Baby Boy Ballerina and the Hockey Hunk

***Be warned, if you do not condone sexual experiences between boys and boys, or even boys and men, or if you do not care for diaper love and urinary use, then this story may not be for you. It is a tale of love, never abuse, and while there are sex scenes, they are amazingly light in this story. It is a love story through and through. As with all my stories, I hope that you enjoy, and I hope that you email me with your comments. Please email me at ****** If I had a story site left, I would gladly invite you to join me there, but sadly it was once again killed, so as of yet, I have not figured out what to do, but if you email me, when I do figure it out, I will email you to inform you of this. Also, if anyone has contact with Deeker of Deeker's Diaper Pages, would you please give me his email address, so that I can email him, I have lost it, and I wish to find out why he killed his site. If anyone knows why, I would also appreciate hearing it, in case I can not reach him any longer. Thanks.***

Chapter 3

“Mmm, good morning.” Kenny sighed as he woke to feeling Kai petting his chest lovingly, and when he opened his eyes, he saw Kai watching him even more so.

“Good morning to you too.” Kai smiled brightly and leaned in for a kiss, a kiss that Kenny was only too happy to return.

“Are you as wet as I am this morning?” Kenny asked.

“Probably more so, I'm gonna start leaking soon if I don't get changed.”

“Same here. Do you think they'll last until after our morning workout?”

“Maybe, but if not, oh well. We may as well go do our workout before changing.”

“Yeah, we may as well. Come on, let's get up then.” Kenny sighed and pushed the covers down.

“We gonna put on our tights again?”

“Yeah. This time I can wear my own though.”

“Okay. What color are you going with?” Kai asked, suspecting it might just be the same color as he to was going to wear.

“Pink. How about you?”

“Good, same.” Kai smiled.

They both donned their pink tights and headed down to the basement to get started on a nice workout. Kai led Kenny through another set of stretches, this set different than the previous days and designed to stretch other muscles, Kenny felt to the point of snapping. Kenny lasted less than an hour today before he had to ask to stop, he was just too sore from all the stretching the previous day, but he still lasted longer than Kai had suspected.

After that they went over to the weights and worked out for about forty five minutes before both boys had had enough. Incidentally so had their diapers, because with their last wetting, they had both started to leak, but neither boy had noticed.

“Oh look, we've started leaking.” Kai said offhandedly, not caring one way or the other.

“Yeah, we have. Oh well. Good thing we're going for our showers now. We should clean the benches off though, don't want it smelling like pee down here too much.”

They quickly cleaned the benches they had been using, then headed upstairs. This morning Steven was not sitting in the kitchen as they passed through, so he must have slept in. They headed up to the bedroom to get undressed for their showers. When they got upstairs, they heard the shower running in Steven's room, so he was up and was getting ready for the day as well.

“Look, I know you don't think you're ready for it yet, but I want to shower with you. We both know that when we change each others diapers that we're gonna cum, and it's likely gonna be caused by each others soft hands rubbing each other. Let's just go have a shower together and we can properly stroke each other in there, nothing more though, I know you're not ready for that yet.” Kai asked softly.

“Okay.” Kenny said softly, surprising even himself.

They each removed their own tights and diapers and then headed to the bathroom and Kenny started the shower while Kai grabbed the towels and cloths. Once the shower was at the proper temperature, they both hopped in and got all wet. Kai was the first to start anything, and he moved in and pressed their bodies together, followed by their lips. As their hot wet bodies rubbed together, they kissed deeply and tenderly, Kai introducing his tongue to Kenny's mouth. At first Kenny was tentative, but quickly he got the hang of it and was battling tongues with Kai, enjoying himself a great deal.

Kai broke the kiss, much to the disappointment of Kenny, and moved around Kenny so that he was behind him, and then hugged him from behind, reaching around his front to find his boner. His own hardness was pressed firmly into Kenny's amazingly soft yet hard ass, and Kenny liked how it felt, but liked what Kai did next even more. Kai wrapped his hands around all of Kenny's equipment, one had his ample nuts, while the other had a handful of hot hard teen erection, and they both started playing.

No one but himself had ever played with his balls before, and it felt ten times better than when Kai had creamed his balls up with the diaper cream. Then again, what Kai was doing with his dick was ten times better than even that. Kai was using a whole hand method, he wrapped his entire hand around Kenny, and was very slowly jacking up and down on the entire length. Kenny was like putty in Kai's hands, and that was just the way he had wanted it. He wanted to make this feel the absolute best possible, and from the sounds that Kenny was making, he would assume that he was doing a good job at that.

Kenny was unable to last that long, young teens have never been known for their holding power, and within only a couple minutes, Kenny gasped out and started shooting his load. Kai though did not stop stroking even for a second, he just kept going just as slowly as he had been, really causing Kenny to moan and sigh now. Even with the completion of his orgasm, Kai did not stop, he wanted to make Kenny shoot once more at least, and Kenny sure seemed to be enjoying it.

His second orgasm came a little slower than the previous one, but still it was only a few minutes later that he gave up another load, nearly as big as the first, but it shot less distance this time. Kai had kept stroking, but it just became too much and Kenny had to bat Kai's hands away. Kai did not move though, he stayed right where he was, just stopped his motions, and held Kenny tightly as he came down from the massive back to back orgasms that he had caused in the boy he loved a great deal.

“Holy shit, what did you do to me?” Kenny gasped a few minutes later. It had taken probably as long for him to come down as it had for both orgasms to come in the first place.

“I made you cum twice in a row without stopping. How was it?” Kai asked softly.

“Wow, I've never felt anything so amazing. I've never done it twice in a row like that before, I always had to take a few minutes in between.”

“Wait 'til I make you cum four or five times in a row. You'll be drained by your third or fourth, but it'll feel so amazing. Trust me, I've done it before. Now, would you like to do the same to me, or am I gonna have to stand here and jack off in front of you?” Kai asked softly.

“I don't know if I should, but I really want to do it for you.” Kenny whispered.

Kai did not say anything, he let Kenny make the decision on his own, and finally he did. He moved in behind Kai, nestling his cock in the amazing ass of his boyfriend and hugged him tightly, reaching around and grabbing Kai in the same manner. Kai though was simply too hot, he had been rubbing into Kenny's ass as he was jacking Kenny off, and hearing and seeing him shoot had nearly caused him to cum both times as well. With all that, he lasted only fifteen seconds from the time that Kenny had started.

Kenny though was enjoying making his boyfriend make those sounds, it sounded so very erotic, not to mention how it felt to have his once again hard dick pressed into Kai's soft wet ass. He too did not stop his motions as Kai went through what sure seemed to be an incredible orgasm. Kai's first shot had managed to paint the far wall of the shower, and it was a large shower too. Kenny just kept on stroking Kai until five minutes later Kai exploded once again. Kenny was not stopped by Kai, so he kept going, he really was enjoying himself, and was even getting close to a third orgasm himself from all the feelings coursing through his body.

Kai was enjoying himself immensely as well. The feelings Kenny was giving to him were indescribable to say the least, and even though he knew it was gonna burn, he did not want to stop any more than Kenny seemed to. Kenny was the first to cum this time, he had nearly been fucking Kai, and had Kai just made one simple movement, he knew that Kenny would have slipped all the way inside him, but he too did not want it like that any more than Kenny did, so he refrained from doing so. With hearing Kenny explode, and feeling the extra wetness coat his lower back and bum, Kai exploded as well. A few moments later it became too much, and he had to bat Kenny's hands away as well.

Kenny did not fully let go, just stopped all movements, and as the loving tears came to his eyes, he tenderly kissed and nuzzled Kai's neck as they stood there, swaying on the spot as the hot water cascaded down their even hotter bodies. Soon Kai turned around to really hold his boyfriend, and he saw the tears streaming down.

“What's the matter? I didn't push you too far did I?” Kai asked softly, ashamed that he had pushed Kenny too far.

“No, nothing like that. I just love you so much, what we just shared together felt better than anything I've ever felt in my entire life and I can't imagine what life would be like without you in it now.” Kenny said unashamedly.

“And I love you that much and more.” Kai said softly and leaned in and kissed his boyfriend deeply.

“We should probably get cleaned up now.” Kenny whispered a few minutes later when they broke from their kiss.

“Yeah, we probably should.” Kai sighed deeply, completely at peace with the world.

Kai grabbed the body wash and the cloth and got it all lathered up, but instead of washing himself like Kenny thought he was going to do, he started washing Kenny instead. Kenny sighed deeply, no one had washed him in a long time, and the loving feelings it was creating in Kenny nearly made him melt on the spot. Kai missed not one spot on Kenny's entire body, slowly and surely he washed each and every spot, surprising poor Kenny when Kai washed his anus and all. He finished with washing Kenny's hair, and Kenny loved that, because he loved his hair being played with. Once he was all rinsed off, Kai handed him the cloth, saying loud and clear what he was wanting without ever saying a word.

Kenny took the offered cloth and added more body wash to it and then in just the same way he washed Kai down from head to toe, blushing as he washed Kai's anus, but Kai did not notice, because he had his eyes closed enjoying the feeling. Kai too loved having his hair played with, so he loved it when Kenny washed his hair as well, but before too long, he was urged under the shower spray to rinse off.

“Thanks, that was nice.” Kai said, reaching in for another kiss.

“You're welcome, but thank you too, I haven't been washed in a long time, it was nice too.” Kenny said after they broke their kiss.

“No prob. Let's get out and get dried off before your dad sends in a search party. Not to mention if we stay in here too much longer, we'll turn into raisins.” Kai giggled.

“No kidding.” Kenny giggled as well.

They hopped out and Kai grabbed a towel and started to dry Kenny off, and then they traded places and Kenny dried Kai off. After drying, they went and brushed their hair and teeth, put on their deodorant and went in to get diapered and dressed. They diapered each other nice and thick, then got into their diaper shirts, or body suits if you wished, and then got dressed. Once they were once again presentable, they headed downstairs to get some much needed breakfast.

“About time you boys showed up. I hopped out of my shower and then heard your shower start, and that was nearly an hour ago. Good thing we have unlimited hot water, or you'd be freezing.” Steven laughed.

“It was a nice shower, what can we say.” Kai said, because he knew Kenny would not, Kenny just blushed.

“Good, I'm glad you boys had a nice shower. Kenny, you also look a lot more relaxed, you need to have a few more showers like that to loosen up a bit.”

“Um, thanks.” Kenny blushed more.

“I really don't know how you've become so shy all of a sudden, it's not like I don't know exactly what you two were up to in there. Remember, I was your age once myself, and I'm gay, not to mention I still enjoy those showers myself.”

“I'm just not used to talking like this is all.” Kenny looked down.

“I suppose not, but it doesn't seem like Kai has any troubles with it.”

“That's because he's done a lot more than I have.”

“Really.” Steven said, looking to Kai.

“Yeah, let's just say I'm not exactly a virgin any more. A year in an all boys ballet school has a tendency to really open you up to certain things.” Kai said perfectly straight faced. Steven burst into laughter though.

“Of that I have little doubt. Did you even make it a week before your first time?”

“Nope. I think I enjoyed every boy there too, but then, we all enjoyed each other a great deal. Forty some boys, all ten and up to almost eighteen, all of us at the very least bi, most of us very gay, all of us horny, you do the math.”

“My math says almost a different boy every night of the month.”

“Sounds about right, sometimes two or three.”

“Sounds like a good time. Wish I could have gone somewhere like that when I was your age, I never would have wanted to leave.”

“I didn't, trust me.” Kai grinned.

“Well, now you have a boyfriend, so I guess everything works out the way it should.”

“Yeah.” Both Kenny and Kai sighed as one.

“Come on, we're going out for breakfast this morning, and then we're gonna go find something to do, so if you don't already have a diaper bag packed, I suggest you go do it now.”

“Okay.” The boys both said at the same time and took off for the bedroom. They just grabbed the bag that they made up the day before, they had used nothing in it, so it was still good, and then headed back down to find Steven, ready and waiting for them, with his own diaper bag by his side.

“So, where are we going?” Kenny asked.

“We're going to the Sunday morning breakfast buffet at the hotel, and then from there I have no idea.”

“Can we go skating at the open hockey session?” Kenny asked.

“Sure, and if there's another open game, you boys could join in on the fun.”

“Shouldn't we have our hockey gear though?” Kai asked curiously.

“Nah, not for this, they always have lots of stuff there for everyone, and there's no hitting allowed at all, also no slap shots or other hard shots, because there's always lots of small kids there and people that don't know how to play.” Kenny answered.

“Oh, cool.”

“Yeah, and this way you'll get to learn a little more about hockey before you join the team. I can't wait to see the coach's face when I tell him I brought a ballerina to play hockey.” Kenny giggled.

“Yeah, it'll probably be almost as comical as the face my teacher makes when I tell her I'm bringing a hockey player into the class.” Kai giggled.

“Both should be interesting to say the least, and I almost wish I could have a camera on their faces at the time.” Steven laughed.

“No kidding, could be worth some serious money.” Kai giggled.

A few minutes later, they kept talking happily all the way there, they arrived to the restaurant and were seated within a couple minutes. As soon as they were told they could, they lined up to get food. This particular hotel had bar none the best Sunday morning brunch in the entire city, and Steven and Kenny had tried a few, but they always seemed to come back to this one, even if it was the most expensive out of all of them. Kai had never been to this one before, he and his mom did not often go out for meals, with Kai's very strict diet and all, so he had no idea what to expect. What he thought though and what he got were very different. He had never seen a buffet filled with so many delicious looking and smelling foods in his life, and he found that he was joining the other two in going back for seconds and then for thirds as well.

“Wow, I've never eaten so well or so much in my life.” Kai groaned when they were finally finished.

“Hence the reason we rarely come here, it just makes you eat too much, it's just too good not to.” Steven admitted.

“I think I can understand the reasons, and I'll ask you never to bring me back here again, well until next week that is.” Kai joked.

“You got it.” Steven laughed.

“Yeah, that totally blew my diet for the entire month I think. It's a good thing we had such a good workout this morning or I'd be in real trouble.”

“Yeah, and then there was the exercises you did downstairs too.” Steven said with a straight face, Kenny blushed entirely once again, and Kai laughed.

“Nah, there was no exercising upstairs, just lots of cleaning, if you catch my drift.”

“Oh, I see, there were a couple really dirty parts that needed plenty of washing were there?”

“Oh yeah, it took three times before we were satisfied that they were truly clean, they were just SOOOO dirty.” Kai giggled, Kenny was groaning and hiding his face in his hands, looking as if he were about to die of embarrassment.

“That's good to hear, I know it takes some body parts longer to clean than others, and I'm glad you helped each other to clean each other so well, we wouldn't want dirty little baby boys walking around, now would we?” Steven laughed, quite enjoying making his son blush. If anyone in the restaurant noticed though, they were not saying or doing anything.

“Definitely not, that would be so embarrassing.” Kai giggled, looking over to Kenny.

“You two are horrible.” Kenny managed to finally say something.

“Thanks.” They both grinned.

“Not sure how you can be my son, I thought it would be you and I doing this to your first boyfriend, not your boyfriend and I doing it to you.”

“He's way more open than I am.”

“He wasn't talking about my ass, you bonehead.” Kai nudged him, and Kenny gasped and covered his face again, blushing even more.

“Ooh, that was a good one.” Steven laughed.

“It was not, and would you two keep it down, others could hear you.” Kenny hissed.

“Nah, it's too noisy in here, and even if they did, so what, I'm definitely not hiding who I am. Granted, I don't flaunt it either, and you shouldn't hide who you are either.” Kai said softly.

“I don't hide, I just don't yell it out from the rooftops. Even though I think a few people at school know, no one has ever said anything.”

“I think everyone at my school that knows me knows that I'm gay, and probably all those that have seen me think it too. Most say I just look too feminine to not be. Let's just say if I walked through my school in my pink tights and tutu, I doubt it would shock anyone.”

“I think you're wrong. No matter how much someone suspects you of being gay, that would come as a bit of a surprise to anyone.” Steven laughed.

“Yeah, you're probably right. What time is the open hockey at the rink by the way?”

“Starts in about ten minutes, and we should at least have your skates, that way you can get used to yours, and we won't have to pay skate rental.”

“Then let's go.” Kenny said, happy to be off the topic of sex, if only he knew.

Steven went and paid the bill, and then he and the boys hopped back into the car and headed back towards the house to pick up the boys' and his skates. Kenny ran in and grabbed all three pairs and then came back. They headed to the rink, and were just in time, because the main lineup was just dwindling down to the final two groups, so it would be quick and easy. The boys started getting into their skates while Steven went and paid, and when he came back, he started putting his on as well.

“Okay boys, all ready?”

“Yep, just waiting for you old man.”

“Just remember, this old man can still beat you in a race on the ice, I can still pick you up and hang you upside down, I can still tickle you until you pee yourself silly, and I know all your ticklish spots. So, care to rethink that one?” Steven asked menacingly.

“Um, yeah, we were just waiting for you loving father of mine.” Kenny grinned cheekily.

“That's what I thought you said. Come on, let's go.” Steven grinned right back and they headed out to the ice to have some fun.

To say it was hectic would be an understatement, there were no actual teams, there was no coordination, there was no sense of half of what was going on. There were at the very lest fifteen pucks on the ice, there was one person in each goal trying to save up to as many as five pucks at any given time. The goalies were probably the only people in any real gear, while the rest just grabbed whatever they wanted from the piles that the rink had there for everyone to use. Steven, Kenny and Kai each grabbed a stick that would work for them and headed out to join in the disorganized chaos.

“Let's see what you can do.” Kenny said to Kai, having snagged a puck from someone and firing it towards where Kai was.

Kai soundly stopped it with his stick, and then promptly managed to lose it. He regained it though after a second of fumbling with the stick he was scarcely used to, he had never held one in his life until the day before, and that was only for sizing. Kenny then made to try and get it from Kai, urging him to try and dodge him. Kai did amazingly well, even if Kenny was able to get the puck away from him for a minute, but was able to get it back a minute later.

“Not bad, you learn quick. At least teaching you hockey won't be hard, because we don't first have to teach you to skate. And you seem to skate very well.”

“Thanks. It's not so hard once you get used to having to handle this bloody stick, it's awkward.”

“Actually, once you get used to it, you'll find it can be a great asset as well. Sure, sometimes it gets in the way, but it wouldn't be hockey without it, so you have to get used to it.”

“How can it be a great asset when all it does is get in the way?”

“Well, how else would you fire a puck at the net if not for the stick?”

“Touche. I guess you have me there, but name another reason, something more reasonable?”

“Well, I've found that if someone hits you and you're gonna lose your balance, the stick can add a great deal to your ability to balance.”

“Okay, I can see your point there, but I still think it's awkward.”

“That's fine, I think the ballet slippers are awkward.”

“Yeah, and you've hardly even worn them yet, wait until you really have to use them. Once you get used to them though, they're like an extension of you.”

“It's the same with the hockey stick. Once you get used to it being there, you can control it like it's another limb.” Kenny said, glad to finally be able to point it out in a way Kai would probably see.

“Okay, I hope that that comes quickly.”

“Actually, it does. Come on, let's join the others now like dad already has and learn the fun way, to just play. There's no rules here, it isn't really a game, just lots of people having fun. Just remember that there's no hitting or hard shots.”

“Okay.” Kai said, and then they both took off.

For the next nearly three hours, the three of them had a blast playing around like they were. Kai even donned the goalie gear and took a turn in net, and he proved to be very good in there, stopping nearly ninety percent of the shots. Kenny was surprised and wondered if maybe he should not be getting Kai into the goalie position instead of offense like he had been thinking.

“Well boys, that was lots of fun, but I think I'm well worn now, let's say we head back, and then I think it's probably time for Kai to head home to spend time with his mom.”

“Okay.” Both said dejectedly, because they had not wanted that time to come, but come they knew it must.

“You can at least change each other before he leaves.” Steven grinned.

“Yeah, we can.” Kai smiled brightly.

Kenny only grunted a non committal grunt, and the other two smiled once again. They put their gear away, went and took off their skates and put on their shoes, and then headed out. As soon as they made it back to the house, the boys headed upstairs, because they were both in serious need of a diaper change, in fact they probably should have changed about an hour prior to them actually changing, but at least they had not managed to leak, but how they could not understand.

Amazingly enough when Kai removed Kenny's diaper, after helping him to strip out of his clothes, Kai was surprised to see that Kenny was not even hard. He must have been very well satisfied that morning and getting tired now. Kai though was feeling much the same, so he doubted even he would get hard once it was his turn. Kai diapered Kenny nice and thick, and then they traded places, so that Kai could get the same treatment, and he did, and he was not hard either. Kenny then helped Kai to get dressed, but Kai did not return the favor, because Kenny would not need to get dressed.

“Come kiss me, it needs to last the rest of the night at least, but I want for you to come to my place tomorrow.” Kai pulled Kenny to him and whispered.

“Okay.” Kenny said brightly. Kissing he enjoyed doing with ease, it did not make him feel at all guilty.

They stood there and kissed softly for a few minutes before breaking apart and sighing deeply. Kai then grabbed his bag and made sure all his things were in it, and then they headed downstairs.

“Kai, unless you'd rather not, I figure you may as well leave your hockey gear here, because you can just come with us to practice and whatnot, and there's no point in you dragging it all the way home.”

“Actually, that might not be such a bad idea, thanks. I have no idea where I'd even put it.”

“No problem.”

“Well, I better head out, you guys have a good night, and I'll call you before bed Kenny.” Kai smiled warmly, and before Kenny could break into tears, of which looked as if they could spill any time, Kai opened the door and headed out.

Steven let Kenny sulk for a couple minutes after Kai left, then pulled him into a hug. Kenny ended up crying onto his dads shoulder for a few minutes before he was able to pull himself together.

“You've fallen so fast and hard for him it hurt to see him go even after only spending such a short time with him. I can understand that, but you can't be bursting into tears every time he leaves, you know that right?” Steven asked softly.

“I know, it's just that I already miss him.”

“Well, it's not like he'll be away from you long, and he's gonna call in a few hours. I have to wonder though how you're gonna cope when you go to hockey camp next week!”

“We talked about that, and I said I'd cancel it, but Kai told me I couldn't do that. He said that not only will it have cost a lot, and we wouldn't get our money back either, he said that I needed to go, because I shouldn't give up something that important to me, even for him. I know he's right, but I just don't know how I'll do it. I'll call every night, but I just don't think it'll be enough.”

“While I would have understood if you had decided to do that, I would've been disappointed, because it does cost a lot of money, and it's non refundable. However, your happiness means more than a mere thousand dollars. He is right though, you love hockey and shouldn't give something like that up just because of him, because you both still have to live your separate lives, not every breathing moment can be about each other solely. I know that sounds mean when you've grown so attached to him that you want to be with him every minute of every day, but trust me, relationships suffocate if you don't have a little free time too, time away from each other, even if for just a few minutes. A week isn't a big deal really, and you'll get to talk to him every night. You'll just have to be careful, because you won't have near as much privacy as you'll have here to place your calls, so be careful what you say and how you act. I know for a fact your hockey team is okay with your being gay, but all those other boys there might not be, but what I'm afraid of is that they'll pressure you into doing something and or going further than I know you're ready for, because they're all horny teens, and a gay boy likes to receive, at least that's their assumption.”

“Thanks dad, I know you're both right, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. What do you mean though that my team's okay with my being gay, they don't know do they?”

“Actually, yes they do. I talked to your coach quite a few months ago now, right at the end of your last season in fact, and he had said that a number of the boys had suggested to him that you were gay, and they wondered if it was a good idea for you to shower with them. He got very angry with those boys and gathered the entire team, except you, and told them all, because he had gotten complaints from almost all of them, and he knew they would have talked to each other, anyway, he told them all that even if you were gay, of which he also believed was the case, that they were to accept the fact and to deal with it, or leave the team. He told them all that amongst them there were three other gay boys, and that you were not the only one, that being gay did not make you or them better or worse than anyone else on the team, and furthermore any sort of harassment would result in expulsion from the team and having the reports handed over to the police to have them looked into. He was serious as well, even though I'm pretty sure the police would do nothing because you're all kids.”

“Why wasn't I there, he should have had me there too?”

“Because he needed to confront the others first.”

“Coach is gay too, isn't he?”

“I figured you'd have noticed that at least a couple years ago. Yeah, he's gay, quite enjoyable too, but now he has a steady boyfriend.” Steven grinned.

“Ah, I see.” Kenny blushed.

“Anyway, I agreed that you shouldn't be there at the time of the talk. I knew you'd already well accepted the fact that you were gay, but you weren't comfortable with the others knowing. Sure, you suspected that they suspected, but you never said anything, and nor did they. Even after the talking to, no one said anything, and slowly they came to realize that you were no different just because you were gay, and they now knew it. They realized though that none of them were in your targets pretty much right away, because I have reports that said that you hardly ever looked at the other boys while getting ready.”

“Good grief, do you know everything that goes on?”

“Actually, yes. Mitch keeps me up to speed on pretty much everything. He talked to the boys again a little later and they told him much of that and a lot more. It seems they thought you were shy and or trying to deny that you were gay.”

“It wasn't that so much as I didn't want them to know I was gay, so I didn't look at them, because otherwise something may have reacted if I looked too much at them.” Kenny blushed.

“Ah, I see. So you thought many of the boys there were suitable candidates, but couldn't look at them or it would have made you a little hard.”

“Yeah, something like that, even though there's only two in there that I even remotely thought might be good boyfriends. I think though that they're already boyfriends, because I'm certain they're gay too. There's another, but I only think he's bi, and I'm certain he has a girlfriend.” Kenny said, continuing to blush cutely.

“You must be talking about John and Ben?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Easy, Mitch keeps me up to date on everything that happens, and those two became boyfriends late last season some time. As for Josh, I think maybe you're selling him short. I really don't think he's bi, I think he's gay, and if he's been seen with a girl, I'd be checking for an Adams apple.” Steven laughed.

“Oh, you think so?” Kenny asked in shock.

“Oh yeah. That boy's as gay as they come if I'm not missing the mark.”

“Oh, I've only seen him with the one he calls his girlfriend a couple times, but she sure looked like a girl.”

“Maybe it was and he's just trying to make people believe he's not gay, who knows.” Steven shrugged.

“How is it a hockey team with only fourteen team members can have four gay boys on it?” Kenny somewhat asked in shock.

“You'd be surprised by how many gay kids join sports like that. Not only does it make themselves feel better that they're playing what their dads think are a manly sport, but how else can you routinely see naked hot hard bodied boys all wet and glistening. That was the only reason I was in sports, it sure the hell wasn't for the sport itself, although trying to make my parents think I was straight did play a good role in that as well.”

“Oh, I guess you're right, and I've met John's dad, I think he's definitely the reason John's in hockey. He likes the game, he does really well, but most of the time I just don't think his heart's in it.”

“Yes, John's dad doesn't like me much, his name's John too by the way, I know you actively avoided him as much as possible because of his attitude. Anyway, he found out I was gay a couple years ago and he threatened me that if I ever got near his son he'd kill me, there was no way he wanted me corrupting his son. I nearly punched the guy in the mouth, but I told him very sternly that in no way was I interested in any kid, that just because I was gay didn't mean I would do anything of the nature. I also told him that furthermore, my being gay would not corrupt anyone, because gay isn't contagious. He accused me last year of spending time with his son, that I was making him gay, again, I nearly punched him in the mouth. I asked what made him think that, and he told me that he thinks John is gay too, and it had to be my fault, because I was the only gay person his son has contact with. I snorted and told him that was so far from true it wasn't funny. I did not tell him the coach was gay too, that would've been detrimental, but I told him that three of the other boys on the team were also gay, but not which ones, and that even if John was gay, he should love his son for who he was and not who he liked. You do know that John no longer lives at home right?”

“No, he doesn't!”

“No, he lives with Ben now. Apparently his dad confronted him not long after that and point blank asked John if he was gay, and at first he lied to his dad, but eventually he spilled his guts, and his dad said he was no son of his. It really crushed John, and I admit that that's where I spent more than a few nights during that week, trying to help Ben and his mom put John back together. Ben's mom can barely afford to send him to hockey, and I've helped her with equipment a couple times for him, so she couldn't afford at all to send John, so I've been sending him since. It was also a friend of mine at the office who deals more with that sort of situation that effectively helped John to sue his dad for a few different things, so now he's in permanent living with Ben, but they're not allowed to share a bedroom, although from what I understand, they do most nights.” Steven smiled.

“Really, why didn't you ever tell me any of that?” Kenny asked softly.

“Would you have liked for me to tell anyone anything like that about you? It was a very low time for John, he thought that he could never be loved again, he cried a lot on my shoulder, especially the night I went there for the first time after I'd heard what happened. I hugged him and told him that I was gay and that I knew what he was going through and that Ben and his mom would help him out, and that I would help as well. He asked me not to tell you, that he considered you a good friend, but that he didn't want you to know. Of course I told him that no matter what, you'd be okay with anything he cared to tell you, that you already knew about me anyway, so would be very okay with his being gay.”

“He tried to talk to me a few times, I could tell he wanted to say something, but he just couldn't get it out.”

“Yeah, he's having a very hard time admitting that he's gay. Yeah, he has a boyfriend, but I doubt that they've gone any further than you and Kai have, even if they have been doing it longer. He still thinks that to admit you're gay will cause you to lose everything.”

“Oh, and I thought it was hard on me.”

“No, you know what I went through, you know what it was like for me, so I made it as easy on you as I could. Of course, your inability to tell your closest friends was solely your fear that what happened to me would also happen to you. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have said that you should tell them, but now I think you should, because you're gonna be bringing your ballerina boyfriend onto the team, and they deserve to know the real you. Kai can't and won't hide who he is, he's too proud of that fact, and the others will know the second you bring him on the team that you're closer together than just friends. It really shows when you look at him, you look at him like he's a god.”

“I can't help it, he's gorgeous.”

“Yes, he is, of that there's little doubt.”

“But, what if they all react like your friends did and they kick me from the team?”

“Not only could they not do that, because nowadays that's just not allowed, but remember, your coach is gay too. Not only would he set the others straight or send them packing, but they already know remember.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“You really are too afraid of yourself, you need to be more self assured. I thought I raised you better than that, to be proud of who you are, and to not let anyone get you down.”

“You did, and I do try, but it's just so hard, when they start saying things like that, I want to start crying.”

“Yeah, you and I are a lot alike that way, almost too emotional, you cry so easily. I've gotten better, but even still, I'm an easy crier. You'd think the one who looks like he should cry easily, Kai, is the one who'd probably be the one to tell anyone off for any reason and not let emotions get in the way. You look so tough, yet can cry at the drop of a hat.” Steven said comically.

“He does, and has no problem doing so, even to adults.” Kenny said, and then relayed the previous story.

“That doesn't surprise me really. He seems so strong, even for one who looks so weak. I'm willing to bet those who look for easy targets like him are sure shocked to find he's not so easy a target as they first assumed.”

“He's hit a few kids already at his school this year, all because they thought he was an easy target, he made them realize that he was far from it. I wouldn't let anyone just hit me either, but the difference is I'd probably cry as I was beating the crap outta them.” Kenny had to laugh, because he knew it was true.

“Yep, pretty much the same as I am.” Steven laughed as well.

For the next little while, they just sat there and talked, having a nice long chat about all sorts of other things. Kai had just made it home himself, having taken a nice leisurely stroll home, not really heading straight home, going around the wrong way and taking the long way. He wanted the time to think, and this was often how he did it. When he walked in, his mom was there to greet him.

“Hey there handsome, how was your first sleepover?”

“Nice. How was your weekend?”

“Boring actually. Without you here, I was bored to tears. So, what did you boys do, and I don't want or need the dirty details.”

“Don't worry, there weren't many of the dirty details happening, except a nice shower. Kenny's not really ready for anything yet, he's still so scared for some reason. He knows he's gay, he admitted to himself and his dad a long time ago, but he's still so afraid of what others will think. I don't think he realizes that most people that meet him can tell almost right away. He's so emotional it's not even funny, he blushes so easily, and I have a sneaking suspicion he's a crier. I'm even willing to bet that he started crying when I left, I could see that he wanted to.”

“Yeah, but you're so strong emotionally, way stronger than I am, and more so than most young boys your age, especially the gay ones. Remember, most gay boys your age are actively trying to hide who they are from themselves and everyone else around them, and that often makes them an emotional wreck. Even the ones who know who they are have a tendency to still be emotional. Gay boys are more emotional than most boys as it is, but I think I agree that he seems the sort to cry easily. How he survives in hockey is beyond me.”

“He loves hockey, and I think that no matter what anyone said to him, he'd never quit, it's the thing that holds him together.”

“So he loves it almost as much as you love ballet?”

“Almost, yeah. He doesn't quite live and breath it like I do, but it's close.”

“That you most certainly do. So, you're gonna join a hockey team huh, that was a bit of a shock, but a good one.”

“Yeah, should be interesting. I almost can't wait to see his coach's face when we tell him I'm in ballet, gymnastics and figure skating. It should be almost as interesting as my teachers face when we tell her I'm bringing a hockey player into the class. She'll at least be pleased to have another boy, she's been complaining for a long time that she has no other boys.”

“Yeah, that could be quite comical for sure.” Denise laughed.

“For sure. So anyway, we didn't really do a whole heck of a lot, just talked a lot and watched TV or movies. We went shopping yesterday and that took a few hours at least, and this morning we went out for breakfast and then went to an open hockey game at the rink and had some fun there.”

“Sounds like a nice weekend then. Did you still do your morning exercises?”

“Of course, nothing stops me from doing them.”

“Don't I know it. You're even worse than I am when it comes to that.” She laughed again.

“Yeah, well if I want to be able to dance, I have to stay strong and flexible, and that's the best way. Sure was a surprise to poor Kenny though when I showed him a bunch of the stuff that would soon be expected of him, but he's already doing pretty good on the stretching.”

“I bet, but a hockey player won't be used to moving in the ways you have to. How surprised was he when he found out that you were as strong as or more so than he is?”

“More so, by a fair bit too, but he was more than a little shocked. He has weights at home and he showed me how to do a bench press properly, I've never been shown, and he showed me he could do eighty pounds. He started me at fifty, and then worked me up to a hundred. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I could have done more, because the hundred was quite easy, but it was hard enough on him knowing a mere dancer was stronger than him. He's so sensitive, but it's cute. The next couple months will be hard on him, but I think it'll be really good for him too.”

“Yeah, I guess it was better to not show off too much.” Denise laughed.

“I tried not to, but they made me tell them all about what I can do, and I think Kenny was a bit intimidated at first.”

“I can understand that. At thirteen you've done more than most adults, and are a better dancer than many professionals.”

“Yeah, but I didn't tell him that much, I really didn't want to tell him as much as I did.”

“With as sensitive as he is, yeah, that could be like rubbing salt in a wound, you wouldn't want to do that, but he'll find out soon enough. How is he in hockey, is he really good?”

“He doesn't think he's as good as I think he is. His dad sounds as if he thinks Kenny's a great deal better than Kenny thinks he is as well. I'll do everything I can though to push him to greatness and make him see just how good he really is. He doesn't seem to have a lot of self esteem for some reason.”

“Don't push him so hard that you destroy his love of the only thing he loves, it can only ruin your relationship with him in the process.”

“I know, don't worry, I'd never do that.”

“I know, just making sure. Kenny is more than likely a very shy boy by nature, but being as big and strong as he is and in hockey, it's probably made him think he has to look and act stronger than he really is, but it's hurting him as well. He probably has very little self esteem, and only doing good in hockey makes him feel good. Making him do great in hockey though may not make him feel great, it's hard to say, he's hiding something deep inside him more than likely that's causing all this.”

“Like what, what could he be hiding so deep inside himself to cause that?” Kai asked curiously.

“Hard to say. Every person is different, every person has their own demons that they have to face, no matter how big or small they are, they always seem so huge. More than likely it has something to do with being gay though. Can you tell me anything about him, something that he certainly wouldn't want others to know?”

“Well, he definitely likes pink, he really loved my pink tights after the shock wore off, and he likes girls dresses as well.”

“That could be it. Next weekend invite him here and dress him in your cutest outfit and see if that helps him.”

“Can't, he's got hockey camp for the entire week after Christmas, so it'll have to be after he gets back.”

“Oh, okay then. How's he taking that though after finding you?”

“He wanted to cancel it and stay, but I told him he couldn't do that just because of me. I told him he needed it too, and that we would survive.”

“How did you get to be so smart?” Denise smiled warmly.

“Musta been from my dad. No idea how it coulda come from you.” Kai said perfectly straight faced.

“No kidding, I'm as dumb as a post.” Denise sighed animatedly, and they both broke into laughter.

“Yeah right, must be some smart post then.” Kai grinned.

“So, when he's here, if he lets me, I'll talk to him a bit about his fears and see if I can't pry open his thoughts and get him to open up and really be himself. If he wants you there, you're welcome, but if not, then you'll have to leave, and I won't be able to tell you anything that he doesn't want me to tell you, same as always.”

“I only told him you're a doctor, telling my new boyfriend that my mom's a head shrinker I thought might scare him off. Then again, he teased about his dad being a lawyer, saying that he'd rather tell people his dad was a porn star, because it was less embarrassing.” Kai giggled.

“No shit, I would too.” Denise laughed.

“Yeah, well having a psychiatrist for a mom is almost as embarrassing.”

“I bet it is.” Denise grinned.

“At least I just tell my friends you're a doctor instead of a porn star.”

“I don't know, porn star might be a helluva lotta fun actually.” Denise grinned.

“Don't I know it.”

“Please don't tell me that you boys recorded anything you did last year?” Denise asked cautiously.

“Nothing that could get us in trouble, nothing actually pornographic anyway, but we did have some fun with the video cameras too.”

“I'd almost like to see some of them.”

“I have it all on DVD if you really want to watch it. Mostly it's just a bunch of gay boys being boys.”

“It's probably quite funny, maybe you should show it to Kenny.”

“It is, and I was planning on it actually. I'll lend them to you tonight so that you can watch them whenever you want.”

“Thanks. Are there any performances on there as well?”

“Yeah, a few of the dances that we did we recorded and put on them as well.”

“How many DVD's are there?”

“Six. We all made copies of everything for future remembrance.”

“Wow, that's a lot of video. I hope I'm not gonna see a side of you I've never seen before.”

“No, I think you've pretty much seen all my sides, in every fashion at that, but my bare front side's never shown, we didn't record anything like that.” Kai grinned.

“You know exactly what I meant.”

“I know.” Kai grinned.

“What's Steven like, he seemed quite nice and laid back?”

“He's a lot like Kenny in many ways, but I think over the years he's gotten better in the shyness department. If I had to guess, I'd say he was a bullied boy, had little to no friends, no social life to speak of, and also had no real self esteem. I think he was outed well before he was ready for it, just from some of the things that were said, but nothing concrete. Somehow a lot of that fear may have been passed onto Kenny, even though Steven tried his hardest to make Kenny stronger than he was as a child. It worked to some degree, but not entirely.”

“You really would make an excellent psychiatrist, you really do have incredible perception of people, and I'm willing to bet you've hit it dead on.”

“No thanks. I want to be a doctor, yes, but I want to be a pediatric surgeon, and I'll use dancing to get me there, and enjoy dancing on the side.”

“And with as good as you are into talking people into doing things, you'll be great at it. And you're strong enough to be able to deal with the ones you just can't help, even though that's the hardest part.”

“Thanks, but that's what scares me the most is what happens if I just can't save someone.”

“The same as every other doctor, cry it out and then stand up and say you did your best and there was nothing even the very best in the world could have done differently. Granted, I'm willing to bet that you'll be the very best in the world, you have a dedication about you that so very few people have, and if anyone can do the impossible, it'll definitely be you.”

“Thanks mom, and it'll all be thanks to you.”

“Hardly. You're ten times stronger than I am, a thousand times more determined, and at least that much smarter as well.”

“You sell yourself too short mom.” Kai said simply, she had been telling him all that for years, and he knew it was she that he got his smarts from.

“Maybe, but not as much as you think.” She said simply.

“So, what are we gonna have for dinner and when were you planning on making it?” Kai asked, changing the subject.

“Haven't decided yet, but it'll be a couple hours. Have you any suggestions, and when would you like it?”

“After the huge fattening breakfast we had this morning, I'd be perfectly fine with a salad or something light and easy like that. I am getting a bit hungry though, because we just had brunch and skipped lunch, so soon would be okay with me.”

“Okay, in an hour I'll have it done then. You should go get your stuff put away and clean up that pig sty of a room of yours. Oh, and where's your hockey gear?”

“Pig sty, yeah right. If there's five specs of dust in my room I classify that is messy, it's your bedroom you should be worried about.”

“Oh right, my mistake. I'd ask you to clean it for me, but after the last time, I know you wouldn't dare.”

“What do you expect, it took me three bloody hours.”

“It wasn't three, it was only two and a half at most.” Denise laughed, because it was true.

“Close enough. I do have to go put my stuff away and get some laundry in though, so unless you want any help with dinner, I might just go and do that.”

“No, you go ahead, I can get dinner.”

“Oh, okay, thanks. And by the way, we decided to just leave my gear at Kenny's, since we'll all be going together anyway. Steven already does it, and I doubt you'd appreciate getting up at four in the morning to take me to practice.”

“Not bloody likely. Those hours are for freaks.”

“So, I'm a freak now am I?”

“Um, yeah, I think I've told you that a few times with how early you like to get up. I can't understand how you can function.” Denise laughed, because she had. She was far from an early bird to say the least.

“And I can't figure out how you can stay up so late.”

“Go on then, go do your stuff and I'll have an early dinner ready for you soon.”

“Okay, thanks.” Kai smiled warmly to his mom before skipping out of the room and grabbing his bag before heading to his bedroom.

His bedroom was probably the cleanest boys bedroom ever, there was not even a piece of paper out of place on his large desk. When he arrived, he dumped his bag onto his bed, and then went about putting everything away. His diapers, wipes and cream all went into his closet. His clothes went into his hamper, and his toiletries went to his bathroom and were put away in their proper homes. His bathroom too was eerily sparkling clean considering a lone teen boy used it. Even the toilet was sparkling white and pristine. He then grabbed his bag and made sure it was clean and then stored it in his closet in its proper home, and then grabbed his hamper to take it to the laundry room to wash his clothes. He threw all his darks in first and set the washer, and then headed out.

“Hey mom, if you have any whites that need washing just throw them in the laundry room in the next half an hour and I'll add them to mine, I don't have enough to fill a load.”

“Considering you only have a couple pairs of tights and body suits that are white, and the rest of your whites are socks, you never have enough for a load. I do have a bunch that needs washing though, so I'll grab them for you after dinner.”

“True, thanks.”

Kai usually did the whites, because he really did not have much, and Denise really hated doing laundry, but they agreed to do their own laundry. At least Denise had figured it was only fair, considering it was almost the only housework she had to do, because Kai took care of most of the rest himself, he kept the house sparkling clean, and only her bedroom and bathroom she had to worry about.

“Dinner is gonna be ready in just a couple minutes, so if you'd set the table for me please baby, that'd be great.”

“Will do mom.” Kai smiled happily and did as he was asked, and a few minutes later they were sitting down to one of their favorite dinners, grilled chicken salad with all the trimmings, mostly vegetables. They actually ate very little meat, they preferred to eat healthy, and it showed.

“Thanks mom, that was great.”

“No prob baby. It's the least I can do for you, considering you do most of the other chores around here.”

“It's only fair, you work all week.”

“Actually, between school and your other activities, you probably work harder than I do.” Denise pointed out, probably for the hundredth time.

“Yeah, but all that's for fun, it's not work to me.”

“While that may be true, you still do more every morning than most people do all week.”

“Fair enough.” Kai admitted, because it was probably true.

“So, after cleaning up, what should we do?”

“I'm gonna go lay back and read for a bit and call Kenny before bed, I think I'd like to just lay back and relax.”

“Okay, it's not very often you relax, so I'll allow it this once. Why not lay back in a nice hot bath with a good book and really relax.”

“Gee thanks, that's awful generous of you.” Kai said flatly.

“I know, I'm so full of generosity.” Denise said giddily, and then started giggling.

“You're weird.”


“It does sound like a good idea though, so I think I might just do that.” Kai smiled.

“Go for it, you really don't relax nearly as often as you should, and sometimes it shows. Granted you actually look a little more relaxed now than you have lately.”

“Having a beautiful boyfriend probably doesn't hurt.”

“No, and I know for a fact that you're talking about beauty as in within, because while he's definitely very good looking, he's more handsome than beautiful.”

“Too true.”

“Go on, go enjoy a nice long hot bath, but don't forget to come say goodnight to me before you pass out for the night please?”

“Okay, but I make no promises.”

“I know. Oh, and grab me the DVD's as well please?”

“Right, will do.” Kai said and took off. He was back a few moments later with all six DVD's in hand and handed them over to his mom. He just smiled and spun around and took off, totally forgetting that he was supposed to help clean the kitchen. Denise shook her head and went about cleaning up herself, it was not messy, and he really did deserve to have a night off anyway.

Kai went straight to the upstairs main bathroom and started the bath as hot as he could stand it, and then headed to his bedroom to pick out a book. As smart as he was, you might expect him to pick up a book about quantum physics or something like that, but Kai was an avid science fiction and fantasy reader, and he had well over three hundred books on the subject now. He had read every one of them at least twice, so he was not worried about which one he grabbed and just randomly selected one. He did not even look at the title and threw it onto his bed so that he could get undressed. He threw his newest dirty clothes into his hamper, not worried that he had just put clothes in, because the washer had been near capacity as it was, otherwise he would have stripped and put them in then, he was not shy to walk around the house in only his diaper, he always did anyway.

Once stripped down, he headed to the bathroom and removed his diaper and slipped into the rising bath water, sighing deeply as he did. He hit the buttons to activate the jets, and then laid back after grabbing his book. For the next hour, Kai laid in the hot bubbly water reading his book. Once again he was glad that with the jets activated, it would keep the water at the same temperature, so he never had to worry about it cooling down any at all. Finally he set his book down on the toilet seat and started washing himself thoroughly. He started draining the tub and hopped into the shower and washed his hair and rinsed off his body completely, and then stepped out to get dried off.

He brushed his hair and teeth and then headed to his bedroom to get into a nice thick diaper. He sighed once it was on, and then promptly peed it. Granted, with as little as his bladder could hold, it was at best just a few squirts. Once ready, he headed to the laundry room to transfer the wet clothes to the dryer and put the whites in, his mom had remembered to grab hers, so they were there waiting for him. With that now done, he headed back to his bedroom and grabbed the phone and called Kenny.

“Oh Kai, finally.” Kenny said when he found out it was who he had been hoping it had been.

“It's not that late yet, I just hopped out of a nice hot relaxing bath and thought I'd call you before laying down to read for the rest of the night.”

“I know, it's just, well I miss you already and wanted to talk to you.”

“I know, I miss you too, but we'll see each other tomorrow. When are you gonna come over?”

“Is five too early?” Kenny giggled.

“Um, probably yeah. You should at least wait 'til your dad leaves for work.” Kai laughed as well.

“Oh, if you insist. He leaves at a little after seven usually, will that be fine?”

“Sure, my mom usually leaves just before eight, so you two will probably pass each other.”

“Okay.” Kenny said, and then the two just talked about nothing much for nearly an hour before Kai said he should go.

“Well, goodnight, love you.” Kenny sighed into the phone.

“Goodnight, love you too.” Kai smiled, and they hung up.

“Hey mom, enjoying the videos?” Kai asked as he wandered into his moms room to say goodnight to her too.

“Yeah, you boys were crazy, funny, but crazy. And the first dance performance, wow, that was simply amazing. You sure can tell that you twelve boys were the very best from around the world, but even though I'm your mom, I'm not saying this as a biased mom, you were the very best.”

“Thanks. Even the other boys told me I was way better than they were, and they were all really good as well, the instructors though thought I was brilliant, and wondered why I was even there to begin with, because they didn't feel they could teach me anything. They did though, there's lots I don't know, but oh well. I just want to learn everything they have to teach me, and if I ever get the chance to do it again, you'd best be certain I'm going again, I'll just have to bring Kenny with me.”

“I don't doubt that. So, you ready for bed then?”

“Yeah, I just came in to say goodnight, 'cause I'm gonna go lay down and read the rest of my book before heading to bed.”

“Okay, goodnight, love you baby.”

“Love you too mom, goodnight.” Kai smiled and headed to his room for the night.

Kai laid down on his bed and picked his book back up, it was already two thirds done in the hour he had to read it, and it was almost three hundred pages long, so he had no doubt he would finish it before he got too tired to read any more. He had only a few pages left a little less than an hour later when he decided that he was too tired to keep reading, so set the book aside and turned off his light and curled up with the teddy bear his dad bought for him the day he was born, and fell fast asleep.