Chapter 2

After dinner was finished, Banjo was ushered to the boys lounge, where he and his crew sat back and relaxed, while waiting for the others. All they did was talk and get to know each other more, because it would not have been fair to start anything if the others were not there as well. Finally, what felt like forever later, the rest of the boys came sauntering in.

“Finally, we've been waiting for you guys. Took you long enough.” Ben said happily, jumping up as he did so, the others followed suit.

“Sorry, but we did actually finish early.”

“That's good, we couldn't have waited any longer. Banjo wants his first night to be memorable and wants a gang bang initiation. No one's allowed to cum unless it's in his mouth or his baby boy pussy. He's also not against being pissed in, so if you have to go while fucking him, go for it.” Ben told the others, because they had already talked about all this.

“Awesome.” Most of the other boys said as one.

“I haven't been fucked in a few days and I need to be opened up a bit first. I say go from smallest to largest in my pussy, and from largest to smallest in my mouth. I fully expect every one of you to cum at least twice in me. If you have to piss in my mouth, warn me first though please, and I'd prefer if you just stuck your dick in my throat, sometimes I can't take the taste for too long, so that'll make it easier.” Banjo called out.

“Okay.” Everyone said, and because they already knew who was what size, they all lined up and got started.

Banjo's diaper was opened up in the back, and a lube coated finger was pressed in to start opening him up gently. Banjo moaned, but no one heard it, because his mouth was already full of Ben's rather sizable erection. Within only a few seconds, Banjo's hot little ass was ready, and the boy currently there was now ready as well, since a caring boy in line decided that he would help get the lucky first boy prepared. Once he was all good to go, he slipped right into Banjo without stopping. Banjo sighed deeply around Ben, causing him to sigh as well.

“My god, his pussy's amazing.” The boy grunted.

“So's his mouth. My god, he does things to me that I never imagined, he's even better than all of you are, and I thought that was impossible.” Ben grunted.

“No kidding, his ass is the same.”

Not even two minutes later and they were both exploding in fantastic orgasms, Ben pulling out so that Banjo could enjoy his entire load, and he did too. The younger boy in his as though had had a dry cum, but he was only ten, and had not yet started puberty. He was the only one, besides Banjo now that could not cum. The two to start the fun moved out of position and queued themselves up in the next line to wait for their next turn, while the next two in line moved in, and slipped in.

For the next nearly two and a half hours, Banjo stayed kneeling in the middle of the lounge on the mats that were there for this purpose, and he took every bit that the boys could give to him. Every last one of them came in him three times before they were too tired to continue, and seven of them peed in him, five in his ass and two in his mouth, and Banjo was feeling on top of the world.

“Wow, you guys sure know how to welcome a guy. I've never been fucked so much in my life, at least at one time. That was utterly amazing.”

“You're welcome, and thank you too.” Ben said warmly for everyone.

“Crap, we were supposed to use condoms though because I haven't been tested by your doctor yet.” Banjo all of a sudden realized.

“Oh well, not much that can be done now, however, if asked, I think we'll all say we were good babies and used condoms. You are clean though?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, I know I am, but thanks guys, I should have thought of that.”

“I should have as well, but usually by the time a new boy wants to have sex with anyone, he's already been cleared. Like I said though, oh well, it's already done, and it was a great deal of fun too.”

“I'll say. With all the piss and cum in my pussy though, I think someone had better get me diapered up and real quick too, and I have to pee something fierce too.”

“Okay, I'll get you taken care of. You want to be double diapered to handle the extra piss though?”

“For sure. I haven't gotten to be double diapered in forever, so that'd be nice, thanks.” Banjo said happily.

Ben was passed everything that he needed, and then Banjo's completely ruined diaper was removed and then he was creamed, powdered, and then double diapered nice and gently.

“Thanks, you're good at that.” Banjo sighed.

“Thanks, I get lots of practice around here. While it's not strictly necessary, it's only the nice thing to do to offer someone assistance if they need a diaper change. I mean, there's no point in changing your own diaper if there's like fifty people here that'd love to help you out with it. Even the men who don't like to have sex with us kids love to change our diapers for us.”

“I think I could learn to live with that. Do they like us changing their diapers as well?”

“Sure, but unless you have permission to do so, and you have the time, then you aren't allowed to start anything, even though almost every last one of us is hard for every diaper change.”

“I normally would be as well, except I came fifteen times as you guys were fucking me, and even I have my limits.”

“Wow, that might be a record.”

“Good, always happy to break a cool record like that. I'm getting pretty tired though, any chance one of you could help me to my cabin, I think I remember which one it is, but I don't remember for sure?”

“Sure, I can help you with that, since we're next door neighbors and all.” Ben smiled.

“Cool.” Banjo smiled.

He tried to stand, but found that his muscles were all resisting him considerably. Finally Ben and another had to help him up, and then Banjo rested on Ben's strong shoulder as Ben led him to his cabin for the night. It was still almost an hour before bedtime, but Banjo was going to pass out soon, bedtime or not. When Ben and Banjo stumbled in, Banjo was not even surprised that his dad was not there yet, he knew that his dad was going to enjoy his night every bit as much as he himself had. If he could last as long though was another question entirely. Ben helped Banjo right to his bed and tucked him in even, and then shut off the light, saying goodnight as he went, and then headed to his cabin to head to bed as well, since it had been a very long day and he was very tired.

“Good morning there handsome, how are you this morning?” Mitch asked Banjo the next morning as soon as Banjo stumbled out of his room. Mitchel had only been awake himself for at most half an hour, and was just sitting there sipping his coffee.

“Great. I feel like I was ran over by a bus, but I feel great. How about you?” Banjo grinned brightly.

“About the same to tell you the truth, it was a very good night.”

“Oh yeah, do tell!” Banjo asked brightly.

“I'd really rather not.”

“I'll tell you about my night first then, and then you can tell me about yours, I'm betting I took more than you did, at least in quantity, because I'm sure you beat me in size taken, because I know you wanted Jamie too.”

“You're probably right.” Mitch laughed.

“Well, the short version is; I was on my hands and knees and every one of the boys fucked me silly, they never once touched each other. I had one in my bum and one in my mouth at all times, and they rotated 'til they'd all cum in me three times each. A few of the boys even peed in me, that's always fun. By the time I was done, I was so full of cum and pee, Ben double diapered me to help contain it all, and it was a good thing too, because I'm soaked. If I had've had only one diaper on, I would've sprung a leak real bad.”

“Good grief, thirteen boys came in you three times each, and you can still walk, that's a lot of fucking. Fine, I too had a good time, as I'm sure you know, but only five of the men fucked me, and yes, Jamie was one of them, but my god, he stretched me real good, far more than I've ever been stretched before. Thank god I asked him to fuck me last, or I might not have survived. There's no way you'd be able to take him if he stretched me that much, and I've been taking large dicks for longer than you've been alive.”

“I bet I could still take him, even if he is a real stretch as you say.”

“And I absolutely won't allow it, so don't even bother to ask. Jamie did ask about you though, saying how beautiful you were, so on and so forth. I told him how much you wanted to have sex with him, and he said hell no, not gonna happen, as much as your looks are just what he looks for in a partner, which was why he also liked me, since we look so much alike. Anyway, he said there's no way he'd do that to you, one, he's not sexually attracted to boys your age, in any way, and even if he was, he said he'd kill you, and he'd never do that. He did admit that he'd love to see you in action though, but then again, so would many of the others.”

“That's a real shame, but as soon as I'm old enough and he does want it, I'll be more than ready for him, don't worry.” Banjo said with conviction, and Mitch knew that there was no way Jamie would be able to get away, unless they no longer knew each other, but even then, he was sure Banjo would find him.

“Be that as it may, I won't allow it 'til I no longer have a say in what you do, and that's not until you're at least eighteen.”

“Nope, Ben says that once we hit sixteen, we're pretty much allowed to do what and who we want, except work in the field.”

“That's still more than a few years away still, so you'll have to wait no matter what.”

“Too bad, but oh well. In the meantime though, Ben and the others are a lot of fun, Ben's really big and fits inside me nicely, boy he made me feel good.”

“That's good. Stick with the kids, be a kid, don't just be fucking all day every day, have some fun too, but if you want sex, I won't say yes to you having sex with any adults, not for at least a year or two, so don't even bother asking.” Mitch laid it on the line, and Banjo knew he had no choice but to acquiesce.


“Thanks. Now, it's almost time for breakfast, so go get that diaper changed and then we'll go to the dining hall to meet all the others.”

“Okay, but can you change me please, and then I'll change you? It's normal for everyone to help you, and you don't have to worry about me starting anything with you, because I'd never do that with you.”

“Sure, why not.”

“Cool. So, it looks as if you're double diapered as well. Any particular reason for that?” Banjo grinned as he noticed when Mitch stood up.

“I think you know the reason for that, because it happens to be the same reason you are.” Mitch grinned right back.

They headed to Mitch's bedroom and changed each others diapers, adding lots of cream before taping each other up nice and snug. As soon as they were ready to go, they headed to the dining hall to meet everyone else. They were amongst the middle of the group arriving. They took their table, and this morning they were seated together with a few of the others. As soon as they were called forth, they joined all the others in gathering their rather tasty breakfast. Pretty much everyone went back for seconds, and before too long, they were all done.

“Okay Handsome, I'm gonna go find Jack and sorta follow him around for the day and get to know everyone and everything around here.” Mitch said in way of goodbye to Banjo.

“Okay, I'm gonna go find Ben and do the same.”

“Good. Have fun today, and try not to rape everyone.”

“Then how on Earth am I supposed to have fun? You told me to have fun!” Banjo pouted.


“Thanks.” Banjo grinned.

“Yeah. Go on, have fun.” Mitch smiled brightly and headed off.

Banjo skipped away happily, heading toward the kitchen where he knew that Ben and the others of his new crew were likely to be, given that it was right after breakfast and the kitchen would have to be cleaned. He found everyone in there, including Jamie, since it was his kitchen, and they were all busy cleaning up.

“Hey Ben, tell me what needs to be done and I'll help out.” Banjo called out, none of the boys had even realized he had entered the massive kitchen.

“Oh, hey Banjo, you don't have to help out yet.” Ben smiled as he started heading over.

“I know, but I may as well start learning now, and besides, I'm not the type to just sit around doing nothing while others are working. More hands makes less work, less work means more play, so the faster we get everything done, the faster we can play.” Banjo smiled brightly.

“I'm glad to hear that, because that's our motto around here as well. We have work enough to do to keep us busy 'til eleven, but there's nothing saying we can't get it done faster and use our extra free time to our advantage. We're usually done somewhere around an hour early, so that adds an extra hour to our morning free time, which we're all good with.” Ben smiled.

“That's good, but the longer we stand here gabbing like girls, the longer it'll take us to finish our chores, so what would you like me to do?”

“Good point. Why not hit the third prep station and get it spotless. There's no one working there at the moment, and it's easy to find, look for the number three above it, you can't miss it.”

“Okay, will do, where's the cleaning supplies?”

“We don't use chemicals to clean anything here at all, we use just plain water, usually in the form of steam, it cleans everything faster and easier, and more healthy for us as well. There's all the cloths and steamers in the storage room, I'll show you where.” Ben said, and then led Banjo to grab his supplies. As they walked, Ben continued though. “What we suggest you do though, is while the steamer is heating up, put anything away that you can, clean up the majority with your cloth, and then go back and steam clean it as well. You have to make certain that everything is perfectly clean, make sure to get underneath and behind everything, that includes the walls in the area you happen to be cleaning as well. All dishes go to the dish washing area, and whomever happens to be doing dishes that day will take care of the rest. If there's still food out in the prep area you're working in, there's a better than even chance it goes in the fridge in the prep area you're working. We try and keep everything nice and simple around here.”

“Okay, sounds easy enough, and I've used a steamer similar to this before, so I should be all good.”

“Good, we have half an hour left to get all this cleaned, but we're almost done, so it won't take long at all.”


With Banjo now helping them, and Ben back to his work, the whole group was able to finish cleaning up only twenty minutes later. Jamie thanked all of them for their help, after inspecting everything of course, and then the boys were all gone to their next chores. For the rest of their morning chores, they all worked together, Banjo helping out, not afraid to work, so was able to help the others get everything that they had to do done with almost an hour to spare.

“Thanks for helping Banjo, even though you didn't have to yet, we appreciate it.”

“No prob. I wasn't about to let you guys do everything and not help out any.”

“Thanks.” Most of the boys said together.

“So, what should we do now?” Banjo asked.

“Well, we have two hours to kill now before we all have to be in class, so let's head to the rec hall and play some games and stuff. Some days we go to our lounge and have a little fun in there, but to tell you quite honestly, last night has even me a little drained, and I'm used to getting off four or five times in a day, and rarely by my own hand.”

“Sounds good to me, and I'm pretty much the same, and even I don't feel like having sex right now. Maybe after dinner, but not before that.”

The others were all in agreement, so they headed to the rec hall and had a couple hours of fun, after stripping down to just their diapers. They played pool and darts, they played video games and cards, they all just had fun. The afternoon crew was in there at that time as well just having fun, so they all had fun together. Once class time hit, all the boys headed to their class room and took their seats. Most of their work was on their computers, but Jack, who was their teacher, also did do a lot of other stuff with them as well. For three hours the boys were kept busy doing all their school work, and finally they were released for the day.

“Banjo, our doctor's here now, he arrived not long before you came to class, and he told me to go ahead and send you over as soon as we were done here. Do you remember where his office is?” Jack asked Banjo as soon as class had ended.

“Sure, I remember. Is my dad meeting me there?”

“No, he'll already be done, I called over there and told him to head over right away and get his checkup done.”

“Oh, okay. See you in a bit guys.” Banjo waved to the others and skipped off happily, heading to the doctors cabin in only his diaper.

As soon as he arrived, he knocked on the door, and a few moments later, the doctor answered.

“Ah, you must be Banjo, it's a pleasure to meet you.”

“Thanks, it's a pleasure to meet you as well.” Banjo said happily.

“Come on in and we'll get this over with as soon as possible so that you can go play and enjoy the rest of your day.”

“That's okay doctor, you don't have to rush on my account. I'd rather everything was tested fully and properly than to spend time with the others, they can wait.”

“I'm glad to hear that. Would you mind if I removed your diaper?”

“Nope, not at all, but only if you replace it once we're done here.” Banjo grinned.

“Don't worry, we'll have you covered back up properly once we're all done. If you have to go pee, tell me, and I'll just collect it, since I need to anyway.”

“Okay, I'll let you know, but it would've been best if Jack had told me that I was coming here after class, because I peed my diaper not long ago, so I'm pretty empty.”

“He must have forgotten, because I told him to tell you. Oh well, not a big deal. We're gonna be close to an hour anyway, and I'm willing to bet that before the end of our time together you'll have to pee again anyway, so no biggie.” He smiled.

“Okay.” Banjo said as his diaper was removed.

“My, you are a beautiful specimen of hot young boy all over, aren't you?” The doctor said after taking a moment to really inspect Banjo now that he was naked.

“Thanks.” Banjo said brightly. “Most people seem to think so anyway, but most never get to see me naked, or in diapers how I prefer, only the lucky ones.”

“Then I count myself as truly lucky.”

“Are you one of the men here that likes us boys?”

“I've been known to take on the company of a few of the younger men here, but sadly, not as young as you. I do have some respect for the law, not much, but enough to never touch a child, even here where I know others do occasionally. To tell you the truth though, I do prefer you boys to be at least sixteen before I do anything sexual.”

“I bet I could get you to make an exception.”

“And I bet that one flick will take care of that bothersome boner you have there.” The doctor grinned, poising his fingers to do just that.

“Um, no thanks, I'll get it taken care of later.” Banjo gulped.

“I thought you'd see it my way, most of the boys do, and you're not the first to make the offer. We're also here as doctor and patient, and no matter what, even if you were in my age range, we wouldn't be doing that. Once we were done though might be a different story, but like I said, you're too young for me, and your father has expressly forbade any adults from touching you yet.”

“Crap, I knew he was gonna do that.” Banjo pouted.

“It's really for your own good though Banjo.”

“I know, he told me why. Doesn't mean I have to like it though.”

“No, I guess not, but at least you have lots of good sized horny boys here to fill your needs nicely, and I'm willing to bet they already have.”

“Oh yeah, that's for sure.” Banjo sighed, remembering the night before, and what a night it was.

“Glad to hear it. Now, before too much more time goes by, let's say we get this show on the road and get this done.”

“Okay.” Banjo said, and then for the next hour, he was poked, prodded, squeezed, probed, and even pricked.

“Wow, now that was one of the most thorough medical exams I've ever had.”

“Glad you enjoyed it.”

“Enjoyed, well not entirely, but I can't say's I've ever heard of a doctor using two fingers to do a prostate exam.”

“Well, with as much as I knew you'd like it, I figured I should, most of the others usually enjoy that.”

“Feel free to use more next time.” Banjo grinned cheekily.

“Nope, no can do. Now, do you have to pee yet?”

“I could give you a bit I suppose.”

“Okay, pee in this please?” The doctor asked, passing Banjo a cup.


Banjo took the offered cup and peed into it, squeezing out all that he had.

“Hmm, urine production is pretty low. In only an hour that's all you can give me, there's only a few tablespoons in here?”

“I've never peed lots at any one time, I just have to go to the bathroom lots, usually every hour or so. That's probably a bit less than normal though, but I haven't drank much this morning.”

“Hmm, okay. Good thing you're a diaper lover then huh.”

“It sure does come in handy at times. Sure did drive my teachers nuts though, because I always had to go. Since grade three though, when a teacher refused to let me go and I peed my pants in her class because I had to go, I've always been allowed to go, my dad made sure of that. He also reamed the teacher out real good for humiliating me like that, boy did she get in trouble.”

“Good for him. I never understood teachers in their need to not allow kids to go to the bathroom if they really need to. I mean I can understand trying to curb it a bit, but if they can tell, then they should allow it, and I'm sure she could tell.”

“She could, but said that I should have went before class, and we were only half an hour in, so I can't need to go that bad yet, so told me to go sit down. I didn't even make it back to my desk, because I'd already been holding it, knowing she wouldn't allow it, because of how she treated bathroom visits for all the others. And I had went to the bathroom during break. She actually tried to accuse me of doing that on purpose, but the thought hadn't crossed my mind, at least not then. I'd do it now though in a heartbeat.”

“I would too. Okay, let's get you all covered back up and into a nice thick dry diaper and get you on your way so that you can go have some fun.”

“Okay.” Banjo said happily, and then a few moments later he was diapered and ready to go.

“Okay, I'll have the test results back to you hopefully by tomorrow morning some time. Until then, no unprotected sex.”

“Um, kinda too late. We kinda forgot the condoms last night, and all the boys fucked me and came and peed in me, sorry. I know I'm clean though, I was just tested not all that long ago, and so were the others I was with, and we'd only had sex with each other.”

“Oh, okay. Not much we can do about it now, but I wish you boys would have used your top heads, but I know what it's like.”

“That's what we figured as well, and we're all clean, so we should be good.”

“Yes, you should be, but I always prefer to test to be certain. We certainly don't want anyone getting sick around here.”

“You don't have to tell anyone do you?”

“No, I won't, unless something bad pops up, then I have to.”


“You're welcome, now go have some fun.”

“Thanks, I will.” Banjo said happily and skipped from the cabin, heading to the rec hall to look for the others.

“Oh good, you're here. What's up?”

“More than likely you after your appointment and not getting any satisfaction.” Ben giggled.

“Gee, how did you know?”

“Got the same speech you more than likely did when I first came here, but now I'm in his age group, so he has no problem giving me a proper prostate exam after the main exam is finished.” Ben grinned.

“Lucky you. So, what were you guys up to?”

“Nothin much, just sitting back and relaxing, waiting for you to come back.”

“Thanks. So, what should we do now then?”

“Let's save the sex 'til tonight when all of us are here, so 'til then, why not just sit back and watch TV with us.”

“Sounds good to me.” Banjo answered happily, and sat down next to Ben and watched TV.

They ended up staying there until dinner time, and when it was time to go, they all headed over to the dining hall to meet up with everyone and have a good dinner. Banjo went and found his dad and sat next to him.

“Hey there handsome, how's your day been so far?”

“Pretty good. Went and saw the doctor and he'll let me know tomorrow hopefully. Did you have a good visit with him?”

“Yeah, I did, thanks for asking.”

“Good. How's work going?”

“I'm not really doing too much yet, just helping out wherever I can and learning the ropes. How about you, how was your work this morning?”

“Really good, it won't be hard work at all, and I get paid real well to do what little we have to do.”

“That's good. Just remember to pull your own weight, and all will be good.”

“I know, you taught me that many years ago now.”

A few seconds later, everyone was told to come dish up, so they did, and then most of the talking ceased as they ate the good food. They all enjoyed the great food together and before too long they were done and the boys headed out to go have their fun, while the men that had to go back to work went and did so.

The next week went by in a flurry of activity for everyone as it often did on their island, they were always so busy all the time that they often forgot about the passage of time. The boys all got to know each other really well, and they had had orgies almost every night that first week, none quite as intense on just Banjo as the first, but definitely good to say the least. The doctor had found both Banjo and Mitch at dinner the following evening and told them that all their blood work was finished and they were as clean as could be, so they could feel free to enjoy as natural as they so desired, of course they did, but Banjo and the others were already anyway.

By the end of the first week, both Banjo and Mitch were starting to become very accustomed to the pace and the work on the island, and they were enjoying themselves a great deal. It was not only the great sex that they liked, it was everything as well. On their off time they could go and do almost anything they wanted with who they wanted. The boys would often go swimming or go play games or watch movies, adults would often join them in the fun, and together they all had fun.

The boys were once again congregated in the lounge, waiting for the afternoon crew to make it after their work was done, they had planned to have another great orgy, and they were all more than ready for it to begin. Finally the other seven boys joined them and the fun could begin.

“Ben, I want you and Avery to both fuck my ass for me please, and I'd love to get someone to stick their dick in my mouth as well, so I can get nicely triple fucked.” Banjo asked. Avery was one of the fifteen year old boys there, and he had a dick on him nearly as large Ben's.

“Definitely.” Ben and Avery said at the same time.

“Good. Of course right through our nice soggy diapers, same as always.” Banjo grinned.

“Of course.” Both boys grinned.

“Awesome. Ben on the floor on your back, Avery, you get top, and Mika, I think I want your hot thirteen year old cock in my throat please, I love the taste of your cum.”

“Okay.” Mika said brightly.

“Sure.” Avery and Ben said at the same time.

Everyone was already getting ready for the fun that they were about to have, all of them poking holes in each others nice soggy diapers, front and back of course. As soon as everyone was ready for it, they got into their chosen position, and Banjo was not the only one tonight who was going to get nice and triple fucked, because there was one other group setting up for the same thing as well. Ben laid down on the floor on his back, his nice big erection standing good and tall, and Banjo nearly jumped and landed on him. Banjo had taken the time right after dinner to go back to his room and prepare his hot ass real well, because he knew he wanted this today, it was going to be his first time in far too long to get to do this, and he knew it was time, so he had made sure to be very well lubed and prepared.

As soon as Banjo was seated comfortably, he gave a nod, and Avery got down and started feeding Banjo his none too small dick as well, and Banjo only moaned lowly. Ben also moaned, he had so very rarely gotten to feel this, he was simply too large for most boys to be able to be double stuffed with him, and it really did feel good for him as well. Avery was moaning as well, because he too loved the feel of all this. Mika, as soon as the other three were ready, lined up and fed Banjo his dick, sighing as he went diaper deep, going right into Banjo's more than capable throat.

Once all three boys were fully into Banjo, they all started thrusting, Avery was the one setting the pace today, and he set a nice slow pace for the other two to follow, and they all enjoyed it. Around them there was of course the one other foursome, and then the rest were broken up into pairs, all of them having a great deal of fun. Banjo though thought that he was getting the best of the best, granted, so did many of the others there, and they wished they were in the same place, except most of the others could not take both Ben and Avery at the same time, in fact they could barely take either and one of the smaller boys as well, but Banjo sure seemed to be able to, and he sounded as if he were enjoying himself a great deal.

Their first round lasted only five minutes before all four of them came. Ben and Avery were as deep inside Banjo's incredibly hot ass as they could be when they fired, but Mika knew that Banjo would want to taste him, so pulled out until only the head of his dick was inside Banjo's mouth and fired away. As soon as their orgasms were complete, the other urge hit, and they all had to pee, they all knew Banjo wanted it, so they let it go. Mika let one small shot enter banjo's mouth, so that he would know what was happening, and then plunged right into his throat and let the rest go. Banjo had to admit that he liked the taste of Mika's piss, so pushed Mika back until only the head of his dick was once again in his mouth only, and greedily sucked the rest of the hot pee down.

As soon as the three of them were finished filling Banjo up nice and full, they started fucking him once again. They were enjoying themselves far too much to wish to pull out, so why would they. The rest of the groups had all had their first orgasms as well, and other than a few of them trading places, they all stayed in their groups and continued right where they left off. Their orgy was going strong, and only another five minutes passed before they were ready to explode once again.

Not one group stopped though, and they all started once again as soon as their good orgasms let them go enough to be able to continue on. They did all know however that this was likely to be the last, because they were all starting to get well and truly worn out, but not one of them had a problem with that. This time the vast majority of the boys lasted nearly ten minutes before they came once again, and it sounded like it was just as good as the first two were, except now all the boys were panting and gasping, and they were all slumped down.

“Wow.” A collective sigh went out at almost the exact same time.

All the boys slipped out of the holes that they were buried in, and then they laid down on the floor on their backs and just stared at the ceiling for a few minutes as they came down.

“I hate to break the silence, but someone had best get me diapered, and quick. I have two loads of piss and four loads of cum in my ass that's threatening to come back out any second now, and with a hole as big as this in my diaper, it won't hold much.” Banjo sighed out.

“Let me grab you a couple diapers and I'll double diaper you.” Ben said.

“Good, I was hoping for a good double diaper. Everyone should tonight, we still have a couple hours before bed and I wouldn't mind sitting back and watching a movie and drinking lots.” Banjo said.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

Before too long, everyone in the room was double diapered and ready for the rest of the night. They put a movie on and they all sat back and watched it and drank lots of juice, assuring that their diapers would be nice and soggy by morning. As soon as the movie ended, the boys all stumbled from the lounge to their cabins and dropped into their beds, and most were sound asleep in only a few seconds.