Baby Boy Ballerina and the Hockey Hunk

***Be warned, if you do not condone sexual experiences between boys and boys, or even boys and men, or if you do not care for diaper love and urinary use, then this story may not be for you. It is a tale of love, never abuse, and while there are sex scenes, they are amazingly light in this story. It is a love story through and through. As with all my stories, I hope that you enjoy, and I hope that you email me with your comments. Please email me at ****** If I had a story site left, I would gladly invite you to join me there, but sadly it was once again killed, so as of yet, I have not figured out what to do, but if you email me, when I do figure it out, I will email you to inform you of this. Also, if anyone has contact with Deeker of Deeker's Diaper Pages, would you please give me his email address, so that I can email him, I have lost it, and I wish to find out why he killed his site. If anyone knows why, I would also appreciate hearing it, in case I can not reach him any longer. Thanks.***

Chapter 9

Saturday went really well for all the boys, they had a nice morning, and then got ready to go and went to ballet class and worked hard there, all of them having fun, but Kenny and Owen of course hurting a great deal by the time they were finished. That evening they all had dinner, and Steven even came over to have dinner with them as well, and they had a really good night. When Kai asked him about helping Daniel out, he was only too happy to do so, so this pleased Kai a great deal, but he had already been certain that Steven would gladly help out anyway.

Just after the boys got home from dance class, someone from social services came by and dropped off all of Owen's belongings that they had finally been able to collect from his house. Pretty much all they did though was dump all his stuff from his drawers into boxes, which was probably for the best considering that was where Owen had kept his dildo. They packed up his stereo and TV, grabbed his bike and all his hockey gear, and his few other things and he now had it all to use. Owen did not even really bother to unpack anything, knowing that they would very soon be moving anyway, he did not figure there was any point. There was only one thing he wanted to find when he got to his bedroom for the night, and that was his dildo. He found it in the third box he opened, and he was very much pleased.

Saturday night was a good night for all the boys, once they went to bed that is. Owen played by himself for a great deal of time, using his dildo for a good couple hours and jacking off no less than four times. Kai and Kenny too had a lot of fun and played for a good couple hours. They sucked each other four times, in eight different ways, in other words neither one was ever in the same position twice altogether. They were tired, they were sore, they were drained, and they were happy. Thankfully after they finished and just before they fell asleep, they were also diapered, nice and thick with a nice thick coating of diaper rash cream as well, just because it felt nice.

Sunday morning Kai and Kenny woke up and they kissed and cuddled and had a whispered conversation. Not even a few minutes into this they had a knock at their door and told Owen to go ahead and enter. They smiled to each other and he asked if he could come and cuddle up to them, because he missed it, and they said sure, so he came and laid down with them and joined them in their morning cuddles and conversation. It was really quite nice. Finally they got up and went for their morning showers and then went and got diapered and dressed for the day and then went down to make breakfast. Denise stumbled in just before it was ready.

“Morning boys.” She mumbled.

“Good morning mom.” Kai said happily.

“Hey, I said it was morning, I never said anything about good, and for crying out loud, try not to sound so happy, it's morning.” Denise grunted out, she really was not a morning person. Kai just giggled, he was used to it.

“You know I'm always happy in the morning, you think you'd be used to it by now, and besides, any morning you get to wake up is a good morning, but any morning you get to wake up next to the best boyfriend in the world is a great morning.” Kai smiled, then reached over and kissed said boyfriend quickly.

“You make me sick, you know that right?” Denise laughed.

“I know, and I so enjoy rubbing it in too. Go ahead and sit, breakfast will be ready in a few seconds, and we have coffee for you.”

“Oh good.” Denise said, ignoring everything except coffee, it was the only thing that was important at the time.

A short while later, they all sat down and ate their breakfast, and then the boys got up and cleaned up the kitchen, while Denise was urged to just sit back and relax and finish her coffee.

“Okay boys, don't go anywhere yet, I want to ask you something?” Denise asked the boys once they were finished cleaning.

“What would you like to know mom?”

“Well, I called the builder yesterday while you boys were in dance class, and when he said yes to my question, I went and picked up the keys. It's done, so would anyone like to go see the new house?” Denise smiled.

“For sure.” All three boys said excitedly.

“Thought so. Kenny, call your dad and ask him if he wants to go too, and we'll pick him up on our way?”

“Okay.” Kenny said, and was back not even a minute later. “He said yes, he was almost as excited as I was.” He laughed.

“Good. Let's go then. Do you boys have a diaper bag packed and ready to go then?”

“Sure do, let me just go grab it and make sure it's still fully stocked.” Kai said and ran upstairs. While he was gone, the others got their shoes on.

“Here we go, good to go. So, did you ever call the movers, and if so, what did they say?” Kai asked as he ran down the stairs.

“They'll be here tomorrow morning at seven to start packing everything and they'll hopefully be to the new house no later than three to start unpacking.”

“Wow, that's fast, how many of them will there be?” Kenny asked.

“The owner said he'd have all his guys helping out and two trucks to do it in, so they'll have upwards of twelve guys. I'm paying a lot extra to have it all done in the one day, because I don't want to have to go without anything. For the most part, unpacking our bedrooms will be up to us though, they won't put it all away, because they don't know how we like it, that sort of thing. They do pack it all for us though, so no worries there.”

“That's good. Well, what are we waiting for.” Kai said, a little impatiently, he had waited long enough he felt, and it was about time that he got to see the new house he helped to design. In actual fact though, Kai designed most of it, just took all of Denise's ideas and his and he did all the drawings and everything for how it should look. An architect then took it and put it all through a computer and had to change very little from the designs that Kai had done, so it would look nearly identical to how he had envisioned it.

“Just waiting for you boys to get in the car so that we can go.” Denise laughed, and there was a mad rush to get out the door and into the car, Denise just laughed again.

They arrived a few minutes later to pick up Steven, and he was ready and waiting for them to arrive, so hopped in and they were off.

“So dad, how are you working getting our things to the new house?” Kenny asked curiously.

“The same moving guys who are doing Denise and Kai's house will come Tuesday and move everything for me. They're gonna come in and pack it all up, pack all the things to the basement that I want stored, and then move what we want to the new house. There's only going to be a few guys, because they won't have to do too much, and they don't have as many people that day to do it as they will on Monday for the main house. Same deal as I'm sure Denise told you guys though, they'll pack it all up, but for the most part, the unpacking is up to us.”

“That's cool, and just fine with me.” Kenny smiled brightly.

It took only fifteen minutes for them to reach the area of town where their new house was, it was definitely in the city's most rich area, all the lots were huge, and the houses even more so. Finally they pulled up to the house that Kai knew was theirs instantly, not only did it look brand new, but it was identical in nearly every way to his drawings. The colors were the same, the architectural detailing was created right down to the very finest detail, and it was absolutely perfect in every way.

“Wow, it looks so nice, it's identical to my drawings too.” Kai said, happy tears already running down as they pulled into the large driveway that could easily hold ten cars, and then they pulled into the garage that could hold a few just by itself.

“I made sure the architect kept everything as close to your designs as possible baby. You asked me a lot of questions as to how I wanted it, but the rest was all you, you designed everything, right down to the colors, which were used everywhere as well. We're going to look at the outside first, and then work our way inside, okay.” Denise smiled brightly, she knew he was going to cry when he saw it finally completed, his dream house in virtually every way, just with a few of her ideas as well. She just wondered how he would feel the day he said he wanted to move out and she told him that it was she that was moving instead, because the house was his.

“Okay.” Everyone said, happy with that.

They all got out of the car and went to the back door of the garage, all of them looking at the few features in the garage, but for the most part, there was nothing of any real concern there, just a nice big heated garage. There were two doors leading out of the back of the garage, and then one door to a large storage and utilities room that held all the house and pool equipment for heating, cooling and purification, and then a final door leading into the house.

“Now, the four doors, everyone except Kai, because he knows this already, are for the back of the house and one for the storage room, and this one here for the house. One door leads to the pool house, the other to the back yard, and the one on the side is the other. Let's go out the left door first, it leads to the yard, so we'll go there first.” Denise said, so they headed out into the back yard.

It was a very large back yard, and though it was winter time and they would not have been able to do anything with it, it still looked nice. They had it perfectly graded and it was still very large, considering all that was back there, namely the hockey rink that Denise had them build last week.

“Wow mom, I just wanted a paved pad for playing hockey outside, you didn't have to build us an entire rink.” Kai said in awe, for what they were looking at was a full sized paved rink with authentic boards all around it, and a net surrounding the entire enclosure, going up a good fifteen feet, to prevent any stray pucks from hitting anything important.

“I know, but I figured a full sized roller hockey rink, and one that looked as real as possible would be even more appreciated. It even has real benches and proper doors leading into them for you boys. The only thing it doesn't have are the Zamboni doors, but only because we don't have or need one of them.” Denise smiled brightly at her surprise to the boys.

“Wow, it's perfect. It'll be so awesome playing hockey in here.” Kenny said in awe. Owen and Steven had to nod their heads in agreement.

“How much extra did it cost?” Kai asked.

“Few hundred for the extra materials from the paving crew, but they didn't charge me any extra for doing it, and a few thousand in extra materials for the rest of it, but the builder didn't charge me any extra either. So, hardly anything at all.”

“Wow, nice.” Steven said.

“Yeah, well when you've given a guy as much money as I already have, they have a tendency to treat you well.” Denise said simply.

“I bet.”

“Okay, let's go back into the garage, and then we'll go to the pool house.” Denise said.

“Okay.” They all said.

They went back into the garage and then went through the door into the pool house. Directly through the door were three more doors, one on the right and one on the left, and then one straight ahead. The signs on the doors were all that they needed, one was a girls change room, the other was a boys change room, and then straight ahead, through the glass door, was the pool itself. They went and checked out the change rooms first. They were nice and simple, fairly small really, only a bench with a few hooks and cubbyholes for storing things, a small three or four person shower area, and then a separate area that was enclosed with a toilet inside. Just by the door was the sink.

“Very nice change rooms, nice and simple, yet very functional.” Steven said.

“Yeah, that's all we wanted and needed.” Kai said, he was very pleased with how it all looked.

They then headed out to the pool house itself, and in here they were all amazed. Kai may have designed it, but he had no idea it would look as nice as it did. It was perfect in every way. The glass was lightly smoked, so that no one could see in, it was huge and bright in there though because the glass roof was clear. The pool was every bit as large as any he had ever seen before. There were two diving boards, three slides, and everything else a pool needs. Off to one side was a river that was oval in shape that was connected to the pool, so they could get excellent resistance swim training, but they were also a lot of fun, next to it was a nice large hot tub that had been specially designed, so it had lounges and seats all through out it, with hundreds of jets pounding nearly every square inch of a persons body. On the wall next to where you came into the pool on the right was a large ten person sauna, and on the left was the same sized steam room. There were a few storage areas as well where they could store all sorts of pool things, and there was plenty of area available to them to put chairs and tables and all sorts of other things.

“Wow, it's perfect. I can't believe I designed this.” Kai said, tears unashamedly pouring down his cheeks now.

“Yes, you did, and this was all you. I just wanted a pool, you envisioned all this. It cost more than a hundred thousand dollars to do, but well worth every cent of it if I do say so myself.” Denise said happily.

“Holy crap, this cost more than a hundred thousand dollars to build?” Owen gasped.

“Yeah, but it would have cost more, but I know the pool guy very personally, and he gave me a very good deal on it.” Denise said.

“Does it have anything to do with helping him deal with some issues by chance?”

“Actually, no, it was his son that I helped. It was four years ago now that he first brought his son to see me. He thought his twelve year old boy was gay and suicidal, turns out he was right. Took almost six months, and Kai helped with him quite a bit as well, but now he's a very happy and healthy sixteen year old with a caring boyfriend.”

“Oh, that's nice to hear.”

“Yeah. His dad promised me almost anything, and all I ever had to do was ask if I wanted anything for helping his family to stay together. It was hard on them to accept the fact his son was gay, but he's a good man, and all together, we helped the whole family. Lots of tears were shed, and it was hard on them all, but they're all very happy now.”

“I guess it's good to know things about people then huh?” Owen laughed.

“Oh yeah. This whole house was built by people I've helped in the past, they all said they owed me a great deal, so trust me, I spent a little more than eight hundred thousand to build this house, but to replace it would cost probably close to twice that, maybe more.” Denise smiled.

“Wow, that's good for you then, isn't it?” Owen said in awe.

“For all of us actually. Just wait 'til you see the basement. If you think the amount Kai's crying right now is bad, just wait 'til you see him then.” Denise smiled.

“I have to go there next, I just have to see it.” Kai said.

“Okay baby, lead the way, you know where it is.” Denise smiled, she knew that this was what Kai wanted to see most of all and was surprised that he had not dragged them all there first.

He led them back into the garage and to the door leading into the house, and from there you could either go up the two steps to get to the main level, or you could go down the multiple steps, and couple landings to make it to the basement. All there was on the main landing as you entered was a nice large closet and a bench seating area with storage as well, so that people could put their coats and shoes on. Kai excitedly led them down the longest flight of stairs anyone had ever heard of in a house, and before too long, they were in the huge basement. As suspected, Kai burst into a new round of tears as his mind took in the sheer beauty of it all, the grandeur of it all. The others just stopped and stared as well, there was just so much to see.

It was a large open concept area, the ceilings massively high for a house, and there was only one door in the entire basement, and that was to the bathroom and change room. Otherwise, from where they were standing at the base of the stairs, they could see everything. There was the large dance and floor gymnastics area right in the center of the room, every bit as big as Kai would ever need. On one wall was the full mirror wall with dance bar attached, and then everywhere else in the room was all the gymnastics equipment. About the only thing he did not have was a trampoline, but when they got one, it would be put outside, otherwise he had virtually every type of gymnastics equipment that you could ever need.

“My god, it's just......perfect.” Kai said so happily it made everyone else cry too, especially Denise. What she had not told Kai was that she had gotten all this at a greatly reduced price as well, so while he may have given her two hundred thousand dollars to get what she could with it, to anyone else, it would have cost nearly three times that amount. The floor itself in the entire area was what the professionals used, and had set Denise back nearly fifty thousand dollars, only because she could not find a previous patient of hers to supply it, everything else though she sure did, and everything in the entire room was only the very best, only she did not pay the very best prices.

“It's all yours Kai, I did this all for you. I know, you designed it, and you even helped to pay for some of it, but had you asked, I would have paid ten times what I did to give you what you really truly deserved. I want you to enjoy this for many years to come, and I know you will, and so will the others now as well.” Denise said happily, her tears just streaking down, same as all the others.

“Thanks mom, I love you so much.” Kai said, wrapping his mom in a hug that was so tight she had to ask him to stop, because he was breaking a couple ribs and she could not breath. He often forgot just how strong he really was.

“Wow, I never imagined that something like this could be in someone's house.” Steven said, he too was in awe at how wonderful it all was, and he could not believe that he was going to live there as well. He had been warned though that it would only be temporary, that once the boys were ready to go it alone, that Denise was giving Kai the house and she would move back to their old place, or have a new one built for herself. He was of course more than happy with this, since he was not going to sell his house anyway.

“Me neither.” Both boys said.

“Go ahead boys, look around for a bit, check it all out, don't be shy.” Denise urged, and for the next half an hour, Kenny and Owen followed Kai around like lost puppies as he checked out each and every piece of equipment. They looked in the bathroom, they checked out the stereo system that was down there, Kai pretty much touched each and every thing in the basement, just to be sure it was in fact real. It was, and he cried the entire time.

“Okay, we can go check out the rest of the house now.” Kai finally said, he had not said anything since they had entered.

“Okay.” Denise said, she was actually surprised that he did not spend longer, but she was absolutely certain that given the very first opportunity, he would come down and just sit and look at it all for probably an hour or more, and then he would test it out, probably until he very nearly passed out.

They headed back upstairs, and looked at the main living level. Their first stop was in the kitchen, since that was where they entered. It was simply massive, easily twice as large as their old kitchen, and it had everything that you could possibly need in a restaurant, but looked like the most intimate home kitchen. There were a combination of natural stones, natural woods, stainless steel, and glass throughout, it was possibly one of the nicest kitchens any of them had ever seen in their lives, or ever imagined for that matter. Once again, the kitchen guy that Denise had used had been a past patient, and he truly owed her his life, and was only too happy to work for very nearly free. He charged her for materials only, and put in hundreds of man hours to make the kitchen as perfect as he could. They all looked around for quite a few minutes, each of them opening and or testing everything. Even the fridge was impressive, it was huge, but the stove was more so, twelve burners and a grill large enough for a restaurant to be sure.

From the kitchen, they hit the large dining room, and then the nice big living room. Both were easily twice as large as the other house, and laid out in such a way that it was going to be perfect. There was lots of good natural light being let in through all the windows and sky lights, the ceilings were really high and vaulted, there were exposed wood beams, and once it had furniture in it, they all thought that it would be absolutely perfect. They did have to wonder though if what Denise had would even match, let alone fit to fill it up, but Denise had plans there that she had not shared with Kai as of yet, but he would find out when he got home from school the next day.

Next Denise led them through what was to be her new office. The doorway from the house led directly into her office, and then a door on the opposite wall went to the waiting room, which had its own private entrance to outside. The office was large and bright, it had it's own outside windows as well, it was painted in calming soft tones, and once it had all the furniture in place, it was going to be incredible.

There was a small powder room next to the living room just in the entrance to the hall heading towards the bedrooms, since they did not need a full washroom, because each bedroom had its own. They checked out what had been originally designated as the two spare bedrooms, but would now be Steven and Owen's bedrooms, they were large and spacious, very bright, each one with a large window looking out to the front yard and even a large skylight in the high vaulted ceiling. There was even a fireplace that they could see through and into the bathroom, so it was a two sided gas fireplace. The bathrooms were also large and bright, care of another skylight that was the entire ceiling. It was a four piece bathroom with its own laundry set, the tub was a two person soaker with jets, that also kept the water heated perfectly, the shower was a large two person one as well with multiple heads, then inside a small closet was the toilet, and on a very nice cabinet were the sink and mirror, it looked like an old fashioned dresser and mirror, it was very nice. Both bathrooms were decorated very tastefully, nice colors, with nice stone and tile work.

“Wow Denise, I can't imagine what the two master suites look like if the guest suites look like this.” Steven said in awe.

“Actually, they're much the same, just different colors and whatnot. The only thing that the master suites have that the guest ones do not are the double french doors leading out to their own private deck.”

“Oh, then let's go see them next.” Steven said.

“Okay.” Denise smiled, and as promised, they were nearly identical in every way, with the exception of the colors and the types of stone. There were a couple more windows though besides the doors, and the two bedrooms and bathrooms were just slightly larger, but not by much. The reason for that was simple though, the powder room was on the front side, as was the large grand entrance to the house, so the two guest suits had to be downsized ever so slightly.

“Wow, this is some house. Why did you put laundry units in all the bathrooms though, wouldn't it have been better and cheaper to just have one laundry room?” Steven asked.

“No, not really. When you're already spending this much money, what difference does a couple extra washers and driers make really. And we agreed from early on that there was definitely going to be two washers and driers, because neither of us likes to do laundry, and we hate waiting for it. Then we decided to put them in our bathrooms so that we each had our own, and then deciding to just make each of the four bathrooms the same was an easy decision, and that way we also did not need a laundry room now. That way our guests could easily wash their clothes, and now in this case, our newest family members can do so more easily. I think you'll find that you'll appreciate it a great deal.”

“I'm sure that I will, it just seemed a bit frivolous, but really, like you said, when spending this kind of money, what's a couple thousand dollars more in the end.” Steven had to agree.

“It probably is, but what about this entire house isn't? Did we really need all this? No, we only needed half of what we had in our other house, because in reality, we didn't even need what we had there. However, what we wanted is what this house now is, and we felt that we deserved it, we earned every penny of it, we didn't borrow one cent to do it, so we felt that we may as well have what we always wanted. We're not like half the other people in this area, they're mortgaged to the nuts to make themselves look like they're richer than they really are. The other half though more than likely came into their money through no real work of their own, and really don't deserve it, and flaunt it. Sure, this house is definitely a little extravagant, but really, it's very tasteful as well, and it's nowhere near as extravagant as many of the houses in the area.”

“That's true. I mean next door looks to be a huge fifteen bedroom house, and how much could we bet that there's only two people living there.” Steven laughed.

“They do have a kid, looks to be about ten, maybe eleven, but I doubt it, and no, they certainly don't need a house that big. This house is big, there's no denying that, but we never went overboard, just nice. In retrospect, maybe we should have put another bedroom or two in, but really, we don't need to.”

“No, I don't think so, not unless Kai decides to adopt again.” Steven laughed, because he knew exactly who it was to blame for Owen having moved in.

“Well, he won't very well be able to, now will he?” Denise laughed.

“Not unless I find a perfect throw away boyfriend for Owen.” Kai grinned cheekily.

“Well, I for one wouldn't complain.” Owen giggled.

“And the answer is no.” Denise said quickly.

“We'll see about that.” Kai said under his breath, only Kenny and Owen were close enough to hear, but Denise did eye him suspiciously, and she was pretty close to being right as to what he said too.

“So, can we stay the night here?” Kenny asked hopefully.

“Yeah.” Owen and Kai said at the same time.

“We don't have anything here to sleep on.”

“Who said anything about you adults, and like we need anything to sleep on?” Kai grinned.

“Good point. I don't see any reason why not really. We can swing back by the house and grab you boys' things, some food, and we could easily bring you back and you could spend the night here. Steven could more than likely pick you up from here for hockey practice in the morning just as easily as at the other house.” Denise said easily enough.

“Wicked, thanks. Can you dad?” Kenny asked.

“Don't see any reason why not.” Steven shrugged.

“Awesome, thanks.”

“Should we get going then and drop you off at home Steven and then I'll bring the boys back here?”

“Sure, let's do it.” He smiled and soon they were off.

Steven was dropped off at home, and then Denise drove back to the old house so that the boys could grab what they wanted. Kai told the others to go get their clothes and diapers and stuff, that he was going to go grab food and a few other things that they would be needing, so that was what they did. Denise did not even bother going into the house, she told the boys they could handle it, and in less than ten minutes, they had it handled, and they loaded everything into the car. Before too long, they were on their way once again, and the drive there was about the same as it had been previously. Denise just said goodbye, love you to the boys, and they grabbed everything that they needed and headed into the house.

“Can we go downstairs and try out all the new equipment?” Kai asked the other two.

“Sure, I was wondering how long it'd take you to drag us down there. We grabbed all our tights and body suits, so we can get changed down there.” Kenny smiled warmly, he really did know Kai so well already.

“Wicked, thanks. I would've worked out in just my diaper if you'd forgotten them, but this is better.”

“We even grabbed all our roller blades, so that we can go outside and test out the hockey rink later too, we'll just have to call my dad and ask him to bring over our sticks if we decide to.”

“Okay, why not call him now and see if he can?” Kai said happily.

“Will do.” Kenny smiled and called right away. Steven was happy to do it, he was about to go out anyway, so he would swing them by in about half an hour he said. Kenny told him that they would be working in the basement and to either just set them in the garage or come down, he just set them in the garage for the boys though.

The boys went downstairs, and while Kenny and Owen just played on the gymnastics equipment, Kai really worked it, and showed both just how good he was in gymnastics as well, something that they had not really seen yet at all. For nearly two hours the three of them played down there, having a lot of fun, yet working up one hell of a sweat at the same time. By the time they were too tired to keep playing, all three of them were very nearly leaking, their diapers were so wet, and it was well past lunch time, so they were all very hungry. Diaper changes were in order first, so laying right on the floor in the gym, they changed each other, and then walking around in only their diapers, they headed up to the kitchen to get some lunch.

“Oh man, I can't believe that this is gonna be our house, it's so huge and awesome.” Owen sighed once they were finished lunch.

“Yeah, it is. It turned out a lot better than I'd imagined that it would, that's for sure. I wonder if the satellite has been hooked up yet, because if it hasn't, we'll have nothing to do tonight.”

“Oh well if it hasn't, we'll figure something out, like the pool sounds mighty good, and we can go try out the rink any time now as well.” Kenny pointed out.

“Yeah, and those were both on my list of things to try, I trust you didn't pack any shorts?” Kai grinned.

“Nope.” Both boys grinned back.

“Good. Once we're finished with that though, I wouldn't mind sitting back and watching TV for a bit as well, so I for one hope it's hooked up. I'm glad that I had the living room designed with the built in TV, and I saw that it was already installed, I just hope everything's connected, but I'm sure it will be.”

“Sounds good to me baby. Well, let's go get all our clothes on and then we can go play outside for a bit.” Kenny smiled, and they headed out to the garage where Steven would have put their stuff.

Steven had dropped it off alright, but it was not just their sticks, but all their hockey gear as well, so that they could really test out the rink if they so desired. They so desired, so they suited up completely, finishing off with putting on their roller blades. There was a paved walkway from the garage right to the rink, so they did not have to worry about getting dirt and or mud in their wheels, so it was perfect. For the next few hours, the three of them played hockey and had a lot of fun. They played two on one, one in goal and the other two taking turns, playing with each other, trying to score against their goalie.

“Wow, this is so awesome, I can't believe we have a full sized hockey rink in our backyard to play in, this is the best, I've always dreamed about this sort of thing.” Owen sighed once they felt they were finished and they were seated on one of the benches behind the boards.

“Yeah, I agree.” Kenny smiled.

“It's definitely gonna take some getting used to, that's for sure, but I think we can handle it.” Kai grinned.

“I'll sure try, but it's gonna take some time, that's for sure.” Owen laughed.

“True.” Both Kai and Kenny agreed.

“Should we go lay back in the hot tub for a bit?” Owen asked.

“I could almost do with some food now again, I'm getting hungry already.” Kai admitted.

“Actually, I could too, now that you mention it. How long have we been out here anyway?” He asked.

“Wow, almost four hours.” Kai laughed when he pulled back his sleeve to look at his watch. They had been having so much fun that they had not realized the time.

“Wow.” Both Owen and Kenny breathed out.

“No wonder we're hungry.”

“Then let's go eat and then try out the pool house.” Kenny said all too happily.

They went in and made themselves some dinner, ate and then cleaned up. They had not worried about their diapers, even though they were getting full, because they would be stripping soon anyway. Once they were ready, they did just that too, they stripped right down and then showered off and went and slipped into the nice hot water of the hot tub. They laid back in there enjoying all the jets, really relaxing, talking happily all the time they were in there. They tried out the sauna and the steam room as well, and even went for a nice cool dip, and played around in the pool for a bit, but headed back to the hot tub pretty quickly, because they were all tired and getting sore from all the playing they had done.

“Well guys, I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready to go get dried and diapered and go see if the TV is up and running yet.” Kai sighed out.

“Yeah, I think I could go for that myself.” Owen sighed out, Kenny just grunted his affirmation.

They got out, shut everything down, went and showered off quickly and then dried off, went into the house and diapered each other, and then went to the living room to test out the TV. Thankfully it was up and running, so they put something on that they would all like, and they stayed watching it for a little while, all cuddled up in the blankets that they had set out. They ended up all passing out, the TV and the one light they had on also left on. And that was how they stayed for the entire night, pretty much all piled on top of each other, sleeping like a pile of puppies, it was quite cozy and relaxing they all felt.

The boys woke to the sound of Steven laughing. He had pulled up, expecting the boys to be up and waiting for him to arrive, and when they did not come out within a few seconds, he turned off the car and headed into the house. When he got inside, he burst out laughing, because the boys were quite literally stacked on top of each other, you could not tell whose arms or legs were whose, the TV was still on, and the light in the living room was on.

“Oh, is it morning already, did we sleep in?” Kai groaned.

“Yes and yes, so get up boys, throw on something decent enough to cover you up for the time being, pack your bags and let's go. I'll load your hockey gear while you're getting ready. The clean up will have to wait 'til after hockey now, you don't have time, we're gonna be late as it is.”

“Okay, thanks.” Kai said, hopping up, the other two reluctantly following him.

They quickly threw on some clothes, grabbed their bags that they had with them for school with their school clothes in them, and pretty much ran out the door. Steven was already loaded up and waiting for them to arrive, and when they did, he took off. He drove as fast as he could get away with, and only managed to get the boys to the rink a couple minutes later than he would normally have. Thankfully they were not the last ones, because one other player snuck in right behind them. They ran all the way to the change room, and stripped down to just their soggy diapers and started putting on their gear.

“What happened guys, Kenny, you're usually the first here?” Daniel asked.

“We spent the night at the new house last night, and we played so much and so hard that we passed out last night, we didn't even turn off the TV, and we woke up to my dad laughing at us. We totally slept in, and it's a good thing we even made it in time at all.” Kenny grinned, while quickly getting into his gear.

“Wow, that's awesome. When do we get to see the new place?”

“Not too sure, we'll figure it out, but maybe this weekend we can arrange something. So, how did our trio of experimenting boys like their weekend, can any of you walk properly?” Kai answered and asked.

“We can walk just fine, thank you very much. A little bowlegged mind you, but fine. The weekend was really good. We all tried and wore diapers, and they're really quite comfortable, and when we watched two movies back to back, we really found out how handy they could be.” Nolan smiled happily.

“Glad to hear it. I hope you were all gentle with each other though. Are your bums in any pain?”

“We were gentle, don't worry. We didn't fuck each other though, I was kidding about that. We all agreed we'd take it a bit slower, but we did finger each other a lot as we circle sucked, now that was totally awesome.”

“Excellent. So, is there gonna be a repeat performance then?”

“If I have anything to say about it, definitely.” Nolan said seriously, and the other two nodded their heads enthusiastically as well, giving him his answer, all three boys smiled brightly.

“Great. Well, we better get going guys, I think we're all ready.” Kai said, he had just finished tying his laces.

“Okay.” Everyone said as one, as if Kai were the captain, everyone was even a little turned on by hearing what they had as well, even the totally straight boys could not hear about anything sexual, gay or not and not get hard.

They all hit the ice and Mitch was right there working them hard the second they hit the ice. Once again he was working them hard on team building exercises, and he also had them doing some speed drills. Kai still cleaned up in that area, he was just too fast on skates for the others to be able to beat him. Mitch used every second, and maybe even a few more over the time that they had to them, and by the time he released them from the ice, they were all really ready to get off. They headed into the change room and stripped down fully and went in and showered off completely. All the boys were good and sweaty now, so they all scrubbed real good to get nice and clean so that they were ready for school. As soon as they were all dried, diapered for the boys that needed or wanted it, and dressed, they all said their goodbyes, and then headed out. Steven was there to take his three charges to school, and he dropped them off a good ten minutes before first bell, but they had been instructed to go straight to the office upon arrival, so that was where they were headed.

“Ah, good morning boys. Good to see you. Our headmaster would like to have a word with all three of you before you start anything, so I'll inform him that you're here.” The secretary at the desk informed the boys, he was male as well, as they would find out everyone on the school grounds was in fact male.

“Okay, thanks.” Kai said happily.

Not even two minutes later, the principal of the school came out and greeted the boys, introducing himself as Mr. Waters, and invited the boys into his office.

“Now, only two of you have already been invited to join our fine school here, on the grounds that your school records were impeccable. However, Owen is it, you have not had any school records found, so we're doing your foster mom a personal favor and testing you to see if you'd fit in here as well, even though technically you three have put us well over our desired maximum capacity. However, with all that being said, your entrance into this school has not yet been guaranteed, you must first pass your first week here so that we may make sure that you'll fit in.”

“We understand Sir, and I think I speak for us all when I say we're glad that you accepted us here. Now, I know that this school, like all others has a list of rules and regulations that we must follow. Might you tell us those rules right now, or if you'd rather and you already have them printed out, you could give us that instead?” Kai asked politely.

“You're mother warned me about you, she said that you could talk almost anyone into doing almost anything, and that you were so damned polite, that often people could blindly follow you without even realizing it. She's certain that you could lead a group of people off a cliff with how well you talk. I think I see why.” He laughed. “As for do we have rules, yes, and yes, I was going to be telling you all the rules myself anyway, hence the reason you're here with me now. I talk to each and every student upon entrance to this school, and normally you'd have to go through a formal interview with me before even being allowed entrance at all, but I forewent that this time, again as a personal favor to your mom.”

“Why Sir, I have no idea why she might have warned you about me.” Kai said, batting his eyelashes and saying so sweetly, that the others had a hard time not bursting into laughter.

“Yeah, I bet no one that knows you believes that any more than I do. Now, the rules here are pretty simple, there are few to follow, but failure in following them is swift and severe punishment. Only if you constantly break the rules though, or do something we consider too far outside the realms of normal punishment would we consider evicting you from our school permanently. We also do not suspend our students, at least an out of house suspension, no we deal with rule breakers in a much more strict and learning manner. I'll go over punishments first, so that you know the severity of what would happen should you decide to break the rules here.”

“The most basic punishment is simply to do an essay on the reason why what you did was bad or of poor decision, but don't be so sure that this is good, because it has to be hand written, it has to be no less than one thousand words, it has to be very well detailed, and it has to be perfect in every single way. I mark the essay, and if I mark it anything less than ninety five percent, you do it all over again, and it has to be at the very least fifty percent different. The most I have ever made a student rewrite so far is three times, so it was four weeks of hell for him I'm sure, because you have one week to complete the task. All this above and beyond the fact that you have a great deal of work to do already.”

“For a more severe punishment, we usually just double the amount that you have to write, but we're cruel here, we expect it in only four days, and I've made more than a few students rewrite it at least once before. You're lucky if your four days falls on a weekend, because you have more time, but trust me, it's just barely enough to do it. For a more severe punishment, you'd have to do more, but we don't decrease your time any further, we need you to at least sleep a little, but, as a further deterrent from ever getting to this point, you have to read the entire thing in front of the entire student and teacher body, first giving an accurate detailing as to the reasons why you are being punished in this way. In my last ten years here, I'm happy to say that we've only gone to this extreme three times.”

“However, like I said, as a final measure, you can and will be expelled, but this is never an option until every other option has been exhausted and a student just cannot learn. I'm saddened to say that I have had to expel two students since I started here, and those were very sad days indeed. Like I said, we will on occasion suspend a student, but that is a very rare thing indeed, and usually caused by unusual circumstances, such as fighting and harassment. The only difference though is that you do not get to leave the school, in fact you don't get to leave at all for one whole week, you're kept under school arrest, you are locked in a room, you get fed three basic meals a day, and you are expected to do twice the amount of school work per day than you are normally used to. There is no TV, there is no entertainment of any sort. You get books to read and paper to write on, nothing more, nothing less. All parents are very well informed of this fact, and every parent is made to sign in triplicate that they allow this before you're even allowed on the school grounds. Both of your parents agreed that this was only very fair, and were both happy that we had such measures in place to protect all the students, as well as to punish those that would cause any harm to a fellow student. In my ten years here, only five students have been under school arrest, so as you can tell, it too is very rare.”

“That seems very harsh Sir, I trust the reasons for doing so must also be very harsh?” Kai asked softly.

“Oh yes, and I'm about to get to those reasons now. Bullying, harassment of any sort, fighting of any sort, words or otherwise, are grounds to have that particular punishment used upon you. It is not however used on a first time, usually you would first have to go through a couple of the others before that was deemed necessary. We do not condone any of that behavior here in the least, and the very first incident of such will find you very seriously punished. Now Kai, I do have reports that you've been known to fight when needed, is this going to happen again?”

“Now Sir, that's going to depend on the other students. I cannot now nor would I ever promise that someone else won't swing at me first. I always attempt to settle things with words first, but far too often the other kids just aren't smart enough to let it go there, so they take a swing at me. I promise you one thing, I'll never throw the first punch, but I'll be damned sure to throw the second and last punch. I don't like fighting, it's a barbaric way of solving anything, and really, in the end it doesn't solve much. Granted, with that being said, I've actually made some pretty good friends out of the boys that I had to hit. I've gained a fair bit of respect because I may look like a girl, act like a girl, dance like a girl, wear diapers like a baby, but I can fight like a man when the time is right. Can you tell me what sort of punishment would happen to me should ever such a situation arise here, for I know that I would of course be punished, and I'd accept it with grace?” Kai asked.

“Now, that was definitely by far the most well thought out and reasoned response I've ever had to that question, and I thank you for giving me the honest truth. No student can come through my doors and really truly promise that they won't fight, because how can you all the time stop others from acting the idiot. They all try though, and I always break it out of them that they will. I don't often accept fighters here, but I knew you weren't one of them, only a defender. I appreciate your honesty and your courage, but to fight, no matter the reasons would garner the same punishment as your attacker would, and which one is chosen depends on the severity of the issue at hand. All fights, no matter who started it, get treated the exact same way. We find that if everyone knows that they'll get in just as much trouble no matter what, it cuts down on fights, even amongst you hot headed pubertal boys.”

“Thanks Sir, I was pretty sure of that already, and you'll find with me that I always tell you the truth as honestly as I can. If I can't say something due to honor or to protect someone, I'm more likely to just not tell you anything at all, or I may skirt around certain points, but I don't lie.”

“That's a trait I certainly appreciate, but I take it you don't want to be a lawyer then?” He chuckled.

“Hey, my dad's a lawyer.”

“Oh, my condolences.” Mr Waters said sadly.

“Ooh, I like you. My dad and I tell horrible lawyer jokes to each other all the time, but really, he's not like most lawyers, he's a tax lawyer, so he only helps people with tax issues, but he doesn't work with the criminals, he works against them with the government, but he doesn't work for them either, because he hates them almost as much as he hates criminals.”

“Well, that's at least good news.”

“As for me, no, I'd never shame my mom like that.” Kai giggled, Kenny smacked him lightly also while giggling.

“Glad to hear it. Now, other rules are, if you have an argument with someone, then you're to bring it to the office and we'll have a formal argument, and since debate is a required subject, you'll all get to learn how a proper argument is supposed to be done. You'll both get your say, and if it comes down to it, I'll act as mediator and help you to work it out. If there's nothing that can be done to solve an issue, then you just both have to shake hands and agree to disagree, never to be spoken about again.”

“That's cool Sir, every school should do that, and because debate really is a good skill to have, I'm going to appreciate that.” Kai smiled.

“Yes, every school should, and we've suggested it many times to many schools, but of course their response is, we're not here to babysit the brats, they can fight their own fights. Yeah, that's working well for them, isn't it?” Mr. Waters laughed wryly.

“No, not really, but you've done what you can, and if they won't listen to you, then that's their problem, now isn't it?” Owen said.

“True. Now, we have a most excellent gay and bi youth group at this school I'm told you boys may wish to join. It was not a requirement of your parents to inform us of your sexuality, but they both admitted it freely when asking what our policy on that subject was. We're very open here and we accept all races, religions and sexual orientations. You may feel perfectly free to hold hands with your boyfriend here, but we ask that there be no kissing or open displays of affection, they're simply not allowed here. I was told that all three of you are gay and would admit this information freely, and you may feel comfortable doing so here, no one would ever comment on it in a disparaging manner. If however you ever have that happen, I know it's an honor thing amongst students to never tell a teacher, so we won't make you. You'll find that ALL instances of harassment will be dealt with, and that's because we have all halls and rooms monitored at all times, and every computer is keyed to pick up on certain things, and if it picks up on those certain things, it flags the person who's watching it at that time, and they will listen in and alert a teacher or hall monitor nearby to check it out, and they will inform said person of everything that they have heard at any given time. Now, even the washrooms are monitored here, but only to a certain extent. Any area where you'd expect a modicum of privacy, you'll have it, but in the common areas by the sinks is not the case. The cameras are sensitive enough to pick up the sounds in the other areas as well though, and teachers will still be alerted in there. The change rooms though are sound only, since there's simply no way that we can guarantee you your privacy in there any other way. Some have argued that listening into everything that you boys say, no matter where you are is also against your privacy, but we don't feel that this is true, and if you have any complaints as such, then you're asked to not come here, and your parents were also given the same information, and once again they had to sign in triplicate to allow you here.”

“I personally think that that's more than acceptable Sir, and fair for you to tell us as well, so that we know. If it helps to protect everyone, so that they can always be safe in the school, then I'm all for it. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable with cameras in the change rooms, but audio only is fine.” Kenny said this time.

“Good, do you two also agree?”

“Yes Sir, same reasons.” Kai said.

“What he said.” Owen smiled.

“Excellent. Now, the most important rule here above all else is the hardest for everyone to do all the time, and that's learn. This is a learning facility, that's what we're here to do, and we expect a great deal out of each and every one of you boys. Most of you are pushed to your very limits of knowledge every single day, but the good news is, we don't believe in homework. We don't take our work home with us, so why should we expect that you would when we won't. We're here long enough as it is, and you're here longer than in your regular schools too. You enter at least fifteen minutes early on average and leave at least that much later as well. Then there's the fact that you have only two ten minute breaks instead of fifteen, and only a half hour lunch. It's much more like how it is in the real world, so we feel you may as well get used to it now. The only thing we don't do is go for eight hours. Another piece of good information for you is that you get to work at your own pace, and if you ever need help with anything, you can ask anyone around you, up to and including your teacher or the teachers helper. The only time you're not allowed to talk to other students is during a test, and I'm sure you know the reason for that.”

“That brings up pretty much our final main rule, everything else I'll give to you in booklet form. The other main rule is cheating. Remember, we monitor all rooms at all times, and the watchers are always watching for kids cheating, especially on tests. Remember the second punishment I mentioned to you, if you cheat, it goes automatically to that one. If you're caught cheating again, third punishment, there's never been a third instance of cheating here, don't even try for one, you may get away with it once, but twice would be a miracle.”

“Are there any questions?”

“Yes, what's your dress code here?” Kai asked curiously, because they had only seen a few students as they came in, and it looked pretty relaxed.

“You'll find that we're pretty relaxed around here, not like most private schools in that aspect, but we do have a few rules. We have school shirts for you to wear, they're golf style short sleeve shirts, and we have sweaters as well for the cooler days. For pants or shorts you may feel free to wear almost anything, as long as they are clean and not all torn up. We do not care for sweat pants, leather pants, and or track pants, and shorts can't be cut offs or anything that shows off your attributes, but we don't usually say too much unless that's all you wear all the time. Shoes, whichever you feel most comfortable in is fine, but if you were going to take physical education, then it would be suggested to have appropriate shoes, but not mandatory. That's really about it, but if we deem it inappropriate, then you may be asked to go home and change.”

“Great Sir, and where do we go to get our shirts and how much do they cost?”

“Cost is included in your fees to come here, so no worries there. You get five shirts and two sweaters, and if ever one of them gets too worn out or you grow out of it, bring it in and we'll replace it for you. There's a number of colors to choose from, so you get to have some choice every day.”

“Excellent Sir, great to hear. Now, I trust our parents must have told you about the fact that we wear diapers?”

“Yes they did. Let's see, Kenny and Kai, due to bladder incontinence require diapers for urine only at all times, and Owen wishes to wear diapers at all times for urine only. There's absolutely zero issue here with either reason for wearing diapers, and you'll find that there are a few more of each of you in this school. You may feel free to drop off a supply of diapers to the nurses office so that you may change in privacy, or have him change you if you so desire. Most of the boys that require diapers here though just change themselves, but the choice is yours as to whether you ask him to change you or not.”

“Sounds good Sir, but we're all pretty proficient at changing ourselves, so we shouldn't require the services of the nurse, unless of course he's really hot.” Kai giggled.

“Most of the gay boys here seem to think so.” Mr. Waters laughed.

“Oh, good.” Kai laughed.

“Now, I do believe that I've given to you all the information that you'll be needing for now, and like I said, you'll be getting a booklet with all the rules and regulations in it, the secretary will give it to you with all the other papers you need, as well as your shirts. Once you have that, then he'll show you to your storage lockers, of which by the way do not lock, we have no locks here at all. It's kept on an honor system that no one will go into another's personal belongings without prior approval or by emergency. No electronic devices are allowed in the school anyway, and all personal belongings are also requested to be left at home, school is for school only, nothing else, so if it does not belong in school, it's to be left at home. If you bring something to school and it gets stolen, then that's your problem for bringing it in the first place, so don't bother telling a teacher. Oh, and even though I know you'll read about it in your book, if a teacher catches you with it, it's taken from you and given to charity, no matter the item.”

“Thanks for the info Sir. Both Kenny and I have our cell phones with us right now, having not been informed of that particular stipulation, possibly my mom forgot, because I doubt seriously with a rule like that that she was not also informed, so I'd ask that you keep them safe for us 'til the end of the day so that we can take them home with us?” Kai asked.

“She was told, and it was once again one of the things both your parents had to sign, and I could in fact take them from you right now, but I won't. Go ahead and give them to me and I'll store them in my office 'til the end of the day for you, but this is the one and only time I do so, there are no second chances, actually, there are no first chances for that here. You'll find there's a lot of rich brats here who try and use their wealth and show off how much they have, show off what they can afford to buy, so on and so forth, but if anyone, and I do mean anyone is caught with an item in your banned items list, then it is taken and given to charity instantly. We've had extremely rich peoples kids here who thought they were all powerful because their parents were, and they screamed and fought with us when we took away their things, trust me, we're not scared. Everyone is told the rules upon entry, they're given a new book at the beginning of every year and they have to read it and sign a new agreement form every year, so if they break the rules, then that's their problem. Same will be true for all of you.”

“Understood Sir, and while we could afford to replace things if we forgot, we wouldn't want to, because we don't have the kind of money to just throw around like that, so we won't do it.”

“I'd appreciate that.”

“Great, well we should probably be getting our things from the secretary then I imagine.” Kai said happily.

“Yes, and I need to get Owen over to the room for his testing as well.”

“I think we can find the way to the secretary for him to help us, so feel free to deal with this trouble maker in any way you feel necessary.” Kai grinned.

“Hey, I resemble that.” Owen pouted. The others laughed.

“By all means. You boys have a good first day, and feel free to stop in between classes if you have any questions, either I or our secretary will be able to help you out. Also another student in your grade is going to be assigned to you to help guide you around, he'll be in all your classes, so that'll make it easier, and he's also a lot like you boys, so he'll understand you. As for you Owen, follow me, we have a lot to do and little time to do it. You'll get to go for lunch with your friends, and I'll have them come and find you once they're ready for you.”

“Okay, thanks.” All the boys said.

Owen waved to the other two as they walked past, because Kai and Kenny had to stop in the office of course, but the secretary was on the phone, and he said he would be a minute, so the boys waited patiently. As soon as he was ready for them, they stepped forth and he gave them all the required information, and then asked them their sizes and which colors they wanted, pointing them at a display case with all the color of shirts available. They each picked their five colors of shirts and two colors of sweaters, and then when prompted that they should, they changed into one of their new shirts, this of course helped to make sure they would fit, the boys being informed that they were preshrunk, so they would not have to worry about that. Once they had everything that they would need, they were shown to their storage lockers, and they were nice and spacious inside, and they stored everything in there that they needed. They both grabbed their diapers and asked to be shown to the nurses office to store them, so that was where they went next. They both thought Mr. Waters was being too casual about the nurse, because he was better than hot both boys thought, and he smiled so warmly at the boys when they came in to stow their diapers, they knew he was as gay as they were, and his smile told them that he thought the same of them too. They were then shown to their class.

“Good morning Mr. Samson, these are two of the new students you were informed about. I'll leave them in your more than capable hands.” The secretary offered after gaining the attention of the teacher.

“Great, thanks Jim, I'll take it from here.” He smiled, and Jim walked away.

“So, I know your names were Kai and Kenny, but which one's which please?”

“I'm Kai, and the big brute here is Kenny.” Kai giggled.

“I'll show you big brute later.” Kenny growled, a few boys in the class giggled, Mr. Samson smiled.

“No fooling around boys, we have a lot to do and less time to do it. I already have two seats ready for you, but before we get you comfortable, you get to introduce yourselves to the class and then I'll introduce you to your helper for the week.”

“Okay, well now sounds like as good a time as any, so here goes. My name is Kai, I'm thirteen, I'm gay, and I have to wear diapers due to a bad bladder, and this is my boyfriend. I think that's about all you really need to know at this time.” Kai smiled, he noticed a few boys in the class smile just a little more brightly at his admissions.

“And I guess I'm next. I'm Kenny, also thirteen, also gay, and also bad bladder so wear diapers, and Kai is my boyfriend.” Kenny offered next, and the same boys smiled just a little brighter Kai noticed.

“Great, glad to hear that you boys are so open and free. We try our hardest to teach that here, but sadly there are still a few that don't seem to get it. Now, Nick, would you please come here.” Mr. Samson asked, and one of the boys that Kai had noticed smile brightly stood up and came forth.

“Good morning.” Nicholas said.

“Good morning.” Kai and Kenny said back.

“Now boys this is Nicholas. He's going to be your shadow for the entire week, and if and when Owen is allowed here, then he will join the three of you. Any and all questions you ask him, I assure you he'll know everything to know about this school and how it runs. If for some reason he is unable to answer a question for you, feel free to ask any teacher or Mr. Waters. With that being taken care of, would you please go and take your seats so that we may continue. The books you need you'll find are already on your tables, just join in and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. The only time I ask that you not ask a question of either me or anyone else, is when I'm talking. I trust you can figure out why such a request might be made?”

“Yes Sir.” Both boys said.

“Good, then we should get along just fine. Go ahead and go with Nick.”

They shuffled to their seats, many of the boys saying hello as they passed, and they started their class as soon as they were seated. The rest of the morning went quickly for Kenny and Kai, and although they and Nick talked a lot, mostly it was about how to find their way around the rather large school. They were told that the school had less than five hundred students, yet the school itself was larger than their old schools, which had held more than twice that many students. Finally it was lunch time, and Nick led them to where Owen was working. They waited for him to finish, and then they all headed to the cafeteria.

“So, how's it going?” Kai asked Owen.

“Wow, I've never sweated so much on a test in my life. Not only are the questions hard, but my god, you have to be super detailed in all your answers as well. Already I had to re answer five questions due to lack of proper detail. So far everything has been verbal, they just keep firing questions at me, and I have a limited amount of time to think of a good answer, and then I have to answer it with as much detail as possible. The two teachers giving me the test seem satisfied though so far. How's your day been going?”

“Pretty good, we like class so far, and it seems like a really cool school.” Kenny answered.

“It is, trust me. I went to public school 'til I came here for high school, so I know what it's like, and this place is so amazing. I was teased mercilessly at public school because somehow someone found out I was gay, and of course they'd all known I had to wear diapers since I started kindergarten, because like you two, I have no bladder control. I haven't been teased even once since starting here last year, it's the best. I've never been happier in my life. My parents don't make huge amounts of money, not like some of the kids here, but they say that for me to be happy at school means more to them than paying the huge fees for me to come here. It doesn't hurt that this school is way better as well and I've learned more here in a year and a half than I ever did at public school in full.”

“That's really cool. So, how long have you known you were gay then?” Kai asked.

“Don't know when I finally realized it, but I think I really always knew it. My parents were cool with it too, so that was nice. They were the ones I was really afraid of finding out, but they just said, we know, don't worry. I had to tell them because they were gonna find out anyway, because my older sister went to school with me and heard the rumors and she asked me straight out, and I had to answer yes, and I knew she'd blab it to our parents, she's such a bitch, and any way she can to get me in trouble and she'll do it. She actually told them the day after, saying that I'm gay and that I should be sent away. I'd never heard my dad yell at her so much in my life, she was grounded for a month, she wasn't even allowed to watch TV or go anywhere but school. Oh she didn't like me much, still doesn't. She hates me more because I'm way smarter than her too, she barely scrapes by with C's whereas I get A's here all the time, I've never gotten anything lower. Then again, I don't think anyone's ever gotten less than a B here before, and even that's considered to be bad by most.” Nick laughed.

“Sounds to me like she deserved every second of her punishment.” Owen laughed.

“She sure didn't seem to think so. Now she's the only one that teases me for being a gay baby boy, but I just smile at her and say that may be true, but I'm happy being a gay baby boy, but thank god I'm not as dumb as a post. Oh she doesn't like that much either, because how can she get me in trouble for it when she'd get in even more for taunting me again. The funny thing is like five or six months ago, she did that and my mom walked around the corner and heard her, and then my jibe, and she's the only one that got in trouble. My mom did pull me aside and tell me it's not polite to point out peoples faults, no matter the reasons. She didn't get mad at me though, because she felt I had every right to get her back, but that I shouldn't paint the picture so perfectly.” Nick giggled.

“Yikes. How old is your sister?” Owen asked.

“A year older than me, so fourteen. I think she's a slut too, and that's not just because I hate her, I really think she'll allow anyone to fuck her at any time for any reason. I saw her talking to a guy from the senior high last year, and then a few days later I saw the same guy again talking about her, saying how good and tight she was. Like how yuck is that, but they all laughed, and she sure seemed to become really popular after that. She's passed around more than a dirty hundred dollar bill, she disgusts me.”

“Clearly she's trying to compensate for something then. What do your parents have to say about it?” Kai asked.

“I don't think they really realize how bad she is. They work a lot, to try and pay for me to come here mainly, so she has a lot of free time, free time that she really should be using to do her homework, but she'd rather go out and get fucked. I can't wait 'til the day she comes home and has to tell our parents that's she's either got aids or is pregnant, because one or both is gonna happen real soon, I'm sure.”

“Maybe you should be talking to them about it then.” Kai pointed out. They had just grabbed their food from the buffet tables, so they went and sat down.

“Yeah, how do you bring up a subject like that, and what about if she finds out it was me that told them?”

“Why not write them an anonymous letter, that way all of you can say that you had nothing to do with it, and she can't say or do anything to you. It's also a lot easier to write out your thoughts in such situations rather than to try and stumble your way through it.” Kai suggested.

“I like that idea. I'm gonna write the letter after school today and I'll mail it to them tomorrow after school. I almost can't wait to hear the yelling and her trying to deny it, because I know she will.” Nick grinned evilly.

“Just remember, stick to the facts that you know, and if you're only guessing about something, make sure to notate that as well. You're not really doing this to get her in trouble, although she will and you'll enjoy that too, but you're doing this to hopefully save her from herself and to prevent her from getting pregnant and becoming one of those teen moms who just dumps their problems on an already burdened system.” Kai pointed out softly.

“Yeah, I know you're right, but my parents wouldn't ever let her give up her baby if she got pregnant, they'd make sure she took care of it.”

“Yeah, but it sounds like she's not anywhere near mature enough to be able to do that, even if your parents are watching.”

“No, that she most certainly is not. I'm way more mature, and I'm younger and a boy, and I thought boys were more immature.”

“We are, but so are most girls.” Kai laughed.

“True, especially her.”

The boys continued talking for the rest of their lunch, and then took Owen back to his testing room, and headed towards their next class of the day. The rest of the day went fairly well for the boys, but even Kai had to admit that by the end of the day he had never done so much school work in his life, it was more than even he was used to, but he and Kenny both agreed that it was going to be a nice change to actually be doing things at school, rather than just sitting around doing nothing most of the time.

“Well guys, it was good meeting you, I had fun showing you around today, and I'll meet you in front tomorrow morning when you arrive. Owen should be out any minute now, but I have to go catch my bus, so I gotta burn, have a good night.” Nick said happily to the boys and headed off.

“It was fun, we'll see you tomorrow as well, and thanks for everything.” Kai smiled and Kenny nodded.

Nick ran off to where the buses were waiting, and hopped on the first one in line, while Kenny and Kai waited for Owen to emerge. They had to wait for nearly fifteen minutes before he came out. They had sat down and were just talking as they waited.

“Wow, what took you so long?” Kai asked, standing up as soon as they saw Owen coming.

“I had to go get my school shirts and the booklet.” Owen smiled brightly, that saying more than enough.

“Wow, you made it?” Kai asked happily.

“Don't sound so surprised.” Owen said, forcing a hurt look on his face.

“Well, you are dumb as a post you know.” Kai said, bursting out laughing.

“Yeah, right. No, the teachers giving me the test said that I did quite well and that they'd be only too happy to accept me. They did say that I had some areas of improvement, but that that wasn't uncommon in kids coming from the public schooling system, but that I was plenty smart enough to be able to catch up in time.”

“Congratulations. That'll certainly make life a lot easier for us all then. Well, should we head home now?”

“Thanks, and yes, I think so. I wonder if the movers are there yet and how much they've gotten done if they are?”

“Who knows. We'll find out soon enough though. I really need to get home and get a diaper change, I didn't change today, and I'm gonna start leaking soon if I don't.” Kai said.

“Me too.” Both the others said as well.

They headed out of the school grounds and towards their new house, and it was only five minutes later that they arrived. The moving trucks were in the driveway and a team of people were busy taking things in and putting them where they belonged. The boys all said hello to the movers as they walked by, but otherwise did not interrupt them at all. As soon as they walked in, Denise was there to greet them, and they noticed something as well.

“Mom, where'd this new furniture come from?”

“I bought it a few months ago and had them deliver it this morning while these guys were loading up all our things. All the old furniture is staying in the house, and the people that have agreed to rent the place, are appreciative that I've left the furniture. I think you'll like it all, including your new bedroom suite.”

“Really, you bought us new furniture for our bedroom as well?” Kai asked happily.

“Yep, and I got new stuff for the other three bedrooms as well. Go check it all out, the bedrooms have been completed already, so you can feel free to go in and get changed and even start putting your things away.”

“Wicked, thanks mom.”

“No worries. So, how did it go Owen?”

“Really good. They told me that I was welcome there no problems at all. It was really hard though, they asked a lot of questions and made me tell them a lot of stuff. I'm sorta surprised that they didn't call you to tell you.”

“They did, but I wanted to hear it from you how you thought it went. So, how was you boys' first day at school there?”

“Really good.” Both boys answered.

“That's good to hear. Do you think you'll like it there?”

“Oh yeah.” They both said again.

“That's really good, I'm glad, even though it costs quite a bit of money for you to go there.”

“How much is it anyway?” Kai asked curiously.

“You don't want to know, and it's not that important really, because I'd pay anything I had to to get you the education you really deserve. Sure, you may already be very bright, but that doesn't mean that you can't stand to learn more, and in different ways.”

“Okay, thanks anyway. By the way, you forgot to tell us about the no personal items at the school policy.”

“Crap, you're right, I did, there were just so many things going on all last week that I totally forgot about it. If they took your cell phones, just tell me and I'll replace them both.”

“No, Mr. Waters kept them for us when I explained the problem, and we picked them up at the end of the day. We'll just have to remember not to put them into our backpacks from now on.”

“Yes you'll have to remember that for sure, because I won't replace them for you if you do.”

“Wouldn't expect you to either. Well, we're gonna go get changed and do our bedrooms then.”

“Okay, have fun. For dinner though I'm gonna do something I think we've only done twice since you were born, and that's order pizza.”

“Okay.” Kai said.

“Cool.” Both Owen and Kenny said.

“You'll have to get used to the fact that we just don't do pizza very often guys, we like it, but it's so bad for you, so we don't eat it often at all.” Kai warned.

“That's okay, I try not to eat it too often either for that very reason, but every so often, it sure is good.” Kenny said.

“I'd eat it every day if I could.” Owen laughed.

“You'd get pretty sick of it after a while I bet.” Kai laughed as well, they were heading towards their bedrooms.

“Yeah, probably. Want me to come help you guys in your room, and then we can all do mine as well?”

“Sure, we may as well all work together.” Kai smiled.

They first went and changed each others diapers, each of them very full, and they figured that they should get dressed, so that they did not shock the movers any, even though they had to have noticed all the packs of diapers that they had to move, but it was not the same. Once changed and redressed, they started unpacking a box each, and started putting it all away. The dresser was thankfully more than large enough that when all of Kenny's things were added to it, that they would still have space left over. Not to mention all the space they had in their huge walk in closet, so they would not be running out of space any time soon. It took nearly two hours for the three of them to get everything put away in the two bedrooms. They went to find Denise to see what she was up to, and she was just overseeing the movers.

“Hey mom, what's up?” Kai asked.

“My bedroom was unloaded first, so I've gotten everything put away already, so now I'm just watching to make certain the guys are being careful and putting things where they belong. They've unpacked all the kitchen stuff, but not knowing where it was to all go, they've just left it all on the counters, so if you boys feel like doing something, you can go get started in there, and I'll join you in a few minutes, they're almost done.”

“Okay, see you in a few minutes then.” Kai smiled, and the boys went and started putting things away. They all asked a lot of questions, trying to figure out the best homes for each and every item, and when Denise joined them, she did the same thing, they all asked each others opinion as to where something should go. Just as they were finishing up, Steven walked in, just getting home from work.

“Hi guys, place looks great, you can't even tell we just moved in.”

“Thanks. All your stuff will be picked up tomorrow as previously planned, so soon it'll all be done. The boys did their bedrooms when they got home from school, and we just finished in here. There's a few things left in the living room, but I was chipping away at it while the movers were bringing things in, so there's not much work left to do at all. Dinner should be here in just a few minutes as well, so we can finish the living room off after we eat.” Denise said, and just as she finished speaking, the door bell rang.

Denise went and got their dinner and brought it in, and on the nicest dining room table any of them had ever sat at, they christened it with a pizza dinner fit for kids. They did all enjoy their rare treat dinner, and then headed to the living room to get everything put away in there and last they put up the pictures on the walls. There were still a few more miscellaneous boxes throughout the house that still needed to be put away, but they would get them over the next couple days. They were all getting tired and could all use a rest, so they sat back on the nice new comfortable couches and watched TV for the rest of the night.

The next morning the boys had a really good workout before school, went and got showered and changed, ate breakfast and walked to school. And as promised, Nick met them at the front entrance. He was also pleased that Owen was allowed to stay at the school, and for the rest of the day, he once again acted as their personal chaperone, showing them all around the school, showing them where their classes were, answering all their questions, so on and so forth. They had a really good day, considering it was school.

Once done at school, they headed home and grabbed their things to be ready as soon as Denise arrived to take them to ballet, but it was not her that showed up, it was Steven instead.

“How come you're here dad, Denise usually takes us to ballet?”

“Because I took the day off already so that I could oversee the moving of our things, which was done a couple hours ago. I just had to go take care of a couple things, and it's a good thing I realized the time or I wouldn't be here yet. We should get going though or we'll be late.”

“Oh, okay. At least we're actually closer to ballet class from here than the other house, and hockey is almost the exact same distance, so no difference there.” Kenny smiled.

“Very true, 'kay, hop in, let's go.”

The boys hopped in and they headed off to the dance class, Kai directing Steven as to where to go. Once they arrived, Kai informed Steven as to what Denise usually did, and he agreed that that sounded better than watching the dance class. So, soon after arriving, Steven took his leave and told the boys he would be back soon. They headed in to the change room and got changed, and then headed out and worked hard once again. Both Owen and Kenny were happy with how they were progressing, and Dianne sounded as if she were too. They really were doing quite well, so that was good. The girls in the class too were even acting far more civilized now, so everything was going nice and smooth. At the end of class, the boys went in and got showered and dressed, and then met Steven out in the waiting area, he had just arrived a few minutes before, and then they headed home.

“How did it go boys?”

“Really good. Dianne said that Owen and I are doing really well, and soon we'll be good enough to actually dance something easily. We're still doing mostly the learning moves and stuff, but we're learning really fast because Kai's teaching us lots at home too.”

“That's good. I sat on the bottom of the stairs this morning and watched you boys for a while, you're stretching ability has gotten way better since you started working out with Kai.”

“Oh, I didn't notice you there.”

“I didn't want to interrupt you, but Kai noticed me sitting there and nodded, otherwise he said and did nothing and pretty much ignored me after that.” Steven laughed.

“Sorry about that, when I'm dancing or anything like that, there's very little that's more important, and you were just watching, so I didn't need to say anything.”

“I understood, no worries.” Steven smiled.

“How come you never told me he was watching us?” Kenny asked curiously.

“At the time it wasn't important, because we were busy doing something else. If he had have needed us for something, he would have said something. Then once we left the basement we were busy and then headed to school. By that time I forgot such a simple thing, I had just pushed the information aside, and unless I actively think of something, then I won't usually remember it. It never popped up or otherwise came up, so I never mentioned it. I also didn't think it was overly important. If I had thought it was important, I would have told myself to tell you later.” Kai answered.

“No, it's not a big deal, I was just wondering, you usually mention all sorts of little things to me.”

“I try and tell you everything that's going on, just because I like to talk to you, but I just didn't think of it.” Kai shrugged.

“And that's fine, I knew you'd have told me if it was important.”

“Do you boys want to come grocery shopping with me, or would you rather head home and get started on dinner. I only have to grab a few things, nothing much.”

“You may as well drop us off so that we can get dinner started, no point in eating too late.” Kai suggested.

“Okay, will do.” Steven said, and they headed right to the house and he dropped the boys off. As soon as they were out, he pulled away and headed to the store to grab the few extra things that he needed to get.

As soon as the boys made it inside, they headed to the kitchen and got started on making them all a really good dinner. Both Denise and Steven showed up at almost the exact same time, which was thankfully right at the same time that dinner was ready, so they all sat down and ate. After dinner was cleaned up from, the boys all headed to Kai and Kenny's bedroom to sort through all of Kenny's things and get it all put away, since it was dropped off that morning some time. After that they just sat around talking and having fun until they deemed it close enough to bedtime, so they all helped each other to get changed, and then they said goodnight to the adults and headed to bed.

Kai and Kenny spent at most half an hour kissing and fondling each other until they were well satisfied, which also meant well drained, and then fell fast asleep. Owen once again pulled his diaper aside and used his dildo in his hot little bum while stroking his hot diapered dick, and had three good sized orgasms as well. He then put his toy away after cleaning it off and then fell asleep, well satisfied and drained.