AJ and Cory (Chapter #4: Sleepover With Shawn...)

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THIS IS A TRUE STORY: This story contains TRUE events that happened in my life. Only the names of people and some places have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. The "dialog" is not exact, I have taken some liberties with some if it, because I can't remember exactly every word that was said, but the dialog is still true to the original events.

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AJ and Cory: Chapter #4: Sleepover With Shawn...

Part 1: Introduction / What's Happened So Far

It was now the weekend, well Friday actually, just a couple of days after we had "fun" at Nathan's house. There was also only a couple of weeks left before school would be starting.

That game of 'truth or dare' at Nathan's place had given Cory and I the idea and courage to try to get someone else in on our fun.

Since that happened, I had jerked off a night thinking about both Shawn and Adam, not so much Nathan for some reason... I thought about their dicks and how I wanted to touch and suck them.

Me and Cory had discussed how to put our plan into action... our idea was to invite one of the boys from Nathan's to my house for a sleepover.

Part 2: Inviting Shawn To Sleepover

So it was now Friday afternoon, a couple days after Cory and I, among others had our fun little "truth or dare" game at Nathan's house.

A few of us kids were hanging out in the neighborhood as usual. Today Shawn and Adam, two of the boys who played the 'truth or dare' game with us, were among the kids hanging out.

As the day progressed, Cory and I had been talking about what one of those two boys to invite over for a sleepover at my house.

I knew I couldn't invite both, my mom would not go for that, but my mom would be fine with me, Cory and one other person. Especially since my little bother would be away this weekend visiting our father, I had gone to visit the weekend before, so this weekend was my brother's turn. Our father wanted us to visit him in Montreal before school had started, because he wouldn't see us again until Christmas.

Anyway, Cory and I had decided to invite Adam. I really wanted to ask Shawn, but as usual I let Cory have what he wanted. Unfortunately for Cory, when we asked Adam he said no because had had company visiting this weekend and his mother would want him to be around, she would never agree.

So that settled it, it would be Shawn... Shawn said sure but he had to ask his mother first. I figured that Shawn's mom would say yes, because my mother and Shawn's mother worked with each other at the local hospital. After Shawn returned to the park from asking his mother, he confirmed my suspicions; his mother had said yes, so long as my mom would give her a quick phone call to confirm it was ok.

The group of us kept hanging out and doing stuff for a while until it got to later in the afternoon and close to dinner time.

We all split up to go home for dinner but before we did, Cory, Shawn and I had agreed to meet up again at my house. This way they could both drop off their change of clothes, toothbrush, and whatever else.

Shawn was actually the first to arrive back at my house about 1 hour later. We went to my bedroom and hung out for a bit while waiting for Cory to show up. Cory finally came about 30minutes later.

The three of us decided to go hang out outside for a bit. First we played basketball in my driveway; I had got a basket ball net that summer for my birthday. Then we walked around the neighborhood, eventually we ended up playing in the woods nearby.

When it was starting to get late, we decided to head back home. The three of us hung out in my bedroom, playing a few video games, talking, and watching TV. We had a great time and before we knew it, it was getting near bedtime. I can remember being a little disappointed because I thought we had just wasted a lot of time and it was getting to late to see if we could get Shawn to "do stuff" with us.

We all grabbed a bit to eat and decided to go watch TV in my room and hang out. We discussed the sleeping arrangements, I had a pretty large bed, usually me and Cory shared my bed and I thought there was room for Shawn as well, but we agreed that Shawn could sleep on a sleeping back next to my bed while Cory and I shared my bed.

We all got ready for bed and proceeded to watch TV... We only watched TV for a few minutes, because I wanted to get the good stuff going before it was too late.

I casually started a conversation, about what I really don't remember. After talking for a few minutes I mentioned how fun it was to play "truth or dare" at Nathan's the other day... To my surprise, Shawn spoke right up and said; "Ya, that was really fun".

I turned my head and looked over at Cory; he looked at me and smiled. We both knew why.

I thought for a minute about what I could do to "test" Shawn some more to see if he would be interested in having some fun with us. The only idea I could come up with was to ask Shawn if he wanted to do that again with me and Cory. So that is what I did.

"Well Shawn, it might be fun to do it again" I said.

"You mean show our dicks again" Shawn said.

"Yes, Cory and I do it all the time" was my reply.

"Ok, I dare you to show us your dick" was Shawn's reply.

So I immediately did exactly what Shawn asked. I pulled out my dick for him and Cory to see. I lifted up my bum and pulled down my shorts, so they had a good view of my dick and balls. As you can imagine, I was already fully hard.

Cory reached over and touched my dick, just for a quick second like when we played the game at Nathan's house. I think Cory didn't want to go to far yet. Shawn might have gotten a little "freaked out" if we went too far to fast.

When Cory did this, Shawn watched closely and said; "Cool... Can I touch it".

I said "Yes..."

Shawn reached over and gave my dick a quick touch like Cory did and said "Cool, your dick is pretty long".

"Thanks, you can touch it more if you want" I said.

With that Shawn reached over and really gave my dick a good feel. He wrapped his fingers around it and gave me a pretty good feel for a few seconds. It felt awesome, even better than when Cory touched it, probably because I was just so excited.

Cory wasted no more time and pulled out his dick for us to see.

Right away, Shawn commented on how he had no foreskin. He used to the term "weird", I can remember thinking to myself if that was a good thing or a bad thing, the term "weird".

I reached over and grabbed Cory's dick. I did bother with the quick feel; we were already past that point... I grabbed Cory's dick and started jerking him off a little.

"Does that feel good" Shawn asked Cory.

"Yes, it feels awesome" was Cory's reply.

Shawn watched for a few seconds as I played with Cory's cock, at some point Cory had reach over and was playing with mine as well.

After a few more seconds of this, I realized that Shawn still didn't have his dick out and I really wanted to see it and touch it. So stopped doing what I was doing, I sat back up on my bed and asked told Shawn it was his turn.

Shawn seemed a bit hesitant a first, like he was thinking to himself for a couple seconds. He then slowly pulled down his shorts and showed us dick.

Shawn was a pretty small kid, even for his age. He easily looked like a child 2 or 3 years younger, he didn't look to be 11 years old at all. So I didn't expect very much in the dick size department, however I was pleasantly surprised.

His dick was about the same size as Cory's, 4 inches, maybe just a tiny bit shorter. His cock was much skinnier than Cory's, very skinny just like mine was. Shawn was also uncut, but unlike me, his foreskin was shorter, when his dick was hard, the end of it would peak out, his foreskin only covered about ½ of the "end" of his cock, so the top half of this mushroom head would be sticking out. I remember noticing this right away, because my foreskin always covered my dick, unless I pulled it down, even when it was hard.

I didn't even ask... I just reached down and touched it. I put it between my fingers and played with it a little, pulling his foreskin back and forth. Shawn closed his eyes and he seemed to be enjoying it.

I can remember, thinking to myself how nice it was to finally find a dick that was very skinny like mine. I knew something wasn't normal about my super skinny pencil cock, and it was something that did bother me a little. The fact that the only dick that I had seen as skinny as mine was on a tiny kid who looked like he was 7 or 8 years old, didn't make me feel any better about my dick... If not for the fact my cock was so long and my friends were impressed by it, I would have been to embarrassed to ever show it to anyone.

Anyway, after about a minute of playing with Shawns cock, I stopped and suggested that all 3 of us get up on my bed and lay on it sideways. This would be more comfortable and we could all play with each others dick this way.

Shawn and Cory didn't hesitate, within a few quick seconds were both situated on the bed next to me, one on each side, all 3 of us with our shorts down and boners sticking out. We soon started playing with each others cocks.

Shawn really seemed to enjoy my dick, he spent most of his time playing with mine, I did my best to play with him and Cory equally, however I must admit, I was more interested in Shawn at that point and time.

We continued playing like this for a quite some time, then I was getting impatient, I wanted more, I wanted sucking. I looked over at Cory and he knew right away why I was looking at him... he wanted sucking too.

I thought for a minute but I couldn't figure out how to bring it up to Shawn. After thinking about it, I decided to just come out with it and take the risk.

I asked Shawn if he knew what a blow job was.

"It's when a girl sucks your dick, I heard it from my older brother" Shawn said.

I decided it was now time to go for it. I tried to look as serious as possible and I asked Shawn to promise me NEVER to tell anyone what I was about to tell him.

This peeked his interest right away and he promised not to ever tell. I made him promise again, a pinky swear this time.

I said "I mean, no one, not your brother, our friends, no one"

He said "Don't worry, I promise".

So with that take care of, I proceed to tell him that me and Cory gave each other blow jobs all the time. I didn't know who to make it sound good so I just came right out and told him.

Shawn seemed deep in thought for a few seconds, then looked up at me and said; "Cool, I guess... does it feel good?"

"Yes, it feels really good" I said.

"It's not gross" Shawn said.

"No, not at all and it feels awesome." was my reply.

Then I said; "do you want to try it".

"What... you want to suck my dick" Shawn said.

"Only if you want me to" I said.

Again, Shawn seemed to be in deep thought for a few seconds, then he said; "What about Cory".

I remembering thinking to myself about how "odd" of a question this was. What did he mean, "what about Cory".

"What do you mean? What about Cory?" I said.

"Does Cory want to suck my dick too?" Shawn said or asked rather.

"Umm, only if you want him to" I said.

"Do you suck Cory?" Shawn asked.

"Yes, all the time, we suck each other, we take turns." I said.

Shawn seemed to be in deep thought yet again... but after a couple seconds he looked at me and said; "Ok, you can suck me but I don't know if I want to suck you guys".

"It's ok, you don't have to suck us if you don't want to" was my reply.

By this point, Cory had a huge grin on his face; you could tell he was excited as I was... I looked over at Shawn and asked him who he wanted to suck him first.

"You can" Shawn said, speaking to me.

I then reached over and started playing with Shawn's cock again. I slowly leaned over and kissed the end of his dick with my mouth. Shawn imminently moaned a little, so I knew I was good to go in for more, for the real thing.

I went back down again and slowly took Shawn's entire dick in my mouth. His dick was about the same length as Cory, so there was no problem taking it all in my mouth.

I remember how Shawn tasted, he tasted great... But perhaps most of all, I can remember how he smelled, like TIDE brand laundry detergent, soap, and the little hint of boy smell. I just loved the smell of Shawn, it something that just stood right out to me and I couldn't help but notice and love that clean "Tide detergent" smell.

To this day, I don't know WHY I remember so much about how Shawn tasted and smelled, I don't remember that much about the first time I sucked Cory or my cousin Jason... Something about Shawn...

So I started to suck Shawn, right away he began to moan a little and his legs and hands were getting "fidgety", so I knew he was enjoying it. I continued to suck Shawn for a couple of minutes and then I stopped.

"Don't stop, it feels awesome" was his reply.

"I am just giving Cory a chance to suck you" I said.

With that said Cory moved over, leaned in and started sucking off Shawn. I watched, Cory seemed to like sucking dick as much as me. Shawn closed his eyes and was making funny faces; you could tell he was really enjoying himself.

Unfortunately, none of us had come up with the idea of doing a sixty-nine; neither Cory nor I would come up with that idea for months. So I just sat back and watched for a couple minutes while Cory sucked Shawn.

After a couple minutes Cory stopped sucking on Shawn. Cory leaned back on the bed and looked at me, I knew what he wanted.

I moved over, took Cory's cock in my mouth and sucked him. I knew he was quite horny by this point so I just went for; I started sucking at an even yet fast pace right away and played with the end of his dick with my tongue; that always drove him crazy and made him orgasm fast. It took Cory only about a minute to orgasm in my mouth.

I then sat back on the bed and waited for Cory to return the favor; he eventually got up, moved over towards me and sucked me. It didn't take me very long to orgasm either, within a minute or so I had.

It was getting late and we agreed it was time for bed. We talked a bit and we all agreed that it was really fun and we would do it again the next day.

Shawn never did suck anyone off that night or the next day, but I didn't care because I loved sucking him. Cory later expressed how he was a bit annoyed about it. Cory thought it was only fair that Shawn return the favor but I told Cory that it wasn't right to expect that, that Shawn shouldn't have to do anything he didn't want to.

We did do it again the next day before Shawn went home. The next morning, I sucked both Shawn and Cory off, it was really fun, Cory offered to suck me but I was a little sore still and so no thanks.

Part 3: Summary...

So there you have it... That is how Cory and I got Shawn to join on our fun.

Eventually, I was able to get Shawn to try sucking, I got him to suck me off once when Cory was not around... Shawn did a really good job at sucking me, even thought he only did it for about 30 seconds... But he didn't like it very much and so I never brought it up again or even mentioned it to Cory for fear that Cory might bug Shawn about it, Cory was a bit of a jerk that way.

Cory, Shawn and I had many fun times... The three of us got together for a sucking session a couple of times before school started and then continued to do so until Shawn had moved away the following spring.

We even managed to get Adam to join in on our fun..., if you remember, Adam was the other boy, along with Nathan that played that game of "truth or dare" with us.

Once the school year started, Cory and I also managed get a couple others to join in on our fun. We eventually leaned how to do other things also, besides sucking and jerking, but that would not come for quite some time.

More to come in the following chapters...


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