Chapter 7

“I'm glad that you could all be here this afternoon. Just let me get as comfortable as the other two, and then we can get started.” Kai said and removed his robe so that he too was sitting there in only his diaper. They were seated on the floor in the living room in a rough circle so that they could all see each other.

“Um, I don't mean to be rude, but why are you three in only diapers?” Pete, one of the thirteen year old players asked curiously.

“Well, as you know, I need diapers twenty four seven pretty much because I have very little bladder control. By the time I feel that I need to pee, it's already too late, because I'll have started peeing. Kenny has been losing control his whole life, progressively getting worse. Essentially his bladder never grew any more, so as he got older and bigger, it lost the ability to keep up, so really, his and my bladders are the exact same now. Owen however is what is called a diaper lover. He has no real need for a diaper, but he just likes to wear them, they're comforting to him. And really, even you guys could see the reason why easily enough if you'd wear them too, they are quite comfortable and can be very useful as well. For instance, how many people do you know that can sit through an entire three hour movie and either not have to go to the bathroom at least once, or be nearly bursting by the time the movie's over.” Kai answered.

“Okay, thanks, but we already knew all that. What I meant though was why are you only wearing your diapers and nothing else? Isn't that sorta weird?” He asked again.

“Ah, I see. Well, diapers are comfortable, but cool they're certainly not, so when at home, we usually wear just our diapers so that we don't get too hot, we might wear light pants or shirts if it's cool in here, but otherwise, pretty much how we are is how we like to be. You'll all just have to get used to that.”

“Oh, okay I guess.”

“You will, don't worry, and don't be ashamed to look either, we're not embarrassed, they're just a different type of underwear after all.” Kai grinned. “Now, we're all here for a reason, we all know it, so I'm gonna ask for volunteers. What we all need to do is tell everyone our secrets here, we're supposed to be friends and team mates, you can't be one if you can't be the other. Trust is the key here, we trust each other to keep our deepest darkest secrets safe. For instance, we three trust that you all won't ever tell anyone else that we're gay diaper wearers, and you trust us and the others to never tell your secrets as well. But trust has to be earned, not just freely given. I've blindly given you my trust, because that's just who I am, Kenny and Owen had that thrust upon them, they had to tell in order for them to start their healing process, and yes, you'll hear more about that later, although you all already know about what Owen's going through, or went through, he's gonna be just fine now, and yes Owen, we did see you shed the last of your fears earlier and promise to yourself that you'd never get that low again.”

“Wow, you really are perceptive, aren't you?” Owen laughed.

“Thanks. So, who's gonna be brave enough to go first and shed all your demons in front of your friends? Who has the guts to spill them? Each and every one of us is gonna do so, you'll hear more from even myself and Kenny too, more than you ever thought about. Of course for you poor diluted straight boys here, we'll keep it pg so as to not scar you too much.” Kai giggled, most of the others laughed as well.

“Okay, since I seemed to have started most of this, I'll start first.” Daniel said softly.

“Excellent, I was hoping you'd be the first to start.” Kai smiled, and waved for him to continue. It took him a couple minutes to work up the courage, but eventually he did.

“Well, it's like this. I don't have parents, I have a sperm donor and a birth apparatus. I was nothing more than a horrible accident that they've regretted ever since. My parents, if you'd be so kind as to call them that, are divorced, and are forever arguing over who has to take me when. I've never even been hugged, never kissed, never tucked in or even bathed. I'm not sure how I survived as a baby, because I can remember even back to as young as five and always having to feed myself. How I got into hockey is a mystery even to me. I remember going to a hockey fair when I was seven, and of course, as any excited kid, I liked the game, I went straight home and begged to be allowed to play hockey. They said no instantly, I went to one and then the other, and they both said no. I was crushed, I so wanted to play hockey. I went back to the hockey fair the next day, and I talked to the man again, and we talked for a long time, and when he asked me if I wanted to join hockey, I said yes, so bad, but my parents said no, and that was final. He asked if it was because they couldn't afford it or just because they didn't want me playing hockey. I told him I had no idea, and he told me to give my parents his card and to have them call him. I begged my dad to call him, and eventually he caved in, and somehow I ended up in hockey. Not once, in the entire seven years I've been in hockey has either of my parents ever been to a practice or a game, not one single fucking time.”

“I more often than not feel that if I turned up dead in some gutter somewhere, they'd be happy and would celebrate, but you know what, I just keep living, I just keep eating their food, so they're miserable, and that at least makes me happy. Hockey is the only thing I have, it's the only thing that makes me truly happy, and having the coach bitch me out about harassing people and possibly kicking me off the team if I didn't shape up, that was a real blow. I asked myself what I'd do if I got kicked off the team, I wouldn't be able to function, so I toned it down a lot. I was a real asshole, I'm sorry, but what can I say, I raised myself, I didn't know any better.”

“Okay, that was a good start Daniel, and we thank you, it goes a long way in explaining a lot of things about how you've acted. Can you tell us more about you now though, tell us your secrets, tell us your desires. Knowing about your family is great, but we want to know you too?” Kai asked softly.

“I hate to say it, but I don't think there's really lots to tell. The problem is, I don't really know myself all that well. I suck at school, I suck at being a person, the only thing I think I'm good at is hockey, and even that I'm not all that great.”

“Okay, so you definitely have next to no self esteem. Are you a bully at school too?”

“Yes.” Daniel admitted shamefully, head hanging down.

“I thought so. Can you tell me, who is it you bully, what kind of kids, and why do you do it?” Kai asked softly.

“Doesn't much matter to me who, pretty much everyone. If they're rich or good looking, I suppose because I'm neither. If they seem to have a nice caring family or if they just like to sit quietly and read, I suppose because I don't have or can't do well. I don't know, I guess I bully all the kids who have what I really want.” Daniel admitted, a tear leaking out.

“So, you're lashing out at those who have what you want but can't have?” Kai reiterated.

“Yeah, I guess that pretty much sums it up. Sounds pretty lame actually when you say it like that.” Daniel faked a grin.

“No, it sounds sad actually. I feel really sorry for you, not because of all that you don't have, there's so many that don't have even as much as you do. I feel sorry for you because you don't even love yourself any more. How often do you dream, just dream of what can be, what could be, what might be?”

“I don't, dreams never come true, it's pointless.” Daniel said sadly.

“But that's where you're so very wrong. Okay, here's an exercise for you. I want you to list out every good thing that's in your life, and I bet I can come up with at least ten. You have one minute, start listing them off.” Kai said.

“Um, I don't.....”

“Fifty seconds, start listing off all that you have that's good in your life.” Kai warned.

“Um, I have a house, food, clothes, um, um, I don't know. Nothing else.”

“Wrong. There's so much more, and you said one earlier too. Now, here's what you missed. Hockey, I thought that would have been top of your list. Then there's the kind generosity of someone who's been paying your way anonymously for all these years to attend hockey and get you your gear. I assure you, even the used gear he's been getting you isn't cheap. Then there's your health. You're a healthy young teen boy in the prime of his life. Then there's your team, even though you haven't always been the perfect friend, they've stuck by you. Next there's your country where you live, trust me, there's far worse places you could live, and even the city you live in, it could be so much worse. Then you should also be thankful that somehow even though you were dying inside, that you didn't manage to fall in with the wrong people and either get into drugs or gangs or both and end up dead. You should also be thankful that you didn't get so low that you decided to end it all and end up one of my moms patients, or worse yet, the coroners patient. Do you really want me to keep going, I could probably come up with at least another few given a few more seconds?” Kai asked simply.

“No, I think that's enough.” Daniel said in awe, he had never thought of half of that stuff before.

“Good. Now, yeah, you're parents suck, they're certainly not gonna win parent of the year awards any time soon, but really what else is so wrong with your life. I also have a sneaking suspicion that you're a lot smarter than even you realize. The question is, is do you apply yourself at school, do you actually try?”

“No, I don't suppose I really do. I never do homework, why bother, the parents couldn't care less. Even when called to the school, they never go, they tell the teachers to deal with it, it's their problem, not theirs.”

“Okay, you're fourteen right, so that means you should be grade nine, I'm betting you're not though, are you? How many times have you been failed, and do you read properly or fully?”

“I don't know what you mean by properly or fully, but I think so, and it's been twice now, so I'm still in grade seven.” Daniel seemed ashamed to admit that.

“So, how does it feel to be probably the only boy in grade seven that can cum?”

“If I wasn't so old, it'd feel great, but I guess that's pretty bad.” Daniel chuckled sourly.

“Hmm, it sounds to me like you're ashamed of that, aren't you?”

“Yes. I have no friends at all at school, who'd want to hang out with the brainless freak.” Daniel said, starting to cry now.

“Ah, so they make fun of you too huh?”

“Only for a minute 'til I start threatening them.” Daniel growled, but then realized how much worse that made him sound, and he started crying more.

“Come here Daniel?” Kai asked softly.

Daniel, without even realizing what he was doing, got up and walked over to Kai, who also stood up, and wrapped Daniel in a hug. For the next ten minutes, Daniel cried on Kai's shoulder while Kai whispered soft soothing words to him that no one else heard. Finally Daniel pushed himself away and wiped the tears away.

“Sorry, I shouldn't have cried on you like that, I'm such a weakling.”

“Sit.” Kai said strongly, and instead of going back to where he had been sitting, Daniel dropped right down where he was, like he had been shocked.

“Never, and I do mean ever do I want to hear any one of you ever say such a thing again. Crying is not weakness. Your dumb fucking parents who told you that to be a man meant you couldn't have emotions, well tell them to go fuck themselves. Never, ever hold your emotions in. Ask Owen what doing so does to you eventually, I assure you you'll cringe from the answer.” Kai said harshly.

Every eye in the place, except Kenny and Owen's of course, went wide with shock. Never had they before heard such a command before, and they knew it was a command.

“Sorry.” Daniel whispered.

“No, you have no need to be sorry, it's your parents for raising you wrong that should be sorry. No, and you can go sit back where you were now, I didn't mean drop to the floor as if boneless when I said sit. Anyway, no, showing weakness is not a sin. No one is so strong as to be able to take in everything that life throws at you for forever and never explode. Eventually if you don't deal with all those emotions, the buildup will cause you to explode, and every time that happens, something bad happens to you. I won't go into that yet, that's for Owen to tell you, and he has to as well. Now Daniel, how do you feel after crying out some of your hurt?” Kai asked softly.

“Strange. I don't know how I feel, it's like something's missing.” Daniel frowned.

“You suddenly feel lighter, more free right. You don't quite feel empty, but definitely lighter.”

“Why does it feel like you can read my mind?”

“Easy really, it shows on your face. That and I know what you're going through, I've seen it dozens of times. Now, I want another volunteer, and you'll more than likely cry as well while you spill all your secrets and fears.”

“I'll go next.” John said.

“Good, I was hoping you or Ben would.” Kai smiled.

“Why?” He asked curiously, wondering how much Kai had already figured out.

“Well, because you're boyfriends and all of course.” Kai smiled warmly, almost the entire rest of the hockey team snapped their heads to look at him and Ben, and both smiled and nodded.

“Well, either you're really perceptive. Or coach has been telling secrets again.” John laughed.

“Actually, a little of both, but Kenny heard it from his dad, who heard it from the coach, and then Kenny relayed it to me. Steven of course was also there pretty much throughout trying to help put you back together after your dad did what he did, but I'll let you tell all about that.”

“Thanks, I think.” John grinned. “Well guys, as you just found out, yes, I too am gay, and I've known I was gay since I was probably eight. Well, my dad was always hugely hard on gays, so I knew that to tell him I was gay would be a huge mistake. That's actually the main reason I joined hockey was to appease him, he wanted his boy in a manly sport after all. What a laugh. I've met more gay boys in hockey than Kai probably has in dance. I only joined your team two years ago, but my last team had just as many gays on it as this one does, and I now know of six of us that are gay, but I'll let the other two tell about themselves. Anyway, last year, Ben and I got together, I just knew he was gay, and one night he asked me to come to his place for the weekend, and I hoped and prayed that we'd do what I always wanted to do. We told each other that we were gay and that we were certain the other was as well, and let's just say the clothes flew fast and furious and we made love in more positions than I can remember. His mom asked us point blank the next morning if we were boyfriends, and Ben just said yes, and she said she was happy for us.”

“Not even two weeks later though the shit hit the fan as it were. My dad musta suspected that there was more to Ben and I than met the eye, so he asked me straight out if I was gay. At first I lied and said no, of course not. He growled at me and slapped me across the face and said I was a lying little fairy fagot. He made me say it, he made me say it over and over that I was a gay fairy fagot. He yelled at me, he smacked me, he berated me, he called me every horrible name I'd ever heard him call any gay before, and it was horrible. And then suddenly it stopped. He just screamed and left the house. There was only one person I could call. Kenny's dad. I'd known since the day I joined hockey that Steven was gay, and I knew Kenny's phone number, and I begged him for help. He was at my place in less than five minutes. He helped me to pack up all my stuff, and then he took me to Ben's, and for the next three or four days, I don't even remember now, he was there every minute he could spare, helping me to come down from the shock I was in.”

“Between Steven and Ben's mom, they got everything arranged so that I was as happy and healthy as possible, and Steven had a lawyer friend of his work it so that I was no longer a responsibility of my dads, and from what it sounds, he was only too happy to sign me over, the dumb fuck. So, now I live with Ben and life has been great. We don't have a lot, but we have each other and we have hockey, and for now, that's all I Need. Oh, and by the way Kenny, would you please thank your dad once again for the new gear he managed to find me, it's really nice stuff and hardly looks used at all.”

“Will do.” Kenny smiled.

“Well John, other than a little bad history, it sounds like you're actually pretty well adjusted and seem pretty happy with your situation now. How do you feel though, and are there any deep dark secrets you care to share with us?” Kai asked.

“Actually, this past year has been like a dream come true for me. I'm never depressed any more, wondering if today will be the day that my dad finds out and beats me to death. My grades in school have actually doubled, I want to go, and furthermore, I want to go home after school too, whereas I never wanted to before. Deep dark secrets, no, I don't have any of those anymore, and even if I had any fantasies, I don't think I'd share those with you guys, only Ben, but he already knows all those and has helped fulfill almost all of them, but there's some things even he can't do.” John smiled brightly.

“Excellent. I'm happy for you. Okay, who'd like to go next then?”

“I may as well, seeing as how pretty much everything there is to know about me has already been said.” Ben offered.

“Good.” Kai smiled and waved him start.

“Well, as you know, I'm gay too, but unlike John, I didn't really know 'til I was eleven or so. I suppose I always knew I was different from other boys, I just had no idea how. I was kinda a naive kid when it came to that sorta thing, well, I'm not any more I'm happy to say. I joined hockey when I was six. My mom asked me what sport I wanted to join, saying that she couldn't afford much, but that she wanted me to have something fun to do for myself. I decided on hockey, I'd always loved watching it and playing the hockey games on my Nintendo. At first my mom sadly said no, saying she couldn't afford all the equipment, but then we found a place that sells good used gear for about half the price. So, I joined hockey and have been in it since.”

“Dad left when mom found out she was pregnant, I've never even met him, he just sends a pitiful check once a month, and that's about it. My mom has a decent job, but sadly, she doesn't make all that much money with having the house and all the bills, so we don't always have a lot for extras, and with how expensive the hockey gear is, I don't ask for anything else. It was really hard on her when Steven asked her to take John in as well to give him a loving place to live, she had no idea how she was going to afford the extra food, but we've managed, even though I know for a fact that once a month, mysteriously a few bags of meat ends up on our doorstep. Thank your dad for that will you Kenny, because I'm positive it's him. I've also seen him at the hockey store where we get all the used stuff, and I've seen him buying the stuff he's been donating to our team, and I know he's the one who's been buying all of John's stuff.”

“Oh, he never wanted any of you guys to know that.” Kenny said softly.

“I know, but I think it should be known now to all the guys here who've been hard on you, that it's you that's kept them on the team, because without you guys getting them the gear, they couldn't possibly play. Anyway, I'm pretty happy and healthy, I have a loving mom who said she'd suspected I was gay right from the time I was eight, long before even I knew. She's happy with me and for me that I have a loving boyfriend, and I couldn't really ask for anything else. There's only one thing I wish for, and it's for my mom, that she'd make more money, so that she doesn't have to struggle quite so much as I know she does.”

“What does your mom do Ben?”

“She's a waitress, and she works at a pretty classy place, she gets paid pretty good and gets good tips, but most of the time, it's just not quite enough. We have enough, but we don't usually have a lot extra to play with.”

“Oh, do you happen to know how much she pays in rent?”

“Yeah, she gripes about it often enough, it's almost two thousand a month, and the place is not all that big at all, in fact it's about the same size as your main level here. It's also pretty old and run down. Once upon a time, it was a really nice house, it has three bedrooms and bathrooms, and it's a pretty good size for a rancher, but it's real expensive. Why?”

“No particular reason.” Kai smiled.

“I have a funny feeling I shouldn't trust that smile.” Ben said softly.

“Of course you should.” Kai said, sounding and looking as hurt as he could. “Anyway, I'm glad that you sound to be nicely adjusted as well. Same question though, how are you feeling and do you have any deep dark secrets?”

“No, no secrets that any of you guys need to know, that's for sure, mostly just things that John and I get to behind our closed doors, things that might make a few of the others here blush.” Ben grinned brightly. “As for how do I feel, good. I'm happy with everything for the most part, and while I do dream of more, right now there's just not more to have, so I work with what I have.”

“Excellent, and one day more will find you, I guarantee it. Now, I've been asking you to volunteer 'til now, but there's one person I really want to hear now, and since he knows everything about the others that he now does, I'd like to ask Josh to tell us all about him next, because we only assume a few things, but we're not certain.” Kai asked of the thirteen year old boy. Said boy blushed.

“Um, I don't know if I'm ready to.” He said with more blush creeping up.

“Well, why don't you start by telling us about your girlfriend, if you still maintain that charade.” Kai said softly.

“What do you know about Sam?” He said, and everyone looked to the thirteen year old Sam on their team, he just blushed.

“Well, we've had reports that you've been seen with a girl, and that you've claimed she's your girlfriend. But the problem is, that's not the way it is, is it?” Kai asked softly.

“Um, I don't think I should tell my story first.” Josh said, because to tell his story would tell more about his boyfriend than he cared to spill unless he said it first.

“I guess I kinda should be stepping in now.” Sam said softly.

“Okay Sam, go ahead, tell us anything you care to tell us?” Kai smiled softly.

“Okay, I'm gay, sorry guys. I laughed along with your gay jokes, but every time you said one, it made me want to cry. I could never tell you that I was gay too. The worse part though, I love dressing up as a girl. It's not something that I'm terribly ashamed of, in fact I take pride in the fact that I'm quite the pretty girl, but Josh assures me I'm a very good looking boy too. My parents of course know everything, they've known since they caught me wearing my little sisters dresses when I was six. I never stopped liking to wear them, and we play dress up together all the time, only now I have my own dresses and girls clothes, wigs, makeup, jewelry, everything. I told them I thought I was gay when I was nine or ten, they only said that I wasn't gay yet, that at that age I was too young to truly say that, but that when I was older and wanted to admit it to them again, then they would be happy to accept that. I kept maintaining that I was gay, and they were happy to support me. They buy me all that I need and want, and I'm happy.”

“I think most everyone here also knows I'm a bed wetter too, but what they don't know, is sometimes I like to dress up as a little baby girl, in a pretty little dress with a nice thick baby diaper on, and a pair of cute pink frilly bum tights over that. I've even gone out like that, Josh really likes it too, he thinks it's so cute. Anyway, Josh and I met a little over two years ago when I joined this hockey team, and he all of a sudden said he recognized me, but not how I was currently dressed. Of course, thinking that no one could have possibly recognized me as a girl, I never thought anything of it, so asked him how so. He said he'd seen me at the mall with my parents dressed as a girl. At first I was stunned, and if I'd just said, no, I'm sorry, that wasn't me right away, it probably would have just blown over, but I stuttered and started crying, and of course begged him not to tell anyone.”

“Instead of doing that though, Josh just asked if I'd be his girlfriend. I'd never been so shocked in my life, I just cried and kept saying yes. He came over that weekend and we really hit it off. At first he was a little shocked that I was a bed wetter, and that I sometimes wore a diaper under my dress, or just a diaper around the house as well, but he admitted that it did turn him on too, but I'll let him tell about that. I may like to dress as a little baby girl, but like my mom tells me all the time, I have a real streak of boy in me as well, hence the reason I like hockey so much I suppose.”

“I guess I'm one of the lucky ones here, I've always had a caring and loving family who supports me and accepts me for who I am. I've always had enough to eat and I always have new gear on my back. My parents do both work though, they say it costs a lot to keep us in the lap of luxury, but I know they both like their jobs, so neither one ever wanted to quit. They make pretty decent money between the two of them, but it's probably for the best that they both work, or we'd never be able to afford anything at all. The one and only thing that I despised was that I couldn't be who I really truly was here, but now I can, so that's awesome. And before you ask me to tell you, no, I have no other secrets, I think that was more than enough, and I always feel great, how could I not, I have everything in life a gay baby girl could possibly want.” Sam said happily.

“Cool, you and I are a lot alike then. I don't dress up all that often, but I do like to.” Kai smiled.

“Cool, I sorta wondered that about you.” Sam laughed.

“Yeah, well everyone already thinks I'm a girl half the time anyway, so why not right.” Kai laughed. “So, do you want to finish now Josh, and then I think you'll be the last one for today?”

“Yeah, I guess I can now. So, as you know, Sam is my little baby girlfriend, and I love him to bits. I've known I was gay since I was about eight or nine myself, and I was scared at first. I knew my mom would be okay, but I was scared about my dad. I finally admitted it to her when I was ten, and she said she knew. I asked her what we were gonna do about dad, and she soothed my fears by telling me he already knew as well. She had admitted though that at first when he had brought his fears of my being gay up to her, he was upset, wondering what he was gonna do, and she told him just love me for who I was. I talked to my dad that night and we cried a lot, and he admitted that he was having a hard time with it, because of how he was raised. His parents were really religious, and to them being gay was a mortal sin, so clearly a lot of that rubbed off on him, but he really did love me, and that he was working out his problems with that. Together the three of us really worked together, and now he's as happy as I am.”

“Now, the day I met Sam and I realized who and what he was, was the happiest day of my life. I barely even knew him, we'd only just met, and I asked him to be my girlfriend. It was funny, the first time I brought Sam home to meet my parents, he was dressed as a pretty little girl, and they were stunned that I'd bring a girl home to meet them, saying this was my girlfriend. My mom just stuttered, and asked, but I thought...And I just said Sam isn't exactly who he looks. Sam then took off his wig and my parents started laughing. I could tell they weren't laughing at us, just the ridiculous nature of what had just happened. Here I was, a gay boy bringing home a girl to meet them, only for them to find she wasn't exactly a she. We still laugh about that, Sam and I had planned it that way though, it was a lot of fun.”

“Here too was my only dark spot, hockey. I love hockey, possibly one of the only boyish things I truly do love. I couldn't be who I wanted to be with you guys, because to do so would only get me ostracized, I'd seen how you treated others that were different, so I played along, acted the straight boy to fit in, but on the inside, Sam and I were doing anything but that. The only other thing that I should mention, is that Sam's even diapered me a few times, and while I don't like it like a few of you guys do, I certainly don't mind wearing diapers, especially when we're going out to a movie or something, they come in real handy then. Also if I'm just feeling really lazy, I sometimes slip into one, even keep some at home and my parents know about it, mostly because Sam has to wear them to bed and they know he likes to wear them during the day sometimes, so it wasn't too hard for them to accept that I did as well from time to time. And that's really about it for me too, and same thing, I'm happy and healthy, and pretty much that's all there is to me.” Josh answered happily now.

“Great. I'm glad for the two of you, you really do make a cute couple, and at least when you get married, we all know which one will wear the dress.” Kai giggled, the rest of the boys started giggling too.

“You're a strange one, but I like you.” Josh smiled.

“Thanks, I like you too, you've always treated me good. Now, same time, same place on Wednesday afternoon, and we'll get through a few more of you, but for now, I think that you guys should all be heading home for the night, because we have to start dinner soon.”

A few minutes later, after everyone saying their goodbyes, the boys were once again left alone. They headed to the bedroom to first get a much needed diaper change all around, and then to the kitchen to get dinner started.

“That turned out really well. Sam was a bit of a shock though, I never suspected anything about him, he just always seemed so boyish.” Kenny laughed, finally breaking the silence, they had not even talked about it yet.

“Yeah, it's the ones that you don't suspect that usually come as the biggest shocks, I admit I was suspicious of his sexuality, but I wasn't certain. I figured bi, but I never figured gay diaper loving cross dresser. Funny how things turn out, but I think it's awesome. The rest though I think are gonna be harder nuts to crack, and I doubt any of them are gay, maybe a couple bi, but no more are gay, I'm pretty sure.”

They continued talking about their afternoon as they stood around and got dinner prepared. Just as they were finishing up, Denise walked in.

“Hi boys, how was your day?” She asked.

“Great. Go set the table please and we'll be right in and tell you all about it?” Kai said, pointing to the dishes and utensils that had been set on the counter, waiting to go out.

“Okay.” Denise said and did as she was asked, and then a few minutes later, they were sitting down to eat.

The boys animatedly told Denise all about their day, the parts about the afternoon made her laugh at how the boys told it, but she could see how Daniel was so depressed. She too thought the boys were smart to do this, and even though it could have backfired, sometimes you just have to do something like that, and she knew Kai was more than smart enough to handle virtually any situation if he had to.

“Well Owen, we promised you that we were gonna drag you down to the basement tonight and show you some dancing, so come on, let's go get into some tights so that we're more comfortable, and then go dancing.” Kai said happily once the dinner dishes were taken care of.

“I'm still not sure of dancing.” Owen sighed, but did follow the boys.

“Don't worry, you'll be just fine, I promise.” Kai smiled warmly.

They got to the bedroom and Kai grabbed them all some tights, all pink, Owen blushed from that, but did put them on.

“Ugh, they're really tight, and pretty uncomfortable too.” Owen said, tugging at the tight fabric.

“Just try and forget they're there at all, and you'll get used to them right away, trust me, I felt the same thing at first, now I find them pretty comfortable.” Kenny suggested.

“Yeah, what he said. Come on.” Kai smiled, and led the other two downstairs.

“Now, whatever you do Owen, don't try and keep up with me, go only at your own pace, stretch only as far as you can, and once we're ready, I'll teach you both some more moves that Kenny hasn't learned yet.” Kai warned.

“Um, okay.” Owen said, wondering just what the hell Kai was talking about.

Oh he found out alright, he had never seen anyone do such a stretch before just to warm up. Even during training at hockey, Kenny, who was the best there at the exercises was unable to do what Kai was doing, granted he seemed to be doing better. Owen caught himself just standing there a couple times watching instead of doing, a couple more times Kai caught him and all he did was cough lightly and Owen would blush and continue. They stretched for maybe fifteen minutes before Kai started teaching them some good ballet moves. Owen was surprised to say the least at the difficulty of some of the things Kai was teaching them, and he struggled a great deal in order to do what Kai wanted him to, but eventually he got the hang of it all, and Kai was satisfied with both Kenny and him. It was almost an hour since they had had dinner, and Owen was getting more than a little tired, and his yawn must have tipped Kai off, because he stopped and looked at Owen and saw all he needed to, so went and turned the music off.

“Okay guys, TV for a bit then bed.” Kai said.

“I could almost go right to bed myself.” Owen said, yawning again.

“We could do that if you wanted, or even better yet, we can get ready for bed and curl up in my bed and we can all watch TV in bed for a bit, or 'til one or more of us passes out.”

“I like that idea better.” Kenny said and Owen nodded.

“Okay, that's what we'll do then.” Kai smiled, and they headed upstairs. They found Denise and told her what their plans were, and they all wished each other a goodnight, and then the boys headed upstairs to get changed and ready for bed. They all helped to get each other nice and thickly diapered, and then before too long, they were all in bed, cuddled up once again and watching something on TV. Owen was the first to pass out some fifteen minutes later. Kenny and Kai decided to finish watching the show that they were watching, but as soon as it was done, they reached up and over Owen and kissed each other goodnight and curled up and went to sleep.

“Mmm, good morning guys. How long have you been awake for?” Owen asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and yawning.

“Almost twenty minutes now, but we should be getting up and going downstairs to do our morning exercises.” Kai answered.

“Oh god, I don't know if I can do more exercise.” Owen groaned out.

“You'll be fine, and every morning we do exercises, except hockey mornings, so up and at em, you're included. Just remember to only push yourself as far as you can go, but not over, and you'll be fine.” Kai said, nudging Owen gently, urging him out of bed.

“Fine.” Owen sighed.

They got out of bed and just put the same tights on from the night before, and then headed downstairs. This time Kai worked them through a full hour of stretching, and poor Owen never imagined the body could move the way Kai was forcing him to move, even if he could not quite go so far as Kai and Kenny could. Owen also never realized his body could hurt as much as it currently did, it felt like every muscle in his body was aching. And then they started actual exercises, and a whole new world of pain erupted in Owen.

“I can't do any more, I'm done.” Owen said, slumping down on the floor after only five minutes.

“You're not done yet, you have to at least cool down some. So get back up and do light stretches now so that your muscles don't knot up.” Kai suggested rather strongly.

“I'm not so sure I can move. I've never hurt so bad in my entire life.”

“Get up or we'll make you.” Kai warned, but he was grinning, so Owen knew he was teasing him, but he was also reasonably certain they would too if they had to.

Owen was finally able to stand up, and he went through a basic cool down routine while the other two continued to work quite hard. Kai was impressive to say the least Owen thought, and even Kenny he now noted was pretty good. He continued watching them for a good forty five minutes more as they worked hard, and then cooled down as well.

“Much better. That's the best way in the world to start the day if you ask me.” Kai sighed, looking hardly fazed by the two hours of solid working hard.

“If you insist. I'm not sure which is worse, working out with you for two hours or being beaten up with a baseball bat.” Owen said incredulously.

“Probably the workout.” Kenny laughed.

“Yeah, I'm pretty sure of that too. At least you were able to keep up to Kai mostly, I was dying out there.”

“Oh, I'll probably never be able to keep up to Kai, he's been doing this for too long, not to mention he's just plain way better at this than I am. I can barely move the way he wants me to, I personally think he's double or maybe even triple jointed.” Kenny grinned.

“More than likely.” Owen laughed.

“Actually, I am double jointed in some of my joints, but that's not the reason I can do all that, it's practice and lots of work.” Kai pointed out.

“I know, but there has to be an allowance for natural ability there as well. Trust me, I'm sure you can do things that people who've been training all their lives and are twice as old as you and they can't do it any better than I can.”

“Possibly true, being double jointed probably does give me some advantage, but even those who aren't can actually train themselves to do the same things, it just takes work, and not much more than I already have to do either by the way.” Kai answered honestly.

“I'll have to take your word for it, but don't expect me to be able to do all that you do any time soon. Well, I suppose we should all get upstairs and get some food and then get cleaned up.”

“Sounds good to me, I could stand to eat a little.” Kai smiled.

“Well, I could eat a lot.” Owen said.

“But you won't, because then it'd be bad for you.” Kai said.

“Okay.” Owen sighed again, but smiled as well.

They headed upstairs and when they got to the kitchen, Denise was there drinking her coffee and having some breakfast herself.

“Good morning boys. How was your sleep and workout?”

“Sleep was really good, not one of us moved the entire night I think, and the workout was a nice light one today.” Kai said.

“What, you call that a light workout?” Owen gasped loudly, nearly yelling.

“Afraid so, yes.” Kai shrugged.

“Holy shit, I'm gonna die real soon, aren't I?”

“Only if you push yourself too hard and try and keep up to Kai when you're not used to it, but I promise, if you do something as stupid as all that, I'll kill you first.” Denise warned.

“Don't worry, I can promise that easily.”

“I don't doubt that.” Denise laughed.

“Shouldn't you be getting ready to go mom, it's getting pretty late?” Kai looked to the clock and asked.

“As a matter of fact, yes, I gotta get going real quick here. I already had my shower, so all I have to do now is get dressed and I'm on my way.”

“Then you might want to go, you have five minutes before you have to leave.”

“I know, but I sure can't wait 'til I have my office at home and I don't even have to leave the house.”

“I bet. You don't have that luxury yet, so get, love you, bye.” Kai grinned.

“Okay okay, bye bye, love you too, have a good day.” Denise laughed. This was a somewhat routine occurrence, Kai often had to practically kick her out of the house.

“What was that all about?” Owen asked gently.

“She'll probably be late for her own damned funeral, and if she didn't work for herself, she'd probably have been fired years ago for being late so often.” Kai giggled.

“Oh, then it's a good thing your new place has an office for her too. What about her receptionist though?”

“The new house is apparently closer than the office is, so he's happy with the move.”

“Your mom has a male receptionist?”

“Actually, he's her book keeper and everything else as well. He's also as gay as I am, so very gay. But really, who else would my mom hire?” Kai laughed.

“Cool.” Owen grinned.

They quickly finished off their breakfast preparations and then sat down and ate. As soon as they were finished, they headed back upstairs so that they could get cleaned and redressed.

“Owen, I want you to hop in the tub and have a nice long hot soak, you're gonna need it. Kenny and I are gonna hop in the shower, please ignore any sounds you may hear while we shower, but it's probably a good thing the glass is frosted, so that you can't see, If however the sounds give you any ideas, I suggest you take care of those needs while in the bath.” Kai ordered.

“Okay.” Owen said more than happily.

Owen thought that the bath would feel great, the multiple jack off session he was going to have while in there though was going to feel approximately a million times better. He had not jacked off or anything since the night he was caught, but neither had Kai and Kenny, so they too were needing the release. Kenny was also only too happy to hear the plans. They stripped off in the bedroom and then all headed to the main floor bath, all with erections leading the way. Owen started the bath and Kai passed him the peppermint oil, so he poured some in and handed the bottle back. Kenny started their shower, and when it was ready, both he and Kai climbed in.

Kai did not even wait for anything, he just knelt down and sucked Kenny in to the root and started sucking. Kenny gasped loudly, going into almost orgasmic frenzy right away. He was able to hold off, but only for thirty seconds. He exploded, and the shear quantity of the output actually shocked Kai, but he was only too happy to greedily suck most of it down. Kai let Kenny fall from his mouth, even though Kenny was still just as hard as he had been, and he knew that Kenny would have at least two more loads to give him, but he was close too, and he had a mouth full of cum to share with Kenny.

They kissed for a few seconds, just enough for Kenny to get a taste, and then Kenny sunk down to his knees as well and sucked Kai right to the root. Kai gave one mighty sigh, it lasted about fifteen seconds, but in all fairness, that was not the only thing that did, because that was all Kai was able to take before he exploded as well. Kenny too let Kai go, knowing full well that there would be a round two, more than likely a third, and possibly a fourth as well. He stood up and pressed his lips to Kai's and kissed him deeply, sharing the rather large load that had almost choked Kenny it was so much. He managed to also keep it all in though, and was currently sharing half of it.

As soon as the load was done, Kai sunk down for the second time, and the only difference was that this time Kenny lasted nearly three minutes before exploding. Through a total of four orgasms a piece, they did the same thing, alternating back and forth, giving and then receiving from each other, and then rising up and sharing the load in a nice tender kiss. By the time they were each drained of four loads, they were more than satisfied, so they started cleaning each other up nice and gently.

Owen also did not even wait for the water to finish filling the tub before he was mauling himself in the age old tradition of self pleasure. Never before had he been so horny, so ready to jack off, he was so hard, his dick and his balls nearly hurt more than the rest of his body did, and that was saying a lot. Not even one full minute was all it took for Owen to explode in what was surely his most powerful cum to date. This was also his first wet cum, he ejaculated, it was thin and watery, nearly clear, but there was a good load of it painting his rapidly rising and falling chest and stomach.

Owen groaned deeply, used his other hand to scoop up as much of his first offering as he could, and then slurped it down. He groaned even more deeply, the taste was next to unbelievable, and he knew there was no way he would not eat it form then on, or even better yet, someone elses. As soon as he was satisfied that his first load was as cleaned up as he could make it, he started jacking off once again. His second orgasm was nearly as strong and painful as his first one was, and it came not even two minutes after starting, but this time, there were only three drops that bubbled from his tip. He greedily scooped it up and slurped it up. Once clean again, Owen jacked off three more times, each to a very satisfactory dry cum.

Owen had obviously had to turn off the water in between orgasms, so now he turned the jets on and laid back and relaxed, sighing deeply as he did so. He could still hear Kai and Kenny going at it, but he had no idea how many times they had gone, because he had not heard one thing as he was playing. It was only a few minutes later when they stopped and started cleaning, he smiled brightly. Not long after, a freshly cleaned and much more relaxed pair emerged from the shower and started drying off.

“Guess what guys, I had my first wet cum.” Owen said proudly.

“Wow, so cool, congratulations. Did you taste it, and if so, how was it?” Kai asked happily.

“For sure, and it tasted so awesome. My second time I only had a few drops, and then the next three were dry, but the first two sure tasted good.” Owen sighed happily, not embarrassed in the least.

“That's awesome, and you came more than we did.” Kenny said this time.

“Yeah, well I've always jacked off lots, usually four or five times before I'm happy.”

“I'm more a two or three times kinda guy, but they usually last a while at least.” Kai smiled.

“Same.” Kenny smiled as well.

“I'll be right back, and then we'll start washing you.” Kai said, and then went and grabbed the lotion and got it warming up again.

Once Kai came back, they proceeded to wash Owen softly and tenderly, just like they had the first time, and Owen did not get hard again, he had jacked off more than enough, Kai smiled. They had him hop in the shower to once again wash off, and then when he climbed out, Kenny and Kai tenderly dried him off and led him back to the bedroom. Once there, Owen was urged onto the bed where Kenny and Kai once again gave him a nice relaxing full body baby lotion massage, and like before, he was putty in their hands. He was flipped over, and even though he was not fully hard, Owen was slightly more chubby than normal, telling the others he loved the massage a great deal.

“There you go. How do you feel now?”

“Great. I've never felt so good in my entire life. I have friends who know just what to do to help me get better, I have everything that I ever wanted, even if I have no family, I can deal with that. I really can't thank you guys enough for all that you've done for me.”

“That was all the thanks we'll ever need.”

“So, did you two enjoy your alone time as well?”

“Oh yeah.” They both sighed deeply.

“Good, I'm glad. I've sorta felt a little bad for getting in between you guys' loving, but I knew I needed what you were offering as well, so I'm glad that you were able to get a few minutes at least somewhat alone.”

“Hey, no worries. At least there's one good thing about it, it sure made the few minutes we had now really really good, instead of just really good.” Kenny grinned.

“I'll second that. And besides, sometimes there's more important things to do, like letting a friend live. And just in case you've failed to notice, we do consider you a friend.”

“Yes, I noticed, and you're my friends too, forever.” Owen smiled happily.

“Good. Well, let's get us babies all nice and thickly diapered, and then I think I want to go for a walk to the mall to look around for a bit?” Kai said.

“What about the mall security?” Owen asked.

“What about them?”

“The last time I went there when I was supposed to be in school, some mall security guy harassed me about not being in school, even though I tried to explain to him that I had no school that day, that my school was off. He said he had no knowledge of that, and that he'd have to call my parents. I told him to go for it and gave him my dads phone number. It was pretty comical seeing the guys face as my dad yelled at him, but still, today we're really supposed to be in school.”

“No, we're all on doctors orders to stay out of school for this week, but that we're supposed to stick together and have some fun. If there's a security guard anywhere stupid enough to challenge me though, I welcome him to bring it on.” Kai grinned evilly.

“Ooh, I almost want the security guard to harass us then.” Owen giggled.

“Me too, I wouldn't mind seeing that myself.” Kenny laughed.

“The odds are though that none will bother us at all. Come on, let's get dressed, unless you want to go like this that is.” Kai grinned.

“Um, no thanks. Now that would be more than a little embarrassing.” Owen said quickly.

“You think!” Kenny said.

“I try not to as much as possible, thanks for asking.” Owen said flatly.

“It shows.” Kai giggled.

“Hey, what was that supposed to mean?” Owen asked, shocked that he was wailed on so bad.

“Oh, nothing much, and besides, you're the one who said it.” Kai grinned evilly.

“Ooh, you're good, and quick too.”

“Not when it counts, well except today, but what do you expect.” Kenny smiled.

“I didn't need to know that, thanks.” Owen blushed.

“Come on, dressed and then we can go.” Kai laughed.

Kai went and grabbed three body suits, and passed them out. At first Owen had no idea what it was or what it was for, until Kenny explained it, and he smiled brightly, thinking it was a great idea. He had a bit of trouble getting into it at first, but soon enough he had it on, and then they all got dressed, Owen once again sharing some of Kai's clothes, since they were similar enough in size for it to work, Kai only being slightly taller.

Once the boys were all dressed and Kai had their diaper bag packed, they were ready to go, so headed out after locking up the house. They walked the nearly fifteen blocks to the closest, but thankfully largest mall in the area, and when they got there, they started walking around, just looking at everything. They played in the arcade for a while, spending pretty close to twenty dollars each in there, Kai was only too happy to give the other two some money to have fun as well. After that, they all decided that it was pretty much lunch time, so they went to the food fair and found a place that looked like it had pretty good and decent for you food, so they all placed their orders and then went and sat down once they had their food.

After lunch, they continued walking around, looking at everything and joking and having fun. It was nearing the end of the school day, so they had to head back home soon so that they would make it in time to meet Denise to take them to ballet practice. As they walked, they talked, as they had been doing the entire time.

“So, you think you're gonna try out at ballet and see about doing it?” Kai asked Owen softly.

“I just don't know. I just know I'm not gonna be any good at it.”

“Ah, but that's where you're wrong. The things I taught you this morning and you got pretty easily are amongst the hardest things you can do in ballet, short of the actual throws and lifts, but you get special training for that, and you have to master the basics first before you can even do that.”

“Really?” Owen asked.

“Really. If you can learn what you did this morning, then you can learn anything in ballet. Trust me. You weren't perfect yet, but that doesn't really matter, the point is you can do it almost easily now. Come on, what have you got to lose?”

“Well, more body fat, that's for sure, because if I do both ballet and hockey, I'm gonna be as lean as you are now, and I'm nowhere near fat.” Owen laughed.

“You and me both.” Kenny had to laugh as well.

“No, the only thing you can do is put on more muscle, you don't have any body fat to spare I think. Have you ever had your body fat measured?”

“No.” Both Owen and Kenny answered.

“I'm betting both of you are around five to six percent at most, same as me. Zero of course can't happen, and would probably be bad if you did manage it, so I doubt you can lose any body fat.” Kai laughed.

“You're more than likely right, yet again.” Owen sighed.

“So, will you?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Owen relented finally.

“Good. Our teacher will be pleased to have another boy, but the girls there might not be so happy. Oh well, I'm done worrying about what they think.”

For the rest of the walk home, the boys talked happily about ballet class. When they made it to the house, Denise was already there and waiting for them. She was obviously not worried about where they had been, or she would have called Kai on his cell phone. She just waved to the boys as they headed into the house to get their dance outfits, she was just waiting in the car. They went in and traded a few of the clothes in their bag for the dance outfits, Owen of course borrowing one of Kai's again. As soon as they were ready, they headed out to the car.

“Sorry to keep you waiting mom, how long have you been here?” Kai asked.

“I Just pulled up not even a few seconds before I saw you boys coming down the road. Once I realized it was you, I didn't bother getting out of the car. So, did you boys head to the mall or something?”

“Yeah, how'd you guess?” Kai grinned.

“Not difficult really. Where else could you have gone that was within easy walking distance in that direction.”

“See, I get my observation skills from my mom.” Kai pointed out.

“Never said you didn't get at least some of your abilities from your parents.” Kenny pointed out.

The boys bantered back and forth more as Denise just shook her head and drove them to ballet. The boys did tell her though that Owen was going to join in as well, and she was happy to hear that. She would have to arrange for Dianne to get paid for him now as well. Thankfully the traffic was not too nasty today, so even though they were a few minutes later in leaving than they normally would, they were pretty much right on time. Denise did not bother walking the boys up this time, figuring that she would call Dianne later and arrange the payment for Owen at that time, so went to the coffee shop to sip on some coffee and play on her computer.

“Hi Dianne, I brought you another hockey player.” Kai grinned.

“Exactly how many more hockey players on your team are you gonna bring here?” Dianne asked curiously.

“You really sure you want the answer to that?” Kai asked pointedly.

“No, probably not, but you know how I feel about having too many students at any given time.”

“Well, you could always kick the girls out to another class and make this an all boys class.” Kai suggested, said girls glaring at him murderously.

“Considering how much they like you, it might not be such a bad idea, and you girls can stop that, you know he's right, and it wasn't his fault in any way.” Dianne snapped at the girls and they turned and walked away.

“Thanks.” Kai whispered.

“No problem. I've been wanting to do that for a while.” She grinned.

“Anyway, you know I'll bring as many as I can.” Kai smiled.

“I never figured I'd have enough boys to make an all boys class, it's very rare after all. Having both boys and girls though is better, so that you can learn together, even if the girls here don't really seem to care to for some reason.”

“Would you mind terribly if I took about half an hour and try and knock them down a peg or two and try and work this out?” Kai asked. Normally the idea of doing anything other than dance was a foreign concept to Kai, so Dianne nodded yes immediately, because she had no doubts that this would be good.

“Thanks, we'll do this first before getting changed then.”

“Go for it, just try not to make any of them quit.”

“Don't worry.” Kai smiled, and then called out to the girls. “Grace, Carly, Lisa, Jo and Mikayla, can you come and sit with us for a few minutes please?” Kai asked in a friendly manner. The girls must have been curious, because they did not ask why, and just came over and sat in a circle with the boys facing them. Dianne was smart enough to back off a little, but was close enough to hear the kids.

“I'm sick of how you girls treat me, and now Kenny too, and I want it to stop. I want the honest answer here, and I will get it from you, even if I have to pry with a crowbar to get it. Why the hell do you hate me so much, what have I ever done to you that could have caused you to all hate me so much?”

It took a few minutes for the girls to formulate a response, and Carly was the first to answer.

“Because you're a boy, and boys aren't supposed to dance.”

“Huh, I'm sorry, but that's possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. What the hell makes you think that boys can't be dancers, even ballet dancers?”

She had no answer to that and hung her head in shame.

“That's what I thought. That was your stock answer, in hopes to appease me so that I wouldn't dig deeper and find out the real answer, wasn't it?” Kai asked calmly.

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Okay, so what's the real answer then, or should I guess?”

“I can't.”

“Okay, then I'll tell you what I think the answer is. Stop me if I'm wrong at any time, but I'm willing to bet I have the answer from all five of you figured out. First is the fact that I'm gay, you hate that because you all think I'm cute and wouldn't mind dating me. Well, bad news, I'm gay and taken, and not even the most beautiful woman in the world could possibly sway me. Next, you're all jealous of me, you all hate that I can dance so much better than you can. Well, guess what, I dance better only because I practice a lot. Not only are there the three days a week here, but I do at least to hours every day at home, even on the days that I come here, and usually Saturday and Sunday I do at least three hours, but usually four. I love dance, I live and breath dance, dance is what drives me, it's my life and my breath. If you're jealous of me because I dance better, that means you want to dance as good as I do, but if you want that, then bloody well go out there and work hard for it for fuck sakes, don't take your inabilities out on me. Yet another nail in the coffin was that I came here with a boyfriend, then that told you there simply wasn't a chance at all. Well, I hate to say it, but even if there had been a chance before Kenny came along, it sure the hell wouldn't have been with any of you, because there's one thing that turns me off about anyone, and that's attitudes like you girls all had towards me. To tell you quite honestly, when I told Dianne to make this an all boys class earlier, I meant it, I would miss not one of you even just a little if you were to leave. I don't hate people unless they give me a really good reason to, and the five of you have sure worked hard to make me hate you. I don't hate you yet, but it's getting really damned close. Not one of you's tried to stop me yet, so that tells me that every word I just spoke was true, wasn't it?” Kai said strongly, but finished off softly.

“Yes.” All five of them whispered.

“We'll leave now then, we'll sign up for a different time then.” Grace said softly.

“No, you're not, not unless you can't get your acts together and start working together with us, all of us as a team. I'm sick of feeling like an outsider here, even though I have every bit as much right to be here as every one of you has. Now, can I at least have you all promise to at least try and treat me and Kenny better, oh and Owen too, because he's gonna join too, but he's gay too?”

“I promise.” All five of them said.

“Good, and if you want, I'll even work with you to help make you better.” Kai smiled.

“Oh god no, you'll kill us.” Lisa gasped.

“No, I won't, but you might wish you were dead.” Kai laughed, the girls gulped, Kenny and Owen nodded their agreement.

“Okay, I think you at least got started on what you wanted Kai, and thanks. That should at least make it a bit easier here now. And girls, I promise you one thing, if you continue pulling the attitude that you have been lately, towards anyone, I might not allow you to even come back to any class of mine, at all. Understood?” Dianne came forth and told them and then asked the girls.

“Yes ma'am.”

“Good. Now, you boys go get changed, you were a minute late getting here and the girls are already ready to go. Girls, let's get started while we wait for the boys to join us.”

“That was awesome Kai.” Owen said as soon as they reached the change room.

“Thanks. I've been wanting to do that for a while, and today felt like the right day to do it.” Kai smiled.

They all gout out of their clothes and slipped on their body suits and then their tights. Owen still thought the tights were a little uncomfortable, but the body suit he sort of liked, and he was blushing about the fact that even a blind person could see that he was diapered. He did not worry too much or say anything about it, because he knew the other two did it all the time, well at least Kai did, because Kenny had not been in ballet all that long, but still, he did too now. Kai and Kenny both saw all this and smiled when he said nothing, just said that he was ready to go, and then they all headed out to the main dance hall and joined Dianne and the girls in training.

Dance class lasted for a good two hours as always, at least for the rest of the two hours that they had available to them, and poor Owen thought he really was going to die soon, and amazingly enough, he no longer wanted that. He really was starting to ache all over, but in a way he felt good too. As soon as Dianne released them from their class, everyone headed back to the change rooms and the boys stripped down completely and hit the shower. They washed themselves thoroughly, and then dried off and got diapered and dressed. When they exited, they found Denise already there, talking to Dianne.

“Hey Diane, how was class today?” Denise asked as soon as she walked in, the kids had just disappeared into the change rooms.

“Was an interesting start to say the least.” Dianne smiled.

“Oh, how so?”

“Well, I know you know all about the troubles Kai's had with the girls in the class, and he asked to take a few minutes to talk to them, because he was tired of how they were treating him. I've never in my life heard him speak so, well I'm not sure how he spoke. He never yelled at them, he never berated them, he never even lost his calm once, yet he told them all that he was sick to death of being treated like shit. He tried to make them tell him why they were treating him like a piece of shit on their shoes, and they lied then refused to answer, so he told them the reason why they were doing so, and not one thing they could argue with. He told them it was enough, and that they could treat him with respect, pretty much or else. Once he was done, I then came forward and told the girls they'd worn out all their chances and that any more attitude from them and I'd kick them out. I think they'll be better from now on, or at least I hope so.”

“Good, I'm glad he finally decided to do it, he's been wanting to for a long time, but it's like he said, you can't always talk to girls and force them to admit things they don't want to like you can boys. Hell, I know that for fact, girls you have to usually bribe things like that out of. Boys, even though are the ones who are usually less emotional are always the easiest to get information out of, and they call boys the stronger sex. Yeah right.” Denise laughed.

“I don't think strength has much to do with it. Boys just think differently than girls do.” Dianne had to laugh as well.

“No, you're definitely right. Kai was really waiting for the time when he was certain he knew what their problem was, so that he could tell them what their problems were, more than likely because he knew they wouldn't tell him. You've hardly seen it, but Kai's far better at human psychology than even I am, and I've been trained to the highest degree, have been doing it for more years than I care to admit, and I've treated thousands of kids. Kai though, he's thirteen years old, and Owen isn't the first patient that I've brought home with me to help, because I knew I wasn't going to be able to help him and I was going to lose him.” Denise said.

“Huh, what are you talking about?”

“Oh, sorry, forgot you haven't been told the story of Owen yet.”

“No, Owen was a patient of yours?”

“Yes, but he's also on the boys' hockey team, although I didn't know that beforehand. Obviously you must never tell anyone this, but you have as much right to know this as anyone does, so here goes.” Denise said, and then gave the abridged version of what happened to Owen.

“Oh, the poor boy, that's so horrible. And you said Kai helped Owen, and that you've done nothing?”

“Yes. I wasn't getting anywhere with him, and I knew that to just leave him in the hospital would spell certain death. Even if they tied him to his bed and sedated him continuously, he wasn't going to live, he'd lost every ounce of life he had in him, and his mind was shutting down. Once that happens, there's little even I can do. I knew Kai was his only hope, and as you can see, he worked real magic with him, and I've almost totally taken him off of suicide watch, and it's only been a couple days. The doctor at the hospital said he was a lost cause, sadly. I told him that I was taking him to a special facility and a team of people would help him, he said you're taking him home, how can you say that. I've known the doctor for years, so I wasn't worried that he'd tell on me for getting my untrained son to help Owen, but he was amazed, saying there was no way. I'm happy to say when I called the doctor today to say I was taking him off suicide watch, that he quite literally choked.”

“Wow, I've always suspected a lot about Kai, but of course, when he's here, there's only one thing important, and that's dance, he doesn't really talk a lot. And while I've always known he was very smart and far stronger than most kids his age, I had no idea that he was that smart.”

“No, Kai has the unnerving ability to be able to focus on one thing and one thing only when he wants to, but he is even more able to concentrate on dozens of things all at the same time and complete every task faster than most people can complete only one of them. His abilities are truly amazing, and staggering as well. He's the only person I've ever met that can read and watch TV at the same time, and yet, if you were to quiz him on both at the end, he'd be able to tell you everything about both in great detail, including colors of clothes and eyes that the characters had on the TV. I've done that before to him. Now, I know you're more than likely wanting to know how you're getting paid for Owen.”

“I wasn't too worried about it to tell you the truth, I knew you'd already have that worked out if he was here.” Dianne laughed.

“You're right. I'll be paying for him to come, and given the report I received today from social services, it'll be permanently, because he has no other family and Kai's asked for him to stay with us, because he deserves to have everything that we can give to him.”

“He's right, he certainly deserves everything you can provide for him. I imagine that you'll be getting paid then to care for him?”

“Yes, but all that money will go into a special account for him for his own personal use. Once I tell him that, I'm pretty certain that he'll say that he'll pay for hockey and ballet out of that, and we'll let him too, it's his right, and he'll get plenty of money every month to cover it.”

“Oh, that's nice of you.”

“I make lots of money, I have no need for it, and it'll do him more good. Admittedly I do hope that he does do that, because that's a lot of money between dance and hockey, but I'd willingly pay it. Kai pays for his own, but he has considerably more money than even I have.”

“Huh, really?” Dianne asked in surprise, she had no idea Kai paid for his own training.

“Oh yeah. Kai's father was murdered when he was just a baby, and I sued his murderer for wrongful death, and then put every penny into the bank and stocks and bonds for Kai. We won four million dollars, he's now worth somewhere around twice that much. Even the house we're having built he chipped in a couple hundred thousand to build the basement of his dreams, it's pretty fantastic actually, it looks incredible, and he's gonna cry when we see it next week, of that I have no doubts.”

“Wow, and Kai knows all about that?”

“Of course. There's one thing I've never done, and that was hide anything from Kai. He's known I was gay since he was a child, he knew his father was murdered and that I sued the guy and gave Kai all the money. Since he was eight, Kai's been almost solely the one to manage his money. He even plays the stock market, and while he's lost a bit here and there when a stock didn't do well, I tell you, he's done far better and made way more money than he's ever lost. The account manager I had on it 'til then had done decently, but when Kai said he'd take over, and just have the guy advise only, Kai's done very well. The guy's totally amazed, and has instead started using the same things Kai's doing for his own money, and he say's that he's making far more money now as well.” Denise laughed.

“Hmm, maybe I should give the little puke my money and tell him to help me out with it then.” Dianne laughed.

“Who do you think helps me with mine. Trust me, there's no other way I could spend eight hundred thousand on a house and not have to go to the bank for even one penny. At eight, he started doing my finances and everything as well, I was doing decent, I had a pretty good savings, but nowhere near enough to do anything with really. I had a mortgage still even, and he managed to help me pay off nearly a hundred thousand dollar balance on my mortgage in only nine months, and by the time he was ten, he had more than quadrupled my account. With his money he's fairly low risk, he says because he doesn't need to really work it, since he has plenty, but he probably adds nearly a million a year to his account on average, but my money he said he really needed to work hard in order to get me up to a comfortable level. Only once did he make a mistake that cost me almost a hundred thousand dollars. He was in tears, hysterical that he accidentally lost the money, and begged me to take it from his account. I was laughing the entire time, he had lost money that he had made me at least five times already, so I told him not to worry so much about it. Well, I tell you, he replaced that money in only a month, as well as some more, and other than a couple thousand here and there when something turns sour and he can't control it, he's made me money hand over fist. It's nearly to the point that I don't have to work any more. And in case you wonder, the only reason I had a cap of eight hundred thousand was simply because I didn't want to touch my savings, and that's all that was available in my main account.”

“Holy shit. Would he be offended if I asked him to do that for me as well?”

“No, but he might not either, and if he does, he'll strongly warn you that he won't guarantee that you'll make money, but I almost can. There's one thing for certain, you'll never actually lose money with Kai working it.” Denise laughed.

“Then I'll definitely ask him. I've got a few thousand I could give to him to start out with, only about five, but I'll just give it to him and tell him to work it for a year and never tell me anything, and then tell me what's available at the end of the year.”

“I gave him ten, and asked him to do much the same thing, but he told me how much I had every so often, and it was staggering. Like I said, he paid off my mortgage in only nine months off of only ten thousand dollars, and there was still money left over.” Denise smiled.

“Let me grab my checkbook then.” Dianne said and ran over and grabbed it and quickly wrote a check out.

“Don't hand it to me, give it directly to Kai, he'll do the rest.” Denise said when Dianne went to pass her the check. Just then, the boys walked out.

“Hey Kai, your mom was just telling me how good you are with money. Would you mind terribly taking this and seeing what you can do with it?” Dianne passed Kai the check and asked.

“Sure, I don't mind. I have to tell you though that I can't guarantee that I'll make you any money, but I'll give it my best for you.”

“I understand, no worries there. Just do what you can for me, but don't tell me please, just take the money and work it for one full year, and then let me know, okay.”

“Sure, I can do that for you.” Kai smiled and put the check in his wallet. He would have to have Denise stop at the bank so that he could set up another account.

“Thanks Kai, I appreciate it. Well, I know you guys have to head out, and so do I, so I'll see you in a couple days.”

“No problem Dianne, see you.” Kai said, and they all headed out to the car. As soon as they made it, Kenny asked the burning question.

“What was that all about, why did Dianne give you money?”

“I enjoy playing the stock market, and I do pretty good.” Kai smiled, and then explained pretty much the same thing to Kenny and Owen that Denise had explained to Dianne.

“Wow, cool. Can my dad and I give you money as well and you can do the same for us?” Kenny asked.

“Sure. Give what you can or what you're comfortable with and I'll see what I can do with it. Like I told Dianne though, I make no promises that I can make you money.”

“Oh, I know, don't worry there. I think dad would let me give you a thousand dollars from my savings account, and he'd probably give you more.” Kenny said happily.

“I almost wish I had some money to give you as well.” Owen said.

“Actually Owen, we needed to talk about that anyway, so let's go for dinner, and we're gonna have a chat.” Denise said.

“Oh, okay.” Owen said, confused. Kai smiled, thinking he knew what was coming.

They went back to their favorite restaurant, Denise figuring that this was as good a reason to celebrate as any. Kenny and Kai were more than pleased with the choice of restaurant, and Kai knew the reason now. They went in and got a seat, a nice one, but not as good as the last time. They placed their orders, and then Denise got down to the reason they were there.

“Okay Owen, here's the low down. You have no other family other than your dad, just like you said you suspected. Your dad has been stripped of all his rights concerning you and you've been permanently placed in the foster care system, currently under my care. All your things were packed up today and will be dropped off to you tomorrow at our house. Now here's where you get to decide what you wish to do. Normally we try and get kids like you in with other family members, but sadly you have none to speak of. You have a decision to make, and I want you to think about it. Would you like for me to find you a foster home that'll accept you for who you are and all, or would you rather stay living with us permanently?” Denise asked.

“With you guys.” Owen said so fast it nearly burned the others, tears were now flowing freely as well.

“Somehow I thought you might decide that. Now, school. How do you do in school?”

“I wouldn't say great, but I do not too bad, why?”

“Well, Kai and Kenny have already both been accepted into a private school that's really close to the new house, within walking distance, but the problem is they only accept boys on the brighter side of the scale let's just say to be polite. I'm gonna try and get you in there as well, since it'll be good for you as well, but if you don't do great in school, then your school records will certainly ruin any chance of you getting in right away. So what we'll have to do instead is claim that we can't get your school records and they'll have to test you instead. You'll have to give it your best to pass the test, and if you do, they'll hopefully let you in, if you don't, then I'll let you chose which school you go to.”

“Then I'll give it my best to do as good on their test as I possibly can.” Owen said honestly.

“I figured you would. They might just say no outright though, since they're nearing maximum capacity as it is, but I'll do what I can with them and make sure they at least give you the chance, and I do have a few surprises for them if they deny you, so we'll just go from there. Next is money. Right now you have not much, but social services did locate a small account with some money in it under your name, so that's being transferred to my name as caregiver, so that you can use that. Also, I don't want or need the money that social services will be paying me for your care, so all that money will be going into that account for your use as well. I do however suggest that you ask Kai for help in managing your money, he'll teach you everything that you need to know.”

“What, no, you need the money to care for me though. I wouldn't mind a bit, but I don't want all of it.” Owen said immediately.

“Owen, did you hear me ask you if you wanted me to do that?” Denise asked firmly.

“No, but...”

“Then it wasn't open for negotiation. It's already set up that way anyway, because I knew what your answer was going to be. The first months pay has already been put in, because it was given to help you get everything that you'd need to get restarted. It's a little over a thousand dollars, but that's only the first month. Most months will be a little less than that, but every so often you'll get a larger one for certain things.”

“But, well, then I want to pay for my hockey and dance class.” Owen said, thinking it over and coming to that decision, because if Denise was not going to take money to care for him, then he certainly was not going to make her pay for his activities as well.

“You know, I knew you were going to do that when I told you this, and you know what, I'm gonna let you do it too. It'll be good for you, and I'm happy you made that decision, because it was the right decision to make.” Denise smiled.

“Thanks.” Owen smiled as well.

“Oh good, food.” Kai sighed, because he was really hungry with all the good smells, both he and Kenny were, and other than listening, they were doing nothing, so they got to concentrate on the wonderful scents wafting all over the restaurant.

“My god, this looks amazing.” Owen groaned when the food was placed in front of him, and then he forgot about everything else but the food, and dug in just like the others were doing.

“How was it boys?” Denise asked once they were all done.

“That was by far the best food I've ever eaten in my entire life.” Owen sighed, patting his belly satisfactorily.

“I agree.” All three of the others said at the same time.

“Okay boys, let's clear out and let the next people come sit down to enjoy as well.” Denise said, and the boys gave no argument. They got up and left, and the ride home was pretty silent, all things considering, but Owen had a lot to think about, and the others knew it, so just left him to think. When they got home, the boys all went up to the bedroom and stripped down so that they were more comfortable and then headed downstairs.

“So, how do you feel Owen?” Kai asked.

“Like a million dollars, and if you're as good with money as it sounds, that may soon be true too.” Owen giggled.

“Maybe, you never know.” Kai grinned.

“Probably sooner rather than later.” Denise laughed.

“Not likely with the amount he'll be starting with, at least not that soon.” Kai smiled.

“You mean it, you could actually do that?” Owen asked in surprise.

“Depends on the market, sometimes you can, sometimes you can't, but you usually have to start with a larger amount to get that too terribly quickly. I won't really push your money hard, because you don't have a lot, and it can be real risky, and there's no need, you have a lot of time to build your money.”

“No, by all means, push every penny I give you as hard as you can. If I lose a bit here and there, no big deal, because you can probably make me more money than you'll lose.”

“Thinking like that's dangerous though Owen, people have gone flat broke thinking like that.” Kai warned strongly.

“Well, then I'll be right back to where I am now, then won't I!” Owen pointed out smartly.

“That's a valid point, but that still doesn't mean it wouldn't hurt a lot.”

“True, but if you have nothing and you get something from practically nothing, then you're still further ahead. Don't worry, I don't even want to know how my money's doing, I'll give you a couple hundred a month and just work it as best you can 'til I turn nineteen, okay.”

“Okay, it's a deal.” Kai smiled, because he knew that to do it that way would make the greatest amount of sense and money.

“I'll do the same thing once I talk it over with my dad.” Kenny said.

“Okay, I don't mind. It's kinda fun. Anyway Owen, other than feeling like a million dollars, how do you really feel?”

“Is there anything better than that?”

“Yes, of course there is.” Kai said incredulously. “There's far better things than money. Like, are you happy, are you coping, all that.” Kai pointed out far too seriously to be being serious.

“Of course I'm happy, are you dense or blind. Like holy crap man, you have really high standards of happy if you can't tell how happy I am. I've never been happier in my life. As for coping, even if you gave me a gun with a bullet in it, I'd take the bullet out and pass the gun back to you and throw away the bullet.” Owen said incredulously.

“Okay, that's all I needed to hear. You can sleep on your own tonight, or you can sleep in with us again.” Kai smiled warmly.

“As much as I'd love to sleep in with you guys again, I know you need your private time, so I'll sleep in one of the other bedrooms.” Owen smiled warmly.

“Thanks, I think I speak or both of us when I say we appreciate it.” Kai said softly.

“For sure.” Kenny said too happily.

“No problem. I've already taken up so much of your time together as it is. That doesn't mean I want to stop spending time with you guys though.” Owen smiled brightly.

“That's good. We still want to spend time with you as well, only now I don't think we have to be right next to you at all times, and you can feel free to go and do things you want to do too.”

“Thanks. It's all because of you guys too, I never could have done it without you.” Owen said, a couple tears leaking out. Kenny and Kai just gathered him up into a nice tender hug and they all cried for a few minutes together.

“I'm happy for you Owen. I didn't think that it would be this fast that Kai would be able to help you, and the doctor at the hospital thought you might have been a lost cause and said it might have been kinder to have just let you go when you came to us, but I told him you'd be fine. When I called him today and told him I felt you were healed, he was amazed, he had no clue what to say.”

“If you'd have asked me Sunday morning, I would have said I agreed with the doctor, but now; I have life, I know love, I have friends, and I'm free to be who and what I am. There's nothing better.” Owen said, tears streaking down even more so now.

“No, there really isn't, is there?” Denise smiled and grabbed Owen and hugged him tightly as well.

“Thanks Denise, you couldn't help me, but you found the right person to make me see what life really was all about, and for that, I owe you my life just as much as I owe Kai and Kenny my life. Anything at all I can do for you, you just ask. If someone pisses you off and you need help burying the body, you just call on me, I'll be there for you.” Owen said honestly, and Denise knew he meant every word of it too.

“Thanks Owen, and I hope you know the same can be said for us. If there's ever anything you need help with, you just ask.” Denise laughed.

“Well, I don't know about you guys, but all this sappy stuff is really dragging down what could be a nice round of cuddles on the couch as we watch TV, so let's sit back and relax.” Kai smiled, he knew it was time to do so, everything that needed to be said was said, and more importantly, everything that needed to be felt was flowing freely through all of them right then, and that was love of family.

They said nothing, knowing Kai was right, so they all curled up on the couch, all cuddled right into each other, Kenny and Denise on the outside, and Owen and Kai in the middle, and for the rest of the evening, they watched TV. When it was time for bed, Kai offered Owen a fresh diaper and a pack of wipes and a tub of cream and told him to go to bed, but that he should relieve a little pressure first, if he so desired that is, he desired, so he went and did so. Owen jacked off three times, enjoyed only one treat this time, and then diapered himself up nice and snug and went to sleep, happier than he had ever been in his life.

“Ah, finally alone to really play and enjoy.” Kenny sighed once the door was closed.

“Yeah. This morning was good to relieve the pressure, but I really want to feel you, touch you, hold you, and suck you totally dry.” Kai said brightly.

“That sounds really nice. I'm getting pretty tired though, you thinking suck each other at the same time?”

“Definitely.” Kai smiled.

No more words were said as they practically jumped into bed and started grasping at each other. As soon as they were together on the bed though, they slowed down completely and started really loving each other. They pulled down the fronts of each others soggy diaper and started gently licking each others groins as far as they could reach with the diapers still covering most of them. They both decided that that was not going to work for them, so they released only one side of the diaper and really got to work on pleasuring each other. For almost ten minutes, they only licked each other all over before finally sucking each other in.

The funny thing was that neither had said anything, they only stopped licking and sucked each other in at almost the exact same time. They both sighed deeply as they were engulfed in the others mouth, and then they started a nice gentle sucking and tonguing, really trying to make it feel good, not trying to bring each other off, that was what that morning was all about. Still, almost ten minutes later, the inevitable happened, and they both exploded, and they both enjoyed it a great deal as well.

They laid there not moving for a couple minutes, neither one moving off any at all either, both just coming down from their orgasms, but neither ready to stop yet. Once they were satisfied that they could continue and really enjoy, they both started sucking once more. This time they also started using their hands to explore and touch, tickle and stroke, and they both enjoyed that almost as much. After only a couple minutes though, both boys were working solely on each others tender little anal entrances and their even more tender little balls, one hand on each, and as they sucked, they moaned. Neither inserted their fingers inside each other, Kai felt it was not time yet, that Kenny was not ready for it, and Kenny just honestly never thought about it.

Almost fifteen minutes after starting again, they both exploded in an even more powerful orgasm, both cumming nearly as much as they had the time before. They sucked each other completely dry, and then they collapsed. They both knew they were done for the night, their balls ached, even though they were sure they still had a little to give up if they had to, but they were now feeling too tired. They laid there for nearly five minutes before they started moving again. They broke apart, and Kai stumbled out of bed and grabbed the diaper supplies. Kenny got into diaper change position, and Kai got him nice and thickly diapered, and then they traded places and Kai was also diapered up.

They kissed for a few minutes after cuddling up in bed, and then whispered goodnight, I love you. Before too much longer, both boys were sound asleep, curled up into each other all in love.

The next morning was hockey as normal, and it pretty much went like all the previous hockey training that they had had since Kai had joined, so not much to tell there. When the boys arrived home, they all sat around much of the day, playing games, talking, watching TV, they all thought it was pretty boring, but finally school was over and the boys from the hockey team would soon be arriving, so they got ready for them.