Home Work Part 1

His name was Andrew but he was known, as usual, as Andy. He was a pain in my arse – well something of a pain anyway. He lived next door with his useless mum – his dad long since gone and she was a friend of my mum. My dad and/or me were always being asked to go next door to fix something or other that had broke or whatever. The difficulty for me was that 9 year old Andy thought that I was some sort of a genius who could make broken toys work and sort out airfix models that had been glued wrong, that I should be happy to play computer games, basket ball and football with him whenever he needed. I think he believed I was his big brother and if that wasn’t bad enough I think he actually admired and had a bit of a crush on me.

Me, well I am 6 years older than him and not particularly sporty or clever but I have a lot of mates and get on well with them and I DO NOT want them to see me keeping company with a 9 year old brat no matter how good looking he is. And he does look a bit cute. If he didn’t, I should certainly shun his attentions even if that would upset my mum who feels that Andy needs a male figure in his life as his dad is elsewhere.

I got back from school on one day last month with a stack of homework to do over the weekend and planned to start that evening. However, my mum said she had just had a conversation with the lady next door. I dreaded what might come next.

“So what needs fixing now then?” I asked in a voice that suggested that I had had enough of going across to sort out Andy’s mum’s problems.

“Well, she has been called in this evening to do a late shift to fill in for someone who has gone sick and hasn’t been able to find a sitter for poor little Andy.”

I cut her off. “I know. You’re going to ask me to go across and sit for him aren’t you, mum. I can’t because I have a stack of home work to do and I plan to start tonight.”

“I bet you have some reading and stuff you can do while you’re there son. You know it’s important for Andy’s mum to earn as much as she can and the late shift really pays well. Surely you can find the time to just help out this once George?”

I knew I was on a hiding to nothing and my mum was great at wearing me down so I conceded that I could take my books over but Andy must do as I say and not get in my hair while I was over there. So a quick phone call and it was fixed that I should go across after my tea.

Later, I gathered up my books and went around next door and a very pleased Andy let me in. He said his mother had left about an hour ago and ‘we’ could play on the computer until his bed time.

“No Andy, the deal was that I could get on with my home work while you did whatever and to keep out of my hair. Didn’t your mum say that?”

“Yes but wouldn’t you much rather play that adventure game with me than bury yourself in those stuffy old books?” He said. Of course I would but I wasn’t going to let him have his way – at least not straight away.

“No, certainly not Andy. You go and do your thing and I’ll stay here and do mine.. Look, it’s seven o’clock now. Your mum said for you to go up to bed at 8.30 so I’ll stop at 8 o’clock and we can play for half an hour and then you go up. Ok?” He reluctantly agreed and went off to his den in the basement while I took the opportunity to get stuck into some maths. At five to eight on the dot Andy put his blond curly head around the door and looked at me with those large blue eyes fringed with long curved dark eye lashes and wide grin complete with dimples on each cheek. He was a really cute looker when he wanted something.

“Georgey.” He said in that slightly lispy way of his. “It’s eight, can we do that game now?”

I put my books aside. It was easier than arguing with him about minutes. We went down to the den where he had set up the game already. There were two chairs in front of the screen and we sat side by side. He was wearing his old football shorts that strained to contain his gorgeous round butt at the back and his boy-package – not too small for a 9 year old- in the front. I had watched him growing out of that pair of shorts during the summer and wondered when his mum would ask to see if we had any of my old shorts that would fit him. I hadn’t volunteered as he looked ever so cute and sexy in the old thin ones that outlined his cock so well.

We played and he won the first level because I was distracted by the long lengths of bare upper leg and the bulge in the front of his shorts.

I glanced at the corner of the screen and saw the time was about twenty past. There wouldn’t be time enough to finish another level but I knew he wouldn’t let go of the last ten minutes so said nothing and we started the game again. I was getting ahead by half past and he knew it, however I had said that 8.30 would be his bath time. I touched his warm smooth arm and said.

“Andy, its eight-thirty, time to stop.” He set up the predictable whine.

“You only want to stop ‘cos you’re in front George, just another ten minutes and I will catch up and then we can stop.”

“No!” I said. “You have to go up now!”

“Tell you what George, I’ll go up if you promise to wash me in my bath, and my hair as well.”

“Good god boy, you don’t need me to wash you surely?” I replied. “You’re 9 you should be able to wash yourself.”

He said he could but it would be a treat to be washed by me like his dad used to before he left home. Was he playing the missing daddy card? I could see that I should have a very unhappy boy if I refused so I agreed but only if he went up right now. I saved the game and followed him up.

His cute bubble butt disappeared up the stairs while I powered down the pc and followed him. I went into the bathroom and turned on the taps. I sat on the stool while the bath filled and shortly I heard his bare feet stumping along from his room. Although I had thought quite a bit over the previous months just what Andy would look like without clothes on, I was not prepared for this naked young boy bursting into the room. He was a beautiful sight, absolutely smooth and unblemished skin, a kind of peaches and cream colour where his bottom had been shaded from the sun over the summer by his shorts otherwise a golden tan. Really quite well formed with broad shoulders and his waist narrow and that gorgeous butt behind. But what instantly caught my eye was his cock. It was far too long for his age, it seemed and the tip of his uncircumcised cock fell well below his small balls which were pulled up tight beneath it. I suppose his soft cock was about the length of my middle finger and about the same girth.

He stood facing me with his arm over the edge of the bath feeling the temperature. I looked up at his eyes and he had caught me looking at his cock I was sure. He grinned and threw one leg over the bath and got in.

I sat there while he allowed the bath to fill and chatted away about the game we had been playing. I couldn’t help glancing from time to time at his cock floating in the water with the tip just breaking the surface. After a bit he turned off the water and said I should start with doing his hair. I found some shampoo on a shelf and, pouring some into my hands, stood by the bath and started on his blond curly mop. There was something slightly sexy working my fingers into his silky curls and around his scalp. I just loved the feel of it somehow and took the opportunity to go down around his neck and under his small ears.

Then suddenly I sensed that my cock was beginning to get stiff. Enough of this I thought, I sat back on the stool and told him to slip down the bath and wash off the shampoo.

“I always use the shower George. Can you get it off the rest and turn on the water tap and that lever thing that sends it down the shower head please.” He asked. I did as he said and in fact used it myself on his hair to get the soap off. When I finished and sat down he said.

“You’ve got to wash me now like you agreed George!”

Then he stood up. There he was facing me with a challenging look on his face and a fully erect cock, straining up against his smooth tummy. It was a beautiful if unexpected sight. He was all pre-pubescent boy, no pubic hair but a hard cock to die for. I was quite knocked back and all I could do was to stare at his naked form.

“Come on George, you said you would!” He repeated. I got to my feet and taking the soap, wet my hands and started on his lovely smooth shoulders, neck and around his chest and back. I was frantically trying to decide what I would do when I got a bit lower and had to pull his stiff three and a half inch erection away from his tummy and, OMG to wash his bare bottom and worse /better still this straining stiff cock pointing up at me. Andy had me over a barrel. At first I thought I would ignore his middle areas and start on his legs but as soon as I did he quietly said.

“You haven’t done the bit in the middle George. My mum and dad used to pull back my foreskin and wash my willy all over and my balls too.”

Just like that. No escape. Andy wanted me to work on his stuff while he was fully erect. He knew what that meant and would no doubt insist whatever I said.

I replied that I would finish his legs and feet first and if he really did want me to do his cock I would, as I had promised him I would do the full wash. He seemed satisfied and I noted the grin or smirk on his pretty young face. The real problem wasn’t his hard on. It was the one in my shorts!

There was no way I could adjust it to make it less obvious – you know, turn it upwards so it was trapped by the waist band on my under shorts. My hands were covered in soap and water and would leave an obvious water mark on the front of my shorts. Equally I could hardly dry my hands in the middle of washing him. Then he said.

“George, you’ve got a stiffy. I can see it sticking out the front of your shorts!”

To buy time I replied. “It’s not a stiffy it’s an erection or a hard on if you like.”

“It doesn’t matter what it’s called but there is no doubt that it’s stiff and its leaving a small wet patch at the end where the tip is.”

Worse and worse I thought, surely it couldn’t get more embarrassing. As I re-soaped my hands and looked up at him he remarked.

“You’ve got to do my erection or hard on as you call it now haven’t you!” He smirked at me again. “I bet your one gets stiffer still. I think you ought to let it out or it’ll start to hurt it’s so stiff.” He giggled his infectious laugh.

I stood and looked at this perfect little boy; all cock and no embarrassment. What had I to lose by letting my erection out or perhaps getting my clothes off and letting him see my stiff cock. It was obvious that I was worked up by seeing and washing his naked body and I might as well get some pleasure from it with him. As he stood there waiting for me to finish his washing I dried my hands and pulled my shirt off over my head and let loose my shorts, pushing them and my under shorts to the floor.

“Why don’t I join you in the bath Andy?” I said completely consumed with lust for this beautiful naked and erect young boy.

He was staring at my cock and not listening to what I said. As he didn’t reply I leaned forward and for the first time wrapped my fist around his cock – or, for the first time, any young boy’s cock for that matter. His eyes flashed up at mine and he said. “Sorry I was looking at your hard on and didn’t hear what you said.”

“I said I might as well join you in the bath!” I stepped over the edge into the warm water now holding onto his cock.

He grinned at me. “You have a huge willy George, just how long is it?”

I said. “It's not a willy Andy. It’s a cock, tool or penis if you must, but not willy. Only little boys have willies. Now kneel down in the bath and I’ll wash your cock, balls and bottom..” I let go, somewhat reluctantly of his beautiful erection and knelt too. I re-soaped my hands and kneeling in front of my gorgeous victim reached around his body (which incidentally pressed our erections together and his face against my neck) and applied both hands to stroking and soaping his bubble butt. They were unbelievably smooth and soft and I stretched my fingers around each one and squeezed pulling my hard cock against his. I heard a grunt of pleasure and felt his hands around my rather less attractive butt. My fingers eased inside his crack and I allowed one finger to sweep up and down his small wrinkled, but quite hairless arse hole. I felt my butt squeezed in return and a finger penetrate my crack. We tickled each other’s arse holes for some moments then I applied a soapy finger to the centre of his hole and pressed firmly. It penetrated right up and Andy jolted forward crushing out cocks together.

“Ouch, that hurt George, take it out please.”

“No, just wait a bit and the hurt will go then it will feel good.” I said. I eased my finger in until I felt his baby prostrate . He gave another jolt but this time a grunt of pleasure.

“That’s nice isn’t it Andy?” I said. He agreed and I started to wriggle my finger against his prostrate and he kept pressing against my body. I pushed back and put my other soapy hand around his cock. It was small compared with my hand and I was able to use my little finger to massage his small ball sack. I squeezed his hot little cock and with my forefinger and thumb pulled his foreskin back down the shaft. He looked down and said. “My dad used to do that to it so he could wash around underneath. I told him I liked him doing it and he went on moving it up and down. Then he said one day when I was older I would do it to myself lots and get super feelings. I haven’t had feelings like that ‘till now George, keep doing it.”

He put his hand down so he could reach and squeeze my cock and then he rubbed it up and down like I was doing his. The whole thing was sexing me up and I could see where this would lead.

“Andy, my knees are beginning to hurt shall we rinse off and get out then perhaps we can get onto your bed and play some more. Would you like that?” I asked.

He grinned and nodded his head in agreement.

Some minutes later we were naked actually in his bed and crunched together rubbing our cocks against each other getting them super hard. He pulled slightly away and started pulling at my foreskin and wanking me. On our sides I reached over and with a wetted finger re-penetrated his bottom hole and tickled his miniature prostrate. Hardly letting go I swivelled around so I could suck on his sweet little hard on. Andy was ecstatic with what I was doing to his young body. He had never felt so much erotic feeling before. I knew I would get him to his first dry orgasm very quickly and, if he was anything like I was at that age, he would hardly lose his erection and be ready for another go. As I predicted he nearly shook the bed to bits as he came and at one moment he stopped breathing for what seemed hours. Then he took a big breath and said.

“God George what happened then did I piss in your mouth or something, it certainly felt like it. I couldn’t stop myself. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“No you sexy boy you had one of those feelings your dad spoke of. Did you enjoy it!”

“Cor yes, can we do it again I will try and stop it happening at the last moment so I can really enjoy the feeling. As his cock was still quite ridged I took it back into my mouth and sucked anew. His arse hole was still sloppy so I stuffed a finger in and worked him to another almost instant cum – dry of course at his age.

When he relaxed he insisted on giving me an identical action. I didn’t cum in his mouth but pulled it out and squirted it on my belly and his chest so as not to spook him or mark his sheets. It took some time later to explain about semen or spunk as I called it. After a little I had to deal with his hard cock again and get him to another cum which he said was the best yet as he seemed to have more time to enjoy the feelings. I looked at the clock by his bed and saw that his mother would be home in twenty minutes so extracted my weary self from his bed, dressed and told him to put on his night clothes.

“George, can we do that again soon?” He said pleadingly. I agreed we should probably be doing it a lot provided he never told anyone about it; ever, Of course he promised on his heart, hope to die. I just hope he means it!

End of Part 1