Chapter 12

“What the fuck are you doing here?” His dad snarled as soon as he walked in the door.

“Um, I live here.” Daniel said, trying to stay as calm as he could, but truthfully he was used to this sort of behavior from his dad.

“You're supposed to be at your moms this week.”

“No, that was last week.”

“Yeah, I know that dumb ass, but you stayed at a friends all week, so it's only fair to me that you stay there instead of here.”

“What difference does it make to you where I stay, whether I'm here or there you pay no attention to me anyway, and I stay out of both yours and moms way?” Daniel asked simply, sighing slightly as he did so.

“It makes a lot of difference, what are you stupid? It costs me a bloody fortune whenever you're here, you eat a lot, you use extra power and hot water, and I still end up having to buy your clothes for you half the time.”

“Oh, I'm so sorry, but guess what, I don't eat a lot, I always use as little power and hot water as I can. And another fact for you, if you hadn't kept that disgusting dick of yours in your pants, you wouldn't have a kid now, now would you, and then maybe you'd be fucking happy.” Daniel snarled.

“Don't you dare talk to me in that fashion you little fuck up.”

“I'll talk to you in any fucking way I fucking wish. You've treated me as nothing more than a mistake since the day I was born, and I had nothing to do with it. If you were so dead set against having kids, then you should have cut your fucking dick off, or you should have adopted me out to a loving family, something I've never known a day in my fucking life. Now, decision time you useless fucking waste of life father, what will it be, have a son, or don't have a son, because I'm so fucking sick of your shit, and I'm not gonna put up with it any longer.” Daniel said so coldly it actually surprised his dad.

“Why you little....”

“Stop right now you fucking prick. I asked for a decision, and if that look in your eye says what I think it says, take a look at the situation before you dare hit me. I'm the same height as you are, I weight nearly half what you do, I work out every fucking day, I'm strong enough to bench press nearly my own weight, and I'm not afraid to hit. When was the last time you were even in shape enough to fight and stand a chance of winning, because it sure the fuck ain't now.”

“Out, get the fuck out of my house right now.”

“That's what I thought your response was going to be. Now, before I go, and you can't make me go anywhere before I wish to, because I'll beat the living shit out of you in a heartbeat if you even think of stopping me from doing anything I so desire, I have a few things to say. First is, you made me so miserable my entire life that I thought of killing myself numerous times. Do you know why I didn't? Well guess what, it wasn't because I was afraid to die, in fact I welcomed it. No, I decided that it'd make you too happy, and I couldn't have that, if I was miserable, I wanted you to be as well. Oh, and guess what, here's even more shame to add to your huge pile of shame for having a son, I'm gay and I like wearing diapers......Oh, I see you just love that, now back off, or I start hitting. Next, I'm taking all my stuff and I'll see if mom is any more responsive, if not, then I guess I'll go live with my boyfriend if he'll have me. And finally, I'm suing you for mental and physical abuse, and I'm gonna take every last fucking cent I can from you for as long as I can, and then maybe you'll know hurt, just like you hurt me.” Daniel snarled out.

“You can't do that, it'll never stick, and besides, prove it.” His dad, sounding far too cocky for his own good.

“Oh really, you honestly believe that?” Daniel laughed.


“Oh good, then I'll enjoy wringing every penny from your tight puckered ass and making you wish you had have castrated yourself.” Daniel laughed even more.

Well, his dad had had all the taunting he could take and took one step forward and reared back his fist to hit his mistake square in the jaw. Daniel just smiled and gave his dad the come and get it look, and waited the half a second for his dad to close the distance, and then he did something that he had wanted to do his entire life. He balled up his fist, and using all the power he had in him, he punched his dad in the stomach. The one hit took every ounce of fight out of his dad that he had, he collapsed to the ground howling in pain, clutching his stomach, curled up in the fetal position. Daniel just laughed.

“You see old man, that's the problem with treating kids like shit, eventually they grow up and get bigger and realize they're not afraid of their monstrosity of a parent any more and fight back. I hope that hurt every bit as much as every time you hit me.” Daniel said, and then went to his bedroom and started packing all his things. He went to his dads bedroom and grabbed the suitcases, and then saw his wallet and grabbed all the money from it as well, and then went back and finished packing. He had two suitcases and a duffel bag hanging from his back when he walked out the door, never to look back again.

Instead of being upset on his walk to his moms house though, Daniel felt better than he had ever felt before. He knew it was wrong to hit in revenge, but he had not done so entirely, because he did have to defend himself, but it really did feel good to hit his dad so hard when he knew he had not needed to. He walked all the way to his moms house, only five blocks away, whistling a happy tune.

“What the hell are you here for and carrying all those bags.” His mom barked as soon as he entered.

“Oh great, here we go again.” Daniel sighed. “I don't know if you realize this or not, but I'm your son and I live here.” Daniel said on a level reserved for speaking to a child.

“Don't take that tone with me young man or I'll put you over my knee and spank you.”

“Oh, like I'm scared of that any more. Go ahead, try it and you'll see I won't even cry, because not only would I not give you the satisfaction even if it did hurt, but you can't possibly hit me hard enough to do so. I haven't cried when you spanked me since I was ten, I only pretended so that you thought you were doing me good by beating my bad ass.” Daniel laughed.

“Oh, I'll make it hurt. If I'd known that, I'd have started using a wooden spoon on you.”

“Even dream of such a thing and I'll lay you out like I did the useless piece of shit that fathered me. I no longer live there, he doesn't want me any more. Now, are you going to be more civil to me than he was.”

“No, I won't take you full time, he has no choice but to take you.” She snarled, sounding in a panic.

“I assure you, I'll never look at that man again, because if I do, I might kill him next time.” Daniel snarled.

“Go to your room, I can't look at you.”

“I'll go when I'm good and ready, you no longer control or scare me.” Daniel smiled.

“You'll do as I say or I'll beat you senseless.”

“I'll tell you the same thing I told the fuck up....”

“Stop speaking like that.”

“I'll speak any way I fucking desire. If you'd have been a mother, then maybe I'd decide to listen to you.”

“I am your mother, and you will listen to me.”

“While it may be true that you gave birth to me, I've never had a mother. You're just a useless piece of shit whore who couldn't keep her legs closed. Now, like I was saying, I'm giving you one shot and one shot only, you will answer me or I'll do the same to you as I did to that fuck up. Are you listening?” Daniel said so coldly he could have frozen water.

“How dare you speak to me like that.” She snarled.

“Oh, you mean how you've spoken to me since I was a little fucking baby. Don't you remember telling me that I was a useless waste of everything, and that you should have dumped me in the river after I was born. Or every time I made a noise, you'd spank me, sometimes fifty times to my bare ass, and then tell me to stop crying like a little ugly fucking baby. No, I'll speak to you in any way I desire, because not only am I not afraid of you any more, but I'm also not going to put up with it. Now answer the fucking question, are you listening?”

“Yes.” She answered with teeth so gritted that they might shatter under the pressure.

“Good. I want to know, do you want me to stay living with you, yes or no?”

“If it were that easy, I'd say no in a heartbeat.” She growled.

“Yeah, why is it you've kept me all these years when you clearly didn't want to?” Daniel asked, he really had to know.

“My parents made me.” She growled at having to admit it.

“What difference does that make now, they died when I was two you said?”

“They left in their will that I was only to get money once per month until you were eighteen to help raise you, and that you had to stay living with me, but I made sure your dad had to care for you as well. If I don't, then you get all the money.” She snarled, hating having to admit it.

“Ah, so now the truth comes out, hence the reason you hate me so much. They loved me more than they loved you is it, is that what you think?”

“Yes, of course. You're nothing but an accident.”

“While that may in fact be true, it's your own fucking fault, if you didn't want children that bad, then you should have kept your ugly cunt closed. Now, obviously you're too fucking stupid to realize their reasoning for doing what they did. They knew you, they knew you'd toss me away in a heartbeat if you could, and they figured that by doing what they did they might spare me. I personally think they made a mistake there, but what's done is done. I'm gonna tell you the same things I told Mr. fuck up back at his house, and we'll see how much you want your precious money after that. Between you and him, you made me so miserable, I was a wreck, I'm not any more. I wanted to kill myself so many times it's not even funny, but you know why I didn't? Well, it wasn't because I was afraid to die, I would've gladly welcomed it, no, it was because that would've made you happy, and I wanted you to be as miserable as me. And another thing, I'm gay and I love wearing diapers, I have a boyfriend and I want to have sex with him. What do you think of that?” Daniel smiled, it felt oh so good to be doing this.

“You're an abomination.”

“Oh come on, you have to come up with better than that, you've called me worse than that every day of my entire miserable life.” Daniel taunted.

“Get out of my house, now.”

“No, you know what, I don't think I want to yet.”

“Get out, get out, get out, get out.” She kept screaming shrilly.

“Shut the fuck up you useless slut, before I bitch slap you like I've always wanted to, and before you even think of daring me, call it and ask him how hard I hit him in the stomach.”

“How dare you even threaten me after all I've done for you.” She growled even more now.

“Like what, name one fucking thing you've ever done for me you dumb bitch?” Daniel growled even deeper.

“I gave you life.”

“Oh, what a gift.”

“I've fed you and clothed you and kept a roof over your head.”

“Yeah, and from what you just told me, no you didn't, my grandparents did, because they knew you were clearly incapable of doing so on your own, because you're too stupid to even care for a child. Now, let me tell you what you did give to me. Let's see, you gave me a bruised ass and face so many times I lost count when I was fucking five, oh and there was all the mental and verbal abuse you gave to me, oh yeah, all that'll help me out a great deal. Oh yes, and how could I ever forget all those nice clothes you bought me, oh yeah, new at least three years ago, most of them were rags the thrift store threw away I'm sure, and when I did get something fairly nice, it was because someone else thought I could use it. And let's not forget hockey, oh yes hockey, my one and only true love, you denied me the chance to play, because you couldn't stand for me to be happy, but I found a way anyway, through the kindness of someone else, I played, and I played against your wishes, but what could you say, it kept me out of your hair and you didn't have to use any of your precious money to do so, no, all because you'd rather drink it all away, that is when you don't have some guy over here fucking you, and I bet you take payment for it too, don't you, you really are a whore?”

“Get out of my house, now.” She snarled so lowly now it sounded like a bear.

“Or what?” Daniel taunted.

“I'll beat you, you will be scared of me boy, even if it kills you.” She growled lowly again.

“Nope, not gonna happen, and here's why.” Daniel laughed. “You're just a useless little whore who drinks far too much, you're half my size, you've probably never worked out a day in your life, whereas I do every day and I'm in great shape. And the final reason, I'm not afraid to hit you, even though it's not right to hit a lady, you're not a lady. No, I've wanted to hit you my entire life, so give me just one reason, just one little tiny fucking reason, and I promise you, I won't hold back. There's only one person I hate more than dad, and that's you. Compared to you, he treated me nice, and he still treated me like I was a piece of shit that he just stepped in.” Daniel said calmly.

She too took only one step forward, making to smack Daniel across the face, but once again he beat her to it. This time he left his hand open and smacked her across the cheek, hard. There was an instant red mark the exact same size as Daniel's hand spread across her cheek. She too fell to the floor, bawling her eyes out.

Daniel got right down onto the floor and spoke right into her ear. “Oh, won't you look at that, now we have matching hand prints on our faces, only mine have finally worn off, all the teachers at school just thought I had naturally rosy cheeks, odd considering how pale skinned the rest of me is. Now, I'm gonna go pack my stuff, and I'm leaving, I'll go live with my boyfriend if he'll have me, and then I'm suing you for everything, you'll be nothing by the time I'm finished with you. I truly hope you're as miserable as you've made me all these years, and I hope you realize it was all your fault.”

Daniel got up and went to his room and started packing his meager belongings, stuffing it into the three packs that he had, almost not fitting everything he wanted to take. He then went to his moms bedroom, where she normally kept her purse, having to kick it open because she usually locked it, so that he could not get any money. He found her purse, and then saw a jar on the top of her dresser with a lot of money in it. It was mostly coin, but there were more than a few bills in it as well, so he dropped that into the last available space he had in his pack. He then grabbed the phone.

“Hi Steven, can you come pick me up please, I'll start walking your way?” Daniel asked as soon as Steven picked up, he had had to ask Kai to put Steven on the line.

“Why, what's wrong baby, what happened?”

“Not right now, I'll tell you later once we get back to your place, but I'm at my mom's right now, so head this way.” He answered, giving him the road he was on so that he knew where to go.

“Okay, be right there baby.” Steven said quickly and the told the others that he had to go pick up Daniel and that he knew nothing at that time. He went out and quickly hopped in the car and drove as fast as he dared towards Daniel's moms house, knowing Daniel would choose the most direct route. About a mile from the house, he spotted Daniel carrying everything that he owned, so he pulled over into a parking lot near to where Daniel would be in a few seconds time and shut off the car and hoped out, waiting for Daniel.

“Are you alright?” Steven asked hurriedly as soon as Daniel made it near to the car.

“Actually, better than I've been in a while. Don't worry, I'll tell you and the others all at the same time.”

“Okay, throw everything in the back then and we'll get going.”

“Okay, and thanks.” Daniel smiled warmly, and Steven smiled back.

As soon as they were in, they took off, and they drove silently all the way back to the house. Daniel just left his things in the car, knowing the others would want to know what was going on. As he suspected, they were all in the living room waiting impatiently for him to arrive. He had to assure them that he was alright at least three times, and then had to tell them what had happened. He gave them pretty much a blow by blow rundown of what had transpired, even the fact that he had hit both of them, that he did not feel guilty for it in the least, and in fact he felt good for it too. He told them even more about the abuse that he had lived through with them, and pretty much everything else that they did not already know.

“So Steven, with that being done, I now need a place to stay, and I'd like to stay here please? I also want to sue my parents, I wasn't lying to them, I'm gonna make them hurt like they hurt me, only I'll do it financially to them. Do you know a good lawyer we can trust with that?”

“Yes, and yes, I couldn't turn you away even if I wanted to. It's gonna be tricky having social services say that you can live here though you know, considering we don't have enough bedrooms.”

“Ah, but do they have to know that you and Denise aren't a couple?” Daniel grinned.

“Never thought of that, no, I don't suppose they do need to know that, and I guess we could on paper be sharing a bedroom. The problem with that though is that that'd mean we'd have to be common law husband and wife.” Steven said.

“Well, I have no problems with it, and we do get some perks if we do claim it that way.” Denise laughed.

“Then I guess that's settled. I'll get everything arranged tomorrow then and see where it goes from there.” Steven smiled.

“Good. Now Kai, I know you already have so much on your plate already, but I have a bunch of cash that I took from my parents, I want you to take it and do something good with it for me please? I don't want to know anything about it 'til I'm at least nineteen.”

“Of course I'll do it for you, just give me the money and I'll take care of everything else.” Kai smiled warmly, he was happy for Daniel, he had shed the last of his weight, and it showed.

“Thanks. The only other problem with my living here though is how am I gonna get to school, I doubt they have a bus that'll take me there, and it's quite a distance away.”

“I'll take you in the morning and you can just take the city bus home after your afternoon tutoring, same as we did all this past week.” Steven said.

“Thanks, I'd appreciate that.” Daniel smiled.

“Great, well I guess everything is settled nicely now.” Denise smiled, she had to agree with Kai's silent thoughts, and she knew Steven would like it too.

“Well, I don't know about you guys, but I think this calls for a celebration.” Kai said happily.

“Let me guess, Italian?” Denise asked.

“For sure.” Kai smiled, and the others all agreed instantly as well.

“Okay, everyone go get ready to go then, Daniel probably wants a diaper on and the rest of you probably need a change.”

“Yes.” They all answered, so they went and did just that.

Everyone was ready to go a few minutes later, but they all felt it was too early to go for dinner yet, so they went and saw a movie first, and they all enjoyed it. Denise had called ahead for reservations before heading out though, so they were guaranteed the best table in the house, so as soon as the movie ended, they headed there and sat down and had an incredible meal together. As soon as they got home, they all went inside, and pretty much went right to their rooms, where they all celebrated in their couples, well except Owen who had to celebrate on his own, but he celebrated four times in a row, the others only managed three.

The following morning Daniel excitedly told the guys at hockey his good news, and how happy he was because of it, they could tell, and were happy for him. Mitch treated the boys like gods, and informed them that they now had another game on Friday night against the second best team. They practiced hard, even harder than they were used to, and they all felt good for it. After practice, the boys all headed to school, and then worked hard there. Even Daniel was noticed by all his teachers to have improved considerably, he was trying hard and he was asking questions. He did ask to skip physical education, citing he had hockey and received more than enough exercise from that, saying that he wanted the extra hour for study time. It was granted instantly by the principal, saying it was an excellent idea. It was however a two fold reason, he was wearing a diaper and he did not really want anyone else to know it, but he really did want the extra study time as well. After school, all the boys except Daniel headed straight home, while Daniel stayed and met his tutor.

The hour spent with the tutor went well Daniel thought, they went over a lot of the basics to see where he was struggling and what things they could skip. Sadly, there were far more struggles than skips, but Daniel was already prepared for that. Once he was done for the day, he headed down to the bus stop and waited for the bus to take him home, and arrived about half an hour later.

“So, how was it?” Kenny asked as soon as Daniel walked in.

“Not bad. The tutor just went over a whole bunch of things with me to see where we needed to concentrate, and unfortunately it's pretty much everything.”

“Well, that's to be expected, but that wasn't what I was asking. How was it wearing a diaper to school?” Kenny grinned.

“Oh, that was awesome. I was able to focus easier because I didn't have to worry about my bladder any more, I usually had to go by mid class, but I always tried to hold it, because the teachers always got so mad at me. Now I don't have to, and with the body suit you lent me to wear as a diaper shirt, no one noticed anything. I did have to change at lunch, and that was a little tricky while standing in a cubicle, but I did not too bad.” Daniel grinned.

“Awesome, you're definitely a diaper lover now.” Kai smiled.

“To tell you the truth, I think I always was.” Daniel smiled right back.

“Probably. We were just about to get started on dinner when you came in, so would you like to come and help?”

“Sure thing, let me just go put this stuff away and get more comfortable and change my diaper.”

“Okay.” Kai smiled.

They all went about their business and soon Daniel was in the kitchen helping with the dinner preparations. Of course, with four of them this chore went reasonably easy, and they had lots of time to talk, so talk they did, and they did a lot of laughing as well. Just before dinner was ready, both Denise and Steven entered and set the table as they were asked to do.

“So, what did your friend say about legally severing my relationship with my parents and suing them for anything and everything?” Daniel asked Steven as they were eating.

“What makes you think I was able to talk to anyone today?”

“Easy, you look happy.”

“That doesn't mean anything, I always look happy.” Steven pointed out.

“Sure, maybe, but not that happy.”

“Okay fine, you got me. He said it would actually be amazingly easy to do, especially if they cooperated, and given your age, social services would hardly even have to be involved. The getting of the money and stuff might take longer, and might not be as easy, but he said it wouldn't be that hard either, especially with the abuse you endured. Although he says that might be difficult to prove now, they could easily say that you're making it all up because you want everything they have, and he's right, they could claim that, and then it'd be a classic case of your word against theirs, and unfortunately, teens don't often get listened to. He suggested that if it came down to it that you just drop the suing them bit, as long as they legally sever their ties and sign you over to me, in which case, social services has no say whatsoever.”

“We'll do what we have to, but I really want to sue them for everything and make them suffer. Did you tell him though that it sounds like there's a trust fund, and that it might be in my name?”

“Yes, and he said that if that's the case, it can easily be transferred once everything is proven and taken care of.”

“Good, that'll hurt enough if I have to live with it, but I'd rather have it all.” Daniel said with conviction.

“And we'll make damn sure that you get everything that you have coming to you, don't you worry there.” Steven smiled.

“And I have a friend who I can give all your information to that'll help you out in that area as well, another child psychologist, and while she's supposed to actually talk to you to gather all the information herself, we'll just let that slide and I'll tell her everything that she needs to know.” Denise offered.

“That'd be awesome, but I'd rather you did it.” Daniel said.

“Can't, sorry, I'm too close to the situation to be allowed to do anything at all and be valid. Of course if anyone ever found out my friend never officially spoke to you and that I gave her all the information, we'd be in deep shit, but no one needs to find out.” Denise grinned.

“Oh, that makes sense I guess. I hate legal stuff, it gives me a headache.” Daniel sighed.

“Me too.” Steven sighed as well.

“Um, I hate to tell you this, but you're a lawyer, if legal stuff gives you a headache, you must be a walking headache.” Daniel giggled.

“Some have called me worse.” Steven laughed.

“Yeah, like a lawyer, like how much worse can it get.” Kenny giggled.

“Yeah, no kidding. Do you still lie and tell people I'm a male stripper or porn star or something like that instead?”

“Oh yeah, definitely far less embarrassing.”

“No kidding, the ultimate insult. Like honestly, the only good lawyer is one that's on the ocean floor.” Steven laughed.

“For sure.”

“You guys are weird.” Daniel giggled.

“Thanks.” They both said.

“Well, who's up for a swim?” Kai asked, sensing that all the important things were done with.

“Me.” Everyone said, except Denise, who for some reason still refused to swim with the others, even though she saw them all naked already anyway.

They all stripped right down where they stood and threw their diapers in the garbage, and then headed out to the pool, turning everything on as they entered. They swam for a bit, and then sat back and relaxed for a bit as well.

The rest of the week went by, and Daniel was finding that he was getting a great deal of work done with his two extra hours of learning every day, one for doing extra work, and the other with his personal tutor who was really drilling him hard to learn everything. Nick was asked once again to join the boys for the weekend, as well as to come watch their hockey game on Friday evening, and he would stay with Daniel and Steven while the other boys headed to dance class.

Daniel and all the others had given Kai all the money that they could get their hands on on Tuesday and he was now working it nice and hard. Daniel had nearly five hundred, Nick was able to come up with almost two hundred for himself and a hundred and fifty for his parents. Steven gave Kai an even thousand to be split in half for both he and Kenny, telling him to ask for more if he thought he needed it, and said he would give him more any time he had a few extra bills floating around doing nothing. Dianne gave Kai five thousand, and Owen had only fifty to toss in, but Kai added almost five hundred to his to help bump it up a bit, as well as added a few hundred to Owen's. He had separate accounts set up for everyone, he did it all online and just used the money from his account to do all the buying and transferring, and he deposited the money into his personal account on Thursday after dance class.

Friday afternoon finally arrived, and everyone was there, although Daniel did show up almost an hour and a half later than the others, and then they played around for a bit. Their game was scheduled for six that evening, so they made a light and slightly early dinner, and were fed and ready to go just as soon as Denise and Steven walked in. They ate their meal quickly, and then everyone hopped into the vehicles after storing their hockey gear and headed off to the rink. The game was at yet another rink, not their own, but the boys, except Kai, had all played there before, so they were familiar with its layout, so headed in to get changed.

Mitch once again gave them a soft pep talk, telling them to once again play with their hearts, forget the score, and keep it clean out there. The boys sure did try too, but the other team started turning a little nasty in their desperation to win. It was nowhere near as bad as the previous game where the players were quite literally attacking them, but they sure did not pull their checks at the last second to prevent injury. The opposing team took six penalties and only managed to score twice, whereas the boys' team got zero penalties and scored five times. Five different players got goals as well, Kai having one of them, Kenny another, Owen and Daniel each with one, and Chris the last.

“You boys did excellent out there tonight, congratulations.” Mitch told the boys as soon as they were somewhere quiet.

“Thanks Coach.” They all said.

“How are your ribs feeling Sam?” Mitch asked.

“Not bad, a little tender, but the doctor said that I could play, that they're only bruised, and that it was gonna be a bit sore no matter what I did, so I may as well play. I was warned to not get any more shots to that area, because not only would it hurt like hell, the doctors words by the way, not mine, but he also said they could easily break, because they're certainly a little weaker now. It's okay though, like I told him, I certainly wouldn't ask for it, but if it happened, it happened. He just laughed.”

“Your appointment was this afternoon right?”

“Yeah, he's had me come back twice already this week, once on Wednesday to make sure it was healing, and then today. Thankfully I won't have to go back for that, I swear his poking and prodding hurt more than the injury did in the first place.” Sam laughed.

He had went right to the hospital that night and cleared with only the bruised ribs and warned to take it easy, but that he was still allowed to play hockey, since it was going to hurt pretty much no matter what he did, because bruised ribs were just like that.

“I'll bet it did, but it was necessary.” Mitch smiled.

“Yeah, I know, at least they weren't cracked or broken, it could have been weeks before I was allowed to play again if that was the case.”

“Exactly. Well boys, I'd love to take you out for ice cream again, but if I do that every time you win, I'll go broke before too long, so let's just head home for the night, I know you're all getting a little tired from playing such a hard game.”

“Thanks Coach.” The boys all called out.

“Have a good night boys.” He smiled and walked away, leaving them to head to the change room to get showered and dressed.

The boys all stripped down and showered, and then dried off, diapered up if they wore, and got dressed. Soon they were all out with their parents, all the boys being congratulated by the parents on a job well done.

“You guys did really well out there, but didn't that one check hurt a bit Kai?” Nick asked once they were in the car and heading home.

“No, not really. Dazed me for a second, rattled my bell a bit even, but all that bloody padding does have that one advantage, it helps in preventing a lot of pain.” Kai grinned.

“No kidding. You didn't even stumble though. Had someone hit me that hard, I would've flown half way cross the ice.” Nick laughed.

“Yeah, but you don't know anything about using your center of balance properly, nor have you had all the skate training I've had, not to mention the balance and control I've learned from gymnastics and dance. You should actually join some sort of sport to teach you all that though, as well as to get you in better shape. You're nowhere near fat, but you're not very muscular either.” Kai pointed out.

“I wish I could, but not only have I no idea what the heck to do, but my parents can't afford to do anything like that either. They already pay so much for me to go to school, it's not even funny.”

“That's true. Do you like hockey?” Kai asked.

“Mmm, no, not really. I can appreciate it, and I'll watch it if I have to, but otherwise, not really. Granted, coming to watch you guys play tonight was pretty awesome.”

“Okay, how about dance or something like that?”

“Never really thought about it too much to tell you the truth. I've never danced before, not even a little bit.” Nick shrugged.

“Okay, then we might have some surprises for you. Are there any sports that you do like?” Kai asked.

“Not really. I don't really want a sport like hockey or football that requires hitting, I don't like being hit, and I've never hit anyone before either. If I played any sport at all, it'd be something like golf or tennis, but I'm not sure I'd care for either of them any more.”

“Okay, how about gymnastics then?”

“I sorta enjoy it when they do gymnastics at school, so I might do something like that if I had the chance.” Nick said, pondering the what ifs.

“Okay, then tomorrow morning you'll join us in dance and gymnastics then to see if you like either of them, and if you do, we'll arrange something.” Kai said simply.

“What, no Kai, I wouldn't feel right having you pay for something like that, it's expensive.”

“Did I ask you?” Kai asked, sounding clearly confused.

“No, but it's what you're thinking, and I won't accept.” Nick said, crossing his arms in front of his chest to show he meant it, all it made it look like though was that he was pouting.

“Oh don't throw a temper tantrum baby, if we decide to do something, you won't have a choice in the matter, so deal with it.” Kai grinned.


“No buts Nick, we'll figure something out so that you either don't have to pay or only have to pay a little, don't worry, and it won't necessarily be us paying for it. If we do pay, then it won't be all the total, just a bit, so don't worry so much.” Kai said softly.

“Fine.” Nick sighed, he was learning it was better to just go along with things, because Kai could be quite stubborn when he wanted to be, fortunately it was normally channeled in a good way.

They made it home a few minutes later, everyone said goodnight to each other, because they were getting pretty tired, and then headed to their bedrooms for the night. Kai and Kenny just laid down in bed after stripping to their still nearly dry diapers and kissed and cuddled while stroking each other on the outsides of their diapers for a bit. They had only one good orgasm before they were too tired to stay awake any longer, so whispered goodnight I love you to each other and were fast asleep.

Nick and Owen did the same, except they put their hands inside each others diapers and stroked each other, only they did so twice. Daniel and Steven also kissed and cuddled, and they too rubbed each other nicely through their diapers, and they too only had one orgasm each. Everyone had a good sleep after relieving some of the pressure, and when they woke up in the morning, they all felt well rested and relaxed.

“Come on Nick, let's get you into some tights and we'll go downstairs and start teaching you some things.” Kai said later the next morning, the boys had already all been up and talking, and they had all had a light breakfast even.

“Oh, okay, but I still don't know about this.”

“Why, we're here, nothing is gonna happen here.”

“It's what's gonna happen later that I'm more concerned with.” Nick pointed out.

“Good point, but stop worrying so much. I think you really should have some sort of extra curricular activity, because only doing school isn't good for you. For instance, when not in school, what do you do?”

“Until I met you guys, not really a whole hell of a lot. I'd go home, avoid my sister as much as possible, spend as much time with my parents as possible, and usually play on the computer.” Nick admitted.

“Do you see my point now then?”

“Yes, but it doesn't mean I have to do something.”

“No, but it means you should.”


“Do you really want me to answer that, because I know you already know the answer, now put these on and come downstairs with us.” Kai said, flipping Nick a pair of tights.

“No, I guess you're right.” Nick sighed.

They put on their tights, and then Kai led them downstairs.

“By the way Nick, did you ever write and send that anonymous letter to your parents about your sister?” Kai asked as they started stretching.

“Yeah, and they received it and went totally ballistic on her. It was pretty awesome. I was asked to go to my room, because they had an issue to deal with, so I did, but I kept the door cracked open and I listened in. First my dad handed her the letter and asked her to read it, and when she was done, he asked her if it was true. She of course lied to him, and he called her a liar right to her face. She screamed at him, saying she wasn't a liar or a slut, which I put into the letter a number of times. It was three typed pages long, so it would have been an interesting read to say the least. I put in there all the details that I was aware of, telling them that I had only heard most of this from third party sources, but that I had seen her sneaking off enough to know that it was all more than likely true. My dad just calmly told her to shut up and sit down, and she tried to leave, but my mom grabbed her and told her that she had better sit. They then asked her a whole bunch of really hard questions and made her answer them, saying they already knew the truth, and that how she answered them would determine her punishment. She just kept lying through her teeth, and they just kept calling her on it, saying she was digging herself in way deeper with every lie she told. Eventually she did tell them the truth, and they nailed her, just not the way she likes. She's grounded for the foreseeable future, she has a strict curfew, she has no computer, phone, TV or game system privileges at all, with the exception of using the computer for school work. She's also been assigned a minder at school, my parents actually hired someone to do so, who's going to not only make sure she stays in school, but does all her schoolwork, and when she gets home, she has to do all her schoolwork and do catch up, because she's even further behind than Daniel was. They've even told her they're taking her off birth control so that she doesn't feel that she can be a slut and have no fears of getting pregnant, and warned her that if she got pregnant that she would have to care for the baby with their help.”

“That's really good.” Kai smiled.

“Except I for one don't agree with taking her off birth control to prevent her from having sex. If she does end up pregnant, she could end up being like my mom was to me, resenting the very fact I was alive at all.” Daniel said softly.

“You might be right there, maybe I should warn my parents about that. They know it was me that sent them the letter too, but my mom told me that they'd never breath a word of it to my sister, because she'd kill me in a heartbeat.”

“How did they find out?” Kai asked curiously.

“Not entirely sure, maybe they just guessed, and when they asked me if I had been the one to send it, I answered yes. My mom did say that my sister will have no idea though, because she's just not smart enough to figure it out on her own. I don't really care how they knew, or if they knew and just asked me first, because it doesn't much matter to me, as long as my sister doesn't find out somehow.” Nick laughed.

“Good point. You think it'll help?” Kai asked.

“Probably not, you can't make a leopard change its spots, and you can't make a slut stop having sex. If she doesn't though, they'll probably send her to therapy or something like that. Maybe I'll get real lucky and they'll send her to a nunnery or something like that.” Nick laughed.

“Now that would be funny.” Kai laughed, so did the others.

“Yeah. The only problem though is now she's always home when I'm there, and she hates me, I'm everything she isn't, and the other day she even called me a little baby fagot. I just got right into her face and told her as meanly as I possibly could that while it may be true that I wear diapers and am in fact gay, that at least I wasn't a dirty little slut who was as dumb as a stick, and that if she ever called me that again, or even thought of saying it even anywhere and I found out, I'd find some way to make her pay, even more than she is now. I was so mad, she could tell, because I was shaking like a leaf, I had my fists so tightly balled up my knuckles were hurting, and I swear, if she'd have said one more word to me, I'd have hit her until I couldn't hit her any more. I think she realized that she'd done wrong, so she mustn't be quite as stupid as I thought she was, because she just muttered an apology and wouldn't even look at me the rest of the day.”

“Congratulations, I bet that felt good too.” Kai grinned.

“Actually, it felt great. If I have any more problems with her though, I might just have to bitch slap her, and really put her in her place. I told my parents that night too what was said and done, asking them not to say anything to her about it yet, that I think it was handled, and they agreed and didn't say anything. If it happens again though, like I said, I'll make sure she's really punished, and I'll help in it as well, I'll figure something out to teach her a lesson. My mom asked how I felt about her saying I was gay, and I said it wasn't a big deal, same as I knew she was a slut, so it was only fair. I'm not ashamed that I'm gay, I just never wanted her to know, because of how mean she's with me and how much she taunts me as it is. Let's say having to wear diapers with her around was never easy, and my parents tried to make her stop so many times it's not even funny.”

“Can't say's I blame you any for not wanting her to know, but maybe in the long run it'll be better for you.” Kai said softly.

“How do you figure?” Nick asked curiously.

“The way I see it is that if she sees that you're happy, even happy about being gay and having to wear diapers, then eventually she'll stop hounding you about it. Do you wear just your diapers around the house?”

“No, I had to stop doing that when I was five, because she teased me mercilessly for it.”

“Then I think maybe you should start again, proudly wear only your diapers around your sister. So what if she teases you, just smile and say yes, I do wear diapers, I have to, and only a tiny mind would wish to tease someone for a disability.”

“I'm just gonna have to do that, any chance I can to make her see that she's not smart I'll take.”

“It's not about rubbing her nose into the fact that you're smarter than she is Nick, even though I know it'd feel good, it's more to help her out. So what if she was mean to you in the past, it doesn't really give you the right to be mean to her. Be hard on her when you point certain things out, but don't go out of your way to rub her nose in her mistakes or her failures, because then it amounts to the same thing she's done to you, and that's just not right. It's your job as her brother to make her see what happiness is, she clearly doesn't know what it is, and you can help her.”

“Now you're just making me feel guilty for wanting to torture her.” Nick pouted.

“After how she treated you, you do have a certain amount of privilege to hand it back, but I think you've used most, if not all of it up. Now it's time to show her strength of character, and maybe even talk to her like a person. Not yet, but maybe in a few months, after you get through to her, you should tell her that you were the one to send the letter, and tell her all the reasons why you did it. Eventually she's gonna have to face her demons, realize all that she's done wrong, and actively try and fix them, or she's never gonna be happy. If you can't do it, then I'll ask my mom to take her free of charge and work her over. I won't do it, because not only do I not know her, but I don't really even like girls all that much, so I won't be as good at it as she could be.”

“Oh. I don't know what to do for her though.” Nick said softly.

“Easy, just talk to her, tell her you know what she's been up to and the punishment your parents have laid out for her. Tell her that while you don't approve of what she's been doing or how she's treated you, that you're there for her to talk to if she wants or needs to. Just sit and listen to her, I know you hate her, but that's only because of the way she's treated you in the past. Eventually she's gonna say what her problem with you is, and it's gonna be a few things, I can almost guarantee it. First and foremost is gonna be how much smarter you are, you just have to point out that she could be smarter too if she'd apply herself and actually try. Next I'm betting that there's a perceived love issue, she may think that your parents love you more, how they care for you more, how they change your diapers and tuck you in, and they never do anything for her. That's always the hardest one to deal with, because how do you show someone that it's not true. You just have to point out all the facts. Do they still change your diapers for you and tuck you in as well?”

“Only if I ask them too, but usually only when my sister's been really hard on me or if I've had a really hard day at school or something like that do I do so, just when I think I just need the extra attention.”

“And do they do it without complaint, and do they ever do anything of the nature with your sister?”

“Never one complaint, they always come and help me out happily and smile warmly. They stopped trying to do stuff like that for my sister though more than a few years ago when she just kept telling them no, pushing them away, and never letting them give her kisses and hugs and stuff like that. They still hug and kiss me every day, I've never asked them to stop, I doubt I would.”

“And that's where her perceived love issues will come from. You'll just have to point out that it's her fault, not yours, and that if she wanted them to act like they loved her, that she'd have to do the same thing. I'm willing to bet that she doesn't talk too much, only screams and demands things right?”

“Pretty much.” Nick sighed.

“That's what I thought. Teen girls really irritate me, I swear they think that they're the only important things on earth and that everything should revolve around them. I'm sure not all of them are the same, man I sure hope not, but so many of them are, and they never seem to just ask nicely for anything, they just demand it and when people obviously say no because it was demanded instead of asked for, they just start screaming and throwing a fit.”

“That sounds exactly like my sister alright. I can honestly say though that I'm glad I'm gay, I just don't know how I'd deal with having to date girls.” Nick laughed.

“Same here.” All the other boys laughed.

“How do I make her understand all this though? I'm not nearly as good at talking to people as you are.” Nick asked.

“Just talk, tell her your feelings, tell her your fears, and tell her her what you want. Just talk and let it go from there. If you're not getting anywhere with her, then I'll have my mom see her and knock her down more than a few pegs.”

“Thanks. I'd almost rather she talked to your mom, I really can't stand her, and every time I look at her I just want to hit her and not stop.”

“Maybe you should tell her that then, start with that, and tell her that you're more than strong enough to make her really hurt too, and then go from there. I have a feeling that that'd really get her attention, to find out her little gay baby brother would love nothing more than to beat the living shit out of her. Then just when she's just about to back out of the room, start talking to her. Trust me, things like this are always better handled in the family first and then only seek professional help if it all fails, try to see each other from a different point of view, talk out your fears and your concerns, and then go from there. There's a good chance your sister still needs to see my mom about her sexual issues, but she shouldn't have to go for family bickering and fighting, not when I know you can deal with it, and then when the time's right, your parents can too. The law has to be laid down for her, and shown that to step off course will only hurt her and no one else, that you're no longer going to put up with it.”

“Okay, I'll try. How much longer are you gonna do this for, I'm starting to really hurt?” Nick asked.

“We've only been going for twenty minutes, we usually go for an hour, you do the math. After our stretching routine then we'll go onto something else for another hour, some days it's cardio work, some days it's weights, some days dance, and some days gymnastics. We don't have a set schedule, just what we all feel like doing that day.”

“Oh god, I'm gonna die.”

“Not if you only go at your pace, you're trying to keep up to us, and you're not used to it, so don't. I don't suggest you go and sit down, just slow down and lessen how much you're doing, but keep going, these are only stretches and you really should learn them all and do them all as well.” Kai said softly.

“Okay.” Nick grunted and slowed down.

He lasted almost the entire time that they worked, and they continued talking the entire time, but he did bow out a few minutes early, saying his muscles all felt like they were going to come loose. He went and sat back for the next ten minutes while watching the others continue their stretching routine, amazed at just how much they could do. Then it was time for gymnastics and Nick reluctantly got back up and joined the others when he was urged to do so. For the next hour, Kai taught the rest of them some basic stuff on the equipment and had them doing it all, rotating from one piece to the next, and if Nick thought he was sore before, it was nothing in comparison to how he felt after that, because Kai had worked him every bit as hard as the others, but nowhere near as hard as he himself did.

“My god, I'm gonna feel this really bad tomorrow.” Nick groaned when they finally stopped.

“Nah, you'll be fine. Sure, maybe you'll be a bit sore, but we'll go up and have a nice cool dip and sit back and relax in the hot tub now for a bit.” Kai smiled warmly.

“How can you guys do that every day, and sometimes more?”

“You get used to it.” Both Owen and Daniel said at the same time.

“I doubt it.”

“I never thought I would, but I'm almost able to keep up now.” Owen smiled.

“Oh. Can we go sit back and relax now please?” Nick asked.

“Sure, come on.” Kai smiled warmly and they all headed upstairs and out to the pool.

They went and sat back in the pool and hot tub for a while and just relaxed, letting their muscles cool down in the pool and then warming them up nicely in the hot tub to let them relax. It was nice, and Nick started to feel a little more normal half an hour later when they decided to climb out.

“Well guys, I guess I should be heading home now, I want to get home and relax a bit before bed.” Nick said after getting dried and diapered.

“Okay, it was really nice having you.” Owen smiled.

“Oh Owen, we didn't need to hear that.” Kai teased.

“Oh shut up you.” Owen grinned.

“Thanks for having me.” Nick grinned cheekily.

“No wonder we all like you, you're just as bad as we are.” Kenny laughed.

“No kidding.” Nick laughed as well.

“Well, if you have to leave, then I suggest you go get dressed, because I doubt you'll want to go on the bus in only diaper.” Kai suggested.

“Only because it's winter time and bloody cold outside.” Nick said simply.

“Yeah right, not even I'd do that.” Kai laughed, Nick had said it so perfectly straight faced it was almost believable.

“Me neither. Would be just a bit embarrassing wouldn't it. Could be fun to see peoples faces mind you.” Nick laughed again.

“Yeah, might be.” The others said.

A few minutes later Nick was all dressed and ready to go. He had his bag with him and just before leaving, Owen reached up and gave him a tender kiss goodbye, and before too long, they were all alone again, well except the parents were somewhere in the house. Where though the boys actually had no idea. They headed to the kitchen to see if they were there.

“Oh, did Nick head home already? We were just making lunch for everyone.” Steven asked, he and Denise had been in there.

“Yeah, he wanted to get home and spend some time with his parents as well, he's not used to spending so much time away.” Kai answered.

“Oh, that's fine then. You boys started your workout a lot later than normal though, that's for sure.”

“Yeah, but that's fine too.” Kenny smiled.

“No, it's fine. Lunch will be ready in just a few minutes, so go ahead and sit down and we'll bring it out.”

The boys went and did as they were asked, and a few minutes later they were eating, and the boys sure appreciated it. They had all been pretty hungry, so they ate a bit more than normal. After that, they all pretty much laid back for the rest of the day and talked and watched TV, just had a nice quiet family night.