Adventures of Davie and Enos Part 4


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Part 4 The Party Sleep Over

It wasn't long after the movie started than the guys wanted to head for their tents. They started whispering among themselves and finally Jordan and Jacob sneaked behind Davie and grabbed him. They pulled him in front of everybody and said “Most of us are tired and we are going to bed but before we leave we want to thank Davie for inviting us to his birthday party. We also voted among ourselves to reward him for arranging the naughty show we watched by giving him another Birthday spanking.” They made Davie bend over and everyone gave Davie two smacks on his butt including Benny and Billy who didn't participate the first time. When they finished Davie was in tears and Jordan said “Look he enjoyed that so much he has tears of joy.”

All the boys left for their tents except Jacob. He told Jordan he would be along in a few minutes. He motioned to Benny that he wanted to talk to him alone so Billy and Eli went to the other side of the cabin to spread out the sleeping bags. Jacob told Benny that he started to shoot cum about a month ago and he found out how to jerk off from his older brother. He then asked “Benny would you please suck my cock tomorrow. I'd really like to know what that feels like and I don't know anyone who might do it. Would you do it for me.” Benny said “Sure see me after breakfast is over and everyone is going swimming.”

When Jacob left he went straight to his tent and saw that Jordan had set a battery driven light just inside the tent door and had already rolled out their sleeping bags. He also noticed that the bags were zipped together to make one extra large bag instead of two single bags. Both boys were still naked and Jordan was sitting on the sleeping bag with his legs crossed and was displaying his 6 inch hard cock to Jacob. Jacob's 2 ½ inch penis jumped to its 3 ½ inch length when he saw Jordan.

Jordan asked “What did you see Benny about? “

Jacob said “I was just wondering about tomorrow and what we were going to do.” It was nothing really important, thats why I said “I'll be right a long in a few minutes.” Jacob then said”Wow that was quite a show wasn't it?

Jordan answered “Yeah.”

Jacob asked “I see you have lots of hair and your cock is pretty big. Do you jerk off yet?”

Jordan answered “Yeah.”

Jacob stated “I do too. I just started last month and I really love doing it. How many times a day do you do it.?”

Jordan answered “Two and sometimes three times a day. I haven't done it today yet would you like to do it now?”

Jacob said “Yeah.”

When he said that Jordan reached over and pulled Jacob over to him and said “Sit down next to me.” He then grabbed Jacobs dick and started stroking him. He used the thumb and two finger grip.

Jacob twitched when Jordan grabbed his dick because no one ever touched his penis like that. Not even his brother when he taught Jordan how to jerk off. He had a wide grin on his face and he grabbed Jordan's dick and started to stroke him too. He used the full hand grip and realized how hot Jordan's dick felt in his hand.

Both boys stared at each others dick as they stroked each other. Jacob was the first to shoot and his watery sperm flew out over his legs and drizzled down over Jordan's hand and his own nut sac.

When Jacob shot his load Jordan's cock erupted too. His sperm flew up and as he leaned back when he shot it went all over Jacob's fist, his own pubic area and over his nut sac too. Jacob said “That was awesome. I never knew that having someone else jerk my dick would feel this great. I know I'll do this again when I have a chance.”

Jordan said “That was the first time anyone else touched me too. I agree that was spectacular. I am going to look out for any of my friends who might like to do it so we can do it together.”

Both boys looked at their gooey hands and Jordan said “I dare you to lick your fingers clean like Benny did.”

Jacob said “I'll only do it if you do it too. I dare you too .”

Jordan said “I'll count to three. Then we'll both do it together. One. Two. Three.”

Both boys watched each other as they started to lick their fingers. Jacob scrunched up his face when he stuck out his tongue and started licking. His face relaxed when he discovered this isn't to bad. It's slightly salty but sort of sweet too. He didn't hesitate anymore as he licked up everything on his hand and scooped up any more he could reach that was on his body. He realized his own cum was mixed in now and it wasn't so bad either.

Jordan was watching Jacob's reaction when he too realized this doesn't taste so bad at all. He expected it to taste like more like pee. He tasted pee one time by accident when he peed on his hand when he pissed in the woods one time and he was curious what pee tasted like. He knew he could tolerate the taste of pee so he was quite surprised when he found Jacobs watery cum didn't taste sour at all. In fact he realized he enjoyed the taste.

Both boys looked at each other and smiled. They both knew the other one passed the taste test.

Jordan was the first to speak, he said “You know that really wasn't bad. It surprised me.”

Jacob said “That's exactly what I thought too. I was thinking as long as we are experimenting what do you think sucking on someone's cock would be like? I'm not saying we should try it I was was just curious what you thought about it.”

Jordon replied “Honestly I never even thought about it before, but Davie seemed to enjoy it. Now that you mention it, I wonder what it feels like.” Do you think we could do each other and find out what it feels like? I mean nobody will know what we did and long as we don't tell on each other.”

Jacob said “I curious too. I guess if tasting cum wasn't all that bad maybe this will be a surprise too. I'm willing if you willing too. I'll be honest with you, I asked Benny to do it to me tomorrow and he said he would. So if you don't want to try I'll let you know what it felt like when he does me tomorrow. On the other hand maybe he'll do you too.”

Jordan said. “Sure I think I would like him to do me too, but now that you brought it up do you still want to try it.?”

Jacob said “Yeah.”

Jordan said “let's do each other at the same time.”

Jacob said “How can we do that?”

Jordan said “Simple you lay on your side facing the door of the tent and I'll lay on my side facing the back of the tent. That way we will have our cocks in each others face and all we have to do is reach out and start sucking. Just remember, no teeth.”

Jacob said “Cool, lets do it. But first let me turn off the light” He reached over towards the door and turned off the light while Jordan turned around. He scooted down and reached out and felt Jordan's legs and knew just where Jordan's cock would be. Just to make sure he felt out and sure enough Jordan's dick was right in front of his face. Jordan did the same thing and felt around until he located Jacobs cock. When he did he started licking Jacobs knob. He started licking it like it was a popsicle and kept flicking his tongue all over Jacob's erect penis. Jacob was copying what Jordan was doing. He found it hard to concentrate on pleasuring Jordan while experiencing the pleasure he was receiving.

This was a first time for both boys. In hindsight, It probably would have been better if they had done each other separately for their first time. Neither had seen any porn before and all they had to go on as an example was what they saw Benny do. They remembered watching Benny's head bobbing up and down when he was blowing Davie and then Billy in his demonstration and they started doing that to each other. It didn't take either of them long before they found a comfortable rhythm and then they really started to feel the pleasurable sensation of pure joy as their senses radiated erotic feelings in their loins. Neither wanted to stop because they didn't want the other to stop too and with that - the feelings would too. They may have been at it for four or five minutes before Jordan knew he was about ready to cum. Jacob sensed the tingling too but he didn't yet know if that meant he was about to spew his cum soon or just when it was going to happen. Jordan blew first. He was moaning as he did it. It was sort of like he was humming and the vibrations on his dick set Jacob off. He shot his cum too. Since they both had their mouths engaged at the time neither gave warning to the other guy of their impending orgasm so they both ended up with the other guys sperm in their mouth. They both did what was natural when one's mouth is full. They swallowed.

Jordan said “Holy smokes!!! I just swallowed your load. It was wonderful. I would have never realized how enjoyable it is to suck on a cock.”

Jacob said “I'm glad I had a sample just after we jerked off because if I didn't I might have puked. But when I realized what happened I just drank it all down. What a thrill it was to taste what you had to offer me. I loved having your hardness in my mouth. At first I thought I was going to gag but once I grabbed your cock at the base with my hand I had the right length in my mouth and my gag reflex stopped. I have to ask Benny about what I should have done. “

He continued “Speaking of Benny I guess I'll cancel my appointment for tomorrow”

Jordan said, “Let's tell him we tried and had fun but we have some questions. Maybe he will tell or show us what we should know. “

Both crawled into their sleeping bag and fell sound asleep.

The first tent was occupied by Joshua and Jason. They were classmates and best friends. They had seen each others flaccid 2 inch and 2 ½ inch penis' many many times while going to the bathroom at school and once in a while at the community swimming pool. Today was the first time they saw each other hard and they were both sporting 3 ½ inch boners. When they got back to their tent they lit their flashlights and unrolled their sleeping bags. They sat on top facing each other and discussed what they had just seen. They expressed their surprise that anyone, much less Davie, would even think about putting on a party like this. They knew Davie had a thing about looking at everyones prick whenever he had a chance too and they agreed they could have expected to go skinny dipping at the party but neither could quite understand where Davie would have the nerve to allow a sex show like they had both just witnessed at a party of his friends. They giggled about watching Eli fuck Benny and said “At least we know what to do when we have a girl friend. I just hope she will like to suck on my cock too.” They wondered if Davie was a fag. They knew about his obsession with watching dicks but they now wondered if Davie was a homo. It seems like his friends are.” They agreed they would have to watch out and see if they could catch anymore clues. They agreed not to tell anyone what they saw because they were afraid someone would start the rumor that they were fags too because they went to a fag party.

They changed the subject to Jason's fear of wild animals. He said “he didn't mind if any deer came into their campsite but he sure didn't want any possums or raccoons to visit them.” Jason went on to say “Do you think it would be ok if we zipped our sleeping bags together? We might be safer that way. Besides we will probably be warmer too.” Joshua said “ I don't have any problem with that, just make sure you stay on your side and I'll stay on my side.” They agreed and re-zipped their bags and crawled in for the night.

Davie and Enos had already planned on sleeping together in their zipped together sleeping bags. Remember they have already done sleep overs together and enjoyed them.

Davie asked Enos “to shine the flashlight on my ass and check it out because it stung from the birthday spankings.”

Enos looked it over real good. He lightly rubbed Davies ass all over and even spread his crack apart and shined the light there to inspect Davies butt hole. He reported back “Davie its a little pink, but I don't see any real damage. I tell you what I'll do. I'll take some cream I brought with me to relieve the pain if I got sunburned and rub it on your butt. Maybe that will help take the sting away.”

Davie said “Go ahead, It might help. Enos dug through his back pack and found the cream. He opened it and squeezed some out on both of Davies ass cheeks. He started rubbing it in and caressed each of Davies ass cheeks as he applied the cream. Davie lifted up and made an adjustment down below and Enos knew Davie had sprung a boner. For some reason he ignored the fact he had sprung a boner too. Davie made sure he applied some to Davies ass crack and he rubbed it in there too. Davie got a wild idea and put some on his dick before he asked Davie to get in a kneeling position. He said “I want to make sure you butt muscles are tight so I can rub the cream in to the muscles too. When Davie got into that posture Enos applied more cream and started to knead Davies buttocks. He then applied some to Davies grommet hole only to hear “They didn't spank me there.” Thats when Enos lay over Davies back and tried to get his tiny three inch dick into Davies A-hole. He didn't quite make it because Davie stretched out and there was no way his dick was long enough to penetrate Davie.

Davie said “That felt good, if you want to play with my hole with your finger I'll let you but no dicks in there.“

Enos said. “OK, get back on your knees and let me play.”

Davie raised up and Enos put a finger in and wiggled it around Davis' anal muscle. When he heard Davie moan he inserted finger number two. After a few minutes he had a third finger in there and Davie was really starting to moan loud enough the the boys in the other tents could probably hear him so Enos eased off and said “Hush up or everyone will know what we are doing. In the mean time Enos was now hot as a pistol and he started to jerk off with his other hand. It didn't take long before he had his dry cum. That still didn't satisfy him so he knelt down in a way that he could lick Davies ass hole. He might have had a small dick but his tongue reached and he licked for all he was worth. He didn't even mind the taste of the sunburn cream. He was just overdriven by his now raging hormones and a day full of sex play. With his other hand he jerked off again and had a second dry cum. He felt like he could do it again but He knew from experience that three times in a row like that would only make him too sore to do anything tomorrow so he stopped.

Enos announced “Davie I've used up all my cream, if that didn't stop the pain I guess we will have to bring you to the hospital.”

Davie giggled and said 'Enos I think you got it all when your tongue got to the sore spot. Thanks a lot.”

Davie lay down turned on his back, grabbed Enos and pulled him down on himself and planted a wet kiss right on Enos' lips. Enos had no trouble returning that wet kiss with a wet kiss of his own.

Arm in arm they fell asleep on top of their sleeping bags.

Inside the cabin Benny, Billy and Eli were sitting on their sleeping bags. Benny said “I think we got the missing parts of the boys sex education covered. I had fun. I hope everyone else did too. Billy you tasted as delicious as ever. Thanks for letting the guys watch us. Eli, I really appreciate you for screwing me the way you did. I know I might have embarrassed you but I'm glad you did it. Billy, I'm sorry I didn't let you know ahead of time but it was something I thought of just before we started and I got Eli aside and asked him if he would do it and when he said yes. He asked me to keep it quite just in case he chickened out at the last second so he wouldn't be embarrassed. When we got that far in the show, he gave me the thumbs up sign and we went right ahead with it. If you want me for a slave day as repayment for not getting your prior approval, I'm yours.”

Benny went on “If either of you want me to serve your needs as punishment, I'm yours starting right now. The only thing I know that I have to do is give someone a blow job in the morning because he had questions about it and I told him I would show him other than that you can have me.”

Billy said “You're mine no matter what anyhow, so I'll just take it out on you as we go along.” Billy continued “At first I was pissed at you because I felt betrayed. I considered you my solely mine and I realized it was my fault for giving you that impression. I know you love me with all your heart and I only acknowledged you as loving you as my brother. Benny when I got jealous, I realized I love you more that just a brother. I now know I do love you far more than a brother. I want to be your boyfriend. I now realize in my heart you are my boyfriend. But I need you to know I love being your substitute papa also.”

Benny just opened up any cried. He reached out and grabbed Billy and kissed him. Not in a sexy, erotic, tongue twisting way but in a gentle soft sensuous way. They just embraced each other while Eli watched it all.

Billy turned to Eli and said “If my boyfriend volunteered to be you slave for a day I give you my permission to you to use him anyway you see fit as long as you let me watch.” I'll give you a list of the rules we use when someone is our slave. You can use that to decide what you might like to do to him.

Billy used his smart phone to access a file. He showed it to Eli. The File said:”RULES FOR A SLAVE”

  1. A slave must be totally naked so he will not want to run away.

  2. A slave must never say anything unless we ask him to. If he is asked to talk, he will always call us Sir.

  3. A slave must be spanked so he will know who is boss.

  4. We are allowed to spank a slave whenever we want just for the fun of it.

  5. We can let anyone else spank the slave as long as we are there at the time.

  6. A slave is not allowed to sit or lay down unless we give him permission first.

  7. A slave will do whatever we want him to do and not question the one who gave him the order.

  8. A slave will obey all the above rules or else he will receive a beating. A beating will be worse than a spanking.

    Notes to the above rules:

    A: We are not allowed to be so cruel that we are causing any real or permanent damage.

    B: No fists are to be used to beat the slave

    C: No kicking with shoes or boots on.

    D: No aiming at the slaves balls.

    E: No cutting allowed.

    F: No burning allowed

    G: The only time a slave is allowed to talk without permission is to let us know he has reached his limit. ---He can say “STOP IT NOW--” And we will stop whatever we are doing immediately.

Billy said “Eli if you can't live by these rules I will not allow Benny to be yours or anyones else's slave period.”

Eli said “Those rules are fine with me. I think it might be fun to be a slave some day just to see what I can take.”

Billy said “You better hold up on that until you see some of what our slave has had done to him. Let me give you an example.”

Billy said “Benny, Eli has been very good to you by helping us with the show today. I want you to reward him by licking his butt clean.” He said to Eli “you kneel on that table and spread your legs. Benny is going to give you a rim job and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.”

Eli got up on the table on his knees and leaned back so his butt was even with the edge of the table. His rock hard dick was sticking straight out. Benny got behind him and put his hands on the cheeks of Eli's ass and spread them apart. He then stuck his tongue out and started licking the sweet rosebud of an ass hole right in front of his nose. There was a slight musky smell and a sharp taste on his tongue as he licked. Eli had just pooped about ½ hour before everyone called it quits. Since he was using the outhouse that had a wood one hole board to sit on his bottom wasn't as open as it normally would be if he had used a regular toilet seat. That meant there were more traces of poop around his hole than would normally be there. Benny was the beneficiary of the unusual residue and he could taste the difference. Benny even stopped and wet his fingers and probed Eli's hole and reached in past the anal muscle to clean the orifice of any debris that may have been in there. Then he licked his finger off. Benny was loving his snack and Eli was on the verge of coming. He said “Benny please stop. I'm about ready to shoot my load and I want you to have my juice to wash down your tasty treat. “ Benny pulled off and Enos spun around and was now sitting on the edge of the table with his legs ganging down over the edge. His dick was pointed straight out and Benny gobbled it right down. It didn't take long before Eli shot his load into Benny's waiting mouth. Benny was a pro at this and knew how to capture every drop of cum that spewed out of Eli's penis. Benny was old school. “Don't Waste A Drop.” and he didn't.

Benny looked at Billy and Billy said “Well done slave. Now before we go to bed how about you giving me a blow job and I'll allow you to tie a string around your dick so you don't leak out any juice on our sleeping bags. You may need all you can get tomorrow. Billy quickly sat where Eli had been sitting and Benny now started to lick his lovers beautiful cock. Benny knew every centimeter of this delicious morsel and he couldn't get enough of the taste of Billy. I guess if Billy knew Benny had just eaten some of shit he might have waited for Benny to clean his mouth but Benny wasn't allowed to talk so Billy never knew. Benny knew just when to give Billy some pressure. When to let up, When to flick his tongue and when to suck the shaft to give Billy the maximum pleasure and Billy loved it. With Benny teasing his dick like that it took Billy about five minutes to reach a climax. When they first started doing oral sex it only took seconds for Billy to start his dry cum. Now that he can shoot a healthy load of cum, Benny can make Billy's pleasure last quite a while by edging him

The boys were now ready for bed. Billy said “I've been thinking since you volunteered to suck off one boy tomorrow, why don't you suck off all the boys down by the pond. We will give you 30 minutes with each boy and let them do whatever they want to do to you or make you do to them. We'll hang up some blankets up so they can have some privacy. I'll make an announcement at breakfast and we'll go from there. I looked in your pack and you have enough condoms in there to take on a football team so that shouldn't be a problem. I would like to tie you up but I'm not sure yet if that would work. Eli if you want to help you're welcome to offer some suggestions. Benny is going to be up by six to start breakfast so you have between now and then to think about it.”

Billy said “Benny you zip our sleeping bags together so we can keep each other warm. I'm going to the outhouse and if your not finished by the time I get back I may make you sleep outside tonight tied to a tree.”

Billy left and Benny ran over to the sleeping bags and found all the bags had already been zipped them together. He pointed to the bags and Eli burst out laughing. He realized Benny wasn't allowed to talk since he was still in the slave mode.

Eli was still giggling when Billy returned and he told Billy that He was the one who zipped them together when they first set them up and he said if you look close all three of us can fit in the zipped up model. Billy said “Shit and I thought I was going to have my own space tonight. I ought to spank you for not asking me before do took matters into your own hands. If you're afraid to be be spanked I'll let you have Benny stand in for you. But you will have to watch what you are missing.”

Billy said “Benny I am going to tie your hands behind your back tonight because I don't want you touching yourself or anybody else with your hands during the night. I'll set the alarm on my smart phone for six so you be sure to listen for it so you get breakfast started on time. If you get up late you will pay for every minute your late. You slip into the middle. I'll be on this side and Eli will be on the other.”

He then said to Eli, “If you need Benny to serve you tonight you have my permission to use him. Don't forget our slave rules apply. Just don't wake me up. “

They all fell asleep rather fast. After all it was a busy day and they were tired. Benny didn't know what time it was when he woke up but he knew he needed to pee. He hadn't been allowed to empty his bladder before he went to bed. He had a string tied around his penis but he wasn't sure if that would prevent him from peeing. He was laying on his stomach since his hands were tied behind his back and he couldn't get comfortable laying on his side. Thats when he realized Eli's hand was on his ass. Eli's fingers were not moving around but the hand was definitely on his ass cheek.

Benny knew he was in the slave mode so he knew he couldn't talk and he was afraid to move so he slowly rolled toward Eli. That meant Eli's hand was moving across his ass crack towards the other cheek. Eli's fingers were still not moving and he could hear Eli's breath. He sounded like he was in a deep sleep and probably had no idea he was touching anyones ass.

Benny rolled a little more and Eli's hand was now on his upper thigh. He stopped rolling and let everything rest for a while. During all this maneuvering he realized he didn't think about having to pee even once. Anyway by moving the way he had it seemed to relieve the pressure that was on his bladder. He decided to roll just a little more and when he did Eli rolled towards him at the same time and now the tips of Eli's fingers were touching his penis.

He stopped rolling and listened for Eli's breathing and Eli still seemed to be sleeping but his fingers were now moving and Benny was getting stiff. Since the string on his prick was already tight his dick started to hurt as it expanded towards a full erection. By now he realized Eli's fingers had got caught on one of the loops of string and were trapped between the string and the side of his dick. Benny knew there was no way he could get out of this situation except to wake Eli up.

He decided to wiggle a little and see what Eli did with his hand. He wiggled his hips just a little and Eli reacted by grabbing hold of Benny's dick. When Benny felt that he rolled even more and Eli woke up and realized he had hold of Benny's cock. Eli realized Benny's hands were tied so he knew he must have been perving Benny and he wasn't sure what to do.

He whispered, “Benny are you awake?”

Benny wiggled his hips in response. It dawned on Eli that Benny was in the slave mode so he whispered again and said “Benny talk to me.”

Benny responded in a whisper and said “Sir, I just woke up. You're playing with my cock is there something I can do for you, Sir?”

Eli said “I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you. I didn't know I was playing with your cock, I was dreaming and I didn't know it was your cock I was grabbing. I dreamed I was petting someones ass and all of a sudden I realized I now had a cock in my hand. When I opened my eyes it was yours. Sorry. “

He went on “As long as I'm up I am going to take a piss. You come with me. You know where everything out side is.”

Benny simply said “Yes Sir.”

Eli got out of the sleeping bag and Benny carefully followed so he didn't wake Billy up.

As they walked to the outhouse, Eli untied Benny's hands and Benny removed the string tied to his dick. When he did that Benny's piss almost started while they were walking. He never made it. When they tried the door to the outhouse it was locked from the inside and a voice said “I'll be right out.”

Benny peed right alongside the outhouse. There was no way he could wait any longer.

The door opened and Davie walked out. He said “Sorry I took so long. I had to do number two and my ass hurt because of the birthday spanking I got and it made it difficult to sit on the hard wood seat so it I raised up and squatted over the hole and it took me a little longer to poop. I sure do feel better now.”

Davie asked “What time is it” and Eli answered from inside the outhouse “it's about 4:00 in the morning.”

Davie said “good I've got a couple more hours to sleep.”

Eli came out and Davie asked “how come you guys got up together to pee.”

Eli said “Benny is my slave tonight and I told him to come out with me.”

Davie said “if he's your slave how come he was talking.”

Eli answered “I gave him permission to talk.”

Davie said “I don't believe you. If Benny is your slave, make him do something nasty right now.”

Eli said “Ok, you said you had trouble taking a crap because of the hard wood seat right?”

Davie said “Yeah”

Eli said “Bend over” then he said Benny “Lick his ass hole clean to make sure all the shit has been wiped up because he wasn't able to sit down right when he took a crap.”

Benny knelt down behind Davie and spread Davies ass cheeks wide open when Davie bent over forward. He licked butt crease and butt hole clean with about a dozen well placed licks. He then put his nose into the crack and inhaled loudly and announced. “Sir, You pass the sniff test, I can't smell any bad odors now, I'm sure I got it all. Sir.”

Both Davie's and Eli's cocks were hard after Benny rimed Davies ass.

Davie said “Ok I believe you now. He's your slave.”

Eli gave Benny a hard swat on is buttock and said “Come on let's get some more sleep.”

When they got inside the cabin, Eli said ”I'm going to retie you penis so you can't stab Billy if it gets hard and so I can't grab it again like I did before.”

Eli took a long string and tied it around the crown of Benny's penis. He then passed the string between Benny's legs and pulled his cock down and under Benny's balls and ran the string up his ass crack and used the loose end to form a belt around Benny's waist and he tied it in the back. There was no way for Benny's dick to go any where except down between his legs even if he did get hard.

As Benny started to reenter the sleeping bag, Eli stopped him and tied Benny's hands behind his back again. Then he was allowed to scoot into the sleeping bag all the way.

Once Benny was in place, Eli crawled into his spot. Billy had turned and was facing Benny but he never woke up.

Benny was on his stomach again and he noticed that Eli was playing with his ass every once in a while. He listened and he could hear a slight snore from Eli yet Eli was fondling his butt. On the other hand he sort of enjoyed the soft feel and rubbing and thought it was way better than having it pinched.

When the alarm sounded Benny had a hard time trying to scoot out of the sleeping bag without waking anyone up. He had a tougher time trying to get his hands untied. He wasn't doing to well but Davie walked into the cabin at the right moment and said “I couldn't sleep anymore and I knew you were getting up early so I thought I would give you a hand. Now that I see your dilemma, what do I get if I untie both your hands and your pathetic looking penis. ”

Benny being careful not to wake anyone up whispered “How about a kiss?”

Davie giggled and said “I thought you would give me the rights to to play with your body or something like that but since your such a nice guy I'll settle for a kiss.”

Benny leaned in a gave Davie a kiss on the lips and Davie said “Thanks,”

Once he was free Benny lit the fire on the grill and got out some pancake mix and made a large bowl of batter so they could have some pancakes later. He also started heating some water to make hot chocolate later and started to precook some maple flavored turkey sausage patties. He set out two pitchers of orange juice and Davie put out a bowl of bananas and apples and set up a pile of paper plates, cups, and plastic knives, spoons and forks.

Mean while in tent number 1, Joshua was waking up and felt something strange touching his butt. Jason was spooning him and had his chest and body up against Joshua's back , Jason's hard cock was pressed against Joshua's buttocks, and his arm was around Joshua's shoulder.

Joshua realized his dick was hard too. He didn't know what to do. One part of him really enjoyed the contact and another part told him that this was gay and he should punch Jason out.

Joshua decided to play it safe and just to push back hard with his butt and see what happens. When he did Jason woke up and immediately knew the position he was in and knew he better do something fast.

He asked “Josh are you awake?”

Josh responded “Yes I am.”

Jason had already backed off and said “Gee Josh, I'm sorry, I was sleeping and must have snuggled up to you by accident. I didn't mean anything by it. Really I didn't. Please forgive me.”

Josh said “I think you were trying to stick your hard-on in my behind.”

Jason replied “Honest Josh nothing like that never entered my mind. You got to believe me it was an accident.”

Josh responded “Let me think about it. I'll let you know if I forgive you or not. In the mean time stay away from me.”

Jason started crying and said while weeping “Josh your my best friend in all the world. Please give me a chance, I didn't mean for this accident to happen.”

Josh got up. He didn't say a word and went over to the outhouse to relieve himself. His cock was still hard when he walked past Benny and David who both said “Good Morning to him.” He never replied.

Both Benny and Davie looked over to each other and giggled and Benny said “It looks like they got into something last night. I think i”ll peek in on Jason and ask him what happened.”

Benny walked over and looked into the tent and saw Jason sitting on the sleeping bag and crying. He said “Hey buddy, I'm hear to listen if you want to tell me what is going on maybe I can help.”

At this point Jason was desperate, his heart was aching. He was losing his best friend all over an accident. He didn't know what to do next and was willing to try anything to win his friend back. He appreciated Benny for trying to help and remembered that Benny offered all the boys to bring any question they had to him and he would try to help them. He decided to open up to Benny and he told him all that they talked about last night and what happened this morning. Then he burst out in tears again.

Benny thought about it and said “I have a plan. All I ask you to do is get up take your piss or whatever you do first thing in the morning and come sit with us till breakfast. Then you eat with all the guys and join in swimming like nothing has happened. Let me talk to Josh at our special session we are going to announce at breakfast and we'll see what can be done to patch things up. Now dry up those tears. Everything is going to come out all right. I promise.”

Both boys then joined Davie at the cook site and Davie made a hot cup of chocolate for Jason.

Joshua Had a piss hard-on when he passed Benny and Davie while walking to the outhouse. He didn't care if they saw it or not. He was pissed about what he discovered when he woke up and was upset that he both sort of liked what happened and distressed that his best buddy was acting gay like that. He was mad too because he wanted to believe it was an accident but couldn't bring himself to admit he liked what happened if it was an accident. He thought if he accepted it it might mean he was admitting he liked to do gay things. He opened the door and went in. He had a hard time aiming his boner to pee because the funnel rigged up as a urinal was to low and he had to lean against the wall with one hand while holding his cock down with the other and being bent like that he couldn't get his stream started. That made him mad too.

He said “Damn, what a way to start a day. I feel like going home right now.” Finally he finished peeing and his dick went down and he still had to make a dump before he left the outhouse. He sat down and did his duty, wiped off, and left. He noticed there were now a few more guys standing around and they also had hard-ons. So he went over to join them and two guys made a run for the now vacated outhouse. It was a tie so they both went in together. Josh chuckled to himself thinking 'I wonder if the guy who got there first ended up with the loser sitting on his lap?'

It was only a few more minutes before everyone was outside and had a chance to take care of things they usually did before breakfast. Benny and Billy did the cooking. There was fresh fruit in a bowl, orange juice, turkey sausage, eggs, pancakes and hot chocolate. It seemed like everyone was talking at once. There were a lot of giggles, loud laughs and some mild pushes but over all everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

It was just after 8 when Billy got up and announced that “ I am aware that there were some inquiries about Benny's offer to answer some personal questions.” He continued, “Here is how we are going to handle that. We are going to partition a spot near the pond with blankets hanging from the trees and Benny will be inside. I will be outside and will make sure everyone gets their alloted time on schedule. You can all swim except when it's your time to be with Benny. You can ask any question except you can't ask what question any other boy had asked him. You can ask him for demonstrations too. We guarantee that anything you and Benny do or say will never leave this special area unless you approve first. Everyone must take his time slot even if you only talk about the weather. No Exceptions. Everyone will have ½ hr with Benny. I'll read the schedule and post a copy by the tree that holds the rope swing. 9 am Jacob - 9:30 am Jordan – 10 am Joshua – 10:30 am Jason - 11 am Enos - 11:30 Davie 12 noon Eli. Ok between now and 9:00 we need to take down the tents, pack all your gear except what you are going to wear going home. Please if you're done first help the other guys. We will have stuff to make cold sandwiches for lunch. You can call whoever is going to pick you up and let them know you'll be ready at 1 pm. Have a great time.”

When Billy stopped talking all the boys headed over to their tents. Benny went over to Jason and Joshua's tent and said “Hey guys, I'll give you a hand.”

Joshua said “We don't need any help.”

Benny said “Josh the way you sound it seems to me that you need a lot of help”

He said “I do not”

Benny said “Ok handle this” and he reached out, grabbed Josh and started to tickle his ribs. He fussed and kicked but in just a few minutes he was laughing as loud as anyone could. Benny looked over at Jason and he had a big grin on his face.

Benny said “Now let me help or I'll do it again.”

Josh said “Ok give me a hand”

Benny said “I'll give you both a hand and if you give me any more of that attitude I'll make sure my hand lands on your naked butt.

Josh said “You wish”

Benny started to roll up the sleeping bags and the boys made sure the stuff they were going to wear going home was out and everything else was packed. As Josh bent over to pick up his pack Benny gave his ass a swat. It wasn't hard but it gave Josh the message.

Josh couldn't help but giggle and he added “You just wait.”

All three boys were laughing by the time they had the tent dismantled and packed up too.

No question about it. Benny was a natural born peace maker.

The boys weren't hugging but the hateful looks had disappeared.

They lugged their gear to the cabin area where the cars would come to turn around, left their stuff, and headed down the road to the quarry pond.

When the got there they saw the area Billy and Eli had hung the blankets. Benny told the boys he would see them later and he went to inspect the outdoor consultation room that was just constructed. He noticed that there was a backpack open up and in it he saw towels, a sleeve of condoms, a tube of lube, a strap, a paddle, a some short pieces of rope.

Benny threw a towel over the pack. He didn't want anyone to get any ideas if they saw that assortment of toys.

Benny still had about 15 minutes to spare so he went into the in the water and joined in the fun with all the boys.

Billy, the acting time keeper, signaled to Benny that it was 5 minutes to 9 and Benny called over to Jacob that it was his turn. They walked over to the curtained off area together. Once inside Jacob said “You know I asked you about giving me a blow job? Well last night after I got back to the tent Jordan asked me what I saw you about and I told him. He said he wondered about that too. Do you know what? We practiced on each other and had a ball. Now I guess if I have a question it would be - did we do it right?”

Benny said “If you had a ball, you did it right. There is really no right or wrong way if you both enjoy what you are doing to each other. I noticed that Jordan's dick is on the long side and I doubt that you were able to take it all in your mouth so you found a way to suck on him without taking the whole thing in your mouth and throat. When you suck boys who have longer dick you will have to learn how to overcome the gag reflux. I did it by using a long tooth brush, I found that by sticking it down my throat real easy like I was able to get used to something that long being in my throat without chocking on it. Every time I brushed I practiced. It took time but eventually if found I could handle a dick as long as Eli's without gagging. I am going to try it with him later I hope. Another thing that adds to your excitement is to suck on you partners nut sac. It really adds to the pleasure. Let me show you.”

Benny then started to lick on Jacobs prick. He knew he had a lot of time so he took it really slow. Jacobs 3 ½ inch hard dick stuck straight out from his body. Benny licked the head, sucked on the whole crown, licked the ridge and the shaft and then concentrated on his nut sac. He took it all in his mouth and swirled his tongue around and gently sucked on his nuts. He finally went back and finished by bobbing on his shaft until he finished him off. Jacob had let him know when he was ready to cum but Benny kept right on going until the orgasm was over and he had sucked out all of Jacob's cum.

Their time was almost over and Jacob thanked Benny. He said “Benny I really appreciate you. I was really curious and didn't know how to find out. You helped me get over that hump. Thank you so much.

Benny waited outside as Billy went to get Jordan. When Jordan came up Benny put his arm around his shoulder and said I really glad to meet you. I am really impressed at a 12 yr. Old boy would have a 5 inch cock. It is bigger soft than mine is hard. You are truly gifted. When they got inside they sat on a blanket and Benny asked “Do you have any special questions?”

Jordan answered “Did Jacob tell you we gave each other a blow job last night.”

Benny replied “You heard the rules, I'm not allowed to tell you what anyone who confided in me said. So the answer is 'I can't tell you if he did or if he didn't. I'm sure you wouldn't want me to blabber anything about whatever you talk to me about either. Now what can I help you with.”

Jordan said “I am really glad you gave me that answer. I feel like I can trust you now. You said you were gay. How did you find out you were?”

Benny answered. “I always was fascinated in sex play when I was growing up. I loved to play naked and after a while I knew I liked to be naked with boys more that girls. This spring when I was still 13 I accidentally discovered how to jerk off. I had entered puberty and didn't even know it. I had heard about it but I didn't know what it was. Then it happened and all of a sudden I now knew what the sex education teacher was talking about. My daddy died just after that and I went into a funk and I didn't come out of it until summer vacation started. I was now 14. I had this great urge to go naked and show my nude body off. I also loved to jerk off too. I told a friend about it and he dared me to do it and I did in front of a whole lot of people. I have been doing all sorts of sex stuff with boys since then. I also found out I had these urges only when I was around boys. I loved being submissive to them and I finally realized I have no interest in girls what so ever. Simple math tells me I am gay. I didn't really make a decision to be gay. I realized I was born like that. I just love boys period. Almost every boy your age fools around with other guys. Boys experiment and its fun. They shower together., some jerk off together, some even suck penises but as they grow older that attraction turns towards girls. And they know that are straight. Some boys never lose that attraction for other boys and they realize they are gay. Some like it both ways and love both boys and girls. When your 12 you're in the experimental stage. Enjoy it when you get older you'll know what your orientation is.”

Jordan said “I recently fooled around with another boy and ended up sucking his penis. I was afraid I was turning gay. I really think I would like to be a father and I didn't want to get my best friend mad at me if I refused to do stuff with him. I think you explained it to me and I'm comfortable with us exploring. Like you said I'm going to enjoy what we do and see how it turns out down the road. Thanks for helping me.”

Benny looked at his watch and said “we have about 15 minutes left. Would you like me to give you a blow job? I'm gay and I love to suck cock and I would sure love to have that hunk of meat to suck on.”

Jordan said “Sure, I know I really liked the feeling when we did it and I'm sure I'll love it done by a pro. I'm soft right now - let me get it stiff for you.”

Benny said “I'm the pro here, I'll get it stiff for you, no extra charge.” They both giggle when he said that.

Benny took Jordan's penis in his had and lifted it out of the way and started to lick his balls. He tongued the space just under the ball sac and worked up from there. He sucked Jordan's balls into his mouth and sucked them too. All this time Jordan's cock was stiffing in Benny's hand. When it was hard Benny started to lick the shaft from the bottom up. When he got to the top he licked the cum slot and then sucked the whole knob into his mouth. After giving the knob a good tongue bath he slid the whole 6 inch cock into his mouth. It reached the back of his throat and he was able to take it all in. He bobbed and it didn't take long before he was swallowing a load of cum. Benny pulled back some but not off because he wanted some of that cum on the taste buds so he could enjoy Jordan's special taste. He loved the sweet nectar he was swallowing and he drained all of it.

Jordan loved it too and said “Benny that was awesome. Thanks.”

When they parted Jordan gave Benny a hug and patted him on the back. Jordan said “Thanks you're and awesome guy.”

Next was Joshua. He came in and sat down and stared at Benny. Benny asked “Are you still mad at me?”

Joshua said “Sort of”

Benny asked “Why”

Joshua answered because “you stuck your nose in between me and Jason”

Benny said “what do you have against him?”

Joshua said “because I think he's a queer. I woke up this morning and he had his naked body wrapped up all aver me and he was trying to stick his hard dick in my ass.”

Benny said “Really, Was he kissing you.? Was he touching your dick? Was he playing with your ass hole? Was he playing with your nipples? - You know I'm gay and If I wanted a piece of your ass I would have been doing all those things to get you hot. What did he say he say he was doing?”

Joshua said “He told me it was an accident. He was just sleeping and snuggled up to me while he was asleep and he said his dick was hard because it was always hard in the morning and he didn't mean what happened.”

Benny said “Is your dick usually hard in the morning? Most guys have that problem. Oh by the way how did it feel? Did you secretly like having someone touch you? Most guys do. Have you two ever jerked-off together? Most guy do it with their friends. I think you should stop blaming him and take a look at yourself. What happened really seems to me to be an accident. That could happen anytime two people share the same bed. Ask anyone whoever slept with their brother and I bet you'll find out they spooned each other during the night on many occasions and it wasn't because they were looking for sex. It just happens when two body's are in the same bed. They tend to be attracted to each other for some unknown reason of nature.'

Benny continued, “Now I have another question. Do you know most boys love to have somebody suck on their penis. They don't care who does it. Boy or Girl - it doesn't make any difference to them. It doesn't make them gay and they know that. That brings us to the final question. “If you let me I'll suck your penis until you cum. See If you like it? If you do then you are like most other boys. If you don't like it it means you're raging hormones haven't kicked in yet, but they will soon. Believe me.”

Benny said Let me suck you off right now. That way you'll be able to judge for yourself what you like or don't like . Either way no one but you and I will ever know what we did.

Joshua's mind was spinning. He was thinking 'What Benny said makes sense. I remember when my cousin stayed over one night and we woke up tangled together so I know that does happen. I know Jason wasn't fondling me. I know I heard other guys say they jerked off together in circle jerks and I know all those guys are jocks and he is right if I happen to like someone sucking on my cock it doesn't make me a fag. Ok I'll let him blow me and maybe I'll know what it's all about. He said “Ok Benny I'll let you do it but you don't tell anyone.”

Benny wasted no time. He got on his knees and sucked the flaccid 2 inch penis into his mouth and started sucking. He felt it expanding to it's full three inches while he was sucking. He also noticed it was thicker than most small dicks on boys this age. Once it was solid he took the time to lick up and down the sides and flick his tongue on the head before going back to sucking and bobbing on the shaft. He glance up and saw that Josh had his head back and his eyes closed and a slight grin on his face. Benny knew Josh was enjoying his first blow job. Benny knew he didn't have much time left so he purposely increased his speed. He soon heard Josh elicit some moans and he felt his legs twitching and felt Josh thrust his penis into Benny's mouth and then he let out a louder moan as his spunk shot into Benny's mouth. Benny let Joshes dick flop out of his mouth and he wiped it off with the towel.

Josh looked down at him and said “ You win, I was wrong , I loved it.”

Benny said “Thanks for giving me a chance to explain somethings that I felt were clouding up your thinking. If you think your best friend was telling you the truth I think you owe him an apology. If he is your best friend I know he'll be over joyed. Watch out he may kiss you but it would be because he loves you like a brother.

Next in was Jason. He said “Benny I'm really upset because of what happened last night in the tent. I know I told you all about it last night but since then I have had time to think about it more and I realize even though it was an accident, I loved the feeling even if it was only a few seconds. I sometimes think I may have feeling for Joshua but I can't say for sure. Now I am afraid he will totally reject me if I let him know I would be willing to do stuff with him. Because of the accident, I can't discuss my feelings because if I do, you know he may just go homophobic on me and beat me up or even worse out me to everyone and I don't even know If I am like that. How can I find out the answer if I can't talk about my feelings?”

Benny said ”First I suggest that you apologize to him again. He has had time to cool down and there is a better chance of him being willing to talk.”

Jason said “Ok, Benny he is my best friend. I can't lose him over something that happened by accident. If he doesn't want to talk what should I do.?”

Benny responded “If he is really a friend, I wouldn't think he would hold a grudge against you for what happened. After all he has had time to think about what happened and may have realized that what happened was truly an accident. It could be that he is now to embarrassed to admit he was wrong and is looking for a way to seek your forgiveness.”

Benny said “I have a tougher question for you. After watching the show last night are you willing to do anything like what you saw to him? I mean what would you say if I told you that you should approach him and tell him you feel so bad about what happened that you would do anything he wanted you to do if he would be your friend again? Tell him that you love him as a friend and that you would even do anything that Benny showed us just to prove it. I think if he is really your friend he will tell you that a hug is all you have to do to please him.”

Benny continued “Be careful. You have to think this out. Would you accept him making you do things that may hurt you physically. Notice I said, MAKING YOU DO THINGS. It could get rough and If you can't take being treated like you are his toy. It might be better for you to part company for a while. If he really cares for you he will come back. “

He said “Benny, I noticed Billy seems to have his way with you. Do you have that kind of a relationship with him?”

Benny responded “Yes Billy gives me discipline when I need it. That includes spankings. He also makes me do sexual things that many people would never do. But I have to tell you I love our relationship, but not everyone could take it. Some times it hurts a lot both physically and emotionally. See what you can work out. If you think you are both willing you can give yourselves a trial period. If you can't stand it, you have no choice but to bail out. If he has a lot of questions and you are not sure how to respond, I know Billy or I would be glad to talk to either of you.”

Benny said “I am not going to tell you what I advised him to do, but in no way did I suggest to him that you should be his sex toy.”

Jason said “I appreciate what you said. I don't know what my limits are either. In fact, other than jerking off, before last night you were right there were a lot I just didn't know about sex. I guess I'll just have to see what happens if and when we talk.”

Benny said “As a reward for being so open with me would you let me suck your dick? You know I'm gay and I love sucking and we have enough time left for me to do it. That way you will know what it feels like too.”

Jason said “Benny you don't have to do that but since you want to I'll be ok with it.”

Benny didn't hesitate he knelt down and took Jason's cock into his mouth. He loved on Jason's cock the way he loved all the other boys dicks after about 4 minutes Jason let loose him load of cum right into Benny's mouth.

Benny drained Jason's dick and licked his lips when Jason pulled out. He said “Jason just be ready to do that for Joshua if he asks you to.”

Jason kissed Benny on the cheek and said “Thanks.”

He turned and went through the curtains and there was Joshua standing there.

Joshua said. “What did you tell Benny about me?”

Authors note: Looks like we may have a problem here. I guess we have something to look forward to and we still have three more guys scheduled to visit Benny before the party breaks up. I'd like to hear from you if you would like to comment. Hugs, Benny