AJ and Cory (Chapter #1: My New Friend Cory)

DISCLAIMER: This story is about relationships (including sex) between young men and/or young teens. If you are offended by this type of story, or if this kind of materiel is illegal in your area, or if you are not of 'legal age' to read this please stop now.

THIS IS A TRUE STORY: This story contains TRUE events that happened in my life. Only the names of people and some places have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. The "dialog" is not exact, I have taken some liberties with some if it, because I can't remember exactly every word that was said, but the dialog is still true to the original events.

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Part 1: Introduction / New Neighborhood & School.

My name is AJ and this story takes place on the east coast of Canada, the province of New Brunswick to be specific. This province holds the distinction of being Canada's only officially bilingual province, with both French and English being the official languages.

I have written this story in English, but most of my friends during this time were French. I went to French school from grade 1 until I graduated high school. My friends and I usually spoke French, going to French School, I had very little English friends until I was older.... While I live in a "bilingual place", the languages are still very much separated, socially anyway. My mother is English and my father is French.


This is the story of me, my new neighborhood, new school, and my new friends - especially my new friend Cory.

I was 11 years old, soon to be 12. I was in Grade 6. My mother, little brother, and I had just moved into a new home across town because my parents got divorced and my father was moving far away, to Montreal, Quebec, a 10 hour drive or hour flight away.

I was a typical 11 year old boy - I loved video games, some sports, TV, movies, computers, music, and typical stuff. I was a little "prissy" for a boy my age, I was never one of those kids who needed to be asked by his parents to shower, bush his teeth, or comb his hair. I enjoyed being clean and I took my personal hygiene quite seriously, I think I got that from my dad, he is one of those guys who showers 3 times a day.

It was April... Only a couple months before June, when the school year ended... Also, I was going to turn 12 years old in June as well.

My little bother was also born in June... He was almost exactly 2 year younger than me. He was 9 years old and would be 10 years old just a week after I was 12.

My brother and I were "typical". We were as "close" as normal brothers are but we also had our problems. Because of the two year age difference between us, we had different friends... but that's another story for another time... This story is mostly about me and my soon to be new friend Cory.

Anyway, back to the story...

We were going to move across town into a new home and it was April - the school year only had 2 months left.

So my mother gave me a choice... I could stay at my old school to finish out the last 2 months of the school year OR go to my new school right away and do my last two months there.

I decided to go to the new school. I only had 2 months to get some friends before the "summer break". I wanted to make sure I had some new friends for the summer.

I've always been pretty outgoing and I knew I could easily find some new friends in the little time I had left.

The new school was what I would call a "neighborhood school". It was Elementary and Middle School both, Grades 1 to 8, with two classes of each grade. There were about 450 students in total. There was also another school of similar size just across the street, it was the "English School", they actually came over to our school to use our Gym, music room, and art room.

The Elementary classes were in the basement and on the bottom floor, while the Middle School classes were on the top floor.

Everyone that went to this school lived very nearby; this is what I mean by a "neighborhood school". Everyone lived no more than 20minute walk away; the school was right in the middle of a huge residential area.

The only buses that went this to this school were a couple of small buses for the disabled students; everyone else walked or has their parents drive them. This was quite different from my old school where kids were bussed in from all over town.

Part 2: Meeting My First Friend (Cory)

I can still remember going into my new 6th grade class for the first time. It wasn't long after that that things in my life started to change - quite dramatically!

It was on the first day of school that I first met Cory. He would soon end up being one of my best friends; he lived right down the street from me.

Cory was a typical kid, he was not really "anything" as far as "social groups or status, he was just a kid.

Cory was really cool and he hit it off really fast. Cory was actually in grade 5, not in grade 6 like me. He was 1 year younger, actually almost 1 year exactly; he would be turning 11 years old just a few days before I was to turn 12.

It was kind of weird, me, my little brother and now my new friend - all born in June... All of our birthdays between June 6th and 16th... But it wasn't that odd - lots of people are born in June. Cory also thought it was pretty cool that our birthdays were only a few days apart, we talked about how cool it would be when we both had new toys and birthday money at the same time.

I don't remember how we started talking, all I know is that we talked during the lunch break on my very first day and we ended up walking home together after school. We continue to walk home from school and to school in the morning, almost every day.

Over the next couple of weeks we got to know each other quite well. He also introduced to me many of other "neighborhood boys". By this time I had many new friends, all in my school, all my around age, no more than a grade above or below me. However, Cory was by far my best friend... I liked him more than all the others.

After being friends for a few weeks, I decided to invite Cory over to stay the night at my house. I had never had a sleepover with a friend before; I thought it would be cool to finally have one.

Also, that weekend my brother was going to be away visiting my grandmother, so it would be nice to have Cory over for the night without my little brother bugging us.

It was Friday noon hour break when I asked him. He immediately said 'YES' right away, so long as his mother was ok with the idea.

School that day was like any other except I was a little excited about having Cory over for the night. I remember being distracted because I was thinking about what me and Cory would do for fun and stuff.

Eventually the school day was done and I headed outside by the main door of the school to find Cory - this is where we already met up so we could walk home together.

Up until this point, Cory had only been inside my front door - he had actually never seen inside my house or my bedroom. I told him how I had my own TV, VCR, Super Nintendo, and a computer in my bedroom and that we could go down to the local Blockbuster to rent a movie and/or video game.

Anyway, once we got to my place. He told me he had to go home, talk to his mother, eat dinner and would call me in while when he was ready to come over.

Part 3: The Sleep Over With Cory

About an hour later, the phone rang, it was Cory and his mom wanted to talk to my mom to make sure everything was ok with her. His mother was quite a bit more protective than mine - they talked for quite some time. Finally she agreed to let Cory come over for the night, but not until he did his chores and homework.

Finally 6pm arrives and Cory comes to my door.

At first me and Cory just sat around, I got a couple cans of Pepsi and we watched a little TV. Then after a while I went to talk to my mother so I could my allowance money. I told mom that me and Cory were going to go rent a movie and/or video game at the nearby blockbuster and asked for her card.

Cory told me he liked horror movies but his mother wouldn't allow them, so we rented "Friday The 13th" and I also rented "Street Fighter" for my Nintendo.

I loved horror movies as well and my mom didn't care if I watched them. So I was more than happy to rent a horror movie for me and Cory to watch.

The sleepover went as normal. Typical childhood sleepover, we watched the movie, played some video games, ate, and watch some TV as well.

We also talked for a long while before going to bed. We talked about our families, school, and other typical stuff.

I am not exactly sure how but near the end of our conversation, we started talking about puberty, at first a little shy but after a few minutes we got into a good conversation.

Now, I have never been a shy person and I've always been quite open. My whole family was like that, none of us were very shy about talking about our feeling or embarrassing things like sex for example.

So when our little conversation turned into talking about puberty, I was very open with my new friend.

I came right out and told Cory about how I had grown a fair bit "down there" in the last few months but still no hair there yet. I told him about how I get a boner all the time, usually when I didn't want one.

I also told him about how I had started jerking off a few months ago - after my cousin told me how to do it.

Cory was a little shocked at first... I don't think he had expected me to be so open about that... But he got over it quickly.

He told me he hadn't really jerked off before but did kind of "play with it" a few times for a few seconds and made it hard... He also told me that he two had grown some "down there" in the last few months, but like me, he still had no hair yet.

After talking for a little while longer, we got tired and soon feel asleep. Cory slept in a sleeping back on the floor next to my bed.

Part 4: The Next Day (When Things Get A Little Interesting)

The next morning we woke up, had some breakfast, and generally just hung out in my room watching a little TV and playing some more video games. It was a pretty boring Saturday morning but it was still fun.

Cory called his mother around noon time. He asked if it was ok if he hung around with me for longer and if he could stay the night again. His mother said he could stay over again BUT he had to come home for just a bit... not sure why. I think just because she was a little protective of him.

So that settled it, Cory was going to stay the night again.

Cory went home, after about an hour his mom called to make sure he could stay overnight again. My mom said it was cool and within about 20minutes Cory was back at my house with a new set of clothes and some money his mom gave him.

Me and Cory decided to talk a walk and explore the wooded area near our homes.

We spent a few hours walking some of trails and enjoying the nice view of the ocean from the cliffs that overlooked them.

We decided to take a break. We found a nice grassy patch, about the size of a car on top of one of the cliffs. We decided that we would take a little rest.

While we rested there, we started just talking again. At first we just talked about how cool it was that he was going to stay over again.

Then, kind of unexpectedly, Cory started asking me about jerking off. He wanted to know how often I did it and if it really felt good or not.

Again, not being a shy person. I answered his questions very openly and honestly. I told him that I jerked off almost every day, sometimes more than once. I also told him how good it felt to do it, especially when you "got the feeling" (that is what I always called an orgasm at the time).

Cory seemed to like the fact that I was quite open about it and you could tell that he was very curious and wanted to know even more.

He told me about how he had played with his dick a few times and made it hard, how it felt pretty good but he was sure exactly how to "jerk off".

I asked him if ever "got the feeling" (an orgasm) but he had no idea what I was talking about... So I told him that he must have NOT been doing it right, because if he was doing it right, he would know exactly what "feeling" I was talking about.

It was getting close to 5pm at this point and we needed to be back home very soon, but I told Cory that later, when we were alone in my room that I would tell him how to do it right, just like my cousin had told me.

Cory seemed quite excited about this... We then got up and walked home.

Part 5: The Next Night (I Teach Cory To Jerk Off)

Once we got home, my mom had dinner all ready for us. We ate a big meal and then went to my bedroom to hang out.

About 20 minutes later my mom had come into my room to let us know that she had another one of her migraine headaches and was going to go take a rest for a bit while her pills kicked in. She asked us to be quiet and only wake her if it was urgent, otherwise she would be back up in a couple hours.

Once she left the room, I whispered to Cory that I would tell him about that in a bit. He smiled because he knew what I what I was talking about.

Me and Cory just kind of talked and hung out for about 15minutes, until I was sure that my mom was asleep. My mom got these headaches all the time so I know that she would be asleep for at least 2 hours, maybe 3.

So after about 15minutes, I asked Cory if he wanted me to tell how to jerk off now. He immediately said YES and seemed pretty excited.

I then proceed to tell him how to jerk off, just like my cousin told me. My cousin told me quite well with lots of details, although he didn't show me, he told me pretty good. So I wanted to tell Cory about it just a well as my cousin had told me.

First, I told him how I sometimes did it "Dry" and sometimes I put skin moisturizer on my dick to make it wet and more enjoyable. At that point in my life, I had never thought about using spit and I didn't know what "lube" was... by "lube", I mean the stuff made specifically for that purpose, but Vaseline Intensive Care skin moisturizer worked great.

Second, I told him to like grab his dick and start going up and down... slow at first but go faster over time. I told him how I sometimes rub on the end of my dick and/or play with my balls with my free hand.

At some point while I was explaining this to him... I was talking about foreskin... At this point, Cory perked right up and said "Oh, I'm circumcised... I don't have any foreskin".

Up until this point in my life, I thought I knew a lot about this kind of stuff, but this thing called "circumcised" was new to me... I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. I thought everyone had foreskin. The only dicks I had ever seen were my little brothers and my dads - they both had foreskin.

I had to know more... So I asked Cory to tell me more about it.

He told me that when he was born he was circumcised, because his dad wanted him to be. He told me the doctor "cut off" his foreskin. This was totally new to me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I told Cory that I had foreskin and that I thought everyone else did to. Cory said that he used to think everyone was like him, without any foreskin, until his father explained it to him about year ago, when he asked about it.

I was getting even more curious... I wanted to know what it looked like to have no foreskin and not being a shy person; I came right out and asked Cory if I could see his dick.

At first he was like, NO, but I said I would show him mine first if that would make him happy... He thought about it for a second and then said YES.

Now I've been naked in front of my dad and especially my bother many times - so I had no hesitation about it at all. I just stood up, unbuttoned by jeans, pulled them down a little, and showed Cory my now semi-hard cock.

Cory looked at my dick and said; "Cool... the foreskin looks so neat and soft".

I just stood there for a few seconds and let him look - I even pulled the foreskin back a couple times to show him how it went over the end of my dick. The whole time my dick stayed semi-hard, you know about ½ way between hard and soft.

I put my dick back into my boxers, pulled my pants back up, and sat back down on the bed. I then told Cory it was his turn to show me his.

He hesitated for a few seconds but then he stood up, unzipped his jeans, pulled down his briefs a little and pulled out his dick.

I had to admit at first I was kind of surprised. I had never seen a circumcised dick before but after a second I was over it... I studied it closely, I looked at the mushroom like dick head, it looked lighter in color than mine - mine was like dark red, almost purple, his was just plain old normal red.

Also, unlike my "semi-hard dick", his was obviously fully hard - a total boner - sticking right out in front of him - perfectly strait. His dick was noticeably shorter in length than mine but about the same width, maybe even wider.

I am not sure why... but I asked him if I could feel it. You could tell he was just about to say NO but he hesitated for a moment to think about it and then said; "I guess so, but only if I can touch yours".

Before he even finished his sentence, I reached right out and touched the end of this dick - the mushroom head. It was dry; mine was always moist. I then touched the base of this cock; it felt just like mine, except for the missing foreskin - the skin was soft and felt really nice. I can still remember how nice it felt to me.

I wanted to keep feeling it more but he stopped me and told me it was my turn. So I stood back up and took out my dick again for him. My dick was now fully hard, as hard as it's ever been.

He was now getting as eager as I was, without any hesitation, he reached right out and grabbed by dick. He pulled my foreskin back and forth a few times and then told me how "neat" it felt.

I told him to stop after a few seconds because I was "getting the feeling". Not sure why but something told me that it wasn't a good thing to do that when he was touching me.

He stopped and then asked me more about "the feeling" and jerking off. I told him that since we had already seen and touched each others dicks, we should just jerk off and I could show him how to do it.

I reached under my bed and got my bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care skin moisturizer lotion. I put some on my hand and rubbed it over my dick. I then gave him the bottle and told him to lye down on the bed next to me and do the same thing.

He squired a pretty good amount of lotion on his hand and rubbed it all over this dick. I then told him to watch me and do what I did.

I grabbed by dick at the top and slide my hand down the shaft to the base and then slide my hand back up again. Cory did just as I was doing, very slow at first but as I got progressively faster so did he.

He seemed to really enjoy watching my foreskin go up and down over the head of my dick. I also liked watching him, he was jerking off just like me except he had no foreskin so he was rubbing the end of his dick directly, while I couldn't do that, it hurt too much.

I told Cory that I would be "getting the feeling" soon and within a few seconds I did. Cory was totally amazed at this - he had never experienced an orgasm. He watched wide-eyed as I jerked off faster and faster and then had an orgasm right in front of him, I squired out a little shot of clear cum, clear like water - it would be a while yet before I actually had "real" cum - I was not even 12 years old yet after all.

Once I was done with my orgasm, Cory asked how come he didn't get "the feeling" like I did. I told him just to keep doing it and he would sooner or later. He just had to keep doing it. He kept jerking off for a little while longer but then gave up.

I told Cory that I felt bad because he still hadn't experienced "the feeling" yet and I really wanted him to know how good it felt. He said it was ok, that it still felt really good and it was really awesome when I touched him.

That got me thinking - I almost had "the feeling" when he was touching me and he wasn't even really jerking me off - just touching. Maybe I could help him get "the feeling" by doing it to him.

I told Cory my new idea and he was all for it... Without any hesitation, he took his hand off his dick and said "Go for it".

I took hold of his dick just like it was my own. I started rubbing up and down, over his head and down the shaft and back up again. I squeezed it pretty tight like I do to mine and he was loving it. He had a huge smile on his face and his eyes were closed.

After about a minute, he started shaking a little - I knew he was getting close, his breathing was getting faster, then suddenly he went crazy, this hands and legs were shaking a lot and his squeaked a little, trying not to make too much noise. Then he shot a little clear fluid just like me. I stopped and carefully let go his dick.

"Holy Shit, that was cool"... was all Cory could say. He just stayed still for a second while I went and got my box of tissue to "clean up".

Cory and I cleaned up and talked about it. We both agreed how cool it was. He was even happier about it than I was, and I was pretty happy about it.

After a few minutes, he turned kind of serious - looked at me and asked me if I thought it was "Gay" to be doing this but I quickly corrected him!

I told him my cousin told me that boys do this all the time and there is nothing wrong with it. I told him my cousin said it was like "jerking off", that a lot of boys do it, but most just don't admit it.

He then seemed happy about that... because his dad told him that that jerking off was an "ok thing" to do and most boys did it.

I also told him about my uncle who was gay and he used take care of me while my mom was working. I told him about how my mom told me there was nothing wrong with being gay and besides we were both way too young to even think about that, not until we are much older.

Again, he seemed reassured... and with a little smirk on this face asked if we would be doing it again.

I promptly said YES, as often as we want to... but told him to keep quiet about it, while there was nothing wrong with doing it, it was not something you told all your friends about.

With that, we agreed to end the conversation and go watch some TV as my mother would be waking up anytime.

Needless to say, we did it again that night before bed and again the next day before he went back home.


That's how it all started. There 2 more sleepovers at my house and many more jerk off sessions over the next month and 1/2 until school ended.

Eventually, after a few sessions, Cory was able to jerk himself and have an orgasm without my help. Sometime we just did our selves, but mostly we would jerk off each other.

More to come in the following chapters...


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