Chapter 3

The next morning, Banjo woke up at his normal time and stretched for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of his nice soggy diaper. Finally he got up to go meet his dad.

“How was your night last night Baby?” Mitch asked Banjo the following morning, they were just sitting at the table in their cabin waiting for the time that Banjo had to go help with kitchen duties.

“Fulfilling, to say the least. I was triple fucked.”


“Sorry, but I was.”

“Triple, how so?”

“Two in the ass, one in the mouth.”



“Was it nice?”

“Oh yeah, they all came in me three times and they each pissed in me once, two in my ass, one in my mouth.”

“You really need to watch your mouth.”


“Because it's not polite for kids to swear.”

“I wasn't swearing, I was talking about sex, and I hate to say it, but almost all swear words have to do with sex.” Banjo pointed out simply.

“Be that as it may, it's still not polite, and I don't want to hear it.”

“Fine, but I'm not gonna say pee pee and bum and anal sex, when I mean cock ass and fuck, you're gonna have to get used to it if you want to hear about my time.” Banjo said firmly.

“Banjo!” Mitch said in warning.

“What, you say it like that when you're talking about sex, why's it so different. If you don't want to hear it, then I won't talk about sex, simple as that.” Banjo said strongly.

“Yes, but I'm an adult.”

“Why does that make any difference, we're both having sex, you don't stop me from doing that?”

“Because I know I couldn't, even if I wanted to.”

“Then why bother with what words I use. I'm not gonna just swear any time, the only time I do is when I talk about sex.” Banjo said softer this time.

“It's still not polite.”

“Yeah, but most parents would freak out with a capital 'F' if they knew their kids were doing half of what I am, so what difference does it make. If you want to hear about my fun, I'm gonna say it how it is, so either don't ask or get used to it.” Banjo said, and got up and headed out. He was actually quite mad at his dad, and did not even say goodbye or have a good day.

At breakfast, Banjo avoided his dad and ate with the other boys, and did not even look to his dad. Mitch could tell that Banjo was mad at him, how could he not, there were very few mornings that Banjo did not hug and kiss him good morning or when he was leaving, so he just left Banjo to himself. In a way, he knew that he was wrong, but was going to let Banjo have the time he needed to cool down a bit before he apologized.

After breakfast, the boys got up and cleaned up and then they had some free time before class, and then went to school and learned there for their required three hours. Once they were done, Banjo went and sat back and relaxed in the pool and hot tub and talked about his fight with his dad with the others in there, and they all said that they had all gone through much the same things when they first got there. They all said how hard it was on the dads to let their boys grow up, and given the environment they were in, the boys had a tendency to grow up quite quickly. Ben just told Banjo to let his dad come to him, because when he did, it would be a lot better. That night at dinner, Mitch sought out Banjo and asked him to come sit with him, alone.

“What's up dad?” Banjo asked softly.

“I wanted to apologize about this morning. We both know I was wrong, and I'm sorry. When talking about sex, I guess you really can't avoid those words, but I'd rather not hear them otherwise.”

“Thanks Dad, I appreciate it.” Banjo said softly and hugged his dad lovingly.

“I know Baby, I know. Just remember, no swearing for no reason though please.”

“I know Dad, don't worry.” Banjo smiled brightly.

“So, what are you up to tonight?”

“Gonna go get my brains fucked out more than likely.” Banjo grinned cheekily.

“You really are a brat, you know that right!” Mitch had to laugh.

“I know, but it was true. Although, after last night, I might just take it easy. It was a bit more of a stretch than normal, so I'm a little tender today.” Banjo admitted.

“And you still think you could take Jamie?”

“Oh, I know I can, what do you think last night was all about? You haven't seen Ben and Avery naked yet, or hard for that matter, have you?”

“No, can't say's I have.”

“While they may not have the length that Jamie has, trust me, the two of them together was more than even Jamie has on him, so believe you me, I can and would take him in a heartbeat.”

“Yeah, but what about his length, there ain't no way you'd be able to take it all, not even I can.”

“Maybe not, but who cares if he puts it all in, because I doubt either of us would. Besides, I don't think I need him to pop out my mouth, that might just be a tad uncomfortable.” Banjo giggled.

“Damn that's so true, he really is nearly long enough, isn't he.” Mitch laughed.

“Yeah, what a stud, huh.” Banjo sighed.

“No.” Mitch said firmly.

“No, he's not a stud?” Banjo asked curiously.

“Oh, he's definitely a stud, but what I was saying no to was you asking me to allow him to fuck you. You know I won't let you.”

“And I wasn't gonna ask, because I knew your answer. I know not to ask too many times, or you'll just get more mad.” Banjo pointed out smartly.


“You do know I will have him eventually though right?”

“I know, but it won't be for a long time, and it won't be 'til I have no more say in what you really do.”

“We'll see.” Banjo grinned.

“And you'll get the same response, no matter what.”

“So, what are you up to tonight then?”

“I invited Jamie over for the evening.”

“Ooh, can I watch?”

“Um, no.”

“Awe, why not?”

“Because, it's not right.”

“Yeah, like half of what I do technically is. If any straight idiot ever found out, you know just as well as I do how much trouble you'd be in, no matter if you allowed it or not. Not to mention, I've watched you before.”

“Yeah, but I had no idea you were doing it at the time, and I don't want you watching me any more either, and that's final.”

“Fine, party pooper.” Banjo grinned.

“I know, I'm a big mean daddy who doesn't allow you to do anything fun at all.” Mitch said straight faced.

“Yeah, right. Well, if you're inviting Jamie over, maybe I'll invite Ben over and we can have some alone time.”

“Go for it.”

“I might just have to. Just a sec.” Banjo said and then hopped up and went over to Ben and whispered into his ear what he was wanting. Ben smiled and nodded and Banjo skipped back happily.

“Good, all set.” Banjo said as he sat back down and cuddled into his loving daddy.

“I've missed cuddling with you lately, we've been so busy lately that we haven't had much time to ourselves. I'd like to set tomorrow night aside for just the two of us, okay?” Mitch asked softly.

“Okay Daddy, I'd like that too, I've sorta missed this as well.” Banjo smiled warmly.

Right about then they were all given the go ahead to help themselves to the delicious smelling food, so they all did, and then they went and sat back down and had a really good and filling dinner together. Once they were all finished their dinner, Mitch headed back to their cabin, while Banjo went and sat with Ben while he finished his last little bit of dinner. As soon as he was finished, he went over to his dad and told him he would not be home that night and to have a good night. He smiled warmly to his son, who was now bigger than he was, and that was saying something. The boys then took off and headed back to Banjo's cabin.

“So, what should we do?” Ben asked as soon as they made it there and were in Banjo's bedroom.

“Actually, I don't really even want all that much sex, I'm still a little stretched and sore from yesterday, that was a lot, even for me.”

“Hell, that was a lot for most adults. No one, and I do mean no one has ever taken both me and Avery in their ass at the same time, we're just too big together. I was more than a little surprised that you asked both of us to fuck you, and even more surprised when you took us with almost no problem at all. The only way I could tell how hard it was for you to take us was because of how tight it was, and you did grunt a few times, but so lowly only I would've heard it, probably Avery didn't even. I'd be good with just laying back and watching a movie for the night though if that's what you want.”

“Sure, that sounds good, but I wouldn't mind sucking a load or two from each other at least once tonight.”

“Well, you'll get a load, but I won't.”

“Who says?” Banjo grinned.

“You can't cum yet!” Ben pointed out.

“Yeah, but you like being peed in too you said, so I might treat you to that, if you're a good baby boy.” Banjo grinned brighter still.

“Ah, good point. I wouldn't mind tasting you, that's for sure.”

“If you do it for me, I'll do it for you as well. In fact, I do sorta have to go, and I'm pretty hard, so do you want to suck first and watch TV after?” Banjo asked huskily.

“Okay.” Ben answered brightly.

“Goody. We can just pull each others diapers down a bit in the front and sixty nine, unless you have a better idea.”

“No, that sounds good. Do you want to lay on me or do you want to lay on our sides?”

“Sides is usually more comfortable.”

“That's how I prefer it as well.”


They hopped onto the bed and moved so that they were in the best position for what they wanted, and then pulled each others diapers down a bit. They were greeted by each others pulsing erections, Ben's was leaking quite a bit already, and then they sucked each other in. They started a nice slow sucking, doing everything they knew to make it last and feel the best they possibly could. Even though they were both horny, and this felt simply amazing, they managed to hold on for almost ten minutes before they came. They both sighed deeply as they came, and Banjo sighed more from the sweet tasting cum that was flowing into his mouth.

Before too long they were able to get the flow started, and they both started peeing in each others mouths. They had both pulled until only the heads of the others dicks were in their mouths, so that they would get to really taste it, and this way if they did not like it, they could easily engulf the entire thing and just let the rest go straight down their throats. They did not have to do that though, they both quite enjoyed the taste of the other boy, it was still bitter and strong, but it also had a little sweetness to it as well, so that was good. Neither would ever truly enjoy doing this, but every so often was okay they figured.

As soon as the flow stopped, they started sucking again and went even slower this time. They were really using their tongues to their full advantage now, the suction was cut almost in half, but they started toying with each others nuts as well. They lasted about the same amount of time again, and Ben did not shoot any more or less, but they enjoyed it just as much as or more than the previous one.

“Wow, you really suck better than anyone I've ever met, and I've been sucked lots.” Ben sighed once they pulled off.

“Thanks, so do you. I've been sucked by so many boys now I can't even remember, and you're definitely one of the very best. I even sorta liked the taste of your pee tonight, it was pretty good. I don't like doing that too often though, so don't expect me to be your toilet like another boy I knew wanted me to do for him, except he wanted me to pee in his mouth all the time.”

“Yeah, I can't even remember how many it is any more either to tell you the truth. I liked your pee too, it was definitely one of the better tasting ones I've had, and while I do enjoy it every so often, I'm the same, don't be asking me to be your toilet. Besides, we wear our toilets for our pee, so we don't need each other for that.”

“Exactly.” Banjo smiled.

“Let's tuck each other back in and then curl up and watch a movie or two before bed.”

“Okay.” Banjo said happily, and then they did so, and then Banjo swung around so that he too was facing the TV, and they chose a movie and put it on and watched it.

After the movie was over, they decided that they were getting pretty tired, so they shut everything down, changed each others diapers, and then curled up and went to sleep. Both had to admit that they enjoyed the loving cuddles all night long, it was really nice, and they slept even better than normal because of it.

The next day went by quickly, and before they knew it, it was after dinner again, and as promised, Mitch and Banjo cuddled up in the living room of their cabin together.

“So Baby, how do you like it here so far?” Mitch asked curiously.

“I love it here, what's not to like?”


“Yeah, the sex is great, but really getting to be free around so many others who know exactly what I like is the best. Everyone here's so nice too, and the island's great.”

“Yeah, it is, isn't it. There just can't be enough said about having the freedom to really truly be who you are. The island sure is nice, but this is summer time, or pretty close to it anyway, technically it's not quite yet, but certainly close enough. I don't know if you know what to expect though come winter time, because we're more than far enough north to really truly see snow. I know you didn't care for this past winter, it was cold, but it wasn't anywhere near real cold, and we hardly had any snow at all. Here though, now we'll get very cold, like I'm talking at least negative twenty degrees Celsius, and possibly lower, and we'll likely get lots of snow. Given that this is such a small island though in the middle of the ocean, it's hard to say exactly how much snow we'll get.”

“I wish you hadn't told me that about winter, I don't know if I can survive that.”

“You'll be fine. Just remember, I grew up in northern Alberta where negative forty to fifty was the norm, well, more the extreme, but negative fifty usually happened for at least a few days each winter, and negative forty was often enough to learn to deal with it. Our average temperature though was negative thirty. Jack says their average here is only negative twenty, so it shouldn't be too bad. Granted, where I lived there was next to no humidity in the air, and here there'll be lots, so it could actually feel colder than that, but I don't know, never done winter on an island before.” Mitch laughed.

“You're really not making me feel any better, you know that right?”

“Not trying to, just pointing out the facts of what you're in for. You have only two options though the way I see it. Either learn to deal with it or ask to move. If you feel about this place only half of what I already do, then I know that moving just isn't an option.”

“No, I definitely don't want to move, I like it here too much. I hope the others don't expect me to go outside too much though during the winter, I'm a warm weather person.”

“You'll get used to it, and I noticed one of the sheds had a huge selection of skidoos, so you'll get to enjoy winter here the fun way, and there's lots more you can do too. Don't worry, you'll survive. Just remember, I've spent the better part of the past fifteen years in warm climates as well, and I'm not really used to cold weather any more either. Winter in Vancouver was really hard on me too, but honestly, the cold there felt way worse than the cold up north did. We'll both get used to it together though, with the help of the others, and I know Jack won't make us work in that cold of weather, so we'll be fine.”

“I sure hope so, I certainly don't want to be a Banjo Popsicle.”

“By the sounds of it, the others would certainly enjoy your Banjo Popsicle.” Mitch chuckled.

“Gee, thanks. So, how is it going for you then?”

“Really good. This is by far the best oil operation I've ever worked before. I actually do less work in fourteen hours than I ever did working ten or twelve at any other drill operation. Everyone gets along so well and watches out for each other. I guess it comes with having great sex together, we like each other. It doesn't hurt though that we're all a lot alike, we all like much the same things, stuff like that.”

“That's really good. But if all the guys are as gay as I know they are, how is it they all ended up with kids. I mean I know I was a drunken one night stand, but what about the others?”

“Couple of them tried to play it straight, a few just wanted kids and did what they had to do, and one of the guys is technically bi, but he said he'd never get with another fucking bitch in his life unless there was no one else on Earth.” Mitch chuckled.

“Ah. What about the others?”

“Well, there was one guy who was actually raped by the mother of his son, and when she went to jail and found out she was pregnant, he said he'd take the baby. His son doesn't know this though, so I won't tell you who. He only believes that his mom left them. And one of the other guys is actually pretty certain that his son isn't actually his son at all, because his one night with a woman, he swears he didn't cum, but he never argued, because he really did want a child too. That's pretty much all of them.”

“Okay, I won't mention it at all then, because I wouldn't want the guys to start asking questions.”

“Thanks. So, what should we do then Baby?”

“Why not watch a movie?”

“Sounds good to me. Is your diaper okay, or do you want to add another to it?”

“Ooh, definitely add another to it, are you going to as well?” Banjo asked happily.

“Sure. We can help each other with that I suppose.”

“Okay.” Banjo said, hopping up and heading to his room first to grab a fresh diaper, and then to his dads so that they could help each other to add another diaper to their already soggy diapers.

“Okay, lay down Baby and I'll get you done first.” Mitch offered.”

“Okay.” Banjo said as he hopped on the bed.

Mitch grabbed his nail file, which he usually used for this purpose, and poked a bunch of holes into the diaper that Banjo was already wearing, and then added the second diaper and taped him up nice and snug. They then traded places and Banjo double diapered his dad the same way.

“Ah, much better. Thanks.”

“No problem Dad, I like this as well. I wonder if Jack has any diaper doublers in the stock room, because if he doesn't, then we should definitely ask for some.”

“You can ask him tomorrow morning then.” Mitch smiled.

“I just might have to do that.” Banjo smiled, and the very next morning he did to, and learned that there should be some in there, because more than a few people liked them.

Once they were nice and thickly diapered, they headed back out to the main living area of their cabin, chose a movie to watch, got it started, Banjo made some popcorn while his dad was getting the movie, got some drinks, and then they sat back and watched the movie together. After the popcorn and drinks were consumed, Banjo laid down with his head on his dads lap, mostly on his nice thick warm diaper in fact, and Mitch started playing with Banjo's hair lovingly. It was so relaxing and loving to Banjo, he just loved having this done so much, but it usually caused him to fall asleep, and tonight was no different. When the movie was over, Mitch saw what his actions had caused, he knew it would happen, so he picked Banjo up and carried him to his bedroom and laid him on his bed and covered him up. He gave his beautiful son a kiss to his forehead and whispered to him to have a good sleep and headed to bed himself. They both slept the night away peacefully and woke the next morning feeling very refreshed.

“Good morning Handsome, how was your sleep last night?” Mitch asked as soon as Banjo stumbled out of his room.

“Really good thanks. How long was I asleep before you took me to bed last night, and did I even wake up, I don't remember?” Banjo asked while yawning.

“I think you passed out almost an hour before I took you to bed, and I don't think you woke up at all, I certainly didn't notice if you did anyway.” Mitch said lovingly.

“Thanks. It was very nice, I've missed that.”

“Me too. We need to set aside at least one day a week for us to just sit together and talk and be father and son and make sure not to let the other fun stuff here interfere with that, because we both need it too much, we'd miss it too much.” Mitch suggested.

“Definitely, no one other than just the two of us, cuddle up and watch a movie and or talk, just the two of us.” Banjo smiled warmly.

“Exactly. You only have a few minutes before you have to get to the kitchen baby, so go get out of that super soggy diaper, which in case you haven't noticed is actually touching your knees, and hit the shower.”

“I know, I was just coming out to say good morning. I actually managed to leak last night, and given that you're already showered and dressed, I'm guessing so did you!”

“Yeah, I did. Did you throw your bedding into the hamper already?”

“Yeah, how about you?”

“I did.”

“Good. Well, I gotta go get cleaned up, so see you in a few minutes.”

“Okay.” Mitch smiled.

Banjo headed to his bathroom and stripped off his double thick leaky diaper and threw it away and then hopped into a nice hot shower and got himself good and clean. As soon as he was, he dried off and diapered himself, and then decided to just forgo clothes, it looked like it was nice outside and he did not strictly need any. As soon as he was ready to go, he went and kissed Mitch goodbye and said he would see him at breakfast and headed off. He was amongst the last of the boys to arrive, and like him, they too were all only in just their diapers, all of them feeling the same way, why wear anything more if you do not have to.

The rest of the morning went well for the boys of the morning crew, and like usual, they were done at least half an hour early, yet they got everything done to their usual standards without fail. They met the others in class and they all worked hard there as usual, and then the morning crew was released for the rest of the day. The decided that it was a really nice day out and that they should go do something, so they went and got dressed and went for a nice hike around the island. There were a great many great trails all over the place, and they even went up the little hill that was on the island, it overlooked everything, and they saw the oil drilling section of the island and watched the men work for a bit. The boys managed to actually hike and play out in the woods of the island right until it was time to go in for dinner, and by then they were all very hungry.

“What did you get up to after classes today Baby?” Mitch asked Banjo.

“Me and the guys hiked all around the island, we even sat at the top of the hill and watched you guys out there working for a bit.”

“Oh yeah. See much for wildlife out there?”

“Actually, not lots. Ben says there's not really many animals on the island, mostly birds. There are some squirrels and rabbits apparently, but I didn't see any, only birds.”

“Not surprising given the size of the island. There's not exactly a lot of food here for most animals, and I don't think there's any actual water for them to drink that's not saltwater, so there wouldn't be.”

“There's a small stream that leads from the top of the hill. It just bubbles up near the top somewhere and runs down, but it's more like a trickle.”

“Did you touch it, was it warm or did it smell?”

“No, it's not volcanic, it's really clean and fresh water. Ben says it's a flowing artesian well, because it wasn't drilled and just bubbles up to the surface naturally. I asked him how if we're surrounded by salt water could the water from it be so fresh and clear of salt, and he says it's because the rock filters most of the impurities out, and leaves us with much cleaner water. The water for the island comes from the same artesian well apparently, because Jack doesn't have to pump it, it's just stored and then gravity fed for everyone.”

“Oh, I didn't know that. Never asked how he did all the utilities here.”

“Well, I asked Ben, because he knows and I was curious. That's how the water's retrieved, and the reason it tastes so nice, but to power the island, he uses a combination of oil that he pumps to burn and power it, and solar and wind power as well. Those actually do most of the power for the complex, only oil's burned for the more powerful stuff at the drilling field.”

“I saw the solar and wind collectors, but I didn't think there were enough to power all this.”

“There probably isn't, at least not all the time, so the remainder comes from the oil power generator. The engine for the generator was modified from a diesel engine to work with the oil that he can easily produce right here from the oil he gets from the ground.”

“That's cool. I suppose I should have asked more questions so that I knew more about this place.” Mitch smiled.

“Yeah, but you've never been as curious as I have.” Banjo grinned.

“That's definitely true.”

As soon as they were cleared to come get dinner, everyone headed up and loaded up, the morning crew boys' plates looking well past decent, and they ate every crumb, and went back for more too. After dinner, the boys all thought that they were much too horny to last much longer, they had not had sex all day, and even the previous night most had not played around, so they headed to their lounge for a little fun time.

“When was the last time you guys tried a gigantic circle suck and finger fuck?” Banjo asked once they were all there and ready and raring to go.

“It's been at least a couple months I guess.” Ben smiled, liking the sounds of that a great deal.

“Then I say it's high time we try it again, any arguments?” Banjo grinned.

“No.” All the boys said as one.

“The only question is, diapers on or off?” Banjo said.

“Is there really any question?” Ben asked simply.

“No, I guess not, so diapers on for sure.” Banjo grinned again.

Within a few moments they were all laying on the floor on their sides, in the perfect position for a good group suck fest. They all raised their top legs to give their sucker and finger fucker all the room they would need to work in, and at much the same time, they all pulled down the fronts of each others diapers, and then they sucked each other in. As soon as they were sucking each other, they all started poking holes in the the diaper of the person they were sucking, and soon enough, they were all fingering each other. Each and every one of the boys skipped right past one finger though and inserted two right into the hot moist and ready holes of the boys they were fingering, and the entire room sighed as one.

It was with no real surprise that their first orgasms of the night were quick in cumming, but they had wished that the mass orgasm had at least lasted a little more than the two minutes it had taken. That did not mean however that they were finished, because not one of them even stopped. They just kept right on sucking and finger fucking each other just the same as they had prior to the incredible orgasm. They were going surprisingly slow though for a group of teen and preteen boys, they were all enjoying themselves, but they wanted it to last as long as possible.

Their second group cum came after a little more than five minutes, and once again, they all wished that it could have lasted longer than it had. This however did not mean that they were done yet though, because they were not, and they just kept right on going as if they had not just had one massive group cum.

They kept right on sucking and fingering each other as if they had not had two powerful cums back to back, and they slowed down even more still, really giving all the pleasure they possibly could. They lasted about the same amount of time once again, but still, they did not stop, they were going to try for four, and they did too. Almost ten minutes after their third cum, they all blasted off again, except there was very little blasting going on, because almost every one of the boys that could shoot were dry by that last one. Even the ones who still had a little left to give up had drained it by the end of the last cum, and after their second shot of their fourth cum, they too were as dry as the boys who had not started shooting yet. They all slumped down, all their dicks started softening, yet no one extracted fingers or dicks from any orifices.

“Wow, how awesome.” Banjo sighed out.

“Oh yeah.” Every boy there moaned.

“I don't know about the rest of you, but I could use a diaper change and then bed.”

“Me to.” They all said.

So that was what they did. Banjo got up and grabbed all the diapers they would all need, as well as the cream and the wipes, and came back to the rest of the group. They paired up and changed each others diapers, and before too long, they were all ready to go. They all headed off to their home cabins for the night and fell fast asleep.

“How was your night last night?” Mitch asked the next morning when Banjo came into the living area, he was early enough that they could sit and talk this morning.

“Oh, it was great. We got into a nice circle suck and sucked each other four times, and we all finger fucked each other as well. I don't think one of us even bothered to insert more than the two fingers we started with. It was really nice actually.”

“Sounds like it.”

“How about yours?”

“Little tame actually. Just invited one of the guys over and we had a little one on one fun time. Only fucked each other once and sucked each other once, it was surprisingly soft and tender. And before you ask, no, he's not good boyfriend material, and really, I don't think I want or need a boyfriend.”

“I didn't think you would, don't worry. I'm the same though, at least not yet.”

“That's good. So, what are you up to today after you're released from your work bonds?”

“Haven't really figured it all out yet actually. How about you?”

“Not really sure, but I might go sit in the hot tub for a bit once we're done for the day.”

“Maybe I'll meet you there then.”

“That'd be nice. You have to head to the kitchen soon though, so go get your soggy bum changed and head out.”

“Yeah, I should, see you in a bit.”


As soon as Banjo was ready to go, he headed out with a goodbye to his dad, and went and got to work. The day passed quickly like most do, and before they even knew it, the boys were off and running.

“Hey, Ben and Avery, I want you to help me with something tonight.”

“What?” They both asked.

“Well, I want my dad to catch me having sex, taking both of you in my ass and one of the others in my mouth. He still doesn't believe that I could take Jamie, but he won't be able to deny it if he sees the two of you filling me up. He's hoping to hit the hot tub right after they finish for the day, so if we're in the pool house, and just happen to get a little horny, then we can get started just before he arrives. Hopefully he does come, not that that's all the excuse I need for you two to fill me up.” Banjo grinned.

“Okay, sounds fun.” Avery grinned.

“No shit.” Ben added.

“Good, I hoped you two would agree.”

“Like we wouldn't have.” Ben smiled.


For the rest of the time that they had to them until then, they played around and had fun with the other boys, all of them having a great time, but none of them having sex. By the time that they were ready to go, all the other boys knew about what was going to happen in the pool house, and while Banjo asked that none of the others really had sex, they were definitely encouraged to be there and to watch, and maybe if they had to, they could stand above them and jack off, they all liked this idea. Although, like one of them said, if they got too hot, he would have a free mouth, so they could always fill it as well, and just keep filling his mouth. Banjo was more than happy with that arrangement.

The boys had all just arrived to the pool house, they were all naked and swimming, the men were just about finished for the day, and Banjo had no idea when or if his dad would come to the hot tub, but figured it would be sooner rather than later, so, he wanted to get his plan started.

“Okay guys, it's time, come fuck me silly?” Banjo asked.

“Goody.” Ben and Avery said as one.

They both climbed out of the pool and joined Banjo, who had already hopped out, he grabbed one of the mats that was kept in the pool house and set it near to the hot tub and waited. Ben laid down, he knew where he was needed, and Banjo came and sat on his face for a few moments to get ready, and then when he was, he turned around and sat down, impaling himself fully on Ben's more than ample teen erection. Ben was of course more than just a little ready for this, and his hardness showed that fact very clearly.

Avery, who was of course also very ready, like Ben, had not cum all day waiting for this moment. Most of the boys had not either mind you, so they were all already hard as nails in the pool, where they had all lined up at the edge to watch the show. As soon as he got the nod from Banjo though, he also lined up and sank in.

With having next to no lubrication or preparation, this was more than a little uncomfortable for Banjo, but he knew that in just a few moments it would feel like heaven, so, with that thought, he started moving himself on both the dicks that were filling him nice and full.

Just as he was starting to moan deeply from the incredible feelings, they all heard the door open and someone come walking in. It was also at this time that one of the boys had seen all he needed to see, and was extremely close to exploding, so he hopped out of the pool, and before Banjo could look to see who it was that had entered, he had a dick slipping into his mouth. It took only five seconds for said boy to fire off five good strong shots of cum, and then he was gone, and Banjo continued his blissful ride.

“Oh god guys, so good, you feel so good inside me.” Banjo moaned out deeply.

Another boy had had enough and hopped out and filled Banjo's mouth with another load of cum. Before too long, he too hopped back in the pool and the boys continued their fun.

The newcomers, for there were five of them, walked in to see one hell of a sight to greet them, and as Banjo had hoped, one of them was his dad. More importantly though, another of them was in fact the very man that he wanted to fuck him above all else, Jamie himself. Mitch had mentioned to Jamie that he was going to go sit in the hot tub, asking if he wanted to join him, because he was hoping that Jamie would also join him in the cabin as well afterward for a little fun time there, Jamie was more than happy with that of course. They all looked to the action on the pool deck and headed to the hot tub, watching all the way there. They laughed at the fact that the boys in the pool were all watching intently, and when they got too hot, they hopped out to fill Banjo's mouth. They all hopped into the hot tub after stripping off their wet diapers, still watching the action.

“I can't believe he's taking both those boys.” Jamie whispered to Mitch once they were seated.

“Why, they're just kids?” Mitch asked curiously, he had never seen either of them naked, let alone hard yet.

“Um, of the kids, Ben's got the largest cock, in fact, he's more well endowed than some of the men. Then there's Avery, and he's almost as big, pretty much he's already got a mans cock as well. Trust me, those two fucking Banjo together will be stretching him every bit as much as I would, if not more.” Jamie said, sounding clearly impressed.

“Yeah right.” Mitch said in disbelief.

“Just watch and see then, because in a few minutes, when they part, you'll see.” Jamie laughed.

Right then another boy was ready, so he hopped out of the pool and fed his dick to Banjo, who happily sucked it down and then had more than enough himself and came as well.

“Wow, so nice guys, let's trade places now, Avery on the bottom and Ben on top this time please?” Banjo sighed once he came down.

Banjo knew exactly what he was doing, he wanted his dad to see the boys' erections fully, he wanted his dad to see what he could take, and the boys were only too happy to go along with the plan. So, they all got up and traded places, and Mitch actually gasped when the sight met his sore eyes, sore, mostly because they nearly popped out of his head, he had never seen fifteen and sixteen year old boys so well endowed.

“Just so you know, I was about as big as they are when I was their age. Now I think you'll believe me.” Jamie whispered to Mitch.

“Holy shit, I can't believe he's taking them so easily.” Mitch gasped, because Banjo had just sat right down on Avery and then Ben just slipped right in with next to no resistance at all, and then Banjo started moving for them all once again.

Within a minute, three more boys had had all they could take and all fed banjo their nice sweet cum, and he enjoyed it very much. For at most five more minutes, the three boys rutted feverishly, really putting on a show, really moaning and sighing, hamming it up real good for their audience. Five more boys had to come feed Banjo more cum, two of them for their second time. A couple of the men very nearly hopped out to feed Banjo as well, but knew Mitch was not allowing that, so they did not, just came in the hot tub.

“Fuck, I'm about to cum watching my son get fucked silly.” Mitch admitted in a whisper to Jamie.

“Me too, and I don't care for them that young. He's amazingly hot though, and he'd make a damn fine porn star to be sure, he definitely knows how to take it.”

“Yeah, but it's worse for me, he's my son, I shouldn't be enjoying this at all.”

“Bullshit. Get your head out of your ass. Who cares who it is, it's a damn erotic and fine sight, and he's beautiful beyond belief. Here, let me at least help you, so that you don't feel as guilty from just cumming from seeing it. You can give me a hand too if you want.”

“Ugh.” Was all Mitch got out, because Jamie wrapped his hand around Mitch's erection and started mauling it. Mitch though grasped Jamie's considerably larger member and jacked him off as well, and not even twenty seconds later they were both cumming.

“Very nice. You know though Mitch, I nearly got out and fed my load to Banjo as well.”

“Know how you feel.” The others all said.

“Seeing what I'm seeing, I can't say's I blame you guys any, but please don't. I have a feeling that this is a show he's putting on just for me. He knew I was hoping to come here tonight, and he knows how I feel about him wanting to get fucked by men, most especially you Jamie, so I think he wanted me to see that he could easily do it, and I daresay I think he'd be able to take you faster and easier than I did, and probably take more too, if what he's taking now is any indication.”

“Helluva show.” Jamie breathed out.

“No shit. I've seen some of the best porn movies there are out there, most of them yours by the way Jamie, and I'm seeing my eleven year old baby boy take cocks as big as or bigger than I ever saw in them.”

“Tell me about it. I was always the biggest, and most couldn't take me at all, no one ever dreamed of taking me and another guy, and few took me as easily as Banjo's taking them now.”

“I know. I sure as hell didn't. I nearly asked you to pull out. Banjo keeps moaning for more.”


Four more boys had lined up and fed Banjo their loads, and as the fourth boy finished cumming, Banjo once again exploded, taking the two others with him.

“Switch again, I think I can go for one more, but this time, really fill me up if you can.”

“Not a good idea if we're gonna hop in the pool or hot tub, too messy.” Ben grunted.

“Okay, don't then, but you can later.” Banjo grinned, and they traded places again, and all the men had to admire the fact that all three boys were still as hard as ever and still raring to go. If only they could go for that long still they all chuckled to themselves.

They got started, and this time Banjo was really working them all very slow, and going from top to bottom fully, really riding the two boys to his fullest ability, and they were all moaning and sighing like crazy now from the incredible feelings. For this round, their last round, they lasted almost ten minutes, and in that ten minutes, all the boys had to come feed Banjo their loads, a few of them for their third time, all of them for their second. All the men watching in the hot tub also had to jack at least one more load out, and they all sighed almost as deeply as the three fucking boys did when they stopped.

“Oh hi Daddy, didn't see you there. Sorry, was just super horny and asked the guys to help me out.” Banjo groaned out as he slipped in the hot tub with the men, Ben and Avery joining him.

“Don't give me that. I know just as well as you do that you knew I was hoping to come here tonight, and I know just as well as you do that you set up this little play to teach me a few things. I also know you were hoping that I'd give you permission to go after Jamie, because clearly you could take him. Well, guess what, it backfired. At least a bit. I certainly saw that you could in fact take him, I've never seen anything like that before, but that still doesn't mean I'm gonna allow you to have sex with adults, even though technically you are, at least adult sized dicks. Stick with the kids, no adults. At all. Final, don't ask again, or we leave. Understood.” Mitch said softly but firmly.

“Yeah, you caught me. I understand.” Banjo sighed.

“Good. By the way, how the hell can you walk? I can't even take that much and not feel like I had a baseball bat shoved up my untrained ass.”

“I just like it like that. And besides, I have had a baseball bat before.” Banjo grinned.

“What, really?” Mitch gasped.

“Yep.” Banjo grinned brighter.

“You know, given what I just witnessed, it wouldn't even surprise me. I never imagined a kid could even take that much at all. Not sure why you'd even still want an adult though when you can clearly get all that you need, and more with the boys. Ben and Avery, you're quite impressive. I mean you're both around the same size as I am.” Mitch said in awe, because Ben was just a bit bigger and Avery just a bit smaller.

“Yeah, well I can, but I've had lots of practice.” Banjo smiled.

“Thanks.” Both Ben and Avery said as one.

“You're welcome. Also, practice has little to do with that, clearly you have a very receptive asshole, otherwise it'd always hurt too much, I know.”

“True, I guess I'm just made for sex.” Banjo grinned.

“I'll say.” The boys both said as one again.

“Thanks.” Banjo grinned.

“Well boys, I'm gonna hop in the pool and swim for a bit.” Mitch said.

“I'm pretty worn out, that does take a lot out of a guy, so I'm gonna head to bed.”

“Know how you feel actually. Have a good sleep Baby, love you.” Mitch smiled warmly to his very sexually satisfied baby boy.

“Love you too Daddy.” Banjo smiled and hopped up.

“Would you like some help?” Ben asked.

“If you wouldn't mind, and the two of you still have to fill me up if you can.” Banjo grinned.

“I could.” They both answered.

“Why not come back to my cabin and you can both fill me up real good and then double diaper me. You could also stay the night if you want.”

“Sure, why not.” Ben answered.

“Okay.” Avery smiled.

“We'll just have to swing by our places and leave a note for our dads.” Ben added.

“No problem. We should probably at least put a diaper on for the walk there.”

“Yeah, we'll need to poke a hole in your diaper anyway, and like we'd let you be the only one double diapered.” Avery grinned.


They went and diapered each other, and then told the others that they were off and running, Banjo thanking them for the nice treat. They then headed out, Ben and Avery stopping at their cabins on the way to write the notes, and then to Banjo's for the night. Once there, Banjo bent over the edge of his bed and Ben took the honors of getting Banjo ready, and then inserted his once again hard dick inside Banjo, and then proceeded to fill him up. Avery was already ready for as soon as Ben pulled out, so when he did, Avery slipped into place and also filled Banjo up nicely.

“Would you like a butt plug as well?” Ben asked, already digging in the drawer he knew Banjo kept his toys.

“Definitely.” Banjo answered and was happy to see Ben grab the largest toy he had, and then it was deftly inserted in his sloppy ass and finally he was diapered up again.

“Mmm, much better, thanks. Go ahead and lay down and I'll get you both ready as well. I trust you both want to be plugged as well?”

“For sure.” They both said as one.

Banjo went to work and got them both plugged and then properly double diapered, same as he was, only he was far more full of course.

A few minutes later they were all set, they curled up into bed, pulled up the covers, and shut off the lights. Before too long, they were all sound asleep.