AJ and Cory (Chapter #3: The Game Of 'Truth Or Dare'...)

DISCLAIMER: This story is about relationships (including sex) between young men and/or young teens. If you are offended by this type of story, or if this kind of materiel is illegal in your area, or if you are not of 'legal age' to read this please stop now.

THIS IS A TRUE STORY: This story contains TRUE events that happened in my life. Only the names of people and some places have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. The "dialog" is not exact, I have taken some liberties with some if it, because I can't remember exactly every word that was said, but the dialog is still true to the original events.

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AJ and Cory: Chapter #3: The Game Of 'Truth Or Dare'...

Part 1: Introduction / What's Happened So Far

In the first chapter of this story, Cory and I became great friends and we discovered how fun it was to jerk off together.

Then later at the beginning of the summer, my cool cousin Jason jerked off with Cory and I, then he also introduced Cory and I to sucking dick, something we now enjoyed very much. Cory and I have sucked each other off many times now.

It was now the middle of August, our first summer was going by fast but Cory and I had been having lots of fun. I had met many new friends from the neighborhood and Cory and I had done lots of cool stuff. We had also continued our almost daily jerking and sucking sessions, we had done it so many times by this point that I couldn't even begin to count... We couldn't get enough of it, we did it every chance that we could.

There was also only about two weeks left before school would be starting again... School always started the first Tuesday in September, because the first Monday in September is a holiday in Canada.

Part 2: The Game Of 'Truth Or Dare' At Nathan's House

Over the spring and summer, Cory had introduced to me to many of the other neighborhood boys. We and several of the "neighborhood boys" would hang out quite often. We were all boys and within a few years of each other in age. There were about 12 of us in total, but when we hung out there would usually only be 4 or 5 of us at any given time, but sometimes more.

Up until this point, only Cory and I had done anything sexual, well except for that one weekend when we visited my cousin. When we and the "neighborhood boys" would hang out, we would do typical boy stuff like play sports and hang out in the woods nearby.

I must admit, I had thought about doing stuff with several of the boys, but I just never did anything about it. I really didn't know how to and I guess I was little scared as well.

Then one day we ended up going to our friend Nathan's house...

There were 5 of us hanging out at Nathan's. It was Cory, Nathan, Adam, Shawn, and me. I knew them all from school and/or the neighborhood except for Adam. This was the first time I had met Adam, he knew Nathan because he lived next door but Adam was a pretty shy kid and this was his first time meeting ANY of us, besides Nathan.

*** Nathan was a cool kid. He was my age and we were in the same classroom the previous spring. Nathan was a bit of a spoiled kid, but for the most part he was cool. He was average height for a 12 year old, pretty typical. He was pretty skinny like me. He had dirty blond hair that he kept pretty long for a boy. He also had a few freckles on his face. ***

*** Shawn was cool, he a year younger than I, at 11 years old (the same age as Cory). He was really small for his age, I mean very small… I am not sure exactly how tall he was, but he looked more like he was 7 or 8 years old NOT 11. He had short brown hair that was usually kept pretty messy. Shawn was actually Nathan's cousin, Nathan's father and Shawn's mother were brother and sister. ***

*** Adam was 1 year older at 13 years old. He was tall, well tall compared to the rest of us. He was very skinny and a lanky looking... He had already started his growth spurt and was in that awkward stage of puberty. He dressed like "Goth", all in dressed black clothes and had jet black hair. I still not sure to this day if he naturally had really black hair or if he died it, but in any case, his hair was as black as it could be. ***

The 5 of us hung out, talked, we walked down to beach... We generally just hung out like boys do and had a pretty good time. Adam was quite shy at first but soon he opened up with all of us, he liked to talk about video games a lot, so that helped us all "break the ice" with him and get him less shy.

Nathan had a camper trailer (RV) in his back yard... Somehow, the 5 of us were just messing around and doing whatever in the RV.

Eventually, someone got the idea to play "truth or dare". I don't remember who came up with the idea, it wasn't me, I didn't even know what it was.

I honestly don't remember what we did when we first started the game, or how it progressed into what eventually happened... But after a while our "truth or dare" game took an interesting turn!

Nathan dared Adam to show us his dick. Adam didn't want to do it and chickened out. Adam was teased a little bit about this, but not to bad, it was just boys being boys...

Cory then dared Nathan to show us his dick. Nathan couldn't really chicken out as it was him to dared Adam to do the same thing. Nathan didn't protest at all, I think he knew that he didn't really have a choice in the matter. So after looking around for a second to make sure his parents were not in the back yard, Nathan stood up and pulled down his shorts and flashed his dick to us. He didn't show us for long, just a split second, but you tell he had a boner or at least a semi.

Once Nathan flashed his dick, most of the others giggled and laughed about it... Then the whole bunch of us started daring each other to do the same thing. I flashed my dick next, then Cory, then Shawn, and then Adam finally did it, after chickening out the first time.

*** These were pretty quick flashes, so I didn't get the best look at everyone cock, but I could tell that both Adam and Shawn were uncut like me and Nathan was circumcised like Cory.

Also, Adam being a year older had a good amount of pubic hair, it was no more than normal for a 13 year old, but to the rest of us who were all still totally hairless, it looked like a lot. We all commented on it when Adam flashed us.

Like I said, I didn't get the best look at everyone's cock, but I could tell that Nathan had the smallest dick, which really surprised me because Shawn was so small for his age, but his dick certainly wasn't, it appeared to be about the same size as Cory's. ***

After a few very quick flashes to each other, Nathan dared me to pull my dick out and actually leave it out so that everyone could get a really good look at it. So that is exactly what I did… I pulled my dick out and let everyone get a really good look. There were a few comments on how I had a boner but I didn't care because I knew the rest of them most likely had one too.

For some reason, after I did this, the entire focus was on ME. The next thing I knew, all the others started daring me to do it again, so I did.

The 3rd time that I had my dick out, Nathan dared Cory to touch it… So Cory reached over and touched my dick, but just for a split second... If only the others knew what me and Cory actually did but I guess Cory wanted to play it safe.

I guess the others tough this was really cool, because a Nathan and Shawn also gave my dick a quick touch. Adam was the only one who didn't touch it, but he was watching and seemed quite interested.

This went on for some time, others pulled out their dick for everyone to see. I gave everyone's a quick touch.

Eventually, even Adam came around from his shyness and participated in our fun. By the end of our game, everyone had touched everyone else's dick at least once, many a couple times.

I really don't remember exactly how it ended… In any case, it had stopped before it progressed any further. It was getting late in the afternoon, near dinner time, and it was time for everyone to head home for dinner.

Cory was going to stay at my house that night. While Cory and I walked home, we talked about what had just happened and agreed how cool it was. We both liked it very much. Cory and I also talked about how we could get the others to join in our jerking and sucking fun.

The problem was we just didn't know how to put a real plain in order. You got to remember, we still pretty scared that someone might tell, we could get into trouble or even worse, be made fun of.

We continued to talk and we agreed that we wanted to try to get at least 1 of the others in our "fun".

Cory and I finally agreed that the best way to "test the waters" would be to invite one of them over for a sleepover at my place... The only thing we didn't talk about was on was "WHO" to invite yet, but we both agreed it would be one of them, we wanted to have some fun with someone else.

That night when I was going to bed, I jerked off thinking about the other boys flashing their dicks... I mostly thought about Adam and Shawn, not so much Nathan.

I didn't hate Nathan, we did hang out sometimes but he was my least favorite friends because he was a bit of a spoiled brat and annoying at times, so I knew one for sure, that it wouldn't be Nathan whom we would invite to my house... The thought of Nathan staying over didn't appeal to me much.

Shawn and Adam were a different story however, I jerked off thinking about both of them and their cocks. The idea of being able to jerk off one of them or suck them really turned me on and I just couldn't wait to get our "plan" into action!

Part 3: Summary...

So there you have it... Cory and I had finally had our first opportunity to have a little bit of fun with some other boys and we wanted more, well I certainly did anyway!

Cort and I would soon put our plan into action, by inviting one of those 3 boys to my house for a sleepover... As it turns out, we would have the perfect opportunity in just a couple days, on the following weekend.

More to come in the following chapters...


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