After School Special

For those of you who have read my other work, Camp Youngwood (which can be found here in the 'camping' archive), this is a standalone erotic story and is in no way connected to that one.

Usual disclaimers apply....don't read this if its illegal in your neck of the woods. Enjoy!


"Mom, I'm home'" I yelled out as I came in the front door of my house. "And Drew is here with me!"

Silence greeted my shouts, as my mom was apparently out. " You wanna drink?" I asked my best friend, Drew.

"Sure. Watcha got, dude?" he replied.

"Dunno, let's check the fridge." I walked into the kitchen, taking a moment to glance at myself in the hallway mirror. "Not bad," I thought as I looked over my 14 year old frame. 5'8", 120 pounds, not skinny but not overweight, I thought I looked pretty handsome. At least my mom always told me I was. I had brown hair cut short, blue eyes, and a light smattering of freckles across the bridge of my nose. Puberty had so far been kind to me, giving me height and some light body hair, but no zits or bad body oder. My dick had grown too, now pushing 5 1/2 inches when I was really happy to see you.

Opening the door, I surveyed the drink choices. "Um, it looks like iced tea, lemonade, or Coke."

"I'll take a Coke."

I turned and tossed a cold can to the blond bombshell that was Drew Stevenson. Yeah, I had the hots for my best friend. Since I first started having feelings about sex, I had found myself thinking about boys a lot more than girls. The first time I beat off, it was thinking about seeing Drew naked. Drew was a little shorter than me at 5'4", and I though he had the coolest hazel eyes. He was on the JV soccer team, and his body was tight from the workouts he subjected himself to on a regular basis. He was really good, and he wanted to pull off the unusual feat of making the Varsity squad when we became Sophomores next year.

"Thanks, dude."

"No prob." It was then that I noticed the note: 'Seth--am at your grandmothers helping her pack. Will be home around 7. Love ya!--Mom'

"Sweet, my Mom's not gonna be home for like, 3 hours. We have the place all to ourselves." This was a fairly unusual occurrence, as my mom worked out of her home office as a CPA. My dad left when I was little, so it's been just Mom and me for as far back as I can remember. Her constant presence at home is reassuring to Drew's slightly over-protective parents, meaning they never give him a hard time about visiting.

"No shit? She's not gonna be back for a while? We gotta do something special to celebrate!" Drew had a glint in his eye, and I wondered what he had in mind.

"Like what, dude? Play videogames with the surround sound on?"

"Naw, something, like, I dunno, really against the rules."

"What didja have in mind?" I knew what I would do if I came home and found the house to myself if Drew wasn't there: go online and look at xtube until I came all over the place. Mom never checked the history on my computer, saying it was okay for boys to have some secrets from their mother. I just couldn't keep my bedroom door closed.

Drew looked sheepish, then looked at me and said "I dunno...maybe we could look at that youtube of porn you were telling me about? My 'rents would flip out if I looked at that stuff on the computers at home."

I had told Drew about xtube, leaving off the part where I jerk off to the videos of guys. He had seemed intrigued, but I never would have imagined this was what he had in mind. Drew has always been the 'good kid,' and we had never really even talked about sex. I didn't even know if he masturbated.

My dick twitched at the suggestion of looking at porn with him. I wondered where this would lead....

"Sure dude. Let's go into my room."

Switching on my desktop as I walked into my room, I saw Drew surveying the scene. Like many 14 year olds, my room was somewhat of a disaster area: clothes dirty and clean lying all over the place, empty bags of chips and soda cans on my desk, and...oops! my tub of Vaseline on my nightstand. I hurried over to the nightstand, and, hoping Drew hadn't noticed, tried to hide my jerkin' lube in the drawer.

Sipping his Coke, Drew sat in my chair and started Internet Explorer. "What's the address?"

I told him, and stood behind him as the page loaded.

"Holy shit! You weren't kidding about this site" Drew exclaimed as he loaded the video of a college couple fucking. "This is so hot."

"Yeah, there's some great stuff on here."

I continued to let him click on some more videos, while casting my eyes down to the crotch of his shorts once in a while to check out the effect the porn was having. I could see a distinct bulge running down the inside of his right thigh, and I tried to subtly adjust my own boner so it wouldn't poke Drew in the shoulder.

As we continued to watch videos, I saw Drew sneak his left hand down to his bulge and give it an occasional squeeze. It looked impressive on his smaller frame, and I could feel a little bit of precum leak out of the head of my dick as I looked at it. I wondered if I could take this to the next level, but was afraid of losing one of my closest friends. As I debated whether to say something, Drew said:

"Man, this stuff gives me such a boner. I feel like I'm gonna explode in my shorts." As he said this, he gave the object in question another quick squeeze.

"Dude, you don't wanna mess up your pants. We could......" my voice trailed off. I couldn't verbalize my suggestion I was so afraid of rebuke.

Looking me straight in the eye, Drew said "we could what?"

Taking a deep breath, I decided to seize the moment. "We could take care of ourselves while we watch."

The sentence hung between us for what seemed like an eternity. I gulped noisily, and was about to say "nevermind," when Drew said quietly


I didn't know what to say. One of my oldest fantasies was about to come true--even better. Not only was I going to see Drew's dick, but it would be hard. And he would be touching it. And coming.

We both sat there for a moment, before I reached down and unzipped the fly of my cargo shorts. Glancing at my groin, Drew reached down and did the same to his shorts. Turning back to the monitor, Drew called up another video as he reached into his shorts and pulled out his beautiful circumcised cock. It was about 6 inches long, and I could see some wispy pubic hair through the opening in his boxers.

I pulled out my own dick and began to slowly stroke it. Drew's attention seemed focused on the video, and I'm sure he assumed that's what I was looking at as well. Instead, was watching his left hand stroke his rigid penis, noting how he seemed to have a much looser grip than I used. I wasn't used to masturbating dry handed, so I walked over to my nightstand to retrieve the Vaseline.

"Dude, do you want some lube?" I asked as I returned to the action.

"No thanks, I always go dry."

"Really? Doesn't it get sore?" I asked. I was curious about Drew's jerking habits, and figured I'd try to take advantage of this moment to learn what I could.

"Naw, only if I do it too much, like more than twice a day."

"How much do you normally do it?"

"Once or twice a depends on how much homework I have."

While we were talking, I scooped out a glob of vaseline and smeared it over the head of my cock. Squeezing my dick tightly, I began to stroke in my favorite way, with long strokes down the shaft and a swirl around the head as my hand reached the top of my cock.

"What about you? How often do you do it?"

"At least twice a day--when I first get up and when I go to bed. Sometimes other times, it depends on what's going on." I replied.

Drew's eyes were still glued to my computer monitor, and my eyes were still glued to Drew's stroking. He used quick strokes right near the spot where his purple head met the smooth shaft, occasionally stroking it's length down to his scant pubes.

My attention was diverted from his dick when Drew let out a quick gasp, and I looked at his face. It looked red, and I realized he was getting close to shooting his load.

"Dude, there's some kleenex right by the monitor" I told him. I didn't want to have to clean his cum off my keyboard. After glancing back at the sound of my voice (and taking a quick peek at my hard-on), I heard Drew gasp again and saw him reach for the tissues.

My own hand was moving even more quickly across the surface of my cock, and I knew that watching Drew cum was going to make me shoot off. I could feel my balls pulling up close to my body, and my dick throbbed in my hand. My hand made squishy noises as the Vaseline did its job.

Another gasp from Drew, and I saw his body go rigid. Holding his breath now, I watched as he milked his load out. His semen began to ooze out of the tip of his stiff cock, and Drew had slowed his stroking so that each stroke brought forth more cum. He tried to catch as much as he could in the tissue, but some of it leaked over his fingers. Letting out a long breath, he relaxed back into my desk chair as his orgasm withdrew.

Watching my best friend cum sent me over the edge, and my own load began to spurt out over my carpet. My cum burned up my shaft and out my flaring piss slit. Blast after blast of hot jism accompanied each throb of my penis, and it seemed like my strongest orgasm ever. Five, six, seven times I shot, my cum puddling on my carpet. I was gasping like a fish out of water, and my dick became super sensitive beneath my fingers. It almost brought me to my knees. Instead, I sat back on my unmade bed, trying not to drip any cum onto my dark blue comforter.

"Wow, that was amazing." I looked over at Drew as he said this. I couldn't have agreed more.

"Yeah man. I haven't cum that hard before."

As the afterglow began to wane, I tucked my softening penis back into my shorts. Drew already had.

"What time is it?" my best friend asked.

Glancing at my alarm clock, saw that only 45 minutes had passed since we walked in the door. "4:45."

"Wanna play some video games?" I was relieved that Drew seemed to be acting like nothing unusual had happened. I had worried the he might freak out, or that things might be awkward.

" Sure." Dropping his tissue in the trash can Drew led the way to the living room where I knew we would have a classic Madden battle. Following him out, I reached into my trashcan and pulled out his cum-soaked tissues. Hiding it in my pillowcase, I knew it would come in handy for my bedtime jerk later that night.


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