Baby Boy Ballerina and the Hockey Hunk

***Be warned, if you do not condone sexual experiences between boys and boys, or even boys and men, or if you do not care for diaper love and urinary use, then this story may not be for you. It is a tale of love, never abuse, and while there are sex scenes, they are amazingly light in this story. It is a love story through and through. As with all my stories, I hope that you enjoy, and I hope that you email me with your comments. Please email me at ****** If I had a story site left, I would gladly invite you to join me there, but sadly it was once again killed, so as of yet, I have not figured out what to do, but if you email me, when I do figure it out, I will email you to inform you of this. Thanks.***

Chapter 5

The rest of the weekend went by pretty slowly for the boys, because they really did not much, they just stayed in the entire time and played games, watched TV, talked, and of course fooled around a little. They had had a good time, but as with everything, all good things must eventually come to an end. The boys both had school the following day and both would start their regular extra curricular routines as well, only now they would be joining each other.

Kai knew that his teacher would have no problem with the sudden increase of her students, but Kenny wondered how his coach would feel about adding another, especially one so inexperienced, even though the coach had been wishing to add at least another couple good players. Kenny felt the key point there was good, and Kai was far from good, at least yet. He and Kai had talked about it, and figured the coach would either deal with it or deny it totally, but then he'd lose Kenny as well, and Kenny did not figure he would wish to do that. They would not have to wait long though to find out the decision, because their first practice was in the morning.

“Good morning baby, how'd you sleep?” Kenny asked happily when Kai hopped in their vehicle, he and his dad had just pulled in and Kai was up and waiting for them to arrive.

“It would have been nicer with you cuddled right up beside me, but otherwise not too bad. How about you?”

“About the same. You excited about going to hockey?”

“Ask me after I figure out if I'm gonna puke or not?” Kai grinned.

“Yeah right, from the sounds of things, you're not the nervous type.” Kenny laughed.

“No, you're right, I'm not really. I still get the jitters and a few jangled nerves, but never to the point of actually throwing up. I can't say that I'm excited or not though, it's kinda strange, since I never thought in a million years I'd do anything like hockey, but it could be fun.” Kai admitted.

“Must be nice, 'cause I am the type to throw up.” Kenny admitted.

“He is, it's quite gross actually.” Steven laughed from the front seat.

“Hey, you're not any better mister throws up if he has a panic attack.”

“It hasn't happened in many years now, and that was a special case. Granted, I used to be a lot worse than even you are as a kid.” Steven admitted.

“Wow, that's pretty bad. You both need to work on that.”

“I have, why do you think I don't do that any more. Kenny's getting better as he gets older and more confident, and having a boyfriend like you who seems to be able to help people with the most insane issues can only help. He told me all about the boy your mom's helping and what you said she should do and how she always asks your opinion.”

“She doesn't always ask, just sometimes if she wants an extra opinion on something or when she's stuck. She really does give me too much credit, it's just that two heads are better than one, and she can't always think of everything with everything else that goes on during a day. She asks me on the tough ones when she's run out of ideas because there's too much else going on.” Kai stated rather simply.

“And I think you don't give yourself enough credit, I heard what you told her, and I know how you helped me. Sure, some of those reasons might just be valid, but how many other therapists of any sort ask their thirteen year old for professional help as a second opinion?” Kenny asked softly.

“I give myself enough credit, when it's due. I know that I have an uncanny knack for seeing things like that, but it doesn't make me some wise man or something.” Kai said shyly, about the only time he was ever really embarrassed.

“No, just smart, and you are, and I don't want you to deny it or say anything further, because believe it or not, I know that talking about that topic makes you uncomfortable. You don't like the fact that you seem to be so much smarter than most people, but you don't have to like it, you just have to accept it as being part of who you are. And yes, I am giving you a bit of your own medicine.” Kenny said gently.


“Nope, no buts, I told you I didn't want to hear it, accept it, it's who you are and it's not even one of the many reasons I love you.” Kenny said, shutting the conversation off by gently kissing Kai.

“Okay.” Kai sighed.

Steven just smiled, he thought it was cute how Kai was so embarrassed about being smart, but he thought it adorable how Kenny had shut him up. It was very sweet, and he knew that Kenny would help Kai with that issue, since he had been helping him with his. A few minutes later they arrived at the rink, and they all got out. The boys grabbed their rather sizable bags from the back and they all trooped in. The first person they came across was the coach.

“Morning coach, I found us another player.” Kenny said happily.

“Oh really. Is he any good, what's his name?” He asked curiously.

“Actually, to tell you the truth, this will be his first time playing hockey, with the exception that we did the open fun hockey last weekend.”

“Kenny, you know I don't....”

“Coach, I didn't actually ask you if Kai could join the team, that's his name by the way. I told you I had a new member for the team, and before you go jumping down my throat, let me finish explaining things first.” Kenny said firmly.

“Oh, um, go ahead then.” Mitch said in shock, he had never heard Kenny talk like that, and from the stunned look on Steven's face, he would have to guess that neither had he.

“Thanks. Now, Kai is my boyfriend, he is going to be joining the team, or you will lose me. Now, he may never have played hockey, but he's already better than half the boys on the team even with only playing around the once. He's a figure skater and can do things on skates the rest of us can only dream of. I've also taught him all the rules, he knows everything there is to know about hockey, and he has an amazing memory, so he learned all the basic rules in only a couple hours. The only thing we need to teach him now is the same things you teach us every day, and that's stick handling, shooting techniques, offensive moves and defensive moves. Now, what is it gonna be, leave or stay?” Kenny asked softly.

“Well, first of all, if you can show that kind of heat during a game, you're gonna make a hell of a player, not that you aren't already. Second of all, congratulations on finding a new boyfriend, I was hoping you'd find yourself one soon, and I might add, you found yourself quite a catch. I don't doubt your dad's already told you about me, but don't worry, I won't steal your boyfriend from you.” Mitch smiled.

“Good.” Kenny laughed.

“Now Kai, I take it you want to join the team then?”

“Yes Sir, even though I never thought I'd do something like hockey, but both Kenny and I are trying out what the other likes, and he agreed to come to ballet class with me, so I'm coming to hockey with him.”

“Ballet?” Mitch asked curiously, to both boys.

“Yes, and if you don't believe that a boy who does ballet can be strong enough to play hockey, I'll challenge you to any sort of fight right here and right now, and I guarantee that I won't absolutely win, and I don't guarantee that I won't lose, but I guarantee you that I'll cause you just as much hurt as you cause me.” Kai grinned innocently enough.

“First of all, I'd never fight a kid, but given how wiry and tough looking you are, I'm not so sure I'd want to even try, I'm old you know, you'd probably kick my ass.” Mitch grinned, he liked Kai.

“Not probably, to tell you the truth.”

“Ah, a cocky one, I like em that way, just as long as it's directed the right way.”

“You have no idea. Now, I noticed a few of the others already entering, and I'm willing to bet so should we.”

“Oh right, yes, go get suited up and meet me on the ice, I hope you're ready for what I'm about to put you through.”

“Yeah, right.” Kenny snorted.

“If you don't think he can make it, why did you bring him?” Mitch asked in shock.

“That's not entirely what I meant coach. That snort was because you'll never be able to push Kai anywhere near as hard as he pushes himself. He's tried getting me to do as much as he does, and I can last an hour at most. I can get pushed by you all day if I have to, four hours maybe if I'm tired, so trust me, you're not gonna faze Kai.”

“Oh, this I gotta see then. Off with you two.” Mitch said, and the boys headed off to the changing room to join the others.

“Notice any changes Mitch?” Steven laughed.

“Yeah, when did he become so outspoken, and I never thought he'd admit to anyone he's gay, let alone has a boyfriend?”

“Quite recently actually. And by the way, Kenny was being polite about Kai's skills. Kai is only embarrassed by one thing, and that's people saying how good he is at things. He's an amazing athlete, even though previously his only sports were dance, gymnastics and figure skating. He recently got back from a full expenses paid year long stint with the best ballet school in the world, and it's in Russia. I'm assured that that school usually charges upwards of fifty thousand dollars Canadian to go there. Not only that, but he was even asked to join the Olympics team and train with them in gymnastics. I've even watched him do his workouts, and just watching him tires me out, and seeing him stretch, well, I still hurt, and that was yesterday that I watched the boys. Whatever you do, don't underestimate Kai, he may never have played hockey before, but by the end of the week, he'll probably already be almost as good as most of the others, by the end of the month, Kenny figures he'll be better than he is.”

“Wow, I've never heard of such a child.”

“Thinking of him only as a child is where you're wrong. Not only is he amazing in sports, but he's incredibly smart as well. His mom told me in secret, and not even Kai knows this, so I'd rather you not tell him, but he could go to university any time he wants. His latest test results, which Kai was only told were placement tests, was actually an IQ test, as well as placement tests for the toughest universities in the world. He placed so high on the IQ test that they simply have no idea where his score could be, because he's higher than they've ever had, and he aced the universities tests. They instantly offered Kai a position. They had no idea how old he was or anything, and when his mom told them, they were astounded that a child actually beat every professor on campus. He took that right before the start of school, just after getting home from Russia. Kai has been placed in all the advanced classes to try and challenge him as much as they can, but even though he has been asked, he refuses to skip a grade. If he were to find out about the university information, it might do some harm. Like I said, that's his one and only real sore spot.”

“I can't even imagine being that smart. Am I gonna have troubles with him though. Sometimes the smart ones are the hardest ones to deal with?”

“I doubt it. He's actually extremely well grounded, but don't get on his bad side. Kenny and his mom both told me that he's not afraid to hit anyone if they harass him too much. He only hits if they swing first I'm told, and he has been suspended twice already this year. Most of it though is because he looks considerably smaller and weaker than he is, he looks quite feminine and he has to wear diapers.”

“Oh, well I like fighters, this is hockey after all, and sometimes they have to fight, but I'll teach him how to do it properly. I can see why he'd be teased at school for his looks, he did look more than a little feminine, but even just a quick look and you can easily tell he's all boy, he looks as if he has a boyish mischief streak running through him like crazy.”

“That he does.”

“And he has to wear diapers you said?”

“Yeah, same as I do, except he's never had control. Kenny's also started losing more of his control, so he's gonna pretty much wear most of the time now as well to prevent accidents. He'll wear pullup style diapers for hockey and school, whereas Kai just prefers the tape on ones.”

“I hope the others don't try anything stupid then.”

“Same here, but if they do, they'll learn real quick not to mess with Kai.”

“Yeah, sounds like it. I think I'll just leave them to learn the hard way if they so desire, I won't stick my nose in it, the boys can handle themselves.”

“Thanks, that's how I'd rather you do it anyway. Kenny needs to learn to stand up for himself more, and Kai will help him with that a great deal. He's still having a few issues with bullies himself.”

“For a boy who sure looks and acts tough on the outside, he sure isn't, is he?”

“No, he's a real softy actually, and if you push him, he's more likely to just cry. Granted, as he's crying, he'll probably be beating the crap out of you too.” Steven laughed.

“He's never cried here.”

“He tries very hard to act tough, and most of the time he succeeds, but sometimes he can't help it.”

“That's good I guess. Well, I'm gonna head on out to the rink and get everything set up, you caught me on my way in as well.”

“Okay, have fun, and try not to push the boys too much to try and keep up with Kai, you'll kill them all. Only Kenny would have half a chance of surviving.” Steven laughed.

“Okay, I'll try. Might be fun, and it'll really show the boys who's boss out there.”

Steven just smiled and they headed in opposite directions. Steven headed to the bleachers to sit with the few other parents that stuck around to watch the practices. The boys had went right to the change room, and met up with the few that had already made it. None of them started getting changed yet, they usually all waited until everyone was there, so that they could all talk as well. It was only a few minutes later though when everyone made it.

“So guys, as you've already noticed, we have a new team member. Now, I already know you all know this, and it won't come as too much of a surprise when I tell you that this is Kai, my boyfriend.” Kenny introduced.

“No, it's not a surprise to us, but what is a surprise is how you could bring your wimpy boyfriend onto the team. Like we'd accept him just because you're our best player.” Daniel spat out.

Kenny went to head towards the slightly older boy, but Kai put his hand on Kenny's shoulder. It was enough to calm him down.

“And you are?” Kai asked softly.

“I'm Daniel, I'm the oldest on the team, how old are you, eleven?”

“Actually, I'm thirteen, just a little younger than Kenny. Tell me, how much do you weigh?” Kai asked curiously in a tone that sounded as if Kai were striking up a friendly conversation.

“Huh, what? I weigh about one ten, one fifteen, why, what does that have to do with anything?” Daniel asked in confusion.

“Okay, right on my upper limits, but I should be able to manage just fine. Have you ever been used as a dumbbell before, and before you react to that, thinking I'm insulting you, I'm not, I just want to know if I can bench press you?”

“No, of course I haven't, and not like you can now either.”

“Trust me, I can. Let me lay down and when I put my hands up, try and lay down on my hands so that you're mostly centered.”

“I don't want to do that, you'll only feel me up.” He said in disgust.

“You honestly think that just because I'm gay I'd want to feel you up? Not bloody likely. A: I already have a great boyfriend, and B: you're not my type, and C: you're not smart enough for me. Now, will you do this for me or should I ask one of the other boys here to help demonstrate something?”

“Fine, I'll do it, but I don't know what my crushing you's gonna prove.”

“You'll see.” Kai grinned and laid down on the floor.

As soon as Kai was ready for him, Daniel laid down on his hands and Kai asked him to adjust a couple times, and when he was approximately centered, Kai started doing presses with the larger boy as his weight. Kai did not do only one though, he did not even do ten, he did thirty presses with Daniel as his weight.

“Okay, I think you can get off now. I'm starting to feel the weight now, and Kenny says I should never push myself to the point where it starts burning too much. Now, does that maybe tell you something about me?” Kai asked simply.

Not only was Daniel standing there staring at him with mouth wide open, all that were there were, except Kenny who was smiling. It took fully three minutes before Daniel was able to fully comprehend what had just happened there.

“I see that you're brain's finally kicked back in, but before you answer me, can you tell me how much you can easily bench press?”

“Only seventy five pounds.” He answered in awe.

“Kenny can do eighty, and he's not the biggest on your team, you are, you're the oldest as well you said. Well, just because I'm smaller and younger than you are, it doesn't mean in any way that I'm weaker. Nor does the fact that I'm gay or that I look like a girl. I assure you, I'm all boy, and in a few moments, you'll get to see that fact as well, I just don't want you staring at me, I'm already taken.” Kai giggled, Daniel blushed.

“How can you lift so much?” Daniel finally asked.

“I've trained a long time to be able to lift people, and I know just how to do it so as to not hurt myself or them, hence the reason I had you readjust so many times before I was satisfied I wouldn't dump you onto that fool head of yours. You really should ask questions first before barging head first into baseless accusations and innuendos. I'm gay, it doesn't mean I'm weak or wouldn't want to play hockey.”

“Um, okay, sorry, but why would you train to lift people up?”

“Actually, I spent more than three months with a trainer just to learn how to do it properly, and it's because I'm a dancer. Ballet mostly, but there's lots of lifting in ballet, and sadly, most of the girls in my class are bigger than I am, and I'm not talking height either.” Kai smiled. The other boys in the change room though were flabbergasted.

“You brought a ballet dancer to hockey, what were you thinking?” Chris asked this time, laughing.

“I was thinking I'd like my boyfriend here, and he wants me there with him, so tomorrow I get to go to ballet as well.” Kenny grinned.

“But, have you ever played hockey?”

“Nope, except last weekend we did the open hockey, but that was just for fun.” Kai grinned.

“Oh god, you're gonna die.” He gasped.

“Hardly. Who's your strongest team member?”

Everyone pointed to Daniel and Kenny.

“So, Daniel and Kenny are your to strongest team members? Well, I know for a fact if I were to ask Kenny to fight me, he'd probably run out of here, so what about you Daniel, would you like to fight me?” Kai grinned.

“Um, no thanks. I might not be the smartest person in the world, but I know when someone's stronger than me.”

“And damn rights I'd run out of here, there's no way I'd tangle with you hand to hand. Hell, even with a weapon, you're so damned fast I doubt I'd manage to beat you.” Kenny laughed.

“Oh.” Chris said.

“Now, before we start getting undressed, I have a couple tings to tell you guys, and I won't take any harassing about it from anyone, I'll hit first and scold later, understood?”

“Yes.” Every person except Kenny said.

“Good. You're smart. I have no bladder control, I wear diapers twenty four seven, I always have, I always will. I'm not bothered by it, and nor should you. If however you're curious, feel free to look, I won't mind, I'm not shy, and I'll probably look at you too, to see how I stack up of course. Now, like I said before, I do have a boyfriend already, I need or want no one else, so don't get any ideas there either.” Kai smiled to the once again shocked group. Kenny figured now was as good a time as any, so he piped up as well.

“And guys, you all know my bladder has been getting worse, and that I wear diapers to bed, but it's getting to the point where I'm having to wear diapers during the day as well, so I'll be wearing a pullup style diaper under my hockey gear. At least it'll be easier than cleaning all my gear all the time. At least you guys don't have to do that too often.”

“Wow, you really have to wear diapers all day, and here I thought it was embarrassing wearing them at night for bed.” Sam said softly.

“It's not that bad. So, who are you?”

“I'm Sam, I'm also thirteen.”

“Good to meat you Sam. Have you been a bed wetter all your life as well?”

“Yeah. My mom and dad were both bed wetters when they were kids, so I'm doubly cursed my doctor says, and he says I'll more than likely outgrow it sooner or later. They even tried me on some medication that was supposed to help prevent it, and while it did work, I went from bed wetting to insomnia, so I decided it was better to wet and sleep then stay dry and never sleep.”

“Yikes. Well, I for one think you made the right choice. I'm not a fan of taking medications unless you absolutely have to anyway.”

“I was the same, but at the time, I wanted to try anything to stop, and that was a year ago already that I stopped taking the drug, and I was only on them for almost six months. My doctor kept telling me that it would pass, but it never did.”

“I wasn't even aware that there were side effects from those drugs.”

“Normally there aren't, but my doctor seems to think it could have been a slight allergic reaction, because nowhere could he find that taking any of those drugs caused insomnia.”

“Oh. Then be careful with taking things.”

“I am.”

“We should probably be getting changed guys, Coach will be waiting for us, and you know how bitchy he gets if we take too long.” Kenny finally pointed out.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

They all stripped down, and a few of the braver boys did sneak a quick peak at Kai as he was undressing to see him in just his diaper, and Kai grinned. Kenny quickly stripped down to just his pullup diaper, he had put it on before getting dressed, and the others noticed this as well, and Kenny blushed slightly, but none of the others noticed, only Kai. Before too much longer, they were all strapped fully into all their gear and were ready to go, so they all headed out to the ice to get started.

“Nice of you boys to finally show up.” Mitch called out.

“Thanks coach.” Kenny called back.

“Don't be a smart ass boy.” Mitch growled, hiding a smirk.

“Sorry coach.” Kenny grinned.

“Gather round.” He yelled out and all the boys gathered around him.

“As you've no doubt noticed by now, we have a new team member. I was reluctant to let him on the team at first, given that this will be his first time playing hockey. I am however told that he learns very quickly and already knows all the rules. I also trust half of that was the reason that you boys took so long this morning, I just hope Kai didn't have to hurt any of you boneheads in trying to make you see that just because he's small doesn't mean he can't play.”

“No Sir.” Daniel called out.

“Ah, so you were the first then. How bad was it?” Mitch asked jokingly.

“He bench pressed me thirty times.” Daniel answered bashfully.

“Really?” His head snapped to look at Kai.

“Yep.” Kai said proudly.

“Jesus boy, that's more than I can do. Daniel's at least one twenty, and I can do only just that, but only maybe fifteen or twenty times.” Mitch said in shock.

“Sorry Sir.” Kai said apologetically.

“Don't be sorry, be proud of that. I know I'm not the biggest or strongest adult around, but I'm in pretty good shape. I've just never had a young man so easily beat me like that.” Mitch said in awe.

“I just train a lot Sir. Ballet is very good for the body, if not for the image.” Kai grinned.

“I'll say, how many boys would like to be known as a ballet dancer?”

“Not many, that's for sure.” Kai grinned.

“Anyway, we're getting off topic, we're here to talk about hockey, so let's get going. Kai, I want you to grab your stick and I want to see what you can already do. You guys, I'm working with Kai in the home end, the rest of you I want taking shots on Jeff, he's in net today.”

“Yes Sir.” They all called out.

“Okay Sir, what would you like me to do?” Kai asked once the others were gone.

“Just start with stick and puck handling and then we'll get to shooting on the net. I need to know how much I have to train you.”

“Will do Sir.” Kai said and took off.

Mitch was surprised, because out of all the boys, Kai was definitely the fastest on the ice, and he had amazing maneuverability, but he knew that had to do with the figure skating, and the ballet and gymnastics probably did not hurt either. Kai's stick and puck handling was still a little clumsy, he still dropped the puck almost half the time, but he was getting better, and he did show an amazing amount of potential.

“Okay, come on over Kai.” Mitch called out once he had seen enough.

“I know it wasn't great, I'm still not used to carrying this blasted stick, but Kenny says I'll get used to it quick enough.”

“Actually, considering this is your first time really on the ice, you did amazingly well.”

“I'm quite at home on the ice Sir, I've been figure skating since I was five.”

“I meant in hockey.”

“Oh, right, sorry Sir, please continue.” Kai blushed.

“It's alright. Anyway, considering just how inexperienced you are in hockey, you show an amazing amount of potential. I'd say that you're almost every bit as good already as most of the eight to nine year old's are, but with a little practice, you'll be caught up to your age group in no time, and from what Steven says, probably surpassing them not long after. Now, I want you to just fire on the net for a little. Start out just by staying in one spot, I'll pass you the puck and I want you to fire on the net. After a while I'll make you start moving around a little and firing. Got it?”

“Sure.” Kai smiled and headed out to an area in front of the net.

Mitch started passing him pucks, and half the time he missed them, but Mitch just sent another one his way and made Kai take a shot. With all the pointers that Mitch was passing along, Kai was actually getting better at receiving the puck, and his firing was getting better as well. His aim however was still a little off, but he would get better with time. After about fifteen minutes of staying stationary, Mitch had Kai start moving around to get used to shooting while on the move, because in hockey you did not always have the luxury of being stationary to make your shot. Kai was of course even worse at this to start, but picked up on it even faster than he had while standing still. By the time that they had less than ten minutes left, Kai was doing respectfully well.

“Okay Kai, that's enough for today. I'd suggest getting some roller blades and working on your maneuverability skills while handling your stick, learning to aim and fire with more power even while not here.”

“Okay, I can probably squeeze in a little extra practice at home, and I already have roller blades, but they're more the style for tricks like I do in figure skating. They should work fine though, there's not that much difference.”

“Good. Kenny has some as well, and I'm sure he'd be willing to practice with you.”

“I'm sure he would.” Kai smiled.

“Great, well let's go gather the others up and get you all into the showers to clean up.”

“Okay, thanks a lot, you're pretty good at teaching this.”

“Thanks, you're pretty easy to teach actually. I never believed it was possible to take a dancer who'd never played hockey and make him into a player, but Steven told me not to underestimate you. I see he was right, as usual.”

“My mom always told me that I could do anything I put my mind to.”

“I'd say she was correct.” Mitch laughed.


“Okay boys, gather round.” Mitch blew his whistle and called out.

A few seconds later the boys were all gathered round, and Mitch simply told them that they had done well and to go get cleaned and dressed. All the boys skated off the ice and went to the change room to do just that. As soon as they all made it there, they all started stripping, until they were all down to their underwear. They stowed their gear in their bags and then removed the last of their clothing, which was mostly underwear, with the exception of Kai and Kenny of course, who were in diapers.

“I see you were wet Kenny, so I guess it was a good thing that you had a diaper on.” Kai stated.

“Yeah, I felt myself pee three times while out there, but I couldn't stop it, it just came out. At least I'm a full year older than my dad was when his bladder gave out. Let's go hit the showers, we stink.” Kenny smiled.


They followed the rest of the team into the showers, and as Kai promised, he checked out the competition, and he was pleased to see that he was right up there with the big boys, having nearly as large a dick as the older boys on the team, one of them actually slightly smaller than he was. All the boys saw him checking them out, and they blushed, but he just grinned. Most did check him out though, and those that did were amazed at how someone so small could have so much equipment. Granted, he was just as tall as most of the others, just that he was far leaner and thinner than they all were. They all cleaned off real well, because they all had to go to school pretty much right away, and none of them wanted to smell as bad as they were going to otherwise. If the others were surprised that Kai did not get hard while checking them all out, they did not show it, but a couple of the boys did get semi hard as they washed up, Kai smiled appreciatively.

Once they were all clean, they headed back into the change room to get into their school clothes that they had all brought with them. Kenny and Kai both slipped into their diapers and then their diaper shirts, a few of the boys glancing at them as they did so. They would all get used to it and openly look as they were all getting dressed, but most of them were embarrassed to look, thinking they would be made fun of. It did not take them long to get dressed, and before too much longer, they were all heading out to meet their parents.

“So, how was it boys?” Steven asked as they walked out.

“Pretty good. The coach is pretty good.” Kai answered first.

“It wasn't too bad, but as you saw, coach hardly even talked to the rest of us today.”

“Yeah, that's because he needs to concentrate on Kai a little bit for the first few times to get him up to speed.”

“Yeah, I know, I wasn't complaining.” Kenny said.

“Good. I'll drop you both off at your schools and then I'll see you when I get home Kenny.”

A few seconds later, Kenny was dropped off to school, because he was the closest, so he grabbed his bag, gave Kai a kiss goodbye, and hopped out. Kai was next, and before too long he was in class himself, wishing the day would end.

“Hi Kenny.” Kai said as soon as he answered the phone.

“Hi baby, how was school?”

“I missed you.”

“Yeah, I missed you too.”

“Mind if I come over so that we can practice my stick handling, I'll bring my roller blades, I'm assuming you have some as well?”

“Of course I don't mind, but um, I wouldn't mind a little stick handling in my bedroom, if you catch my drift.”

“Oh, I catch it loud and clear alright.” Kai giggled. “I'll be right there.” Kai said and pretty much hung up right away.

Kai put his roller blades on and left the house. He had changed his school clothes and diaper as soon as he entered the house, so all he had to do was go now. He locked up and then started a really fast pace to Kenny's house. Far faster than Kenny had expected, Kai was knocking on the door.

“Hi.” Kenny said brightly when he opened the door to the bright smiling face of his boyfriend.

“Hi. Let's go upstairs real quick, I won't even take off my blades.” Kai urged.

“We can just stay right in the living room, no one will see us.” Kenny said happily, he was so horny. The second Kai had called, he had went hard.

“Okay. I just changed my diaper, and I'm assuming you did too, so I guess we don't have to go upstairs.”

“Yeah, I got into one of my proper diapers, they're more comfortable.”

Kai said nothing further, just dragged Kenny into the living room and they laid right down on the floor. They attached themselves at the lips and kissed tenderly, and snaked their hands down and into each others pants, and inside each others diapers, and grasped on, and as promised, they both practiced their stick handling, through two cums. They both sighed once they came down from their back to back great orgasms, pulled their hands from each others pants, and proceeded to lick off any of the mess that was left on their hands.

“Ah, so much better.” Kai sighed out first.

“Yeah, definitely. I think I like practicing stick handling with you after school.” Kenny grinned.

“Yeah, I know I sure did too. Now, let's go outside and do the same, just in the more proper method.” Kai grinned back.


They were both more than satisfied, so they got up, gave each other another kiss, repositioned themselves so that they were pointed correctly when they peed, and then headed out. Kenny had to grab his roller blades and put them on, they both grabbed their sticks, and they went out the back door. Kenny was fortunate enough to have a large paved area in his backyard for just this purpose, Steven had had it put in a number of years ago for Kenny to practice on, and it had proven well worth the couple thousand dollars spent more than a few times.

For two hours, Kenny drilled Kai in proper technique and form, and for two hours he pushed Kai hard. Kai was of course loving every second of it, he loved Kenny teaching him, especially when he got right up behind him to show him how to hold the stick for a slap shot or something like that, and as he was holding his hands, pretty much guiding Kai through the motions, he would always press his lips right into Kai's neck and kiss and suckle tenderly. Kai nearly threw down his stick three separate times and raped Kenny on the spot, outside in the frigid air, out in the open. Not that anyone would see anything mind you, but Kai had just enough self control to not do so.

“Wow, you sure are a good teacher, but if anyone else taught me like that, I'd kill them.”

“I thought you might like the more personal touch.” Kenny grinned.

“For sure. You do realize though that all that kissing my neck has made me painfully hard, and there's no way I can go home like that.” Kai grinned.

“I was hoping you felt the same way I did. Let's go back in the house for a few minutes before you have to go home, because I know you'll have to get going soon.”

“Okay.” Kai said brightly.

They headed back into the house,and without even taking off anything, just throwing their sticks down, they stood in the kitchen and kissed deeply and tenderly, both reaching back down into the others diaper for the second time that afternoon, and brought each other off one final time. They both extracted their hands and cleaned off the mess, and kissed for another few minutes, swapping their hot sweet cum between each other as they did so.

“Wow, so nice. I really do have to get home though baby, I'll call you before bed time though to say goodnight.”

“I look forward to it baby. Bye bye, love you, talk to you later.”

“Love you too.” Kai said happily and nearly floated from the house and all the way home.

For the rest of the evening, both of them got dinner ready for their parents and cleaned up what needed to be done while waiting, and then had dinner. They sat down and watched TV for a bit, and then just before bed, Kai called Kenny and they talked for almost half an hour before wishing each other a goodnight and saying I love you.

The next morning they both went to school as normal, and the day seemed to drag on abnormally slow for both, but finally the end of the day came. Denise was there to pick Kai up, and then they swung by Kenny's school as previously arranged, so that she could take them to ballet. Denise always took off early on the days that Kai had dance, and she had no problem picking Kenny up at the same time.

“Hi baby, nervous?” Kai asked after receiving a quick kiss.

“Yeah, a little, but that made it all worthwhile.” Kenny sighed.

“Good. There's another one just like it if you make it through this class alive.” Kai grinned.

“With an offer like that, the devil will have to drag me away kicking and screaming to make even him blush.” Kenny grinned right back, Denise laughed.

“Good. Do you have your dance stuff in your pack, or do we need to swing by your place?”

“I have it with me, no worries.”

“Good, then we'll be on time.” Kai smiled and they continued talking for the rest of the drive.

Kai's ballet school was clear across the city, so it took a few minutes to get there, and some days Kai was late, because he was so far away, and traffic was not always as good as it was this day. They finally made it there with almost five minutes to spare.

“Good afternoon Dianne, I have a new student for you.” Kai greeted happily, he was the first one there, which surprised him, he was usually one of the last ones to arrive.

“Oh goody, and another boy too. What's your name?”


“Good to meet you Kenny. What kind of dance training have you had so far?”

“Um, none. I'm a hockey player.”

“Oh good grief. Kai, what the hell am I supposed to do with a hockey player, there's no way he'll be able to take the abuse ballet will put on him?” She chuckled.

“Oh, he's pretty tough, even for a hockey player.” Kai giggled.

“Hey, us hockey players are the toughest around.” Kenny said, puffing out his chest, trying to make himself look bigger, he knew Dianne had been teasing him.

“Hah, that'll be a first. So, you're really a hockey player? What made you decide to do ballet?”

“Well, Kai here's my boyfriend, and well we made a trade of sorts, he tries hockey and I try ballet. We're gonna each try the others sport for at least a few months and find out why we each like what we do.” Kenny answered simply.

“You're in hockey Kai, now there's something I never pictured?”

“Yeah, and yesterday was my first practice, and I did pretty good too. I can already out skate most of the boys on the team, and Kenny's helping me with my stick handling.” Kai said innocently, but Denise nearly swallowed her tongue she snorted so much and started laughing.

“Not like that you old pervert, although that was the best part of training yesterday afternoon.” Kai giggled, Dianne blushed, Kenny laughed.

“I'm just betting it was.” Denise said, trying hard to stifle her giggles.

“Oh, okay then.” Dianne said, she was definitely not used to that sort of talk, all the girls in her class were prudish at best, and Kai barely talked.

“Sorry about that Dianne, you'll have to forgive us.” Kai laughed.

“No worries.”

“Well boys, I'm gonna go have coffee downstairs, I'll meet you in a bit.”

“Oh, you don't stay and watch?” Kenny asked in surprise.

“No, there's nowhere for me to sit, and most of the girls find it uncomfortable to have someone watch them. Kai could care less, he got used to having lots of people watching him a long time ago.”

“Oh, okay, see you then.” Kenny said.

“Bye mom, see you in a bit.”

“Bye.” Denise said and headed out.

By then all the other girls had arrived, and most of them were eying Kenny curiously, wondering who he was and why he was there. The older ones were wondering how they could make him their boyfriend.

“Okay boys, head in and get changed. You too girls.”

“Okay.” They all said, and headed into the change rooms to get changed into their dance wear.

“Body suit and tights today?” Kai asked.

“Yeah, it's a little cool, so it might not be such a bad idea.”

“That's what I thought too.”

So they stripped down to just their diapers and slipped into their body suits and then their tights. Kenny realized he was about to be seen by a bunch of girls in very tight tights and a diaper showing easily beneath. He blushed.

“Hey, don't worry, they're used to seeing me in a diaper remember.” Kai said, knowing exactly what Kenny was thinking.

“How do you always seem to read my mind?”

“Normally it's easy to read a one track mind. Yours however has two, that's sex, of course, same as mine, and embarrassment. You're always so embarrassed about things. And right now, the only thing you could be embarrassed about is the fact that you can easily see that you're diapered.” Kai pointed out.

“I suppose that's true.” Kenny smiled shyly.

“Come on, let's go, and remember, no shame. These girls already hate me anyway, they don't like the fact that I'm better than they are or something I guess, but I saw how they looked at you, and I can't wait 'til they find out we're boyfriends.” Kai giggled.

Kenny just nodded and they headed out. Only half the girls were out already, but just as they walked out, the other half came out as well, and a round of snickers erupted as they all saw Kenny.

“What, do you girls have a problem with my boyfriend or something?” Kai asked coolly.

“Figures, he's gay too.” One of them said just loud enough for the boys to hear, but could not tell which one it was.

“Yes, I am, and if you have a problem with it, or that I have to wear diapers as well, then please, come and say it to my face, instead of laughing, because not only do I not like it, but it's rude too.” Kenny said softly.

“Now now children, we're all here because we like to dance, and I'll have no fighting.” Dianne said, sneaking up behind the girls.

“Sorry Dianne, the girls just had a problem with the fact that Kenny also has to wear diapers.”

“Oh, I'm sure they have no problems with it at all, because they all know the rules about harassment, and I know none of them wants to be kicked out like the last girl who harassed you did.” Dianne smiled warmly to the boys.

“No Ma'am.” The girls all said, all retorts dying on their lips.

“Good, glad to hear it. Now, you girls, I want you at the bars doing your stretches, I have to work with Kenny more today, because this is his first day in dance, even though I have no doubt Kai's showed him lots already.”

“You have no idea.” Kenny smiled.

“After hearing you two and Denise earlier, I'm sure I don't want to know.” Dianne blushed again.

“No no, nothing like that. Kai's already been teaching me all the stretches and even a few of the basic moves.” Kenny grinned.

“Oh good. There's very few that are better teachers than Kai, even I myself find him teaching me more than I do him now, especially after last year.” She smiled.

“You're still teaching me lots, don't worry.”

“Glad to hear that at least. Well, come on, over to the mats in the center and we'll get started. Kai, I'll get you to help me out as well please?”

For the rest of the two hours they had, Dianne had Kenny doing all sorts of moves and stretches, and between her and Kai, they had Kenny really working hard.

“Well Kenny, I'm happy to say you made it, and I think in time you'll make a fine dancer. Just keep learning and we'll make a proper dancer out of a hockey player yet.” Dianne smiled.

“Thanks, I think.” Kenny smiled tiredly.

Two hours of working with Dianne was equal to or greater than four hours of hockey. Granted, one hour with Kai was more than both. He felt that with all the work he was doing that it would be sooner rather than later, unless he dies from it all.

“You're welcome. Go ahead and go get undressed and cleaned up, Denise should be here any moment now to take you boys home.”

“Okay.” The boys said and headed into the change room and stripped down and went and had a quick shower.

They got back into the change room and diapered each other, Kai diapering Kenny in one of his proper diapers, and then they got dressed.

“Hey boys, how was it?” Denise asked the boys as they walked out.

“Really good, but I think I might die soon from all this work I'm doing.” Kenny yawned.

“You'll survive, don't worry.” Kai smiled warmly to his boyfriend.

“Yeah, I know, but after a week of going every day like this, I might wish I didn't though.” Kenny laughed.

“Now that's more than likely.” Kai laughed as well.

They headed out and Denise dropped Kenny off at home, Kai giving him a nice kiss goodbye right before he departed.

“Are you sure he'll be okay baby, he already looks pretty worn out?” Denise asked as soon as they pulled away.

“Yeah, he'll be fine, he's used to being pushed, but now he's going to be really pushed. While in a week or so he's gonna have to slow down, and maybe even take a day off, he'll push on and keep going. If I see that he's getting too worn out though, I'll make sure he backs off.”

“Good. Not everyone's as used to the training regimen you put yourself through, and most could certainly never do it.”

“I know, but Kenny will be able to, it'll just take him some time to get used to it.”

“Good. Now, I don't know if you remember or not, but our new house is going to be finished in just a couple weeks, have you even told Kenny we're moving?”

“No, I hadn't even really thought about it much, been too busy lately, but of course I remembered, how could I forget, I helped design the place. When do we move then?”

“I have the go ahead from the builders that we can move in in three weeks. I want to ask you something though.”

“What?” Kai asked curiously.

“How would you feel if I were to let's say ask Steven if he wanted to move in with us?”

“I'd first make sure you weren't teasing me, because that would be so cruel.” Kai said cautiously.

“No, I wouldn't do that to you.” Denise smiled warmly.

“Really, are you sure?”

“Yes, of course I'm sure. I'm building the house just for you for your special needs, and Kenny could benefit from it as well. I'll call Steven tonight and ask him how he would feel about that, and this way you can both have the mom and the dad that you deserve. Of course Steven and I'll never be together, but that's fine.” Denise grinned.

“You really mean it, don't you? I'd love it, and I know Kenny would as well. I don't know how he'll feel about changing schools, but I bet he'd like going to the same school as I am.” The only reason Kai had not already transferred was simply because they lived too far from the school, and the school did not have a bus that went that far, he was nearly an hour away by bus during rush hour, but he already had his place set.

“Yes, I really do mean it, and I'm sure he'd be just as fine with it as you are, and you'll be going to a private all boys school, where harassment is strictly forbidden, so it'll be better for the both of you as well. They also have one of the best gay youth groups in the city I'm told, so that'd be really good for you both. I've already arranged that when you go there you won't have to do gym, and I'm sure that Kenny could have the same arrangements made.”

“Wicked, thanks mom, I can't wait to talk to Kenny tonight. Would it be too late to have them add a large outdoor paved area for playing roller hockey?”

“No, they haven't done the driveway yet, so I'm sure paving another section won't be too tricky, I'll call them tomorrow. I'm also told the order of all the equipment that you ordered arrived a couple days ago, the guys should be installing it by now.”

“Oh man, I wish you hadn't told me that, it's getting really hard not to make you take me there and see the new place.” Kai groaned.

“You told me not to let you, no matter how much you begged, so I'm not. And you can't even go there on your own, because I never told you the address.” Denise laughed, she actually enjoyed these moments when she could torture Kai so. Their new house had been in the plans for well over a year, construction was already hitting the six month mark, and Kai was starting to get uncharacteristically impatient.

“I know, and I'm really starting to regret the decision.” Kai laughed.

“You'll be fine, just forget about it again and before you know it, it'll be moving day.” Denise smiled.

“It's getting harder to forget the closer it gets. So, are you gonna ask Steve tonight then?”

“Actually, I've already asked him, and while he was skeptical at first, I made him see that it would be really great for both you boys in many ways. It'll even be good for us too, because it'll combine our bills, and we'll both have houses to rent out, so we'll make good money from them. I just wanted to find out how you'd feel about it.” Denise laughed.

“What, he said yes, holy crap. This is so awesome.” Kai said excitedly, his still changing voice rising at least a full two octaves the more excited he got.

“Yes, he did. I asked him not to tell Kenny, because I knew you'd want that honor. We talked about it today, so he's only known since sometime this morning.”

“Awesome. I'm gonna call him as soon as we get home then.”

“No you're not, you're gonna have dinner first, otherwise you won't eat.”

“Crap.” Kai grumbled.

Denise just laughed and the rest of the ride home was mostly in silence. When they got home, Denise grabbed the food from the fridge that she had taken out to heat up, she always had something in the freezer for dance nights so that they could come home and heat up dinner and eat quickly. Kai was warned three times to slow down during dinner, a first ever Denise had to laugh to herself. She knew that Kai was extremely excited, but she also knew that Steven and Kenny would probably not be done their dinner for a while yet anyway. Finally Denise could not hold Kai from calling Kenny any longer, so she allowed him to call.

“Hi Kenny, have you finished dinner yet?” Kai asked the second Kenny picked up.

“Just one more bite left, just a second.” Kenny said. He had answered the phone because Steven had known who was going to be calling anyway, so had passed the phone right over. “Okay, done.” Kenny said a few seconds later.

“Oh good. I have to tell you a couple things.” Kai said overly excitedly.

“What, sounds good?”

“Oh, it is. First, I'm moving.”

“What, no, you can't do that.” Kenny said in shock.

“Would I sound so excited if I were moving away from you baby?” Kai asked simply to get Kenny to start thinking again.

“Oh, you're right. Okay, so, you're moving closer to me?”

“No, actually quite a bit further away apparently.”

“What, how's that good?” Kenny asked in a panic again.

“Oh would you calm down, and just listen to what I'm trying to tell you please?” Kai laughed.

“Okay fine, but you're driving me nuts here.”

“I know, it's fun. I'll make it up to your nuts later though.” Kai teased.

“Promises promises.” Kenny giggled.

“Anyway, like I was saying, I'm moving, and I'm even changing schools and going to an all boys private school, I just don't know where it is yet, because I asked my mom not to tell me anything, I wanted the new house to be a surprise, we've had the place being built for the last six months. Anyway, the good part for us though, and your dad is probably sitting there grinning right now waiting for me to tell you this.” Kai said, and Kenny looked to his dad.

“He is, now you've gotten me even more confused, please continue?”

“Okay. Well, you know how my dad was just a friend of my moms, and even though they were both gay, they wanted a child and would live together and both act as mom and dad to me, but live separate lives, as friends, yet live together. Not sharing a room of course.”

“Yeah, you told me about that already.” Kenny said, clearly irritated now, because this supposed good news was starting to take forever.

“Yeah, well my mom's always wanted to find another man who could do the same thing, and be the dad that I should have.”

“Wait a minute, are you telling me....”

“No, don't say it, I want to tell you.” Kai said quickly.

“Okay, then bloody well say it.” Kenny snapped, getting very antsy now, he was certain what was coming next.

“Well, you and your dad are going to move in with us and your dad is gonna be the dad I need, and my mom is gonna be the mom you need. We'll all live together like one big happy family, only our parents sleep in different rooms and have other guests over.” Kai said very happily, Denise had to smile from his happy expression.

“Holy crap. You mean it?”

“Ask your dad, he's more than likely grinning and nodding right now.” Kai smiled again, and Kenny looked to his dad, who was in fact doing just that.

“He is. My god, I get to move in with you?”

“Yep, won't it be great?”

“Wow, I don't know what to say.”

“Well, yes comes to mind. The only thing I hope you don't mind is that you'd have to switch schools and come to an all boys private school with me. They even have a really good gay group at the school for boys just like us.”

“Of course I don't mind, I hate the school I'm in anyway. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and yes.” Kenny said, tears free flowing now. Steven even had tears flowing too.

“Thank god you said yes. You should see the place.”

“I thought you said you hadn't seen it yet?”

“Well, technically I haven't seen the house yet, at least where it is and the constructed version, but well over half of it's my design. Mom and I designed it together and took it to an architect who made the full plans for us. It's actually technically smaller than our current house, but it's bigger in the same sense too.”

“How so?”

“Well, the living area is slightly smaller and is only on one floor now. There's four bedrooms, each with it's own private four piece bath suite. The two back bedrooms, one of which will be ours, has it's own private patio. The kitchen is larger and nicer, the living and dining rooms are also larger, and mom has a new office with its own private entrance and she's gonna work from home instead. Otherwise we've trimmed off a lot of the other rooms we hardly used, like the rec room, the extra bedroom, we just didn't need five, and the four extra bathrooms was a waste for us.”

“What about the workout room though, I never thought you'd give that up?”

“Ah, now there's the best part of the house, and where I spent the most amount of time and money.”

“You spent money?”

“Yeah, my mom only had a budget of eight hundred thousand to work with, and what we designed was already pushing that right to the max, so I chipped in an extra couple hundred to do all that I wanted to do in the basement. We were already making the basement, so that's not what I paid for, what I paid for are the accessories to outfit it. The ceiling down there is fourteen feet high, we had to get special permits and all sorts of other things to put a basement in that deep, and it's huge too. The entire size of the upper level, which is a little over three thousand square feet as it is, so the new house is technically larger, because it's total space is nearly a thousand more than our current house, but we felt it'd suit our needs even better.”

“What on earth did you spend two hundred thousand dollars on?”

“It's being outfitted for all my special needs.”

“You don't have special needs.”

“Um, yeah I do. I'm a dancer and a gymnast remember, and I'm getting a full dance studio and gym in my basement. All the stuff that I already have is being added to, and it'll be totally awesome. If it only looks half as good as I pictured in my mind, it'll be incredible. And I asked mom if she could arrange to have a paved hockey rink put into the backyard as well, so that we can practice hockey any time we want.”

“Wow, that's so awesome. So, when do we move?”

“Oh, I haven't finished yet.”

“What are you talking about, you told me everything the house could possibly have?”

“No, not entirely. First is the three car garage, pretty useless information for us, but what is important, is, do you like to swim?”

“Sure, I go swimming whenever possible.”

“Same here, and if I had the time, I would have joined a swim team as well, but my mom said that three things was more than enough, and I have to agree. Anyway, we're having a nice big pool put in, but you know how cold it gets here in winter, so it's enclosed in a nice glass house right behind the garage. We'll access the pool house from the garage, and it'll have a shower and change area, but to tell you the truth, I won't even bother wearing anything in the pool, I'm not the least bit shy about my body.”

“I wouldn't be either if I had your body.” Kenny said in shock.

“What the heck are you talking about, you have a great body too, and you won't get to wear anything in the pool either.”

“Yours is definitely nicer than mine, and no arguments, but I wasn't planning on it if you weren't.” Kenny smiled.

“Fine. I also get to do whatever I want, within reason to the private deck behind our bedroom. I'm thinking a nice fountain and a few nice plants, nice and simple and very pretty.”

“Cool. Anything else you care to tell me about the new house?”

“No, I think that's about it, other than the fact we move in three weeks.”

“Wow, I can't wait to see it. What about all my furniture though?”

“Yours may as well become the new spare bedroom furniture, your dad can use his bedroom furniture in his bedroom, and the rest of your dads stuff can be stored in the garage, in case it's ever needed again, or he can do something else with it, really he can do anything he wants with it.”

“Good plan. I'll let him worry about all that though.” Kenny smiled.

“Yeah, good idea. So, should we tell the guys at hockey tomorrow?”

“Do you think we should?”

“Doesn't really matter to me one way or the other. Until they see us as real members of the team, gay or not, diaper wearers or not, then they really don't matter much.” Kai said simply.

“Some of them are nice, and I am part of the team, even if they seem to keep their distance a lot more lately.”

“Yeah, we really need to fix that so that we can all work as a team properly.”

“Yeah, but how?”

“Let me work on that, don't worry.” Kai grinned.

“Does that spell good or bad news for us or the team?”

“Depends on your outlook I suppose, but it should be good for us, and them if they only open their eyes.”

“That's good I suppose, I just hope they all can.”

“Well, if they can't, then it'll be their loss in the end.”

“True.” Kenny laughed, and they continued talking happily for the next hour before wishing each other a good night and saying I love you to each other.

“Well, sounds like he's happy?” Denise smiled.

“Yeah, he is, and so am I. Thanks mom.”

“No probs baby, you know I'd do anything for you.” Denise smiled warmly.

“And I'd do anything for you too. Well, I think I'm gonna head up and read for a bit before going to bed. By the way, did you finish watching those DVD's I gave to you?”

“Yeah, I did, you boys sure were a bunch of characters, but amazing dancers I must say. You go ahead and head on up to bed, have a good sleep, love you.”

“Thanks, we had fun, it was the first time most of us really truly got to be who we were in front of others. Anyway, have a good night, love you too mom.” Kai smiled brightly and headed upstairs.

His first chore was to strip completely and change his diaper, he was surprised that he had not already started to leak, he was that full, but talking to his boyfriend had taken precedence. Once changed, Kai went and picked out another book at random from his collection and curled up in his bed to read.

“So, you liked the good news did you?” Steven asked Kenny as soon as he hung up.

“Yeah, why didn't you tell me as soon as you found out?”

“I was asked today, and Denise asked me not to tell you, because she knew Kai would want to tell you first. Sounds like he enjoyed it a bit as well I might add.”

“That he sure did. I swear he loves torturing me.”

“Well, I do, so why wouldn't he too?” Steven grinned.

“No kidding. Sometimes I swear you only had a child to have someone to torture.”

“Well, if it had have been my choice in the first place, I would answer yes to that. But with you having come along being quite the surprise, I'll sure take advantage of that fact.” Steven grinned brighter.

“And you take advantage of it far too much. So, how do you feel about moving then?”

“Actually, it'll really be good for all of us I think. We can all have someone there to help us out all the time, and like Denise said, you need a mom and Kai needs a dad, we can both be both for both of you boys. And she had a good point too, it'll only make us extra money with each of us renting out our current houses. She's paying for the entire thing in cash, she has no mortgage, we have no mortgage either, our bills will both go down, because it's one house instead of two, and she's making it a green house as well, so it has only the best of energy efficient everything. I think we've come to an agreement on splitting things though. She'll cover all the utilities, household maintenance and taxes, and I'll cover the food and household supplies. You boys will also be walking distance to a really good school, and she says they're an excellent school with many benefits for both of you. I called the school to enroll you today, and at first they were reluctant, but they agreed to take on another student, even though he claimed they were at maximum capacity already. I had to fax over all your records, and when he saw how bright you are, he finally caved. I guess they just don't want any dense kids coming in and ruining their near perfect report cards.” Steven laughed.

“Wow, it sounds like it'll be really good then. I think buying the food might be more expensive in the long run though.” Kenny chuckled.

“Possibly.” Steven laughed as well.

“So, what are you gonna do with all the stuff from the house then?”

“We'll take our workout equipment, I doubt they've bought weight stuff, and we can all use it, and if we have duplicates, they can either be stored or used as well. Mine and your bedroom suites will be used for my bedroom and the spare bedroom. All the living and dining room stuff I'll just rent with the house, or store in the basement if the people don't want or need it, there's lots of unused space down there. All the kitchen stuff will be boxed and stored at the new house though, I have too many good things to risk leaving here, and of course all our personal things come with us.”

“That sounds cool enough. Did Denise tell you all about the house?”

“Yeah, she did, and it sounds like an amazing house.”

“Yeah, and Kai asked to have a paved roller rink put into the backyard for us as well, and she's gonna have it done.”

“That'll be really good for you boys.”

“Yeah, that's why Kai asked for it.”

“That's good.”

“Yeah, I can't wait. Well, I think I'm gonna head upstairs and relax for a bit, maybe read something for a bit.”

“Okay handsome, you go ahead. You have a good sleep, love you.”

“Have a good sleep and love you too.” Kenny smiled and ran upstairs.

His diaper was also reaching critical mass, so Kenny stripped down fully and changed his nearly saturated diaper, and then grabbed a book off his shelf and curled up in his bed to read as well. Kenny managed to fall asleep a little over an hour later with the book covering his face, the light still on, and he was uncovered almost all the way. Steven smiled when he checked in on Kenny, this was not the first time Kenny had done such a thing. He grabbed the book and put the bookmark into the page to mark it, covered Kenny up, and then turned off the light.