water covered our hands so no one could see us fondling one another in the pool.


Dinner is now ready and it's a Hawaiian night. Pineapples are cooked on the grill as is loads of different cuts of meat and veggies. The smell makes your tummy rumble. The German group had never tried cooked pineapples until now and all said that the pineapple with cooked pork was a nice treat. We had a lot of fried rice with coconut shavings mixed with the rice.

"Now I have never tasted rice cooked this way before." Benny said as he sucked on his prime rib. "Mom told the chef how she makes it and the chef added a few extra things to the rice like shrimps and fried eggs." I told my cousins.


Dinner was followed by a sing-a-long. Most of the Germans guests didn't bother singing but the guests from L.A sure put on a show. I was enjoying the show and everyone then joined in with the Happy song.


"Timmy come and play with me?' Ben asked me. He is a boy who arrived from L.A. He is a boy that loves to have sex with other boys. He loves to be fucked. Yes he told me that he is a gay boy and knew that I AM a gay boy and he wanted to feel me in his butt hole.


"Ben you want me to fuck you?' I asked him. "Yes, can we go somewhere to fuck?" He said as he twirled his foreskin on and off his helmet. "I have a private room we can use." I replied. We both walk to a small room that us boys use for our private sessions.


I open the door and walk to the bed. Ben closes the door and then gasps for air as I ride his back. I lean onto his back and begin to slide my circumcised knob up and down his butt crack. I feel my helmet slide onto his hole and Ben moans as I begin to jerk his uncut penis.


"Yes, god yes, that feels so fucking good. "Fill me with your cut dick Timmy, slide it all the way in as you jerk me off." Ben asked. I quickly found his hole and slid into him with ease. Ben's been fucked a lot so he's easy to enter his butt hole.


""Fuck you feel so good in me." Ben moans as I slowly fuck him. I feel his foreskin sliding back and forth as I move his foreskin all the way back and then cover his wet sticky helmet. Many times I have played with uncut boys. I knew how a foreskin feels on my circumcised knob. Docking with uncut boys gets my pre-cum juices flowing.


I quickly jerk Ben's foreskin making him moan with joy as he shoots his load. I am now ready to fuck him hard. I can last longer and soon my hard cut cock is flying in and out of Ben's lubed up hole. "Harder you fucker, fuck me hard." Ben gasped as I held tightly onto his hack and drove my shaft as deep as I could. Ben is hissing as I see he is now flogging his foreskin.


"I'm cumming Ben, I am going to squirt real soon." I panted as I drove deep into Ben's hole and felt that awesome feeling that all boys get when they are about to expel their cum. Then I woke up feeling all wet and sticky.


It was all a dream. Yep, I had a wet dream. Man was I hard when I pulled my bed sheet of my body. I quickly got out of my bed and ran into the bathroom and hopped into the shower. I quickly cleaned myself up. Then I had to change my bed sheets and made sure that no one saw what mess I had made.


"Timmy, breakfast is almost ready." Mom said as she wakes the other's up. My cousins walk in and sit down seeing my mom had made us a pile of Swedish pancakes. I grabbed the syrup and began to grab some yummy pancakes.


"Bjorn and Benny you will be heading out with William today, he's going to take you to the mall as you said you wanted to do some shopping, the other boys will be doing some chores." My mom said as dad walks in and grabs the morning paper.


"Can't wait to hit the mall." Benny said as he shoves the last pancake into his mouth. "It's pretty big." Alex remarked as he drank his orange juice. "You better stay close to William." My dad announced. "Oh they will dad." William responded.


After breakfast we all headed out. William and my cousins headed off to the bus stop and waited for the bus to pick them up. "How come William gets to take our cousins to the mall?" Pieter asked. "Cos he is the oldest." I said. "Oh gee Timmy like we are not old enough to take them?" Pieter quoted.


"I know but we will have some time with them." I said as we all walked to the kids area and did a quick clean up before the guests brought their kids to the kid's area. I did a quick clean-up of the baby pool while the others swept some leaves out of the sand pit.


Then after our chores we all headed to the arcade room and found some older kids in there playing on the video games. I did see a few of the German boys with their foreskins rolled back. You could see they had skinned their hoodies so they looked like they were circumcised.


After seeing William and Pieter with their foreskins rolled back I could tell that the German boys were airing their helmets. "Timmy come here and suck on my German sausage. Hans said as he wiggled his uncut wiener in front of me. "Go and plug it into your cousin you dirty fucker." I said as I continued to the pool table.


Han's is one of those boys who would take an advantage of a boy and subdue him for sex. "Hey guys, want to have a game with us guys?" Terry said. He's from L.A and has a nice 4 inch cut pink dink. "Sure, come and break the balls." Pieter grins.


"As long as you break my balls." Cody said as he holds up his ball sack. "Oh Cody, you like your balls being fondled." Pieter remarked. "Only by uncut boys." Cody winked. "Oh yes, I know you like uncut boys, you are always checking us uncut boys when we go and pee in front of the urinals." Axel said.


"It's like seeing a cut boy with his foreskin removed." Cody replied as he hit a ball into the corner pocket. "Yep, but we can look like we are cut then drop our skins over our helmets." Pieter remarked as he took his shot.


"Have you seen the German boy's dicking around?" I asked our friends. "Yep, copped a feel in the pool, man they sure like it when we roll their foreskins back in the pool." Terry gasped. "They have thicker foreskins." Axel announced. "How would you know?" Pieter asked Axel.


"I have docked with a boy called Drax and his foreskin felt thicker on my helmet." Axel replied. "Man, I would love to dock with a uncut boy." Cody moans. "Right then, if you win this game then Axel and Pieter will dock with you. If you lose you will give them a head job." I quoted.


All agreed and we all played and yes my brothers lost.


"We can do it in the gay boy's room." I said after we had a snack. I grabbed some extra snacks and we all walked to the gay boy's room. I opened the door using my wristband.


"Pieter you dock with Cody and Axel you do Terry. The boys are the same age and have the same sized wiener. "Now stand in front and just wait while my brothers get ready." I said. In a flash Terry and Cody are rock hard. I began to dry Pieter's helmet and foreskin and then joined Cody to Pieter's foreskin. I then joined Axel to Terry's cut helmet and then watched as the four boys began to rock in and out as they fucked wieners.


"Oh fuck, this feels so fucking good." Terry moans as he holds tightly onto Axel's foreskin. He could see his helmet sliding inside Axel's foreskin. I was hard and rubbing my knob seeing these guys getting it on.


"Oh fuck. I think I am going to spew my load." Cody panted as he rocked his hips while joined to Pieter's foreskin. He held tightly onto Pieter's foreskin while his hips moved in and out like he was fucking Pieter's foreskin.


I came after I spotted Pieter firing his load of cum. Then Cody spewed his load and I spotted both boys seeing their wieners coated in cum. The boys took turns to lick off each other's cum and all you heard was tongues licking helmets.


"It's nice in here." Bjorn gasped as the boys walked around the mall. There they found some shops the boys wanted to visit. Benny wanted some new shoes. He liked the ones he spotted on the shelf and quickly grabbed them and then tried them on.


"Oh wow they fit like a glove." Benny grins as he puts the shoes back into the box and then waits for Bjorn to pick some shoes. In ten minutes the boys had paid for their shoes and then took off to another store.


"Look at all the games in here." Bjorn moans as he sees some games they don't have back in Sweden. "They have a lot of game here." I said seeing my cousin's faces. The boys spent an hour looking at all the games and then bought 5 games each.


"I need to pee William." Bjorn said as he had drunk a lot of orange juice at breakfast. "Ok, the rest room is a short walk over there." William replied as he pointed to the rest room area.


The boys walked to the male restroom and quickly walked to the urinals. Three boys were standing in front of the urinals all were peeing. "Oh man I need to empty my bladder." Bjorn moaned as he fished out his uncut wiener and was about to pull his foreskin back when the boy standing next to him sees that Bjorn is uncut.


`Oh wow, look at this dude's wiener. He's got skin on the end of it.' The boy gasped as he took a better look at Bjorn's 4 inch uncut boy dick.
"Yep, he's not like us." Another boy said as he looked at William seeing he too is uncut and said that he's never seen a boy with a foreskin.


`So do you always go and check boy's wieners.' William asked as he began to slide his hood all the way back exposing his reddish knob. "All the time dude." The boy replied to William while he held the end of his circumcised knob.


"Do you know it's gay to stare at boys wieners?" William asked as he aimed his pee stream towards the urinal. "It's not gay to check another boy's wiener. It's just seeing what you are packing." The older teen boy remarked. "So do you like what you see?" Benny asked. "Oh yes, never been so close to a uncut boy." Rodger moaned as he watched Benny stroking his foreskin back and forth over his knob.


"I have felt an uncut boy' he sure liked it when I fiddled with his foreskin." Spencer said as he showed his 5 inch cut pink knob. "He cummed." Rodger giggled. "He sure did, never seen an uncut boy cum out of his foreskin. Man it sure made a mess." Rodger grinned as he stroked his flared knob.


"Well only my friends get to cop a feel of this monster." William quoted as he finished peeing and popped his wiener back into his shorts. All the boys finished up and took a quick look as the boys returned their wieners back into their boxers.


Then after washing their hands the boys then walked to the food court where William had some coupons for a Chinese eatery. "We can eat here for half price' these coupons give us 50% off." William told his cousins as he handed them the coupons.


It was a nice meal all the boys had and they all made sure they all had their fill. It was one of those all you can eat places and no one left on an empty stomach. "Well our shopping time is almost over as I have some chores to do so we better get a move on." William said as he checks his watch.


"I sure like eating hamburgers." Steve moaned as he finishes his second burger. "Man, you sure can pack them burgers." Cody gasped. He ate his burger and fries and was full just eating one burger. "He could eat a whole pig." Axel sniggered.


"No way dude." Pieter announced. "Well he could eat half a one." Axel whistled. "Anyway what are we going to do after lunch Timmy?" Cody asked me. "Oh we have to set up the jumping castle for the tykes and make sure they don't go hurting themselves in there." I remarked.


"Cool. I love jumping castles." Cody replied. "Yeah all kids love jumpy castles. Axel said as he starts the motor that blows up the large jumpy castle. It is shaped like a jail. The mothers come and drop their young kids into the blow up jail and then sit down while watching their kids having some fun.


"Nice butt!!" Duke said to me as he walks by me. "Hey Duke, go suck on your grandma's tit." I replied as I sorted out the sand pit. It was my job to rake it every few hours to clean up any toys left in the sand box. Duke just grins as he walks to the snack bar.


Dinner is about half an hour's away and the smell from the outdoor cooking grill makes my tummy rumble. "Timmy, can you smell pineapples being cooked?" Cody asked me. "Yep, it's a Hawaiian pizza night for dinner." I grinned as I knew that Cody loves Hawaiian pizzas. Yes he loves ham and pineapple on his pizza.


All the fun areas are now closed for the day and everyone is getting ready to eat some pizzas. Mom and dad are dressed in Hawaiian clothes and hand out flowers to all the females. "Welcome to our Hawaiian night, if you want a Hawaiian pizza or any other type just give us your orders and we will cook what you asked for." The chef said over the P.A system.


People began to line up near the pizza ovens and everyone began to make their pizzas, most did grab the pineapples. In total over 100 pizzas are made.


"Now this is good." Steve said as he scoffed his last piece of pizza. "You had a lot of pineapples on your pizza." Bjorn said as he ate his garlic bread. "He sure enjoys pineapples, his cum tastes of pineapples." Axel whispered into Benny's ear.


I ate all of my pizza and then grabbed an apple cobbler for dessert. Our chef sure knows his way around a kitchen. "Timmy have you been with your cousins today?' My mom asked me. "Nope, William has been with them most of the day." I replied. "Ok, make sure you do son." Mom told me.


I wondered what mom was saying. Well after dinner we had a movie night and all the kids grabbed a chair and we had drinks and popcorn at the ready. I was ready for bed. I knew we had to help pack up all the deck chairs and help the staff clean up after the movie.


"Ok, all of you can now head to bed." Dad said after we did our chores. Bjorn is coming into my bed with me. I knew he wanted me so I said he could sleep with me.


The next day I woke up feeling a stiff wiener poking my butt. It was Bjorn with a boner. If he moved any closer to my hole he would slip in me in a matter of minutes. But he soon woke up seeing his member hard as a pole. "Oh man, I need to pee." Bjorn moaned as he got off the bed and ran to the bathroom.


"Hey Timmy are you awake?" Benny said. "Yep, I'm up." I reply. "Good, I spotted Bjorn run to the bathroom and man was he hard." Benny giggled. "He drank too much root beer, that makes you pee a lot." I told Benny. "Right boys get ready for breakfast as we are having a changeover today and new groups are arriving today." Mom announced.


We all nodded our heads. All of us boys had to do a sort out of the grounds. Like putting all the deck chairs back to the storage area. Then we had to rake the sand pits, gee the things you find in there. I found a condom in the sand pit one day.


"Ok boys, have a break. The guests are arriving in one hour.' Dad announced. "Right then lets grab some snacks" Steve said and we all headed to the kitchen finding the chef making us some sandwiches.


"Now this is yummy." Cody mumbled as he ate his ham and cheese sandwich. It was grilled. "I hope we have some cute boys staying with us this week. Steve quoted. "You just want to get your fingers on their doodles.' Axel said in a lowered voice.


"Oh yes, that would be fun to do." Steve grins. We all quickly ate our snacks and then went to the office ready to help out the new guests.


It took us one hour to settle all the new guests. I did see some older girls checking us out while we took then to their villas. I hate when girls try to hit on us.


"Oh man, that was fun." Benny moaned as he sat down and grabbed a can of soda. "Hell it was Benny' we have a full house today.' Axel replied. "I did see a group of boys heading to the teen huts, mom took them to the teen huts and all of the boys are cut." I grinned.


"You are always checking the cut boys, I prefer uncut boys." William quoted. "I know you just want to dock with the uncut boys." Pieter sniggered. "Well I enjoy docking with boys my age, as we can make more cum and we can collect a lot of it in our hoodies." William remarked.


"I enjoyed docking with those German boys' they all wanted my cut wiener in their foreskins." Cody told us. "I love how some uncut boys have bigger foreskins and they cover your knob and I always love to clean their foreskins with my tongue." Steve gasped. I did see that Steve had some pre-cum on his pee slit.


So ends this chapter for now. Would like to hear from you as to where I take this story.