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Axel and Pieter and William were going to be my new brothers. Yes their parents were from Sweden. At first William didn't want anything to do with me. He was cold and didn't try to befriend me unlike Pieter and Axel who just adored me.

I now live in New Hampshire and have adjusted to a new life with my adopted family. So after a few months I was packing my bags and heading to Stockholm for a summer break. Our dad is rich and I now knew I was going to be well looked after.

So now to the present day, Timmy is busy in school and has seen many nude boys in the locker room. Being cut and having brothers who still have their foreskins makes him hard at times when he sees his brothers washing under their foreskin.

So we will now continue to the present day with a new chapter.

Last chapter ended with.


"OH wow, so we have a gay couple next door then?" Mom said as she walks out in the nude and has a quick dip in the pool. Dad is now busy making dinner as it is his turn to cook. "Yep, we have not seen them but Cody said they are both teachers at a collage.' Axel said. "Ok, dinner will be in half an hour so go and relax and wait for your dad to finish cooking." Mom grins. Dinner tonight is baked fish in a white thick sauce.


The dinner is a hit with all the boys as all the boys except for Timmy have eaten fish ever since they were little boys. Being Swedish the family has been brought up eating a lot of Swedish and American food.


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Chapter 7 All boys do it.


Timmy is busy sorting out a few things in his bedroom. He just had a quick jerk after he watched Cody, the boy next door head back to his new house. His brothers also enjoyed a quickie as they loved seeing the new boy in the nude.


"Timmy come down for dinner son." My mom yells out. "Ok mom." I replied. I just pulled my undies up and shoved my wiener to the left. I liked how it showed in my white briefs. You could tell I was cut as my helmet would show through the thin cloth.


My brothers all wore boxers, I loved briefs. William, Axel and Pieter were sitting at the table and I did dee they were wearing the same boxers. All of them had on red boxer shorts. Mom always buys the same colored boxers as the guys said it was ok to wear the same type of boxers. "Sit down Timmy and dig in as your brothers will scoff the lot if you don't grab some ribs." My mom chuckles.


Mom cooks her ribs in a rich B.B.Q sauce. Dad said he married our mom as she is a great cook. I hope one day to marry someone who is a great cook as I hate cooking. "Looks real good mom." William said as he shoves a rib into his mouth. "Don't go choking on it." Dad told him. "He's got a big mouth dad, he can handle it" Pieter sniggers. He's had his wiener as deep as William can handle it so a small rib won't hurt him.


"So how do you like the new boy you guys." Mom asked as she grabbed a soft bread roll. "He's nice and said he enjoyed his time with us all." Axel replied. "Yeah, he said he also loved the pool." Pieter quoted. "He has a cute wiener as well." William stated. "Yes, I did see he is circumcised." Dad responds.


"He is going to enjoy being around us." I told my family. "He must be going to your school?" mom asked. "I think he is mom." Pieter replied. "Well he is always welcome to visit you boys." Mom told us all.


The next day I woke up with a boner thst would not go down. I had a hard time trying to pee, so in the end I had to stand in the shower stall and pee in there or I would have flooded the toilet and would have ended up spraying the toilet with my pee. "Oh shit, that looks really hard." William gasped as she spotted me with a raging boner.


"It won't fucking go down." I moaned. "Let me help you out Timmy." William said as he stepped into the shower stall and got onto his knees and gobbled me to my balls. "Oh shit, that looks so sexy." Axel gasps as he stands in front of the toilet and pees while he looks at his brother gobbling on the end of my wiener.


"I have a fucking hard boner and it won't deflate so William is helping me out." I panted as I felt my orgasm about to arrive. Then Pieter enters thee bathroom seeing axel playing with his foreskin while William is sucking me off. "What the hell is going here?" Pieter said seeing us all having sex in the bathroom.


I cummed and felt my balls pulse as I cummed into William's mouth. Axel spews his load into the toilet and Pieter just stands there with his foreskin pulled back as he empties his bladder. After we all had a quick wash we all headed to the kitchen smelling bacon and eggs cooking. Dad is making us breakfast again as mom wanted to sleep in.


`Hi boys, ready for some breakfast?" Dad said as he puts some flap jacks onto the table. "Oh hell yeah dad.." Pieter replies as he grabs some bacon and two flapjacks and then takes the maple syrup and covers his meal and then digs in. We all eat our meals and after we helped dad wash up we all then went outside for swim as it is now hot outside. The temp is going to be over 100f today.


New Hampshire can get hot at times and my parents had an surprize for us all. It was going to change our lives and it would affect us and it was going to make us feel sad as well. Dad has a new job and we have to move. Shit, I was not going to like the news.


"Um boys we all need to sit down as we have something to talk to you all and it affects us all." My dad said as we got out of the pool and grabbed a towel and sat down on the deck chairs. "Ok boys, I have something t tell you but I want you to all listen to what I have to say." Dad said as he took a sip of his iced tea.


"Ok dad, we are listening." William replied. "Now boys, I have decided we all need a change in our lives and I have talked to your mom about this and we have decided to have a new life in a new state and we have to move, yes we are moving away from New Hampshire to Orlando Florida." Dad said as we all gasped and groaned. "Why dad, we like it here, all of our friends are here?" Pieter moaned.


"I know this will be hard on you all but I am going to be running one of the major resorts in Orlando. It is a nudist resort that all of us can enjoy, your mom loves the job as she will be helping me out running the resort." Dad said as he sipped his tea.


"You mean we will be living in a nudist resort?" Axel gasped. "Yes, it is a 300 room resort and has a huge pool and loads of things to do there. Your school is not that far from the resort so you all can ride your bikes to school and back." Dad quoted. "I want to see it, it sounds like we all can get it on there." William grins. "I want to stay here." Pieter moaned. "I know you do son, but you will make new friends there and be with hundreds of kids and I will say you will all fit in as you ar nudists." Mom grins.


So that was the news. Worst still we had only two weeks to pack our stuff and head south to Orlando. I had to say good bye to all of my friends and pack all of my stuff. Dad was asked to run the resort by one of his friends who owns the resort and knew that my dad could handle running the nudist resort.


The weeks went by and all of our possessions were now transported to the resort. We would fly to Orlando and settle in to our new home. "Right boys, grab your carry on and lets fly south." Dad said as we leave our old house and head to the airport. The flight was good and after a few hours we landed in Orlando airport and were whisked to the Orlando Grand resort.


"Holy cow, this place is huge." Axel said as we drove into the area where our large apartment is. I spotted a lot of nudists as we drove to our new home. "Oh wow, look at this apartment, its bloody huge." William gasped as we got out of the resorts limo.


"Now boys, after we have unpacked our clothes and settled in your mom and I will be real busy for the rest of the day so just have a wonder around the resort and check what we have here." Dad said as he pulls his Staff T-shirt on and mom does the same. They head to the main office where all of the staff is waiting for them.


"Come on Pieter, stop being a fucking grump and let's see what we have here." I said as we walked around the resort seeing loads of naked kids milling around the large half Olympic sized pool. "Ok Timmy, I still rather be back in New Hampshire." Pieter said as a small kid walks into him and feels Pieter's uncut wiener.


"Oh shit, that little bugger just felt me up." Pieter grunts. "That was so funny." Axel sniggers. "He wanted to rub you out." I giggled. "Oh yeah right Timmy, he just accidently runs into me." Pieter replied. "Ok, let's see where the food is, I am so hungry." Axel said as we walk around finding the place where we can eat for free. Mom would also cook in the apartment but we are allowed to eat with the guests.


"Over there, I can smell hamburgers cooking." I said as I sniffed the air. "Your nose could smell cum a mile away." William chuckles. "There would be a lot of cum being spewed here." Axel grins. Pieter finds us a table to sit and a waiter arrives and asks us for our wrist band. "What wrist band, we don't have one?" William said. "Oh I can't serve you unless you have your colored wrist band." The waiter said as he takes off to the next table.


"Um something is up here." I remarked. Mom then comes in and finds us sitting down looking a bit glum. "Why are you all looking so sad?" Mom said. "We can't eat here as we don't have any wrist bands like the guests have on." I said. Mom calls the waiter over and gives him an order. The waiter said he could not serve us. Mom quickly calls dad and in a minute dad arrives and pulls the waiter to one side and tells him to serve us or he will be kicked out of the resort and banned from working in any of the attractions here in Orlando.


"So who the hell are you?' The waiter said in a weird accent. "I am your fucking boss, I am the fucking manager here and you have just earned yourself a fucking warning. Now serve my kids or fuck off." My dad said as he waited for the waiter to reply. "Oh shit, I am so sorry, we have been told that no one is to be served unless they show us their colored wrist bands as that tells us what villas the guests are staying in." The waiter replied.


"Well take a fucking big look at my boys, they are allowed to eat here anytime and they don't need to have a wristband. I will make sure all the staff get a photo of my kids so they are not refused any help here." Dad spat as he walks into the kitchen and yells to all the staff there that he is pissed off and said if any of us kids are not given what we ask for then they all can fuck off and find new jobs. My dad walks all the kitchen staff to our table and said for the staff to take a long look at us and remember us as we are the manager's kids.


We never had any more problems with the staff. Dad had placed photos of us all over the resort and told the staff to make a mental picture of us. Dad then sat down and ordered a beer and said we were now accepted here and would not have any more problems with the resort staff.


It was all sorted out. Dad told us that some of the staff was not at the meeting and he was so sorry that we had to go through what we did with the waiter who is now serving us our lunch. "If you require anything else just let me know." The waiter smiles as he walks to another table asking to see the wristband on the guests arm.


"Now that went well." I sniggered as I have not seen my dad so angry that way. "Your dad has to look after you as you now live here and you have all the rights as the guests so if you have any more problems just use the resorts phones and call us." Mom told us. "Ok mom, it was a mistake that the waiter will remember." Pieter laughs.


"He sure will son." Mom replied as she walks back to the office and calms dad down as he knew he should have handled it better but he was so angry about the waiter not serving us. "This burger is the tops." William said as he always says that when he enjoys food he likes. "The chef here must be great to serve food like this.' I said as we finished our meal and headed into the kitchen to find the chef.


We had no resistance seeing the chef as we quickly told him who we are and he stopped what he was doing and took the time to listen to us all. "You boys can come in here anytime and ask for what ever you want and I will try and make it." The chef said. "We do like Swedish food as my parents are Swedish so if you can make us some yummy meat balls onetime we would love that." William said as he shakes the chef's hand and we all then take off to the arcade room.


The kids use their wristbands to start the games as a chip is in the band that opens doors and for use in the dining hall and other places in the resort. Dad finds us and hands us a key card that we use when we have to enter an area where staff are not there. Dad did forget to hand us the cards as he was too busy sorting out the staff.


"Ok, we can play the games now." I said as I swiped the card that now hung off my neck and played the star wars video game. "I really like this place." Axel said as a boy our age stands next to Axel and asks if he can double play with Axel. "Oh wow, you are good playing this game." Kenny said as he wiggles his butt while attacking the zombies that were attacking them both. "Never played this game but it is like a game I played on my X-box." Axel replied.


"Well you play good, better than me.' Kenny said as he takes his turn shooting all the zombies that were heading their way. "Hi there, I like that you have skin your doodle." Jester said as he stands next to Pieter. "Yep, my parents didn't want us to have our foreskins cut off." Pieter replies as he takes a look at Jester's 4 inch cut pink wiener.


"My brothers are the same as me' we all got cut when we were 5 days old." Jester said as he asks Pieter to join him in the pool. `So you don't have a wristband on your arm?" One boy asked me. "Nope, don't need one, my dad is the manager here so we don't have to have one, we do have a key card though so that if we have to enter a place where we need a wristband we just use the card." I replied. "Oh wow, I live here, we have a villa here as my dad wanted to live in a nudist resort." Steve said as he gives me the once over.


"I didn't know that people lived here." I said. "Oh yes, there are 50 families that live here, we all own the villas and that gives us the right to any part of the resort to use." Steve told me. "Cool so we will bump into one another then." I said. "Yep. You would be going to the school I attend." Steve replies as he fiddles with his wiener.


"So what do you do here every day then?' I asked Steve. "Oh lots to do here, well I like the arcade room. Eating in the dining room, swimming in the pool and the best bit I enjoy the most is all the boys that come here and they are all nude." Steve replies as he gives me a huge smile. That told me that Steve is into boys.


"So you like playing with boys, do you like boys just in playing with or really playing with them?" I asked while I held my wiener. "Oh really playing with them" Steve quotes as he holds onto his helmet and gives it a squeeze. That is the signal that tells me that Steve is into boys.


"Where is your villa as I would like to hang out with you?" I said to Steve. "See that villa that has red paint on the front' that is my villa." Steve grins as he points to the ground floor villa. "Yes, that looks really nice, my apartment is around the back of the resort, you want to see it?" I asked my new friend.


"Let's go then." Steve grins as we walk to our apartment and in a few minutes we arrive at the back end of the resort. We are almost in a private area and only the staff and ourselves can get to it. "Never been here in all the years we have lived here." Steve said as I opened the door using the staff swipe card that opens the door.


"Come on in Steve." I asked and after we closed the door my mom comes in to grab her car keys. "Hi Timmy, I see you have a friend here?" Mom said as she finds out who the new boy is. "This is Steve, he lives in one of the villas by b block." I told my mom. "Oh yes, we were told that some families live here in the resort." Mom smiles as she asks if we needed anything.


"I'll can get some snacks sorted out mom." I told her. "Ok, I'm off to go to the city center for some copy paper and some other things so your dad is in his office if you need anything." Mom announced. She left and I grabbed some sodas and some snacks and sat outside under the large umbrella.


"Where did you live before you came here?" Steve asked me. "In New Hampshire, it was a nice place to live in so now I have to get used to living here in Orlando." I replied. "Oh you will get used to living here. My dad and I lived in L.A and it sure sucked, my dad moved here as he said it is safer here and he is the manager of one of the rides at Disneyworld." Steve grins.


"Really, wow he must like working in Disneyworld." I quoted. "Yep, we get to go to Disneyworld once a week and I don't have to line up to go on the rides." Steve chuckles. "We have never been to any Disney parks." I gasped. "I will take you there next week if you want." Steve laughs. "I can't wait." I giggle.


"Ok, what do you want to do now?" I asked Steve after we ate our snacks. "Go to your bedroom and see what we can do in there.: Steve remarks as he bones up and I see he's has a slight curve to the left. "Looks like you want some action then?' I quip. `Oh yes, love to have some fun with you." Steve replied as he fondles my erection.


In a short walk we arrive in my own room and get onto my bed. I was ready to suck on the end of Steve's yummy cut wiener. So a few seconds later we had turned around and began to 69 one another. I was licking Steve's crown and he was gobbling my left nut. I was in heaven until I heard some noises outside of my bedroom.


"Steve are you there?" A younger voice said out loud. "Oh fuck, it's Brody, he's back." Steve moaned as he got off me and headed to the front door. His helmet is slick with spit and a little red on his knob as I sure was busy on the end of his wiener. "Why are you here, I thought you were going to Disneyworld with dad." Steve said as his younger brother walked into the villa and found me on Steve's bed with my boner now deflated.


"Who's he?" Brody asked. "He's my new friend.' Steve said. "Is he your new suck buddy?" Brody asked his older brother. "He is my friend, what we do together is private." Steve told his 10 year old brother. "Oh gee Steve, I may be 10 but I know you go around sucking boys' wieners, even dad knows you suck boy's cocks." Brody announced. Steve's mom walked out on the family due to she found her gay husband on the end of another man's cock so she left and didn't ask to have the boys as she knew they were also little gay fuckers.


"He might know Brody, but still you are not going to fuck this up, the last boy you made to leave me was too much for me so if you want to watch then sit on your ass and watch, or fuck off and go play with Gordy." Steve said as he walked to the bed and slithered on top of me and sucked in my now stiff member and began to lick my knob.


Brody stood there jerking his cut mushroomed helmet as Steve gave me has best head job. 10 minutes later we both cummed and it was like magic as I felt Steve lick my crown removing all the cum that was spewed out of my wiener. Brody did a little dance as he dry-cummed.


"Oh wow, that was awesome to watch you both shoot your loads." Brody grinned. "So why are you still here, you were meant to go with dad to Disneyworld." Steve repeated. "I was but Conner wanted me to hang out with him, he had to leave after we fooled around so I was on my own." Brody moaned. "Ok, go and find a boy to play with, there are a lot of new boys here, I did see some uncut boys arrive so go and have a suck on their uncut knobs." Steve told Brody.


Brody loved uncut boys. He said their doodles look so funny with skin on their knobs. His dad did explain why some boys still have skin on the end of their dicks as his dad did give his son's the talk about their wieners as all dads do. He told them both that their foreskins were cut off after both boys had seen an older man walk around their old nudist resort and both boys had spotted the man with a foreskin. It was the first time the boys had seen a uncut wiener.


"Oh wow, I want to see them." Brody gasped. "My three brothers all have a foreskin. Maybe you can find them and check their goods." I told Brody. "Oh yes older boys with hoodies." Brody said as he jumps up and down. His little boy cock is jiggling up and down.


"Go and have some fun my brother." Steve grins as he returns to my wiener and starts to suck me off again. I lasted a little longer and cummed in Steve's mouth. Then the phone rang in Steve's bedroom. "Oh must be dad calling me." Steve said as he picked up the receiver and waited for the caller to talk.


"Ok dad, we can handle ourselves, you do what you have to do, I have a friend with me so we can hang out with his family until you return." Steve told his dad. Steve told me that his dad will be home a little late as the ride his dad looks after has broken down and has to be there so the ride can be repaired. His dad asked who the friend is and Steve told his dad that the boy's parents are the new managers of the resort. That said Steve's dad said that he could hang out with me.


"Ok, its time for a snack, let's head to the pool area, they will be serving snacks round about now." Steve said as we quickly cleaned up and headed to the pool area where we found waiters with big trolleys filled with snacks and drinks and walking around handing out the snacks to those who wanted a snack.


Guess who we found there. All of my brothers and Brody eating ham and cheese sandwiches. The look on Brody's face said he is enjoying being with my brothers. He was checking William's long nozzle on the end of his foreskin. I knew that Brody will be on the end of William's wiener in a matter of minutes knowing William enjoys having a boy on the end of his uncut boy dick.


"Hi guys, enjoying afternoon tea I see." Steve said as he sits between Pieter and Axel. "Oh this is afternoon tea." Axel said as he puts a donut into his mouth. The red jam oozes out of the small hole where the jam was pumped into it. "It has to do with the British guests who would stay here and asked if the resort served morning tea and afternoon teas. The owner decided to see if it was an accepted thing here and all the guests voted saying it is an awesome thing to enjoy." Steve announced.


"I LOVE IT." Pieter said as he dove into the cheese and cucumber sandwiches that a waiter just placed onto the table. It was the same waiter that my dad had chewed out and he made sure we are all well looked after. We sipped on iced tea or sodas and all the guests were sitting under umbrellas enjoying their snacks.


"Hi guys, nice to see you all enjoying the snacks." Mr. Genning's said. He's the owner of the resort. He's also dad's best friend from middle school. "This is the tops. I love the donuts you serve here." William said as he ate the last donut. "Well, I did hear that you had some problems and I now know it was all a big mistake so you boys just relax and enjoy your time here." Mr. Genning remarked.


`Thank you sir." Axel said as he took the last sandwich and offered half to Brody. Then after we had our snack I said we needed to check out the beach that is only a few hundred yards from the end of the resort. The sand is squeaky and we had never heard sand squeak under our feet. The beach is part of the resort so we could be nude there.


"It is this way." Brody said as he offered to take us to the beach. There we found naked people on the beach and they were resting on the resort beach towels. A teen boy was making sure everyone is happy and has a towel or a beach chair to sit on. A few kids were in the sea splashing one another. "I have to see how it sounds to walk on the sand." I said as I removed my flip flops and began to walk on the warm sand.


"It squeaks, listen to it as I walk up and down." I yelled as I heard the sand making noises as I walked around. The other kids joined me and we all danced on the sand. Steve and Brody watched us as we ran around on the beach. `Ok, enough you guys." Steve yells as he and Brody head to the shoreline.


"Time for a swim." I shouted. "Ok." My brother's yell back and we all run in to the water and dive under the waves. It was great swimming in the sea and we all had fun without a care. Adults and kids were now setting up their little camp sites with coolers and towels at the ready.


"Oh man, this is the life." Pieter gasped. He has forgiven our parents for moving here. He now loves Orlando and said he was sorry for being a pain in the butt. He sure changed in a day or so after we had arrived here. Then after a long swim it was time to head back to the villa for a shower and then head to get some dinner. We all took off to our apartment where mom had some dinner ready for us all. Brody and Steve joined us and said that my mom is one hell of a cook.


"So boys, how do you like our new home?' Mom asked while she served us a soda each. "It's the best mom." Axel grinned. "Yep, I like it here." Pieter announced. "Its way better than New Hampshire." I quoted. William said the same and said he is happy to live here now. Our house phone rang and it was Steve's dad and asked if they were in our apartment. "Sounds like dad has come home." Brody said. "He must have been told by the office that you were here." Our mom said as Steve did leave a message for his dad at the main office.


"He's coming over to see you all, he wants to meet you all." Steve told us. A few minutes later a knock on the door stopped us eating and my mom welcomed Steve's dad into the apartment and asked him to join us for dinner. Dad is busy doing some work around the resort so he will be back later on. `Hi Dad, this is my new friend Timmy." Steve said as we all introduced ourselves. Mr. Denting said he was sorry for being late but the ride he looks after had taken a lot longer to repair. He did thank my mom for making his sons their dinner, but said thy could have gone to the diner for their meals.


Mom said it is fine for the boys to come over and said it was her turn to make us a meal. She did tell Mr. Denting the problem we all had first thing this morning. He said that the waiter needed his head checked out. As he said that the past managers didn't have to wear any wristbands to be served. He then said the waiter was new and only has been working here for a week. Mom had made her famous Swedish meatballs and a thick sauce that everyone enjoyed to eat. Even Mr Denting had a small plate of mom's meatballs.


"So you are the new managers, I hope you are way better than the last manager we had here, he was a right dick." Mr Denting said but used better words. We all looked at the door seeing dad all bushed out. A man had tried to enter the resort and was not a member of the resort and the police were called to remove the him from the premises.


"Hi there, I see we have guests here." Dad asked seeing Steve, Brody and their dad sitting at the dining table. So after more intros we all enjoyed eating our first dinner in our apartment.


So now ends this chapter. I hope to hear from you all and may even have a request for the next chapter.