This story is pure fiction. I does not represent any person living or dead. There is sex in it but the main theme is the loving bond between two boys from diverse back grounds and their struggle into adulthood. I hope you enjoy it. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Eric at


I was born in 1992 in the Arizona state prison. My mother was in for a very long time under the three strikes and you are out program. She didn’t even know who my father was so as a ward of the state I was sent to a foster home in Phoenix where I lived until I was 6 years old. I was then sent to another home in Tucson. I lived with an abusive and cruel woman who would beat me with a strap without any provocation, it was a miserable existence. When I was 9 my case worker turned up during one such beating and I was immediately removed and sent to a Young couple who had no children in Sierra Vista where I live today.

Hi, I’m Devon Hill I just turned 12, I’m 5’2” and weigh 108 lbs. I have grey eyes and light brown hair. I will be in the 7th grade next school year. The Saxton’s, the people I live with have been very good to me. They insisted I call them by their first names Clay and Pat from the first day. I have lived with them for 3 years. I love living with someone young. They have a lot of energy so they spend a lot of time with me play games and going to sports events. Over the past couple years I have learned to love both of them very much. They are like the Parents I never had.

It is now summer and I spend my time during the day swimming or riding bicycles in the foot hills with Tommy, one of my friends. In the evenings I cruse the internet or watch television. I’m also on a soccer team so Clay spends time with me learning how to improve my foot work. I couldn’t ask for more.

Late one evening I started to the kitchen get a glass of milk as I got to their room I overheard Clay and Pat talking about adopting a kid. I turned around and ran back to my room. Hearing what they said almost made me loose my dinner. I figured if they were going to adopt a little kid I would be sent to another home. I just couldn’t face another change to the unknown. I had made up my mind some time ago that I wasn’t going to another home. I would just run away. I cried myself to sleep. The next day I began to plan what I could do. I got on the internet and found some places in Mexico I figured I wouldn’t be found there. I decided on Kino Bay where there would be American tourist and I could blend in.

The next morning Pat was going to do some grocery and ask if I wanted to go. I told her I had already told Tommy I would come to his house. She said okay and that she would be back in a couple hours. I pulled all the money I had saved from allowance and yard work for neighbors out of the jar I kept it in. I had $160.00. I packed as much as I could in my backpack and headed the eight blocks to highway 80 that lead to the very small twin cities of Naco, Arizona and Naco, Mexico. I waited for over an hour before some real old guy in his pickup stopped for me. He said he could take me as far as the cut off to Naco. I told him how much I appreciated the ride He said it was no trouble at all. He liked kids and was always glad to help out. It took only 20 minutes to get to the cutoff where I got out and thanked him once again. I walked the 4 miles to Naco. I reached the street that leads to the pedestrian entrance. When I reached where the street dead ends I passed through the turnstile into Mexico and crossed the one lane street that leads to the US border entrance from Mexico to the side walk that passes by the Mexican check point. I knew they never checked incoming foot traffic so I continued to where all the busses park that will take you to other cities. I found the bus to Kino Bay and in my very poor Spanish found when the bus and bought a ticket. I had two hours before it left so I decided to get something to eat. I had been here with Jay several times so I knew where I could get decent food. I had a couple burritos and a coke then headed back to the bus. Some of the little kids that are always begging form what few American that came to this very poor and dirty little town came up to me saying dinero por favor (money please). I gave them each a dollar. Hey I’m a sucker for poor kids.

The buss left at 2 pm. With the several stops we made along the way we reached Kino Bay Just as it was getting dark. I got off the bus and looked around. I saw some older guys I was sure were American so I ask them if they knew where a youth hostile was. They told me to follow them as they were staying there. When we got there I went to the front desk where a guy who looked like he was a left over from the hippie era was standing. He had a long pony tail and a wild looking shirt on. I ask him if he had any rooms. He looked down at me a smiled. Aren’t you a little young to be on your own? I told him my parents knew where I was. He smiled again and said sure they do. Look little guy I’m not suppose to take in kids as young as you. I looked down at the floor dejected and very tired. He placed his hand on my shoulder and said to hell with the rules you look dun in. He took me to a room and told me it had a private bath so the older guys wouldn’t give me a bad time in the Community showers. I ask him how much and he said we can take care of that tomorrow. You get some rest. I agreed with him and closed the door. The room was very small but clean. I took of my clothes and showered. The warm water finished me off. I was so tired by the time I had dried off I just fell into the bed.

I woke the next morning a little after 8 am. I was feeling much better. I dressed and went to the front desk. The guy I had met last night was there. He smiled and ask me how I slept. I told him I was feeling much better thanks. He reached his hand out and said my name is Jake. We shook hands and I told him I ‘m Devon. Well Devon Your room fee is $25.00 per night. I looked at him and said that much huh. Jake looked at me and said so you don’t have much money. I shook my head in the affirmative. Look Devon, you give me the straight scoop on you and I will see what I can do. I thought for a minute and decided this guy was trying to help me. We sat down and I told him the entire story. Your got a bum rap kid. You started out with two strikes against you. I know how it is, I ‘m 19, my old man is a drunk and my mother took off long ago so her I am. You and I both got to stick together. I’ll tell what! You can stay in the room if you will help me with the laundry every morning. It takes about three hours a day. I jumped up and hugged him and he kissed me on the forehead. You and I are going to get along just fine Devon.

He took me to breakfasts. All we server is rolls and cereal here at the hostel and you looked like you needed more than that. I really appreciate what you are doing for me but I don’t want to cause you any trouble. Hey there is no problem. Remember you are working for me. We both laughed. He looked at me with a very stern look and said look you are a very good looking kid and this place is full of boy lovers. You need to watch where you are and who is around you at all times. I had a puzzled look on my face. Okay so you don’t know what a boy lover is. I shook my head. They are older boys or men that prey on young boys and force them to have sex with them. I looked at him and said you mean they stick there thing in your butt. Yep, or they make you suck their dick he said. At least I knew about that kind of stuff. We finished breakfasts and headed back to the hostel. Jake showed me how to separate the sheets from the pillow cases and how much detergent to put in the large washers. He went on to show me how to work the dryers and how to fold the sheet and pillow cases and where to store them. It was hard work but I didn’t mind. When I finished I told Jake and he inspected my job. Your do good work kid and you look like you could use a swim. I went to my room and put on my trunks and we both headed for the beach. We had a great time. I met two guys about 13 or 14 from one of the hotels along the beach and they invited me to eat dinner with the. Jake told me to have a good time.

As we walked the beach toward the hotel I told them my name and they introduced themselves as Chad & Cole. Chad was 14 and Cole was 13. As we approached the hotel from the beach their parents called them over. They introduced me to them and said they had invited me for dinner. Their parents said they were glad to meet me and were happy their boys had invited me. From the looks of the jewelry their mother was wearing I would guess them to have money. Their dad said they had reservations at 7 pm which was just an hour away. I told Cole I didn’t have anything with me to wear to the dining room. He said you and I are the same size so you can wear some of mine. He told his dad that we were going up to his room to get some clothes for me to wear to dinner. Chad said he would change when we finished.

As it turned out he and Chad had their own room. Cole showed me some clothes and told me to pick what I wanted. I picked some out and ask if any were his favorites. He told me he had plenty of clothes so what I picked was fine. He handed me a pair of jockey underwear. We both took of our bathing suits but as I stood up Cole turned around and said wow man you have a beautiful dick. I blushed. Sorry Devon I didn’t mean to embarrass you. That’s okay Cole you just caught me of guard. It’s just that I have never seen a guy that hadn’t been circumcised he said. You’re as hairless as me but you have at least 5 inches there. I’m doing good to have 3-1/2. Yea I guess I’m not your average 12 year old. Gees man I’m 13-1/2 and still look like a little kid. Don’t judge yourself by the size of your penis. You’re a good looking guy and still have plenty of time to grow. It’s not what you have between your legs but what you have in your head that counts. Man of a 12 year old you are pretty smart. He gave me a pair of black shoes that felt as soft as a baby’s bottom. They fit perfect. We finished dressing and went to the pool side where his parents were. His mother said I was very hansom. And Cole agreed. We sat down, his dad poured us a little wine in our glasses. I had never tasted wine but this was good. Chad returned and we went to the dining room.

The dinner was great. I had shrimp scampi and a delicious custard desert. Cole’s dad invited me to come back any time as they would be there another two weeks. I thanked them for the dinner and told Cole that I would bring back his clothes and shoes. He said never mind they look better on you than me. I told him I couldn’t do that but he insisted. I thanked him and left for the hostel. When I walked through the door Jeff whistled and said where did you steal those clothes. I told him some rich folks had invited me to dinner and their son gave them to me. What did you give the kid in return? I smiled and said a look at my beautiful body. He whistled and said man he got his monies worth. I laughed and headed for my room.

The next morning I got up early, ate breakfast and headed for the laundry room. The routine was easy but the work was hard. I was learning short cuts and the work went faster than the day before. When I finished I called Jake on the intercom and told him I had finished. He came down and inspected telling me I was better and faster than he was.

I went to my room and change to my bathing suit. The beach was beautiful as usual and I was enjoying myself. Cole came over and joined me and we built sand castles with big motes around them. After we finished building them we decided to fly kites he had with him. When we finished we just sat and talked. As it was getting late Cole invited me to eat with them again. I told him I had already made plans. He reached over and kissed me on the cheek and said you are so much fun to be with. I blushed again. We parted and I headed to the hostel. I took a shower and put on a pair of shorts and a T shirt to match. I went back where Jake and I ate earlier, the food was good and not expensive.

After I had eaten I headed to the beach. By now it was dark but there was a full moon and the lights form the hotels. I walked along letting the tide wash up on my feet. As I walked I started to think of home and how much I missed it. If they were going to adopt a kid I had to find me another home. Before long I realized I had walked past the hotels and was away from any civilization. I remembered what Jake had told me about the boy lovers and started to turn around when I head a whining noise coming from under a pier near by. I very reluctantly moved in the direction of the noise and as I came to the pier I could see a figure lying in the sand. I drew closer and the noise grew louder when I reached the figure I could tell it was a boy crying and moaning. I reached down and could make out he had cuts on his face and body. Even though he was heavy I picked him up and carried him to an area where there was some light and set him down. The kid was a mess. Someone had beaten him badly. He quit crying and his eyes closed. I felt for a pulse and found one. He had passed out. I picked him up and started down the beach when I reached the back of the hostel where the Laundry room was I sat him down and pulled out the key and unlocked the door. I picked him up and carried him to a table where I folded the linen. I laid him down and looked him over. It was too much for me to handle so I took off to the front and found Jake. He knew something was wrong when he saw me coming. What happened Devon you look like a ghost? Jake please come with me as I pulled on his arm. He followed me to the laundry room and immediately saw the bloodied boy. He looked him over, checked his head and then said he’ll be okay but he would be sore from the wounds and bruised ribs I got some hot water and Jake and I washed his wounds. Jake took some antiseptic from the first aid kit hanging in the laundry room and put it on his cuts. This sting of the antiseptic must have brought him too. He looked at me with fright in his eyes and I immediately told him he would be okay. The kid spoke, whooo whooo ar are you? I’m Devon and this is Jake. We are going to take care of you. Jake pulled me aside and said he looks like a throw away to me. A what I exclaimed! Devon he is a kid of the streets. He belongs to know one. There are many of them here. Jake! He speaks English how can he be a throw away? I will have to admit it is unusual for a kid to speak English but he is still a throw away. Look at him Jake, he has red hair and blue eyes. He’s an Angelo no Mexican. I don’t know what he is but I’m can’t take care of him. Jake I didn’t ask you to I will. Okay kiddo but you’re going to keep him in your room. I can’t make room for him.

I carried the boy to my room and sat him on a stool. I ask him if it was okay for me to remove his clothe so I could wash him. He nodded his head. I took off the rag of a T shirt and removed his shorts. I turned on the show and ask him if he could stand up. He stood up and I put him in the shower being careful not to let the water come out in more than a small stream. I took the wash cloth and washed him being careful not to get any more water in his cuts than I had to. I got him out and carefully dried him off. I put a pair of my shorts on him and helped him to my bed. He was asleep as soon as he hit the bed. I lay down beside him and finally went to sleep.

The next morning he woke me as I turned I found myself looking into his beautiful bright blue eyes. He smiled and thanked me for helping him. I told him anyone would have done the same. I had questions but they could wait. I ask what is name was and he said Aiden. Well Aiden are you strong enough to go eat. His eyes got big and he said you’re going to give me food? Of course silly you have to eat. I helped him up and we slowly walked the short distance to the restaurant. I told him to order what ever he liked. Tears came to his eyes as he said I have never eaten in a restaurant. I took the menu and ordered him three eggs with two slices of ham. I gave the waiter my order. When we finished eating I ask if he was full. He nodded his head. He started to pick up the scraps on our table and put them in a napkin. I took hold of his hand and said you will eat with me again. I won’t let you go hungry. He started to cry again, I moved over and he laid his head on my shoulder, when he quieted I took him back to my room and carefully laid him down being careful not to hurt his sore ribs. He was sleeping before I closed the door. I headed for the laundry and finished up in record time. When I returned to my room Aiden woke as I opened he door. I sat down beside him and ask if he was feeling better. He said he felt much better. I went on to ask how he became a street kid. He said he mother was a fugitive from the law in California. She came to México right after he was born. He told me he had no idea who his father was. He said one night two years ago in August she left the room with one of her dates but never returned. I had no where to go so I have been living on the street ever since. He said his last name was Spencer. I ask him how old he was and he said he was 11 and would be 12 in three month. I ask him how he had survived this long. He said doing favors for men. I ask what kind of favors. He started crying again. Through his tears he said he would suck them off for money. Did you have to do anything else? No I was lucky I never got it up the butt. I guess I looked to small. Who beat you up? The same guy that is always stealing my money. He makes me give him part of what I get ever day. Will he be looking for you? Yes.

The days turned into weeks and Aiden healed and put on weight. He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. His skin was lightly tanned. His hair was almost auburn like reddish/brown. There was something going on within me but I couldn’t figure it out. It was like I didn’t want him out of my sight.

One night we were in bed talking when he reached over and kissed me on the lips. I automatically returned the kiss like that was what I was supposed to do. He came back at me with his tongue pressing against my teeth. I slowly parted my teeth as his tongue slipped in my mouth. I immediately became hard. Aiden felt me against him and slowly reached down and took hold of my Penis. He pulled the sheet back and moved down my stomach to my navel and run his tongue around it. By this time I had feeling I didn’t know existed. He continued down until he covered my boyhood with his mouth. As he ran his tongue around it I was about to climax, when I did I pushed his head down as far as it would go and then collapsed. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt. Did you like it? Did I like it, the streets have taught you well He laughed and said I have many things I can show you. I didn’t know what I was feeling but I knew I had never felt it before. This boy was slowly becoming part of me. What ever was going on I wasn’t about to let it stop.

This became our regular routine. He taught me how to do him and how to make it more intense. We also became very good at playing with each others body and finding all those places that would send me over the edge and kissing became a favorite pastime.

I wanted to know more about his mother so one afternoon while he was sleeping I ask Jake where I could go to find out if someone had died. He told me where he thought I would have the best chance of finding records. When I finally found the place I walked up to the service counter and ask if this was where I could find a death certificate. He told me there would be no certificate but it should be recorded by date. He showed me where to look. In just a few minutes I found the name Spencer, Marie. She was found dead at a hotel on August the 10th 2002. I ask how I could get a copy of what was in the book. He made me a copy, I thanked him for his help and left. I returned to the hostel, woke Aiden and told him I had verified his mother’s death and showed him the paper. He cried a little then looked at me and said at least he now knew for sure.

Late one afternoon we were on the beach when this big guy came running at us grabbing Aiden and punched him in the mouth. I was so surprised it took me a couple seconds to realize who this was and what was going on. I quickly looked around and found a hard plastic bat the kids use on the beach. I ran up behind him and with all my might I swung the bat up between his legs hitting him in the balls. He crumbled to the ground as I took hold of Aiden’s hand and we took off running without looking back. We got to our room and locked the door. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t come to the Hostel. Aiden looked at me as said he won’t quit until he gets me. He has killed other boys for running from him. I cleaned his cut lip and put ice on it.

I knew we had to do something but I didn’t know what. After giving it some thought I knew the only way was to return to Clay and Pat’s. I would worry about what to do after we were safe. Aiden and I had been sharing my clothes so I made sure I washed them when I did the morning laundry for the Hostel. Aiden had no shoes and I knew he had to have a pair so we went to a thrift shop to see if they could find something to fit him. We were lucky and found a pair of hiking boots that were little used. The fit him perfect. I knew if we were forced to buy new shoes he would have blisters before we made it very far.

We told Jake good by and he told us to be careful. We then headed for the bus station. I let Aiden purchase the tickets because he spoke the language much better than I. We boarded the bus and in a few minutes we were on our way. I told Aiden that we would get off the bus before it entered Naco. I knew we would have problems at the U.S. Border crossing because of our age. And the fact Aiden had no identification. About four miles from Naco Aiden ask the driver to stop. They had a discussion but he stopped and we got off. I ask Aiden what the problem had been. He said the driver didn’t want to drop us off in the middle of no where.

We set out across the desert toward the border behind the Coronado National Forest Reserve. I knew there were only low fences along this area. I just hoped we could miss all the border patrol that covers the area. It took us four hours to reach the fence. We crossed over and started over the low range of mountains. Two hours later we were reached one of the dirt roads that leads to the Highway going through the forest. Just as we came up over a rise a border patrol SUV was sitting there I wasn’t sure what to do so we just keep walking. As we approached the vehicle a border patrol agent jumped out and ran toward us. He kept looking at a paper he had in his hand and yelled back to his buddy it’s him. He walked up to us and said there are going to be some very happy people your foster parents and the police have been searching for you for over six weeks, where have you been? It’s a long story I replied. I’ll bet it is he said and who is this with you. He’s just a friend. Where is he from? Just down the road I replied. Down the road and across the fence I would bet, there isn’t a house within 5 miles of here. Look at him I said, he’s Angelo! I guess this wasn’t his day to hassle kids because I know he knew we had crossed the border. We had been luck to come across one of those rare agents that just couldn’t see any benefit to chasing kids from across the border. He was one of the older ones that had seen to many hungry and destitute kids to give a dam any more. He told us to jump in the SUV and he drove the 12 miles to Clay and Pats. On the way I thanked him for what he was doing and let him know I knew it was against regulations.

It was almost dark when he pulled in the drive way. When I got out Pat and Clay came running out. Clay picked me up in a bear hug, kissed me and I started crying. Pat came over and pulled me away form Clay and we were both crying. Where have you been she ask? Once again I said it’s a long story just give me some time and I will tell you everything. The border agent said there is another one in the vehicle. He walked over and helped Aiden out. Clay and Pat looked at me again, I will explain him also. The Agent said he would notify the police I had been found. Clay thanked him and we went to the house.

When we got inside I said Pat, Clay this is Aiden I brought him back from Mexico with me. He’s an orphan. When you send me to a new home he just has to go with me. They both looked at me in shock. Pat said what ever gave you the idea we were going to send you away. I heard you talking when I went to the kitchen for milk the night before I left. You were talking about adopting some kid. She bent down and looking into my eyes said it was you we were talking about. I just stood there in shock. Clay picked me up and said you aren’t going anywhere. We love you and this will be your last move. By then the flood gates had opened and I cried until I could cry no more. When I regained my composure I turned to Aiden, took his hand and pulled him to me. I am sorry I caused you both so much concern. It was foolish of me to jump to a conclusion before being sure who you were talking about. I feel just awful about the pain I have caused you. Pat still looking at me said your being safe is all we prayed for. Having you back is all we want. Now can we talk about Aiden? I found him in Kino Bay. You went all the way to Kino Bay she exclaimed. Guy’s please just hear me out. I went on to tell them the story of how I found him and what he had to do to survive. I also told them about the man who was going to kill him and why. I told them about his mother’s death and how it had happened. When I finished they just sat there with a look of disbelief so I continued. I can’t explain it but Aiden and I have become very close. What I mean is we have an attachment for each other that neither of us can explain. It’s like he breathes the air that fills my lungs and his eyes are the window to my soul. Am I making any sense? Clay said I believe we have some idea of what you two mean to each other. Pat interrupted, it’s very late and look at you two. You look completely warn out and you half the desert is on you. Both of you get a shower and I will fix you something to eat.

I took Aiden by the hand and started to my bedroom, as we walked in he said wow this place is nice. They must be rich. No Aiden they are not rich according to American standards they are what we call upper middle class. He looked at me. If this is middle class I couldn’t imagine what the rich live like. I giggled and pulled him to me in a short kiss. I slowly undressed him and then myself. I took his hand and led him to my bathroom. I turned on the shower and washed Aiden down taking care to get his all the most beautiful places clean. He did the same for me. We then washed each others hair. When we finished we dried of and went to my bedroom only to find Clay sitting on the side of the bed. He looked up, oh sorry guys I didn’t mean to catch you in the buff. We both told him no problem. I said I think we all have the same equipment only yours is bigger. He looked at me and said, if you keep growing at the rate you are I’m not sure that will be true for long. I blushed. Seriously boys, we need to get you both to the doctor tomorrow. I looked at him puzzled. Let me explain. I don’t know what you two have done together but I do know that Aiden is at risk from his activities on the streets. We need to be sure neither you haven’t picked up any diseases. I called Doc Warner at his home and he said to bring you both in at nine sharp. We put on just a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen to eat. We both were more tired than hungry so we ate quickly then we literally fell into the bed and were sound asleep in moments.

The next morning was Saturday so Clay took us to see Doctor Warner. We were his first patients as he had squeezed us in ahead of other patients. Doc gave me a big hug and said he sure was glad to hear I was found safe. I introduced him to Aiden. Well boys do we do this one at time. Looking at Aiden I said you can do us both at the same time. Aiden nodded his head. Doc Aiden has never been to a doctor before so I would appreciate you telling us what you are going to do. Well now that sounds reasonable. First I will be taking a sample of you stool and urine. We will also draw a small vile of blood. He handed us a small container and said to pee in it for him and a larger one he said was for our stool. Aiden looked at me. He wants you to take a dump in it I said. He bushed and we entered separate bathrooms. When we came out he took some blood from each of us. He told us to pull down our pants and shorts so he could check our penis and scrotum for any abnormalities. He said they both looked fine. The Doc told Clay he would have some of the results in a couple days. The test for HIV would take longer.

Clay took us to breakfast and then to the mall. We kept loosing Aiden because he was staring at all the shops. Clay bought Aiden a bunch of clothes and a pair of Nikes. As we were heading home Clay suddenly pulled to the curb and backed up. He got out in front of the Salvation Army Thrift Store. There setting in front was a brand new looking red five speed mountain bike. He ask Aiden to try it on for size so he got on and a big smile came across his face. Clay bought the bike. On the way home Aiden told me he had never rode a bike. I said no sweat I’ll teach you.

When we arrived home Pat had lunch ready. As we were eating Clay said we all needed to discuss something when we finish. After eating we went to the den and sat down. Clay began. Boys Pat and I have made a decision. First you already know we are adopting Devon. The second thing is we want to adopt Aiden also. Aiden’s eyes got big and he started to cry. He just kept saying I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it. Clay sat down beside him Aiden crawled on his lap an hugged him around the neck. After a while he got himself under control. Clay added there is only one problem. We have nothing to prove you are an American citizen and that you’re an orphan. I ran to my bedroom and picked up the piece of paper, ran back and handed it to Clay. He looked at me, ruffled my hair and said aren’t you the smart one. We just may have a solution. I’ll give this to my dad and let him get on it. Aiden looked at me a little bewildered. His dad is an attorney. If anyone can take care of this he can. Aiden ran to me and through his arms around my neck and planted a kiss on my lips. Clay looked at Pat looked at us and said I think we have our work cut out for us.

That evening while Aiden was taking care of business in the bath room Clay ask me if Aiden and I had anal intercourse. I assured him we had kissed and sucked each other and that was all. He said until we get the test results lets keep it that way. I told him that we hadn’t even thought about doing anything else. We just like being together, cuddling and kissing and sometimes sucking. He smiled and said okay we understand your attachment to one another. Your are starting into puberty and experimenting is natural. If later you think it is more than that come to me so we can all talk about it.

Late Monday afternoon Clay came home with his dad following. He called us in and introduced his dad to Aiden. He told us he had found Aiden’s birth records and received a faxed conformation that the paper I was given was accurate. He said he was going to California with Clay and Pat to get a quick foster assignment before the state of Arizona tried to move in and make him a ward of the state. Once that was done he believed the adoption could take place within 30 days. Clay said Mema, our nick name for Clay’s mother would stay with us.

The next morning they were off to the airport. Mema came over and I introduced her to Aiden. She went on about how Hansom he was. She totally embarrassed poor Aiden. After lunch I taught Aiden how to ride his bike. It didn’t take anytime and he was riding like he had started when he was 4. That afternoon we played in the pool. We would have gone skinny dipping if Mema hadn’t been there. After a while Tommy joined us, he and Aiden seemed hit it off. We played keep away with the water ball and gave each other directions in Spanish. Tommy called foul. That’s not fair I only know English. We agreed and started playing fair.

After dinner Aiden and I watched some TV. We couldn’t really find anything good on so we told Mema we were going to bed. She wished us good night and we headed for our room. I undressed Aiden all the while taking in his beautiful body. He had no molds or scars. His skin was perfect. He was only 4’11” and weighed 90.5 lbs. his proportion was perfect right down to his 4” uncircumcised penis. It didn’t have a vain showing. I kissed his penis and he giggled. He undressed me also very slow and we walked to the shower. When the water was just right we got in. I washed Adin’s hair and he washed mine. We then washed each other from back to front. With the water still running I got on my knees and took him in my mouth. He had taught me very well. When he climaxed he sunk to his knees and kissed me with our tongues doing battle. As the water turned cold we broke off and stepped out of the shower. He dried me off and I dried him. We crawled into bed and were soon fast to sleep.

The next day Clay, Pat and His dad returned. They had secured the foster assignment and had started the paper work to adopt Aiden. Clay told us they were making arrangements for both adoptions to take place the same day. You couldn’t have found two happier boys. That day we received some of the results. They were negative. The HIV test we yet to come.

In the days and weeks that followed we swam, played soccer and rode our bikes into the hills around our home. When we found a secluded place in some rocks we would kiss and fondle each other. Life just couldn’t be better for two boys who loved each other.

Early one morning Pat took Aiden to pick up some books so he could study for his equivalency test that would determine what grade he would start in. He had never been to school. I helped him with some study habits and before long he was working ever day on his own. He had a schedule where he studied from 9am to noon. The rest of the day was ours. At the end of July he took his test. They placed him in the seventh grade. We were all amazed he was able to test as high as the 7th grade. He was obviously smarter than I.

The next week our adoption papers were finalized. Aiden immediately started calling Pat and Clay Mom and Dad. I had become use to calling them by their first name so I continued to do so. We were about as happy a group as you could find. We now had a life and a future to look forward to. Clay’s Mom and Dad came over and we had a party with our friends and family.

Just a couple weeks before school was to start we received word that the HIV test were both negative. Clay and Pat took us to dinner to celebrate. After we ate we went to the Put-Put golf and games center. Even though he had never played before Aiden beat us all.

When we returned home it was getting late so we told Pat and Jay good night and went to our room. We stood at the foot of the bed and undressed each other. We pulled the duvet back and crawled on the bed. We entangled ourselves in each others body while we passionately kiss. We ran our hands over each others bodies, as we broke Aiden moved down to my nipples sucking them each in turn He licked and kissed his way down to my navel and ran his tongue around it. He continued to ball sack and took it into his mouth. He sucked and licked while I reveled in pleasure. He moved to my penis and sucked it into his mouth. He ran his tongue around it and sucked some more. Before long I felt something rising from my balls and up my penis until I climaxed. Aiden looked up at me and smiled. You just made sperm. He crawled up to my face and kissed me, allowing me to taste my first ejaculation. He pulled a tube from under his pillow and told me what to do with it. I remembered what clay had said but I wanted desperately to give Aiden what he wanted. We made passionate love the likes of which I never new existed.

The school year started and we wound up in separate classes. We always had lunch together and when we walked the short distance home each day we would take the way behind the hills so me could hold hands and kiss along the way. Our love making continued most nights. There were times we would take a break and just hold each other and talk.

Somewhere in mid term it was decided that Aiden would be moved to the 8th grade. He had surpassed the challenge of the 7th and so when the next term started he moved to another class. It didn’t change our routine because we still got out of school at the same time.

Jay figured out we were making love and told us to keep it between us and to be sure and not bring anyone else into our games. We told him it would never happen. He ruffled or hair and said I couldn’t have ask for better boys. We both jumped on his lap and kissed him. Before it was over we were in a tickle match. We made Clay say uncle before we quit.

As the school year came to a close Pat and Jay were notified that Aiden would be sent on to high school. We had a big end of school swimming party at our house and invited both our classes. It was the best party I had ever had. The kids talked about it for weeks after school ended.

Summer vacation started and Aiden went back to studying three hours a day. We would swim in the afternoon or go for hikes in the mountains. Most evenings we played soccer depending on our schedule. When we were hiking if we could find a secluded place we would roll out a blanket and make love. We continued to live in our own little world when away from prying eyes. When we were together we were very happy. As soccer season came to a close I was given a trophy for player of the year. We all celebrated at Vinie’s pizza palace.

Jay worked as a computer annalist for the government and had four weeks a year vacation. This year he made reservations at a beach house in on Santa Cruz Island off the coast of southern California. We flew into Oxnard, California and took a ferry across to the private island. The beach house was great and the sand on the beaches felt like silk on your feet. There were a lot of older people but we did find a few kids further down the beach.

Late one night we quietly left the beach house and went down near the waters edge. We took off our bating suits and laid two beach towels on the sand, I lay on my back and lifted my knees and Aiden slipped into me with ease. We made love to each other until it was almost daylight. We didn’t get up until Jan knocked on the door and said lunch was ready. We got up, took a shower and went to eat. As we sat down Clay looked at us and said. Late night on the beach? We just kept our heads down and continued to eat while Clay laughed.

School started and I missed not being there with Aiden. Our time together was now limited to evenings at home. Even then Aiden spent much of his time doing home work. We continued our live in bed behind closed doors in our own world.

Time passed and before I knew it the months had turned into years. Aiden was to graduate from high School this year. He had received an academic scholarship to UCLA.

Things were changing. He left home early in the summer for UCLA to take summer classes.

I was lost that summer and spent a lot of time in my room. Tommy finally got me out and we played base ball and soccer. I received a call from my coach at school one evening, he wanted me to head up the summer swim team. I through all my energy into summer sports and was able to keep Aiden out of my mind most of the time except nights. Tommy stayed over a lot which helped. During that time we became best friend and are to this day.

Aiden finished his work UCLA at the top of his class. He was grabbed up by a large computer company in California. I finished my senior year of high school and received a partial scholarship as a swimmer. I went on to Cochise College here in Sierra Vista and received a degree in education.

We haven’t see Aiden in several years, he’s a workaholic and never takes time off. I took a position at the local junior high teaching 7th grade. I am also the school coach. I love kids and stay busy during the summer months coaching one of the soccer teams along with a swimming team.

As time passed we heard Aiden had a new partner and were living together. I realized I was one of the lucky ones I had found someone that even though he had moved on his love and the time we had together would last me a lifetime.

Clay and Pat are still here and we visit often. They had been and still are the most wonderful parents a person could ask for.

As the years passed I became happy with who I was and the work I did with kids. I adopted a half Anglo and half Mexican boy with dark hair and green who is now 8 years old. He is the joy of my life. I have never had another partner and in all likelihood never will. There never will be anyone to replace the ragged and beautiful little boy I found at Keno Bay.