AJ and Cory (Chapter #2: Visiting My Cousin Jason...)

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THIS IS A TRUE STORY: This story contains TRUE events that happened in my life. Only the names of people and some places have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. The "dialog" is not exact, I have taken some liberties with some if it, because I can't remember exactly every word that was said, but the dialog is still true to the original events.

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AJ and Cory: Chapter #2: Visiting My Cousin Jason...

Part 1: Introduction / What's Happened So Far

In the first chapter of this story, I told you about how I first met Cory and how we became good friends.

As time when on, Cory and I learned many new things, by far the best new thing was how fun it was to jerk off, especially jerk off together. I loved playing with Cory's cock and I equally loved the feeling of his hands on mine.

It's now about 1 and 1/2 months after we first we first discovered the joys of mutual masturbation, It's now mid June, the school year is now over, the summer break if finally here.

Since our first sleep over, Cory and I have had a couple more sleepovers and MANY jerk off sessions. I have also become friends with a few other boys from the neighborhood and school, but Cory was still my best friend by far. Also, Cory was the only one of my new friends that I had jerked off with.

Cory and I were totally obsessed with jerking each other off – doing it whenever and wherever we could. We usually did it at my bedroom at my house or in the woods near our homes. We even did it in the school bathroom once. We both loved doing it as often as we could, it was like as each day went on, we loved it even more.

Up until this point, Cory and I had ONLY jerked off each other, we did nothing else sexual. The thought of doing anything else sexual with Cory had never really crossed my mind, until very recently, when school yard talk of "blow jobs" had peeked my interest... I didn't share those feelings with Cory however, mainly because I didn't know how to bring anything like that up with him and I had no idea how to express it in words.

I had just recently turned 12 years old a couple weeks before on June 9th and Cory had turned 11 on June 6th, and even my little brother was now 10, his birthday was June 16.


I don't think I mentioned it before in the first chapter of this story but here are Cory's and my "Stats":

Cory: He had short brown hair and brown eyes, just like me.

Cory was a little shorter than me at about 4 feet 5 inches, we never really measured, but I stood about 5 inches above him. He was skinny but still had a some "baby fat" on his face and tummy.

Cory was not really "anything" as far as "social groups" or status, he was just a kid. With the exception of the "good kids" and the "bad kids" there was no real "groups" in the school yet, well at least no in our grades, that stuff didn't start until like Grade 7.

Cory's dick was typical I guess... He was circumcised. His dick was normal size for someone his age, about 4 inches, when hard. His dick was average thickness I guess, but we never actually measured the thickness. He was thicker than me, but that was to be expected, as my dick is a super skinny pencil dick.

Me (AJ): I had short light brown hair, brown eyes, and sometimes wore a ball cap.

I was 4 feet 10 inches. I remember that because I recently had a doctors visit not long after this story started. I had lost my 'baby fat' at quite an early age, I was pretty skinny. I had nice somewhat defined "boy abs", about as good as someone my age could get.

I like Cory wasn't anything as far as "social groups" or status, with the exception that I may have been considered a preppy kid. I always had nice and kind of preppy looking clothes. My family wasn't like super rich but it was apparent by my nicer things and my clothing that we were above average in this mostly "lower middle class" to "middle class" neighborhood.

My dick was uncut and quite large, well in length anyway. As I got older and saw more dicks, I soon realized I was quite long but very skinny. I have what some people refer to as a "pencil dick". My dick was above average in length, but way below average in thickness, just like a pencil. My dick was 5.5 inches long when hard. Unfortunately for me, it didn't get any fatter when I got a boner, it just longer. So I was cursed with a really long but really skinny cock.

Part 2: First Week Of Summer Break / Visiting My Cousin

School was out and it was the first week of summer break. Cory and I had hung out every day. He has stayed over at my house for 3 nights in a row. The first week of summer break was going very well. Me and Cory had had lots of fun and jerked each other off every day, usually more than once each day.

Cory and I had also recently got 1 year older, he was now 11 and I was now 12. I really enjoyed having a birthday near my best friends, we both had some new toys, video games, and some birthday money to spend.

Then on Friday morning, my mom woke me up and told me we were going to go away to see my aunt and cousin for the weekend. They lived in by the ocean in a small resort town about a 2 hour drive away.

My told me that we were going to leave around 1pm or 2pm. She said I could go down the street to hang out with Cory for a couple hours, but to be back home by noon.

So I go up, ate my pop tarts very quickly and went down the street to see Cory. We hung out in his bedroom for a bit but it really sucked, his mom was one of those mothers that never left you alone. So we decided to go for a little walk to the woods near our street so we could hang out in private and jerk off. We had a great but quick jerk off session in the woods, while sitting down on our usual grassy patch under a big tree.

One the way back, I got the idea of asking my mom if Cory could come along with us for the weekend. My aunt had a HUGE house – like 5 bedrooms. There was lots room for Cory.

I told Cory my idea; he was pretty excited about it BUT figured his mother would never go for it. I begged him to ask her about it, there was no harm in asking. So, we returned back to his place, I stayed in his bedroom while he went into the kitchen to talk to his mother. They talked for quite some time and Cory came into the room with a HUGE grin on his face and told me his mom said it was ok, so long as my mom would come over and talk to her about it.

I called my mom and she came right over, my mom is really cool that way. My mom and Cory's mom talked for a while and worked it all out. Cory was going to come with us for the weekend to visit my aunt and cousin.

I was a little upset about my little brother being around and him bugging us, but not to upset; my brother had just turned 10 years old and we were getting along much better than when he was younger.

I was just a little worried that my little brother would not leave me and Cory alone. I was looking forward to taking Cory to some private place on the beach or in the woods to jerk off, but I couldn't do that if my brother was around all the time.

Part 3: Weekend At My Cousin's House (The First Night)

So me, my mom, my little brother, and Cory headed off. The drive was only about 2 hours. We passed some of the time by playing with my GameBoy.

My aunt and cousin lived in this nice but old house on the ocean, the beach was right in their front yard. The beach was really nice and big. It was a big sandy beach, there were nice 'walking trails' and some woods around. There was also a camping ground nearby as well.

My cousin, Jason, He was really cool. I liked hanging out with him a lot. He was kind of like an older brother to me. I have other cousins but he was the one that I liked the best. He was the same cousin who told me about jerking off. He was a couple years older than I was, he was 14 years old and would be 15 later that summer, in September.

The first night was fun, we hang out, had a BBQ, and walked along the beach. The four of us had a great time and thankfully my little brother was being surprisingly cool. As the evening approached and it was dark, we decided to have a fire on the beach, which was right in my aunt's front yard. There was a little "fire pit" with some wood already set up. My mom and aunt watched us while we sat on the beach by the fire.

We were far away so we could talk without the parents hearing us. We talked about all kinds of stuff, the whole time me and Cory were looking at each other, it was like we could read each others minds. We were both thinking of a way to sneak away to be along WITHOUT my cousin and little brother so we go jerk off.

Cory and I whispered a few things to each other and I guess my little brother could hear us, because he spoke up and said "What is jerk off".

My cousin had a good laugh at our expense, he found this quite funny. Me and Cory however were both red from embarrassment. My little brother was kind of confused, he knew it was something "dirty" but you could tell he had no real idea of what it was.

Jason, my cousin, said; "Looks like you told Cory what I told you".

Again, I was quite embarrassed but quietly said back to him; "Yes".

Then Jason walked over to me and whispered in my ear; "later, maybe we can do it together".

At this point, I just smiled at him and we started talking about something else so my little brother would not catch on to what we were talking about.

It was now getting late. We went inside and talked with the parents, we agreed that my brother was in his own room, upstairs with my aunt and mother. We older kids would be in the basement. In the basement there was my cousin's bedroom and a spare bedroom, there was also a big "family room" with a big TV and a couple sofas.

Cory, Jason, and I went down into the basement to get ready for bed. We talked some more and agreed that it would be fun to get some blankets and sleeping bags and all 3 of us would sleep on the floor of the big "family room". That way we could talk and watch some TV before going to sleep.

We all got changed to our boxers and T-shirt. We went on the blankets in front of the TV to watch some TV for a while. After about 30minutes, my aunt and mother were heading off to bed, you could hear them. Just as the noise stopped and you could tell they were in bed, my cousin Jason just looked at me and said; "So you guys want to jerk off, I'm horny".

Cory was a little shocked but soon an evil smirk was on his face, it was obvious to me that he was more than willing.

I was a little bit hesitant at first, because I was a little scared about showing my older cousin my dick - I am not sure why, he was the one who told me about jerking off.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, I said; "Ok, who goes first".

My cousin said; "I WILL" and with that, he took the covers off and you could see that he already had a big boner in his boxers. He slide down his boxers some and pulled out his cock. There he was, his big, fully hard, and much more mature dick was right there in front of us...

Cory and I were both amazed. It was big, well to an 11 and 12 year old it was. My dick was just as long as his, maybe even a little tiny bit longer, but Jason's dick was thick, it had pubic hair and big balls. He was uncut, like me.

Next was Cory, he took off the covers, pulled down his boxers, and took out his dick. It was rock hard as usual. My cousin looked at it and said "Cool, circumcised, I like how that looks". Cory seemed to like the compliment and smiled.

Now it was my turn. I did as the others did. I took out my dick and my cousin said; "You are pretty long, that's cool".

Then Jason asked us if we ever jerk each other off or do we just do ourselves. I told him we usually do it to each other, because it felt much better than doing it yourself. My cousin was like "Cool, let's do that then".

So, Jason took the lead and saw up against the sofa and told us each to come over and sit on each side of him. I went on the left side and Cory went on the right. We were all now sitting there, leaned up against the sofa, our dicks out.

I didn't know how to start; I didn't know what to do, as in what dick was I supposed to grab... Cory seemed confused as well. Jason must have picked up on this, because he just took both hands and grabbed each of our dicks, one in each hand. It felt awesome, just as cool as when Cory touches me. I looked over and Cory had his head back and eyes closed, as usual, he was enjoying it as well.

Finally, after a few seconds, I realized that neither Cory nor I was touching my cousin. So I reached over and placed my hand by Jason's cock. At first, I just touched his pubic hair; it was really cool to me because both me and Cory were still bald down there.

Then I took hold of his dick and started jerking it off, it felt really cool. It felt like mine but different, at the same time. After a few more seconds, Cory put his hand on Jason's cock and we were both playing with it and taking turns jerking it off while Jason did us.

This continued for quite some time until Jason stopped and started talking to us. He asked us if we could "cum" yet. I told him that we both would shoot a little clear fluid but not real cum yet. Jason said; "Cool, then you will be getting the real stuff soon".

Jason then asked us about Blow Jobs, I knew what they were from a few other kids at school. Cory however didn't understand what a blow job was, or at least he was playing dumb about it.

So Jason explained to Cory whad a blow job was.

Cory was a little grossed out by it, he could'nt believe that someone would actually put a dick inside thier mouth. Jason told him how great it felt and how awesome it was but still Cory seamed a little wiered out.

I knew what I blow job was already but I was shocked at Jason talking about how great it felt. I could'nt believe that Jason had gotten one before. So I decided to Jason more about it...

I asked Jason if he really had a blow job before and he said; "Yes, and its fucking great".

Jason then started telling us about how him and his friend John do it. They had started doing about 6 months ago and now they suck each other off all the time.

This really shocked me but I also thought it was pretty freaking cool. Unlike Cory, the idea of blow jobs was very interesting to me. Ever since I found out what a blow job was a few weeks before, I had thought about it a few times.

Then Jason shocked me again... I mean really shocked me!

Jason just came right out and point blank asked us if we wanted a blow job. It totally took me by suprise but I was also quite excited...

Cory was not so keen on the idea and said 'NO' right away...

But I was thinking quite differently. It was like I was like going on pure 'instinct', I totally ignored the fact that Cory had said no, I did'nt think about it even for a second, I just spoke right up and said; "YES...!"

Jason then asked Cory if it would bother him if he gave me a blow job. Cory said; "no, but I don't want one".

Then Jason just started playing with my cock again, which by the way was rock hard! He played with my cock and looked down at it for a few seconds... Then before I even had time to really think about, Jason went right down on my dick, I mean in a split second he was right down there.

The second his mouth touched my dick, I let out a pretty load moan, it felt fantastic. I was in heaven; it felt 100 times better than someone jerking it off. It felt warm and wet, totally different than anything I had felt before. I had expected it to be weird but it felt to good to be anything but awesome.

Jason started slowly just working on the end of my cock, then he starting pulling back my foreskin and licking the end of my dick, that drove me crazy, it felt so good. Then he started going down deeper and taking more of my cock into his mouth, soon pretty most of cock was in his mouth. I started pushing my hips up to get even more of it in there but Jason stopped me. He just started sliding his mouth up and down over my cock while he was kind of jerking off the bottom of my shaft with some fingers...

After about 30 seconds of this, I was almost ready to orgasm, and Jason started to speed up the sucking. It only took about 5 more seconds before I orgasmed inside Jason's mouth. This was my first blow job, so the idea of warning Jason that I was about to orgasm had never even crossed my mind but Jason didn't seam to care, maybe because I didn't really cum anyway, just a few drops of clear fluid.

Cory was in total shock at this point... He was just sitting there with his mouth open and a total look of confusion on his face. I was still coming down from my orgasm and was silent for a few moments while I recovered.

Then Jason asked me how it was and I said; "Fantastic, totally freaking awesome, I can't believe it".

Cory said; "Really...?" and I said "Yes, really, it was so great... you have to try it".

Then I told Cory that I would do it to him if he wanted to try it.

Cory smiled and said 'OK'.

My cousin Jason said; "Cool, suck him and I'll watch".

So I stood up and moved over next to my best friend Cory. I took his dick in my hand and played with it a little while I was getting the nerve up to actually suck him. I asked Jason how it tasted and he said; "just like skin, like sucking on your finger".

Slowly, I bent down to get my mouth near Cory's dick. At first I licked it with my tongue, it tasted fine, so I continued.

I moved down a little more and took easily took all of dick in my mouth and started sucking on it. I started moving my mouth up and down over his cock, like Jason had done to me. Cory let out a pretty load moan and started saying; "Oh god... that is awesome" over and over again. So I knew right away that he was enjoying it.

I was in heaven yet again. At first I wasn't sure about sucking a dick but once I had it in my mouth I loved it. It was my best friend and sucking him made me feel really good inside. Sucking his dick was as good as getting mine sucked, maybe even better, just in a different way.

It didn't take Cory long to get close to orgasm. His legs and hands started shaking, even more than usual. His breathing became faster and deeper; I knew he was getting really close. So I started going faster and sucking a little harder, within a few more seconds he had an orgasm and I could taste his small shot of clear cum in my mouth, it tasted great.

I released his cock from my mouth and sat back up. I asked Cory how it was and he agreed with me, it was much better than someone jerking you off. He had a huge satisfied looking grin on his face.

I was now in love with sucking cock and I immediately turned to Jason and asked him if I could suck him now. I wanted his bigger dick in my mouth; I wanted to know how he tasted. Jason's only reply was; "Go ahead cuz".

So with that, I moved over to Jason and went right for it. Jason's dick was basically as long as mine, but a lot thicker. I easily got about 1/2 of it into my mouth started sucking. Jason grabbed the back of my head and started rubbing my hair and saying things like "Suck it", "you like my cock", and other things.

I loved sucking Jason to, not quite a much as I did Cory, because I didn't like Jason saying those "dirty things" to me, but otherwise it was great. His dick tasted good to, it tasted different from Cory's but still very good. I can also remember liking the feeling of his foreskin in my mouth, I pulled it back and licked the end of his dick, just like he had done to mine.

After what seemed like a long time, but really only a minute or two, Jason said he was going to cum, so I started sucking him faster and harder. After a few more seconds he said "I'm going to shoot". I could feel and taste his cum in my mouth. The taste of Jason's cum was very different Cory, kind of sour tasting, but I still liked it. Jason shot 3 squirts in my mouth, the first squirt was quite strong and seamed to be a lot of it, the next two were more like it dribbled out.

After I sat back up, I asked Jason how it was and he said it was GREAT. He said I did a perfect job.

He also said it was the first time he cum inside someone's mouth. He said his friend wouldn't let him to that. I didn't even know I had a choice, being my first blow job, I just assumed that was what you were supposed to do when sucking a dick. In any case, it didn't matter to me because I kind of liked cum in my mouth.

It was now getting pretty late and we were getting tired. We talked a little bit more and Cory said he would suck me next time, if I wanted him to.

Eventually, we decided to get back under the covers and get to bed, our mothers would have us up early the next day and we needed some sleep.

Part 4: Weekend At My Cousin's House (The Second Night)

The next day was pretty uneventful. Me, Jason, Cory, and my little bother just hung out, walked the beach, went swimming in the cold water, walked some trails, had a BBQ, and watched TV.

A couple times during the day, Cory, Jason, and I tried to sneak away into the woods or the basement for a jerk off session or even a sucking session but we just couldn't get away from my little brother.

My cousin Jason was like; "Bring him along, he will love it". But that was a BIG NO for me; I didn't even have to think about it. He was my little brother and something about that just didn't seam right. He was also only 10 years old, I thought that was too young, plus he might tell my mom.

So I made sure Jason got that idea out of his head really fast. I told Jason "NO" and "never to bring it up again because it was never going to happen with me around". Jason got the point and didn't ask again.

Anyway, once bedtime came around, Cory, Jason, and I went to the basement just like we did the night before. We got cleaned up, brushed our teeth, got changed into our boxers, and went to bed on the floor in front of the TV in the "family room".

This time, we just sat around for a few minutes, no TV. We just waiting for my mother and my aunt to finish getting ready for bed. After a few minutes, everyone was in bed and we were free to do what we wanted.

We didn't even bother with jerking off, we went right into sucking. I was the first to take my boxers down and pull out my cock, as I was doing this Jason started sucking me and Cory just watched a little while playing with his cock.

The night went much like the night before;

Jason sucked me and I returned to favor. Sucking Jason off the second time was MUCH better and I enjoyed it even more.

Then I sucked Cory off again. Cory loved it just like he did the night before. After I was done, Cory said he would suck me if I wanted him to... I was like "Sure!".

So up until this point, Cory had not sucked a cock... I leaned back and told Cory to go ahead. Just like I did my first time, he licked the end and tasted it. Then after getting his nerve up, he leaned in and took all he could into his mouth. He got about 1/2 of my dick in his mouth and started sucking. He was great, something about it, seemed even a little better than when Jason sucked me... I loved it.

Cory started licking under my foreskin and that totally drove me crazy, within a few seconds I was ready to orgasm. Cory started sucking a little faster and within a few more seconds I had a wonderful orgasm. He left my now softening dick in his mouth for a few seconds and very carefully released it. He knew from our jerking off sessions that I was VERY sensitive right after I had an orgasm, probably because I am uncut.

We were getting tired again by this point. We talked a little bit more and we agreed how great it was. Cory especially was opening up more and you could tell he liked it a lot.

Eventually we drifted off to sleep. We would be leaving the next day.

As it turns out, we left quite early the next day and unfortunately there was no time for us to do anything.

We all seemed a little disappointed by this but I was pretty happy because now Cory and I had something new to do with each other. I was already thinking about the next sleep over when me and Cory could suck each other again.

Part 5:Summary...

So there you have it... That is how me and my best friend Cory got introduced to sucking.

We used our new sucking skills many times over the summer, actually much longer than that.

I've mention before, how me and Cory have some other friends – eventually as time went on, we grew more daring and even more horny and were able to "introduce" mutual masturbation and sucking to some other friends of ours.

More to come in the following chapters.


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