"And The Angels Sing Part 3"

By Jeffy

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This story depicts minors and adults having unprotected, unsafe sex. Obviously, this is not real life and should be taken as such. Otherwise, enjoy!


"And The Angels Sing" -- By Benny Goodman and his Orchestra, Vocals by Martha Tilton

Chapter 3

We kiss, and the angels sing...

Dad followed his own advice and drove like a demon to the hospital, scaring both Mom and me. I mean he really drove, like 80 in a 35 zone! We got to the hospital and Dad let Mom and me off at the Emergency entrance, where I totally lost it and ran inside, looking for my boy. He needed me, and nothing was gonna stop me from finding him! Suddenly, I found Ricky's Dad, Mom, my Mom, and a really large hospital orderly all holding me against the wall rather firmly.

"Son," the orderly told me in a deep voice, "you don't want to go in there, it gets quite messy. Just have a seat and we'll call you when we are ready."

They let me go, and I could see that the orderly's nametag read "Dr. Rodriguez". Damn, I didn't know doctors grew that big. We all sat there for a while as the adults seemed to take turns comforting me, sitting there with an arm around me telling me that it would be OK.

I began to notice the others in the waiting room. There was a group of drunk teens, bringing their friend in (he threw up all over a nurse, too), a Vietnamese gang member who'd really gotten the beat shit out of him (ugh! His face looked like he'd gone a few rounds with Apollo Creed), and a whole parade of little kids with broken arms ("I tripped over the dog!" one of them told me). I also found out that there's really nothing good on at 3AM at all, even if you do include "Karioke Showcase" (featuring a 300 pound woman dressed in a shower curtain and singing "Pretty Woman"). Finally, the doctor came back as my heart threatened to burst through my chest. I couldn't hear what he said to Ricky's folks, but they both started to cry. Oh, God!

His dad came over and hugged me tight. "He's gonna be OK, we got him here in time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I just stood there in his arms and sobbed my heart out. We all sat there for some time, thinking our thoughts, until a nurse came out and told us we could see him. He was well and truly out of it, laying there with a black smudge on his face (I later learned that it was activated charcoal, which they use to pump someone's stomach. Ewwwww!) I pulled up a chair and sat down by his bed.

"Son," the doctor said, "he'll probably be out the rest of the night."

"I can wait. I want to be here when he wakes up." I was determined to be with him when he did, even if it took a week! I did notice that his dad didn't come into the room; he just stood there in the doorway, looking, before he walked away slowly. At that point I began to seriously worry about things.

I don't know how long I sat there when I heard the sounds of arguing from the hallway. Curious, I walked into the hall to see and there was my Dad, arguing on the phone really loudly. He called the guy a paper pusher, gutless, then he really got mad! I'd never seen him in his "attack-lawyer" mode before, and I gotta admit he was impressive. Finally, he hung up the phone looking smug.

"They agreed to pay for it, finally. Ricky's going to be transferred to the Teen Crisis Center later tonight. They have the best program in the state." He'd done that for Ricky? I figured out that he'd been arguing with their HMO, and he won! I went back in to wait for my boy to wake up.

Some time later, they came in to put Ricky onto a stretcher to be transferred. He looked so small and pale as they gently shifted his limp form! We drove to the Center in silence, my dad looking at me once every few minutes with worry in his face. When we got there, it didn't look anything like I expected. It was a bright, cheery building on nicely manicured grounds. It took a while to get Ricky into his new room, then get all the paperwork done, but finally he was there. The room was also a surprise, nice, with bright colors, and didn't look anything like a hospital room. I pulled up a chair next to his bed and prepared to wait. I must have fallen asleep, because suddenly I felt a hand on my head, stroking gently. I opened bleary eyes, to find Ricky smiling at me. He was awake! I scrambled up and hugged him tight, never wanting to let him go. He looked terrible, with dark circles under his eyes, and he smelled even worse. I didn't care! I had my boy in my arms again! Go away, world! I have no idea how long it was, but suddenly both of our moms were there, hugging the both of us. Finally I let go.

His mom quickly took my place, sobbing with relief. They cried and hugged for a while, then my Mom and Dad did the same thing.

Finally done hugging and crying, he looked up at me. "Jeez Colt, you look like shit!" It wasn't exactly what I expected him to say.

"Yeah, well, so do you. You really had me scared!"

He looked down at the bed. "Pretty stupid, huh?"

"That'll be enough of that, young man. We all make mistakes, and we all have to live with them." We all looked up toward a tall man with a beard, wearing slacks and a VERY loud shirt. I mean, you almost needed sunglasses to look at him. "I'm Dr. Kelly, but you can call me Kell, everyone does. I'll be one of your therapists while you're here, which hopefully won't be long. Now, if you'll all excuse us, Ricky and I have a few things to discuss." He made a shooing motion at us as we all filed out.

I just sort of wandered a little, and found myself at the Center's small chapel. Ricky's dad was there, just sitting and looking at nothing. Really creeped me out, too. I just stood there for a long while, looking at him, before I just turned and walked away without saying anything. I knew he needed to work this out by himself.

I went back to Ricky's room, where Kell and he were waiting for me. Kell patted the bed next to him, inviting me to sit down.

"Colt, Ricky has told me a little about your relationship. I think it would help if you would do some of his therapy sessions with him. Not all of them, but a few so you can help him work things out. Are you willing?"

Was I willing? I'd walk over hot coals for Ricky! I told him yes, then got up, wincing from the pain in my back. That damn chair I'd slept in could be classified as a torture device. Kell, seeing this, got up and massaged the kinks out of my back. Now, I love Ricky but as Kell's magic hands worked on me I could suddenly see the charms of older men. I glanced over at Ricky and I could see that he was feeling a little left out, so I began to massage one of his cute, bare feet. God, they were so cute, soft and absolutely perfect. After a look, Kell showed me how to do it properly, demonstrating on Ricky's other foot. Ricky just relaxed and attempted to turn into a boy-puddle on the bed.

I spent the rest of that day, and the night with him. Kell had someone bring in a `sleeping chair' for me, a huge brown leather job that folded almost flat to sleep in. Much better than the waffle iron chair of the previous night! All in all, I spent the first 3 days there, until Ricky and Kell ganged up on me and made me go home (very unfair of them, too).

That third day, when Ricky was in one of his therapy sessions, I again went to the chapel. His dad was still there, still sitting and looking at nothing. He noticed me and patted the seat beside him, motioning me to sit. Once I did, he just sat there for a while, before hugging me close and tousling my hair. Now THAT startled me more than anything else. Finally, he let me go and gave me a firm swat on the butt to get me moving, still not saying a word. A few minutes later, I looked in and Ricky was in his dad's arms, both of them sobbing. I went to the cafeteria for a soda, drinking it with tears in my eyes. I reflected that this love stuff sure seemed to make you cry a lot.

When I came back, Kell and Ricky cornered me.

"Colt, you really should go home. Eat a good meal, sleep in your own bed, and come back tomorrow during visiting hours, OK?" Kell gave me a serious look, as if to tell me he knew best.

"But..." I was at a total loss as to what to say. How could I leave?

Ricky came over and hugged me, hard. "Colt, please, I need to know that you're OK and taking care of yourself too. Tomorrow you and I have a therapy appointment together, and you need to be rested. OK?" Then he kissed me, right in front of Kell! I walked out in sort of a daze. Much as I hated to admit it, they were right, having a nice dinner and sleeping in my bed did help. I went back the next day and found that it was to be a family session, with both sets of parents there too. This alone was almost enough to make me start shaking.

When we went in, Ricky sort of lead off, I guess he was used to the therapy thing by now. We all said how we felt, and what we hoped to get out of this whole deal. When it was my turn, I just blurted out, "Ricky, I feel like I let you down."

They all stared at me. "I,I,I, I mean I promised to never tell anyone, and then I told my dad all about us." I was shaking.

All of the adults just looked at me strangely. Then his dad spoke up. "You did good, kiddo. You knew when to yell for help. You did good."

I blushed a little, then started thinking that I might not have let Ricky down.

Then my dad spoke up. "Colt, really, you knew when you were in over your head. That's something most folks don't like to admit. You had to tell me, or else I never would have believed you that Ricky was in trouble. It's hard to know when to break a promise."

I felt a warm glow all over, basking in my Dad's praise. Even Ricky agreed that I'd done what I had to (which I had). His parents were still not sure what to think about us, but at least they listened and tried hard, which counted for a lot. I'm not sure exactly what got resolved in that session, but we all talked and listened. We also found out in that session that both Ricky and I had known for a long time that we were "different", how much we did care for each other and how exhausting therapy is. I mean, I really came out of there feeling like I'd been through a marathon. Now I knew why Ricky looked so wrung out after his sessions! But at least I could try to support him as much as I could.

Toward the end of the week, we got a visit from my cousin Harry (actually, everyone calls him Harrison but me; when I was little I couldn't say his whole name). He's actually my second cousin since he and Dad had virtually grown up together.

"Hiya Colt-boy! How's tricks?" That how he always greets me, as he picked me up and hugged me tight. Needless to say, he's one of my favorite cousins. He's also openly gay, very successful in business, and a definite type A personality. I've always found him easy to talk to.

He stepped over to Ricky and gave him a big hug too. I could hear the air whoosh out of his lungs. Well, that's my cousin for ya! Then he gave us a talking to like you wouldn't believe! He was hurt that we didn't come to him for advice once we both realized we were in love. To tell you the truth, I was kicking myself for not thinking of it. Then he told us he wanted to help, and gave us what he said was the short version of what it's like to be gay. To hear him tell it, it's kinda like being a visitor in your own home.

Then, Kell walked in and the fireworks really started. He and my cousin gave each other a long, appraising look. Wow, it seemed that Harry had finally met a match for his forceful personality!

"Little head to big head, target in sight!" I murmured to Ricky. We were both spellbound with the sight of these two guys openly checking each other out like that.

"Big head to little head, lock and load! Scotty, you have the con!" Ricky was really getting into the spirit of things!

"Captain, I canna hold it, she's breakin' up!" I was doing my best Scotty impression, which cracked us both up completely. We giggled on the bed while Harry and Kell talked a little, then agreed to meet for lunch on Friday. I had the feeling that they'd be seeing a lot more of each other before long!

Harry only stayed for about an hour, saying he had, go but he did come back often. Ricky seemed to like him a lot. I know Kell did!

I won't go into the rest of Ricky's time there, other than to say that it seemed really hard on him. Sometimes when I'd visit there, he'd be up, sometimes he was down, but he always looked tired. Meanwhile, I began to make arrangements for his homecoming. I'd told the guys that he was visiting his aunt for the summer, which they seemed to accept. Then, three weeks after he'd been admitted, he came home.

I was thrilled to have him sitting next to me on the couch in his den. His parents decided he needed a quiet day, so I kept everyone away from him and we just sat together, talking sometimes, but mainly just enjoying each other's company. I think he appreciated it since he kept smiling at me for no reason. That night, we slept in each other's arms. We didn't even do any sex or anything, we just slept. Did I ever have a plan for Saturday night though!

When Saturday came, Ricky showed up at my house, all squeaky-clean and sweet smelling. As I hugged him his clean, freshly washed scent zinged into my brain.

"No parents?" he asked me, looking around.

"Nope, but they left a note. They wanted us to read it together." We opened the envelope and read:

"Boys --

We just wanted to let you know that we love both of you. Dinner is in the fridge, and Harrison left a present for you both on Colt's bed (and no, we didn't look inside the box). Please, be careful and safe, but above all be good to each other. We'll all be home around 10 on Sunday and we'll go out to breakfast.

We love both of you,

Da folks."

We read it and Ricky got all misty eyed. Then, we both got curious as to what Harry's present could be, so we both went to my room. There was a big, beautifully wrapped package on the bed, all done up with a big red bow. We opened it and began rooting through it.

"Holy shit!"


We couldn't restrain our excitement. Inside was "The Joy of Gay Sex", a big tube of Anal-Ease, unscented baby wipes, plain towels, flavored love lotions, and a note telling us to enjoy ourselves. Ricky immediately plopped down on the bed and began looking through the book. I joined him and we slowly leafed through it, with pauses on many pages and more than one startled exclamation. Before long we were both super horny.

Grinning, Ricky led me to the shower, where we proceeded to strip naked. I couldn't resist and ran my hands all over his smooth, tanned body. I marveled at how muscular he was, how warm and alive his skin felt, and above all how much I cared about him. We stepped under the warm water and kissed like mad, tongues exploring each other's mouth. I really made him crazy when I stuck mine as far down his throat as I could, causing him to moan and dry-hump against me. He alternately moaned and giggled (he moaned when I chewed on his earlobes, and giggled when I did the same to his neck, but he squirmed the whole time in my arms). We both soaped and scrubbed each other, paying close attention to butts and dicks until I felt like I'd explode all over the place. Finally we ran out of hot water and stepped out of the shower.

Back in my room, we both wanted to suck each other first, which caused a small argument until we realized that page 67 held the answer; we could 69! We lined up in position as I took the opportunity to take a close look at my lover. His long, thin dick was totally straight (mine curves up a little) and the head looked more like the cap on a mushroom, but it looked good enough to eat. Then I started licking it all over, like a lollipop, until it was totally soaked in my spit. I switched to sucking on his small balls, first one, then the other, until he was literally twitching on the bed. Little head to big head, close in! Taking the head in my mouth, I put my lips over my teeth and began to gently suck, swirling my tongue around the head, wondering if I was doing it right. I guess I was, because he began to gasp and lick mine all over. Ohhh, the sensations! I could feel the texture of his tongue working on me and it took a supreme act of willpower not to cum right then. I won't even try to describe the next few minutes, other than to say that it was better than in my wildest imagination. Finally, I felt his slim 4" begin to twitch in my mouth as he had a massive dry orgasm. That was it, I went right over the edge, as I literally felt the earth shake as I blasted my cum into his waiting mouth. I gotta hand it to him, Ricky never missed a beat as he sucked my balls dry, swallowing every drop. We both collapsed on the bed, panting, still laying against each other in 69 position.

As we relaxed (and came back down to earth) I saw his cute little pucker as he spread his legs and thought, why not? I gently spread his cheeks and felt Ricky catch his breath. Would he let me? I went in closer and sniffed experimentally. It smelled clean, just like the rest of him, not nasty at all. Well, I thought there would never be a better time, so I just licked right on it. It didn't taste nasty, either, just more like Ricky. I worked my way around, getting it nice and wet, before I put the tip of my tongue on the center and licked a little harder, not totally excited about the thought of getting my tongue in his butthole. Again I lost track of time for a while as I worked to gently slip the tip of my tongue into him. Finally, he relaxed and it went in. I was so surprised that I didn't stop pushing until my nose was smashed against his butt. I worked it in, around, then out a little as I worked his loosening boyhole. Finally, I pressed my finger against it and it went right in, I mean like all the way! I moved it around, looking, then he let out a loud "ANNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHH!" as his arms and legs shot straight out. Yep, found it! I figured that had to be his prostate (hey, I pay attention in health class) as I slowly rubbed it and began slurping on his dick until he came again, making little strangles noises in his throat.

I held him, gently stroking his hair, till he opened his eyes and smiled up at me. It might seem strange, but all I wanted was to give him pleasure. He snuggled close in total contentment until I held up the tube of Anal-Ease for him. Then I turned over, offering him my butt to lube up.

"But, Colt, I thought you'd wanna, you know, do me." I could tell I'd confused him.

"I do, but please, I want you inside me first. Please?" God, how I wanted him inside me!

"But you're bigger than me! You should be on top."

"So what? Please, please, I want you!" I was almost crazy with lust.

That was all Ricky needed. He slid a pillow under my hips and began his own exploration of my pucker, stroking it in a circular motion, then applying some of the lube. I'd been preparing for (and hoping for) this for weeks, working my fingers up my butt every time I showered, and I'd given myself an enema before Ricky arrived (I associate it with being sick; Ricky says he associates ginger ale with being sick. Weird, huh?) to be clean for him. He worked one, then 2 fingers around, loosening me up, then he hit my prostate. Wow, sparks jumped from my ass to my brain and back again! Finally, my lover gently worked his slim dick into me. I'll tell you, it felt a whole lot bigger than it looked! Soon I forgot all about such things as Ricky began to really get into it, going a little harder and deeper, until I was yelling for him to do it to me. He did! Soon we were both past the point of no return as he humped hard into me. He came first, then a second or two later I did, blasting my cum into the towel under me as Ricky expertly worked his hand up and down my dick. What an experience!

We both rested for quite a while, almost falling asleep, until Ricky got up and gave me the most devilish look. He pushed me down flat on the bed and began smearing the lube all over my dick, until I was hard and quivering. Then, with that same wicked smile, he lined my dick up with his pucker and began to sit on it.

"Agggg!" Ricky gasped as the head slipped in.

"No, babe, stop, I'm hurting you! Stop, you don't have to do this, stop!" I couldn't stand the thought of hurting my boy.

He just gave me a kind of "Shut the fuck up!" look and kept pressing down, not stopping until my pubes were rubbing his smooth ass. Jeez, I couldn't believe he'd taken it all. He abruptly became still, leaned back a little, and had yet another massive dry orgasm. I held onto him (he'd have fallen over, otherwise) as I watched his slim dick jump like crazy. His ass clenched hard around my dick, and it was all I could do not to cum, even though I knew I'd be out the rest of the night after that. His eyes were squeezed tightly shut as he began to move up and down, trying different strokes and alternately clenching his ass muscles. Incredible doesn't even begin to describe the way I felt as I realized that I was gonna cum, like right now! I felt a huge load blast up from my balls as sparkles danced in front of my eyes and the ground shook in the ultimate orgasm of my young life.

We both collapsed, sweating like crazy, done for the night. After cleaning up, we slept soundly until our parents work us the next day for breakfast.

After a quick shower (our folks seemed to accept us showering together without a question now) we all went to a local buffet for breakfast, where Ricky and I set a new world's record for the most food eaten by 2 kids. Life had returned pretty much to normal, and except for the occasional therapy session, Ricky (thank heaven) seemed recovered from his suicide attempt. The guys (especially Jimmy, the rat) were happy to have him back to play basketball and I know Daniel was overjoyed when he returned to the choir.

We had our first performance a few weeks later, with the whole school in attendance. Ricky sang, his voice soaring, with a smile on his face. He looked at me the whole time and I knew he was singing for me, as it felt like we were the only two in the auditorium. The angels really were singing, at least for me.

The End

Well, I hope you all enjoyed it. I'd like to thank the guys in the Loft for their help in editing and proofreading. Although this is fiction, some of the incidents have been taken from my own life. Substitute the names Jeff and Scott, and you have the scene where mom walked in on them kissing (she really did laugh, too). This one turned out a bit longer than I'd intended, and I apologize for the delay in getting it done.

Did you like it? Hate it? Drop me a line, I answer all emails.