"And The Angels Sing" Part 1

By Jeffy


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This story depicts minors and adults having unprotected, unsafe sex. Obviously, this is not real life and should be taken as such. Otherwise, enjoy!


"And The Angels Sing" -- By Benny Goodman and his Orchestra, Vocals by Martha Tilton


Chapter 1

We speak, and the angels sing...

Last summer an angel entered my life, even thought I wasn't aware of it at the time. I'm a normal kid, 14, brown hair, brown eyes, about 5'10" tall, slim (no matter what I do I can't seem to put on weight). I always think of myself as plain, so I have to make my way using the force of my sunny personality (ha!). I guess I'm lucky since I've never had too many zits, even though I'm way too plain-looking. Oh, I almost forgot, my name's Isaac, but everyone calls me Colt; my dad says it's because when I first learned to walk I was unsteady on my feet, like a newborn colt, and I guess the nickname stuck.

Back to last summer. Life was going along pretty much as normal toward May, when school would let out and we'd be free for the whole summer, except for those of us taking summer school classes (like me). I wound up taking choir in summer school, mainly because I had the hots for the choir director and he begged me. I had just realized that I liked boys and as you might think was having a tough time with it. The other boys were getting interested in girls, and I was getting interested in the other boys! I sat awake night after night wondering what was wrong with me, until I finally decided that I was what I was (I call it my "Popeye" philosophy. You know, "I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam!").

It was the last week of school and Daniel, our choir director, was running us through our paces. I was late, so I hadn't been there for him to introduce the new kid (I did earn the famous "Daniel glare" which could burn through concrete) so I was shocked when I heard the voice of an angel begin the solo part. It was an incredible voice, a full tenor, well supported, with just a hint of vibrato, and whoever owned the voice sang beautifully! I was so shocked that I missed MY solo just after that, causing the rest of the choir to giggle as I just stood there with my mouth open. I got another Daniel Glare, then hurriedly picked up the line, singing as well as I could. The unknown boy's voice and mine seemed to blend perfectly as we sang, weaving and out, sharing the dynamic line. When we were done, the whole group gave us a round of whistles (better than applause in our book). I just had to meet this kid, even if he looked like Lurch and had a pizza face!

As the group broke up I found myself shaking hands with the angel in question, Ricky. He was only about 5' tall, thin, and had sandy blond hair. He also had the most perfect blue eyes and button nose to go with his killer tan. My heart almost stopped! I was in love, in lust; I wanted him on the spot and in every conceivable way! I did notice that he had dimples, very white teeth, and a stronger grip than I'd have thought from his size.

"Hi, I'm Colt. You new here?" I know, not the most original opening in the world, but the big head had shut down at that point and the little head was about to take control.

"Yup, I'm Ricky, from North Carolina. Nice to meet ya!" He grinned at me, somehow expressing a fun nature, wicked sense of humor, and a drawl thick enough to spread butter on all in the same sentence.

"Ahem, if you'd been here on time, Isaac, you'd know who Ricky is. He'll be joining the choir immediately, and starting school here in the fall." Daniel never used my real first name unless he was making a point, so I hung my head and muttered, "Sorry!"

Ricky almost spoiled things by giggling as I crossed my eyes, but managed to hold it in before Daniel told us to go get into some mischief elsewhere.

We had to run, he to unpack and me to my next class, but I just knew I had to get to know him better. After school, I normally have a standing basketball game with a bunch of buddies, which was more difficult now that Brad moved to Seattle with his family. We had resorted to just picking up a kid at random so we could have even teams, but we desperately needed a regular guy.

I showed up outside to find that the Weather Channel had been right. It was a blisteringly hot day, the kind that belongs in a Gatorade commercial. I noticed Ricky watching from the sidelines, and talked Jimmy (the other team captain) into asking him to play. He said yes, and I got stuck covering him in our half-court game (it was four on four). They were skins, which suited me perfectly! I loved looking at all my buds shirtless, even though I would be petrified to start anything with them.

Ricky took off his shirt and smirked at me, revealing a surprisingly strong, wiry body with a great six pack. I was now even more in love with him, if that was possible, until we began play. Ricky got the ball, faked left, went right, and scooted past me like I was standing still! He scored an uncontested lay-up as we all stared at him. Damn he was quick! It seemed like every time he got the ball he made me look slow as he zigged, zagged, and basically faked me out of my jock (which I wasn't wearing). Frustrated, I tried to back in on him and found that he was a lot stronger than he looked as we pushed and shoved at each other. He might be small, but shit he could play!

I took this treatment in my usual, calm fashion. "Shit, shit, SHIT!!" I screamed as I jumped up and down in pure frustration. Even though I was bigger, he used me like a redheaded stepchild! The other kids wouldn't look at me at all as Ricky tried hard not to smirk.

"Here, Randy, you cover him! I'll cover Jimmy," I told my teammate. We switched, but Randy didn't have any more success that I'd had. Jimmy's team won and Ricky was made a permanent member as we broke up, totally sweaty and beat.

"Good game, ya little shrimp! Where'd ya learn to play like that?" I said, walking up to Ricky and shaking his hand firmly. To tell the truth, I was a little embarrassed about my earlier outburst.

"I'm from North Carolina, we do play roundball down there!" He told me in his sexy accent as he made no move to release my hand. I caught myself looking at the way the sweat trickled down between his ribs, how all of his cute little muscles showed on his thin frame, how his brown nipples stuck out slightly from his chest. "Stop it, stop it, stop it! He isn't a faggot, stop thinking that way." I mentally kicked myself.

Suddenly he seemed to remember my hand, still nestled in his, as he let go and looked away.

"What are ya gonna do now?"

"Well, I thought I'd either spontaneously combust, or go home and drink about a gallon of something cold. Wanna come over my house?" I asked, hoping he'd say yes.

"Sure, I don't know many kids here yet." He looked grateful to have something to do. We walked back to my place, chatting like old friends all the way. He loved computers, any and all science fiction, and airplanes. My heart began to beat wildly! We had the same interests!

We got to my house, where my mom welcomed him like she does everyone. In case you're wondering, she's "Mom" to all the neighborhood kids as well as me and my little brother. She gave us both a hug and kiss, handed us both a bottle of Gatorade, and told us not to sit on the furniture.

"You two need a shower before anything else, now scoot!" She told us before giving us each a firm swat on the behind to get us going. Ricky looked shocked before he realized she was playing, then he grinned along with me.

"I've got some old stuff that'll fit you, don't worry." I quickly found an old pair of undies, and shorts for him to wear as we both went off to the shower, he in my parents' bathroom, me in the hall bathroom. The cool shower felt sooooo good! We both finished at about the same time and just stood in my bedroom for a minute, checking each other out rather obviously. I decided to test the waters a bit.

"Thanks for letting me borrow some of your clothes, it's--" He trailed off as I undid my towel and just stood there naked, drying myself and checking his face for any interest at all. I continued to calmly dry my legs as he goggled, wide eyed at me. Finally done, I looked at him, scared that I'd gone too far.

"You missed a spot!'' So saying, he took my towel from me and began drying my lower back, working his way down until he was just at my buttcrack. Oh no! The little head was taking over! I just stared at my dick as it began to rise on it's own until it was standing up proud and throbbing at a slim six inches.

"There ya go, bud." Ricky told me, moving around to my front. I was mortified! He was seeing me totally boned and we'd only just met! He stared and stared, until he breathed, "Beautiful!' to himself. Embarrassed, I dragged some underwear on, turned around, and found Ricky facing me and holding his towel out to me. He'd left some water on his shoulders, so I began to dry him there, looking him over. God, he even had cute little feet! I worked on his back, then gently turned him around and toweled off his firm stomach (even though it wasn't wet). He was hairless, with his little boner sticking straight up against his tummy. Still not saying a word, he grabbed my hand in both of his.


We both jumped a foot, completely startled by Mom's shout from downstairs.

"Yeah Mom?" I shouted back.

"Why don't you come down and have a snack?"

"Be right there, Mom!"

Ricky already had his borrowed undies on, and was pulling up his equally borrowed shorts. He wouldn't look at me. I put my hand under his chin and made him look up, then stared straight into his gorgeous blue eyes. I saw pain there. He just hugged me hard for several seconds before we went downstairs to get our snack.

Once there, Mom stuffed us full (she says that growing boys need their energy) of cake (chocolate with chocolate icing, yum!) and told Ricky, "Nice tan!" He blushed cutely. I knew then that I had to have this boy!

Sadly, we didn't really do anything more that day since Mom had so rudely destroyed the intimate mood between us. We just played European Air War on my computer, seeing who could shoot down the most German fighters (me, as it turned out, 19 ME 410's downed in a single mission. Take that you Nazis!) Ricky wanted to play one mission as the Germans, but I joked with him that my Rabbi wouldn't let me study for my Bar Mitzvah if I did! Ricky didn't stay for dinner, saying he had to get back to help his folks unpack.

"Ricky," I said as he left, putting my hand gently on his bare shoulder.

"Yeah, bud?" He tried to be upbeat, but I could tell that what we did earlier bothered him.

"If you want to talk, call me, or come over. Anytime, day or night, OK?" I really wanted to know what was eating at him, but didn't want to push too much.

He gave me a serious look. "Maybe I will. Thanks."

I had to be satisfied with that, hoping that he'd eventually work it out, whatever it was. Later that night I thought about him while staring up at the ceiling, trying to sleep. Whatever was bugging him, it was something deep and serious. Could it be that he was attracted to me? I sure hoped so, but I wasn't about to force him into anything. That night I stripped completely nude on the bed, running my hands all over my body and pretending that they were Ricky's. As I pinched and played with my nipples, I wondered if other guys had the same thoughts or if I was a one-of-a-kind teenage pervert. Soon my orgasm released me from those thoughts and I managed to get some sleep now that the little head was in for the night.

Since there were only a few days left in the school year, Ricky only attended the daily choir practice. Every time he opened his mouth I marveled at the angelic voice that came out and the joy in his face as he sang. One day, I wanted him to direct that expression at me!

The next day, Ricky came over again, when my Dad was working out of his home office. He's a lawyer, and occasionally does that if he has a court appearance scheduled or something. He always tells me it's one of the privileges of being a partner. He also likes Swing music, which he plays loud! Dad was taking a break, singing and dancing around the den, with one of his many Benny Goodman CDs on the stereo. As I came in, my Dad smiled at me and danced me across the den, grinning the whole time (he's a bit of a free spirit, in case you haven't noticed). Without missing a step, he did the same to Ricky, much to the kid's surprise. About halfway across the room he started to sing along with the music, causing us all to crack up.

"Dad, this is my new friend Ricky. Ricky, this is the Dad." They grinned at each other.

"A fine voice there, young man. I hope you're in the Choir?" Dad smiled hugely at him.

"Yes, sir, I am. I love to sing, and music in general." His drawl was deeper than ever.

"My, my, so formal. You can call me Bill, but not Mr. Rose; that's my father."

Ricky fidgeted, not sure how to respond. "Well, sir, it just wouldn't be right to call you by your first name, so I guess I'll call you Pop. Is that OK?"

"Yep, Rickster, that'll do for now. I take it that you boys have been playing basketball?" He couldn't help but notice the sweat dripping off of us. I couldn't wait until the heat wave broke!

"Yeah, Dad, don't worry, we won't sit on the furniture until we shower." I knew Mom would have a cow if we did.

"OK, boys, go do whatever, I need to get back to working on my opening argument for this case. Just try to keep it down to a dull roar."

We ran upstairs, being boys, and proceeded to log onto the Net. I opened up my Hotmail account, and saw that Eric, one of my online buds, had sent me several e-mails, each one with Ricky's name in the subject. The first one was titled "Details, I need Details on Ricky!" I'd told Eric about him. I usually spill my deepest feelings to Eric, since he's a gay teen living in Canada and understands about things.

Damn! Ricky noticed it. I distracted him by jumping on him to wrestle, but the little booger got me in some kind of hold and pinned me in nothing flat. He'd grabbed me so fast my head literally spun. Having Ricky lying on top of me would have been fun, except for the hold (literally) that he had on me!

"Did I tell you I'm a brown belt at Judo?" He grinned down at me as he attempted to rearrange my arms and legs.

"No," I panted up at him, "you must have left that part out!"

"So, what did you tell Eric about me. I saw that e-mail." Shit, he wasn't letting go! Looks like I had him right where he wanted me!

"Nothing, just that I had a new friend named Ricky, that's all!"

"That's it? Then you won't mind if I read that, will you?"

Suddenly, I was out of humor. "Let me up. You're hurting me." I said it quietly and Ricky jumped like I'd slugged him in the gut.

"Sorry," he told me, looking sheepish.

"It's OK, everything still works." I flexed my shoulder, finding that everything still seemed to be attached. Was there ANYTHING he couldn't do?

By way of apology, he came over to me and began to massage my shoulder. His fingers felt like heaven on me, working the kinks out (well, it was only fair since he put them there in the first place) and beginning to roam around my back. I shivered as he stroked down my spine.

I grabbed him around the waist, holding his slim body to mine. Maybe I could get him to confide in me. "I'll let you read the e-mail if you tell me what was bothering you the other day."

Again, he wouldn't meet my eyes. "Maybe, someday. We'll see." I sensed that I'd have to be satisfied with that for the time being. Well, I'd wait.

The next weekend, we had a sleepover at his house. His parents were very cool, and had the same southern accent he did. He was an only child so we had the run of the house. We watched movies, ate popcorn, and made bad jokes for most of the evening. It got to be late, so we went up to his room, where he had a HUGE bed, I mean like big enough to land airplanes on! There was plenty of room for both of us, and probably several other kids too.

He lay there, his smooth, bare back to me. I just couldn't resist touching him, trailing my fingertips down his spine, stroking his shoulders and neck. He had a freckle and some downy hairs on the back of his neck that I longed to kiss.

"I like it when you touch me," he murmured softly.

"Good, I like touching you," I told him. Did I ever!

"I mean I REALLY like it." I could hear his voice shake with fear. "And I really like you!" He blurted this out quickly.

"I like you too. I mean, really." We were down to truths now. He rolled over to look at me.

"Roll over, I'll do your back," he told me with a cute smile.

I did, and his smooth, soft hands proceeded to send me straight into orbit! It felt so good, so right, that I thought my heart would burst. At some point during his expert treatment, I fell asleep (if you can believe that).

I was awakened by the sunlight filtering through the blinds. Something soft and warm was in my arms, and my sleep-foggy brain identified it as Ricky even as he began to stir.

"Too early, g'back to sleep." He muttered and turned over, snuggling his face into my chest and going instantly back to dreamland. I could feel his soft breath on my bare chest as he slept on, and as my dick began to rise. Soon the little guy was rarin' to go as he throbbed and strained in my boxers (bright yellow Joe Boxer ones, with the smiley faces all over them). Much as I would have loved to stay there forever, I had to whiz in the worst way!

I gently began to untangle him, then made my way as quietly as I could to the bathroom. I groaned in relief as I pissed like a racehorse. Just then Ricky came up to me, put his arm around my waist, and proceeded to drop his shorts and piss right alongside me. I just had to check him out! His dick was still small, no hair around it, and cleanly circumcised like mine. It fitted him perfectly, and looked so cute I wanted to gobble it up right there!

After peeing, we went back to laze around in bed until Breakfast was ready.

"Colt, we need to talk about us," Ricky told me as we lay snuggling in bed.

"What's to talk about, I like you and you like me." I was running my hands all over his warm, smooth chest and tummy. He felt so warm, so alive! I could smell his unwashed body, but it didn't smell bad, just more like him.

"Well, for starters, are you gay?" He had a matter of fact way of asking it, like he was asking you to pass the butter or something.

"Yep, 100% pure red-blooded teenage fag, that's me. What about you?"

"Jeez, you're sure up front about it. I, I, I'm not sure about me. Ya gotta understand, I can't BE gay. My family, they wouldn't understand. I don't even understand!' He was almost in tears now.

"Sush, it'll be all right, you'll see." I just held onto him tightly until the storm passed.

"Please, ya gotta promise me, you won't tell anyone! Please!" He was really upset now.

"OK, OK, I'll take your secret to the grave, OK."

"OK, if you promise." With that, he jumped on top of me and began to tickle me. Oh, shit he found out my big secret! I'm just about the most ticklish person on this or any other planet. In seconds we were rolling around on the bed, laughing like total lunatics. To make it even worse, Ricky's dad poked his head in, smiled, jumped on the bed, and began to tickle BOTH of us! Now we were ALL rolling around on the bed like lunatics.

Luckily, Ricky's Mom broke it up a couple of minutes later, laughing and shaking her head.

"Now, children, stop that and behave. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes," she told us.

"Yes, mommy!" Ricky's dad responded, cracking us all up.

Then his dad went off to shave and do whatever dads do in the morning while Ricky and I brushed our teeth and got cleaned up. As Ricky stood there, foam leaking out of his mouth, I had the impulse to put my arms around him, which I did.

"What?" He mumbled the word around his toothbrush.

"Nothing, I just wanted to hold you some more." With these words, he rinsed his mouth, and I slowly bent down, our mouths getting closer and closer...