Chapter 6

The rest of the week had went by real quick for the boys and Kenny came to Kai's for the weekend again, and went to Ballet together Saturday afternoon. Mitch was quite pleased already with the progress that Kai had made in hockey, and while he was still not as good as the others on the team, he was now able to hold his own as they did drills and things of that nature. Dianne too was pleased with the progress that Kenny was making, it would take a lot more time for Kenny to learn everything that he needed to learn, but he was learning quickly and could already do a fairly nice simple dance on his own without error. His first error free one in fact was Saturday afternoon, and Dianne made Kenny swear that he would practice it every day until he had it perfect. The boys also played hockey in the afternoons as often as they could, not only because it was fun, but because Kai still needed more practice. It was now Saturday evening, and the boys and Denise had just finished eating dinner.

“What are you boys gonna do now, I have to go out for a bit?”

“Probably just lay back and watch a movie. I know Kenny's getting pretty tired from his extra long hard week.” Kai looked to Kenny and got a nod of approval.

“Okay, I'll only be about an hour or so, just have to go check up on the house, and see how they're coming along.”

“Oh man, I wish you hadn't told me that, I so want to say take us with you.” Kai groaned again.

“Hey, I never made you swear any such stupid thing as to not let me see it, so can I go with you?” Kenny asked excitedly.

“Nope, even if Kai hadn't made me swear that, neither of you'd be coming anyway.” Denise smiled.

“Ah nuts.” Both boys said.

“You'll survive. Go on up to your bedroom and put in a movie and cuddle up, you both need some rest.”

“Yes mommy.” Kai sighed, Denise grinned.

A few minutes later Denise was gone and the boys were up in Kai's bedroom. They stripped each other down to only their lightly wet diapers and curled up on the bed and started watching their chosen movie. For the next hour and a half they laid there watching the movie, and just as it was ending, Denise poked her head in the door.

“Oh, good timing. How's it looking?” Kai asked, turning everything off as he did so.

“It's looking amazing. All the kitchen and bathroom cabinets went in today, all the ceilings were finished yesterday so they installed all the light fixtures today, and they promise me that all the tile work in the kitchens and bathrooms can be completed tomorrow and then the grout the next day, sorry, Monday and Tuesday. The finish painting also starts on Monday, and then all the final touches can be done, so they're almost ready for us. He told me that if all goes as smoothly as it has been, they'll be ready for us to move in on Monday, we'll find out Friday for sure though.”

“Wow, that's awesome. Will the movers have any problem with that though?”

“They shouldn't, in the contract I signed, I made it well known that the moving date could be moved up on short notice and that barring any other moves that they were already in the middle of, they would accommodate us as soon as possible. So that simply means that if they're able to, they'll come in Monday and move us, if they're already on another job, it could have to wait a few days.”

“Wicked. Will I at least be able to see it on Monday no matter what?”

“Unless it's not done yet, yes.” Denise smiled, Kai had had an amazing amount of patience and willpower in order to not go see the new house, and Denise knew that if he really begged her to, she would have taken him, but he never did.

“Good. Kenny will of course be coming with us.”

“Of course.” Denise laughed.

“Good.” Both boys stated happily.

“Well, I'm gonna go have a nice long hot bath, you boys head to bed pretty soon, you both need the rest.”

“I think we were planning on it, don't worry. Goodnight, love you.”

“Goodnight, love you too.” Denise smiled and shut the bedroom door on her way out.

“Well baby, soon we'll be moving in together, how does it feel?” Kai whispered into Kenny's ear, nibbling it tenderly as he did so.

“Mmm, it feels nice.” Kenny sighed, with the nibbling though, he probably did not even hear the question.

“That wasn't what I asked.” Kai giggled.

“Huh, what?”

“I asked how you felt about moving in with me in a week?”

“Oh yeah, sorry, you know what your nibbling on my ears or neck does to me. You can't possibly expect me to concentrate when you do that. As for moving in with you, I can't wait, I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.”

“Same here. Now, I know we both need to get to bed, you're getting to the point of exhaustion, but I'm also really horny tonight and I need a little action. I'm getting pretty tired as well, so I think sucking each other at the same time will work out well enough to help us relieve a little pressure.” Kai suggested.

“Sounds like a good plan, but I'm not so sure only once is gonna cut it for me, the last time we played was Thursday night, and I haven't jacked off either.”

“Same here, but that was only because you passed out at seven thirty on Friday night and slept in 'til after nine on Saturday. My mom had to carry you up to bed, and as much as I wanted to rape you in your sleep, it wasn't really gonna do me any good, because I wouldn't do that to your bum 'til you're ready for it.” Kai grinned.

“If you don't stop talking, I'm gonna pass out soon again, so come on, let's suck.” Kenny grinned. Now that he was used to the feelings and was more free, he loved to suck and be sucked.

Kai just grinned and swung around so that they were both pointed the correct way. They released the tapes on only one side of each others diapers, and both sprung out and nearly slapped the other in the face with their painfully hard erections. They giggled, but only for a second before sucking each other in to the root. They both moaned deeply, it just felt so good, and then they started going. This was all about getting off, and getting off fast. They were sucking each other like crazy, they were both so horny that they could barely stand it. Less than two minutes later, they both exploded, and slurped up the tasty treat.

A few seconds later they both sighed, and then started sucking once again. This time it was slower, marginally so maybe, but slower none the less. With the massive cum having exploded already, and it was quite large for both boys, they knew they would have at least a little more play time, so they enjoyed themselves a bit more, making sure to tease each other as they sucked. Both of them had both hands working now, one was toying with nuts while the other was petting ass. It felt so nice, and as much as the boys wanted it to last forever, it was not to be, and only about four minutes after starting, they exploded once again.

“Oh wow, so good.” Kai sighed a few minutes later as they were both released from the amazing pair of orgasms that they had shared.

“Oh yeah, but now I'm so tired I think I'm gonna pass out soon. We better diaper each other and get to sleep real soon.” Kenny sighed.

“This week really has been hard on you, hasn't it?” Kai asked softly as he slipped out of bed to get the diaper supplies.

“Yeah, but with you there by my side I can take anything. I'm tired, but I also feel better than I ever have before. Tomorrow will be nice, and I don't even want to work out in the morning, I think I just need a good day of rest.” Kenny said as Kai was gathering the needed things.

“Then that's how it shall be baby, no work, just rest and relax, now turn a bit so that I can get my baby nice and thickly diapered?”

“Okay.” Kenny smiled warmly and did as he was asked.

Within a few minutes both boys were nice and thickly creamed and diapered, and curled up in bed. They had just whispered goodnight I love you to each other, and by the time Kai turned back after turning off the light, he could already hear Kenny lightly snoring. He smiled warmly and fell asleep a couple minutes later himself.

Once again, Kenny slept in quite late for himself, and Kai just kept cuddled right up to him after waking up and dozed back off a few times, waiting for Kenny to wake up. Finally almost two hours past his normal wake up time, Kai noticed that Kenny was starting to wake up, so he watched Kenny lovingly as he came too.

“Good morning baby. Have you been laying here watching me sleep since the time I know you usually wake up?”

“Good morning to you too baby, and no. I did a few times, but I dozed back off as well, I only just woke up about ten minutes ago again and I knew you'd be waking up soon. You really are beautiful you know.” Kai smiled warmly, reaching in for a nice tender good morning kiss.

“Thanks, and you're so beautiful too.” Kenny whispered back and reached in for another kiss.

“Thanks. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm starving and my diaper is getting really full, so I say breakfast first and then come upstairs for a nice long hot relaxing bath.”


“Together always.” Kai smiled, reaching in for another kiss.

“Mmm, I like that. Okay, I've never had a bath with someone else before though.”

“Really, not even your dad when you were younger?”

“Well, yeah I guess, but once I reached four he said he couldn't allow me to.”

“Ah, let me guess, you were a curious gay baby boy and kept grabbing daddy?” Kai grinned.

“Yeah, something like that.” Kenny grinned.

“Can't say's I blame you, he's pretty good looking.”

“He is, isn't he. We better get up, my stomach's growling so much I'm surprised your mom isn't up here wondering what all the noise is about.” Kenny giggled.

“Mine's getting almost as bad. Come on baby, let's go.” Kai smiled and pushed the covers down.

They hopped out of bed and headed downstairs to get some much needed food. When they reached the kitchen, they were surprised to find that Denise was not in there, nor was she anywhere else the boys had noticed, but there was a note on the table, so Kai grabbed it and read it out loud to Kenny.

'Good morning boys, I had to go out for a bit this morning, a medical emergency popped up and I was asked to rush to the hospital to help a young boy who attempted suicide during the night. He'll live, for now, unless I can't get him to snap out of the depression he's so deeply in. I don't know when I'll be home, so go ahead and just do whatever. Love you.'

“Well, that explains a lot. It always makes my skin crawl when she has to do that, but if she can't help the poor boy, then no one can.” Kai said sadly.

“It really is so sad that someone could think that death is better than what they're dealing with.” Kenny said sadly as well.

“Yes, it is, but all too often it happens. My mom's helped so many suicidal kids now it's not even funny. She's the one the hospitals all call in situations like this too, because they know that if she can't help them, then no one really can. We better get some food, come on baby.”

They grabbed themselves a nice healthy filling breakfast, and then reloaded and ate that as well. Once they were satisfied that their hunger was sated, they headed back upstairs. They went to the main bath and Kai started the bath as hot as they could stand it, put some peppermint oil in the water, it would help them relax even more, and then they stripped each other of their soggy diapers. They both sighed deeply as they slipped into the hot water, and then Kai turned the jets on and they sighed more as the jets started pounding their bodies from all over, it was very nice. For an hour, neither boy said or did anything, they just laid back, completely and totally relaxed and at peace with the world.

“As nice as this is, I think we'd better get cleaned off and get out, I'm starting to get pretty wrinkled and am feeling a bit overheated now.” Kai sighed.

“Yeah, I think I agree. Want to just hop out of the bath and into a cooler shower to clean off?”

“It'll be a hell of a shock, but it'd probably feel really good too.”

“Yeah, come on then baby.” Kenny said.

Kai turned off the jets and unplugged the tub and they hopped from the tub to the shower and started a slightly cooler shower. At first it was a shock, but their bodies adjusted quickly, and they helped to wash each other. It was with very little surprise that both boys were painfully hard, and Kenny was the first to sink down onto his knees this morning to take care of something a little more important than just cleaning each other. Kai sighed deeply and fell back against the wall of the shower and just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of Kenny sucking his morning load right out of him.

Kai lasted maybe three minutes before exploding, but Kenny did not stop, he just paused for a few seconds to let the main wave of intensity fade away before starting to suck deeply once again. Kai grunted and sighed and enjoyed the feelings even more. He loved being sucked, it felt so nice, granted making love felt even nicer yet, but this was too good to pass up too, and maybe soon he would be able to get both. Kai lasted another five minutes before giving up his second load of the morning, and Kenny stood up and grinned, showed the treat still in his mouth, and then leaned forward and pressed their lips together, and there they stood for a few minutes, kissing and petting each other, sharing the load between them.

After kissing for a few minutes, Kai slipped down Kenny's hot body and sucked in his beautiful tasty dick as well and started sucking him. Kenny though was too close from all the feelings previously, and in less than a minute he was giving Kai his first load. Kai too did not let go, just paused for a few moments and then started up again. Kenny let out a near howl, and then sighed deeply as Kai started making him feel even better yet. Kenny managed to last almost three minutes before exploding a second time, and Kai released his powerful hold and rose up. He too grinned and showed his mouth full, and then leaned in and shared the wealth with Kenny. They kissed for another few minutes before deciding that they really should finish getting cleaned and get out of the shower.

“Wow, what a shower.” Kenny sighed as they stepped out after having finally cleaned each other.

“Yeah, it was, thanks.” Kai smiled.

They quickly brushed their hair and teeth and then went and got each other nice and thickly diapered. They headed downstairs a few minutes later and found that Denise was still not home yet, so they sat back in the living room and cuddled up together while watching TV. Denise finally walked in some three hours later, but she was not alone. With her was Owen, the only twelve year old boy on the hockey team.

“Owen, what are you doing here, you can't be the reason Denise had to go to the hospital, can you?” Kenny jumped up and ran towards the boy.

“I am.” Owen said softly, looking still on the verge of tears.

“Oh Owen, why didn't you come talk to me if you were having troubles with being gay?”

“How do you know that's what it's about?”

“That's what Denise specializes in, and I'm betting that the hospital found out why you tried to do what you did and called her right away. You could have come and talked to Kai and I, you know we're gay, we would have helped you out.” Kenny said, wrapping one of the few boys on the team he would call a friend in a hug.

“I....I.....I'm sorry, I was just so weak. I thought no one would understand.”

“It's okay. We'll all help you out now. How come you're here?”

“D...D....D....Denise said I should come stay with you guys for a few days 'til everything gets settled back down. H....h....h....h....he said many m...m...m...m...mean things to”

“What did he say?” Kenny asked softly.

Owen took a few moments to compose himself more, so that he wouldn't keep sniffling and stuttering. Finally he was able to answer.

“He told me that I was useless, that I was a waste of air, that he was so disappointed in me that I was gay. I never meant for him to find out, he wasn't supposed to be home, he shouldn't have caught me, I shouldn't have been doing it?”

“It's okay, you're okay now. What were you doing?”

“I was fucking myself with a dildo, and through my diaper.” Owen said, sounding more and more as if he was coming out of the shock.

“I didn't know you wore diapers too.”

“I don't have to, but seeing you guys in diapers made me realize how long I've dreamed about it, so I went and bought some and I've been wearing them in secret for a week now. I'm so sorry, I'm such a disgrace.”

“Hey, I never want to hear you say that again, you're nothing of that nature. What did you do and how did you end up at the hospital?” Kenny whispered softly right into Owen's ear.

“I ran away from home, I couldn't deal with him yelling at me anymore, I just couldn't. I snapped and I broke into a pharmacy, I shoulda known they'd get to me before I could die, maybe I did and wanted to be found, I don't know. But I just started opening bottles and taking whatever. Apparently, and I don't remember much after that, because I musta passed out, but they found me and got me to the hospital. They pumped my stomach, it still hurts, maybe it's from all the drugs, I don't know, they gave me some stuff to make me all better, and then they made me tell them why I tried to do it, to you know.....”

“NO, I never want you to say that again, it's enough for us. You're okay now, you're gonna stay here for a while and we'll help you out, we promise.” Kenny said tenderly and hugged Owen once more.

“Thanks. I shoulda known you guys would help me out.”

“You wanted Owen here so that we could talk him out of it, didn't you?” Kai whispered to his mom, she had separated from Owen right away, and Kai went right to her, seeing that Kenny had Owen well under control. They both listened to the entire exchange.

“Yeah, I had to, I was getting nowhere with him, he was almost too far gone. Being with you boys will help him far more than even I can. You'll be skipping school this week to help him, but you can still go to hockey and ballet, just he'll have to go with you. I want him under constant supervision, one more slip up and we'll lose him, he's extremely broken right now. I've had the police go collect his dad and charge him with severe mental abuse. Thankfully he didn't start hitting the boy or he'd probably already be dead. When the police arrived, he was already passed out and was choking on his vomit. They instantly called the ambulance and got him turned over and cleared him so that he could breath, but that was extremely shallow, they thought they'd already lost him. The lead officer admitted that he started crying, because his son is the same age and is having difficulties dealing with being gay. He's gonna come see me this week, I made the officer promise that much, and he agreed, he didn't want to see his son in the same situation. At least he's a hundred percent certain his son's gay, but he just won't talk.”

“You got it mom. We'll be his own personal guardian angels, we'll make certain that he's as happy as possible and teach him all the reasons he has to live, and give him no reason to want to end it.”

“Thanks baby, I knew I could count on you.” Denise smiled and hugged Kai tightly.

“No prob mom. You know how I am with helping a poor gay boy.” Kai smiled.

“Are you wearing a diaper Owen, and if so, do you need a change?” Kenny asked.

“Yeah, the hospital put one on me when I told them I didn't have much for bladder control and that I wore diapers. I lied to them, but at least someone diapered me. As for do I need a change, yeah, I could use one.” Owen whispered.

“Then come with Kai and I, we could use a diaper change as well. Kai, Owen and I need a diaper change, you coming?”

“Sure, be right there. Mom, do you have any of the sedatives with you, Owen looks like he needs a good long sleep?”

“You bet, I made sure to bring plenty with me to help Owen sleep uninterrupted.”

“Good, can I have one please?”

“Here you go.” Denise said after extracting one from the bottle in her purse.

“Thanks, be down in a bit.” Kai said and then followed the other two upstairs.

“Owen, I don't want any complaints, but we're gonna do everything for you, I want you to totally relax, let yourself go completely. As you heard, I got a sedative for you, and I want you to take that now, and once we get you changed, we're gonna lay down with you and cuddle up to you 'til you fall asleep, okay.”

“Okay.” Owen said softly.

He took the offered pill and swallowed it, and then Kenny and Kai proceeded to strip him out of the clothes that he had been wearing. They were still stained and smelly from the vomit, and his shirt was torn from the paramedics tearing it open to get to his chest properly. As soon as he was out of his clothes, Kai just took them and dumped them in the trash. While he was doing that, Kenny proceeded to remove Owen's wet diaper, and Kai grabbed all the diaper supplies. They rubbed lots of cream onto his soft hairless skin and then taped him up into a nice thick diaper. They then changed each other quickly, so that they could cuddle up to Owen until he fell asleep. With all the stress and the sedative in his system now, Owen passed out in only ten minutes.

“Come on, let's go and leave him to sleep. That was a long lasting sedative, so he'll probably sleep for at least four hours. I'll get the baby monitor and set it up so that we can hear if he has any dreams or if he wakes up.” Kai whispered to Kenny after touching his shoulder to let him know he wanted him to listen.

“Okay.” Kenny said softly and slipped out of bed as well.

They exited the bedroom, and on the floor by the door was the baby monitor, Denise had already thought about it, but did not want to disturb the boys. Kai quickly hooked it up and left the room again.

“Why do you have a baby monitor?”

“It's mine from when I was a baby, but Owen's not the first kid mom's brought home from the hospital for me to help her with, so it's come in handy a few times. Sometimes kids just need to talk to other kids, adults are scary in many cases to kids who've been abused and things like that, so I've helped when no adult possibly could.”

“Oh, that's good, and true I guess. What should we do now?”

“Go talk to mom.”

“Okay.” Kenny said, and they headed downstairs to find Denise.

“Thanks for the baby monitor mom, I was gonna go get it.”

“I knew you'd be coming for it eventually, so I grabbed it for you. Were there any problems?”

“No, he's sleeping peacefully for now. Hopefully the sedative will help keep the dreams away for a bit at least. He'll sleep with us tonight as well so that we can cuddle up to him and help him to feel loved, that's what he needs most of all right now.”

“Yes he does. It doesn't sound like he's felt much if any love at home for a long time. From what little I could get from him, his mom died when he was five and his dad's a mean drunk.”

“I never knew that, but he never talks about his dad, he just gets dropped off at hockey and he goes right to school from hockey. He goes to the same school as me and just stores his hockey bag in the office. For all I know, he might actually walk from home to hockey too, I've never seen him arrive, I'm always already there by the time he gets there.” Kenny said.

“Well, like I told Kai, you boys won't be going to school this week so that you can help Owen out, he needs you boys more right now than he needs me. You'll be able to get him to open up far more than I will, and you're also a lot alike, which will help as well. I wonder though who's been paying for his hockey, because it doesn't sound like his dad's been doing it?” Denise wondered out loud.

“More than likely my dad. He carries a few of them already.”

“Oh, okay, then we'll make sure if that's the case that it continues. Owen will certainly need the hockey now to help him feel normal.”

“Yeah, and maybe he'd be interested in joining Ballet with us as well.” Kai grinned.

“Somehow I doubt that.” Kenny chuckled.

“You never know. We'll ask, but he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to either.”

“True. So, what should we do now?” Kenny asked.

“Well, I don't know about you boys, but I have to go buy groceries and other supplies, three diaper boys are gonna go through the last of the diapers pretty quickly, so they're definitely on my list. Kenny, you'll wanna call your dad and let him know what's happening and that school is out, doctors orders.”

“Okay, we'll stay here then and watch over the patient and figure out something to do.” Kenny smiled.

“Thanks. I'm gonna head out right now, I have my cell if you need me for anything, and remember, keep your ears peeled, if he gets up and gets to the bathroom, he could easily still do something we'd all regret.”

“Why don't we clear the bathrooms of anything he could use to do anything?” Kenny asked.

“Not a bad idea, we'll go do that right away.” Kai said.

“Good thinking Kenny, but remember, to the person who really wants to die, they'll do anything, so just keep watch on him at all times.” Denise warned.

“I know, don't worry.” Kenny smiled sadly.

Within a minute, Denise was gone again, and the boys went and cleaned out the bathrooms of anything that could be used to harm someone.

“So, what should we do now?” Kenny asked.

“Wanna just lay down in bed with Owen and read quietly?”

“Yeah, we could do that.” Kenny answered, so that was what they did.

They sat in bed for the next couple hours reading, paying really close attention to Owen as he slept, but saying nothing to each other. Occasionally they would look to each other and smile and mouth I love you to each other, but otherwise it was pretty quiet in the bedroom. A couple hours later, Denise poked her head in the door and smiled. The boys saw her and set down their books and silently crept from the bedroom.

“So, anything while I was gone?” Denise asked as soon as they met her back down in the living room.

“Nope, he hardly stirred at all, and we just read quietly the whole time.” Kai answered.

“That's good. I hope he'll be alright.”

“I'm sure he will be. He always seemed so much stronger than that, I think it was a one time thing, or at least I sure hope so. Burying a friend is the last thing on earth I'd want to do.” Kenny said hopefully.

“Sadly, I know all too well that heartache, and I never want that for anyone either, except when it's a persons natural time to go, that's the only time it's acceptable.”

“Mom still misses my dad a lot, and I can't blame her, he was taken so horribly from us, and so early too. He was five years younger than mom was, and they'd known each other since he was a young teen, so they knew each other well.” Kai pointed out.

“Yeah, I guess all we can do is hope and pray that things like that never happen, but sadly they do every day, don't they.” Kenny said sadly.

“Yes, and while I still miss him, I'm over the pain of losing him. I'll always remember him, and having the spitting image of him in his son with me every day is also a great help as well.” Denise smiled, hugging Kai tenderly to her side.

“So, what are you gonna do with him then mom?”

“Well, right now it's a police and social services issue. I'm still active as an emergency placement home for the foster parents program, so for now he's staying here under care of a doctor. After that though, I don't know. We'll try and find him a suitable home that can help him grow up properly, but finding ones that want to take gay boys is hard enough as it is, but finding one who'll accept his diaper love might be more tricky yet.”

“Doesn't he have any other family?” Kenny asked.

“From the sounds of it, no, none at all. We'll have to probe deeper and investigate it more, and social services will be doing that as well, but I'm guessing no.”

“Then, why don't we take him permanently mom?” Kai suggested.

“Like I told you with the last boy you wanted to keep Kai, we can't keep all the boys that I help, we have to find them other more suitable homes.”

“Yeah, but is there any place more suitable than a house full of gays, half of which also love diapers and or have to wear them. Also, once we move, Steven will be there, and Owen needs a loving father figure who'll accept him for who he is, and Owen needs that a lot right now.” Kai pointed out.

“We only have the one spare bedroom at the new house though Kai.”

“That's enough for him, like he needs more than one room.” Kai giggled.

“You know exactly what I meant.” Denise laughed, shaking her head, she really should know better than to leave something so open like that with him.

“Maybe, but still, so what. How many guests have we had here in the past few years, not many, that's for sure. If we need to, there's the floor if we have guests, we don't really need a spare bedroom all that much. Don't say yes or no now mom, just promise me you'll think about it. He'll be here for at least a week at any rate, that'll give us all time to think about it and let him get used to the idea of having a loving family there for him.”

“Okay.” Denise said softly, knowing Kai had already won, he always seemed to, he could always out argue her, he was so smart, he always came up with reasons to make things happen. Probably the only reason the last few boys she had brought home with her did not end up staying, even though Kai made a good argument, was because they had other family who would care for them, and Kai too was a firm believer that whenever possible, children should always be with family. If however Owen had no family, as it sounded, then he wanted Owen to stay with them.

All of a sudden they heard Owen starting to make noises in his sleep, and it sounded as if he were starting to have dreams, so both boys rushed upstairs and climbed into bed with the now thrashing boy, and cuddled right up to him and started tickling his chest and back, because he was on his side. He stopped thrashing almost immediately, and they stayed cuddled into Owen as he slept more peacefully once again. They stayed with him for the next half an hour as he slept, until he was noted to be starting to wake up. Almost fifteen minutes later he opened his eyes and actually smiled warmly to the boys who were holding him and petting him so nicely. He did not even remember the last time he felt so loved.

“Thanks guys, I don't know the last time I slept so peacefully.” Owen whispered.

“Do you remember dreaming at all?” Kai whispered.

“Um, no. Should I have?”

“No, I was hoping you wouldn't. You started having a bad dream, but we cuddled up to you right away and it stopped almost as fast as it started.” Kai answered softly.


“How do you feel now, do you still feel depressed enough to want to do it again?”

“I'm still depressed, but do I want to, well you know, I don't know, I don't think so. Everything's so messed up right now. I just want to cry.” Owen admitted.

“Then come here.” Kai sat up and said, and opened his arms wide.

Owen at first just stared at Kai, wondering if the older boy really wanted him to hug him. Kai nodded his head, telling that he knew what he was thinking, and eventually, Owen sat up as well and wrapped his arms around Kai. Kenny then got behind Owen and wrapped his arms around both of them.

“Cry baby, I know you need to, let it all out.” Kai whispered repeatedly into Owen's ear, while Kenny was whispering into the other one, “Let us help you, we're your friends.”

It did not take long before the damn burst forth and Owen cried huge sobs, and for more than half an hour, he cried and cried and cried, all the while both boys were whispering encouraging words to him, telling him he was not as bad as he thought he was, as bad as his dad thought he was, that he was good because he was who he was and would never hurt anyone else. Finally all the tears that Owen could cry were dried up, he almost felt empty now, and he stopped sobbing. Kenny and Kai released their hold on the younger boy, but he was almost the same size as they were, at least height and weight, their dicks were still at least bigger, by at least a full inch.

“Thanks guys, I feel, well, I don't know what I feel now.” Owen said, not knowing what to say.

“Well, empty is probably one of the many things you feel, you poured out a huge amount of emotions with those tears, and I know how difficult that is. You probably also feel a huge amount of relief, because we know exactly who you are and we accept you just like you are, and furthermore we're all the same here. Next you probably feel a lot of fear that somehow you'll be made to go back to your father, but I can assure you, that's the last place you'll have to go, and if my mom has anything to say about it, he'll be going to jail for all that he did to you. You're more than likely also feeling a lot of anxiety wondering what's gonna happen next, but for now, don't worry about that, we'll make sure that no matter what happens to you next, you'll be as happy as you've ever dreamed of being.”

“Wow, it's like you read my mind.” Owen said in shock.

“He has a nasty habit of being able to see right through people and easing their fears, trust me.” Kenny smiled warmly.

“I just read people really well, and I've seen what you're going through more than once. You're not the first kid mom's brought home for me to help.” Kai smiled warmly.

“Why would she bring me here for you to help me, I thought she was the best psychiatrist in the city, possibly the country, that's who the nurse said she was calling for me?”

“And she is, but she's an adult. Would you really truly have let an adult into your thoughts, you'd just been royally betrayed by the one adult that should never have done so, he should have loved you unconditionally, no matter what?”

“No, I guess you're right. I hardly talked to her, just answered her questions as simply as I could so that she'd shut up, but she just kept asking questions, and finally I just stopped talking. She said she understood and that she was going to bring me home so that I was more comfortable. At first I thought she meant my house, and I fought her, but she assured me she was bringing me to her home, and that her son would keep me company. I never thought I'd know who you are, I'd never seen your mom before.”

“No, I go to hockey practice with Kenny and his dad, and Kenny comes to ballet with me and my mom. It's an easy arrangement.” Kai answered.

“Makes sense, but I'm glad that I finally let her. I know I should have talked to you guys about this, and maybe I wouldn't have tried what I did. What do you think's gonna happen to me though for breaking into the pharmacy, do you think they'll send me to jail for that?”

“No, ultimately it'll be your dad that has to pay for that crime, because after what we tell my mom and she tells the police, it'll be clear that he drove you to doing that. Besides, one incident never leads you to jail, unless you do something really bad, and that was only a little bad. Also, I'm seriously doubting that once the owner of the pharmacy hears about the reasons why you broke in, he won't be pressing charges either, and I know my mom would rip him a new hole if he even dreamed of trying to get you in trouble for doing so. Again, it'll be your dad though that has to pay for everything that you wrecked and or consumed.” Kai answered reassuringly.

“Oh, you really think so?”

“I know so.” Kai answered.

“Okay, I guess, for now, but I'm not so sure.”

“It's okay, a lot's happened in the last several hours to not let you trust anyone, I can understand that.”

“I trust you guys, you're the same as me, I know you wouldn't make fun of me.” Owen said softly, smiling ever so slightly.

“That's good. Now, I'm willing to bet that you're more than a little hungry, having your stomach pumped and not having breakfast or lunch has left you more than a little empty, so let's go get us all some lunch. If we're lucky, my mom's already got something prepared for us to eat as soon as we're ready.”

“Okay, can I get some pants please?”

“No, you need to get more used to walking around in just diapers. Be who you want to be and don't be afraid to show it off here, we do, and you'll be fine too.” Kenny said softly.

“I don't think I can do that yet.” Owen whispered fearfully.

“We won't make you Owen, we won't push you to do anything you don't want to do, you're much too raw for that sort of thing right now, but just think of it this way, we will be. Do you really want to be the only one not wearing only a diaper? How often have you dreamed of getting to walk around the house in only a diaper and be free to be who you are? Well, here you'll get that chance to be who you really are, do you really want to pass up the opportunity to shed that fear as well?” Kai asked ever so softly, almost hypnotizing Owen.

“No, I don't want to be the only one not wearing only a diaper, I've been dreaming about it for so long. Okay, I'll do it, but please stay with me.” Owen asked softly.

“You're gonna be alright Owen, I can tell. And don't worry, one of the other reasons my mom brought you here for us to help, was that she's told us we have the next week off of school and we're to be your guardian angels. At all times over the next week one or both of us is gonna be within arms reach of you.”

“Oh, even in the bathroom?”

“Most especially in the bathroom. Bathrooms are dangerous places when you're down as low as you are, and I know you know the reason for that. We don't want to let you have the chance to try again, and I promise I'm not gonna let you either. If you need privacy for certain things, we'll turn our backs, but that's about the most you'll get for the next week okay. And if you think this'll be hard on you, just think how it'll be for us, we're used to jacking or sucking each other off at least once per day, and we won't be able to do that with you around us at all times.”

“Oh, um, you do that together? You don't have to give that up for me, I can just go to another room.” Owen blushed.

“Of course we do, same as we know you must jack off, but no, you're wrong, you can't just go to another room. Within arms reach at all times remember, we'll survive, just like we want you to. Can you at least promise me one thing?” Kai asked softly.


“That if you feel at all depressed that you'll come and talk to Kenny and I about it. I assure you that there's absolutely nothing that you can say that'll embarrass me, and even though some of it'll still embarrass Kenny, that's just plain fun.” Kai giggled.

“Okay, I promise to try, really I do.” Owen smiled.

“Good, come on, let's go get some food, I'm starving.” Kai smiled back.

“I've been hungry since I woke up at the hospital, but I refused to eat, I just didn't want to.”

“We understand, and there's no need to say why either.” Kai said warmly and helped Owen to stand up.

Once they were all up, they headed downstairs to see about some lunch, and as suspected, Denise had a pot of home made soup on the stove on low waiting for them and a stack of sandwiches made up and covered on the counter ready and waiting for them. There was even a stack of bowls and plates on the counter, so they each grabbed one and started dishing up.

“Oh good, you boys found your lunch. Owen, how are you feeling now?”

“All sorts of things, but mostly empty right now.” Owen admitted easily enough.

“Good, thanks. That's pretty much what I was hoping you'd feel by now. Now all you have to do is let the boys help fill you up with love and the desire to live and you'll be just fine.”

“They're already doing a good job with that.” Owen smiled.

“Yes, they both have a lot of love and tenderness to share. Listen to them, talk to them and you'll find you're more free than you've ever been. Oh, and congratulations on working out your demons to come downstairs in only a diaper, I can well imagine it was difficult to do.”

“Not as hard as you'd think, Kai made me see how easy it really would be.” Owen blushed.

“Yes, he's really good at talking, isn't he?”

“Yeah, he is.”

“Don't let me interrupt you any more, you need to eat. Try not to eat too much though, your stomach's still gonna be pretty tender.”

“Okay, thanks.” Owen smiled and continued dishing up. Kenny and Kai were waiting for Owen to dish up first, so as soon as he was done, they dished up as well, and then they all sat at the counter in the kitchen and ate their hearty but good lunch, none of them talking. Kenny and Kai had one sandwich and one and a half bowls of soup each, while Owen had two and two when he said he was full.

“Now Owen, I hate to say this, but you still stink pretty bad, so let's get you upstairs and into the bath. We're even gonna wash you after you've rested and relaxed for a bit.” Kai said softly once they were all done.

“That'd feel real nice right about now.” Owen admitted.

“Good, come on.” Kai said, and then he and Kenny led him up to the main bathroom.

Kai started the bath water as hot as he thought Owen would be able to stand it, while Kenny grabbed the peppermint oil and poured probably twice as much in as was needed, but Owen really needed the relaxation right now. Kai stripped Owen of his already wet diaper and urged him into the tub. As he was laying there, Kai motioned for Kenny to sit down and that he was going to go do something, so went and found his bottle of baby lotion and put it in a sink of hot water to warm up. He then got a few other things all ready for when Owen was finished his bath, and then went back to the bathroom. For more than half an hour more, Kai and Kenny just sat there with Owen, not one of them making a sound. Once Owen sat up, signaling to the others that he was ready, they both got up and knelt by the side of the tub. They had Owen get up on his knees, and then using the body wash on their bare hands, they started washing Owen from head to toe very tenderly. Kenny thought it weird at first to be washing another boys bum, but he did it anyway without saying anything. Kai though had Owen's penis, and was not even surprised that not once did Owen even twitch, not even getting the slightest bit hard. Both boys though could easily see the tears streaming down Owen's cheeks once again. They knew that this must feel very loving to the younger scarred boy.

“Okay Owen, you're all washed up, but I want you to hop into the shower and re wash your hair and condition it as well as rinse off now, okay.” Kai said softly, almost wishing he did not have to break the nice feelings they were giving Owen, because after washing him, they did not stop and pretty much soap massaged him for fifteen minutes, it must have felt really nice.

“Okay, but I was enjoying that.” Owen said, clearly saddened to have it stop.

“We promise to do that for you at least once more, okay.”

“Okay.” Owen brightened up again.

He hopped out of the tub and into the shower and spent nearly ten minutes in there luxuriating in the hot spray before washing off once more and doing his hair again. Once he stepped out, both Kenny and Kai attacked him with towels and dried him off completely before leading him back to the bedroom. Once there, Kai went and grabbed the baby lotion from his bathroom and asked Owen to lay on his stomach on the bed. Kai squirted a good healthy dose of the sweet smelling lotion onto Owen's back and then both he and Kenny proceeded to give the tense boy a massage that would loosen up a statue. He was like putty in their hands, and for half an hour they massaged his back side before they had him flip over. For another half an hour they massaged Owen's front side, and once again, even though Kai massaged a good helping of the lotion into his groin, Owen did not get hard. He did blush though from someone else handling his penis so tenderly though.

Once the massage was complete, they turned Owen so that they could diaper him, and proceeded to put easily twice as much diaper rash cream on him as was needed, and then diapered him up nice and thick. Kenny and Kai decided that they were close enough to full as well, so changed each other while Owen sat there and watched, he had always wanted to watch them do so, but had been so embarrassed at hockey that he could not do it, just in case the others noticed and started teasing him for wanting to wear diapers.

“There we go. How do you feel now?” Kai asked.

“Amazing. That was so nice, it was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me in my entire life that I can remember.” Owen said softly, a few more tears leaking out.

“We're glad, that's how it was supposed to feel. We'll do that for you at least once more as well, probably tomorrow. However, if you get hard, we won't help you with that, for that you're just gonna have to take care of it on your own.” Kai smiled warmly.

“Okay, I understand.” Owen blushed.

“Hey, no need to blush, we all have dicks here, we all play with them, we all know how good it feels, so why should you by shy of that.”

“Well, no one ever talks about it, that's why.”

“Ah, bunch of idiots for not if you ask me. I don't have any friends at my school, because I'm a gay baby you see, but if I did, you'd best be certain I'd be saying how much I love jacking off, and getting sucked and fucked is even better yet.”

“You guys fuck each other too?” Owen asked incredulously.

“No, not yet, and when we do, it'll be making love, not fucking. I'm a little more experienced than your average thirteen year old though. I spent a year in Russia last year at an all boys ballet school, it's probably the best in the world. Well, let's just say that pretty much all of us there were gay, and we were all open to the joys of anal sex, if you catch my drift. I've experienced anal sex dozens of times, even with a boy that was pretty much an adult, he was almost eighteen, and he was good and big.” Kai said unashamedly, Owen though blushed, Kenny smiled.

“Wow, I never knew that.”

“It's not exactly something that you announce to just everyone, but to my friends, why wouldn't I tell them, and Kenny likes hearing of my exploits.”

“Who wouldn't really, well except maybe straight boys, but they're no fun.” Kenny giggled.

“Couldn't have said it better myself.” Kai grinned.

“I think it was you who said it to me.” Kenny laughed.

“Yeah, I'm sure it was. Now, fun is turning a straight boy and making him super horny for non stop dick.” Kai grinned mischievously.

“I'm sure it would be.” Kenny laughed again, even Owen laughed as well.

“Do you guys wanna go downstairs and put in a good fantasy movie and turn up the volume far too loud to be healthy for you and enjoy a good movie, and maybe splurge and even have popcorn?” Kai asked the other two.

“Sounds really good to me.” Kenny answered first.

“I could go for that, maybe help me forget things for a while.”

“While it's nice to forget things for a while, I don't want you forgetting anything about today and yesterday, you need to keep it fresh and learn to deal with it instead of trying to bury it, okay, that'll only hurt you more in the long run.”

“Oh, okay. I take it you're gonna help me with that?” Owen asked Kai.

“Yep, I am, now come on.” Kai smiled and all three of them headed downstairs.

Kai told Denise what it was they were doing, and she offered to make them the popcorn so that they could go sit and start the movie. They took her up on the offer and headed to the living room to pick out a movie. Both Kai and Kenny pointed Owen towards the movie selection to pick out what he wanted to watch, and after about five minutes he picked out a really good fantasy movie that they had all seen before a few times, but would enjoy again. While Owen was doing that, Kai got all the systems up and running, and Owen put the DVD in the player and came and sat down. Kai and Kenny had separated and both patted the seat in between them, so he came and sat down, and as soon as he did, both boys on the outside moved closer still, so that they were cuddled right up to each other. Denise brought them their popcorn just as the credits were ending and the movie was about to start, and they were thankful. It was a massive bowl of popcorn too, and they all enjoyed it a great deal as the movie played.

For a little over two hours, the three of them cuddled on the couch while watching the movie, and even Denise came in and sat down in one of the chairs and watched with the boys, enjoying the movie as well, but enjoying seeing Owen laugh and enjoy the movie all cuddled up in between his two friends. This was really good for him she decided, and decided then and there that if it really turned out that Owen had no family that he was going to come stay with them.

During the first part of the movie though, Denise had not watched the movie, she had something far more important to do, she called Steven. She let him know about everything that was going on, and what was happening. He was shocked to say the least, but understood Denise's reasoning for doing what she had done and what she wanted the boys to do. They could both afford to take a week off school, and to help Owen more was even more important anyway.

“Would you boys like dinner now, or would you like to wait for a bit?” Denise asked after the movie.

“Well, we didn't have lunch all that long ago, but I'm starting to get pretty tired, it's been a pretty long day and it's getting close to bed time anyway. I think maybe just a light snack and then bed is about all I'll need.” Kai answered.

“Sounds good to me too.” Both Kenny and Owen said at the same time.

“Okay, I'll go get you boys something then, just stay there and I'll bring it to you.” Denise said and went to the kitchen and got them an assortment of fruits and vegetables cut up on a plate for them to share, as well as a jug of orange juice to drink.

“Thanks mom, this'll be perfect.” Kai said happily, and the plate that was sat on Owen's lap was attacked by all three boys.

A few minutes later all the food and juice was consumed, and the boys were already starting to yawn. Denise came and gave Owen another sedative, so that he could sleep more easily, and he readily accepted it, and then swallowed it. Once the boys were all ready, they wished Denise a goodnight, and then headed up to the bedroom. They all helped to change each other this time, Owen really enjoying this, he had never changed anyone's diaper before, and this time he did get a little too happy, and his erection greeted Kai when he released the tapes to his diaper. Owen blushed and went to cover himself up, but Kai swatted his hands away and smiled warmly to Owen and told him it was a fine looking erection and that he should be proud of it. Before too long, all three boys were diapered and ready for bed, so they once again cuddled up in bed together, Owen once again in the middle.

Throughout the night, amazingly enough, Owen did not stir more than a couple times, and none of them woke at all. It was only a little after four when the boys woke up, all ready to go to hockey. They got up and got changed into clean diapers, got dressed quickly, and then headed downstairs for a quick breakfast before Steven arrived.

“So, how are you feeling this morning anyway Owen?” Kai asked as they were sitting there eating breakfast, they were still half asleep as they were getting ready, so this was the first time they had really talked, the rest of the morning was mostly grunting.

“A lot better than I was yesterday, that's for sure. Thanks to you guys.” Owen smiled warmly.

“That's good, we're glad to hear that. Oops, there's Steven, we better get going or we'll be late.” Kai said, shoveling the last two mouthfuls into his mouth.

The other two did the same thing, and then ran out to the car. It was half way out to the car when Owen suddenly stopped and started crying. The other two realized instantly that Owen had stopped, and when they saw that he was crying, they went back and grabbed him and hugged him once again.

“What's wrong Owen, talk to us?”

“I...I.....I....I just realized, I don't have any hockey gear any more. How can I play hockey?” He cried.

“I'm sure something can be figured out, and I bet my dad already thought of that. I still have most of my gear from last year, and you're about the same size as I was last year, so I'll bet it fits you, at least good enough 'til we can get you some new gear.” Kenny said encouragingly.

“You think so?”

“Sure. Let's go ask.” Kenny smiled and led Owen to the car.

“Morning boys. I took the liberty of bringing your gear from last year for Owen, I figured he could use it today 'til we can arrange to get his proper stuff, and if we can't, then he can use this and we'll just replace what doesn't fit perfectly.” Steven said as soon as they came to his window, he had opened it up to talk to them.

“See, told you. My dad's a smart feller, or is that a fart smeller, I never can remember.” Kenny giggled.

“You're horrible.” Steven laughed, but it did cause Owen to laugh, and that was what he had been trying to do.

“Thanks. Come on guys, let's get in, it's cold out here, and if we wait any longer we're gonna be late.”

“Good plan.” Steven said and the boys all piled in.

Steven got them to the rink a few minutes early, just as the last of the others were showing up. The boys split up immediately and headed for the change room, while Steven went to talk to Mitch.

“Mornin Mitch, how was your weekend?”

“Not too bad. Did you bring Owen to practice today?”


“Why?” He asked curiously.

“Long story, but you have to hear it. We better go sit down.”

“Oh, this doesn't sound good. I hope everything's okay.”

“With Kai working on him, he'll be fine, but he almost wasn't.” Steven said sadly, and as soon as they were seated, Steven let Mitch know everything that he currently knew.

“Oh my, the poor boy. I knew his dad was a drunken asshole who barely paid the fees for Owen to be here, and that you've been giving Owen all of Kenny's old gear for five years now, but I had no idea he was that bad to the poor boy.”

“Yeah, if it wasn't for the fact that he chose the wrong place to try and overdose, he'd be gone Denise tells me. He was already nearly there when the ambulance arrived, and in five minutes he might not have made it. When the police arrived, he was already unconscious and on his back, choking on his own vomit. If they had have arrived even a minute later, he'd have been gone for sure. And all that because of a stupid fuck who couldn't accept his child for who they were. I really wish all those assholes who can't grasp the simple things would stop having children.” Steven said, nearly crying himself, because he had felt some of the pain as well growing up, thinking he could not possibly tell his parents.

“I agree fully, and if it wasn't for a strong caring man when I was that age, I wouldn't be here either. He was my first true love and he helped me out of a large mess.”

“Was he your lover, or did you just love him?” Steven asked curiously.

“As much as he fought it, eventually it was both. He managed to hold me off 'til I was fourteen before he made love to me for the first time, but I begged him almost non stop for more than a year to do so. We were together for more than ten years before he passed away, he was already quite old when we met, and died when he was seventy three.”

“Wow, he really was old, and you loved him like that?” Steven asked in shock.

“Don't judge, trust me, he was the kindest most loving person I'd ever met, and even to this day, I've yet to find another that can love me quite like he did.” Mitch said with a tear in his eye.

“No, I wasn't judging, only shocked that you had a lover that much older than you.”

“Good. So, what if anything can I do to help Owen and Kenny and Kai?”

“Really, all you can do right now is be the strong caring coach all the boys love and respect. Right now Owen can't trust an adult, especially a male, the one he should have been able to trust above all else failed him miserably. I know you know what that must have felt like from what you just told me, and I know too, if not for quite the same reason.”

“Some day I'd love to hear your story too, but I have to go get things ready, and by now the boys should hopefully be out on the ice waiting for me.”

“Actually, my story is pretty boring really, but if you'd like to, then one day I'll tell you. I think you might be wrong though, because I'm willing to bet the boys will be having a long talk today, and I'd ask for you to leave them 'til they're ready.”

“Okay, I know you're right about leaving them. I do need to get going though, see you in a bit.”

“Okay, see ya.” Steven said and headed to the bleachers to watch the practice. He was not surprised that the boys were not out there yet, but just as he sat down, they exited.

“Hi everyone.” Kai called out happily when they walked in, everyone else was already there.

“Hi, how come Owen came with you guys?” Ian asked curiously.

“What makes you think he came with us, he could have just walked in at the same time?” Kenny asked simply.

“I suppose so, but considering he's also wearing the same clothes I saw Kai wearing last week, I have a feeling that's not it.” He laughed.

“Good memory.” Kai looked over, and sure enough, he had given Owen the same outfit as he had worn to practice on Friday morning.

“Well guys, it's like this, I did something yesterday I'm not happy about, and for the time being, I'm living at Kai's house.” Owen said softly.

“I think we should all sit down. Don't worry about your gear for now, Kenny's dad'll make sure the coach doesn't bother us.” Kai told the others softly.

“Um, okay.” Most of the boys said.

A few seconds later, they were all seated.

“Would you like to do it, do you think you can yet?” Kai asked Owen softly.

“I have to do it, I can't make you guys take care of me forever.” Owen said, pouring as much strength as he could into it.

“Good for you.” Kai smiled.

“Guys, I'm gay, I've known for a while now. I'm also a diaper lover. I have no need to wear them, but I like to. Seeing Kai and Kenny in them was driving me nuts and I just had to do it, so I went and bought some and have been wearing them for a bit now. Saturday night, my dad was going out with his buds to drink as he does mostly every night, and I should have been fine, but for some reason he came home a lot earlier than normal and caught me fucking myself silly through a wet diaper with a dildo that I had bought online almost a year ago now. He went ballistic on me and yelled at me for a couple hours almost, calling me all sorts of horrible things.” Owen said, the tears pouring down, Kai and Kenny just hugged him tighter, one on either side. He gave a few hiccups and continued on.

“Anyway, I snapped, I ran, I ran away from home and broke into the pharmacy just down the road from my house. This is where I don't know if I can continue. I was weak, I was so weak, I was so depressed, I hope you understand.” Owen said, breaking down now. Kai just hugged him tighter and took over the story for him.

“Saturday night, being as low as anyone can possibly stand to be, Owen broke into the pharmacy and just started taking pills upon pills, he had no idea what he was taking, only hoping it would end the pain. Fortunately for him, the pharmacy was alarmed, and the police arrived soon enough. By the time that they arrived though, Owen was already unconscious and was choking on his own vomit. They managed to clear his airway and get him at least breathing, but he was slipping away. The ambulance arrived in time and got him to the hospital, where they pumped his stomach, and brought him back to us.”

“Thanks Kai, I just couldn't say it.” Owen said, wiping the snot and tears from his face.

“Are you okay now?” Ben asked softly, crying from hearing how bad Owen had it.

“Yes and no. Kai and his mom are helping me to get better, but Kai and Kenny were asked to take the week off school to watch over me, I'm not even allowed to be more than an arms length from them at any time, because I'm so depressed. I'm getting better though, Kai's already helped me so much, Kenny too really, they've made me feel more loved than I've ever felt in my life. It's been real nice.” Owen said sappily.

“They had sex with you?” Daniel gasped.

“No, not by having sex. Love and sex are different Daniel, and while you're still too young to realize that, they are. No, what we gave him were cuddles and hugs, we bathed him and gave him a massage, we just kept telling him how good he was and that being gay was not bad. That sorta thing.” Kai said softly.

“I'm older than you are.” Daniel said irritably.

“Be that as it may Daniel, I haven't once seen you act your age, nor do you act all that nice either. My guess is you don't get enough proper love either, and having a friend who can hug you and make you feel good about yourself is just what I think you need too. You've been more than a bit of a bully to me since I started here, not saying or doing anything overly harmful, but making me feel as if I didn't belong here. I hate to tell you this, but it'll take a lot more than just your snide remarks and unjust shots to make me quit, and all it'll end up doing is eventually pissing me off to the point that I tell you to go fuck yourself. And if you even think of trying to hit me, I guarantee that you'll be the only one going down too.”

“How dare you!”

“Oh grow up Daniel. There's more to loving someone than just fucking them, you have to love with your heart, and from where I sit, you haven't got much of one left. Now, unless you care to say anything constructive, I for one would appreciate it if you'd just shut up.” Kai growled.

“I have plenty of heart, but you try living where I do, dealing with what I have to deal with.”

“Then tell us, let us help you, let us be your friends who can hug you and make you feel good about yourself?” Kai asked softly, he was hoping he could eventually do this for Daniel.

“I Can't.”

“Until you do Daniel, you'll never be happy. And I suggest you do it soon too, before it eats you up to the point where you try what Owen did. My mom's the leading psychiatrist in town, she's seen too many kids just like you die because you were too scared to open up to someone. Do you honestly want to be the next person like Owen, and maybe end up in a body bag instead of a friendly hug?” Kai asked pointedly.

“No, I guess not.”

“Then tell us, what's eating you up?”

“No, not here, not now, we need to get to practice.”

“Fuck practice. Until we can act as a team and be there for each other, we're not a team, we're just a bunch of kids out there for ourselves. A real team has to be like a family. We should be there for each other through thick and thin, helping each other to better each and every one of us. Once we can do that, then we can act as a proper team, and I hate to say it, but every one of you is far better at hockey than what your current position in the league suggests. The reason you all do so poorly is because you haven't acted as a team once yet that I've seen, and again, looking at the stats only brightens that fact.” Kai said harshly. Not one person had ever heard him speak like that, even Kenny, but he had to agree to it, they had not acted like a team much.

“Okay, I see your point. Can we do it later though, I'm not ready to do it yet?” Daniel asked softly.

“That's better. We should all get together sometime soon and just talk, talk like friends. I'm sick of coming to hockey and feeling like an outcast. I've come to enjoy the game, and I love being here for Kenny, but you guys are making it hard to stay. Yes, I'm gay, yes I wear diapers, yes I love ballet and gymnastics and figure skating, and yes, I'm a hockey player too, dammit. I have to wonder how may others you've alienated into leaving the team, and I hope we can work together to make sure that never happens again.” Kai said softly.

“Well, I for one think you should be made team captain, 'cause quite honestly, I suck at it.” Daniel admitted.

“Not bloody likely. I already have too much on my plate.” Kai waved his hands, the others laughed.

“Somehow I thought you might say that. Come on guys, let's get ready and get on the ice.” Daniel said, actually feeling a little better, but he still hurt too. He wondered that when the time came if he would have the strength to say what he knew he had to.

They all started getting ready, and even though Owen blushed quite brightly once he was down to his diaper only, he did not let it stop him, and he left it on. The only thing he did not have though was his protective cup, and hoped nothing would get close enough to hurt him, he would have to ask to go get a new one. The boys were all ready a few minutes later and headed out to the rink to get started on practice.

“Owen, please come here for a second?” Mitch called out as soon as all the boys hit the ice. Owen looked over and hung his head and slowly skated over.

“What would you like coach?” Owen asked softly.

“I'm really sorry you had to go through what you did, and I'd like to offer my shoulder to cry on if you ever need it, my ear to scream into if you ever need it, and just a friend to talk to when you need it too.” Mitch said, looking more than a little misty eyed.

“Thanks coach, I appreciate it.” Owen said, also wiping a tear from his eyes.

“Look, Owen, I know a lot more about what you're going through than I should ever tell you, but suffice it to say, I was saved from doing something like what you did by a caring adult when I thought there was no such thing. I like you, you've got great character, and even though I knew it was being buried by an abusive drunk father, you had a caring heart. Let Kai help you, he's a good boy, probably the best person there is to help you, but if you need an adult, you come see me, okay.”

“Thanks coach, he is good, but if I need to, I'll come see you. Thanks.”

“You're welcome. Now, go join the boys while I finish getting things ready for you, I was a little late getting on the ice because Steven told me what happened to you.”

“Okay.” Owen said softly and went and joined the others.

A few minutes later, Mitch had the boys work on passing drills, trying to get them working together more, a forlorn hope he was starting to feel, but he knew he needed to work them hard in this. The problem was that most of the boys on his team came from what most would consider the wrong side of the tracks, they were underprivileged and under loved, and most of all, they had no concept of real team work or friendship. They worked for the rest of the time that they all had available to them, and then headed in to get cleaned and changed.

Everyone stripped down bare and headed to the shower room and scrubbed themselves good and clean, and then dried off and went in to get dressed. Kai passed Kenny and Owen a fresh diaper and they all got themselves diapered and then dressed, packed up all their things, and waited for the others to finish.

“Guys, after you get off school today, I want for you to all come over to my house. Make the arrangements with your parents this morning on your way to school, I want everyone there, no exceptions.” Kai said, handing out the cards he had with his name, phone number and address on them.

“Okay.” They all said almost fearfully.

“Don't worry, you'll all survive.” Kai grinned, sensing their fear.

“I doubt it.” More than a few muttered.

They all headed out though a minute later and all the boys got permission to go to Kai's house after school and walk home once they were done. Kai knew it was going to be a hard day for them, but they needed it too. He wondered just how many more of the boys were gay, because until Owen admitted it, he had had no idea, so he had hid it well, so he wondered how many of the others were able to hide it so well. He was going to find out though, of that he had no doubt, even if it was not in the one day, he would find out every one of their secrets.

“Hi boys, how was practice?” Steven asked as his three charges came out.

“Really good, I got to bitch slap Daniel, I've been wanting to do that for a week now, it felt good. Practice was really good too, I learned a bit more.” Kai grinned.

“Good, he needs it, he's got a chip on his shoulder that really needs to be knocked down a little.” Steven laughed.

“Already got one peg this morning, and by the time we finish this afternoon, he won't think he's all that big and mighty any more. He should be pretty much a proper human being again.” Kai laughed.

“Good to hear. So, just back to your place then Kai?”

“Yes please.”

“Okay. I have to get to work soon, so I need to get going.” Steven said and headed straight to Kai's house to drop the boys off. The drive was not long, but it was silent. Finally they arrived, and Steven dropped them off, but asked the boys to remove the hockey gear, because he did not have time to drop it off, so they did.

“Bye boys, have a good day.”

“You too, see you Wednesday morning then I guess.” Kenny said.

“I guess so, love you, have fun.”

“We'll try, this afternoon could be interesting to say the least.”

“I bet. Bye bye now.” Steven said and backed out.

“So, what should we do now?” Kenny asked as soon as they made it in the house and stowed their gear in the garage.

“Not a clue. We may as well hook up the Nintendo and play for a while though.” Kai shrugged.

“Sounds good to me, but maybe we should take a walk to my house and get my extra controllers and some of my games, that way we can play three player and have more selection, because you only have a few games.” Kenny suggested.

“Okay, I could live with that. How about you Owen?”

“Sure, I like playing Nintendo, but I don't get to very often, because I didn't have one.”

“Okay, then it's settled. Let's get going right away.” Kenny smiled and they headed right back out, Kai locking the door on their way out.

“So, how are you feeling now Owen?”

“Why do you ask me that so often?” Owen asked curiously.

“Well, first of all, I'm your friend and I'm genuinely interested to know how you're feeling, but most importantly, right now it's important for you to keep expressing your feelings, voicing them, letting especially us know. I want you to get in the habit of any time you feel anxious, nervous, scared, mad or anything else like that you tell us. I don't think I have to tell you why it's so important, do I?” Kai asked softly.

“No, but I'm not used to all this feelings stuff. If I cried, my dad yelled at me and told me if I kept it up, he'd give me something to cry about. If I was scared, he told me to quit being a sissy baby and be a man. If I was nervous, he told me to just shut up and do it, quit your whining, and if I was mad, he told me to get over it, and usually grinned, because it was him I was mad it, and he liked making me mad. He tried to kill my feelings, and now you want me to keep reliving them.” Owen said almost emotionlessly.

“Okay, that was a nice explanation into why you've acted a lot the way you have, and maybe why you finally shut down once it became too much. Every person, boy or girl, doesn't matter has feelings. To repress them is actually quite dangerous, we're not Vulcan after all. For us to just bottle all that emotion up inside like that and keep pushing it down, is probably the main reason for heart attacks, stress attacks, lashing out, hatred, fear, and suicide. Eventually all that emotion will just explode, and it'll usually take out whoever is around you. Honest emotion is key.”

“Sure, sometimes it's wise to hold your emotions in check, they do sometimes get in the way, for instance, Kenny's a crier. If he gets too emotional, he'll just burst into tears, his dad's the same. That's the sort of thing you just don't want to do at school, so try and hold that in and let it out when the time is right. That's what I do. There's been so many times I just wanted to cry I was so mad, but I held it in, worked through my feelings, dealt with the situation, and then went home and talked it out with my mom and usually had a good cry. I'm lucky that way though, far too many kids have parents like yours that tell them that crying is for babies and that they should be stronger, but the problem is, they equate strength with not crying, which is backwards. Being strong means you can honestly show your emotions to those closest to you.”

“You have to make sure however to not hold your emotions in for too long though, because what happened to you is a prime example of what can happen when it just becomes too much. Another example, and my mom's helped lots of these kids too, but when they snap, they take out anyone around them. Last year, that boy who went berserk and shot five bullies at his school. He sees my mom, and those bullies pushed him so far that he just snapped. Not only did they rape him, repeatedly, but they stole from him all the time, they teased him, they taunted him, they beat him, they even rented him out a couple times. Clearly you can't tell anyone any of this, because while some of it came out in the trial, much of it even I'm not supposed to know. It was really hard on my mom, so she vented to me. He didn't have to go to juvenile detention, thankfully, they pretty much said that while he went overboard, and he should not have killed them, he did nothing more to them than they had done to him. The boys' parents though were furious that they let their sons' killer go free, but he'll never be free, ever. He broke down in court and told the parents of the boys he killed that he was sorry that he killed them, because it was he that wanted to die. In fact, he said the last bullet was supposed to be for him, but someone tackled him before he could do it. The parents were all disgusted as to what their sons had done, and while they all agreed that they should have been punished, they certainly got more than they deserved. I suppose I'm mean, but I think they got less than they deserved, they got off too easy.”

“Another example is that a boy snapped one night while being beaten by his drunk father, yet again, the boy had already been to the hospital numerous times with odd injuries, and the father had even been investigated by social services, but they kept returning him to his father. Well, the night his dad found out the boy was gay, he viciously raped the boy, while screaming at him that if he was going to be a fucking fairy, he was gonna fuck him good. The boy was bleeding from every orifice of his body by the time the bastard finished with him and passed out. The boy, in a rage that few could scarcely understand, went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and stabbed his father not less than two hundred times. The coroner lost count and said it was the most brutal killing he'd ever seen in his life. There was simply no area left untouched. The boy, and he was only eleven years old at the time, called 911 and told them what happened, and then when they got there, he had already slit his own throat and was dead. I'm glad that he told them exactly what happened, he was on the phone for nearly ten minutes, crying and telling his tale, but the police and ambulance were at most one minute too late.”

“Wow, that's so sad, both stories.” Owen said, tears running down his cheeks.

“Yes, it is, and every day another story like that's happening somewhere in the world. People like my mom help all that she can, but there's so many more people out there that need the help, but there's no one there to give it, and even worse yet, people won't listen for the signs even when they're being yelled at them. If I had more time to have gotten to know you, I would have seen that you were having difficulties, and maybe I could have helped prevent what happened, just by being a friend, but everyone on the team was pushing me away, making me feel unwanted.”

“Sorry, Daniel told us we weren't to befriend you, because he didn't want you on the team. He's even been trying to get rid of Kenny, but Coach kept telling him that if he kept it up, it would be him gone instead.”

“I sorta suspected as much. Daniel, as you found out earlier, has his own problems, and I'm gonna drag them out of him, even if I have to reach my hand up his asshole and pull them out manually. It's gonna happen today, and he's gonna cry like he's never cried before, maybe even more than you did. Whatever's eating him up inside is huge, I can feel it. I've been wanting to get him to do what he did this morning for a while now, and he walked right into my trap perfectly.”

“Well, when you lay out such a perfect trap, how would you expect him not to? He's not the brightest bulb on the tree to begin with, so he never would have seen it coming.” Kenny laughed.

“No, he's actually quite bright unless I'm mistaken, he's just channeling all his smarts through his anger, it clouds his judgment and makes him seem overly stupid.”

“How did you get to be so smart?” Owen asked in awe.

“I'm not that smart, but I guess I was born with it.” Kai shrugged, Kenny snorted.

“Kai, don't give us that you're not smart bullshit again, I'm sick of hearing it. You know you're smart, a lot smarter than most people, that's for sure, and you need to accept it and let yourself be who you are, like you keep telling us.”

“I know I'm smart, that's not the problem, it's just everyone makes such a big deal about it, and it embarrasses me, okay. So sue me if there's one thing that embarrasses me and that's people saying how smart I am.” Kai said red faced.

“Oh, so there is something that he doesn't like about himself?” Owen said.

“Not so much that he doesn't like it, it's just he doesn't like people making a big deal out of it. He always says he's not as smart as everyone says, but the problem is, I've listened to him enough to start to believe that maybe it's the other way around, I think you're smarter than what most people think is possible Kai.”

“I doubt that, but I would appreciate it if you'd stop talking about it. I don't really want many people knowing that. I really hate how most of the kids at school treat me like an alien, just because I'm smart. I've never taken a single page of homework home in my life, I've always got it done before the end of class. I've never gotten a single answer on any test wrong, I'm done every test at least twice as fast as the next fastest person in the room, and the kids treat me like crap because of it. Are you happy now?” Kai said, tears actually falling.

“Actually baby, yes I am. I've known that that's been the problem all along, but you just kept brushing it off. You always act so strong, and you tell us honest emotion, but there's always this one thing that you can't show honest emotion over, and I knew I had to get it out of you.”

“Well, now you know, so please don't keep bringing it up. Especially at the new school when we go, I'd really rather the others didn't know that, so that maybe they'll treat me at least a little more human instead of a machine. Have you any idea what the others called me?”

“No, because you never tell me anything about that.” Kenny pointed out.

“I suppose it's only fair, after I've dragged so much out of you that I tell you the one thing that really bothers me. They call me computer, robot, and of course geek and nerd, but the worst of course is freak. They think I'm a freak because the teacher can write an entire string of numbers on the board, and then as fast as she can add in multiplication, division, addition, percentage, subtraction, square root, or any other such sign, I've already got the answer. She once handed me a page with a seventy five number multiple equation problem and timed me to see how fast I could do it. I had it done in three seconds. She said it had taken her an hour to write it and a further one to come up with the answer. I did it in three bloody seconds. That was at the end of the year the year before last, and let's just say, no one forgot during my year away, and the names just got worse. Of course, it's just like kids, fail to understand something, so harass that person until they snap. How would you like to deal with that day in and day out?”

“Well, I did, in case you forget our conversations. Just because the reason is different, does it mean that the teasing and the harassment is different. Now that I know why it bothers you so much, I'll actively make sure that others don't find out. Together though we can take care of any bullies we come across.” Kenny said lovingly.

“Thanks baby. I knew you'd understand, it's just so hard to talk about.”

“Tell me about it, but I seem to remember you getting me to talk about my same issues with you. Now I think we're about even.”

“Yeah, I guess it is only fair. And Owen, please close your mouth, I'm no different than I was.” Kai said softly, Owen's mouth snapped shut.

“Wow, I've never known anyone so smart before?”

“Just remember though, just because I'm smart, doesn't mean I know everything, doesn't mean I'm smart in everything, it just means I'm smart. I have the same needs as every other person on the planet has, no differences. I also know my mom and the school arranged for me to take some tests before school started, and I know they lied to me, I know what an IQ test looks like, and I'm willing to bet the other one was some high end university entrance exam from how tough the questions were. Why they wanted to do so though is beyond me, nor do I know what the results were.”

“Why not?” Kenny asked sharply.

“Would you really want to know?” Kai asked simply.

“Yes, I think.” Kenny answered.

“Exactly. I already feel like a freak sometimes because I'm smarter than most people, and yes I know, it's not polite to talk about yourself like that. And yes, I accept who and what I am, and I like who and what I am, but it doesn't mean I don't sometimes feel like a freak when I can easily do in a few seconds what others find near impossible to do in a few hours. I'm a kid, and kids are just like that sometimes.” Kai laughed.

“I think I even understand how you'd feel that way. I know I sure would, especially if all the kids called me that all the time. I mean, I know I'm smart, I'm in all the advanced classes, I've never gotten anything less than an A before, and sometimes the kids tease me for that too. It's amazing though, no matter what, bullies always find a reason to tease kids, you're either too smart or too dumb, you have glasses or you're too fat or you're too skinny. I even got teased by the poorer kids in school that I had the easy life and wouldn't know what it was like to suffer. Yeah, like the assholes didn't make me suffer enough. And if it wasn't for me and my dad, so many of them would be suffering even more too.”

“No, you're right, there never seems to be any lack of reasons for a bully to bully someone.” Kai said sadly.

“I guess I was lucky that way, I never got bullied much, and I never bullied anyone either. I've seen lots of kids getting bullied though, and now I sorta feel bad for just turning and walking away after hearing you guys.” Owen said sadly.

“Actually, that was partially the right thing to do, and what I always did too, but where you went wrong was to not notify someone silently so that the offending bully could be caught red handed. Many bullies got suspended, and even a few expelled because I made it known what was happening. The last thing you should do is step in front of a bully, because then all that'll accomplish is to make you a target as well.” Kai said softly.

“I guess you're right.”

“You know guys, all this talk is sorta depressing, can we switch topics now?” Kenny asked.

“Actually, not yet, because Owen never did answer my original question.” Kai said.

“What question was that?” Owen asked, trying to remember.

“How are you feeling?”

“Oh right, that question. Actually, all things considering, I feel pretty good. It actually felt good to tell the guys all about myself this morning. I nearly threw up though when I told them I was gay, that was the hardest thing I'd ever done in my life. I've suspected it for a while now, but I'd never said it out loud before, well not until yesterday I guess.”

“Good, still feeling a bit empty?”

“Not as much as I did yesterday, and I can tell I still have a lot of the pain inside me, but being with you guys is helping me a lot. I really have to thank you, I've never really had friends before, a few, but no one like you guys.”

“You're welcome.” Kenny smiled.

“Yeah, and it sounds like you might actually be well on the way to recovery.” Kai smiled as well.

“Thanks to you guys.”

“Just remember, you had to do a lot of work as well, and it's not over yet. Like you said, you still have a lot of pain in you, and I'm willing to bet a fair bit of anger as well, and that's gonna take some more time to hep get rid of, as well as to help heal the scars.”

“I'm willing to bet you're right too.” Owen smiled.

“Well, here we are guys. This is my house Owen, at least for the rest of this week.”

“Why, are you moving?”

“Yeah, Kai and I are both moving.”

“Oh no, where, I can't lose you guys now, what will I do?”

“A little ways away from here, but neither of us knows where exactly yet, but don't worry, it's not so far away that we won't still see each other.” Kai answered, not letting slip what the plans were for him.

“Oh, thank god.”

“Come on, let's go get the stuff.” Kenny smiled.

They went inside and Kenny grabbed both of his controllers and five of his games that they would all like, and put them into a bag. Before too long, they were once again heading back towards Kai's house.

“So, what's ballet really like Kai?” Owen asked curiously.

“It's so free and relaxing. It's really good for the body though, but Kenny thinks hard on the body is more accurate right now.” Kai giggled.

“For sure.” Kenny nodded.

“Why so hard?”

“Because, there's a lot of stretching and lifting and moving and all sorts of other things. Ballet is possibly one of the most demanding forms of dance, but that's not why I do it, it's because it's the most graceful and elegant one of them all. I know lots of dance styles though, it just happens to be my favorite.”

“Oh, I didn't really know that. I mean you said it the first day you came to hockey, or at least a bit.”

“Well, tomorrow you have to come to ballet with us, so what say you give it a try?” Kai asked.

“Oh no, I couldn't, I can't dance.” Owen blushed.

“Well, tonight we're gonna go downstairs and show you how to dance and you can decide then if you want to come, or if you'd rather just go and sit and have coffee with my mom 'til we're done. Personally I'd rather go to dance.” Kai giggled.

“Yeah, but you like dancing, I don't. And besides, what happens if they make you dance with a girl, that's disgusting?” Owen giggled.

“Actually, I never thought of that.” Kenny said all of a sudden.

“Ah, they're just girls, they're not contagious, even though they sure think I am. They hardly touch me unless they absolutely can't help it. It's funny actually, and I like making them squirm.” Kai giggled.

“You really do like torturing people, don't you?” Kenny laughed.

“As a matter of fact, yes I do. At least I don't do it in a harmful way like most kids do.” Kai grinned.

“How is it that you told an entire hockey team to pretty much go fuck themselves and to become a team or else, yet it sounds like the girls in your ballet class can't stand you?” Owen asked curiously.

“I tried with them, really I did. I tried making us a team, I tried working with them, I tried reasoning with them, I tried being nice to them, I tried being a jerk to them even. Nothing at all worked with them, they just hate me. Whether it's because I'm cute and gay so they can't have me, whether it's because I'm smarter them, or maybe a better dancer than them, I just don't know, so I've stopped wasting my time with them. I work with them when I need to, but I'm always friendly and gentle, I dance with them like they're the most perfect boy in the world, who now happens to be Kenny, but I don't talk to them unless necessary, and I don't work with them. Dianne, that's our teacher, she's tried everything within her power as well, short of telling the girls they're no longer welcome, but they won't budge, they hate me to no end. When I got back after my year away, they were upset that I'd returned. One of them even asked why I didn't stay in Russia.”

“Wow, sounds like a bunch or real bitches. The only time I ever had any problems in school were from the girls. One a couple months ago, right near the beginning of school, she's a real slut, wanted to have me, she said I was cute and would make a good boyfriend. Well, I told her point blank that if I was going to have a girlfriend, I'd want one with a mind and a personality, and not wide open legs that every person in the school has crawled through. Ooh, she was mad, and a lot of the other girls laughed at her. She got back at me though, made all the other girls hate me, not that that really bothered me all that much.” Owen laughed.

“They are. I just don't get it though, I don't know what I could do differently to at least have them tolerate me. Asking them to like me might be too much, but at least tolerate my existence would be nice.”

“Yeah, I think it might be too much to ask for, but they didn't seem to like me much the second I said I was gay either. It's funny, most girls love having a gay boy as a friend, they think it's great that they can go out and not have a bunch of other guys bother them, because they're already with another guy, but the guy also has great fashion sense. Yet the girls at ballet really seem to hate us.” Kenny giggled.

“Have you ever just sat them down and asked them point blank why they hate you?” Owen asked.

“No, simply because by the time I realized that they really did hate me, I just didn't care any more.” Kai sighed.

“That makes sense, but I think maybe we should be knocking them down a couple pegs as well and maybe get at least a little friendliness there, because I hate feeling like I'm hated.” Kenny said.

“Okay, with you there with me, I can do it, but I just don't care for them.” Kai smiled warmly.

“You're really gonna make me dance tonight, aren't you?” Owen asked almost fearfully.

“We won't make you do anything, but we're gonna make you feel bad if you don't at least join us.” Kai grinned.

“I'm not sure which would be harder to resist.” Owen laughed.

“Oh, that's easy to figure out, the guilt trip.” Kai giggled.

“Yeah, that's what I thought too.” Owen laughed.

They all laughed and they continued to laugh and joke around jovially just like good friends should. Once they made it back to the house, they chose a game, grabbed a controller each, and all three of them played games for the next several hours. The rumbling of their stomachs was the first indicator that maybe they had played for too long, so they shut down the system and went and made themselves some lunch. After lunch, it was decided that a diaper change was much needed, so they all went and got fresh dry diapers on, just going without clothes now.

“What should we do now, I don't feel like playing the Nintendo anymore?” Kai asked the other two.

“We could watch a movie or we could sit and play cards?” Owen suggested.

“Actually, you know, cards sounds like a really good idea, and that way we can talk more as well.”

“Hopefully more fun talk, nothing too serious any more, not 'til later please?” Owen asked.

“Okay, as long as you promise me you're not feeling depressed again.” Kai said softly.

“No, that's why I don't want to talk about more depressing subjects, I feel so good right now, and I want it to stay that way for a while. Once the others get here will be soon enough to drag out more hard information.”

“Okay, I can understand and agree to that.” Kai smiled warmly.

“Good, thanks.” Owen smiled as well.

They headed to the dining room and Kai grabbed a couple decks of cards and they all sat at the table and played a few different games for the rest of the afternoon until the others arrived. They talked and joked and had more fun, and for once in his life, Owen really did feel happy, like he belonged somewhere, like he was accepted, and that he thought had to be the secret of life. He vowed then and there that no matter how bad it got that he could never betray his friends and do anything to ruin that friendship, and from then on, he was never depressed again. Both Kai and Kenny actually noticed a change come over Owen as he came to that conclusion, it looked as if the weight on his shoulders had finally been relieved, and he had a warm smile on his face. Kai could see that Kenny wanted to ask him what the sudden relaxation was, but he got Kenny's attention subtly and mouthed the word no, and Kenny understood. At just a few minutes after two thirty, the first of the friends rang the doorbell, and Kai grabbed his robe and put it on, and went and answered the door, the others just waited in the dining room for everyone to arrive, when Kai told them that everyone was there, they came out.