Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between boys and men and boys on boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! However if you do, I appreciate feedback.

Babysitter's Dirty Little Secret


Jacob pulled his hood tighter over his head as he leaned against the rain before starting up the familiar driveway. Seeing someone on the porch he called out, "Mrs. Donaldson, hello."

The woman glanced up from the mail she was looking through and waved. "Jacob, right on time. We're going to leave in a few minutes." She waited until Jacob climbed the stairs and he joined her under the porch as she added."The boys love the stuffed animals. You know you didn't have to give them anything for Christmas."

Jacob smiled as he started to take off his raincoat and shake the water off of it. "It's all right, I won them at the carnival my school had and I'm a bit too old for them."He didn't add that he had spent more money trying to win the two stuffed animals than it would have cost to buy them. Nor did he mention that he had both boys firmly in mind when he saw them.

"Well, they really do love them. They replaced that worn out blanket and teddy bear as their sleeping items and for that I thank you," Mrs. Donaldson said turning to open the door. "Come on in. I'm sure they'll be glad to see their favorite babysitter."

The nine-year-old Donaldson twins had a bit of a reputation at least among babysitters. A few babysitters had refused outright to look after the pair and those who were accepting jobs were upping their price. Jacob had stumbled into the job mostly by accident. His parents knew the Donaldsons and were frequent visitors to each other's households. The Donaldsons who really couldn't afford $20 an hour had asked Jacob mostly out of desperation one night.

To just about everyone's surprise it had gone very well. The boys had actually been in bed when the Donaldsons returned which was something only Mrs. or Mr. Donaldson had ever accomplished without a fight. When asked Jacob smiled and said boys are boys. The Donaldsons had spread the word and he had quickly developed a reputation for being able to deal with rambunctious kids. Besides the twins he now looked after two other boys and one girl. It had earned him the ire of the babysitting syndicate who bemoan the loss of their difficult but profitable charges.

Stepping inside Mrs. Donaldson called to the boys who were watching TV, "Look what I found outside."

Both boys' entire bodies twisted around as identical grin spread across their faces. Springing to their feet they shouted just out of unison, "Jacob!"

The 13-year-old braced himself for impact as two bodies with the combined weight of nearly 140 pounds collided into him. He took it well enough and gave both boys a half hug around their shoulders as they grinned up at him. The twins were not identical. They had similar brown hair although Ed's was a little darker. Their eyes were both brown, but Danny's seem to have flecks of gold in his. Both of their lips were similarly thin as well as their noses. What was identical was the adoration both boys held for their favorite babysitter.

Mr. Donaldson chose that moment to enter the room. "Boys, give Jacob some breathing space." Both boys immediately took two steps back. Most people were surprised when they learned that the twins were not terrors for their parents and even at kindergarten they only got into a minimum amount of trouble. Jacob suspected they just didn't like listening to girls.

"We'll probably be back before midnight." Mr. Donaldson continued. "Business was slow today and I got a pretty good head start on taking inventory. Still if we're not back by one your mom said it was okay for you to spend the night, right?"

"Yes, but you'll have to drive me home." Jacob answered touching his pill container to reassure himself that it was there.

Mr. Donaldson nodded. "That's right. Come on boys give me a hug goodbye."

Jacob watched the confusing goodbye ritual which seemed to require everyone to be hug about three times before the Donaldsons stepped outside leaving Jacob in charge. The twins moved to the big window in the family room to watch their parents pull out of the driveway and disappear down the road. Jacob watched both of them from the middle of the room. He was becoming hard and had to tuck his growing member under his waistband. Then the twins slowly started turning towards him grinning. By some inaudible signal, they both launched themselves at their babysitter.

For the next 45 minutes Jacob wrestled with the twins. The family room had no coffee-table which meant a big open space perfect for such an activity. Jacob even pulled a cushion from the couch and used it to bodyslam each twin again and again. They loved it and Jacob loved it and not just because he got to grab their asses and grind against them more than a few times. Ed gave out first followed by Danny a few minutes later. By that point their faces were beet red and their hair was pasted to their foreheads with sweat.

The three of them then watch TV for an hour and talked about nothing. After the show ended Jacob stood up. "Well, boys it looks like bathtime." Both boys groaned and protested that they were not dirty at all. It was all routine. "Your mom said to give you one and there's no getting out of it. I'll fill up the tub while you to watch a little more TV."

The bathroom was on the second floor and Mrs. Donaldson had already laid out the necessary towels and even had the bubblebath on the sinks counter. The tub was big and even putting in a few inches of water took some time. When he went downstairs to collect the boys the family room was empty. Again, this was routine.

"Oh dear, it seems they have run off and hid somewhere. Oh, whatever shall I do?" He spoke loudly and kept his tone cartoonishly flat and tried to ignore the giggling from the closet. Moving to the couch he began to dictate his actions. "Are they hiding behind the couch?" He peered behind it like he was actually expecting to find them. "No, there not there," he said trying to sound disappointed.

Jacob checked several other spots in the room each more increasingly unlikely including a drawer. That produced a laugh that was so abruptly cut off he could only imagine that a hand had been cupped over a mouth. Walking over to the closet he continued to talk. "Well, I don't think they're hiding anywhere in here." He put his hand on the door handle to the closet. "I'll just check the closet!"

Jacob flung the door open and Ed squealed at his sudden discovery. He tried to make a break for it, but the teenager was prepared for that and scooped him up and hugged the swarming boy close to his body. "Well, I have you now." Jacob proclaimed. "If you sell out your brother I'll see to it that you have bubblebath."

"No!" Ed proclaimed bravely.

"Well, then it is to prison with you." Jacob declared as he swung Ed over shoulder and began to march up the stairs. If the boy was little thicker Jacob is able to carry him and even now if the boy really struggled the teen would be able to hold him. Of course, that wouldn't be fair and of the two Ed had a better sense of fair play.

Jacob deposited the boy in the bathroom and told him to stay. This was the first real trouble of the night. The boys usually hid together, but when they broke up it became a little harder. This was usually because the captured boy became impatient and thought it was time for round two.

Dropping his narration, he quickly checked their favorite spots eliminating them one by one. Soon there was only one left and he headed guest room. The guest room had a queen-size bed. Walking into the room he immediately dropped to his knees and peered under the bed startling Danny who giving a high-pitched shriek before scurrying backwards.

Jacob launched over the bed and just missed catching an ankle as the boy started to scurry back the other way. Rolling quickly he reached the original side of the bed just as the boy started to crawl out from underneath it. Jacob gently pressed his foot down on Jacob's back, his white sock contrasting with the boy's brown shirt.

"Do you give up or do I squish you?"

The boy squirmed for a second trying to get free, but Jacob was applying just enough pressure to keep him there. Finally the boy stopped. "You got me." Danny's tone sounded like he had just lost a game and in a way he had.

They walked down the hallway and fortunately Ed was still in prison and smiled when he saw his brother had not last much longer than himself. Jacob closed the door behind himself and went over to sit on the toilet seat. Both of the boys were smiling again anticipating what would happen next.

Glancing at a nonexistent watch Jacob said, "Stripping contest begins in 3...2...1!"

The boys were fast. Ed started by pulling off his shirt before rolling onto his back and pulling his pants and underwear off at the same time. He then went after his socks. Danny started by pulling down his pants with his underwear and then tried to step out of them while using one foot to pull off one of his socks. Within seconds both boys were naked and they looked to him for a decision.

Jacob stroked his chin pretending to ponder while really admiring the two boy's bodies. They were cute. Both were slight with identical little packages. "I'm going to have to give the victory to Ed this time." Ed grinned at his brother who made a face.

Jacob helped each one into the tub before retrieving the bubblebath and pouring it between them. The twins agitated the water creating a froth of little white bubbles. The boys played with them for a while before Jacob suggested they should actually start cleaning themselves. This was something Jacob enjoyed helping with. They took turns standing so he could wash their backs. He started at their shoulders and slowly worked his way down to their butts which he paid special attention to, not being afraid to wipe a cloth between their cheeks. Jacob also did their feet. Both of the boys twisted around in the tub so their feet could dangle over the edge to receive his attention.

Once all the bubbles were gone Ed announced, "We're done."

"Yeah, all clean," Danny echoed.

"I'll be the judge of that," Jacob said. He had the two boys stand up again so he could inspect them which for some reason required his hand to wander over each of their bodies. They giggled when he poked around their little sacks and peel back their foreskin. After a very thorough investigation he decided that the two boys were indeed clean and let them out of the bathtub.

The boys got dressed in their pajamas and brushed their teeth as Jacob drained the tub. They ran to their bedrooms without being told and hopped into bed as Jacob followed slowly behind. Both of the boys were lying on top of their covers with grins so why they were threatening to break their faces.

"So, who wants my special kiss?" Jacob asked.

"Me," the boy's chorused.

There were several reasons for Jacobs success with babysitting the twins. He like roughhousing, he played along with them and the biggest thing of all yet turned bedtime into something to look forward to. "Well, pull them down."

The twins pulled their pajama bottoms down with lots of giggling. Jacob moved to Ed's bed first and sat on the edge. Using his thumb and forefinger he slowly massaged the little noodle of flesh. Squeezing and stroking the boy squirmed under his hand. Jacob thought it was small and cute much like what it was attached to. When the little shaft began to swell, Jacob encouraged it to reach its full potential by slowly stroking it up and down, exposing the glans before letting the skin slip back over them again.

Leaning down he licked the little sack before moving on to the shaft. With practiced ease his tongue played with the erection swirling around it and moving his mouth up and down. Ed could barely handle the sensations washing through his body. His hands grasped the bed sheets grabbing small fistfuls. The little boy brought his knees up pushing against Jacob's head both wanting the feelings to stop and never wanting the feelings to stop. Then he had what he thought was a sudden urge to be, but when he felt he could hold it no longer his body shuddered. In one instance every muscle in his body tensed and then relaxed as a warm feeling spread from his crotch to his feet. Ed let out a sigh as he closed his eyes and Jacob gave him a quick peck on his forehead.

Moving over to Danny's bed Jacob could see that the boy was fiddling with himself making his little erection stand up. Jacob grabbed the boys wrist and slowly lifted it away saying, "No, that's mine to play with."

Danny giggled as Jacob dove onto his erection showering it with little kisses and licks. He started to kiss down Danny's thighs before rolling his head back up and pinning the boy's little erection against his belly. Pushing down he pulled his head back on the foreskin back. Jacob stuck his tongue out and he attacked the little organ like a dog quenching his thirst. Danny was the opposite of his brother who seem to always throw himself into contortions as his orgasm approached. Danny became stiff almost immobile before letting out a weird sound that was part moan and part gasp.

His deed done, Jacob kissed Danny on his forehead. Standing he reached for the two stuffed animals that were on the nightstand between the beds. One was a tiger and the other was an alligator. He handed each boy his stuffed animal and said, "Good night. I'll be downstairs if you need anything."

The boys responded in stereo, but Ed already sounded as if he was halfway to dreamland. Leaving the room, Jacob flicked off the lights, leaving only a nightlight on as he closed the door. He had pretty much remained hard the entire time, but he patiently started tidying up. He fixed the ruffle bedcovers in the guest room before going to the bathroom and put the used towels in the hamper. The twins had left the toothpaste cap off so he replaced that before heading downstairs and fixing the cushions on the couch. Then and only then did he attend to his own needs. After all he was a responsible babysitter.


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