Baby Boy Ballerina and the Hockey Hunk

***Be warned, if you do not condone sexual experiences between boys and boys, or even boys and men, or if you do not care for diaper love and urinary use, then this story may not be for you. It is a tale of love, never abuse, and while there are sex scenes, they are amazingly light in this story. It is a love story through and through. As with all my stories, I hope that you enjoy, and I hope that you email me with your comments. Please email me at ****** If I had a story site left, I would gladly invite you to join me there, but sadly it was once again killed, so as of yet, I have not figured out what to do, but if you email me, when I do figure it out, I will email you to inform you of this. Thanks.***

Chapter 4

The next morning Kenny arrived just as Denise was heading to work, and the boys spent a fun filled day of doing not much, but doing it together and having fun. That night they once again talked on the phone for nearly an hour, and the next day was much the same again. The next was Christmas day, and other than calling each other and talking for a couple hours, they did not see each other, something that bothered Kenny, because the following day he was heading out at four in the morning to his hockey camp, and he would not be able to see his baby for a whole week.

Kenny cried the morning he left for hockey camp, saying he did not want to go, but finally Steven was able to get him to leave the house, and go to the bus station. He cried again as he was about to climb aboard, saying he did not want to go, but Steven once again calmed him down and said he would have fun, and that he really did need it. Kenny knew his dad was right, and knew that Kai would be very upset with him if he did not go, because he had said he needed to go, and that he would be alright. The bus slowly made its way away from his boyfriend, and before too long, he was at his destination. There was a car there waiting for him to take him to the training facilities, and by now, he had cried himself out and got himself straightened all out and looking almost normal, trying to put on the tough face for everyone around him. Kai and Steven would have seen through it instantly, but the others did not know him, so he would be fine.

The week passed for Kenny with a tonne of training and drills and all sorts of things hockey. He shared a room with another boy, and they did have a phone to use, but Kenny scarcely had any privacy to use it to call Kai, but he did manage to find at least a few minutes every night, the most was half an hour. He also called his dad every day as well. By the time the week was ending, Kenny wanted to leave like never before, swearing that if he had to do this again, that Kai had darned well better be there with him, or he would never be able to do it.

Kai relished those few minutes every day that Kenny would call, it made him smile, and hearing how sad Kenny sounded made him feel both good and bad. For the most part though, Kai spent his entire week working hard. He did not have ballet or figure skating to keep him busy, but he did pretty much all of those moves and much of his gymnastics, making sure to train every bit as hard as he would if he had been there in the first place. In actual fact though, he was probably training himself harder. Kai had found out when Kenny was coming home, and arranged with Steven to just bring Kenny to his house, so that he could stay for a couple days, and Steven had thought it was a great idea. He offered to just have Kenny stay until Sunday, so that meant three full days.

At first Kenny wondered why his dad was driving the wrong way to go home, and then he realized it, and smiled brightly. He had given his dad a huge hug as soon as he hopped off the bus, he had missed his dad too, but he was almost sad to see that Kai was not there to greet him as well. He did tell his dad all that he had done and learned, and it sounded as if it was a really good hockey camp, they had really pushed all the kids there to their very limits and taught them all a great deal. The report Steven had already been emailed from the trainers said that Kenny was well on his way to playing professionally, and that he had shown the largest amount of raw potential of all the boys, and that he was already an excellent player, but with further training and really pushing him would only make him better yet. Steven had to smile, he would show the report to Kenny, but knew it would do no good. He would have to show it to Kai, and let Kai work on Kenny, he knew that would work.

“You're taking me to Kai's, wow, thanks dad.”

“You're welcome. You get to stay 'til Sunday, and then you have to come home and get ready to go back to school.”

“No way, really?” Kenny squealed much like a girl, but in all fairness, his voice was still changing, even though it was nearly finished.

“Yes you little girl. Man, I can't wait 'til your voice finishes changing.” Steven laughed.

“Me neither.” Kenny giggled.

“I have a fresh bag of clothes and supplies packed for you, but I didn't bring diapers, Kai assured me that you both wear the same ones anyway, so he would let you use his. All you have to do is grab your tooth and hair brushes from your bag, and anything else you want, and you'll be all good.”

“Thanks dad, this is gonna be awesome.” Kenny said happily.

“You're welcome. Well, here you go, get everything transferred.” Steven said as he pulled into Kai's driveway.

“Okay, gimme just a second.” Kenny said and then grabbed the bag he had his things in and quickly transferred them to the new bag his dad had packed for him.

“Okay handsome, see you Sunday afternoon.”

“Thanks dad, love you, see you then.” Kenny said quickly and hopped out of the car and ran to the front door of Kai's house.

Kai was waiting for him and opened the door before he could even knock, and Kenny just smiled brightly and went right in. Just as the door closed, Kai wrapped Kenny up in a huge hug and kissed him deeply and passionately. They stood there for at least ten minutes kissing.

“Wow, what a greeting.” Kenny sighed when they finally broke apart, because they had yet to say a single word, but their body language said so much more than mere words could ever say.

“I missed you, I missed seeing you, touching you, kissing you, hearing you, I just missed everything about you.”

“Oh man, I missed you so much more than even that. If it wasn't for the fact that I was kept so busy all day every day, I would've went insane.”

“Yeah, I had to do the same. I probably trained every bit as hard as you did, and I had nowhere to be to do so.”

“Knowing how much you do during the average workout, I'm willing to bet you did more than I did, and they pushed us hard, but not nearly as hard as you pushed me.”

“Oh, then you're probably right.” Kai smiled.

“I had no idea I was coming here, so what should we do?”

“Well, it's lunch time, are you hungry, when did you eat last?”

“Actually, yeah, I had a light breakfast before leaving, so I'm getting pretty hungry.”

“Okay, I have lunch ready for us, so let's go eat first.”


They headed to the kitchen and sat at the counter and ate their fill of the lunch that Kai had ready for them.

“Ah, much better, thanks.”

“No prob baby. What should we do now?”

“Well, um, I don't know how to say this, but, well....”

“I see. You didn't jack off all week and you're getting more than a bit sore. I'm also willing to bet that you didn't really get to wear diapers as much as you wanted to, and you want me to diaper you up nice and thick.”

“Yeah, but I did wear the pullup diapers during training, a good thing actually, because I used them quite a bit without hardly realizing it was happening, so it's starting to happen to me now too. Plus I got to wear diapers to bed. My room mate was shocked at first, but I think he was a bit jealous, he kept sneaking peeks at my diapers whenever I was wearing one, and I tried not to act all embarrassed about wearing diapers, just told him I have bladder problems and that I have to wear diapers pretty much all day. On the last day, I figured he'd almost had enough and offered him a diaper. He blushed really cutely and said no thanks. I just smiled and told him I'd leave my entire stack out in the open, and if a few just happened to disappear, I'd never notice. When I came back, four of them were missing, I counted before setting them out.”

“Good for you. Come on, let's get my baby boy upstairs and get you nice and thickly diapered. Are you wearing one of the pullup diapers now?”

“Yeah.” Kenny smiled.

Kai dragged Kenny up to his bedroom and laid him down on the bed after stripping him of all his clothes. Once he was ready, Kai headed to his closet and grabbed all the supplies he would need, including a diaper for himself, because he would need a change as well, and more too. Today Kai was going to do something that Kenny had never experienced, but would definitely enjoy.

When Kai ripped the sides of the pullup diaper and pulled down the front, he was not at all surprised to see that Kenny was very painfully hard. He just looked at it hungrily and smiled up to Kenny.

“Close your eyes and enjoy.” Kai whispered to Kenny.

Kenny closed his eyes as Kai wrapped his hand around his painfully hard erection, he was harder than he had ever been in his entire life. He had not jacked off once in the last week, it just did not feel right with a near stranger in the room with him, and truth be told, he could have done it in the shower every morning like every other boy there was doing, but he really wanted to hold it all for Kai. He missed the fact that Kai had gotten down on his knees and was on his way to replacing his hand with something far more entertaining.

All of a sudden the feelings in his dick changed, it was hotter and wetter than it had been, and Kenny's eyes snapped open and looked down. He gasped deeply, Kai's mouth felt a thousand times better than his hand had, and he closed his eyes again to try and contain the orgasm that was attempting to explode.

It was becoming too much though, Kenny was so close, oh so very close, he was trying his best to contain the feelings, he was enjoying it too much to have it end so soon, if only he had known. A few seconds later he knew it was too late, he could no longer hold it back, and he gasped out, “I'm cumming, pull off.” He tried to push Kai away, but Kai was having none of it and wanted so badly to taste his boyfriend. Kai of course won the fight, and a few seconds later he was tasting the best tasting cum he had ever tasted as Kenny exploded the most he had ever exploded in his entire life.

Kai stopped sucking as soon as he knew that Kenny was finished, but he kept his mouth in place, waiting for Kenny to come down, all he did was tenderly lick and suckle every so often. Once Kenny was done, Kai started sucking, tonguing and bobbing up and down again, this time going even slower than he had before. He knew Kenny would be very hot and horny, so the first time was fast to bring him off, but the second and the third times would be slow and tender and as loving as Kai could make it, and he knew there would be a third time as well.

Kenny hissed out in pleasure at the renewed feelings, and as sensitive as his dick was, it was almost painfully good, but it was so good, he never wanted it to end. If Kai had anything to say about it, it never would either. He so very slowly sucked his boyfriend, using every skill he had learned about sucking dick and using them on Kenny now. Kenny thought that there was no way that anything could feel better than this, if only he knew, but his slightly younger but more sexually knowledgeable boyfriend would show him so much more than this in the near future.

Kenny managed to last for his second cum an amazing five minutes before it was too much again. This time though he did not bother warning Kai, he knew Kai wanted his seed deep inside him, and he was only too happy to oblige. As soon as the incredible orgasm was complete, Kai switched tactics again and just gently licked and suckled until Kenny was ready for round three.

Kenny nearly howled in pain though when Kai started sucking him again, his dick was now in sensory overload, and the painful pleasure was almost too much, but he was powerless to stop it. When something is so good it hurts, you know you are having a good time, and Kenny was having a painfully good time. He had never felt pleasure so painful in his life. He had known pain sure, but never so good before. This time Kenny lasted nearly ten minutes before he came again, and amazingly enough, there was nearly as much volume as both the first and second had been, so Kenny had built up a really good stockpile of sweet teen cream for Kai to enjoy.

When Kai went to start up again though, Kenny had had enough and squealed out in pure agony and pushed Kai away, almost violently. Kai only smiled, he had done what he had set out to do, and he had enjoyed it every bit as much as Kenny clearly had. Kenny went almost totally limp inside of just a second, and Kai smiled, Kenny looked so small now, but his dick was bright purple, he smiled because he had made that happen, he had made his boyfriend feel so good, how could he not feel good too. He gently taped Kenny up into a nice thick diaper after applying a generous portion of diaper rash cream, and then laid down next to his nearly out of it boyfriend.

“Oh my god.” Was all Kenny said almost ten minutes later.

“Finally came down did you?” Kai giggled.

“Wow, I've never imagined anything so good in my entire life.”

“You enjoyed I hope?”

“Oh yeah.” Kenny said dreamily.

“Good. You know, I didn't jack off all week either, because I knew you wouldn't!” Kai stated softly, simply, he did not want to push Kenny, but he really wanted Kenny to suck his dick as well.

“I just don't know if I'm ready to do that to you yet, but I really really want to too.” Kenny said nervously.

“Just go at your own pace. One way or the other, I really need to cum, and I really need a diaper change too.” Kai said softly.

“Okay.” Kenny said softly.

He got up and first removed Kai's very wet diaper, he really did need a diaper change, and found that Kai was every bit as hard and pulsing as he had been. He pulled the wet diaper out and slipped a dry one under him, and then grasped onto Kai's boy bone and started stroking it, trying to work up the courage to do what he really wanted to do. He was finding though that the courage was easy, because he was drawn to his boyfriends erection like a magnet. Slowly he lowered himself until he was mere millimeters from it, and then tentatively he licked it, and that as they say is that. He got one little taste and he was hooked.

Hungrily he devoured the entire piece of Kai meat in one gulp, and greedily sucked for all his worth. He was not good yet, he kept scraping Kai with his teeth, but a few strangled instructions was all it took from Kai to get the bugs worked out in Kenny's sucking ability. In less than a minute, Kenny was sucking like a pro, and Kai was so close to exploding that he was holding his breath to hang on for just a moment longer.

It became too much though, and without warning, Kai started firing, startling poor Kenny, but he really wanted to taste Kai too, so he pulled back, so that only the head was in his mouth and greedily sucked all that Kai had to offer out of him. His first taste of the sweetness at the end of Kai's dick was great, but the first taste of the seed he sprayed with force that belied his age was simply amazing. Kenny figured that left to explode without anything to stop it, that Kai would have probably sprayed well past his head, it was so powerful. What Kenny failed to realize though was that he had been every bit as hot and horny as Kenny had been, but that he had also almost came every time Kenny had, so Kai was very well charged.

Kenny adopted the same soft suckling motions as he waited for Kai to come down, and when he did, Kenny started sucking softer and slower this time to try and really make the feelings as good as he had felt himself. Kai gave a couple more sighed instructions, and Kenny adapted quickly and became even better yet. Kai lasted less than five minutes before it just became too much once again, and exploded once more. The volume was the same, but the force was considerably less this time.

Kenny stopped most of his motions once again, waiting for Kai to come down, and when he did, he started again. Kai hissed again, but then sighed so deeply that Kenny knew that all was good in his world. Kai was far more used to this, so he was not in so much painful ecstasy as Kenny had been, but it was starting to get there. Almost ten minutes later Kai exploded again, and Kenny stopped once again. Kenny was wondering if he could go a fourth time, so when Kai came back down, he started sucking again, and was only too happy that Kai was letting him, Kai was only too happy to let him too. He did know though that this would certainly be the final time, and some fifteen minutes later, he exploded, and before Kenny could even release him from his mouth, he was soft.

Both boys sighed deeply, Kenny had enjoyed doing that for Kai so much, he loved hearing the sounds he was making Kai make, he loved the feel and the taste of Kai in his mouth so much he would crave it from then on, and he just felt so happy, that he cried once again. He lovingly positioned the diaper again and then creamed Kai up thickly, and then diapered him more so. He then went and laid down next to his smaller boyfriend and snuggled right into him and pressed his lips right into the tender spot in Kai's neck and tenderly kissed him there as Kai was coming down.

“Oh wow, once you learned how to do that, you were awesome. Thanks. I love you so much, and as much as I want you to be able to go and do things like the hockey camp so that you can do what you love, I really don't want to let you go like that again. It really did hurt me as much to let you go as it did for you to go and do it, but we both know it was only right for you to go.”

“I love you so much too, but it hurt so much to be away from you. We've only been together for such a short time, yet I feel like I can never be whole unless you're with me. I know it was good for me to go, and I know the trainers there liked what I did, and I know I should do it again, but I just don't think I can do it again without you there beside me.”

“I know how you feel. I told my mom the other day that if I had to go away again for any reason, that I wanted you there with me.”

“I agree, I can't go through that again without you there by my side.”

“What would you like to do now?”

“I'd really love to just put a movie in in here and cuddle up to you the entire time and watch it.”

“That sounds really nice, I'd like that too.” Kai smiled warmly and hopped up and just picked a movie at random from the selection on his shelf, and without even looking at it, put it in the player and turned everything on.

He shut off the light and crawled into bed with Kenny. Kenny had already moved so that he was facing the TV more and had pulled the covers down so that Kai could slip in with him, and as soon as he was, Kenny pulled the covers up over them so that they were very snug and cozy. For the next two hours, the boys laid there watching the movie. When the movie ended, wordlessly Kai got up and instead of shutting everything down, he just grabbed another movie and put it in. They were just too comfortable to stop their cuddles, so another movie was called for he figured, and for a little over an hour and a half more, they watched the second movie.

“Mmm, that was nice.” Kenny sighed once the movie was over and they knew they could not watch another. It was nearing dinner time and they were both getting really hungry.

“Yeah, it was. We should go get some dinner ready though, my mom will be home soon, and I'm starting to get hungry.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“How's your diaper, do you need a change yet?”

“No, I think I'll be good for a while yet, I'm nowhere near full.”

“Good, me neither. We should be able to hold out 'til bedtime pretty easily. Come on baby, let's go get dinner ready.”

“Okay baby, lead the way.” Kenny smiled warmly.

They headed to the kitchen and got started making a nice light healthy dinner for the three of them, and not even half way through preparing it, Denise walked in to find both boys side by side working at the stove, giggling cutely.

“Hi boys, how are you?” She asked as she walked in, they had apparently not heard her come in.

“Oh, hi mom, we're good, and you?” Kai turned and asked happily.

“Really good. Whatever you're making smells great.”

“Good, hopefully it tastes as good then. Could you set the table please?”

“Sure thing.” Denise said happily and grabbed everything that she would be needing after checking to see what the boys had made so that she knew what if anything that she needed.

A few minutes after she finished, they all sat down to eat, and it was agreed that it was really quite good. The boys got up and cleaned up the kitchen together, waving Denise back as she made to stand up and help.

“So, was it a nice surprise to find that you were coming straight here this morning Kenny?”

“For sure.” Kenny smiled brightly.

“Yeah, Kai missed you just as much.” Denise said warmly.

“I know.”

“What should we do now boys?”

“I was just thinking kick back and relax and watch TV myself.” Kai offered.

“Sounds good to me too.” Kenny admitted.

“Works for me then. Go ahead and get comfortable and find something to watch while I go get changed.”

“Okay mom.” Kai said and the boys went and got settled in the living room and turned the TV on and found something good for them to watch.

Denise was back a few minutes later in just a pair of pajamas and sat back and relaxed with the boys for the rest of the evening and watched TV. At what was Kai's normal bedtime, he admitted that he was getting tired.

“Yeah, I'm getting tired too.” Kenny admitted himself.

“You boys go on up to bed then and have a good sleep.” Denise smiled to them, she would stay up for quite a while yet.

“Okay, goodnight mom, love you.”

“Goodnight, love you too handsome.”

Kai and Kenny headed up to Kai's bedroom and Kai grabbed the diapers and wipes so that they could change each other. Kenny had laid down on the bed in diaper change position and was waiting for Kai to arrive, he only had to wait a few seconds. When Kai arrived, he started by releasing the tapes and folding the diaper down in the front. As was more than expected by Kai, little Kenny was standing tall and proud, and Kenny smiled shyly towards his very caring boyfriend.

Kai, only too happy to find such a situation, grasped Kenny softly near the base of his erection and slowly jacking him off. After their fun earlier in the day, this almost felt tame to Kenny, but he sure did enjoy it none the less. Kenny sighed deeply as Kai jacked him off slowly, and managed to last quite some time considering how many hours it had already been, but still, he did not last more than seven or eight minutes before he sprayed a good sized load onto his belly. Kai grinned, and instead of using a wipe to clean up the mess on Kenny's tummy and his fingers, Kai bent down and used his tongue to clean all the mess, including the delicious looking dick that was still in his hand. Kenny groaned and nearly came again, it was so hot.

Once Kai was satisfied that Kenny was good and clean, and that he had gotten every last delicious drop of Kenny's sweet seed, Kai grabbed a fresh diaper and slipped it underneath Kenny and pulled it up and taped it up nice and snug. Kai managed to finish the diapering before Kenny even finished coming down from the amazing orgasm.

“Wow, so nice.” Kenny sighed once he finally came down.

“Glad you enjoyed my beautiful baby boy. Now, it's my turn.”

“Definitely.” Kenny said happily and they quickly traded places.

Kenny knew that he would not have a lot of time to play, because Kai was always so hot after doing what he had just done, but he also wanted to make it last. He slowly removed Kai's very wet diaper, and lo and behold, he found Kai pulsing, leaking, and purple already. Instead of grasping Kai's bouncing boner, he reached instead to his soft hairless nuts and toyed with them for a few moments. Kai groaned deep from within and collapsed further back, enjoying the feelings so much. After only a few moments of this though, Kenny really wanted to feel Kai's hot hardness in his hands once again, so using his other hand, he grasped onto it, all the while still toying with Kai's nuts.

Kai groaned even deeper still, he was so hot, so close, he was not sure that he could last all that much longer, but he did not want it to end either. His entire body stiffened with the effort of trying to hold it all in, he was grasping at the sheets beneath him, he was even holding his breath, but it was just too strong, the feelings had to escape, he had no other choice but to let it go not even two minutes after Kenny had started stroking his erection.

With an even louder groan still, Kai exploded, and once again it was impressive, the first shot painted his chest, while the next three got his rippled stomach, and then two more shots oozed from the source over Kenny's fingers. Kenny too wanted another taste of his boyfriend, so leaned down and first licked the mess from Kai's chest, then stomach, and then finally his fingers and Kai's dick all at the same time. Once satisfied that Kai was clean, Kenny released his hold on Kai and proceeded to diaper him up nice and thick.

“Oh wow, so nice.” Kai whispered a few moments later.

“Glad you enjoyed.” Kenny smiled brightly.

“Did you enjoy your treat as much as I enjoyed mine?”

“Oh yeah.” Kenny sighed.

“Good. We better get to bed before we both pass out though.”

“I agree, but I want at least a few kisses from you before we fall asleep.”

“I think that can be arranged.” Kai smiled brightly.

The boys climbed into bed and turned off the lights. They cuddled right into each other, face to face, and then pressed their faces together gently and kissed for at least ten minutes. They whispered goodnight, I love you to each other as soon as they broke the kiss, and then still wrapped up in each other as they had been during their goodnight kiss, they fell fast asleep, and that was how they stayed the entire night.

“Good morning baby?” Kai whispered when Kenny finally opened his eyes to see Kai watching him sleep, they were still face to face, nearly breathing each others air, just as they were when they fell asleep the night before.

“Good morning yourself baby.” Kenny smiled and leaned in and pretty much continued the kiss that was interrupted by a good eight hours of sleep, they continued it as if they had not missed but a heartbeat since.

“Wow, what a way to wake up.” Kai sighed.

“Definitely.” Kenny sighed as well.

“Should we get our soggy baby bums outta bed and go do our morning exercises?”

“Sure, but I don't know about your diaper, but mine's not likely to last all that much longer.” Kenny pointed out.

“Actually, I doubt mine will either. We can either get changed and then shower later like we did before, or we can just leave these and if they leak, oh well.”

“May as well just leave them, I don't like waiting for my shower after I workout, I end up stinking too much.” Kenny giggled.

“Same here, and it's not a huge deal if we do start leaking I suppose.”

“No, it isn't.”

They headed down to the basement to start their workout, and once again, for the next hour Kai walked Kenny through a whole host of different stretches, pushing him even further now than before. Kenny was really starting to feel it by the end of the hour though, and admitted he was done.

“Sorry baby, I just can't do any more.”

“No more stretches or no more in general?”

“No more, I think I'm done. They really pushed us hard this past week and I'm already beat from all that. If you want to continue on though, I wouldn't mind watching you.” Kenny offered.

“Okay baby, I might just do that then. I need to do some of my dance practice anyway.”

“This I'd like to see.” Kenny smiled, because as of yet, Kai had not shown him any of his dance moves.

For a little more than an hour longer, Kai danced his heart out, really showing off for his boyfriend, showing Kenny what it is that he would soon have to do as well. As soon as Kai was done working, he went and sat next to Kenny.

“So, what did you think of that?”

“You're beautiful out there. You glow like nothing I've ever seen when you dance.”

“Yeah, my teacher and mom tell me that all the time. It's how they say they know I was born to dance.” Kai smiled.

“It really shows. I hope you and your teacher don't expect me to be able to do all that right away, because there's no way I can even move like that, let alone do it while with someone else.”

“No, we won't expect you to be able to do it right away, it'll take you at least a couple weeks to get the hang of it.”

“Yeah right, a couple weeks. More like at least a few months.” Kenny laughed.

“Actually no, I was being serious. The basics you'll pick up real quick, and before too long you'll be able to keep up with most of the girls there. There's only five of them there, but already you have better flexibility than three of them, and you're far stronger than all of them as well. Granted, the girls don't have to be as strong, but they sure have to be flexible. Unfortunately they're nowhere near as good as I am at dancing, and I bet that within only a couple weeks, with me tutoring you a lot, you can be just as good as them, maybe better.”

“How long have they been dancing and how old are all them?”

“Youngest is ten and the oldest is fourteen, but for the most part, I don't really care about them or pay attention to them, they really don't like me any and treat me like crap. I think the oldest has been training for seven years or so, but she doesn't have what it takes, hell, she doesn't have much actually. The youngest girl there has been training for four or so years I think and she has the most amount of raw talent out of all of them, she just needs to push herself some, and the teacher has told her the same thing. So far though she just doesn't seem capable of doing it.”

“Why do you go to her class if you don't like the others in your class?” Kenny asked curiously.

“She's the only instructor around that has the skills to train me, and she should be able to train the girls too, but they just don't have the passion to do it. She really likes me, and I like her too, she's a really good instructor, and she's taught me a lot. She teaches over fifteen different styles of dance, and four different forms of ballet. She's even taught me a great deal about other forms of dance, and I can now very easily do six different styles of dance, plus all the types of ballet, even the ones she isn't as good in.”

“I didn't know there were different types of ballet.”

“Well, technically all ballet is the same, but there are some differences. For instance, there's classical ballet, but even it can be broken into French or Russian styles, each has their own special differences. And then there's contemporary, neoclassical, and even romantic styles. Mostly it is just differences in the type of music and how the dance really flows. Also there's some differences in the style of movements, like more free flowing or more firm and almost harsh. The form I'm more comfortable would have to be the more contemporary and free one though, it's more fun, more relaxed, but I can do a mean classical Russian ballet as well. My teacher teaches the contemporary and the classical, both French and Russian, as well as the romantic. The romantic would be fun, if I could dance it with someone I liked, maybe she'll allow us to do a romantic ballet dance together. Obviously normally it'd be a boy and a girl, but clearly I don't dance that way.” Kai giggled.

“Oh, I had no idea, but I don't dance that way either.” Kenny giggled.

“Glad to hear it. You do realize though that unless I introduce you as my boyfriend in class, all the girls are gonna try and hit on you, because I hate to tell you this, but you're quite the hunk.”

“Thanks, I guess, but please don't do that.” Kenny blushed.

“You now they're gonna figure it out sooner rather than later anyway right? I can't and won't hide my feelings for you there, it's gonna be so hard to not kiss you there as it is. As for your reluctance to accept the fact that you really are very good looking, you need to accept it, and be happy about it as well. I don't know why you seem so shy all the time, when I know how much your dad's tried to make you good and strong, accepting of who you are, but I'm gonna help you out with that, even if it means making you talk to my mom.”

“Why would I talk to your mom about that?”

“I only told you she was a doctor, but did you ever wonder what kind of doctor?”

“No, not really.”

“She's a psychiatrist, and she specializes in youth sexuality disorders and issues. In other words, she helps teens come to grips with who they really are. She treats all youth for all issues, but that's what she specializes in. Trust me, she could help you to not be so shy all the time, and probably not take more than an hour or so. I'd love for you to talk to her, and I'd like to be there when you do, but it has to be up to you.”

“Oh, I shoulda known.”

“Why?” Kai asked curiously.

“'Cause, you both talk like shrinks.” Kenny giggled.

“Yeah, I suppose we do. She's taught me lots about how to deal with people.”

“I don't know though, I mean telling my boyfriends mom all about myself and all, it'd just feel too weird.”

“But you'd like me there, wouldn't you?” Kai asked softly.

“I don't know. I have so much shit floating around in my head, some of it so weird, I just don't know.”

“Well, I already know that you sorta like girls dresses, and unless I'm mistaken, you want to dress up like a girl too, don't you?” Kai asked softly.

“Yes, but that's not all.” Kenny blushed.

“Tell me baby? There's absolutely nothing that you could say that would shock me or make you love you any less.”

“No, not yet please.”

“Okay, that's fine. When and if you're ready to, I'll be all ears, and nothing will disturb us.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”

“Come on baby, let's go see if my mom's up yet and get some breakfast and then go get cleaned and changed.”

“Okay.” Kenny said weakly, but did join Kai in heading upstairs.

“Morning boys. I came down to say hi, but you were deep in discussion, so I excused myself. Don't worry though, I didn't listen in.”

“Like I'd worry about it, and Kenny and I didn't say anything that'd be embarrassing enough for you to hear anyway.” Kai shrugged.

“Good. Well, grab yourself some breakfast, unless you want to go get cleaned up first and change those extremely wet diapers.”

“No, eat first. Our diapers should hold up for the next ten minutes, and considering I just peed, I doubt I'll need to for a while yet.”

“Same.” Kenny admitted.


The boys went and grabbed themselves some cereal and fruit for breakfast and then joined Denise at the table and ate. As they ate, they all talked, not saying much, but all enjoying the talk none the less. As soon as they were finished eating, they cleaned up their mess and then went to head upstairs.

“Hold up a second Kai.”

“What up mom?”

“I have to get going in a few minutes here, so I wanted to say goodbye, love you before you head up for what's likely to be a long shower.” Denise grinned and Kenny blushed, she for sure had her answer.

“Oh, is it that late already, I didn't look at the clock?”

“Yep, I just have to go get dressed and then I'm outta here.”

“Oh, okay then, have a good day, love you mom.” Kai smiled.

“Same to you, love you too.”

Kai then dragged Kenny upstairs to the bathroom off his bedroom to get a shower started. Once the shower was started, they stripped each other of the only thing covering them, their very soggy diapers. It was no surprise to either boy that they were hard as nails, but they ignored that fact for the time being and stepped into the hot steamy water, and proceeded to get even hotter and steamier as they kissed. Once again, their erections were rubbing together as they kissed, and they currently had a handful of hot boy ass cheek in each of their hands, really grinding themselves as they kissed.

Kai broke the kiss first and pulled away slightly. He grinned to Kenny's disappointed look, and then proceeded to sink down to his knees. As Kenny saw what Kai had in mind, his erection got even more rigid yet, if that were even a possibility, and his smiled returned full force. And then the feelings hit, and he sagged against the back wall of the shower with a deep sigh that reverberated all throughout the bathroom, even over the sounds of the shower. Kai started a full on suction of Kenny's erection, bobbing all the way from base to tip, then tonguing the very tip as he was almost right to the very end. Kenny was groaning and panting now, he was so hot, he was so close, and just as Kai was pulling back on only his tenth trip, Kenny exploded, almost filling Kai's mouth up with his hot creamy load. With the force of the orgasm, it drained every last ounce of power that Kenny had in him, and slowly he slipped down the shower wall, pulling away from Kai, and slipping until he was seated on the floor of the shower. Kai grinned, he had enjoyed doing that a great deal, and Kenny just tasted so good.

“Oh wow, that was incredible. Things just keep getting better and better with you.” Kenny sighed, finally looking up and meeting Kai's loving gaze.

“And they'll keep getting better too, 'til you feel like it just can't possibly get even better, and then I'll show you that it in fact can.” Kai smiled warmly.

Staying right where he was, but pulling Kai closer to him, Kenny engulfed all of Kai in one swift motion, almost surprising Kai, because he had barely been expecting it, but he sure did enjoy it. Sadly, he was far too close, and in only three bobs of Kenny's head, Kai was filling Kenny's mouth with his morning load as well. Kenny was only too happy to greedily suck down the treat he had been hoping for all morning.

Kai managed to stay standing, but he was not entirely standing of his own accord either, because with the massive cum, he had slumped against the shower wall as well, but with Kenny already sitting down there, there was nowhere for him to slump to, so his feet were pushing against Kenny, keeping him somewhat standing. A few minutes later, Kai came too as well.

“Oh, so nice. One of these days you really have to go first so that you can get to play for longer too.”

“I was going to, but you beat me to it this morning again.” Kenny grinned.

“Sorry, had I've known, I would have let you go first.”

“Let me go first next time then, please?”

“You got it baby. Let me wash you now baby so that we can get out and go get dressed, I have a treat for you.”

“What is it?”

“You'll find out when the time comes, but you have to close your eyes and promise not to look.”

“Oh, okay.” Kenny looked pensive.

“Don't worry, I think you'll like it, possibly lots.” Kai smiled.

Kai grabbed the body wash and the cloth and started washing Kenny from top to toe, and then washed his hair. They then traded places and Kenny washed Kai down completely as well. Once clean, they hopped out of the shower and dried each other off and then brushed their hair and teeth. They headed to the bedroom where they diapered each other up nice and thick with a nice thick coating of diaper rash cream.

“Okay baby, close your eyes and just do as I ask you okay, I promise you'll be okay, I'd never do anything at all to hurt you.” Kai whispered.

“Okay, I trust you.” Kenny whispered back and closed his eyes.

Kai smiled and went and grabbed a few things from his closet and came back. The first thing he did was help Kenny into a pale pink body suit and then a pair of tights. He then slipped into his matching ones as well, and then put on his tutu. He then grabbed his other slightly larger tutu and had Kenny stand up and put that on him as well. Kenny was still not sure what Kai was doing to him, but so far nothing was bad. Kai then had Kenny sit down and he started applying makeup and a wig to Kenny, and then did the same for himself, although Kai did not really need a wig, he still wore one anyway. Kenny had a sneaking suspicion now what he was going to find once he opened his eyes, but he was fully relaxed, he was sort of enjoying this after all.

“There you go baby, all done. Come with me and you can open your eyes once we make it to the mirror.”

“Okay.” Kenny whispered.

“Okay, open them now.” Kai said as they made it to the mirror and he did. What he found when he looked were two very pretty girls in tights and tutu's.

“Wow, we're pretty, for girls anyway.” Kenny giggled.

“Thought you'd like it. With as boyish as you look, I swear sometimes you have an even larger streak of girl running through you than I do. Admit it, you're very emotional aren't you, you cry at the drop of a hat for almost any reason, don't you?”

“Yes, when I was younger, I wondered how I could be a boy when I felt so much like a girl. The only boy thing I really liked, even really still now, the only boy thing I like is hockey. What about you though, are there any boy things you like to do?”

“Well, when you put it like that, probably no, never really thought of it much though. I think of it more as things I like to do. I don't dwell on whether or not something is more a boy or girl thing to do, and you should think the same way. If someone tries to make fun of you for doing something they think only girls would do, then they're too stupid to worry about and or waste your time on. But you do, don't you? Every comment other people makes hurts you, makes you want to cry, doesn't it?”

“Yes.” Kenny said softly.

“But why? You should be proud of who you are and what you like to do. Look at me, I don't cry when someone says ooh, you're in ballet, you must be a fag.”

“But how can you not cry?”

“Easy, I just know they're not worth the pain and tears over. Granted, since I was eight, I'd say something like, yes, as a matter of fact I am, but we prefer to say gay or homosexual, it's more polite. That usually shocks a lot of people. I also tell them that dance isn't only for girls, and that I'm rated one of the best in my age group in the world and I'm very proud to be a good dancer.”

“I'd never be able to say that.” Kenny gasped.

“Yeah, but you still care what other people think of you.”

“But why shouldn't I really? And besides, you said that you'd never rub it in peoples faces that you're gay.”

“That's right. If they have no need to know, or if they don't ask me, I don't offer the information, but if they do, then I'm only too happy to proudly say that yes, I am gay, and I am very happy with that as well. I'm very proud of who and what I am, and if someone doesn't like or agree with that, then that's their problem, not mine. The first thing we need to do is get you seeing things that way, because until you can proudly admit that you're gay, you'll never truly be happy with yourself. Can you honestly tell me that you want to live life always hiding who and what you really truly are on the inside? Sure, you look like an all boy type person, but deep inside, that's not really who you are, and we both know it. Every person, boy or girl, has a certain amount of the opposite sex inside them, some it shows a lot on the outside, yet they hardly notice it on the inside, others are the opposite, and that's how you are. Me, I'm special, I'm both. I look and act like both a girl and a boy all the time. I have a lot of both traits in me, my mom says she probably just had twins that merged, one boy and one girl.” Kai giggled.

“No, I don't suppose I always want to go around hiding who I am, but it's so hard. And look what happened to your father just because he was gay.”

“Yes, that did happen, and that abomination of a person will hopefully never see the outside of a prison, but can you really let fear control your life, control who you are and want to be?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Exactly. If we lived in fear of every little thing, we'd never get anything done. It's more dangerous to drive in a car than being gay, if you want to look at it in a way like my dad died, yet you get into a car every day of your life without thinking of it right? Hell, it's far more dangerous to do anything than it is to be gay. Sure, things like what happened to my dad still happen every day, somewhere someone is bashing some poor gay, even though he or she probably never did a single thing to hurt that person, but will it happen to you or I, probably not. And I know what you're thinking, what if it does though? Well, then everyone else will mourn the loss, the person who did it will go to jail, and life moves on. It's the way of the world, I hate to say it. But still, I hate to tell you this, senseless violence is still more common for the entire population than it is for gays. Look how many people get murdered in this city alone, and we're not even the largest city in the world, and ninety nine percent of those people aren't gay, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even my dad himself wasn't targeted per say, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Had he have left five minutes earlier, he'd still be alive today. Do you fear everything around you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Well, if you're scared of what happened to my dad happening to you or I, then you may as well be. If you're scared that everyone around you will make fun of you because you're gay, then you may as well be. It's the same thing. Who was the last person you admitted to that you were gay, other than me?”

“My dad.”

“So, you're telling me that you've never admitted to anyone that you were gay?”

“No. A couple people asked me if I was, no one at school granted, and I said that it was none of their business.”

“So, you've never really told anyone except your dad that you're gay then?”

“No, not really, but I know a few know.”

“Yeah, but knowing they know and admitting it to them are different. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you're gay.”

“Okay, I'm gay.” Kenny said softly.

“No, like you mean it.”

“I'm gay.” Kenny said a little stronger this time.

“Okay, and tell me, are you a happy gay?”


“No, I want you to say it.”

“I'm a happy gay.” Kenny smiled shyly, he could see where this was heading.

“Good. If you're a happy gay, that must mean that you're proud of who and what you are though. Tell me, does a happy gay boy hide who he is from those closest to him?”

“No, I guess not.” Kenny said softly.

“You guess not!”

“No, they don't.” Kenny said stronger this time.

“Are you happy and proud to be gay?”

“I'm happy and proud to be gay.” Kenny smiled, he was already starting to feel better.

“Great. Now, on Monday when we go to our very first hockey practice together, are you gonna tell all the others there that you're gay, and proud of it and that you have a boyfriend?” Kai asked softly.

“Yes.” Kenny said softly.

“No, say it like you mean it, tell me what you're gonna do?”

“On Monday, when we go to hockey, I'm gonna tell the guys that I'm a happy proud gay boy and that I have the best boyfriend in the world.” Kenny smiled softly.

“Excellent. And when we go to Ballet Tuesday afternoon, I'm going to introduce you as my boyfriend, and you're not gonna act all shy, are you?”

“No, I'm not gonna act shy when you introduce me as your boyfriend.” Kenny smiled.

“Good. Oh, and I want you to tell my mom when she gets home today who and what you are too.”

“Okay, it's not like she doesn't already know anyway.”

“Yes, but again, it's different knowing something and saying it out loud. Now, tell me, what are you wearing and how do you feel about it?”

“I'm wearing a really pretty dress and pink tights, and I'm made up like a pretty little girl, and it makes me feel all tingly inside. It feels nice.”

“Very good. And what about me being dressed like this?”

“Oh god, you're even cute like that. I prefer seeing you as a boy though to tell you the truth, I think you're beautiful just the way you are. Seeing you as a girl though does things to me.”

“Like what?”

“Makes me feel sorta weird inside.” Kenny smiled.

“That's what I thought. I prefer seeing you as a boy too to tell you the truth, I don't like girls at all remember, and it's the same for you isn't it? You'd never be satisfied with a girl, could you?”

“Oh god no, you're all I'll ever need, and even though I sometimes thought I'd like to dress as a girl, I never thought I would, and I don't know if I'll want to any more. Well maybe every so often, and you can dress up with me if you like, but I'd never start anything with you dressed the way you are now. I just couldn't do it, you're not as attractive to me dressed like that, sorry. You're definitely still gorgeous, nothing can change that, but seeing you as a girl does nothing for me.”

“Excellent, that was very good. I can tell you that we're very much alike in that way, because I feel the same way. You make a very pretty girl to be sure, but it does nothing for me either. For me to really love you, you have to be yourself, and that's a boy. Sure, we can play and dress up every so often, when we want to, but that doesn't mean it'll be sexual in any way, because by the sounds of it, for neither of us it ever could be. I want you to be more open like that with me, tell me what does and doesn't turn you on, turns your crank, makes you hard, makes you soft. I'll tell you all that about me too as we go, and that way we'll really know each other inside and out, know the real each other. Granted, you pretty much already know the real me, but not much about my likes and dislikes yet, you'll learn though, and I want to learn that about you too. By being able to be open with each other like that, we'll be able to really work together and our love for each other, which by the way is huge, can only get stronger and better.”

“Thanks. I almost didn't say it, I didn't want to hurt your feelings.” Kenny said softly.

“You know what, as long as we're always honest with each other, we'll never hurt each others feelings. It's a well known fact that there's no possible way for us to like absolutely everything that the other likes as well, but to hide it and do it anyway instead of telling each other that we don't really like to do something only makes a relationship struggle. For instance, one thing that I found last year when I was having sex with the others, was that it really turned me off for them to pee inside my mouth, but my ass was perfectly fine. Whereas a few of the others loved it in their mouth as well, and a few hated both. It's just one of the many fetishes that I indulged in last year to try it out and see what it was like, but there's so many others that eventually I might like to try out on you if you're willing.”

“That makes sense, but you really tried that?” Kenny asked with a rather large blush, he had never heard of such a thing.

“Sure, it's called watersports. Although it does involve laying or sitting there while someone pees on you as well, as well as many other aspects, and I tried most of them. While it was sorta erotic to have someone pee on me, it wasn't exactly on the top of my list of things to try again. Peeing on someone else also didn't really do much for me, but peeing in them was really hot.”

“Wow, I've never even heard of such a thing.” Kenny said in mild shock.

“You'll find that every person has their own weird kinks, some can be a lot of fun to do, others are just plain weird, but until you try it, how can you say if you like it or not. There is one thing though that I just can't try, no matter if I've never tried it before, and there was one boy there that was into it, and that's scat, or shit, sorry, just can't do it, no way, no how.”

“Eww, gross, I couldn't do that either.”

“You may think it's gross, and really, I do too, but we have no right to actually say so, because to him it wasn't, and to many others it's not either. Until you can say you honestly tried something, you have no right to say anything about it. Maybe it is erotic and we just don't see it because of our fears of that particular subject matter. We'd never know, so how can we judge.”

“You certainly have a unique way of looking at things, and it's painfully obvious you have a shrink for a mother.” Kenny had to laugh.

“Thanks. While I'm sure that a lot of what my mom does and says has rubbed off on me, she actually says I'm better than she is at reading people, and that I'm actually smarter than she is. Maybe she's right, I don't know, I of course tell her otherwise, because she is really smart. Anyway, have you ever thought of something really weird, or maybe even something that others would think was gross that you'd just love to try, and I'm talking sexual, not some weird food or something like that?”

“Um, I don't know if I can tell you that.” Kenny blushed.

“Ooh, this oughtta be good. Come on baby, you can tell me, I may not like it, or I may not have tried it, in which case I may indulge in it once with you just to try it out.”

“I don't know, it's so weird though.”

“Weirder than what I just told you?”


“Then I really have to hear this. Come on baby, I promise I'd never make fun of you, and it'll help me to really find out about the real you, please?”

“Okay, but never tell anyone, please?”

“Of course not, I'd never say anything that was private between the two of us to anyone else.”

“I know, it's just....”

“I know, it's just so hard for you to admit anything for your fears.”

“Yeah. Well, I'm a diaper lover, I think you already know that anyway, just like I think you are too.”

“I am and I did.”

“Good. Well, anyway, I'm gay, I've known that for a long time now, and for the longest time I've really dreamed about being made love to, anally.”

“Good, then you and I are gonna get along just fine, because I love anal sex, it just feels so good.” Kai sighed.

“Yeah, but would you let me make love to you through a soggy diaper and do the same for me?” Kenny asked, blushing madly now.

“Of course I would, I love doing that. Last year it never took any trying to get the other boys to fuck me silly through my soggy diapers, and the couple others there that were bed wetters and or diaper wearers as well, they sure enjoyed it too. Hell, I even talked a couple boys into wearing and wetting diapers just so that I could fuck them through them, and they me. Trust me, they all really enjoyed it. I think more than a few of them were closet diaper lovers as well.” Kai grinned brightly.

“Really, you mean it?”

“Definitely, and that's not even a weird fantasy, especially for a diaper lover. Have you got any others, maybe even more strange than that?”

“Well, not quite as strange, but I always wondered what it would feel like to lick someone's ass and have them do it to me too.” Kenny blushed a bit as he admitted that one, but not as much as the previous one.

“Oh rimming. It feels incredible, and that's not really a fetish or weird desire, it's just plain old fun and it's really needed as well to help open a person up. It helps to relax your hole like nothing else.”

“Really, you've done it before?”

“Dozens of times. Of course you have to make sure your partner is good and clean, otherwise it can be nasty, unless of course you're into that sorta thing.” Kai giggled.

“Definitely not. I always thought I was weird for wanting to try that.”

“Have you never read any of the gay stories on the internet before?”

“No, never.”

“Then I'm gonna give you a few bookmarks to a few really good story sights so that you can broaden your horizons. Hell, my mom told me about one of the best ones when I was eight.”

“Really, your mom told you to go to a gay sex story page?”

“Sure did. Granted, half of it was so that I could post a story I'd written. When I'm bored I write, and she read it and told me I should post it, because it was really good.”

“You wrote a sex story when you were eight and let your mom read it! Wow, I mean, my dad knows I'm gay and all, but I'd never let him read one of my stories.”

“Have you written one or more as well?”

“Yeah, I like to write when I'm bored as well.”

“Wicked, we should definitely trade stories then.”

“I'm not so sure that's a good idea, what I write really says a lot about me.”

“Actually, that's the very reason I want to, and want you to read mine as well. It'll let each of us really see into each other in a very intimate way. I figured you'd catch onto that one right away.”

“Yeah, I guess so, and I'll let you read mine if you let me read yours. How many stories have you written and posted so far then?”

“Just a couple, how about you?”

“Three, but two of them are really short, only a couple thousand words or so. The other is a few hundred pages. What about yours?”

“Ones nearly a thousand pages long, the other a little over four hundred.”

“Wow, you write a lot then.”

“No, not really, just when I get in the mood to write, I can do a lot. It helps that I type really fast.”

“Same here.”

“So, any other awesome fantasies rolling around in that head of yours that I can help you fulfill?” Kai grinned.

“No, pretty much everything else you've already given to me, a beautiful boyfriend who understands me and likes me for who and what I am, a gay baby diaper lover.” Kenny said with a happy tear leaking down.

“I'm glad to hear you say that, and so freely as well.”

“What about you. You may have tried lots of different things last year, and maybe tried everything that you wanted, but tell me a couple of your desires please?”

“Sure. Well, making love through soggy diapers is a definite high one on my list, even having you pee in me while doing so is right around the middle. But something that you haven't heard yet, let's see. Hmm, yeah that's it. I'd loved to be tied down and made totally helpless and have you make love to me 'til I pass out. I had that done to me once last year, and while it was possibly the most horribly great thing to happen to me at the time, I'd definitely do it again. I was tied down, I had a gag in and a blindfold on, everything. Granted, when it happened to me last year, I was gang banged, every last one of the boys fucked me, and they just kept going. I was even told the next day when I finally woke up, that the last three guys just used me while I slept so that they could finish off their third cums inside me.”

“Wow, how many of them were there, and they each fucked you three times?”

“There were almost twenty boys there from ten to eighteen, and yes they did, happily I might add.”

“Wow. I'm not sure I'd let you do that to me in return, but I'd certainly help you out with that if you wanted, just as long as it's only the two of us.”

“That's all I want now too.” Kai smiled warmly.

“Good. Should we get changed into something else now?”

“Nope, we're gonna stay like this all day.”

“What for?”

“Just because, and at least this way we both know that neither of us will get too horny, so we get to save the fun stuff 'til tonight after we've both rebuilt our stocks fully.” Kai grinned.

“Oh, what about your mom?” Kenny asked fearfully.

“Remember, pride for who you are, show those closest to you who and what you are, tell them who and what you are, and don't be afraid or embarrassed to do so.” Kai said simply.

“Okay.” Kenny said softly.

“You'll be fine, I promise.” Kai smiled warmly.

“Okay, what should we do now then?”

“Let's just sit back and talk more and more, really get to know each other.” Kai said softly.

“Okay, what would you like to know?” Kenny asked, no longer as shyly.

Fort he next two hours the boys just talked and talked, they said so much to each other, telling each other almost everything about their fantasies, their desires, their wishes, and even though both were painfully hard, with the way they were currently dressed, neither was in any way tempted to start anything. It was very nice, and Kenny found himself able to relax even more so and really let his real self show through.

It was decided after talking for so long to go get themselves some much needed lunch, and then to go and do something that was more active than just sitting around, because they were both getting sore from just sitting around all day. Between them they decided to play the Nintendo, at least then they were up and moving around a lot, as well as they were having fun. They ended up playing and having so much fun, that they had not realized the passage of time and Denise walked in on them before they were even aware that it was almost dinner time.

“Oh crap, mom, we haven't gotten dinner started yet, we didn't realize the time.” Kai blushed uncharacteristically.

“That's okay baby, you must have been having fun, it's rare that you forget to make dinner.”

“Give us just a few minutes and we'll go get something ready to eat right away.”

“Nah, let's just go out to eat, but unless you baby girls wish to go out like this, you might want to go get changed.” Denise smiled.

“Holy crap, I totally forgot how we were dressed.” Kenny said and then blushed.

“Remember, no shame.” Kai whispered.

“I know, but it's still hard.” Kenny whispered back.

“I can take care of that for you once we're undressed if you'd like.” Kai whispered and giggled.

“Not that, now behave.” Kenny giggled as well.

“It got you to forget about how you're dressed though, didn't it?” Kai giggled again, this time saying it more loudly, and his mom heard.

“If you're worried about how I feel seeing you dressed like that Kenny, don't be. I'm a fan of letting people be who and what they are.”

“It's time, tell her.” Kai whispered, Kenny paled.

“Thanks, I appreciate you letting me be a gay baby boy who sometimes likes to dress up as a little baby girl.” Kenny said amazingly well, actually looking at Denise as he said it and only blushing slightly.

“You're very welcome. You and Kai must have had a good talk, because until now, I didn't think you'd admit anything like that, at least not yet.” Denise praised.

“Yeah, we did, and he made me admit a few things.”

“Such as?” Denise asked softly, wondering if Kenny had the courage to go that far yet.

“Just a few things about myself that I thought were really embarrassing, but things that people other than my beautiful boyfriend don't really need to know.” Kenny answered honestly.

“Very good answer.” Denise smiled.

“Thanks. Kai helped me lots today, and I actually feel better.”

“Glad to hear it. Well, go get changed boys, and don't forget to change your diapers, because you've started leaking.”

“We have, wow, I didn't even realize it. Then again, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, we haven't gotten changed since this morning.” Kai laughed.

“Yes you little soakers, now go.” Denise laughed.

The boys smiled and headed upstairs to Kai's bedroom where they first went to the bathroom to help each other remove their wigs and makeup. They then headed to the laundry room to remove their tutu's, tights and body suits, and then finally back to Kai's bedroom to get out of their saturated diapers and get changed. Kenny got Kai cleaned, creamed and diapered first, and even though he was hard, Kenny did nothing to tame the hardness, just bent him down, quite painfully Kai thought, so that he could tape Kai up. They then traded places, and Kai paid back Kenny fully during the diaper change, and other than a grunt and a grin from Kenny, nothing was said, he had known his turn was coming as well. They then helped each other to get dressed, first slipping into body suits to help conceal their diapers further, and then into their clothes.

“Okay mom, we're ready to go.” Kai called out once they reached the living room.

“Be right down, just getting changed myself.” She called down.

A few seconds later she too came down in some more casual and comfortable clothes than she had been in.

“I figured you boys would have taken longer, otherwise I wouldn't have cleaned up your mess first.”

“You didn't have to clean it up mom, we would have, but we just went up and got cleaned, creamed, diapered and then dressed. So we wouldn't take that long.”

“Oh, I almost figured that you boys would take longer to take care of other more personal business.”

“No, we're good.” Kai grinned, and Kenny did not even blush.

“Okay, then let's head out boys. What would you like for dinner?”

“You go ahead and pick Kenny, I have no idea what I want.”

“I could go for something like steak or pasta.” Kenny suggested.

“I could go for both actually.” Denise said, and then pulled out.

“That sounds kinda good. You gonna hit the Italian steak house then mom?” Kai asked curiously, because when they had a craving for steak and pasta, that was always where they went.

“Oh yeah. We regret going every time we break down and go there because we always eat way too much, but you have to admit, once every three or so months is worth it, and it's been longer than that since we last splurged and went there.”

“You guys don't eat like that too often, do you?” Kenny asked.

“No, most of the time we're very nearly vegetarians. We eat very healthy, and we almost never do pasta or breads. It's just not good for you too often. We only have meat maybe twice a week, and it's usually chicken breast or pork tenderloin, since they're both very trim and low fat but high protein. Usually no more than once a month we have beef, twice if we're really craving it. We also never eat anything that's preprocessed or fake in any way.” Kai answered.

“Wow, sounds kinda boring actually.” Kenny exclaimed.

“Sometimes it can be, hence the reason we sometimes splurge and go out like we're doing tonight, but we really try not to too often. Most of that's just not good for the body, and most of what we do eat is really good and tasty, but the human body does need meat sometimes, so we do treat ourselves every now and then.” Denise added.

“Oh. My dad and I eat healthy too, no fake foods either, but we almost always have meat with every dinner at least. He says he couldn't survive without meat at least once a day, and I'm pretty much the same.”

“You get used to it pretty quickly actually. When I changed my diet, it was a couple months of hell, but then it was easy, and I've been a hundred times more healthy since. I used to actually be over weight, believe it or not.” Denise admitted.

“Really, I have a hard time believing that, because for a girl you're pretty hot, at least you're the type some of the boys at hockey would call a MILF.” Kenny giggled.

“Thanks for the compliment, just tell them if they ever comment like that about me that they wouldn't stand a chance.” Denise laughed.

“Wow, I'm surprised you said that.” Kai giggled.

“What, it's sorta true, and if I were straight, she'd look pretty good.” Kenny grinned.

“Good thing you're not, 'cause like how ick is that, that's my mom.” Kai giggled.

“Hey, to some I am a hot momma, I'm not entirely all that old or hag like you know.” Denise said, trying her best to sound hurt.

“I never said you were anything of the sort, only that it would be disturbing at best for my boyfriend to think my mom was hot.”

“I suppose I can see your point, but what if he were bi?”

“It'd still be disturbing, no matter what, you're still my mom and he's still my boyfriend. Granted, it wouldn't be any better if it were one of my friends though.” Kai giggled.

“I suppose that's true too.” Denise laughed.

“Well, either way, you wouldn't have to worry about me, even if I was bi, of which I'm most certainly not. Thank you very much.” Kenny laughed.

“Good to hear.” Kai smiled.

“So, where's this restaurant then, I've never heard of a place that does both Italian and steaks?” Kenny asked curiously.

“You probably wouldn't have. It's a pretty small place, well known only by the people who go there and it's only by word of mouth, they don't advertise or anything. Even the outside you'd be hard pressed to tell it's a restaurant. The only way to tell there's a restaurant anywhere nearby is because it smells so good the closer you get. Usually you start drooling by at least a block away.” Kai answered.

“Mmm, sounds good. Do they know how to make a good lasagna?”

“Only the best I've ever eaten in my life.” Denise answered.

“It's the only one I've ever had, and I really like it.” Kai added.

“How about steaks, do they know how to cook a proper steak?”

“If possible, even better than the lasagna.” Denise answered.

“Oh god, I'll never want to leave then.” Kenny sighed.

“Eventually you'd have to.” Kai giggled.

“Yeah, 'cause they'd kick you out.” Denise added.

“Well, then I'd just have to keep going back.” Kenny smiled.

They continued their friendly banter as they headed to the restaurant, and when they arrived, Kenny had to admit the outside looked like a dive, but the smells coming from inside were to die for. They went in, and the inside could not have been a more stark contrast to the outside, it was very elegant inside in fact.

“Wow, nice place inside.” Kenny muttered.

“Yeah, it's really nice. Now, there's something special about this place, it's gay only, or at least for the most part. Occasionally a straight will wander by and come in and eat, but you may only refer gays to here.” Denise told Kenny.

“Cool, I'll definitely have to tell my dad about this place then.”

“Make sure and do that young man.” A handsome waiter said as he snuck up behind them.

“Hello Tony, good to see you again. How are you today?” Denise asked.

“Excellent as always, and you?”

“Excellent as well.”

“Will the two young lovers have a table of their own, or are you all sharing this evening?” He asked.

“No, my boyfriend and I are with his mom, so it wouldn't be polite to make her sit alone.” Kenny said softly, and while he did blush, it was only mildly, and hardly detectable to Tony in the dim lighting.

“I assure you, she wouldn't be alone, no one ever has to sit alone here if they don't want to, and she's never alone when she comes here.” Tony smiled conspiratorially.

“Oh, well a table for three anyway please?” Kenny said, not really sure what to make of that.

“Then follow me please.” He smiled and led them to a nice table near to a large stone fire place that was burning softly, emitting a nice glow and heat.

“Very nice table, thanks.” Denise smiled.

“You're welcome. It just became available, so I thought you three might enjoy it.”

“We will.” Denise smiled, and Tony gave them their menus and took his leave.

“He seems nice.” Kenny said.

“He is, and good job out there.” Kai smiled warmly to his boyfriend.

“Thanks. I could so easily tell he was gay, so admitting to him that we're boyfriends just came so easily.”

“Not to mention you're getting more comfortable with it.”


“Tony's also a special man Kenny, he's what some call a boy lover, and even though he'd never have sex with a boy your age, only because it's against the law, seeing a beautiful boy just like you will have made his night.”

“Really, how do you know that?” Kenny gasped.

“I know him well, and I was once his psychiatrist. Don't worry, I'd never tell you any of his secrets, but that's harmless, except don't tell it to anyone else. Most people that know him do know that about him though, he's quite open about that, but one thing he's adamant about is he'd never touch one, but I know he would if it were legal.”

“That's too bad for him really to love boys but not be able to show them the love that he feels for them.” Kenny said sadly.

“Yes, but he does show his boys in other ways, he cares for four young men, from ten to fourteen, and they love him a great deal because he saved them. If he'd just allow them, he'd never have an empty bed, but he keeps telling them that he just can't do that, even though they all know he's lying.”

“That's so sad, how can the law be so cruel to those poor kids?”

“Easy, they don't believe that boys your age and even younger can want or need sex, be it with each other or with someone older. Trust me, even boys your age if caught having sex, they'd try and send you to some therapist to try and figure out why you'd do such a horrible thing, they'd automatically believe that you were horribly abused or some stupid shit like that. I however am not of that thinking, and nor are many psychiatrists and therapists, but there are those that are on the dark side that are just like that, and they're the ones causing all the troubles in the world today.” Denise said sadly.

“If I didn't think politics was the devils work, I'd become a politician and change all those stupid laws.” Kenny said vehemently.

“It doesn't take a politician to do that, even I myself do what I can. I already have three books on the subject of adolescent sexuality out there, and all have been very well received. Too bad there are the critics who think I'm a raving lunatic because my views are that all people, no matter their age, enjoy sex, and as long as no one is forced, or bad things happen, that it doesn't harm the child.”

“What do you mean by bad things happen?” Kenny asked curiously.

“Well, let's just say that you had yourself an adult lover and you were somehow caught. What would happen is that you'd be forced to go to some horrible person who says they're a therapist who'd fill your head full of crap and honestly make you believe that it wasn't what you wanted, that you were tricked or forced into it. And even if you could somehow manage to not get brainwashed, if you went to court, they'd only say that you were an inhospitable witness and that you were too badly brainwashed by the perpetrator of such a heinous crime to be viable. Even if somehow you managed to make it up to the bench, no one, and I do mean no one would ever listen to you and your adult lover would go to jail, probably never to get out. Now, tell me, which would be worse for a child, the sex or the aftermath of getting caught in today's society?” Denise asked softly.

“Definitely getting caught. I had no idea it was that bad, can't we do anything about it?” Kenny asked in shock.

“Other than to not get caught if you have an adult lover, or even the two of you get caught, because there's no telling what some anal right wing asshole would try and say or do. Otherwise, sadly right now I just don't see a way to change things. Unfortunately it's the general population that's made it as bad as it is, everyone thinks that their children are pure and innocent and that they couldn't possibly want or need sex, and that all adults that love children are only going to rape them and get what they want. This simply isn't true, and if they'd only think back to when they were kids, they'd see that they had the same desires and urges as they do now, but there's just some people that you can't talk sense into.”

“Sadly, she's right boys, so whatever you do, don't do anything that's against the law when it comes to being who you are, because no one will care what happens to you after that.” Tony said sadly, he had been standing behind them, Denise had seen him there of course, and he smiled sadly as she talked about what he liked.

“Oh, didn't know you were there.” Kai turned and smiled to Tony.

“I didn't want to interrupt the conversation. Anyway, have you all decided what you'd like, or have you just been talking?”

“I don't think we need the menus anyway Tony, unless I'm much mistaken, we're all going with the ten ounce rib eye and the baked lasagna. And could you please bring out a house salad and bread to start?” Denise asked.

“Sounds good to me.” Both boys said.

“Excellent, I'll be out in a few minutes with your salad, and the bread I'll bring with your meal as usual.” Tony smiled and headed off.

“So, what can we do to help change the laws?” Kenny asked curiously.

“No idea. Anyway that I come up with would be too risky to too many people for too long. In order to do it, you'd first have to change everyone's perceptions on youth and sex, and that's just not something they want to do. The youth of today are going to have to clean up the mess though when they get older, because unfortunately, too many of the adults right now are just too blinded, forgetting the fun they had as children.”

“And did you have fun as a child?” Kenny blushed.

“Absolutely, but trust me, you really don't want to hear about that. Suffice it to say though that I had a few friends, and we were real close.” Denise grinned.

“That's good, and thanks for not giving details, even with how good it smells in here, that might have ruined my appetite.” Kenny giggled.

“Probably not, at least not for long.” Denise laughed.

“You're probably right.” Kenny laughed as well.

“So, did you have any interesting issues today mom?” Kai asked, switching the topic since it was pretty much done.

“More or less the usual. Did have a nine year old boy that wanted to be a girl though. He's going through huge gender confusion and his parents just don't know what to do anymore. It takes everything they have just to get him to go to school in boys clothes, because he wants to go in girls clothes. He claims that he's just a girl trapped in a boys body and he can't be happy being a boy. He's one of the worst and youngest cases like this I've actually received so far, so it's quite intriguing. Today was his first session, and I think there's gonna be a few. For now I've just reinforced what his parents at least started, he can play dress up at home as much as he wants, but when in public, for now he should stay a boy. He was upset, but agreed that he didn't want to be bullied any more than he already was, and he's getting it quite a bit.”

“Wow, poor boy. I sorta know where he's coming from though.” Kenny said sadly.

“Yes, I'm sure you do. What do you think I should tell the boy?”

“I don't know.” Kenny said in shock.

“Okay, what would you have liked me to tell you if it had been you?”

“I don't know, I suppose tell me that my feelings aren't bad, and that I should be happy to be who I am, and at least I can dress up at home.” Kenny said speculatively.

“Good start. Care to finish it off for him Kai, I know you have a few ideas, and I'm willing to bet you have a few more than I did?”

“Sure. First I think you should reinforce the fact that he is in fact a boy, make him see how being a boy is so good and why being a girl isn't so good. Once he gets that and grasps his sexuality, because he's almost certainly gay as well, then start working on the fact that just because he feels like a girl, doesn't mean that he should be one. I'd also tell him that while later on in life it's possible for him to have an operation to change his sex, it still doesn't change who he really is, only makes him look more like who he thinks he is. I'd definitely reinforce that he was made and born a boy, and nature never lies to us, but I just don't agree with doing a gender change at all, I think you're just lying to yourself when you do that, but that's just me. Once he understands his true feelings and who he really is, then I'd say start working on more boundaries, like how and when he should dress up, who he should tell and when and why, things like that, but that'll be months away probably. Also telling him to find a boyfriend who understands his desire to dress as a girl would be not such a bad idea, but at only nine, that might not be taken so well by his parents. Have you talked to them yet, what are their views on him?”

“Well, they're very frustrated with him, his dad always wanted a boys boy, a real manly boy, one who'd play hockey and football and go drinking with the boys. So this is somewhat of a shock to him, but he's getting used to it, since he's been doing this since he was four. They say he has more dolls and other girls toys than any boys toy, and he never touches them. They're also very certain that he's gay, and that they've caught him playing around with one of his friends, a cute little ten year old, but they're pretty certain that he's much the same as their son.”

“Okay, well then when the time comes, I'd say let their relationship blossom and let them really fulfill their dreams, but again, the parents may not agree to that, but the boy your helping needs to especially see how good it is being a boy, being who he is.” Kai finished.

“Very good Kai, you and I were thinking on almost the exact same lines. You didn't come up with any more than I had already thought about, so I must be getting better.” Denise laughed.

“Do you do that often, get Kai's advice on patients?” Kenny asked curiously.

“At least once a week, and normally he catches two or three things that I miss that might help.”

“Wow, really!”

“Yes, even though he still won't admit it, Kai's quite a bit smarter than even I am, and I'm not too proud to say I'm pretty smart. Kai has a way of thinking that's unlike anyone I've ever met in my life, he sees the way things should be and actively searches for the answers to make them like that. When I ask him a question like that, he can think of dozens of things that can help my patients, usually without hardly trying any at all. And in case you wonder, both of you, I will be talking to the parents at least once a week, because they have to know what's going on, but obviously I can't say much about what their son says to me, but I will be telling them that he's gay, and if possible, I'm going to have him tell them soon, so that they hear it from him, and then I'm going to suggest that they have his special friend over more often and silently encourage them to play. I don't want them to outright tell them to fuck like bunnies, but I want them to give the boys all the space they need to explore, and I'll even tell them I'm giving him the full gay sex talk, and that they should keep a good lube available at all times. I have a feeling that it'll be especially hard on his dad, but I think his mom's pretty much okay with it all.”

“Have you thought about asking to have his friend come in for a session as well so that you can see the two of them together?” Kai asked curiously.

“I did, but I'm not sure how well that'd work.”

“I think it'd work out just fine, and for that session, don't bring up anything about what the boy talks to you about, center only on their specific relationship and see how it's going, where it's going, if it's going. Also find out how he feels about your patient dressing up, and find out if he likes the same things. In order for your patient to feel good about himself, he's gonna need a really good close friend there with him to support him. Supporting parents are good, but sometimes a kid just can't tell his parents what all they're thinking and feeling, a boyfriend is the best person for that job.” Kai said.

“I'll say.” Kenny admitted with a smile.

“Yes, you'd definitely know that now.” Kai smiled warmly.

“Excellent points as always Kai, I'll get it arranged to happen in a couple weeks, because if you're right, and I'm willing to bet you are, because you haven't been wrong yet, then the key to getting the boy happy and healthy is to do so quickly before he shuts down from the stress of it all.”

“That's what I was thinking too.”

“What do you mean shuts down?” Kenny asked, but they were interrupted for a moment as Tony set their salad and plates on the table.

“Thanks Tony.” Denise smiled.

“My pleasure. Enjoy, your dinner will be approximately half an hour.”

“Excellent, plenty of time to enjoy the salad and the talk then.”

“Great, as always, call if you have any requests. Actually, speaking of requests, you have not placed drink orders yet, is there anything I can bring you?”

“Well, I think you know what I like, and I think you can bring the boys some champagne and orange juice, just one, and then just tea and water afterward please.”

“Excellent, be right out.”

“Okay Kenny, as for your question, if you felt horrible about yourself and didn't know how to fix it, how would that make you feel?” Denise asked softly.

“Really depressed.” Kenny admitted.

“You've felt depressed before, I know it, all boys do when they're feeling like they can't tell anyone about who they really are. You had a caring dad though that understood you, so you didn't get as depressed as some can and do. What happens to kids when they're feeling that depressed is that they often dream about just ending it all, killing themselves, and I just can't let that happen. Unfortunately, far too often, it's too late, their parents didn't see the signs in time and their children killed themselves. Thankfully some do catch the signs and bring their children in to see me, and on the odd occasion, I get failed attempts as well. Those kids are the hardest, because their resolve to kill themselves is already so strong that it's often tricky just to make them see living as good. Usually those ones I end up taking for an entire day, I spend the entire day with them and we just talk and talk and talk, not one ever leaves without crying for at least half of it. Then I see them once a day for the next week or two for a couple hours, and eventually I can break through and get them to admit everything to their parents. Unfortunately I can't save them all, but I boast a rate far higher than anyone else. I've only lost two patients while going through that intensive therapy, most lose at least half of them once they're at that point.”

“Yeah, I was depressed, but I never once thought about ending it all, I just couldn't have done that to my dad, no matter how bad I thought it was.”

“That's good to hear, but all too often, and I understand this better than most, because I went through it, but too many kids think that their parents would be better off without them, or in my case, know their parents don't want them the way they are. Of the two cases where I lost the patient during that intensive therapy, both of them were well aware that their parents did not want them because of who they are. I also called both sets of parents in after the fact and berated them for at least an hour as to why their child killed themselves and that they were solely to blame for it and that they should be going to jail just as if they had pulled the triggers themselves, because it was the same as murder in my book to not love your child unconditionally for who they are.” Denise said in a cross between heated and sad.

“It wouldn't have taken me only an hour, I'd still be going off on them.” Kai said sadly as well.

“God, those poor kids.”

“Yeah. Thankfully, most that come through my door where their parents are the cause of their grief, I get them set up in someone elses home, preferably family whenever possible, someone who's more than okay with him or her being the way they are. All too often a parents incorrect beliefs and views are the cause of most of the troubles, and I usually get them into therapy as well, because they need it, but some resist it and say there's nothing wrong with them. Usually telling them that their child is going to be removed, and if they have any other children that they'll be investigated and have them probably removed as well is usually more than enough. Some though are only too happy to relieve themselves of what they consider to be a burden. Sadly, there are so many of them out there, I just can't help all those poor kids.”

“Well, those poor kids sure do thank you for doing the best you possibly could.” Tony smiled warmly, once again sneaking up behind the boys.

“You were an easy nut to crack, you saw me only for three months, most of my patients I have for at least a year.” Denise smiled.

“Yeah, well you made me cry an awful lot, but the best day was the day you told my bastard of a father that you were taking me from his home to put me somewhere where I could be loved for who I was.”

“Yes, those days usually are good for all. How is your uncle doing anyway?”

“Gay as ever, and when my dad found out last year that he was, wow did the shit ever hit the fan. I got to be there for the tirade and it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen in my life. I slapped the asshole across the face and told him he was a hateful, backwards bigoted man. He'd never looked so hurt in all his life, his sissy son had smacked him, and hard too, I could see the red mark right away, and then I talked to him like that. It was definitely one of the more satisfying days of my life.”

“Good for you. You deserved it after all he put you through. Is he at least seeing anyone?”

“Yeah, I told him that he needed to go see someone, like he told me that I had to go see someone to cure me, but all you did was cure me of him, he has to be cured of all his demons, I think it'll take longer for him than it did for me.”

“You're probably right. A man well into his fifties doesn't change his views over night, that's for sure.”

“Yeah, so here's your wine, and the boys' drinks as well. I'll leave the bottle chilling here for you, and I'll bring out the water and tea in a few moments.”

“Great, thanks.”

“I can't believe he said all that personal stuff in front of us?” Kenny said as soon as Tony disappeared.

“He has nothing to hide, he'll tell anyone his entire story, and he'd even allow me to tell you anything I know, not that I would mind you.”

“Oh. I guess that's good.”

“It is.”

For the rest of their time at the restaurant, the three of them switched to more fun and funny topics and just kept talking as they waited and ate their absolutely wonderful meal.

“Wow, I've never eaten so well in my entire life, that was amazing.” Kenny sighed, leaning back and patting his belly as he said so.

“Hence the reason we try not to come here all that often.” Denise laughed.

“To me, that's the very reason to come here more often.” Kenny grinned.

“Yeah, but then within a few months you'd be like four hundred pounds.” Kai giggled.

“You're probably right.” Kenny laughed and Denise nodded her head in agreement.

“Come on boys, let's go pay the bill and head home.” Denise smiled happily to the boys and they nodded.

They went and paid their bill, which was less than it should have been Denise noticed, which was more than normal when she got Tony as her waiter. He was forever doing that for her, he really did thank her for saving his life. As soon as they were all paid up, they headed out to the car and headed home. When they got home, the boys headed up to Kai's bedroom and stripped out of their clothes and body suits until they were only in their slightly wet diapers. They headed back downstairs and found Denise already sitting there with the TV on and on a good show. They joined Denise to watch TV and that was where they stayed for the rest of the evening until Kai and Kenny were ready for bed.

“We're heading to bed mom, have a good night.”

“Goodnight, love you.”

“Love you too.” Kai smiled and he and Kenny headed upstairs.

“I'm getting really tired, but I want to play around a bit before we go to bed, but I'm afraid I'll pass out before too long.” Kenny admitted.

“Then why don't we try out my favorite number.” Kai grinned.

“Huh, what's your favorite number?” Kenny asked curiously.

“Why, sixty nine of course.”

“What does the number sixty nine have to do with anything..........?” And then Kenny got it and grinned as well. He had heard the term and a vague description of what it was, and this turned him on.

“I see you realized already, so I won't answer. The problem with it is of course you have a tendency to lose concentration sometimes, but that can actually make it better.” Kai smiled.

“I'm game if you are.” Kenny said brightly.

“Definitely.” Kai smiled right back and they jumped onto the bed.

They were already facing opposite ways from how they jumped on the bed, so they each removed the others diaper, and before too long, they were both leaning in to suck in their prizes. With twin sighs, they engulfed each other fully, and then they both started sucking each other. Kai was the first to reach up and start playing with Kenny's hot hairless nuts, and Kenny thought it was a great idea, since he loved it so much, so he did the same thing. They were both pretty hot and horny by then after having held it in all day, and with all the talk of sex earlier they were well primed. Then there was the fact that they were very young teenagers and very few teens can hold onto their cum for very long. With all this going against them, it came as no surprise that not even after three or four minutes of sucking that they both came. Kai was the first to explode, but Kenny was less than half a second behind him, and they were squirting good sized boy loads into each others mouths. It took longer for them to come down once again than it had for them to have their earth shattering orgasms in the first place, but neither let the others dick fall from his mouth, they both sucked on them gently, much like a baby on a bottle until they came down.

“Wow, that was intense.” Kenny gasped out, finally letting go of Kai.

“Yeah, it's usually about that good.” Kai sighed.

“I can see why you said you sometimes lose concentration though, because it was hard to keep sucking you at times.”

“When you're as hot as we were, it's even harder, but we did fine. Come on baby, we better get diapered and get to sleep before we pass out, and I don't want to soak my bed again, I hate doing that.”

“Yeah, you and me both.” Kenny giggled.

Kai slowly climbed out of bed to grab the diaper supplies and came back and diapered his beautiful baby boyfriend. They traded places and Kenny diapered Kai, and then they curled up and passed out quickly.