Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime

It's my first attempt to write something like that, so be nice with me! Now it's a story that deals, with kids, with abuse and later on with love and relationship. It's no story to find some quick relieve, for that you'll have to go look somewhere else. All the persons in my story are completely fiction. If you are not old enough to read this, well I can't tell anyone if you don't tell. So enjoy the reading!

Warning: The first chapter is a bit dark and it deals with rape. So be careful when you read it.

I love getting feedback: Please, be sure to use the title in the subject line. I've some really mean filters that delete way too much, when I don't look.


Sorry it took so long but life, well school got in the way but I'm finally finished with it and have like three weeks before I start to work, so the next chapter shouldn't be too long.

The Lyrics: Keep on Movin' by Five


*** Two Sides to Every Story  ***




I woke up today with this feeling

Better things are coming my way

I know the sunshine has a meaning

And nothing left can get in my way


I'm a dangerous little devil. That's what my family always say, whenever someone complains about me. They are smiling when they say it. And no matter what I do they love me. Like when I wrapped up the neighbours dog in toilet paper. I saw them hiding their smiles when the neighbour came. I had to apologize but later they were laughing about it with me. Calling me a mischievous kid. But since then the dog never ran free on our beach again. He wasn't seen there anymore. I know my mum was happy cause she didn't like the dog at all. Papa and Daddy smiled and told my uncles. They were laughing so hard and said at least now all comes back. And then they told me what my Dads did when they were kids. They were really bad but I still love them. Mummy didn't know most of these stories either cause she wasn't living with them then.

So they weren't too worried when the school called and asked someone to come. Mama and Daddy both came. Papa was at college. We were at break and some bigger boys were playing around with a baseball. I guess they aren't as good as they say to be cause one hit me in the head with it. It hurt and I fell. When I opened my eyes the teacher asked if I was okay. I wanted to sit up but got dizzy and closed my eyes again. Next thing I remember is my Dad calling me. I opened my eyes and he said not to move to me. He picked me up and carried me to his car. Mum got in with me and Dad drove me to the hospital. We didn't have to wait cause Mum knows the people, she kinda works there, visiting people who are alone. The doctor did some tests with me and then left me with a nurse while he talked to Mummy and Daddy. Daddy was looking funny when they left but that's probably because he doesn't like the hospital at all. He's afraid of needles. Mummy came back some time later. She said I would have to stay in the hospital until tomorrow. I guess she thought I was afraid cause she promised to stay with me. Thank God, I'm not like Daddy but I didn't like staying here anymore then he does. She asked if I wanted a room alone or if I wanted to share with another boy. Sharing, definitely sharing. At least it won't be boring that way. I must have looked tired cause Mummy said I could go to sleep and she would be there when I woke up. I remember she added that Daddy would go home now and get some things for me. I mumbled 'And Jamie' and fell asleep.


Feels like I should be screaming

Trying to get through to my friends

Sometimes it feels that life has no meaning

But things will be alright in the end


The next thing I remember was hearing Mummy reading my favourite book out loud but why would she do that when I was asleep? She was nearly finished too. I know the book by heart. My mum translated it for me. It was one of her favourite too when she was younger. It's called 'The little I am me'. She even made me an 'I am me' when I first lived with them. It's sitting on my bookshelf now. I opened my eyes and saw Mummy wasn't really reading to me but the boy in the other bed. I guess my Mum saw me opening my eyes because she welcomed me back. Wow, I guess I must have slept really long. He turned around to look at me too. That's what I thought. I guess I must have gasped because he turned away from me really fast again.

My mum said that he's my roommate and that he's kinda shy. I couldn't say anything. I was shocked. He looked like his face was used as a punching back. His eyes were swollen shut, so I guess he couldn't really see. Must be frightening.

"Hi, my name's Robbie. I'm six. That's my Mummy that is reading to you. Do you like the book? It is my favourite. I know everything in it." He slowly turned over again and nodded.

"What's your name?" He didn't say a thing so my Mum stepped in.

"Robbie, sweaty, he isn't talking. So don't force him, okay?" I knew he was in big troubles now. He looked like he was just as old as me and show me one six year old that doesn't like talking. My Papa always says I'm only silent when I'm asleep. PAPA! He didn't see him, did he? Papa was hurt pretty bad when he was younger too. I saw the scars on his bottom. He's gonna be so angry. Not with the boy, but whoever did this is gonna be sorry. My Papa is really strong!

"Did Papa ..." I started but didn't know how to finish without frightening the boy.

"Your Daddy already knows and is telling him now. Don't worry about it."

"Finish the book?" I asked, "We would both like it!" the boy nodded and smiled. I guess I must have fallen asleep again cause I don't remember hearing my Mum finish.


Get on up

When you're down, baby

I know it's not much,

But it's okay

Keep on movin' anyway