****Warning, this story involves many gay sex scenes involving many young teen boys, diaper wearing and usage, some piss use and various other taboos. If any of this is not what you are searching for, then feel free to leave now. If you continue on and read it anyway and find it disgusting, then don't complain to me. If however you do wish to read this and enjoy it, then please let me know, I would love to hear from you. This story was inspired by a question that I put out to my readers a couple years ago, I asked if there were any good story ideas anyone wanted to see written, and one reader, you know who you are, suggested a logging camp or some such thing, so I started writing this. I got lost about half way through the story and had to shelf the project, but it never left my mind, and when I finally came up with a path for it in my mind, I sat down and finished it off. I hope that all who read it do enjoy it, and if you would like to write to me, please email me at erich5748 at Thanks as always for reading.****

“Hey there handsome.” Mitchel said to his son as he walked in the door after school.

“Hey Dad. How's it goin?” His beautiful eleven year old son asked.

“Not too bad, had a phone interview today, and I think it went well, but we have to go over a few things, as well I have to ask you some questions that you might not care to answer.”

“Oh, why would you have to ask me questions if you had an interview today?” He asked curiously, cautiously.

“We'll get to that, don't worry. Go put your stuff away and then you can grab a slice of the cake I made today.”

“Okay, but you know, I really don't think I want you to go back to work Dad, you always have such good stuff when I get home from school.” He grinned cheekily.

“Yeah, well eventually our savings will disappear, and my employment insurance is gonna run out soon too, so I have no choice but to find a job. Not to mention just sitting around the house all day is driving my nuts.”

“I know. Gimme a sec, be right back.” He said and rushed to his bedroom to drop off his stuff, and then to the kitchen to grab a nice large piece of cake.

Mitchel, or more normally referred to as Mitch, is in his early thirties, he had had his son quite young, he was still in his teens in fact. He had gone on a trip after high school to Australia, he had planned to stay there for a year and tour the country and just have fun. Then on a wild drunken night, he did something, or rather someone that he never thought he would do. Mitch had known since he was twelve, at the latest, that he was gay, but this one night, a girl that he knew finally talked him into having sex with her, just to be sure she said. Once was certainly enough for him, but as it so seems, once was enough for her too, and she became pregnant.

They fell out of touch with each other shortly after that fateful night, mostly because Mitch had already had plans to move onto his next destination, so he was gone when the woman found out that she was pregnant, and she knew it was Mitch's as well. Almost six months after finding out that she was pregnant, she was almost due, she finally caught up to Mitch to tell him the news, good or bad depended on how you looked at the situation. She herself had been devastated, but Mitch was ecstatic, he had always wanted to be a father, but never figured it would happen. Only a couple weeks after she finally caught up to him and told him the news, they were in the hospital, giving birth to a beautiful baby boy.

She, being Australian born and raised, chose to name their baby Banjo, which she told Mitch meant something to her family and heritage, he never questioned it, he thought it was a cute name actually. They tried to live the life of a family, but both admitted that full marriage was not in their future, neither wanted that. Mitch tried to live the straight life, but both had to admit that the sex life was lacking. They lasted not even a year after Banjo was born before they decided to split up. Banjo was given to Mitch fully and completely, his mother just did not feel that she could do it, so signed over full rights to Mitch, and they have never seen her since.

When Banjo was nine, Mitch decided that there was nothing left in Australia to keep him there, and he missed home. Banjo was of course worried about moving, granted he was used to that, they never stayed in any one place for more than a year, but now he would be leaving the country and the lifestyle that he had become accustomed to. So, with it all decided, they were heading back to Mitch's home, the west coast of Canada. They had no idea where they were going to move yet, but once Mitch decided to go, there was little that would stop him. Only if Banjo had said no, would that have stopped him, but Banjo, much like his dad, liked moving around a lot and seeing new things. Sure, he missed his friends, just like his dad did, but they always made new ones, and they did try and keep in touch with their old ones too.

They flew into Vancouver, landed in the late afternoon, and then Mitch bought a car at the nearest used car lot and they left. They stayed in hotels for the first few nights, just driving around and seeing what was where and what was nice. Mitch had originally been from Alberta, and while he had been to B.C. a few times, he had never been to an area that he would like to live in. They finally settled in a small community that was fairly close to the city, and Mitch quickly and easily found a job.

That was pretty much where they stayed for the next couple years as well, since they liked it so much. Mitch had a good job and they had a fairly nice house, it was small and cozy, it was all they needed. Then a year ago there started to be financial troubles, and everyone in Mitch's company started worrying that they may not make it out. Mitch managed to last the longest, but finally the day came when the company closed their doors for the final time, and Mitch was out of a job. He had good savings, and the employment insurance program would pay him, but it would not last for forever, so he started looking right away for a job. There were very few jobs available though, and what there were, he was not willing to do unless it became absolutely necessary. He was not at that stage yet, so just relaxed and kept looking.

Being that Mitch was an openly gay male, even Banjo knew his dad was as gay as can be, he had known since he was five, he often subscribed to the gay magazines and whatnot. In a particular magazine that he had delivered, there were usually a couple want ads and things like that, gay run companies looking for gay employees, that sort of thing. Most of the time the jobs did not interest Mitch in the least, but a week ago, one really caught his interest.

The ad read: Small oil field needs gay DL men to run it. Well, Mitch was no stranger to hard work, in fact he was no stranger to oil field work, he had done it a few times before, so he called the number, and they asked for him to email them a resume. He did so, and they had talked a couple times since. This time it was different though, it was on an island off the coast of BC, so Mitch would have to bring Banjo with him. The company did not have a problem with this in the least, but did have stipulations to that as well. Mitch was already a diaper lover anyway, he had been one his entire life, and of course he was gay, it was Banjo that he wondered about, for they insisted that Banjo also be a gay diaper lover in order for him to come live on the island as well. They assured Mitch that there were other boys living there as well, and they all were, and of course there would never be any forceful sex, so Banjo would be fine.

Mitch was already fairly certain of Banjo's sexuality, and while Banjo was a constant bed wetter, he was not certain if he loved diapers or not. This was what Mitch had to talk to Banjo about, and he wondered how it would go over. He figured probably about as well as a fart in a crowded elevator.

“Okay Daddy, what's up?”

“Well, it's this. I have the job, but we both have to, well let's say we both have to be inclined a certain way. Well, you know I'm gay, and that's one of the stipulations. I'm already pretty sure I know about you, but please, can you tell me if you're gay, or do you know yet?” Mitch asked softly so as to soften the blow somewhat.

“Sure daddy, I knew you knew already, I just haven't told you yet, but yeah, I'm almost a hundred percent sure I'm a hundred percent gay.” He said happily.

“If you care to answer, have you had any experiences yet?”

“Sure, a few times.” He answered happily again.

“Including anal?”

“Sure, it feels so good.”

“I hope you've kept it safe.”

“Of course Daddy, I remember all that you told me, don't worry.”

“Good, I'm glad. Now, the next one's a bit more difficult, and I have to tell you something about me as well.”

“What Daddy?”

“Well, I'm what's also called a diaper lover.”

“I know. I've known for as long as I've known you're gay. I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but it's not always easy to hide.” He said simply enough.

“Oh, well I guess that's good then, but now the really hard question. Everyone has to be diaper lovers as well, so, do you like your diapers just a bit more than for wetting your bed as well?”

“Yeah. I've sorta always liked diapers as well, and before you lost your job, I used to wear diapers after school, but since you've been home, I've sorta not been able to.”

“If you knew that I wore diapers, then why didn't you ask me if you could as well?”

“I was sorta embarrassed. You never said anything, so I figured that you must just wear them cuz you had to, but I liked them.”

“Okay. I can understand that. Well, now that we know all about each other, I think I want to get more comfortable and strip down to just my diaper. Why don't you go put one of yours on as well and we can just chill.” Mitch smiled warmly.

“Okay.” Banjo said brightly and skipped to his bedroom.

Banjo went and pulled one of his diapers from the pack and stripped down. He grabbed the cream and a wipe and then prepared to get himself nice and thickly diapered. He had always preferred the tape on style diapers, the pull on ones never fit properly or held well, so that was what he had. He gave his groin a quick cleaning and then creamed himself up and taped on his diaper. As soon as he was finished, he stood up, and then let his painfully full bladder go. He had had to go when he got home, but was holding it, because he liked to. He imagined that one day his bladder would just release and he would have an accident in front of his dad, now he knew he could. He had always wanted to admit to his dad that he loved and wanted to wear diapers all the time, just like his dad did, but he just could not bring himself to do it. In actual fact though, he had stopped wetting the bed almost three years ago now, but he was always wet in the morning when he got up.

Mitch too went to his room and stripped out of his clothes, and then sauntered out to the kitchen to meet Banjo. He made it there first of course, since he only had to remove his clothes, because he was already in a nice thick diaper, which was also wet. Banjo came strolling in a few minutes later, he had a bit of blush on his cheeks. It was not that his daddy was seeing him in a diaper, he had seen that plenty of times, it was more that he was seeing his dad in a diaper for the first time, and that had been something that he had wanted to see for a long time. Sure, he knew his dad wore diapers, but it was something that they had never once talked about, and Mitch always kept them covered around Banjo.

“Hey there Handsome, you really do look good in your diapers. Are you sure about this though, because once I call and say we'll take it, then we can't back out?”

“Thanks, but I'm good, I've wanted to do this for a long time.”

“I'm glad. Now, obviously schooling there is just very small, there's only thirteen other kids there I think I was told, and you all go to school in the same class together. Also, you have to work too. I didn't think you'd have too much trouble with that, but you work about four hours a day, along with all the other boys, mostly all the cleaning chores around the island, but you'll also help in the kitchen as well.”

“Cool, I can live with that.” Banjo smiled.

“I thought so. Not sure how or how much they pay you, but given that they're paying me so well, you'll probably do just fine as well. I see you really soaked your diaper already, you musta had to really go.”

“Yeah, I was pretty full. I kinda sorta like to hold it, I sorta wanted to start having accidents, but at the last minute I always chickened out.”

“Know how you feel. So, how long has it been since you really truly wet the bed?”

“Couple years at least, at least full time anyway. I still do wet the bed at least once a week, but I'm usually wet before I even go to sleep, and I pee again in the mornings.”

“Once again, know how you feel.” Mitch smiled.

“I like this, it's so free. Can I tell you another secret about me as well, then you'll know everything about me?” Banjo blushed a bit.

“Sure, and I'll tell you another about me as well, and that'll take care of all mine.”

“Cool. Well, I sorta like pee as well.”

“Oh really, how so?”

“Well, I've drank it a few times, but I love it when a boy pees in my bum after we've had sex.” He blushed more so.

“Wow, that apple really didn't fall far from the tree, did it, I'm the same. Don't drink it much, most of the time it's too bitter tasting, kinda nasty really, but once in a while I get the urge. So, how often have you had anal sex and had a piss enema then?”

“Wow, that's so cool. Well, I've had sex with a few boys now, and a couple of them we've done it lots. Half the time I asked them to piss in my pussy if they had to go, and they did. A few times they let me do them as well.”

“And how about diapers, do any of these boys also like diapers?”

“Yeah, all of them did. At least they did after I got them into them.” Banjo grinned.

“Good boy. Is it gonna be hard to say goodbye to them?”

“It always is Daddy, but I'll be fine. When do we leave?”

“I know. Once I say yes, we leave in a few days, whenever they have a plane coming out this way again.”

“Oh. What are we gonna do with all our stuff though?”

“Just put it in storage. I'm gonna go call them and say yes, if you want to invite a friend over to say goodbye properly, by all means, do so. It's Friday anyway, so it should be good.”

“Okay, I'm gonna call Billy then.” Banjo perked right up and grabbed the phone.

A few minutes later the boys hung up and it was all set, Billy would be over in about half an hour. Mitch grabbed the phone next and called the company and told them it was an all go, and they said they would have the plane to him on Wednesday to bring them in. Half an hour later, the doorbell rang, so Banjo went to get the door and showed Billy in. Billy was surprised that Banjo was just wearing a diaper, but very happy too by the bulge in the front of his pants. Then he saw Mitch, and he was astounded that an adult would like that as well. The boys grabbed a slice of cake each, and then disappeared to Banjo's bedroom for the night. Mitch hardly saw them after that, only for ten minutes when he called them down to dinner, and they both came down in fresh diapers, but both were wet in the back. For the rest of the night, Mitch had to listen to the two boys going at it, and he wished that he had a boyfriend that he could call over for some fun, because the noises were making him horny as well. The next morning, the boys kissed tenderly and Billy left, with tears in his eyes, and Banjo called his next best friend and arranged for him to spend the night as well.

This time the boys stayed in the bedroom pretty much all day, but Mitch did see them a few times, and admitted that this boy looked even better in diapers than Billy had. The boys pretty much went at it all day, which amazed Mitch, because Banjo and Billy had gone at it most of the night as well and maybe had five hours of sleep. The next morning, once again, Banjo kissed a friend goodbye, and that was it, his other friend he only called and told, and that was it. Banjo did not bother going to school for the last couple days before they left, he just helped his dad to move everything to storage, and for the last night, they stayed in a hotel.

“Well baby boy, this is it, once again we're off to the unknown.” Mitch said as they were being shown onto the small private jet. They were the only ones being loaded.

“Yeah, but I have a really good feeling about this.”

“Me too.”

“It'll be cool being around all the men and boys, all of us being gay and diaper lovers as well. I know I shouldn't, but do you think any of the adults would want to have sex with me?” Banjo whispered.

“It's possible, but I'd really rather you stuck with the boys, or rather stuck it in them.” Mitch laughed.

“Oh ha ha Daddy, very funny. Other boys are fun, but I want someone bigger too.”

“It sounds like there's quite a few other boys there, so maybe there'll be a couple teens you can play with. In my experience, the average fifteen to sixteen year old is gonna be about as well stocked as any adult. And while I'd rather you not go any older than that, as long as you stay safe, I won't interfere.”

“You've had fifteen and sixteen year old's before?”

“Sure, when I was that age as well. The last sixteen year old I had was when I was nineteen myself.”

“Oh. Would you ever, you know have sex with a kid?”

“No, I won't have sex with you.” Mitch said point blank.

“Oh, don't worry there, I wasn't asking about me, having sex with your dad just seems so wrong, although one of my old friends did, and he said it was great.”

“Oh really.”

“Yeah, but I'll never tell, so don't ask.”


“So, would you then?”

“More than likely not, and I certainly don't plan on it, but you never know. I've learned to never say never, it usually backfires on me.” Mitch laughed.

“Cool.” Banjo smiled, and for the rest of the flight, they just sat back and relaxed and chatted amongst themselves.

The flight was only a few hours, and before they knew it, they were landing on a small dirt strip runway on a small island. They had watched it as they approached, and Banjo asked if that was where they were headed. Mitch admitted that it sure seemed that way. When they were cleared to exit the plane, someone was already there offloading all their stuff, and another someone was there to meet them.

“Good afternoon Mitch and Banjo. My but you're both beautiful, and I bet you're even more so when down to just your diapers. Don't worry though, full safety gear has to be worn during work, but the rest of the time, most of us are in just our diapers around here. I'm Jack, the owner of this shindig, it's a pleasure to meet you both. As I told you Mitch, the first week is really just orientation for the two of you to make certain that you'll fit in. I trust you're both wearing diapers?”

“Yes we are, and it's really good to meet you as well Jack.” Mitch said and they all shook hands.

“Good. Half the crew's out working at the moment, so you won't get a chance to meet them yet, but most of the others are waiting for us in the dining hall. We'll strip down once we get there, so that everyone can meet the real you.”

“Okay, I doubt either of us has a problem with that.” Mitch said, looking to Banjo, who shook his head no.

“Great. Hop in then and we'll be off.” Jack said while leading them to a jeep.

“So, how big is the island Jack?”

“Nearly a thousand acres. I bought it almost twenty years ago now from the government, I wanted to live the quiet life. Then one day I noticed something as I was hiking, it was a natural well of what sure looked a lot like oil. I grabbed some and took it to an old friend and had him analyze it, and sure enough, it was pure crude oil. I did everything on the quiet and hired myself a couple gay oil technicians and workers, and we started ourselves a hell of an oil outfit. Everyone here are gay diaper lovers, so we're all the same.”

“That's some story. Now, how about the boys?”

“It is, but I'm not sure what you mean. Are you asking if the boys join in sexually in any way?”

“Something like that, yes.”

“It's like this. We stop nothing. We all know we're all gay here, and sometimes the men like their partners a little on the young side. As long as everyone is in complete agreement, then we allow it. And by complete agreement, that means that should you desire the company of one of the boys, or one of the men your boy, then you have to first have permission of the father, plain and simple. No one ever gets forced here, and to do so would not only get you fired instantly, but you'd also be flown right into the arms of the police.”

“Oh good, that's a relief. I have no real interest in the younger boys, maybe an older teen, but not the younger ones, but Banjo here would like an adult, even though I'm not entirely sure that's a good idea.”

“You'll find most of the boys are more than willing. Only one so far hasn't had sex with an adult yet, but he's just barely ten years old and his father won't let him yet, but I'm assured he enjoys the two sixteen year old boys, and the one is larger than even I am, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm quite well stocked.” He grinned.

“Oh.” Was all that Mitch could think to say.

“Awesome.” Was all Banjo could say, he would certainly love to meet that sixteen year old for sure.

“You'll find we're very open around here, we have to be with some of the cocks in the place.” Jack once again laughed.

“Oh, so I could really get my fill then could I?” Mitch grinned, liking the sounds of the place even more so.

“And then some. I'm nowhere near the largest, and I pack a good thick eight inches. Our biggest comes from a guy who used to be a porn star, you might have heard of him. He's our head cook, because he hates real work, but I hired him instantly, because my god can he fuck. Then again, he was a porn star, so he had to have.”

“How big is he, what's his name?”

“Twelve thick inches long, he's nearly as big around as my wrist.” Jack said, holding up his wrist. “His name's Jamie Patterson, but you'll probably know him better as Jamie Jocularity.” He grinned.

“Oh fuck, I can't tell you how often I've fantasized about getting fucked by him, I have all his DVD's.” Mitch said in awe.

“Me too.” Banjo said in awe, he had watched them all as well, a few times.

“No, not a bloody chance Banjo, he'll tear you apart.” Mitch said firmly.

“He won't fuck the young ones anyway, he likes em at least sixteen.”

“Nuts.” Banjo said.

“Thank god.” Mitch said.

“Trust me, nearly every boy has tried to make him change his mind, but Banjo, you just might be able to, you're the most beautiful boy there's been here for a long time, and you've got the looks he likes.” Jack pointed out.

“No Banjo, I won't allow it. So don't even ask.”

“But daddy, I can take all my friends fists, I could take him, I know it.”

“Oh god.” Mitch groaned. “No, okay, don't even try.”

“Fine.” Banjo muttered.

“You realize he'll try anyway right!” Jack laughed. “They all do. You have to admit, the guys a helluva hunk. But trust me Banjo, being able to take a fist is good, but unless you've taken it to the elbow, it sure as hell won't help you none with him. Granted, most of us men that'll even try him won't let him go all in, he'd rearrange us completely.” He laughed again.

“Oh, I know he's hot, and what a dick on him. Not even sure I'd let him get anywhere near me though. I mean, I can take em big and meaty, but that's almost too big.”

“I like em big too.” Banjo added.

“Trust me Banjo, enjoy the kids, they'll fill you good and full. Don't worry about trying to get into the adults' pants, a good portion of them won't anyway. The ones who will though, just stay away from for at least a while, and even then, your dad has to authorize it completely and totally first.”

“I'll enjoy the kids alright, but why should I stay away from them?”

“Well, I'm not for or against boys and men having sex together. I admit that it happens and the boys want it as much as the men do. I've even sampled a couple real hotties in my time, and it was real good. But the thing is, do you just want an adult to get a big dick, or is it something else?”

“I don't know, big dick I guess.” Banjo shrugged.

“Then stick with the kids. There's a couple really good sized kids here, every bit as good as many of the men here, and they're absolutely insatiable, same as I bet you are. You'd more than likely kill most of the men here with how many times you'd want sex, and everyone here's big and strong and can usually go for at least an hour. The problem with boys having sex with adults is that they don't really have any of the power, when it really should be both sides have equal power. Even though there's not one man here that would take advantage of or overpower you in any way, it's just a fact of nature, adults have more natural power over kids, and there's nothing we can do about that.”

“I couldn't have said it any better myself.” Mitch said, happy to hear his boss say what he had.

“Okay, for now, but trust me, when the time comes and I can finally have Jamie, I will have him.” Banjo said vehemently.

“Ooh, a stubborn one huh.” Jack laughed.

“You have no idea. I raised him to be strong of mind and will, but there's been more than a few times when I wondered if I shouldn't have beaten the little runt a few times and showed him who the real boss was.” Mitch laughed.

“Hey, I'm sitting right here.” Banjo said, smacking his dad in the shoulder.

“I know, hence the reason I said it, and it's true too.” Mitch said flatly.

“You're horrible.”

“Hah, now that's the pot calling the kettle black.”

“Somehow I think there's an apple that didn't fall far from the family tree. It seems to me that you two are an awful lot alike.” Jack pointed out.

“Yeah, and that's what worries me, because I know what I was like once I hit puberty.” Mitch admitted.

“Why, what were you like?” Jack asked curiously as he parked the jeep outside the dining hall.

“Oh, insatiable wasn't even anywhere in the ball park with me. I was having sex sometimes three and four times a day, and I didn't care with who, just as long as he had a dick. It was a well known fact all throughout school that I was gay and would do anyone and or anything. Hell, once a guy even had his dog fuck me. Talk about weird, but I was just too horny, and after having the guy and three of his friends fuck me five times each within two hours, I was still horny, and he sicked his dog on me. By the time I was fourteen, I was having at least once weekly orgies, and they usually ranged from three to ten boys. Most of them weren't gay, but like they said, who cares as long as I get off. If they didn't take, only gave, it didn't make them gay, well I was, and they knew it, and they knew I'd take anything. Granted, the all gay boy orgies were by far the best, because then I got to really have fun as well. Even my parents knew I was gay, and although they were upset, and would never talk about it, they knew that it was no passing faze, they could hear the reasons for it all too clearly, to the point they point blank forbade me from having friends over while they were home, since they could not stand to hear it. I talked them into letting me do up the basement so that I could have friends over, and they conceded, but I had to use all my own money. I tell you, I spent most of the money on insulation, and it worked well, and I only got worse after that. I was sixteen then, and I had my own entrance, and almost every night I had at least two visitors. I was a real slut, to say the least.”

“Wow, now that's some story.” Jack admitted.

“No kidding. How come you never told me that before?” Banjo asked curiously.

“Not the sort of thing you tell your son, but given where we're gonna be living, and I know what will be going on here, I have a feeling that you'll very soon be making your own memories like that. I know you've already started, and now it'll get even better.”

“True I guess.” Banjo shrugged.

“Yeah. Well, as you can tell, we've stopped, and this is our main hall, or dining hall, but we also do all our group activities here as well. Everyone eats as a group, we all have fun in here as a group, except sex, sex is absolutely forbidden in this entire building, which includes the kitchen. I think you can understand why we have such a policy, because otherwise nothing would ever get done around here.”

“No kidding.” Both Mitch and Banjo said as one.

“Yeah, so follow me inside, and just inside the door you can strip and put your clothes in the cubbyhole with your name above them. In here you only ever wear just your diapers, except in the kitchen where you have to wear an apron as well, and once again, I figure you can understand the reasoning for that. Then we'll go and meet a bunch of the others.”

The three of them headed inside, and as soon as they made it, they started stripping down to just their soggy diapers, and Jack looked over the both of them appreciatively, but did have to wonder just how long Banjo would have to work to get Jamie, because Banjo was the epitome of what Jamie cherished. Once they were ready, Jack led them through to the dining hall.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, as you can see, I have our two newest members here with us. As I told you before, their names are Mitch and Banjo.” Jack called out as soon as they entered. A collective gasp went through the entire hall. Mitch was very very good looking, but Banjo was incredible in every single way.

Mitch is tall and slender, just a little over six feet tall, but he is well muscled, and when he decides to show it off, his biceps have a tendency to be larger than most mens thighs, and then there are his thighs, they are huge, as are his calf's, pecs, glutes and pretty much everything else. He has medium length shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, nice proportionate ears and nose, and all around good strong features.

Then there is Banjo, who is in another league all of his own. He too is tall and slender, nearing five and a half feet tall already. He too is already gaining some nice definition, but still has the body of a young boy. He is good and strong, but not much more than the average boy who is used to working hard. He too has medium length shaggy hair, but his is reddish brown, and more often than not it looks like spun copper, and in the summer time it looks even nicer when it is slightly lighter from the sun, as it does now. He also has brown eyes, but his are a far deeper brown than his dads, amazing is how most people describe his eyes. Banjo also has a very nice nose, different than his dads though, their only real difference. His is small and petite, and he has so many of the most amazing freckles across it and his upper cheeks. Mitch had also had them while growing up, but his suddenly disappeared somewhere in his twenties, he hoped Banjo's would stay. Banjo also has much fuller and redder lips than his dad does, even though they were much the same shape, more than a few girls at school whispered kissable behind his back, if only they knew it was not them he was kissing. The only other real difference in Mitch and Banjo's appearance is that Banjo has the most amazing dimples when he smiles, something of which he seems to do a lot.

Everyone took in Banjo's looks with awe, every boy in the room hoping to be the first to welcome the beautiful boy to the island. More than a few men were also thinking that maybe having sex with a boy would not be so bad. Jamie was thinking the same thing, but wondering how such a fine looking young man could possibly take something so large as what he had, oh if only he knew, but no worries there, Banjo would inform him that that would not be a problem at all.

Mitch had to laugh as he saw the looks, and he knew they were not at him. Every one of the boys and men were staring at Banjo, he was used to that, then again, so was Banjo. He got the same reaction every time they went anywhere, he really was that beautiful. Finally he and Banjo, at the same time, broke the revery.

“Hi guys, good to be here.” They both waved.

“Hello.” Everyone called back.

“Banjo, come over here and join us at the kids table.” The leader of the kids called out, pulling out a chair for him right next to himself.

Banjo took off to the far side of the room, while Jack led Mitch to the head table.

“He'll be fine, but you might not see him for a few days now.” Jack laughed.

“I don't doubt that. I wonder how many of the poor boys he'll wear out before he passes out tonight.” Mitch actually laughed.

“There's an awful lot of them, and they're all pretty accustomed to getting it at least a couple times a day.” Jack pointed out.

“Yeah, well have any of them gone for twenty four hours with only maybe four or five hours rest in between?”

“Hmm, probably not.”

“Yeah, well Banjo and his friends did this weekend, bloody kids kept me up all night long, making me wish I had a boyfriend.” Mitch laughed again.

“Oh, I almost wish I were a fly on the wall in his bedroom tonight then. With his looks, he'll have every last one of them before too long.”

“If he weren't my son, I think I'd have to agree.”

“I almost want to ask you how you could have kept your hands off him, it'll be a helluva chore even for me, and I'm not into kids, but he's simply gorgeous.”

“Sure, he's gorgeous, and not just from his fathers perspective, but I could never do that to my son. That little staring session is a routine occurrence the first time anyone sees Banjo. I can't even tell you how many accidents or near accidents he's caused now. I've actually watched people staring at him while still walking and smack right into poles, plate glass windows, doors, people, whatever happened to be in their way at the time. Men, women, children, it doesn't matter, everyone thinks the same thing of him. We've sorta had to get used to it. He knows he's good looking, it's hard not to admit it when you get the looks he does, but he just brushes it aside and goes on as if nothing's wrong. As a proud father, I'm proud to say that his beauty is far more than just on the skin.”

“Yes, I can tell, and once again, he's a lot like you that way, you both seem to be very nice and caring, and even you yourself are very good looking. Mind if I ask you what you're packing in behind that well stocked and soggy diaper?”

“From the description you gave me, I'd say we're right around the same size.”

“Oh goody. How about Banjo, do you know how big he is?”

“No. The last time I saw him naked and hard was about a year ago, and I know he's grown a lot. I see him naked still, but not hard recently. A year ago though he was already pushing four inches, so now I'd bet that he's nearing five if he isn't already over that.”

“Wow, he'll be real popular then, that's a good mouth full for an eleven year old to have, and he'll fill his share of ass as well I'm betting.”

“Oh yeah, he's totally versatile, but then, so am I.”

“All of us here are, there's no give if there's no take here.”

“Good, I for one am glad.” Mitch smiled.

“Hi Banjo, you're hot. I'm Ben, I'm sixteen, and I'm the leader of the kids, which means I'm the oldest so I'm in charge.”

“Thanks, so are you. Are you the sixteen year old that Jack said is as big as he is in the dick department?”

“Yep, happy to say I am.”

“Good, then I'm really happy to meet you.”

“From the tent in your hot soggy diaper, I'd say you're really happy. How big are you?”

“It's been a couple months since I measured last, but I was just a touch over five inches then, but I'm not that big around yet, just over two and a half inches.” Banjo said proudly.

“Fuck me, a couple of the fourteens aren't that big yet.”

“Tell me when and where and I'll be there.” Banjo grinned, and Ben came in his diaper instantly. A few of the other boys groaned as well when they heard that.

“Oh, you're gonna be a fun one, aren't you. Normally we have to let the new ones get used to the place first, and it usually takes a few weeks before they even want to have sex.”

“Oh, not me. What are the rules concerning orgies around here?”

“The only real rule of sex here is to never force anyone. There are a few others; they're to never go with an adult unless your dad gives you permission, you have to give and take, never force more into a boy pussy than he's capable of taking, and if it's an orgy, invite everyone.”

“Good. I sure wouldn't mind my first night here to be memorable.” Banjo grinned.

“Oh god, Banjo, I'm gonna play you so good and make some beautiful music.” Ben sighed.

“Oh please, I've heard that one like a million times.” Banjo mock sighed, smiling brightly, causing most of the boys around them to laugh and smile more as well.

“With as hot as you are, I'm willing to bet. My gaydar is going insane with you though, so I'm guessing you're totally gay right?”

“Yep, same as you are I can tell, and most of the other boys here too.”

“Yeah, there's only three of us here that are bi, and of them, only one has ever had sex with a girl as well, and he says there'll probably never be a repeat performance, boys are much more fun and can do things no girl can hope to do. So, what was your reaction to the girls throwing themselves at you and asking for sex, because I know they did, and I bet most of them were older.”

“Yeah, most were thirteen and fourteen years old. I told them that unless they had a dick, they didn't stand a chance. Everyone at school already knew I was gay anyway, so what difference did it make. Granted, most of the older girls didn't go to my school, so that sorta answer always shocked them. Once I was at the mall with who I'd call my boyfriend, and this girl came up and almost pushed him out of the way, saying I was gorgeous and that she'd like to get to know me better. She wasn't being rude to him, but she only had eyes for me, and didn't even see him there. Anyway, I told her that I was gay and unless she had a dick under her skirt, it was useless for her to try, and that if she did, then only if he were up for a threesome with my boyfriend. Oh was she shocked, it was so funny. And yes, I did find a boy once that was dressed as a girl, I was with my boyfriend and we took him home with us and made him cum seven times in only an hour. It was awesome.” Banjo grinned.

“Wow, and I thought I was bad.”

“You have no idea, and I just found out a few cool things about my dad too, he and I are a lot alike apparently. He was a real slut too when he was my age.”

“Good, well then, I think after dinner then we shall have a welcoming party in the main kids lounge that'll blow your diaper off.”

“I look forward to it. So, what all's everyone into here?”

“You name it, we probably do it.”

“Anyone here against pissing in my little baby boy pussy and having me do the same to them?”

“Nope, I think we all enjoy that.” Ben smiled brightly, he thought Banjo was going to fit in perfectly.


“So, how does everything work around here anyway?”

“It's pretty relaxed for the most part, but we are expected to keep up on our schoolwork and do all the chores around the camp. We have to do three hours of schoolwork each day, including weekends, and we have to do four hours of work around the camp every day as well, also including weekends. We all do our schoolwork together, but the rest is split up so that there's a morning and an afternoon crew. You for instance will be with me and my morning crew, since the other crew has seven and we only had six. We prepare all the breakfast, do all the morning cleaning chores, and do half the cabins. There's a schedule that tells us who has what chores, but it never changes, so it's easy to remember. We don't do lunch though, but if we need a snack, we're always welcome to grab some fruit or something, because there's always lots of fruit here for us. We for instance get to do the laundry, whereas the other crew gets garbage duty. You'd think laundry would have the tougher job, but there's lots of places for garbage to collect around here, and they have to keep the entire complex clean. Us boys are never allowed near the oil drilling equipment though, so we don't have to worry about anything over there.”

“That sounds like a lot of work, don't we get any time off?”

“Every night for us, sure, and then once every month everyone takes the entire weekend off, and we all have fun together, and no, that never means big group sex parties, most of the men don't like that.”

“That's okay. How do the men work their shifts then?”

“They work fourteen hour days every other day. It's long hard work, but they do a lot in that time, and they get paid really well to do so, and not one of them has ever complained about it. Most grumble a bit at first as they get used to it, but that doesn't last long.”

“Oh, dad's done that before, so he'll be good.”

“That's good. He'll probably start in a couple days then, as soon as he meets everyone and gets settled in.”

“How come Jack hired him, it sounds as if this is such a great place to work and live that no one would want to leave?”

“He hired three new people, two of them just started this week as well, but neither of them had kids, bummer, we want more kids here as well. Anyway, we lost a guy a few months ago now, and Jack finally decided that it was time to replace him, and he wanted a couple more as well, so that it would help reduce the stress some.”

“Oh, how did he die?”

“It was pretty nasty, but a chain snapped while lifting a heavy pipe, and he wasn't where he was supposed to be. It's too bad, he was a really nice guy and loved us kids. At least he died instantly though. This is a dangerous job the men do, and they all know the safety regulations and what they're supposed to be doing, so no one's sure why he was even where he was, because the crane operator couldn't even see him there or he would've stopped instantly. My dad was the poor bastard to have seen the accident, it was really hard on him, but he's doing better now.”

“Too bad. My dad's seen more than his fair share of accidents on job sights too, and he says they never get easy to witness, but the main problem in every one of them was the person who got injured or killed just wasn't paying attention or was where they weren't supposed to be. I made him promise never to do that. Of course he told me that no matter what, accidents happen, and that as good as he was at paying attention, that it could just as easily be him one day, but that I'd have to go on living the best I could without him. I know it can happen, I just hope it never does. How many men have been killed here?”

“Actually, he was the first, and hopefully the last. Jack claims to have the lowest accident rate on any oil project ever, and considering how many oil projects I've been to with my dad, I'd say he's right.”

“Oh, so you're an oil field brat as well?”

“Yeah. I've lived in oil camps my entire life. This is definitely the best though. How about you?”

“This is only my second camp, but my dad's worked a couple oil jobs before. The last camp though was horrible, I was the only kid there, and at the time, I was seven, so I was bored to tears every day. Thankfully my dad only stayed there a few months before finding something better. So, how long have you been here then?”

“Since I was ten, and my dad has no plans to leave until he retires, which he figures will be in about four or five years.”

“So, you must know everything there is to know about the place then, huh?”

“Yeah, other than the fact I'm the oldest, it's really why I'm in charge of the kids and make sure everything's done properly, because I do know everything that has to be done.”

“How come none of the kids are working today?”

“Because you're here. We always take a few hours off and meet the fresh meat and get to know everyone. We'd only be in class right now, and given that we're all doing so well, a couple hours won't kill us any.”

“Cool. Well, I'm gonna go talk to a few of the others now then, no point in only talking to you, but I'll definitely be feeling you later.” Banjo grinned, Ben grinned right back as well.

Banjo went and visited with a few of the others before the afternoon crew had to split up and go do all their afternoon chores. Once that happened, Banjo was asked to join his dad and Jack.

“What's up?” Banjo asked as he walked up to the men.

“Knowing how you are and more than likely what you boys were all talking about, more than likely you.” Mitch grinned.

“You know, I think you're right.” Banjo smiled brightly.

“I bet. The reason though that we called you over was because Jack's gonna take us to show us our cabin now and then take us on a tour of the facilities before dinner time, which is six every night.”

“Okay, cool. Ben already told me that us kids weren't allowed anywhere near the oil drilling area, but can we at least go and see it and I'll stay in the vehicle?”

“That was one of the stops we were gonna make, but I would've asked you to stay in the jeep for the few minutes it takes for your dad and I to take a quick tour.” Jack answered.

“Cool.” Banjo smiled.

“You guys can get dressed now if you want to, but considering you have no other pressing matters, the choice is yours. You'll find that unless it's cold outside, and or we're doing work that requires us to wear clothes, most of us just wear our diapers all the time.”

“Then I think I can speak for both of us that we'll stay as is, thanks.” Mitch answered.

“Good. Let's go hop in the jeep then and we'll swing by your cabin. Normally we'd just walk, but we don't want to have to carry all your bags.”

“Okay.” Both of them said.

They all hopped in and a few seconds later, they were pulled up in front of cabin number thirty three. There were fifty some cabins all circled around the main complex, the center of which was the dining hall and a nice large activity center and field. They parked and they all hopped out and Jack helped them to grab their things before they went inside.

“Wow, nice cabin.” Mitch whistled.

“No kidding.” Banjo agreed.

“Yeah, I really did it right when I built the place. I mean I was already pretty damn rich when I bought the island, but then when I found the oil and figured I'd have to house more than a few people here, I had all this built. It's all very comfortable to say the least. You guys only needed two bedrooms, so I'm giving you a two bedroom cabin. We have one, two and three bedroom cabins available, although there's only two three bedroom ones, and only once have they both been full. You'll notice that other than the small kitchenette, you don't really have a kitchen, and that's because we all eat together, it's only there because it's silly to build a cabin without, and so you can keep a few snack things in here and be able to prepare light snacks. Most just go to the kitchen though if they need anything.”

“It's pretty relaxed around here, if you need it or want it, within reason, help yourself. We keep no alcohol here, none is allowed as I told you before, drugs will get you fired and charged before you even do them, as I also told you, and we also keep no junk food here. No chips, no pop, no candy, we all find we're far healthier that way. We do still get our sweets though, we have something for dessert every night, and there's usually some cookies or cake made should you wish to have a sweet snack, but if that runs out, there's always tonnes of fruit.”

“In each cabin, you have your own TV and entertainment center, with satellite connection, and there's also internet connection for those with computers. If you don't have a computer and you want to get online, then the computers in the classroom are always available if there's no class being held, which is from eleven 'til two every day. Every bedroom in the place has a nice big king size bed, all the better for guests I figured. You also have a very nicely appointed bathroom. Supplies, whatever you need are always in the supply house, which is connected to the dining hall, just go and grab what you need. Every bathroom in the place has a full stock of all sizes of diapers that you might need, as well as cream, lotion, powder, and even an enema kit, for just in case.”

“For the kids, so this is for you Banjo, morning crew works from six to ten, then class from eleven to two, and the afternoon crew goes from three to seven. Seven to ten is all kids free time, and ten is bedtime for everyone. Everyone is up at five, breakfast is at seven sharp, and dinner at six sharp. No lunch is served, but you can grab a snack if you need one. I do believe you'll be working the morning crew, unless Ben wishes to change things up a bit, and it's his call, he's in charge of the kids, and he's to be listened to. If for whatever reason he tells you to do something that you don't agree with, do it and then find a way to tell me, which would be to tell your dad or if you see me, tell me. It's never happened mind you, but I tell everyone.” Jack said.

“Thanks, but Ben went over almost all that with me already, but you did add more information. So, how do you get supplies here and how do you get the oil to the mainland?” Banjo asked curiously.

“Actually, I was wondering the same thing.” Mitch laughed.

“Easy really. Once a week I take the boat to shore and meet a supply company truck at my private dock, and we load everything up. I usually bring at least two of you boys with me to help for that chore, because it usually takes a good hour just to load, and then another to offload, but it's a voluntary job, because it usually gets you out of part of your chores, most if not all your class, and the little free time you have. There is however a few benefits, but I'll let Ben fill you in on them. The oil that we get actually gets refined here and then pumped through my very own pipelines to the mainland, where trucks come and fill up and take it to get further refining and for sale.”

“Cool. So, if we didn't have something and we wanted it, but you didn't have it here, let's say a computer or an Ipod or something like that, can we give you our own money so that you can buy one and have it shipped here as well?” Banjo asked curiously.”

“You don't have to give me money for anything like that, just tell me what and where to get it from, and I'll take care of the rest and just deduct it from your pay. And since that'll likely be your next question Banjo, you're being paid a salary of one thousand dollars a month. Once you hit eighteen and can legally work the oil field if you so desire, then you can hire on to become anything that we need at that time, and then you'll get full wages.” Jack answered, having the distinct pleasure to watch both Banjo and Mitch's jaws drop.

“Holy crap, you pay all us kids that much?” Banjo asked in shock.

“Yes. And your dad makes six times that, and I now have fourteen kids and fifty two adults here, you do the math. However, the oil that we pump out of here and sell more than triples that every month on average, so I do well, so don't worry about me. I figure it's the least I can do. And just think, this is a small oil drilling operation here, I pump less than a quarter out of here a year than what some of the larger operations in northern BC and Alberta do.”

“Wow. And we really don't have to pay for anything else here?” Banjo asked curiously.

“Nope, all your food and lodging, as well as most of your clothes are covered by me. The only thing I don't do are your personal electronics and extra clothes.”

“What do you mean by extra clothes?”

“Well, I buy everyone their underwear of course, but I take care of all the pants, shirts, socks, sweaters, jackets, gloves, that sort of thing. If however you want anything above that, such as girls clothing, leathers, anything like that, then you're on the hook for it.”

“You have others here that wear leathers and or girls clothes?” Banjo asked in shock.

“Hell yeah. One of the boys in fact is such a cute little baby girl when he so chooses.” Jack laughed.

“Neat. I knew I was gonna like this place as soon as Daddy told me about it.” Banjo smiled.

“Good. I don't lose many employees here, that's for sure. I've fired a grand total of ten men out of here, two straight to jail over the years I've operated this business, and I've had only fifteen men retire, and only two quit for whatever reasons. Sadly I've also lost one man to death due to an accident, but dammit, he should've known better and it's the only bad thing on our record.”

“Yeah, Ben told me about him, it's sad, but I guess it happens.” Banjo said sadly.

“Impressive records though. I've worked jobs where more than one person was killed in a year, not in nearly twenty years. I've also seen more than ten times those numbers leave from jobs in my time, and most had less people working.”

“Thanks. We pride ourselves on being a very tight knit family group with a safety record second to none. Unfortunately we have to suffer the government people coming and inspecting, as well as the environmentalists, and not once has any of them ever been able to say a word about anything that we do here.”

“Even the environmentalists?” Mitch asked.

“Even the environmentalists. They try, but I use only the safest measures available to extract the oil, we've never let one drop of oil enter the water, we've never had one single accident that jeopardized the oil, and we're by far the cleanest operation in the world. When I found the oil, I found the men who helped me to extract it, and I tasked them with doing all that and more. It was their job to get the oil and make us all rich beyond belief, but they had to do it without harming the environment at all. Over the years, we've even honed those practices more so, to the point where we're extracting more than we did back then.”

“What did the government inspectors say about the accident?”

“Not much they could say, for safety and security reasons, the entire oil field is recorded at all times, and the video clearly showed him where he shouldn't have been at the time, and that we had all possible safety procedures in place at the time of the accident to prevent it, but he went in against them, and got himself killed. It was a freak accident that the chain broke in the first place, even though it was a brand new chain that had been double checked that very morning, and even though it would have normally been perfectly safe to do so, he still shouldn't have been there while there was an active crane moving a pipe section weighing in around three tonnes. By the way, we did give the chain to the inspectors to have it fully analyzed, and I received the report back that stated that it was poor metal, and there was no way for us to have been able to tell that it was faulty from the equipment that we had at the time. I now have that equipment here, and all chains are tested to those standards, I'll be damned if I'm gonna lose another guy for such a stupid reason. The bloody thing set me back almost three million dollars, but it's worth every penny if it prevents just one more accident.” Jack answered.

“Wow.” Was about all that Mitch could come up with.

“Yeah. I take the safety and security of all my people very seriously, and I'll spend almost anything to keep all of you safe.”

“Well, I for one appreciate it.” Banjo said first.

“I second that.” Mitch added.

“So has everyone else. Now, I probably forgot a few things in and about your cabin, but I'm sure you'll figure it all out, if however you have questions, just ask at any time.”

“Thanks. How is it you keep people away from the island anyway?” Mitch asked curiously.

“There's signs posted every few feet saying that it's private property and that there's active drilling and explosives at any time, and that any trespasser will be shot at without hesitation. Any prisoners will be kept until such time as we decide to let them go.” Jack grinned.

“Nice. Have you ever had a trespasser?”

“Yeah, an environmentalist bitch who thought our reports were too good to be true, so instead of asking to be invited to the island to see for herself, she snuck in and started snooping around. What she didn't know though was that once again, I have cameras all over the island set to motion capture. If anything larger than the average dog is caught, it automatically alerts me, a very expensive monitoring system I assure you, but given some of the things I allow to happen here, I figure it's better for all our safety. Anyway, it alerted me and I went and caught her sneaking around. I let her work her way toward the oil field so that she could get the information that she wanted. Had she have started toward the complex, I would've alerted everyone to be at their best behavior, and to be dressed of course, but she wasn't going that way. I let her get there and then let her get all the information that she wanted under cover. I was however working so that I was right behind her, and I snuck up behind her and pressed the muzzle of my gun to her temple, and she pissed herself silly, it was rather enjoyable.”

“Anyway, I took her to my office at the oil field and secured her to a chair with plastic ties, and then started asking questions. I told her of course that she'd now be charged with trespassing, industrial espionage, because I mean how could I assume that she was only an environmentalist and not some corporate spy trying to learn my secrets, and that I was going to hold her until the next boat came, which was to be a month. I did hold her for thirty three days too, but I did let her call her family to let them know where she was, and that at the time was being held. I then had one of the guys take her on the boat back to land and right into the police's hands, where she was charged with all that.”

“Wow, why did you let her get the data she wanted though?”

“Simple, she couldn't see anything or get anything sensitive from where she was, all we let her get was the information that we really were as clean and safe as we said we were. The last thing that I wanted was a martyr crying foul, saying she caught us doing bad things, and then we held her. Her camera and voice recorder were handed over to the police as well, and she could not possibly say that it was not her that took the pictures or said what she had, because I was careful to never touch either item with my hands, it was instantly put into plastic bags. No, I take all our security very seriously here, and I won't let people like that ruin it for us. By the way, that happened only last year, and part of her punishment from the judge was that she had to write a formal apology to all of us here, it was quite nice.”

“Wow, that's awesome. Weren't you afraid that she could say that while being held that you or someone else raped her and all that?”

“Yeah, like that'd happen anytime soon. I mean maybe if it was a hot man, then sure, but definitely not her. However, that wouldn't stop her from trying something like that, and she did by the way, but the video footage that showed every second that she was here for, it showed only her cell door and the shower room door, said that not once was anyone ever in her cell for more than a few seconds, and no one ever entered the shower room with her. Not that we'd want to anyway, like how disgusting. She got in quite a bit of trouble for that too, it was awesome.”


“Thanks. Well, let's take you guys on the rest of the tour, but until we head to the oil field, we'll just walk.” Jack smiled and led the two out of their cabin.

“So, you've already seen the dining hall, but I'll show you the kitchen and storage areas now. By the way, neither of you are vegetarians or anything silly like that are you?”

“Oh god no, we'd die without meat.” Banjo answered first.

“Good, same with the rest of us.” Jack smiled.

He then showed them the huge and well appointed kitchen. It had everything that you could possibly need, and then some. The storage area was the size of the average main level of a house, and there were racks upon racks stuffed full of everything that you could possibly think of.

“Wow, you sure do keep a lot of supplies here.” Mitch said in awe first.

“We have to. During the spring, summer and fall, it's not hard to get supplies, but during the winter, as well as sometimes during the spring and fall, it can be near impossible, so we always have lots of stuff for just in case. At all times I have six months worth of supplies here for each and every person, for just in case.”

“That makes sense and is good to hear as well.” Mitch said.

“Thanks. Next is the rec hall. For most of our gatherings, we use the dining hall, but for fun stuff, there's the rec hall. There's a huge movie screen for movie nights, there's all sorts of games, and there's lots of other things in there as well. There's a kids lounge around the one side that's smaller than that, it just has a big TV and a few other things in there. It's where they usually go if they want to have a little group action. The adults lounge is the opposite side, is similarly appointed, and is used for much the same thing.” Jack grinned.

“Wicked.” Banjo grinned.

“No shit.” Mitch laughed.

“Yeah, I felt it prudent to separate those activities as much as possible. Adults aren't allowed in the kids lounge and kids aren't allowed in the adults lounge, we at least try and keep the kids with the kids as much as possible, even though we know it doesn't always work. Even cleaning is done only by adults in the adults lounge, that way there can never be any kids in there. Now, each of you will have to be seen by our doctor and be tested, so until such time as you're fully cleared, you're to use condoms. He'll hopefully see you both tomorrow morning, but he had to take the boat to the mainland to attend a meeting today, well yesterday really, but he comes back late tonight if all goes well.”

“Oh, okay. I know I'm clean, and I hope Banjo is as well.” Mitch smiled.

“I know I am too. I went and got tested just a couple months ago, and since then, I've only had sex with the same boys as normal, and they said the same, that they haven't had sex with anyone new either.”

“That's at least good.” Jack said.

“When did you do that?”

“I skipped school one day to go get tested, and then another day to go get the results. Well, really it was only a couple classes, but I had a doctors note saying that I was at the doctors, so I knew they wouldn't call you. I knew you knew about me, but I didn't want you to worry too much that I was going and getting tested, but my friends and I decided we wanted to do it bare, so we all had to go get tested, I told them I wouldn't do it otherwise.”

“At least you were all using the right heads.” Mitch smiled warmly, patting Banjo lovingly on the back.

“Thanks.” Banjo smiled back.

“Smart kids too, that's good.” Jack said.

“Yeah, Banjo has always been quite bright, top of his classes in everything, even the advanced classes his schools offered.”

“Good, he'll fit in well with the other kids then. Most of them are well passed their peers in their schooling as well.”

“Great, then they can all push themselves together to better themselves.”

“I'm sure there'll be a lot of pushing, no worries there.” Banjo giggled.

“Mind outta the gutter brat. There's to be no fooling around during work or school times.” Mitch warned.

“Can't dad, my mind's always in the gutter, same as yours, but don't worry. I have just enough self control to know when not to rape anyone near me.”

“Thank god for that.” Mitch sighed.

“Don't worry, you were never in any danger. A few of my teachers though, oh man, you have any idea how hard it was not to stroll up to the front of the class and rape them right in front of the entire class. I know you know my grade five teacher was hot, he was smokin' hot, I really don't know how I passed his class at all from how much I fantasized about him.” Banjo sighed deeply.

“Actually, he was great in bed.” Mitch laughed.

“What, you fucked my teacher, he was gay. Fuck, if I'd known that, he'd have been mine.”

“Watch your mouth brat, but yeah, he was gay, and he was good. He was hot though, wasn't he?” Mitch laughed.

“Sorry, but it's a bit of a shock to find out that my own dad had the man that I fantasized about every day at school. Heck, I made three different boyfriends in school from getting caught jacking off in the bathrooms every bloody day because of him. Granted, I never closed the door, and while most of the boys just blushed and turned away, the few that were like minded enjoyed the show. They were the ones I invited home after school.”

“My god, I honestly think you might be worse than I was. You certainly started far earlier than I did. When did you first have sex with another boy?”

“In kindergarten.”

“Fuck me.” Mitch groaned.

“No thanks, I already told you I'm not into having sex with my dad.” Banjo said perfectly straight faced, Jack nearly swallowed his tongue laughing, and Mitch just choked on his own spit.

“Good grief. Not even I started that young. When was your first time doing anal?”

“Third grade. In kindergarten it was all hands and mouths, same with grade one and most of grade two. Then we started fingering each other late grade two, and by the time grade three was a month in, I already had three boys' dicks in me.”

“Wow, I didn't start having sex until I was in grade five, well grade four if you want to call hands and mouths sex.” Mitch admitted.

“Yeah, well I was already well into high school before I even had sex for the first time at all. I was raised in a highly catholic household though, and any and all sexual thoughts were scared shitless out of me by my parents and the church. It was actually my first church week long camp when I was fifteen that enlightened me. I always knew I liked boys, but there a sixteen year old boy and I got to know each other, real well if you catch my drift. We shared a tent, and for the entire week I think I was raw, and walked gingerly, but then so did he, even if he had already had sex quite a few times.” Jack admitted.

“Yeah, but at the age of five, did you know your dad was gay, did you know what that meant. Did you know what playing with your dick was like, well except you Dad, I know you did, because you told me. Well, I did, and I'd watched you have sex more than a few times Dad, and I wanted to feel that good too, because it sure sounded and looked as if you were having a lot of fun.”

“There were nights when I thought I was being watched, but when I looked, I couldn't see you, and not to mention, I always closed and locked the door.”

“Yeah, but you remember that house we had when I was five?”

“Yeah, what of it?”

“Well, there was an access door between our two closets, so all I had to do was sneak into your closet and I could watch everything through the louvered door. It sucked when we moved from that house, but I was able to watch you a few more times after that too, especially in that house where your bedroom door didn't always close properly.”

“I had no idea that was there.”

“But you didn't search everything in the house, did you, but I sure did?” Banjo grinned cheekily.

“And I bet you searched out every house after that too, didn't you?”

“You bet I did.”

“Right. And next to the rec hall is the pool house. It's all glass, so you still have a good view outside, but you can still use it in the winter. I don't know how used to winters you are, coming from Australia and all, but it gets really bloody cold here in the winter.”

“I came from northern Alberta myself, that's where I worked in my first oil field when I turned eighteen, so the cold I can take, or at least I used to be able to. I'll manage just fine. Banjo though could be a different story, and the first time it hits zero, we may never get him outside. Last year in Vancouver it got down to two degrees and he refused to go to school for three days and he hid in his bedroom under about twenty blankets.” Mitch laughed.

“Don't worry Banjo, you'll get used to it, and there'll be lots of boys to help keep you warm.” Jack laughed.

“That's comforting.” Banjo smiled. His dad was being a tad facetious, but it was true, he had refused to go outside for three days the year before, it was too cold for him. He was used to far milder weather after all.

“It should be. Anyway, there's also a hot tub and a sauna in there for everyone to use, and because we're all gay guys here, there's never any clothes in there at all. Sex is allowed in there, but some of the adults don't like to play with the kids and would rather not see it happen either, the others will tell you which ones to watch out for so that you don't offend anyone, not that they really take offense, they'd just rather not see it happen. If one or more of them are in there, then obviously don't start anything with an adult, assuming there's any in there at the time that might be okay, but once again, you have to have your fathers express permission, and that means for each adult. None of us mind though if you kids have fun together in there while we're there, but remember, if all you want is sex, that's what your bedroom or your lounge is for, the pool is for swimming. If something pops up while there, then feel free to take care of it, but don't use the pool house strictly for sex.”

“Oh, okay, that sounds pretty cool.” Banjo said happily.

“Anyway, let me show you everything now, so that you get an idea as to what they're like.” Jack smiled as well and led them to the rest of the places he had mentioned.

They toured around and both Mitch and Banjo were impressed with everything that they came across and or were shown. The place really was amazing in almost every way, and they were happier by the minute to have been hired on. Once the entire complex was toured, and they even each went into their own lounges to check them out, they hopped back into the jeep for the short trip to the oil field. Jack drove all around it so that Banjo could see everything, and then they parked and Mitch and Jack got out and took almost twenty minutes to walk around and talk and look at it all.

“I must say Jack, it really is the cleanest operation I've ever seen.” Mitch said as they were climbing back in.

“Thanks. We all take great pride in making sure it stays that way too, because a clean work site is a safe work site, and the cleaner and the safer it is, the better it is for everyone involved. There's always one person on every crew that's dedicated solely to cleanliness and safety, and it always rotates, so one day out of pretty much every second month will be your turn. During your first week, you'll spend three days with the men on this duty so that you can learn those jobs properly, and I'll even be with you on at least one of those days to make sure everything's going as planned. Of course, it'll be your job that entire day to make sure that everything is perfectly cleaned, and then you'll also have to check to make sure everything is in order for all the safety protocols, such as making sure the barricades are in place and other such things. It'll take every minute of the three days for you to learn everything. On your first couple days by yourself, you won't even be alone, you'll be tailed the entire time and watched to make sure everything is done perfectly, but that'll always be me. On the other four days of your first work week, you'll be on every other duty here with someone else to make sure that you know the drill, no pun intended of course. Granted, we don't actively drill right now, we've got a good solid well that should last us at least the next ten years at current levels if our estimates are correct. Of course one week takes two around here, but you'll get used to it.”

“I've worked harder in places before with less time off, so it won't be a problem at all. It's all very amazing though, I think I'll like it here very much.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” Jack smiled very much, he really did try his hardest to make sure that all his people really and truly wanted to be there, and as such made it the best place possible for them, hence the reason it was all gay diaper lovers, that way everyone was into pretty much the same things.

“So, how long have most of the guys been here?”

“Some of them have been with me since the beginning, five of the six originals in fact are still here, the other retired a few years ago now. I've hired more and more people as time went by, but you and the other two are the first to be hired on in more than a year, actually, it's probably two now. Anyway, we rarely lose people here, so most have been here five or six years or more.”

“Impressive. I think we might just have to stay here for a few years ourselves as well, unless Banjo has any better ideas.”

“Hell no, I think it's gonna be awesome.” Banjo said happily.

“Mouth.” Mitch warned.


“Unfortunately you're gonna find it's pretty much useless around here to temper his talking like that.” Jack laughed. “All the kids do, mostly because all the adults do. Let's face it, we work in an oil field, we're all gay, and when men talk, and they know they can talk freely, they talk dirty. Most of the dads try at first to stop their sons from talking dirty too, but eventually they just stop trying.” Jack pointed out.

“I know that around the other kids he'll talk like that, I just don't like hearing it.”

“You'll get used to it.” Jack slapped Mitch on the shoulder.

“Probably. That doesn't mean you can start swearing around me though Banjo, because I'll still swat you upside the head.”

“Okay.” Banjo said, not put out in the least.

“Well, it's nearing six now, so we should be headed back to the dining hall so that we can all eat. I hope you're hungry, because dinner around here's a filling experience.”

“I know I am.” Banjo said happily at the prospect of dinner.

“I could eat a bite or two myself.” Mitch laughed.

“There's always enough food for everyone to have two very full plates. So don't be shy.” Jack said as he started driving.

“What do you do with leftovers?” Mitch asked curiously.

“Depends on what it is. All the potatoes usually get added for breakfast the next morning, that's why there's usually pretty close to twice as many as we need. The rest is either used the next day somehow or is set aside for people to snack on. If you need a snack and you want something more than just some fruit, there's always stuff to make sandwiches, or you can reheat something from the night before.”

“What about if we're in the field and we need a snack?”

“Then call Jamie and he'll bring some snacks out for anyone who wants anything. Happens pretty much every day. There's also always a large bowl of fruit for everyone in the field office, as well as lots to drink. Obviously you must always remember to drink well, so we keep lots there for everyone.”

“Oh good. I take it then that breakfast is also a pretty large affair if we're skipping lunch for the most part and working hard all day?”

“Oh yeah, it actually puts dinner to shame. We eat a lot for breakfast around here.”

“I can well imagine.”

“Well, here we go. Let's head in and get seated. Now, meal times are pretty informal around here, so sit wherever you want, but the kids usually take up the one table, and then everyone else just sits wherever they bloody well feel like it. Occasionally the boys like to sit with their dads, but it's not mandatory.”

“Okay.” Mitch and Banjo said as one again.

They headed inside, and they could already see the evening crew working hard getting dinner all ready and in the serving center, it was a large buffet serving unit with hot and cold storage in it. They took their seats, Banjo heading to the kids seating area to be with the others as soon as they made it, and Jack and Mitch went and sat at a table near the food. Both had to admit that it smelled amazing in there. Not even a few minutes later, it was like the floodgates opened, because all of a sudden pretty much everyone started pouring in at the same time, and inside of a minute, they were all there. All the men that had been out on the field had already washed up and stripped out of their dirty work clothes before even leaving the field, so they were all ready for dinner.

As soon as Jamie called out saying that he was ready for them, everyone stood and lined up and grabbed a plate and then the carnage began. Banjo had never seen a buffet quite like this. Sure, he had been to buffet restaurants many times before, but there was usually less food, and none of it looked or smelled anywhere near as good as this all did. He loaded up his plate well past the point of decent, but when he looked around to all the others, he realized he was not alone. Everyone's plates looked the same, so he did not feel bad at all.

“So Banjo, how do you like the place so far?” Ben asked him between mouthfuls.

“It's amazing.”

“Good, glad you like it here. Don't forget that after dinner we're all meeting in the kids' lounge for a welcoming party. The evening crew will meet us there in an hour or so, once they finish cleaning all this up, and then the party will officially start, because we won't start without them.”

“I look forward to it, in fact, I've been up for it since you told me earlier.”

“I'm sure everyone here has been, no worries there.” Ben laughed, and everyone else agreed as well.

They all ate well, every one of the boys going back for seconds, although Banjo hardly filled his second plate, because he was getting full and he definitely wanted to save room for dessert, and all the dessert on the table looked really good. Once they were all finished their dinner, everyone went up and filled their third plates full of tasty looking sweets and then went back and enjoyed those a great deal. As soon as the meal was over, the evening crew got to work cleaning everything up, while Banjo and the rest of the boys headed over to the lounge. All the adults split up as well, the daily crew heading back to the field to continue their work, while the rest headed over to their lounge to get better acquainted, as well.