My first attempt at an erotic story, although it not very erotic yet... It started as me just kinda rambling, and then it just 'flowed' onto the screen. I know it's a little short, but wanted to stop it right there. Mainly because it's four a.m., and I am going to continue it. so here is is...



Chapter 1
by: Perm

The can of soup that mom said she left out for me was sitting right next to the electric can opener. Chicken and rice. She always got me chicken and rice... I must have said that it was good when I was 10, and she has it stuck somewhere that it is the only kind of soup I eat. Or maybe she just thinks that I said that it was good, and is slowly going insane, assuming all kinds of things about me. I think that parents just have so much to worry about, little things like food you like and don't like take a backseat to things like work, and curtains. I will never forget the evening, when we were all sitting down, eating dinner, and I said 'pass the corn'. "Since when do you like corn?" My dad asked me, astonished.

"Dad, I have always liked corn." He looked like he was going into a twilight zone, and everybody was going to read backwards or something.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." That was it, all of the sudden corn was my favorite food, and I didn't even know it. That must have been what happened with the soup, I just don't remember saying I liked it. I put the can into the electric can opener, and listened to it as it turned my can, cutting into the tin. I wonder if that is what it sounds like when someone opens a can of whoop-ass. I will have to remember to be careful if I ever hear that sound outside of a kitchen, but then maybe cans of whoop-ass have those pull-tabs like on beenie weenies and spam. The can was done being opened, and I reflected on the can of whoop-ass thing. Sometimes, I think about stuff too much. I threw the lid away, and dumped the concentrated slop into the pot mom had left on the stove. It didn't look like soup to me. Reading the can, I realized that I had to add a can of water to it. Boy did I feel stupid. I didn't know how to make soup from a can. As soon as I thought about it, I remembered seeing mom filling the can up with water every time she made soup. Somehow though it never clicked. I wonder what else I am missing out on? Maybe there is this other world right before my eyes, maybe little things that I see everyday are part of something big, and everybody knows about it but me. That would explain a lot of things, mainly mascara commercials. Who cares what your eye lashes look like? I have never found myself saying, 'Damn, she is hot, look at how full and dark her eyelashes are!" I looked at the pot of soup as I poured the extra can of water in, and it now actually looked like soup. Maybe I should drink a can of water, and see what I look like.

I followed the rest of the directions for preparing the soup exactly, I did everything the can said to do, nothing more, nothing less, and I expected the soup to be nowhere except in the land of perfectly prepared soup. Not that it was complicated, "Heat, stirring occaisionally." I bet they even let the group home residents make their own soup, and here I am, a perfectly intelligent 14 year old, taking my first ventures into the world of cooking for myself. Maybe tommorow mom will leave hot-pockets, and maybe I will discover the trick to cooking them. The soup was good, although I think that a can of soup is too much, because it tasted a little weak. Maybe a little less next time.

My first summer being home alone. My mom had gotten a job this past winter, and now for the first time, I was alone, to fend for myself weekdays between 9 and 5. I already had lunch, what now? Hmmm. Descisions are hard to make. After a few minutes of careful thinking and evalutating my options, I decided to go down to the pool and have a swim. I grabbed a towel, changed into my swimming trunks, and headed down the street.

It was a neighborhood pool, you had to pay every year to use it, and most of the people in my neighborhood did. It was big enough to have the older kids doing various flips off the diving board at one end, and the little kids kept in the shallows, slowly voiding their bladders. I signed in at the maximum secrurity gate (actually it was an old woman named Marge, with a pen and a desk) and made my way to claim a chair. Throwing my towel next to my chair, which was kinda by the pool, and kinda near the concessions stand, I ripped off my shirt, and kicked off my sandals.

Damn. I was white. I looked like an irish shut-in who was first venturing out into the blinding light of day for the first time in years. Upon realizing this, I decided that swimming wasn't my first priority. The sun was shining, and it was time to tan. I laid down after adjusting the chair to that 'tanning' angle, and felt the sun pour into me, bathing me in it's radience.

I had never really tanned before seriously, last summer I was to busy swiming around, horseplaying and such with the other kids. I never really thought about how I looked, it was just something that didn't occupy many of my thoughts. I was thin, and plain. For some reason I thought I had a 'swimmer's build', but I'm not exactly sure what that entails, but that I how I would describe myself, accurate or not. I had short brown hair, blue eyes and was about 5'8", 120 lbs.

I realized that I was basking for the first time. I had never basked before, although it seemd a lot like laying around and absobing the sights and sounds to me. I watched the other kids swin and dive. I knew some of them, casual friends from around the neighborhood. They were all laughing, playing, enjoying the first days of summer break. It was all too familiar.

Then, something changed. He walked in. I had never seen him before, and he looked like he had never been there before. Something about him fascinated me, the way he carried himself, his timidness at being in such a new place with people he had never met before. Not only that, but there was something about the way he looked that had me wholely engrossed in looking at him. He had blond hair that seemed to be so perfect. Every strand was in place, although not because he brushed or comb it that way, it was just natural. His eyebrows were dark, almost black, and that contrasted with his hair, and just made him absolutly beauti--- What am I saying? Am I saying that this boy is good looking? Did that make me gay? I always wondered if I was, because girls never really interested me that much. I mean they were pretty, but there just seemed to be something missing when I thought about them. I was never really attraced to boys either though, until I saw him. It was like I had been sleeping all these years, and I had suddenly been awakened to what I wanted physically from another human being.

He threw his towel on a chair on the other side of the pool, and walked over to get in line for the diving board. There were some other kids already in line, and I suddenly became jealous of them. They were going to be the first people that he met, they would know his name, where he was from... I wanted to be that first aquaintence that he made in his new home. Tanning took a backseat, and I got up and walked over to the line for the diving board. I caught his eye when as I neared him, and stuck my hand out when I got there.

"Hi, I'm Mike, are you new here?"

He shook my hand back, and said "Yeah, I'm Justin, we just moved here last week."

"Have you met anyone else since you got here?"

"No, my mom wanted me to come here today to meet some new friends" Yes! I was it, his first. Thank you, thank you.

The line had moved up, and it was his turn to jump. He stepped up, walked to the edge, bounced once, and dove perfectly into the water, gracefully swimming until he reappeared above the surface ten feet away. I would have loved to dove right after him, glided under the water, but there was one problem. I couldn't dive. Diving took a few things to be able to do well, one of them was grace. I never had the right stuff to be able to slide into the water like that. I did what I always did from the diving board.

Cannonball! Hugging my legs close to my body I slammed into the water with as little grace as I could. Water splashed everywhere, and I was proud of myself as I surfaced, close to Justin.

"Nice one." He said, as I wiped the water out of my eyes, and began to tread water.

"Thanks, your's wasn't bad either."

We talked and swam for the next three hours. We connected in a way I had never connected with anybody before. I had friends, sure, but not like this. I wanted to be with him, he was smart, funny, interesting, he even knew who Brett Gurewitz was. He was going to be my best friend, whether he knew it or not.

We ended up in chairs next to each other, eating mickey mouse chocolate ice cream treats. It was kinda morbid, eating a mouse head, but it was cold ice cream, and it was good.

"So where do you live?" All that time talking and I still didn't know where he lived.

"The corner of 8th and Washington."

"Really? I live on the corner of 9th and Washington! I remember seeing a moving van there a week ago, I guess I never made the connection." This was great, we lived close, and that meant that I would see a lot of him, and I liked the idea of that.

"Cool, we're neighboors and we didn't even know it. Hey do you want to come over to my house?"

"That sounds like a good idea, swimming is fun and all, but I am getting a little wrinkley, and if I stay here any longer I am going to shrival up to nothing." It was true, but the inside of my fingers weren't the only thing shriveled.

"Great, we can play playstation or watch a movie or something." With that, we grabbed our stuff, and started walking.

Justin lived in a big brown house, just four houses away from my own. We walked into his house, and he led me right to the kitchen, which was very modern, with an island and bar stools around it.

"You want a coke?" He asked, digging throught the fridge.

"Sure." He handed me a coke, and then led me down the hall to a door.

"My room is downstairs, I've got it all to myself, it's pretty cool." We went down the carpeted steps and into his room. Wow! His room was the biggest bedroom I had ever seen.

"Cool, this is a pretty big room." I remarked.

"Yeah, isn't it great? Plus my parents room is upstairs, and they never come down here." He had everything a kid could want, a computer, stereo, a big tv with a playstation 2 hooked up to it. It was obvious his family was affluent. We played playstation, and talked for about an hour or so, until it was time for me to go home and eat dinner. Justin asked if I wanted to stay for dinner, but I declined, saying that my mom wanted me home. Truth was, I had a lot of things to think about.

We made plans to meet up the next day and do something, and I said goodbye and walked home.

All through dinner, Justin was on my mind. We had pork chops, mashed potatos, and you guessed it... corn. My father noticed that my mind was preoccupied.

"What's wrong son? You haven't even touched your corn." Since corn was my favorite food, I guess it came as a shock to him that I wasn't attacking it with all my might.

"Nothing, I'm just not too hungry. I had all that soup for lunch today, and I'm kinda tired."

"How was the pool? Did you wear some sunblock?" My mother asked.

"It was fun, I met a new kid named Justin, he just moved into the brown house on the corner."

"That's good, it nice to hear that you are making friends, maybe he would want to come over sometime?" Mom said.

"Yeah, maybe... look, I think I am going to hit the sack early tonight, may I be excused?"

"Sure dear, take care of your plate." I rinsed off my plate and put it in the sink, and went to my room. I didn't go to sleep though. I laid in bed, thinking of Justin. He was so great, and I felt so good around him. Plus he was really cute. I was having a hard time coming to grip with my feelings for him. I didn't want to be gay, but I also wanted to be with him, even more than just friends. Of course I realized that chances were that he didn't feel the same towards me, but it never hurts to dream. I began thinking of what I wanted to do to him, and ended up jacking off thinking of him. Maybe I was gay, if I was, it didn't bother me too much. I just wondered what other people would think, especially my parents. I drifted off to sleep, with Justin occupying my thoughts, and eventually my dreams too.

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