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Adrian's Explorations -- Chapter 3

At first I didn't realize what he meant, but suddenly it struck me. Not only did I confess in him that I am gay, not only did he tell me he is too, but now he tells me he likes me. More than just a friend. Once again, I am taken by surprise. Sure enough, I've thought of other boys being hot, but never had I considered liking, or loving someone.

"Dinner's ready!" Mrs. Joanne yells from downstairs

"Coming mom!" Tyler yelled back. He seems annoyed to be interrupted.


We finally eat up, put our plates in the dishwasher, and start heading up.


As we went up the stairs, I tried to think of what might be said next. I don't know if I like him back, and I don't know if he'll be OK with such an answer...

We go back into Tyler's room, and he makes sure to close the door behind us. I can't think of anything to say, and neither can he. What could I say, after all that was revealed today? It was just too much information that hasn't settled yet. I try to make eye contact with him, but he avoids my look, turning his eyes downwards. I realize that he must be in a much worse state than me at the moment, and that he must be expecting some kind of response from me, about him liking me.

"So..." he sais

"...This is plain weird."


"What now?"

"I don't know..."

We just kept silent, sitting by each other. I am feeling odder by the minute. I have to say something soon, but don't know what. Do I say I like him back? But do I? He really is a great person, and a great friend. Can he be a great boyfriend too? Do I want a relationship? Or will it ruin our friendship? What if I try to avoid the issue completely?

I can't decide what to do. I can't fall back now, we are at a point of no turning back. If I let this go now, things will only get weirder. I gather all the courage I have, and say:

"Well, Tyler... You really took me by surprise. I don't know what to think about it. I haven't admitted to anyone, not even myself that I am gay. Not before today. And here I am, having you telling me you like me. I think it is really nice of you, but I don't know how to feel. It's all strange."

"I understand."

"Thanks." I tell him, rather relieved

"Don't worry, you just don't like me back..."

"I didn't say that."

"So you do??"

"I don't know, OK? I am sorry..." I kinda shout back to him defensively

Instantly I regret saying that, for it was not entirely true anymore.

"Don't be, I should be. I didn't mean to be pushing you like that."

I sense that he is afraid that he messed up. Trying to comfort him, I hug him, letting him know that it's OK. I really care about him, and hate to be seeing him in this condition. He hugs me back. I started feeling weird in my stomach, as if he sent some kind of energy to me through our touching bodies.

"Thanks" he whispers. "You are a good friend. Please forget what I said. I don't want to lose you."

I hug him tighter. "You will never lose me, no matter what." I have always felt great affection for him. But it is somewhat different now, it seems deeper and stronger.

He raises his head and looks me straight in the eyes. I can only smile. I am feeling just right. Like everything is normal, and how it is supposed to be. Before me, I have my best friend, the person for whom I care the most, the person who likes me. The person whose smile rocks my world. The person that during the past few moment, I started liking too. Without really thinking about it, I move my head towards his. I start feeling his breath on me. I keep going until our lips meet. We are not moving at all. It isn't really a kiss, it's just our lips pressed against each other. Nonetheless, I feel like I'm flying!

I start retrieving almost immediately, so he does too. Now we are quite far apart. I have no doubt anymore.

"I like you too." I tell Tyler

"I can tell!"

"Thanks for the kiss. It was awesome."

"That was not a kiss. This is"

As he finishes saying that, he pins me down on the bed, and starts kissing me again. Only this time, he is really going for it. His body is now settled over mine, and I am responding to his kiss passionately. I close my eyes. I feel his tongue pressing against my lips, and without thinking about it, I slightly open my mouth allowing him in. Now he is exploring my mouth with his tongue. I am feeling ecstatic. My tongue fights with his, until it finds its way inside his mouth. I look around, feeling his teeth and the inside of his cheeks. We continue like that for what seems like forever.

Finally we broke the kiss. I am still feeling out of this world. Slowly opening my eyes, I see him smiling at me. I do too. This is too good to be true.

"That was awesome!" I say blissfully

"It was."

This is just unreal! Here I am, under Tyler, just kissed for the first time. I can't think much, but one thing is for sure. I want more of that. I am brought back to reality by my watch's beeping sound. It was set to beep every hour.

"Oh damn, it's 8 already!" I said. "I really need to go home..."

"Yeah, sure." Tyler said. He still seems to be in bliss. I can't blame him.

"Goodnight Ty! See you tomorrow morning."


I can't help myself though and give him another quick kiss. We smiled at each other, and then I took off.

I am lying on my bed, trying to realize what just happened to me. I am afraid that I might wake up from the best dream I've ever had. After all, I do like Tyler. He's amazing. I'm feeling so great, and so hot. My hand slowly finds its way to my dick. It's already as hard as it can get. I slowly massage it as I think of the great kiss Tyler gave me. That drove me nuts. I could only keep going faster. I think of Tyler, he's smiling at me. Oh God, what a smile! It makes me melt. His eyes are smiling too. I wonder how he looks naked. It would be great to see him like that. His perfect body...naked...just for me. What does his dick look like? I am sure it's beautiful.

As I am getting closer to cumming, I imagine Tyler jerking me. Oooh...yes, his hand going up and down...and him smiling at me. Yes, keep going! Ahh...

I feel my stomach tickling. I can't help it any longer. I go as fast as possible, and right then, it starts. I tense up, and I feel my dick spasming in my hand. I feel the first shot leaving my dick and landing on my upper chest. Four more followed and landed all over my chest and stomach. I am in heaven. I struggle for air, and try to enjoy the feeling for as long as I can.

As I easing off, I noticed where my cum has landed. It has never gone that far. It rarely goes beyond my belly-button. And it sure felt much better. I am assuming it must be because I was thinking of Tyler. So, is this a proof that I like him? Whatever it was, I couldn't care less. It was simply out of this world.

I clean myself up, and try to get some sleep. Soon enough I enter the world of dreams, where your wildest and deepest wishes come true. Tyler is standing right there. And he's smiling at me. I feel peaceful.

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