AJ and Cory (Chapter #5: Adam and the Porn Mag...)

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THIS IS A TRUE STORY: This story contains TRUE events that happened in my life. Only the names of people and some places have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. The "dialog" is not exact, I have taken some liberties with some if it, because I can't remember exactly every word that was said, but the dialog is still true to the original events.

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AJ and Cory: Chapter #5: Adam and the Porn Mag...

Part 1: Introduction / What's Happened So Far

Well the summer was now over, school had started... Cory and I had a great summer of jerking and sucking each other off, as well as other fun stuff. We had recently got a new friend Shawn to join in on our fun, that was pretty cool. Cory and I both "enjoyed" our new friend.

Cory and I had grown ever more horny over the summer and were constantly thinking of ways to get others involved in our fun. So far, we haven't had the best luck, but we were hoping the new school year would provide us with some new opportunities.

I had also continued my transformation into a full blow cock sucker. The thoughts of more dicks to suck on were always filling my little head. Just about every boy in my school or neighborhood has been the "Star" of my jerk off fantasies, at least once, if not many times...

Each night before I went to bed, I would pick a friend and think about how great it would be to suck their dick, how it tasted, what it looked like, how it felt in my mouth... Sucking on dick was fast becoming an obsession for me.

Part 2: The Start Of The School Year...

Cory and I were walking to school for the first time since last spring. Cory was a bit upset; he was going into Grade 6 while I was going into Grade 7. That met that we would be on different floors.

The school was a combined elementary and middle school. It was set up so grade 1, 2, and 3 were on the bottom floor, while grades 4, 5, and 6 were on the second floor, and grade 7 and 8 were on the top floor.

The reason this upset Cory was because this met that we would not be getting lockers next to each other, but rather on different floors.

But there was one really cool thing that Cory and I were excited about this year! Only the grade 6, 7 and 8 kids were allowed to leave the school grounds during lunch hour. So Cory and I could go to the local store or the nearby Mc Donald's for lunch if we wanted to, so long as we were back by the time lunch hour was over.

My mom agreed to give me money for McDonalds every day, instead of bringing a lunch, or rather so my mom didn't have to make me a lunch...

Cory's mother didn't want to do this at first, because I guess they couldn't afford it... but Cory bugged his mother and she soon agreed to give him money for McDonalds a couple days a week and I agreed to help Cory out the other days. This bothered Cory at first, he never liked taking my money, but to me it was nothing.

So after the first week of school, Cory was joining me at McDonalds every day, or sometimes we would go to Subway or this other "mom and pop" place that sold "Fish N' Chips". They were all within a 5 minute walk from the school so we always had lots of time to eat and hang out every day at lunch.

I honestly don't remember much about the first few days of school. I had already known most of the kids from last year and/or from the neighborhood. There were really not too many new faces or new people to meet.

I just kind of got back into the "rhythm" of it, waking up, walking to school with Cory, going to morning class, going out to eat during lunch with Cory, afternoon classes, and then walking home with Cory.

My little brother went to the same school as well but he didn't walk with us, except for on the very rare occasion. It was only a quick walk, threw a ball field, past a church parking lot and then a couple blocks down the street. It was 10 minutes at best.

My mom worked ever day until 4:30 and was always home by 5, usually a few minutes before. That left me and my brother home alone for about 1 hour each day after school. I was to go right home after school every day to watch my brother; my mom didn't want him home alone.

Thankfully my brother was a good kid and did his own thing, usually playing in his room or watching TV. He also gave me the privacy I needed, well mostly. So Cory and I could usually enjoy a fun but quick jerking and/or sucking session most days after school in my bedroom.

I would later find that my brother really didn't give me all the privacy that I thought he did, but that's another story for another time.

Cory would stop by for a quick "session" on the way to his home, unless his mother told him specifically to be right home after school.

Also, on a few occasions our new "partner in fun" Shawn would join in, unfortunately Shawn could only come over if he asked his mom before school, she didn't say "yes" that often, she usually wanted him right home after school.

Something else cool happened as well, Cory grew a couple of hairs just above his cock, this made me a little jealous, since I was a year older, he was only 11. My dick was also bigger than his but for some reason he was the first to sprout any hairs. It was only a few little hairs, but still, he had them and I didn't.

The first few weeks of school went as usual, nothing special and nothing memorable.

Part 3: Spying On Adam & Justin...

So now it was a few weeks into school... Nothing new happened between Cory, Shawn, and I for quite some time. We continued to have our "sessions" when ever we could and it was still just the three of us who had done it, or so we were thought.

It was a few weeks into school, towards the end of September, the weather was still pretty nice, Indian summer I think they call it, but the evening were cooling down, you could tell that autumn was very nearby.

It was one of these days when Cory and I were walking home from school. As were cutting threw the church parking lot, we noticed Adam and Justin walking not to far ahead of us.

I knew Adam quite well since the first time we met back at Nathan's house; we had hung out many times since then. He was in grade 8, one year above me, on the same floor as me and his locker was just a couple down from me... but I still had not dong anything sexual with Adam yet, I wanted to but didn't know how or have the opportunity.

Justin was a kid that I knew but not that well. He was not a regular among my group of neighborhood friends, despite the fact that he lived on the next street as me. Justin was in grade 8 also, I assume he was the same age as Adam, which would be 13.

So anyway, we noticed Adam and Justin walking ahead of us. Cory and I decided to catch up to them so we could all talk and hang out for the rest of the walk.

However, while we were trying to catch up, Justin and Adam walked off into the woods behind the church instead of going onto the street.

Cory and I stopped and looked at each other. I think we both knew what was in the other persons mind. I am not sure what it was, but something just told me that they were going into the woods to jerk off, maybe even sucking but at least jerking off. I just knew it, call it a "gut feeling"; as I looked over at Cory, I knew he had the same feeling too.

Cory and I looked at each other and said; "let's follow them", at the same time.

We then proceeded to quietly follow them into the woods. We slowly and quietly walked over to where they walked into the woods. There was a path that looked pretty well used. We walked down the path as quietly as we could, once we hurt voices we ducked down and stopped.

Just a little ways down the path was an open rocky area – an open area with a few big flat rocks, well pretty flat anyway. This is quite common in this area, the coast was quite rocky. The ocean was only a hundred feet or so away, so you could hear the waves. This gave me and Cory a little more protection, hopefully this would mean that there was less of a chance they might here some little noise we make.

Cory and I quietly sat down on the dirt, protected by some trees, a few bushes, and some noise from the ocean.

We watched Adam and Justin, nothing seemed to be happening for quite some time and we could not make out what they were saying. They were just sitting there on this big rock and talking to each other.

After a minute or two, we finally got what we had been waiting for. Adam looked around to make sure no one was there and then he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock.

Cory and I quickly glanced over at each other, I knew I was right!!!

It took Justin no time to follow Adams lead. He took unzipped his pants and took out his dick.

Then Justin reached into his school bag and took out some kind of book or magazine. Something told me that it was a dirty magazine but I had never seen one yet, so I wasn't sure.

I had seen Adam's dick before, back at Nathan's when we played "truth or dare", so I knew what his looked like and I knew he was uncut like me.

We didn't have the best view, there were some buses and trees in the way, but Justin seemed to have what looked like a pretty big dick and I think it looked like he was circumcised like Cory, I was pretty sure anyway.

I was now growing a bit scared, quite excited, but scared... Justin was a jock; he was a year older than me and 2 years older than Cory. He was also big for his age, not HUGE but pretty big and being a sports jock, he could probably beat us up if he caught us spying on him.

A part of me wanted to stay and keep watching but another part of me wanted to get out of there and quick before they spotted us. I wasn't too concerned with Adam, he was a skinny scrawny kid like me, but this Justin kid had a reputation for getting into fights and I did not want to get beat up.

But I ignored the risk and we kept watching for a few minutes more. The view wasn't that great like I said, but they seemed to be having fun, looking at their magazine and jerking off. They didn't jerk off each other, just with each other, and they didn't do anything else.

After a few minutes, Justin stood up and came, I could see it, not that well, but he shot out a shoot or two onto the ground below. Then put his dick back into his pants, grabbed his magazine and started to get ready to leave. I found this kind of strange because it didn't seam like Adam had an orgasm yet.

It looked like they were going to start walking any second, so Cory and I quietly got up and hurried up the trail as fast as we could but no to fast. Once we thought it was safe, we ran as fast as we could.

Once we got to the other end of the church parking lot, we stopped and walked as normal. We made it across the street before they came out of the woods, by this time Cory and I were at least a few hundred feet away, so we never got caught.

Cory and I talked on the way home about what we just witnessed, we both thought it was pretty cool but agreed it was also very stupid because we both figured that Justin would kick our ass if we ever found out.

Now, don't get me wrong, Justin was not known as a bully. He had been in a few fights before when someone tried to make fun of him or start something with him. So were not like, scared to death, but we also figured there was at least a good chance for an "ass kicking" if we were found out.

Cory stopped at my place for a quick jerk off and sucking session as usual. Typically we would suck each other but sometimes I would just suck him. I loved getting sucked very much, but I preferred sucking to getting sucked... On that particular day, I just sucked Cory and I didn't ask for anything in return... Cory didn't mind, because I think he was the opposite of me anyway, he did enjoy sucking but preferred getting sucked, so we made a good pair that way :-)

Part 4: Jerking Off With Adam...

The next day we walked to school and again, it was a typical day, except for seeing Adam and Justin jerking off the day before.

We talked about what we had seen and I brought up the idea of getting Adam in on our fun. We also talked about how we might try to follow them again, if we could.

The school day went as usual in the morning. I was quite distracted most of the morning because I was thinking about Adam and Justin and what they did. I was also thinking about how I could find a way to get Adam to join in on some "fun" with Cory and I.

At lunch hour, Cory and I walked to McDonalds as we usually did. Today, Adam was there also, alone. This was typical for him, Adam was a shy kid and didn't have too many friends in school, he was far from an "out-cast", he like never got made fun of or teased at school, no more than anyone else, but he was far from what you would call a "popular" kid. It also wasn't that unusual to see Adam going to McDonalds for lunch, he did so quite often.

The difference was that today, Cory and I knew something about Adam that he didn't know that we knew. Being the typical boys our age, not very tactful and immature, we giggled a bit and looked over at Adam a few times. You could tell that Adam noticed; he looked over at us a few times, looking a bit confused.

We ate and headed back to school... I didn't see Adam again until I went to my locker during afternoon break to get a can of Pepsi that I had inside it.

Adam came over to my locker and said; "What was with you guys at McDonalds?"

I didn't know what to say to him... but I also saw the opportunity...

I saw opportunity because this was just the opportunity I needed to let Adam know that I knew what he and Justin did but I knew that I had to do it in such a way s not to make him uncomfortable or think we looked down on him because of it. I thought for a quick second and decided to just be honest with him and tell him it was cool because Cory and I also did it. This seemed like the perfect way to me.

So I looked at Adam and said; "Cory and I were just asking a little silly because we saw what you and Justin did yesterday after school... But don't worry, we're not going to tell anyone, Cory and I do it too... It's cool."

Well Adam turned very red, I mean REALLY RED! He was quite embarrassed...

He then looked at me and said; "So you are not going to tell anyone".

"No, don't worry Adam. Cory and I do it all the time... I'll keep your secret and you keep ours, ok!" I said.

"I got to get to class now, see you later" Adam said.

He then turned around and hurried off down the hallway. I found that quite strange, there were still a few minutes left before class, but figured he was still pretty embarrassed about getting caught.

The rest of the afternoon went pretty quick and Cory and I were soon walking home again after school. Of course, the very first thing I had told Cory was about me telling Adam that we saw him and Justin.

We got about 1/2 of the way home and we heard someone running behind us. We turned around and it was Adam.

Adam ran up to us and asked if he could talk to me alone for a second.

I told Cory to go ahead of us for a second while Adam and I talked. Cory did this without any questions because he knew what it was about.

"Sorry, I left like that at break but I was pretty embarrassed" Adam said.

"No problem, I would be too" I said.

"So you are not going to tell anyone" Adam said.

"NO, I already told you Adam... Me and Cory do it too, why would we tell anyone when we do the same thing" I said.

"So you guys really do it?" Adam asked.

"Yes, like every day after school" I said.

"Cool, you guys want to hang out?, I don't have to be home until dinner time" Adam said.

"Sure, we are going back to my place now, you can come and hang out" I said.

"Ok, cool" Adam said.

We then walked up to Cory and continued on to my house. I told Cory that Adam would be hanging out with us. Cory looked at me and smiled an evil grin.

Once we got to my house, my little bother was already there and upstairs watching TV as he usually did. Cory, Adam and I went down to my bedroom and we all sat on the bed and I turned on my bedroom TV to give us something to do.

We watched TV for a few minutes but Cory kept poking me in the leg when Adam wasn't looking. It was his little "hint" to me, to get me to see if Adam wanted to jerk off with us.

I looked over at Adam and said; "Remember, how I told you that Cory and I do that too?"

"Yes" Adam said, turning a little red again from embarrassment.

"Well, we usually do it after school..." I said.

"Umm... Ok" Adam said looking a little confused. I don't think he quite understood what I was getting at.

"Well, Cory and I were wondering if like you wanted to do it with us?" I said.

"You mean like right now, right here?" Adam asked.

"Yes, right now, my brother is upstairs watching TV and we have about 40 minutes before my mom gets home" I said.

"Ok, do you have any magazines?" Adam said.

"No, we don't have any of those." I said.

"Ok, well I have a few at home, I can bring one over sometime" Adam said.

"Yes for sure, that would be awesome" I said.

"Ok, I will bring one to school tomorrow" Adam said.

"Well, do you want to do it now" I said.

"Ok" Adam said.

"Cool, let's get started" Cory said.

With that, we all laid down sideways on my bed. This always made for lots of room and no one would get hit with the other person's arm or anything. I was on the end with Adam next to me and Cory next to Adam, Adam was in the middle.

Adam seemed very "eager", as he started unzipping his pants right way, him and Cory both started first and I was the last one to start undoing my pants... I can remember noticing that Adam was left handed like me, I noticed that right away because all my other friends were right handed, there is not many of us left handed people around.

Cory was the first to pull his cock out, nothing I hadn't seen a thousand times before. As usual he was rock hard already, his cock always "popped" right up when he pulled down his underwear, his dick would stick strait up, pointing perfectly strait in the air when he was laying down or strait our when standing up. I always thought this was cool because mine always pointed more upwards towards my tummy.

I looked over at Cory to see the few hairs he recently grew above his cock... Still no change there, he still had just a few and they didn't seam any longer nor was there any more of them.

Despite unzipping his pants first, Adam was playing with his cock in his underwear, I think he was doing it to make sure he was fully hard before he actually took his dick out, so I was next to take my cock out, as per my usual I was also rock hard.

Adam finally pulled down his underwear some and took out his cock. He was fully hard, his dick was just a tad shorter than me - maybe like 5.3 inches. He appeared to just a wee bit short than my 5.5 inches, although we never measured, so that is just a educated guess.

Adam's dick was thicker than mine or Cory's, but everyone was thicker compared to me. He had real pubic hair too, like A LOT, a nice little patch of hair above the base of his cock. Adam was also uncut like me, but I already knew this from our game of "truth or dare" at Nathan's.

Cory and I both commented on Adam's pubic hair. He seemed proud of it and he was happy to show it off to us. Cory showed Adam his pathetic little few small hairs, but it was more than I had so I couldn't say much. Cory asked Adam if he could touch his pubic hair and Adam said; "Sure".

Cory reached over and kind of rubbed it a bit for a split second and said "Cool".

Adam then looked over at me and said; "Do you want to?"

So I reached over and did what Cory did. I wanted to touch his dick but I decided against it, for fear of taking it too far with Adam on the first time doing this kind of stuff with him.

We all jerked all, not each other, we did jerked off ourselves. I wanted to do more but Adam got embarrassed quite easily and I was a little scared to take it to far on this first time, also we had limited time, my mom would be home soon.

I loved watching Adam jerk off; he did it different than either Cory or I. Both Cory and I jerked off the top half, or end of our dicks... I would only grab the top half of my cock and jerk that, so would Cory. The only difference being that Cory would also jerk the his mushroom head directly since he was circumcised and therefore less sensitive. I always made sure my jerking rhythm was just right, to make sure I didn't rub the end of my dick when my foreskin was down, this can be quite irritating or even painful when you are uncut.

But Adam was like jerking off his shaft, his foreskin would never go down, it always stayed up, covering the end of his cock. In fact, the foreskin on the end of his dick hardly moved at all!

Cory was the first to orgasm, them me, as usual we both had a good orgasm but no "real cum" yet, just a few drops or little squirt of clear liquid. Then like 3 seconds after I finished, Adam did. He actually came, real cum, like 3 shots of white cum, just like my older cousin Jason. The shots were quite small, not like huge gobs, they were just little squirts, but it was real cum! Something neither Cory and I could do, we only had a few little drops of clear fluid come out... so it was pretty impressive when Adam cummed.

When we were done, I asked Adam about the way he jerked off. He told me it was because he could not pull back his foreskin, it hurt too much and it wouldn't go back. His foreskin was stuck permanently "up", coving his dick head all the time. Adam said that he could only pull it back when he was soft, even then he still couldn't pull it back all the way and still hurt some.

Something about that didn't seam write to me, I told him to ask his doctor about it. It didn't seam normal to me, to not be able to pull back your foreskin without pain. I also remembering thinking about how he cleaned under it but I decided to keep that to myself, I didn't want to embarrass Adam. When I was younger, my dad explained to me how important it is to pull back your foreskin and clean down there, something I later passed on my little brother.

So after our jerk off session, we talked and agreed that Adam would bring his dirty magazine to school with him tomorrow in his school bag. The three of us would do this again tomorrow after school; we would all come back to my place.

With our plans made and dinner time getting near, Adam went home and about 5 minutes later so did Cory. I went to check on my brother and about 5 minutes later my mom got home from work.

Part 5: The Porno Magazine and Sucking Adam...

The next day at school was pretty uneventful, however I was quite distracted about what was going to happen this afternoon. Adam was supposed to bring a porno magazine to school and like yesterday, the 3 of us were going to jerk off again.

Cory and I talked on the walk to school that morning, we were both pretty excited about after school with the porno mag and Adam.

The night before, I had also thought about testing the waters" some more with Adam to see if we could get him involved in at least jerking each other off, or even better some sucking.

I jerked off the night before thinking about sucking on Adam's cock... I was really turing into a cock sucker more and more as time when one... I know enjoyed sucking Cory much more than getting sucked off... I wanted to suck dick as much as possible, something about a dick in my mouth, it was like I needed it.

The school day went by incredible slow for some reason, probably because I was so excited about after school. There was no sign of Adam at lunch hour or on the morning or afternoon break. Cory and I had gone to McDonalds for lunch as usual, we looked around for Adam but he was no place to he found. I knew he was at school, I saw him the hallways a couple times, but I just couldn't seam to get near him before he was gone again.

At the last bell right, the end of last class; I went to my locker to get my stuff and hopefully find Adam. To my surprise, he was already there at my locker waiting for me. I grabbed my stuff and we headed out front of the school to meet Cory, Cory was already out there waiting.

The three of us walked to my place, hardly a word spoken, we walked pretty fast, we all seemed to me in a hurry to get there but at the same time we didn't say hardly anything to each other the whole walk home.

We walked into my house, my brother was still not there. We would have to wait a bit, I needed to make sure my little brother got home ok and was occupied before we could have the privacy we needed. Within a couple minutes, my brother came walking in, gave us all a weird look like he knew something was up, he then sat down in front of the TV as per usual.

The three of us got a drink from the kitchen and headed off downstairs to my bedroom. We didn't bother with any formalities, immediately Adam took out the magazine and Cory was sitting on my bed and undoing his pants before I could even sit down, I barely had the door shut before Cory had started undoing his pants.

I saw down on the bed in between Cory and Adam. Adam took the magazine, opened it up and placed it on my lap, since I was in the middle, so all three of us could see it. It wasn't a playboy like I figured it would be, it was like a penthouse but not actually a penthouse one, it had real sex, not just naked women.

The first page we looked at was some naked women and some guy with his dick by her face, she wasn't sucking him but I knew that is what they were implying she was going to do.

The man had a huge cock, I noticed this right away, I didn't even really care about the naked girl, I liked the big dick right away. I didn't realized that cocks got that big... I was instantly hard and very very turned on.

Without even thinking, I pulled out my cock and started jerking. Cory was already doing it, and Adam soon followed our lead... We turned the page every few seconds or so, at first it was just photos of this women who was "about to" suck this guys cock but it never actually went into her mouth. Then were photos of just her, I thought these were ok but I wanted to see more cock, I was afraid to say anything so I just went with the flow.

Eventually it got back to more photos with a guy in it as well... thankfully more cock to look at. This time the women was laying down and there were close ups of the guys cock by her pussy, which I noticed was quite hairy and to be honest it didn't look that good to me, I was not being turn on by her pussy at all, but the guys cock was great to look at. I remembering thinking about being her, being the women with a dick to suck on while we were jerking off.

After looking at the mag and jerking off for about 5 minutes I was getting a bit impatient, I wanted to do more with Adam the thoughts of jerking and sucking him were continuing to fill my brain...

I decided to "test" Adam some more, to see what I might be able to get him to do, or rather let me do to him.

"Did you and Justin ever jerk each other off?" I asked Adam.

"What??? you mean touched each other?" Adam said.

"Ya, do did you guys ever do that?" I said.

"No we didn't" Adam said, he looked a little embarrassed again... I had that same feeling inside that I had when we first saw Adam and Justin walk into the woods after school - something told me he was not telling me the truth.

"Oh, ok, well me and Cory do all the time" I said.

"Really, you do?" Adam asked.

"Yup, all the time, we usually do it more than we do ourselves but we didn't want to freak you out by doing it in front of you." I said.

Adam looked over at Cory and Cory nodded his head; his way of telling Adam that what I was saying was correct.

"So you and Justin never did that?" I asked Adam again.

"Ya, we did once but he said it was to gay" Adam said.

"Oh... ok" I said, I was a little disappointed, thinking that Adam probably thought it was to "Gay" as well and wouldn't want to do it.

"Do you want to do that?" Adam said.

This came as a big surprise to me but I eagerly said; "Yes".

"Cool, ok, let's do it" Adam said.

"Cool" Cory said.

Cory reached over me and grabbed Adam's dick, I reached over and played with Cory's dick. After a couple of seconds, Adam reached over and was playing with mine. We just kind of played like this for a few seconds, eventually I got to feel Adams cock and he played with Cory's as well. We had all touched each others cocks and we were having a great time but not really jerking or trying to "get off" at this point. We continued to look at the magazine while this was going on.

After a few minutes of this, I decided to try to take this to the next level, I wanted to suck Adam's dick really bad, I kept thinking about his bigger, well thicker dick, and how he could cum real sperm... I wanted more of that real "older boy cum" in my mouth like when I sucked my cousin.

I thought the best way to go about it would be just like we did with Shawn.

I sat up a bit, looked over at Cory and gave him the "look" and he knew what I was about to do, so he sat up a bit too. Both Cory and I looked at Adam... Adam was like "what?".

"Can I trust you" I said to Adam.

"Ummm, what do you think" Adam said.

"I need you to promise me that you will not repeat this to anyone ok" I said to Adam.

"Don't worry I won't" Adam said.

I felt I could trust Adam pretty well by this point, so I decided to tell him that me and Cory sucked each other off.

"Me and Cory like to suck each other off" I said.

"That's cool" Adam said.

"What" I thought to myself, what the hell did that mean, what kind of an answer is that supposed to be. Adam seemed to not even care a little bit, like it was nothing that Cory and I had sucked each other off.

"My cousin and I did it this summer" Adam said.

Oh, then I realized why Adam didn't seam to think it was such a big deal.

"How did you like it" I asked Adam.

"It's pretty cool, getting sucked feels really good and sucking was not as sick as I thought it would be, its ok" Adam said.

"Do you want to do it with us" Cory asked Adam.

"Sure" Adam said.

"Well who is going to suck who?" I said.

"You can suck me if you want to" Adam said to me.

"Cool" I said.

Then I had an idea, we were on my bed sideways, so our feet were on the floor, I was in the middle, between Adam and Cory. I suddenly had the idea that I could get on my knees on the floor and Cory and Adam could move closer to each other, that way I could kind of do them both. So I got up and told them my idea. They both did as I told them and moved in closer to each other, almost so close their legs were touching. I got down on my knees on the floor next to the bed.

I wanted to suck Adam first on purpose, I had been thinking about sucking Adam since that day back at Nathan's house.

I leaned in and took mostly all of Adam's cock in my mouth with out a problem... I remember how Adam tasted, he had a pretty distinct flavor, like almonds kind of, a bit of a nutty taste, I remember that very clearly because this seemed a bit odd to me. He also smelled a little like laundry soap like our friend Shawn had, but not the same brand and the smell was not as strong as Shawn.

I started sucking Adam off pretty good, going up and down and keeping my finger wrapped around the base while I was doing it... Adam moaned so I knew he was enjoying it, unlike Cory he didn't get all "squirmy" and move around, he was like very still, not moving at all.

It took only about a minute before Adam started breathing really heavy, so I knew he was close, I started sucking faster and getting a better grip on his dick with my lips and did my best to make him cum... He kept loosing it at the very last second and after a few minutes I was getting annoyed because him to cum in my mouth.

I kept trying, after another couple minutes he finally came. Adam didn't make any notice or move at all, he just stopped breathing for a second, the next thing I knew, I could feel a couple of warm jets of cum squirt in my mouth. Adam tasted great, very sweet tasting, not as bitter tasting as my cousin Jason.

I then moved onto Cory, he was getting pretty impatient at this point, he lifted up to put his dick into my mouth, he couldn't even wait 2 seconds for me to do it :-). It didn't take Cory long to orgasm, he came within a minute. I happily licked up his little jet of clear cum. Cory's juice always tasted sweet, but there was only a drop of two of it like me. I enjoyed getting Adam's cum a lot more, he actually had a good amount of it, unlike us.

I moved up onto the bed next to Cory, Cory leaned over and sucked on my dick for about 30 seconds, he was a pretty good cock sucker but I kind of wanted Adam, so I looked over at Adam and asked him if he wanted to suck me. He said; "OK".

So Cory moved and Adam leaned over and grabbed my dick, he played with it before sucking it, I was almost about to orgasm before he even got to suck it. I had to tell Adam to hurry up and suck me. He leaned in and took almost my entire dick into his mouth without any problem. He just sucked me but basically kept his head still, he didn't really go up and down on it, but it still felt great and within about 30 seconds I had an orgasm.

We got our clothes back on and talked a little... it was getting near time for my mother to be home so Cory and Adam left to go home, then I went upstairs to wait for my mom to get home from work.

Part 3: Summary...

So there you have it... That is how Cory and I got Adam to join in our fun.

We continued to have fun with Adam as well as Shawn all school year, we even did it together a couple times, all 4 of us together. Our friend Shawn moved away the following spring, but Cory, Adam and I continued this fun into the summer break and even into the next school year.

Adam was a bit odd at times, he didn't hang out with us like most kids do, so it wasn't often we did stuff with him. We only got to do stuff with Adam a few times a month, not even once a week quite. Me and Cory continued to do it almost every day, often more than once.

Adam also stayed over at my house but only a couple times. Once it was all three of us, another time it was just me and Adam without Cory. We had fun both times but the time Adam stayed over without Cory was really fun, because I got to have Adam all to myself.

I eventually convinced Adam to talk to his doctor about the fact that he could not pull down his foreskin. It took me a while to convince him, as he was easily embarrassed, but he talked to his doctor about it the next time he had a checkup. The doctor checked him out and agreed that there was a problem. To avoid having to get Adam circumcised, he got Adam to try to pull it down a little bit each day and keep trying to get it more down over time... Adam did as the doctor told him and within like 4 months he was able to pull it all back, even when hard, and without any pain. Adam was quite happy that he didn't have to get his foreskin cut off.

Oh, and Justin, the person we saw Adam jerking off with that day after school. I am pretty sure that him and Adam continued to do it, I think Adam told me they did, however, Cory and I never did do anything with Justin. We did want to but we never had the chance to. Later in the school year, Justin's grades were not good and the school made him go to English school, he was having a hard time with all the classes being taught in French.

Once Justin moved over to the english school, he got new friends and none of us ever hung out with him anymore.

More to come in the following chapters...


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