Chapter 4

Before they all knew it, the next several weeks went by in a flurry of activity. Every day was much the same, in that they all had a lot of fun, but they all also worked a lot. The boys all had great sex at least once a day, sometimes twice if they were lucky, whereas the men could not possibly keep up, and more often than not were just once every couple days. The sex was of course not the only fun thing that they did, because the boys also went outside and played a lot, went swimming, watched movies and played games, all the sort of things that boys should go and do. They were all having a very good time though, and that was all that mattered.

“Boys, I need volunteers to head to the mainland with me today?” Jack called out after breakfast was finished.

“I'd like to go.” Banjo, Ben, and one other all called at the same time.

“Okay, that's perfect, so as soon as you boys finish your morning chores, go get dressed and we can head out. The rest of you, you're skipping classes today, so have fun.

“Okay.” All the boys said as one.

The boys finished their chores as early as they normally did, and then headed to their cabins to get dressed.

“Man, I hate being dressed. It feels like so long already, it's been well over a month since I've put on more than an apron and or shoes.” Banjo admitted to the other two when they met back up.

“Tell me about it. It's been almost three months for me.” Ben admitted.

“You get used to it though, don't worry, and before too long, we won't have to worry about that, because we can get undressed in a few hours again anyway.” Steven said, he is thirteen.

“Yeah, I guess so, but whatever.” Banjo shrugged.

They met with Jack as he was coming out of his cabin and then they all headed down to the dock to board their ride.

“So, Banjo, have you ever been on a boat before?” Jack asked.

“Sure, I used to live in Australia remember, there boating is a national past time I'm sure, and almost everyone has a boat. I've been on lots of boats, I love them. Never one this big mind you, but almost.”

“I figured as much, but you never know. Now, the rules are simple, if we get into heavy waves, get into a life jacket, if you see anyone go overboard, yell and scream 'til someone hears you, and if you go overboard, yell and scream 'til someone hears you. If however you do something stupid that causes you to go overboard, not only will I beat your ass, your dad probably will as well, and you won't be able to come back out with me again. Otherwise, just listen. You don't really have to do much at all, but otherwise, have fun.”

“Okay, and what's the special surprise you give us when we come with you?”

“Ben never told you?”

“I never asked, forgot about it 'til we were on the boat.”

“Oh. Well you get to jump off the boat and go ocean swimming as naked as can be, it's very refreshing and free. Not that you boys aren't free pretty much every day anyway. Also, when we get to the other side, we'll go for a drive into town and you can go shopping. Of course you don't have a bank card or anything with you, so if you want anything, just ask for it and I'll buy it for you and deduct it from your next paycheck.”

“Cool, sounds fun.” Banjo smiled.

None of the others needed anything, otherwise they would have come as well, Jack let as many of them come as wanted to, they could have all come had they wanted, but most often, they did not want to get dressed.

Jack had already come down almost an hour before and got the boat all ready to go, it was running and warmed up by the time they made it, so once they were all aboard, Jack headed to the bridge and got them on their way. Banjo wandered into the bridge to see what it was like, and to talk to Jack for a few minutes.

“What's up?” Jack asked.

“Nothing much, was just coming to see what it was like in here. This is a pretty nice boat.”

“Thanks. It's not much different than most boats though, just more electronics.”

“Cool. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what would you like to know?”

“Well, I can't help but notice that we drink a lot of powdered milk and eat a lot of powdered eggs. I know the reason for that, because they just won't keep for long, but why don't you have cows or chickens so that we have fresh eggs and milk?”

“I thought of it many years ago, but we just don't have the time to deal with all that headache. Animals are a pain to look after, they require a lot of attention, such as for cleaning and milking or collecting of eggs. As much as I'd prefer fresh stuff, the headaches just far outweigh the benefits, at least in my opinion.”

“Oh, I understand. What if I told you though that I know of a farmer that I've been talking to online that would suit this place perfectly? He's a farm hand, so he doesn't have anything holding him down, he has a ten year old son that's also a gay diaper lover, and he knows everything there is to know about raising animals and all that.”

“I'd say, when did you find all this out, and why didn't you come to me sooner?” Jack asked.

“Actually, we met online only a couple weeks ago, and I only just really found all this out within the past couple days. I haven't said anything about possibly hiring him, only that his services would be greatly appreciated on the island we live on, because of the powdered milk and eggs. He said that he'd kill to live where we are, even though I didn't tell him where I lived exactly, only that we lived on a small island of just gay diaper lovers.”

“You know what, if he's perfect for our home, and he can farm for us, then I might be all for it. Is he teaching his son all his skills as well?”

“Yeah, and he already home schools as well due to being beaten up pretty bad at the beginning of last year due to being gay. They had no idea he was a diaper lover as well at the time, but he admitted it to his dad shortly before that little incident. I think that if you hired them to do all the farming for us, his son could do his schooling with us and otherwise work with his dad, that we'd all be far happier in the long run. It's too late now to plant any food, but he could also tend to that for next year, so that we have fresher produce as well. Or maybe you can put in a greenhouse, if you care to.”

“That's a really good idea. When we get back, I want you to contact him and ask him if he and his son would like the opportunity, you have to tell them everything that you can, and if he wants to, have him call me and we'll make the arrangements from there. If he's good at planting as well, I'll have a greenhouse crated up and we can bring it home and build one, and I'll get everything here that we need to build us a really good barn.”

“That'd be awesome, and I'm positive that he'll be joining us soon. How would you get a large greenhouse and all the materials for a barn here though. There's no way that you could possibly do that on this boat?” Banjo asked curiously.

“I've got a large barge moored on the other side. Not practical for going back and forth all the time, but very much so for when I have to bring large things back and forth. I have a crane truck on both sides, and we can bring almost anything we want. How else would we get all the heavy machinery back and forth?”

“Oh yeah, I never thought about how you would've gotten all the machinery to the island, or even all the stuff to build the cabins. Who'd do all the work though to build the barn and the greenhouse?”

“Um, hello, I have over fifty oil field men working for me. I don't know if you know this or not, but they're all pretty handy with their hands.”

“No, actually, I don't, my dad won't let me join them, yet.” Banjo grinned cheekily.

“Even though that's not quite what I meant, I can tell you that they are very handy that way as well. No, almost everyone there will be more than comfortable building, and I can pull half the crews for construction quite easily. Even your dad's spent more than enough time on construction sites to be of more than a little use.”


“If this all works out Banjo, everyone will love you.”

“Thanks, but I'm not really doing it for them so much as for me, I really can't stand the powdered eggs, and the milk isn't that much better.” Banjo grinned.

“You do get used to it.” Jack laughed.

“I haven't yet.” Banjo said dryly.

“It took almost a year for me to get used to it myself actually. Go find the others, I'll let you boys know when we're in a good position to go swimming.”

“Okay, thanks.” Banjo smiled and headed out.

Banjo did not tell the other two what he had done, he wanted to leave it as a bit of a surprise when it was done, but he joined them in enjoying the ride. Almost half an hour later Jack stopped the boat, there was nothing in sight but ocean now, except just the faintest hint of land on the horizon, but there was no one anywhere near them, not that there usually was anyway.

“Okay boys, let's go swimming.” Jack came out and called out.

They all stripped naked, and then Jack led them in diving from the back of the boat. Banjo had swam in the ocean many times before, so he thought he knew what to expect. What he was not counting on though was that he had swam in the very warm waters off the south west of Australia, never before had he swam in what he would call cold water. Well, he found that the water off the coast of northern BC was not only cold, but very cold. It had been a ten to fifteen foot drop from the back of the boat, but as soon as he hit the water, and his body registered the cold, he very nearly jumped right back into the boat in one go.

“Holy fucking cold.” He did screech out though.

“What'd you expect?” Jack laughed.

“I swam in the ocean all the time in Australia, it never dawned on me that it'd be colder here.” Banjo said, already half way up the ladder.

“Oh get back in here. You'll get used to it, it's not that bad.”

“Easy for a penguin to say. No way, there's no way I'm getting back in there.” Banjo said, his teeth chattering quite a bit now.

“I'm not a penguin, I'm a polar bear.” Jack laughed. The other two boys could not help but laugh as well.

“I don't see how you guys think this is funny. Water that cold just isn't natural.”

“Yeah, but you grew up somewhere where the water's twenty degrees, this is Canada, where the average water temperature is only two degrees.” Ben answered.

“That's my point exactly. That's just not natural.”

“Sure it is, here anyway. Come back, I promise you'll get used to it, and I'll help to warm you up once we get back on the boat.”

“I'd rather you come help me with that now. Sorry, but I just can't go back in there.” Banjo said, he had paused on the ladder, but with that, he went the rest of the way up and nearly ran to the bathroom so that he could dry off, diaper up and get dressed, so that he could get warm again.

“Just leave him, he'll be fine. He's just not used to the cold, but soon enough he'll have to get used to it. Just remember, where he's from, they don't even know what real winter is. He considers cold to be fifteen degrees.” Jack said to the boys who both looked to him for his guidance.

“Okay.” They both said.

The three of them swam and frolicked in the cold water for almost half an hour before they got out so that they too could go get dried, diapered and dressed, so that they could also warm up, because it was cold, no matter how you cut it. Before too long though they were all done and Jack had them headed out once again.

“Sorry about that, I'm such a wuss when it comes to cold.” Banjo apologized to the boys once they found him, he was huddled up under a blanket in the living area.

“It's no problem. It's like you said, you're just not used to the cold, it's no big deal. Soon enough though you'll be just as used to it as we are. We've both been in northern Canada most of our lives with our dads working the oil fields and things like that, so we're really used to it. I know your dad used to live and work in northern Alberta, has he told you what's about to happen though in a few months?” Ben asked curiously.

“If you're wondering if he warned me that it was gonna get really bloody cold, yeah, he did. I'll probably stay inside most of the time, or at least as much as possible, because I doubt I'll be able to manage otherwise.”

“You'll miss out on a lot of fun if you do though. Winter is the best there, we have so much to do, even more than we do now. The skidoos are the best, and so much fun to ride, and I don't know if you know this yet or not, but winter lasts longer than spring and summer together do, so you're gonna have to get used to it before too much longer. In fact, it's almost September, so that means we only have two months left before we start seeing snow, usually by late October we have snow, but it starts to get really cold by about mid January.”

“I hate to tell you this, but you're not making me feel any better.”

“Not trying to, just pointing out the facts of life. You'll either get used to it, or you'll have to move, and if you feel only half of what I do about life on the island, I know that's just not an option.”

“No, I love it there. You guys will just have to give me time, but the first year, don't expect me to go out too much. Does Jack at least keep good winter wear for us?”

“Um, this is Canada, home of the very best winter gear in the world. Trust me, he only gets the best. Even at the very coldest, you could go outside and still feel nice and comfortable. Trust me. At negative forty, no matter who you are, that's bloody cold, and we go out in that weather all the time and play, and we all keep nice and warm and dry. So will you, you'll be fine.” Ben said warmly.

“Not so sure that I believe you yet, but I'll try when the time comes, but sorry, no way are you ever gonna get me in that water again.”

“Maybe in the winter time we will, it'll be easier.”

“Um, how would it be any easier, it'll be winter time?”

“Easy, the water will actually feel warm in comparison to the air temperature. Granted, you don't want to stay in it for too long. Even today, had we stayed in any longer, we could've gotten hypothermia.” Ben answered.

“Oh, that's comforting.”

“It should be though. Come on, let's go back outside!”

“Not yet thanks, I'm still trying to defrost.” Banjo said honestly.

“Good grief, you really are a wuss, aren't you?” Ben laughed.

“Oh yeah. 'Til last year in Vancouver, I'd never really known what cold was. I turned on the heat when it got to eighteen degrees outside, and I didn't venture outside when it was fifteen, and that was when I was still in Australia. Last year though when it dropped to one or two degrees, and we actually got snow, I just couldn't keep warm, no matter what I did. I point blank refused to leave my bedroom for more than a week, I didn't even go to school, I just couldn't do it, it was too cold for me. Also, it wasn't 'til last year that I'd ever seen real snow. I mean I saw it on the mountains back home, and I saw it on TV lots, but never had I actually touched it before, and I'm not so sure that I want to now any more than I did then.”

“Wow, the funny thing is, I lived in Vancouver for a while several years ago, and it was winter then, and we didn't get anywhere near what I'm used to for snow or cold. They even said it was one of the worst years that year for snow and cold, but I'd seen way worse on a mild year elsewhere.”

“That's really not helping any.”

“Wasn't meant to.”


For the rest of the trip, which was not much longer, the three of them continued talking. They talked all the way until Jack had them in their slip at his own personal marina. When the boys exited, Banjo saw the barge that Jack had told him about, and he admitted that it would certainly do the job, and then some.

“Okay boys, the guys here will take care of the loading of all our things, so let's say we go to the mall in town.” Jack said.

“Okay. How far away is it?” Banjo asked, the other two knew already.

“Twenty minutes away, so pretty close.”

“Why, is it that busy in this city?” Banjo asked innocently, he had never lived in a small town before.

“City, oh no, far from it. This is barely even a town.” Jack answered.

“Then how can it be twenty minutes to get there, or is it that far away?”

“That far away, and that's at eighty kilometers an hour. The closest town is that far south of us, and there's probably only a couple thousand people in the entire town.”

“Wow, I've lived in subdivisions with more people than that in them.” Banjo whistled.

“Same.” They all said.

“Is the mall very big then?”

“Depends on your definition of big I suppose. It's big for a small town, to be sure, but would be classified as a small strip mall in any half way decent city. There's only ten or eleven stores in it, but at least it's all indoors, so a proper mall, just not very big.”

“Oh. Never been to a mall that small before.”

“It's a really nice place actually.” Jack said, as they were getting into the car.

A few moments later they were all buckled in and they took off for the car ride to town. They talked all the way there, and before they knew it, they arrived.

“Wow, this place really is small. There's not even any traffic lights, and most of the side roads look like they're gravel.” Banjo noted.

“That's right. Just remember, this is a very small town, and they like it like that. The pace of life here's like nothing you've ever imagined before. Most of the people here don't even own a clock, watches are nearly taboo, because no one cares about time. Even at the general store, on the door where you'd normally see a sign with open and close times, they have a sign that says open; whenever we get here, closed, whenever we decide to leave, usually sun up to sun down most days of the week. It's so relaxed here that no one really worries about it. If someone really needed something, they'd just call and ask to come in, and they'd do it too, no matter when really. Everyone here knows everyone. The only downside of course is that the nearest hospital is more than an hour away, but they do have a doctor here, and he can take care of most things easy enough. There's no police station here, they take care of most things on their own, and they have one fire truck, it's probably never been used, but they have it for just in case.”

“Wow. I didn't even know such a place existed.”

“Even in Australia there's small towns like that, maybe not so small, but there's lots of places like that here.”

“I suppose so, just never lived anywhere like that before.”

They stopped in front of the general store, and it looked old, real old. There was still even an original looking horse hitching post, but Banjo figured it could not have been original, it looked too new, but new was strictly relative, because it was probably fifty years old or more.

“Eying the hitching post!” Jack said as they walked past it and he saw banjo looking at it curiously.

“Yeah, was wondering if it was original or not, but I figured it was quite old. Wonder why they don't just get rid of it, it's in the way?”

“Then where would people hitch their horses when they come?” Jack asked with a straight face.

“Yeah right.” Banjo laughed.

“Actually, I'm being serious. A lot of people here do still use horses to get places. Occasionally you'll even see a horse and buggy. Trust me, this hitching post gets used.”

“Oh. I've never even seen a real horse before.”

“You really didn't get out much then did you, because I know for a fact that they do have horses in Australia as well.”

“Yeah, but I always lived in cities, except once or twice when I lived in camp, but that's not the same. I've never been to a zoo or a farm before, no need to, so why would I have?” Banjo stated.

“Okay then. Maybe we'll work on something like that then as well.” Jack said.

“What's that?” Ben asked curiously.

“Nothing that concerns you yet, don't worry.” Jack answered.

“Oh, okay.” He said softly.

“Don't worry, if it pans out, you'll like the surprise. So, let's go shopping boys. Remember, if you want anything, just grab it and we'll buy it. If you see something that everyone would like, then grab it as well and we'll buy it for everyone.”

“Okay.” All three boys said as one.

They all looked around the general store for a few minutes, just checking to see what all they had. Like most old fashioned general stores, the stock changed often, so there was always something new. Banjo though had never once been in a store anywhere like this and it fascinated him greatly. He was having a blast looking at all the neat things the store had. He grabbed a couple small things for himself that he wanted, as well as something everyone would like he figured, a couple new movies. They spent about half an hour in there and then headed out to their next stop, the mall.

“Where would you boys like to go first?” Jack asked once they made it inside.

“The electronics store please?” Ben asked.

“Okay, lead the way.”

“You'll love this place Banjo. It may be a small town, but this is the only electronics store for about a hundred kilometers or so, so they have lots of really cool things. They're actually one of the biggest stores in the mall, only the pharmacy and the hardware store are larger, but not by a whole lot I tell you.”

“Cool, I wouldn't mind getting myself a couple new things.” Banjo smiled.

They headed inside and Banjo was pleasantly surprised by what he found there. They really were a good sized store that carried pretty much everything that anyone could possibly need. Banjo went and looked at the computers, because he did kind of want a notebook computer for himself, so that he did not have to go to the classroom whenever he wanted the use of a computer. Most of the boys had already bought their own, so he was the only one who did not. There was only one other there, but he did not want one. He found the nicest model the store had and told Jack that he would like to get that one, so Jack asked the sales guy to pack one up for Banjo.

Banjo continued looking around for a bit more and picked out a few accessories for the computer. He put them on the counter where his new computer was placed, and then went and looked at the other stuff there. The other two boys were looking around as well and they all oohed and awed over some of the really cool things the store had to offer, but none of them bought anything else, none of them figuring they really needed anything more.

From there they headed to the hardware store next, where Jack picked out a few things that were needed, the boys having fun looking around as well, but not taking anything. They headed to the pharmacy next, but they did not need anything from there, so hit the one clothing store there that had a few boys and mens clothes in it. The boys did not want anything, but Jack grabbed a couple new shirts for himself and then grabbed a whole buggy full of new socks and shirts for everyone, since they always wore out the fastest. Finally they hit the bakery there and grabbed a treat and headed out.

“Wow, that really was a tiny mall. The smallest mall I'd ever been to before now took me almost half an hour to walk from one end to the other. Well, I guess that's not true, because I have been to a few strip malls as well, but they were bigger than this too.” Banjo commented once they got in the car.

“Yeah, it's a great little place. They have all we need and nothing else really, so that's perfect. If you ask me, all those huge malls that have two to ten of every type of store are just ridiculous and pointless. I've hit a few malls before that had a few hundred stores in it, the one had to have had a hundred woman's clothing stores in it alone, I mean, just how many fucking clothes stores do they think they need, but I've known far too many women in the past that considered that not enough stores and had to go to the next city to find a particular one. How retarded is that.” Jack said.

“Very true. There was a mall in Sydney that was like that, a hundred and twenty two woman's clothing stores, and two mens. It took me and Dad four hours to look through the whole place, and we never ventured into one of the girls stores, and we still couldn't find me a pair of pants that fit. The place had to have had fifteen jewelry stores too, and you know, I looked into a few of them, and ninety five percent of the products were for girls. It's amazing how little malls have for boys. We actually found a great boys clothing store huddled right in the middle of the city on an off beat road, almost no one knew about it, but the guy said he was always busy, almost all word of mouth advertising, and all he had was boys and mens clothes, not one girls item at all. Once we found that place, I never went for clothes anywhere else. Even when we moved from there, we were never too far away and we always took a trip to go see him for clothes.”

“Yeah, malls are geared towards girls, there's simply no denying that. The very few mens stores are there only to appease the poor bastards that get dragged in by their females I swear. Most guys would rather find a good small store that carries what they need, go in, get it, get out and go. Granted, many gay guys like malls too, and I'm sure a few straights do too, but not me.”

“I could go without too actually.” Banjo said.

“Me too.” The other two added.

“Was there anything else you wanted while we're here boys?”

“No thanks.” They all answered.

“Okay, back to the boat then. They should have everything loaded already, so let's go.”

“What all did they have to load?” Banjo asked curiously.

“Mostly food and diapers, but a few other supplies that are always needed. We go through a lot of diaper rash cream, doublers, lotion, lube, that sort of thing as well, so plenty of that too. That's why I didn't buy it from the pharmacy, it works out cheaper for me to have it shipped in in the long run, and they don't carry the really good stuff.”

“Okay, cool.”

They talked the rest of the way back to the ship, all having a good time, laughing and joking around. Once they made it there, they found that everything was in fact ready to go, so they hopped on board and Jack got them started up to get warmed back up again. While he was doing that, the boys were stowing the few things that they had bought while they were out. Once they were done that and the boat was ready, they headed back home.

Almost as soon as they made it back home, Banjo excused himself to take his new stuff to his cabin, and he told Ben that he was going to get it all set up as well, and to not expect him for an hour or two. Once there, he did just that, and then went online to see if his gay diaper loving farmer friend was online. He was not, but his son was, so he and Banjo chatted for a few minutes. The young boy told Banjo a few minutes later that his dad had just walked in, so said that he could chat with his dad now. Banjo told him he was welcome to stay and chat as well, that he could read everything that Banjo wrote, so he did.

Banjo told him first that Jack was very much interested in having him come to the island, as well that his son was more than welcome as well. He told them that Jack was pleased that they were both gay diaper lovers, because that was all that was allowed on the island. He then went on to tell them both that if they were up for it, that a greenhouse and barn would be built for them to use and that they would be in charge of all things agricultural.

Both father and son seemed very pleased with this and gladly took Jack's number so that they could call and make arrangements. They stayed chatting for a few minutes longer, but before too long, the man said that he and his son had to go get back to work, but that he hoped to see him soon.

That day was almost two weeks ago now and Jack had talked to the man a couple times to arrange things, but it was happily agreed upon that he and his son would come to the island and take care of animals and food. Jack also arranged for several head of milking cows, four dozen laying hens, a couple dozen horses, and even a few milking goats. He arranged for all the materials for a massive barn and greenhouse, as well as a fair sized chicken coop, and all the accessories that they would need for all the animals. For this, Jack had his new man tell him what all he needed and where to get it, and he did, so Jack got all that and more.

“Banjo, could you come with me please?” Jack asked after class that afternoon, the man and his son were about to arrive.

“Sure, what would you like?” Banjo asked curiously.

“I'll tell you in a minute or two.” He answered as they were leaving the classroom, they had just finished classes.


They hopped in a jeep and headed down to the docks, Banjo wondering what was up. Jack did not say anything for the entire drive, but as soon as they pulled up to the dock, Banjo could see that the barge was just about there, it had at most half a kilometer left before it was there. He could very easily see that it was well loaded, but given almost everything was in bins, he could not easily see what it was loaded with.

“Okay, I've kept you in the dark long enough. As you can see, the barge is just about here, and you can probably see that it's pretty well loaded. What you can't tell though is what it's loaded with. I brought you here with me today because of what's on this ship, it's the surprise that you get to tell everyone about. At dinner tonight you get to introduce our two newest members and what they're here for, and then after dinner, we're all coming down here to offload everything. The next few days as many of the men as can be spared will be building our new barn, chicken coop and greenhouse so as to house the animals properly and get us some plants going. I wanted you here though to meet the newest crew.”

“Wicked, thanks Jack. I knew they were coming, we've talked of course, but they never said when they were coming. What will we do with the animals while we're building the barn and coop though?”

“They have nowhere to go anyway, so they can just wander the island as they please. For the most part, we think that they can just do so, except the chickens, we'll want them in their coop and pen at all times so that we can find their eggs, but all the animals that need milking will definitely want to come back to be milked, so they'll do so on their own. Once we need it, I'll order a bunch of hay and other food for them, but for the most part, they can eat all the lush grass that we have here, and we don't have to worry about wild animals getting them, because there aren't any on the island.”

“Okay, that makes sense. How many animals did you get then?”

“Two dozen milking cows, a few milking goats, four dozen chickens and two dozen horses as well.”

“Really, horses too?”

“Yes, because you said you'd never really seen a horse, so I thought why not, as well they'll come in handy for getting around the island without having to use vehicles. You boys will also enjoy riding them, and it's not like I can't afford them, so why not.”

“Wow, thanks. I have a feeling I'm gonna get some extra loads of cum tonight.” Banjo grinned brightly.

“Same here.” Jack grinned too.

They stayed standing there chatting for the next few minutes as the barge got itself all situated and once it was, their passengers disembarked. They came down the dock toward the man and boy that were waiting for them.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, it's good to finally meet you, I'm Jack, and you must be Jim and Nicky.”

“Good afternoon, it's good to finally meet you as well. Yes, I'm Jim and this is my little baby boy Nicky.”

“And this young man is the reason you two are with us today, this is Banjo.”

“My god, you're beautiful.” Jim said, finally really looking at Banjo, Nicky though had not stopped staring at the boy.

“Thanks, you're pretty hot yourself.” Banjo smiled brightly.

“Thanks. Nicky, snap out of it and wipe the drool off your chin.” Jim laughed.

“He gets that all the time. His dad said he's actually caused more than a few accidents now.” Jack laughed.

“I don't doubt it. You must be very popular here.”

“I try.”

“He wears the other boys out routinely from what I hear.”

“If I were at all interested in having a boy, that I'd like to try.” Jim sighed.

“Can I though?” Nicky asked.

“Anytime, anywhere.” Banjo smiled.

“Right here, right now is good for me.” He said, appearing to have had an orgasm, he had quivered a bit for a few seconds.

“Not now Nicky, maybe later.” Jim laughed, smacking his clearly love struck little boy upside the head gently.

“That's okay Nicky, we don't really have time right now anyway, it was more a figure of speech. Besides, we should wait 'til later so you can meet all the others, they'd like to join us I'm sure. I know you've had a bit of experience, but not too much yet, and we don't want to have any fun without the others, now that'll be an experience.”

“Oh, okay. Can you fill me up first please, I'd really like you to fuck me?”

“We'll see. A few of the older boys though you probably won't be able to take anyway, and I'm the next youngest here now besides you and one other who's ten, so I'll probably have to be the one to fill you up first. Mind you, I may be the third youngest now, but I'm not the third smallest.” Banjo said proudly.

“That I'd like to see.” Nicky sighed.

“And you'll get to, don't worry.”

“Okay boys, you don't need to talk about sex all day long.” Jack laughed.

“Why not, we're boys, we already think about it all day long anyway?” Banjo grinned cheekily.

“Yes, that is true, and us men are hardly any different, but that's beside the point. So Jim, how did the animals fare?”

“They seem to have held up well. I heard them all a few times as we hit waves and such, and I checked on them right before we berthed, but they seem to be just fine.”

“That's good to hear. Now, because you guys arrived a good couple hours before I was expecting you, I'm gonna just keep you here for a while, because we're gonna introduce you as a surprise to the rest of the island, only Banjo and I know about you two.”

“Okay, that's fine. I take it that this is gonna be a big surprise?”

“You have no idea. I dreamed all this up because I couldn't stand the powdered milk and eggs, and I'm not alone in that, so everyone will just love you two. I'll probably be thanked all night long tonight, or at least 'til I pass out.” Banjo grinned brightly.

“I have no doubts there. I've suffered with them a couple times too, and I can't say's I blame you for wanting fresh. We'll go back on board now then and check on and feed the animals while we're waiting.”

“Great. I'll come pick you guys up in a few hours then. In the meantime, feel free to go kick back and relax and watch TV or something in the dock house. There's also plenty of diapers in the bathroom if you need a change, and of course feel free to strip down to just your diapers as well.”

“I could stay here with them and keep them company.” Banjo offered.

“Yes, you could, but then Jim would be left all alone, wouldn't he?”

“Only for a bit.”

“No, come on kiddo, I don't want to raise suspicions any more than bringing you down here already will have. As for you two, I'll see you in a while, and thanks for coming.”

“Thanks for inviting us.”

Jack and Banjo hopped back in the jeep they came down in and headed back up to the main camp. Everyone tried to ask Banjo what was happening, but he just made up a story about Jack asking his opinion on something. They all bought it of course, and no one suspected anything. For the next few hours, Banjo joined his fellow crew in having fun, but told them that he wanted to wait until that evening for fun, so they went and played. Just before dinner time, Jack headed back down to the dock to meet his two newest crew and bring them back with him. The others all filed into the dining hall when they were supposed to, and when Jack arrived, he called Banjo up.

“Hey guys, before we get started on dinner, Banjo has an announcement that he'd like to make.” Jack called out.

“Thanks Jack. No one but Jack and I know this yet, but over the past few weeks I've been working on something that I think everyone will really enjoy, almost as much as we all enjoy diapers and hot gay sex.”

“Yeah right.” A few of the boys called out.

“Trust me. There's only one thing a boy needs more than hot gay sex and diapers, and that's food. Nothing controls us more. Well, like many of you, I really don't like powdered eggs and milk, but unlike you, I just can't stand the thought of getting used to it. No thanks. So, I found us a farmer that has agreed to come out here and raise milking cows and goats and chickens, so that we have fresh milk and eggs.”

“No way.” The entire crowd cheered, even the men loved this.

“Yes, and here is our new farmer and his hot little gay baby son, Jim and Nicky.”

As soon as Banjo called out their names, they both came in, and of course they were both naked except a nice thick soggy diaper. The crowd cheered happily.

“Thanks guys.” Jim smiled.

“They probably don't care about you so much as the fresh food you'll offer us.” Banjo teased.

“That's okay.” He laughed.

“Now settle down guys, I do have a couple things to say.” Jack said.

A few seconds later they all calmed down, so Jack continued.

“Obviously we're not a full scale farming operation here, so as such, we won't have a couple things that the government stupidly says we should have. I don't believe in pasteurization, so our milk and eggs will be completely raw. For those of you that feel that drinking raw milk could be bad, then please request powdered milk and I'll make sure we have it. If however you're all good with that, then the powdered eggs and milk will be kept as emergency rations, and since the stuff pretty much never goes bad, it'll be fine. We'll probably have to suffer a few more days of the powdered stuff, until everything gets up and going and we start collecting everything, but we'll survive I'm sure. I also happen to know Jamie's an old hand at cheese making, so maybe he can start making us some cheese with any extra milk we collect, and that's the reason for the goats we got, because goats milk makes the best cheese if you ask me. Also, as many here may have noticed before now, we don't have the space to house all the animals, at least not yet. There's a new barn and chicken coop on the barge ready to offload and build, as well there's a greenhouse that needs to be built, because Jim's gonna start growing us some fresher produce. For the most part, the animals can just wander the island, but we pretty much have to get the chicken coop built tonight and tomorrow, so that we can get them out of their crate. And last but not least, I also have a couple dozen horses and all their accessories that we'll need.”

Another cheer rose up as soon as Jack finished speaking.

“I'm glad that you all like your surprise, and I'm sure that all you boys will be thanking Banjo repeatedly, probably 'til he passes out, but that has to wait 'til after dinner, so with that being said, let's eat.”

Everyone laughed, all of them knowing it to be very true, but they all got up none the less and headed to the tables for their dinner. As they waited in line, Banjo told Nicky to go ahead and join all the boys at their table once he had his food, he nodded. As soon as they all had their food, they went and sat down, and then the boys got started on getting to know each other better.

“So, tell us about yourself Nicky?” Ben asked, he was sitting on one side of Nicky and Banjo was on the other.

“Well, I'm ten years old, I'm gay and I love diapers. I guess you already know two thirds of that though, otherwise why would I be here. I've never actually been out of diapers though, my dad didn't bother to pee potty train me, he said I wasn't interested in it in the least, and truth be told, he loved seeing me in my diapers, so didn't force the issue. No one at school ever found out that I wore diapers, dad made sure the school knew about it and they kept it hush. Of course they were told that I had a bad bladder and could not hold my pee. I always wear a diaper shirt to conceal my diapers, and like I said, no one at school ever found out, unless of course I told them.”

“They found out last year though that I was gay and I got beat up pretty bad. We lived in what my dad called the redneck side of town and gay was a horrible thing. Yeah, well half those supposed straight boys that helped to beat me up had sucked my dick or let me into their asses, but of course, I was outed, they weren't. I suppose I can't really blame them any, had they been found out by their parents, they probably would've been beaten at home too, and they didn't really hurt me, but the others sure did. Once I was down and crying, they did tell the others that that was enough, I'd learned my lesson. Yeah, I sure did, who to trust.”

“I've had sex with several boys now, but only boys my age, up to a year older or younger, and we always had a lot of fun. I even got a few of them into diapers, and they all loved them too, so that's cool. After getting outed at school and beat up, my dad decided to just teach me at home. We already lived on a farm, and to tell you the truth, it was a pain in the ass to have to drive all the way into town to go to school anyway, so it worked out better in the end. Of course my steady supply of boys did dry up a bit, but I did still have a few friends that came over, almost every weekend actually.”

“I told my dad I was gay when I was eight, but I didn't really have a choice, because he caught me and my nine year old friend having sex, I was taking it at the time when he walked in, but then we traded places and I gave it to him. We didn't notice my dad standing there 'til after we came down. He just asked if we enjoyed ourselves, he was smiling, so I knew he wasn't mad, and I already knew he as gay anyway, so I said yes. All he said was to be careful outside our house, but otherwise enjoy. He closed the door and we continued right where we left off, or we did after talking for a few minutes.”

“I've lived on a farm my entire life, and my dad's been teaching me just about everything he knows so that I can help him out, and I love working with the animals. One day I'd love to buy my own farm and work the land, but this place might be even better. What about you guys?”

So as they ate, they all talked, all of them telling Nicky how old they were and what their names were, as well as a very basic outline of who they were. By the time dinner was done, they had gotten through almost all of them. The rest would have to wait until later. As soon as everyone was done, Jack stood up once again and got everyone's attention.

“Okay everyone. We have a barge to unload and get it up here, so everyone, no field duties tonight, kitchen crew, get your work done in record time and meet us at the dock, otherwise, everyone come with me. Oh, you'll have to stop and grab clothes to work in.”

Everyone dispersed and went to grab their clothes, and then everyone headed down to the dock to help offload the barge. Realistically not everyone was needed, seeing as how most of the stuff was on large pallets or skids, and the crane trucks would take care of most of that, but the boys would be utilized in helping to tie down loads and get the smaller stuff, whereas the men would have to muscle the bigger stuff that the crane was not needed for. It took only two hours for them to get everything off the barge and to its new home up near the main camp, but just outside slightly. Jack had made sure that the barn, coop and greenhouse would all be situated right behind the cabin that Jim and Nicky would have, so that they were somewhat close by. Of course it would still be a bit of a walk, but it would be pretty close.

“Okay everyone, we should try and get the chicken coop put together if we can. We have another couple hours before bed, and even though I know the boys wanted to go have some fun, I think this is more important, so everyone can help. In payment, we might even have some fresh eggs tomorrow morning.”

The boys groaned, the men laughed, but they all got to work. It was a pre fabricated unit, and while quite large, with as many people as they had working on it, it went together surprisingly fast. It helped that even most of the boys were very good with their hands and with tools, so they were able to help as well. While the coop was being built, the large outdoor chicken run was even fenced in, that way the chickens would have plenty of room to roam around. It took almost every minute that they had before bed to get it all done, but they did, and all the chickens were put into their new home right away. They were given some food and water, and then everyone said goodnight to each other and then headed into their cabins for some much needed sleep. The rest of the animals were good in their crates for the time being, they had been given fresh water and food already, so they were good.