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Adrian's Explorations Chapter 4

Thinking about it won't make time go by faster, so I decide to check out some computer forums. This usually gets my full attention, but now I can't take my mind off Tyler... Nevertheless, I keep reading and posting here and there. I check the time. Tyler will be here in 45'. Still a lot of time to kill. The forums aren't working for me. I just get up from the computer, lay on my bed, hands behind my head, and I stare at the ceiling. What should I tell him?

I need to make a plan. Hmm... Let's see. He arrives, he comes at my room. Then what? We kiss? Just like that? Yeah, why not! We did so yesterday. He said he had things to tell me too, though. I think I should give him the chance first. I can't wait to see what he wants to talk about. And, certainly, I can't wait to talk about doing stuff... like the ones Dan told me about. I hope Dan wasn't pulling my leg or something! He sometimes says stupid things. It seemed serious enough this time... But what if it wasn't? That would be more humiliating than I can handle, for sure.

But... I don't think that will be the case. I like him a lot, he does too. Even if I say something ridiculous, he will most likely understand. I'll have to clear out that I don't know, to be playing it safe. And, above all, I have to make sure of Tyler's intentions. What does he have in mind? Does he want to do stuff? Has he even thought about it? Everything will be answered soon enough, hopefully.

Having nothing to do until Tyler arrives, I decide to take a shower, in order to get it out of the way. I take my time in the bathroom, making sure to wash myself thoroughly. I get out of the shower, and spend some time on my hair. It's hard to keep them "in order", but I'm trying my best combing and blow-drying them this time. I want to be nice for Tyler.

I'm pretty much done, and I go to my room to find something to wear. It is harder than usual to find matching clothing, nothing seems right.

As I'm browsing through my closet, I hear the doorbell. Shit... Tyler's already here! I grab some random clothing, preferring to wear something lame rather than nothing at all, and I rush downstairs. My mother is already at the door greeting Tyler.

"Nice to see you too, Mrs. Anne! Oh, hey Adrian!"

"Hello! Come in."

We head to the living room. My mother follows us.

"What are your plans for tonight?" she asks

We look at each other, and I answer: "Well, no plans really."

"No plan is a good plan!" Tyler adds

"Very well. I'll leave you some money to order something to eat." my mom tells us

"Why, are you leaving?" I ask curiously. She hasn't told me anything...

"Yes, your father and I decided to have dinner out."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought I'd surprise you! You boys will be good all by yourselves, right?"

"Absolutely, ma'am!" Tyler responds

"Yes, sure." I assure her too

"I'll go get ready then. Our reservation is in an hour and a half, I'll meet your father there, he'll come straight from work." She sais and heads upstairs to her bedroom.

"So... what do we do?" he asks

"Well... Let's go set things up for the sleepover."

"Cool. Where do we sleep?"

"In my room... unless you have something else in mind."

"No, your room is fine with me" he sais as we start heading up

We get in my room and start to get things arranged. We decide to put a big blanket on the floor for Tyler, and I'll be taking my bed, as usual. I get some stuff out of the way, since my room is quite small, and things are just lying around on the floor... We don't say much during the process.

With Tyler's sleeping spot set, we decide to surf the net. My PC is already on, so we immediately visit some blogs (FailBlog and such). We just laugh at the pictures and videos on the sites, and we are generally having a blast.

We are sharing my desk chair, so I can't help noticing his body pressed against mine. I feel his body heat warming my left side. Normally, I wouldn't think much about it, we usually sit on the same chair in front of a PC, but this time it's different. It is very nice to be feeling him close like that. As I'm the one doing the browsing, his hands are free. He moves his right over my shoulders, which somehow surprises me. I look at him, and he looks back. We keep staring at each other for a few seconds, and I resume commenting on a funny picture on the screen. He quickly joins in, apparently having received my message that it's all right. I'm feeling great, both due to the fun we are having, and because Tyler is so close against me.

Time is flying by. After a while my mother calls us downstairs. She hands me some money, and I let her know that we'll order pizza. After some ol' good "be nice" lecturing, she kisses me on the forehead and leaves.

"I'll order the pizza now" I declare. "It's Friday evening after all, they will be busy."

"Good point."

"Cheese and bacon, as usual?"

"How about pineapple?"

"GROSS!!" I shout, grimacing.

"Well, have you tried it?"

"NO!" The more I think about the concept of pizza with pineapple, the more disgusted I get.

"It's awesome, trust me. You'll like it."

"Yeah right. Order whatever you want, I'll have mine as usual. Plain cheese."

"Cheese, bacon and pineapple for me then."

I call to place the order. Once I'm done, I grab a can of coke for me and one for Tyler, and we go to chill in the living room.

"They said the pizzas will be here in an hour and 10 minutes." I tell Tyler

"Bummer. Guess you were right."

"Guess I was!"

"What do we do now?"

"Wait for the delivery guy!" I say being a smartass

"Other than that, dummy!"

"Let's go to my room."

"OK, but no more PC, please..." he asks as we head to my room.

"OK, cool."

As we get in my room, I am starting to feel awkward, as I can see that we will be talking about all the things we both want to say to each other. I sit on the bed, and he takes a seat beside me. I can see from his body posture that he is feeling uneasy too. He reaches for my hand, though, and grabs hold of it. I look at our hands, and try to figure out why I am feeling like this.

"Do you feel uncomfortable too?" he asks

"Yeah... I don't know why."

"Me too. I thought that...umm...you know, after what happened yesterday... it would be different."

"Maybe we should kiss again." I suggest hesitantly


We come closer to each other and I reach for him, until our lips met. We give each other a small peck, and then retrieve. This only made me feel more uncomfortable. It shouldn't be like that, especially after yesterday's events. Yesterday's kiss was awesome, but I didn't feel much about today's. My mind has gone blank. I don't know what to say or do. I get more and more uncomfortable.

"Wanna play a game?" Tyler suggests

"OK. Which game?"

"Board game perhaps?"

"Cool. I'll grab the Othello."

"Great. Let's play in the living room."

So we go downstairs and set up the game on the coffee table. We each take a seat on the floor, on opposite sides, and start playing. The game gets my full attention, strangely enough, unlike Tyler, who seems lost in his thoughts. I don't comment about it, though, afraid that I might make him more uneasy. So we keep on playing for some more time. After a few games, we both got bored.

"How about watching a movie?" I suggest "I have the new Harry Potter on DVD."

"Awesome! I haven't seen it yet."

"Me neither. I'll put it on."

I easily locate it in our small DVD collection. I put it in the DVD player, set it up, home cinema and the works, and I go and sit by Tyler on the couch. We are quite far apart from each other. The film has begun, but I cannot really follow the plot. I am trying to figure out a way to make things more comfortable for both of us.

Well, I think we should get closer to each other to start with. So I move over right beside him. He doesn't seem to really notice my movements. I am taking it one step further and lay my head on his shoulder. He turns around, gives me a small smile, and hugs me with one arm. Then he resumes watching the movie. I am starting to feel very cozy in his hug, so I press myself against him more.

After some time, the doorbell rings. I pause the movie and rush to the door. Our pizza has arrived. I pay the delivery guy, and bring the food in the living room. I fetch some paper towels and some more coke from the kitchen, and we both start eating.

"Wanna try my pineapple pizza after all?" Tyler asks me

"Not really..."

"Come on! I'm telling you, it's great!"

"Well... OK, I'll try some. But I think I'll regret it."

"No you won't. Grab a slice!"

I hesitantly do so. I take a small bite, and I am preparing to spit it out. But strangely enough, it's not that bad. Not bad at all actually. He was right after all. I take a bigger bite.

"See, told you!" he says excitedly

"It's awesome."

As I finish my slice, Tyler reaches over and cleans some sauce off the side of my lips with his finger, and then licks it up.

"You had some sauce there." he explains, and winks at me

This gives me enough courage to become bolder. I move closer to him, and lick some sauce he had on the same spot, right off his face. I make a slurping sound, and then look into his eyes.

"You had some too"

Spontaneously, we move towards each other's face at the same time. Our lips meet, making me slightly shiver. Our tongues start fighting with each other almost immediately, and we are having the most intense moment yet. Tyler hugs me tight, and I hug him back, without breaking our kiss. I can still taste the pineapple in both mine and his mouth, which I am finding very hot. I can feel his warm breath on my cheek.

After a while, we break our kiss. Apparently, our uneasiness has gone away.

"Oh my God, I loved that." he tells me softly

"I loved that too."

He gives me a kiss on the cheek, and we break our hug. We each grab another slice of pizza. I intentionally try to get my face dirty with sauce. He seems to notice, so he does the same licking process on me, which finally led to another kiss, somehow shorter this time though.

We continue eating, mentioning how great our kisses were every now and then. I am trying to eat up fast, so that I can focus entirely on Tyler. I am thinking more and more about doing things with him. I will tell him about it once we finish eating. I notice that my dick is really hard and almost in pain. I guess it is because of all the kissing, which was really hot.

Soon enough, we finished our pizzas. I start to clean up, Tyler is helping me. We throw everything in the garbage can in the kitchen, and head to my room. The movie, which we have left in the middle, is really the last thing in my mind right now. We sit cross-legged on my bed, facing each other.

"There's something I want to talk to you about." I tell him

"Well, I have been having some things in my mind too..."

That was chapter 5.

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