"Back Doodles"

By Jeffy

All of the usual disclaimers apply. This story is entirely fictional. No house pets, rain forests or lab animals were harmed in the writing of this story. It is intended for adults only. You can send comments or constructive criticism to jeffs71@hotmail.com. Flames will be ignored so don't bother. This story has been copyrighted by the author. You may, of course, download it for your enjoyment, send it to your friends, even use it on your website as long as access to the site is free, it is not changed in any way and I'm credited as the author.

This story depicts minors and adults having unprotected, unsafe sex. Obviously, this is not real life and should be taken as such. Otherwise, enjoy!.

"Foul mouthed? Fuck you!" - - A. Foley

"Do your back?" Danny inquired of his big brother.

"Sure, squirt." Mike rolled over onto his stomach to give his little brother access to his bare back. He was wearing his loose boxers, just as he always did for bed. He felt Danny settle his small butt directly over his own and begin to gently stroke down his spine. God, such smooth, gentle hands! Mike relaxed and his mind began to wander.

As his mind wandered and his body relaxed under Danny's expert ministrations and he mused back on how his kid brother and he had begun their nightly ritual. It had started innocently enough, when Danny was still very small. He'd climb into his big brother's bed and beg him to "do doodles on my back." At first Mike would draw shapes or letters of the alphabet on the boy's back to see if he could identify them (he usually could) and it had grown from there. After a while Danny had wanted to do the same to him and he readily agreed. Most nights they just fell asleep in Mike's bed and eventually their parents gave up on trying to keep them in their own rooms and just let them have one big bedroom together, much to the boys' delight. Danny worshipped his big brother and Mike always protected and watched out for him despite the difference in their ages. In short, they were as close as it was possible for two brothers to be, even though there had been absolutely nothing sexual about their relationship up until now.

Both boys were built along the same lines, long and lean, athletic, with sandy blond hair and cute snub noses. Mike was in the very beginnings of puberty, his hormones raging at unpredictable intervals and his dick seemed to have a mind of it's own. Right now it had chosen to really get into what his little brother was doing and was trying to break free of his boxers just like the scene in "Alien". He knew he didn't dare turn over and began to recite his times tables in the hope that his dick would go down. Fat chance, what with his brother currently running small hands down his spine!

Danny, for his part, felt Mike stiffen up under his hands and wondered if he was doing something wrong. His brother had been acting weird lately and Danny felt that it was just the beginning of this trend. He'd been refusing to shower together and even worse had covered himself up the last time he'd been naked in their room. Not only that, but Danny noticed that Mike smelled different lately, not like a little boy any more, somehow more exciting and mysterious. When he asked his mom about these mysterious changes she'd told him Mike was in `poo-berty' (whatever that was) and that he needed the family to be patient with him. He decided to take the bull by the horns.


"Yeah, kiddo?" Mike's voice wasn't relaxed, not like it normally was after doing their back doodles.

"Do you still like me? Did I do something?" Danny asked this innocently, like all kids do when they're up against something they don't understand.

Mike turned over so that Danny was sitting right on top of his rock hard dick. He put his hands lightly on his brother's chest and tugged him into a gentle embrace.

"Oh, squirt, no, you haven't done anything wrong at all." His couldn't believe that his little bro thought he was in the wrong. "I know I've been a little weirded out lately."

"Is it because of that poo-thing?" Danny wanted to know.

"What? Pooh?" Mike was lost now. What did Pooh have to do with anything?

"Yeah, your poo-berty thing. Is that why?"

Mike started to giggle madly, rolling his brother over and beginning to tickle his ribs.

"You nut! That's `puberty', not `poo-berty' and yeah, I guess that's the reason. It's when you begin to grow up and get hair and stuff." He playfully tousled the boy's hair.

"Oh. Is that why your thingie is hard?" Danny could feel his brother's hardon pressed into his own, feeling huge. Even as Mike just sat there in shock he hunched forward, pressing his own small boner into his brother's big one. He was on fire with curiosity now, wanting to see and feel it.

"Yeah, Squirt, that's why. C'mon, let's put you in your bed and I'll do your back. We'll talk in the morning." Mike was suddenly overcome with the feeling of not wanting to discuss this right now with his brother.

Mike put Danny back into his own bed and gently began to do doodles on his back, running his fingers up and down the boy's spine. His touch was so light that it was really more of a caress than a massage. Danny was now completely relaxed, totally into what his big brother was doing, safe and secure in the knowledge that Mike loved him and would never hurt him.

Mike felt as though his head was disconnected from his body as he gently turned Danny over and began to caress the slender, hairless chest. What would Danny let him do? The answer appeared to be "anything" as Mike began to gently tweak Danny's nipples and squeeze his boy-breasts, small as they were. God, he felt so soft and warm! Danny's nipples perked up in no time as he began to moan softly, wanting more stimulation, which Mike supplied in the form of firmly running his fingers over Danny's warm underarms. He kept his touch firm enough that he didn't tickle the boy. Strangely enough, the image in his mind at that moment was of him licking Danny's bare underarms!

He ran his hands over Danny's boxers, noting the way the boy thrust his hips up and tried to trap Mike's hands. Danny moaned in pure frustration, which turned to one of contentment as Mike began to do his feet and legs, pausing to do each toe individually. The boy was in heaven as his big brother even began to nibble on his toes! His brain just couldn't process all of these wonderful feelings as it went into total overload. Finally he just grabbed Mike's hand and thrust it inside the fly of his boxers, frantically bucking his hips. He needed to get off, like now!

Mike was shocked at his kid brother's wanton behavior, and doubly shocked at the hard, hot little boydick his hand encountered! It was rock hard yet soft at the same time, about as long and thin as his index finger, and felt incredible. He played with the small balls, gently squeezing and rolling them in his hand; they were sooooo soft and small, like silky little marbles. Danny seemed to really like it, so he squeezed a little more firmly, not wanting to hurt the kid. His hand really wasn't in a good position to wank Danny so he settled for rubbing the head and sensitive underside with the first 2 fingers of his hand. He marveled at the texture and hardness as he rubbed the head, causing Danny to jump and moan some more. Finally, Danny arched his back and turned on his side, making little mewing noises in his throat as he experienced a mind-bending dry orgasm. It seemed to take forever! As the boy's shudders subsided, Mike absently noted that somewhere along the line he'd exploded in his own boxers.

Later, sitting on the bed next to Danny, stroking his bare back, his thoughts turned inward. How in the world could he explain that they could never do this again so that the kid wouldn't feel hurt? And why, sitting there stroking his brother's bare back, was his dick again rock hard and leaking pre-cum into his boxers? He continued to stroke long after the boy had dropped off to sleep, admiring his fresh beauty and innocence. Finally, he went to the bathroom to clean up, jerk off and then get to his own bed.

His last thought as he dropped off to sleep was, "I'm going straight to Hell for this."

In the morning, things didn't seem any clearer to Mike. He was still consumed with guilt at having wanked his little brother. And worse, the kid seemed to have enjoyed it! Mike was astonished at his little brother's wholehearted enjoyment, and the way he'd just acted like nothing was wrong when he got up the next morning. He didn't have a clue what to do about it. But who could he talk to? His Dad? Yeah, right. He could just imagine the conversation:

"Dad, I've got a hardon for Danny. Think I should fuck the kid?"

"Sure son, but make sure he sucks you off real good first."

He'd get sent off to military school for sure, but quick. But he desperately needed to talk, to sort out these new and confusing feelings. Then he had an idea; maybe he could talk to John, his next door neighbor and best bud since either could remember. They'd grown up side by side, as close as brothers and were the same age to within a few days. Maybe he'd understand.

He found John at his house, lounging on his bed, doing nothing. It was the height of summer, and hot as hell outside with the current heat wave and Mike felt soaked with sweat just from the short walk over there. He went upstairs and was confronted with a sight right out of a wet dream.

His best bud was lying on his back on the bed, arms above his head. His skin, normally a light olive, was a deep, even brown from exposure to the summer sun. His straight, longish black hair hung around his head like a halo on the pillow. The boy's complexion was absolutely flawless, from his straight nose down to the slightly lighter skin of his hairless underarms, right down to where his smooth, slim belly met his shorts. But most of all Mike was struck, not for the first time, by the light blue eyes. John was beautiful, he realized for the first time, absolutely frigging killer gorgeous. John shifted lazily on the bed, stretching and yawning as he welcomed his friend with a lazy, "H'lo."

This was not helping Mike's boner situation. It knew he liked what he saw and was currently negotiating with his brain for them to walk over there and stroke every square inch of John's smooth skin until the Universe ran down. As a compromise, he went over and doffed his sandals, sitting on the very edge of the bed.

John was his usual, perceptive self. He immediately noticed that something was wrong with his friend and was quick to wrap his arms around Mike, holding him close. He was just like that; when he saw someone in pain he just had to try to fix it. He was free in showing his emotions, a bit effeminate, and everyone in school liked him. He never even got picked on.

For the first time in his life Mike saw his best bud in a sexual light. Throughout their childhood, even during sleepovers, he'd never really looked at his bud in quite that way. Sure, they'd played the usual boyish "show me yours" kind of games, but they'd never led to anything. His gaydar now in full "on" mode Mike now saw the obvious. This revelation only served to further knock his mental legs out from under him and he just lost it, turning to sob his heart out on John's bare shoulder.

John felt totally at sea, but intuitively knew he had to ride out the storm if he was going to help his friend and find out what this was all about. Finally, Mike ran down and they seperated.

"Sorry, I got snot on you," Mike moved to wipe it off.

"What's a little snot between friends? Now give, what's the matter?" John wiped his chest off with a tissue.

"I'm evil. I did, well, I did...something terrible." Mike just couldn't say it.

"Like what? Kill and eat someone? Drugs? What?"

Mike just couldn't meet his eyes as he plucked at the bedsheets. He just had to get it out! "I wanked my little brother, OK? I'm a sex pervert!" He looked like he was going to burst out in tears again.

John looked at him in amazement. "Is that all? Shit, I thought it was something big." He again took his friend into a gentle embrace.

Mike was totally confused. He backed off and looked at John.

"Whaddya mean, that's a sin, a crime. I could be arrested."

John looked at him, a strange little smile on his lips. "Hmmmm, I'd guess that he loved it and wants to do it again, and so did you. Right?"

Mike just nodded, stunned into speechlessness.

"Think Mike, just think. I have a little brother, too. How do you think I know so well how you feel after what happened?"

Mike let out a startled gasp. "You CAN'T mean..."

John let out a giggle, followed by a laugh, and then the two of them were rolling around on the bed, laughing like fools. After a bit they settled down to a good case of the hiccups and went into the kitchen so that John could have some breakfast. Like Mike, he was just entering the `bottomless pit' stage of development and proceeded to eat two big bowls of cereal.

SLAM! The back door opened, letting in a blast of withering heat, and not incidentally both of their little brothers. Jake, John's little brother was short, slim, dark-haired and -eyed, and currently drenched in sweat, just like Danny. They came in and sagged against the kitchen counter. The older boys got them cold drinks and John went to the bathroom to get some washcloths while Mike watched the kids. They were both giving him a strange look, like one that a horny boy would give a pretty girl (or hot boy, in this case). It made Mike seriously uncomfortable.

Just then John got back with the damp washcloths, one of which he handed to Mike. John then proceeded to strip Jake out of his shorts, underwear, and shoes, leaving him totally naked and proceeding to clean the boy up with the warm, wet cloth. He ran the washcloth all over the boy's smooth, tanned, naked body including his butt and genitals. Jake just accepted this attention as if it was an everyday occurrence.

Mike, meanwhile, began doing the same for Danny, but without stripping the boy. Danny was having none of it and stepped right out of his shorts, leaving himself naked for Mike's attentions. By the end of it Danny was clean, but had a hardon of epic proportions. It was the most delicious thing Mike had ever seen, sticking straight out from his body; smooth and cleanly circumcised, it had the same little upward curve that Mike's did.

The tableau was broken by Jake grabbing Danny's hand, giggling, as they ran off to his room to do Heaven knew what. John shouted after them not to sit on any of the furniture.

John and Mike talked the afternoon away. At the end of it, Mike felt much better but was still on fire with curiosity about what John and Jake did with each other; John had refused to tell him any details. They were to come out later.

The brothers were getting ready for bed that night when they heard a strange sound outside of their bedroom window. They looked out, saw nothing, and went back to their business. There it was again! The boys decided to investigate, and in no time they were creeping through the bushes, both clutching their little league baseball bats. They were gonna give Mr. Burglar what for!

"Shit!" Mike stopped short, relaxing, as Danny wondered what they'd found. He peered around his big brother and found John sprawled in the flowerbed. The bigger boy looked up woozily at the brothers, smiled, and waved.

Danny began to giggle! John was wasted! The reek of cheap vodka hung around John like a cloud. Together, Mike and Danny managed to get him into the house. They turned around, panting from their task, and saw their father leaning on the doorframe and trying (unsuccessfully) to hide his grin.

Their dad walked over to the bed and took in John's situation with a single glance. He carefully looked John over making sure he was OK, then really began to chuckle.

"Um, Dad..."

"Yes, oldest son of mine?" Somehow he seemed to be vastly amused, which Mike was profoundly grateful for.

"What now?" Mike was at a total loss.

"Well, since he seems to be breathing well and it doesn't look like he's gonna throw up on your bed, we'll just let him sleep it off. I'll call his folks so they know he's spending the night. I think we'll keep his present, um, condition between us for now. You come and get me if y'all need anything tonight, OK?" With that he tousled both of his sons' hair and walked out of the room, still chuckling a bit.

Mike and Danny just looked at each other and finished preparing for bed.

"You slide in front of John and I'll slide in back, just in case he has a problem during the night."

"What if he tries to do something to me?" Danny wasn't sure he wanted anyone but Mike touching him.

"Then you'll get a quick thrill." Mike tried hard to hide his smile.

"Mike!" Danny was indignant at his brother's crack.

"It's OK little brother, don't worry."

As they slid into bed, John roused a little. He rolled over, looked over at Mike, and smiled in a drunken way. He reached up a hand to stroke Mike's cheek.

"You have beautiful eyes, so beautiful!" John slurred his words drunkenly but there could be no mistaking the caring in his voice. Nor in his almost overflowing eyes. "I've loved ya shince we were like ten!"

John reached out and caressed Mike's smooth, bare chest then leaned in to plant tender, drunken kisses all over, from Mike's shoulders down to mid-chest. Danny just stared, eyes wide, at this intimate display and then reached into his boxers and began furiously wanking his small cocklet. If this was gonna be a live sex show, at least he could enjoy it! He snuggled close to John's back, not that the drunken older boy had any attention to spare as he blearily zeroed in on Mike's left nipple and began to suck.

Mike was moaning softly, aware that he shouldn't let his sozzled buddy do this, and especially not in front of his little brother, but the feelings shooting through him were overwhelming. As John's soft, wet, textured tongue moved over the bare skin Mike felt his control slipping away; when John reached his nipple he felt it abandon him altogether as a moan escaped his mouth. Suddenly, through his haze of lust, he realized that John wasn't sucking hard any more. Mike looked down and saw that his buddy was fast asleep, face burrowed into his chest, and that his traitorous little brother was wanking himself to a thunderous dry orgasm, moaning and squeaking as he did so. That done, the boy snuggled into John's back and promptly went to sleep.

"Great", Mike thought," I'm lying here with the hardon of my life and I can't even untangle a hand to jerk off. Shit!" He gradually went to sleep, his hard cock still leaking pre-cum into his boxers.

They all slept in a boy-tangle until the first rays of the sun filtered through the blinds, when they all made a mad dash for the bathroom, nude, laughing and giggling. Their mother saw three naked boy-butts disappear into the bathroom and just shook her head. Boys!

After they were done in the bathroom, John seemed to remember the previous night (along with his hangover) and became more closed. He wouldn't meet Mike's eyes and left just as soon as he could politely do so. The next few days were pure hell for Mike as his very best bud avoided him like the plague. He wanted to take John in his arms and comfort him, tell him that it was OK, but he couldn't find the stupid little booger to do it!

He was determined to do just that when Danny came down with a nasty summertime cold and Mike found himself pressed into service as his personal nurse. All things considered, he didn't really mind making his little brother soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, or giving him back rubs, but it put him behind schedule on other things.

The days (and Danny's cold) passed slowly. The cold medicine had the same effect on the boy as always, namely to make him very constipated. Their mom normally took care of the situation with little fuss, but the last time Danny had thrown a total fit, right down to the kicking and screaming. This time, she just nodded, relieved, when Mike told her he'd take care of it.

He found Danny in a defensible position in the bathroom between the shower stall and the toilet. He looked shocked to see Mike walk in, putting him off guard. Mike pointed to the counter where the tools of the trade (so to speak) were laid out and the boy meekly walked over. The poor kid was totally flummoxed at the change in lineup.

Mike, for his part, was actually kind of enjoying himself. It was strange to see his cocky, smart-ass little brother just standing there next to the counter with his eyes wide, waiting for the next step. Mike decided to dispense with the rubber gloves; the kid already seemed scared enough and he didn't want to seem too sinister.

"OK, you know the drill as well as I do," Mike told his wide-eyed little brother.

Danny just nodded and draped himself over his big brother's lap, his mind in turmoil. This was the one thing in the world he hated most, being administered by the person he trusted most in the world to watch out for and protect him. He didn't know what to do.

Mike, aware of Danny's confused state, just stroked the boy's smooth, deeply tanned back to relax him. After a few minutes, this had the desired effect and Mike began to stroke Danny's butt in ever-smaller circles, centering on his small boyhole.

Danny was actually enjoying himself. "This isn't so bad," he thought as Mike stroked a fingertip across his exposed hole, causing a series of thrill shivers to chase each other up his back. As he arched his back, Mike got a glob of lubricant and began to ever so gently work a slippery finger into his hole.

"Ohhhhhhh!" The loud moan echoed off of the tiled walls as the finger went in, meeting surprising little resistance. It continued it's slow journey upward.

Mike felt like he was the one running a fever now! His head buzzed with lust and his dick was hard enough to cut through solid steel! He kept working one finger up Danny's hole and quickly reached under the boy to grab his hot, hard, slim dick. It was about the size of his forefinger, hot, hard, and soft all at the same time. Danny let out another lout moan, tossing his head from side to side, as Mike added a second finger and worked it around in a circular motion.

Danny felt like he was flying! This was better than anything he'd ever felt in his young life! Suddenly, a feeling built up in his nuts and he had his first anal orgasm, the muscles of his ass almost snapping his big brother's fingers off at the knuckle. Mike shifted his hand and gripped the boy's cock and balls hard to keep him from falling to the floor as the boy exploded in yet another titanic orgasm. He flopped around on Mike's lap like a landed fish, making little grunting noises, then collapsed, panting.

Mike decided to take advantage of the situation. He grabbed the nozzle and firmly inserted it into Danny's butthole, not stopping until it was all the way inside the boy. Danny hardly noticed, but did raise his head when he felt the water begin to flow into him. His protest was stifled when Mike's hand snaked under him and began wanking the still-hard little boydick.

"I wonder if you can go crazy from pleasure," Danny thought as he had yet another dry orgasm. When he had recovered his senses, Danny had emptied the bag into him and was gently cradling the kid.

"You know the rules, ya gotta hold it for five minutes. Here, I'll help." So saying, Mike grabbed the younger boy's butt cheeks and helped to squeeze them together as a cramp took hold. It passed quickly, only to be followed by another.

"Oooo, please, I gotta go now!" Danny was desperate, but he knew that the full five minutes had not elapsed. Finally, Mike picked him up and put him on the toilet. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Mike backed up, covering his nose, as he turned on the fan. Phew, what a stench! How could a little kid possibly have that much inside him?! Finally, done, Danny looked up.

"OK, you did great, now one more to clean ya out." Mike got a washcloth and cleaned up his little brother. When he was done, he laid Danny across his lap again and refilled the enema bag. As the boy obediently spread his legs his pink hole opened up, as if begging to be filled. Mike's dick again began leaking pre-cum into his shorts. He slid the lubricated nozzle up into his brother and squeezed the bag, quickly emptying it.

"This feels great," Danny thought, "maybe I should get a bellyache more often!"

His tummy was bulging slightly with the warm water, and his big brother was again gently wanking on his boydick. He tried to keep from cumming and tensed his butt cheeks until, finally, the five minutes were up. He almost felt disappointed. Mike put him on the toilet again, but this time wanked him as he emptied the water out and had another titanic orgasm in the process.

Mike could see that his little brother was totally exhausted. The boy just curled up on the bath mat as he was cleaned up and Mike cleaned all of the enema equipment. His dick threatened to burst from his shorts like in "Alien", and his head was buzzing with lust, his cheeks flushed. He picked up the tired boy and took him to their room, depositing him on the bed, face down, spreading his legs. Mike examined the open, pink hole closely.

Shit, it looked so sweet and cute! As if in a dream, he watched his finger begin to play with it, teasing, as Danny moaned and spread his legs even wider.

"I could fuck him," Mike thought, "right here and now. I know he'd let me, I just know it."

The prospect excited him beyond words as he contemplated the pink boyhole before him. God! Danny had the most perfect bubble-butt he'd ever seen! It was almost good enough to eat!

"Good enough to eat, hmmm, why not?"

This thought shot through Mike's brain like a thunderbolt as he moved closer and sniffed experimentally. Nice and clean. Mike began by licking up and down the boy's crack, getting a whole new series of shivers out of his little brother as the boy's eyes popped open and he realized what was going on. He'd been wrong when the thought he couldn't experience any more pleasure. The hot, wet tongue working at his hole was driving him nuts! He drew his knees up and spread his cheeks even wider.

Mike, engrossed in his licking, hardly noticed. All he wanted now was to get his tongue into that hot, tight little hole. He licked around in a circle, marveling at the clean smell and lack of nasty taste, until he finally licked right on the hole. Danny jerked as if he'd been given an electric shock as his brother's tongue jabbed at his anus, demanding entry. He got his wish as the boy's anus suddenly spasmed open and his tongue dived in. Dimly, he registered the sensation of his dick shooting a huge load in his shorts, but mostly he was aware of the pounding of his own heart and Danny's jerking on the bed as he came, hard.

Mike backed off, panting heavily. He saw that Danny was asleep almost before he'd finished his dry orgasm. He covered his precious, beautiful little brother with the sheet before gong to the bathroom to clean the cum out of his shorts. His dick was still hard, refusing to go down.

One thought still buzzed in his brain: he needed to find John!

To be continued...