Chapter 2
By: Perm

...the waves crashed
...the breeze felt cool on our skin
...I stared into the eyes of my compainion, those deep blue eyes
...We lean together, softly touching, gently nibbling
...Our lips embrace, a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever...

"Justin", I breathed softly as I sat up in bed. I had been dreaming of him. Dreaming of being with him, and it felt so perfect. I realized at that moment that I wanted him. No more doubts. I wanted him, to be with him, and whatever that made me, so be it. First things first though, I had an erection to take care of, and I had to get ready to meet Justin.

I finished with my 'business', took a shower and got ready for my first day pining for another boy. Boxers, cargo shorts and a nice, new shirt and I was ready to take on the world, well Justin at least. Hmmm. I wonder if there is a code to see if he's gay... I had never been gay before, so how do I go about this? Maybe it's the same as with a girl, I hope so, that will give me something to work with at least. I didn't want to play him, con him into liking me. I wanted to be his best friend, to know him and maybe sneak a peek when he wasn't looking...

Lunch was soup again. Chicken and rice. I think I am going to tell mom I really like Chef Boyardee too. I was about halfway done with my bowl, and watching Family Feud (doesn't daytime tv suck?) when the doorbell rang. 'Please be Justin, please please...' I said to myself as I walked to the door. I looked through the peephole, and I barely recognized him. I had only seen him in a bathing suit, and I guess I was spoiled to the idea of him being only semi-clothed. He had jeans and a blue t-shirt on, nothing special. But somehow he made it special, I guess anything he wore would look good. He rang to doorbell again. I had been staring at him through the peephole for a little long... I opened the door.

"Hi Justin, I didn't expect to see you here, come on in."

"Hey Mike, yeah, I decided to just come over here, since I didn't have your phone number or anything." He said. "You all by yourself?"

"Yeah, mom and dad are at work, they won't be back until 5 or 6."


"So... what do you want to do today?"

"I don't know, is there any place cool to go to around here? Like an arcade or something?" He said.

"Yeah, how about I show you around town? We could go to the strip mall, it's pretty close."

"That sounds like a good idea, I'd like to know my way around."

So we went to the strip mall. Well, it's real name is the 'Fairview Shopping Centre'. I hate it when they change around the e in words to make it look more exciting... It had a supermaket, arcade, bowling alley, chinese and a pizza resturant. We walked the fifteen minute walk over there, I told him all about the town, school and people on the way.

"So, you wanna hit the arcade first?" I said as we came upon the 'centre'.

"I don't know... Arcades get kinda bring after a while. Let's go bowling!" How can I argue with that? We could go to a midget wrestling match for all I cared.

"Ok, but I have to warn you, I'm pretty good." I said.

"We'll see..."

We walked into the mostly empty bowling alley, got our shoes (damn those are ugly...) and settled into lane 23. Looking around, I found my ball. The ball I always use, orange with little swirleys in it, 11 pounds, the perfect ball. Justin grabbed a blue ball, and we commenced sligning them down the lane.

Thank god for electronic scoring. Anything that has to do with math, or numbers evades me the moment school lets out for the summer. We kept pretty close, and by the last set of frames, Justin was up by just a little. He finished off his game with a strike, and a spare. I followed with three straight strikes, getting the lead and winning the game.

"I told you I was good, but you weren't too bad yourself, that was a close game." I said, as we returned our shoes. There was a boy behind the counter, and for the first time, I noticed someone else besides Justin.

"That's ok, I'll beat ya next time. You want to get some pizza?"

"Sure, that sounds swell." I said.


"I'm trying to bring some words back from the 70's."

"Keen." He said.

We got some pizza, turns out he likes pepperoni pizza too. We have so much in common. After that, we headed back to my house.

"You gonna show me your room? He asked when we got to my house.

"Yeah, come on up." We went into my room. Nothing spectacular, a bed that hadn't been made, a boombox and my computer. He went straight to my bed and sat down. He was sitting on MY BED! He grabbed the yearbook that was on my table next to my bed and began flipping through it. I sat down next to him, close enough so that our legs brushed against each other. He began flipping through the pages, and I reached over and pointed things out to him. My hand was close to his crotch, and even though there was a book between it, it still got me excited. We were laughing and talking about the pictures. We got to the page of the club photos, and I pointed out that I was in everyone of them. I had just stayed in the gym where they took the pictures and got in the back somewhere and managed to get into every one. He started laughing, and realized that our heads were so close that the strands of his hair were dancing on my close shaven skull. He stopped laughing and looked into my eyes. Our eyes locked, and I was drawn into his gaze. He seemed to be searching, scanning me for some reaction. I gave none, I was completely deadpanned, nothing was registering on my face, but my mind was racing.

He leaned in a little, turning his head a bit and put his lips on mine. I, again, gave no reaction and he sensed this and pulled back, looking around as if to find a way to dissapear. I just continuied to give that same, dumb, blank look.

"I... have to get going..." He said, and he got up and left hurridly.

"Jus...Justin, WAIT!" It was too late though, he had gone. I had just missed the opportunity of a lifetime. I sat back on my bed, and played that scene over and over in my mind. I kicked myself every time too. He would never talk to me again. I wonder what he is thinking now... I am sure he is kicking hmiself right now too. I hope he doen't do anything stupid. Damn. I really need to let him know my real feelings...

I got up, and ran out of the house, straight down the sidewalk to his house. I got to the door, a little out of breath, knocked hard and rang the doorbell.

No answer.

Again, I rang the doorbell and knocked as loudly as I could.

No answer.

I opened the door slowly and poked my head in. Empty. I went to the door down to his room, it was slightly ajar.


No answer.

I went down the stairs and turned the corner.

"Justin?!... JUSTIN!!"

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