Chapter 5

The following morning, they were all up and at it at their regular times, except Jim and Nicky, who were up a full hour earlier to tend to all the animals. The cows and goats were all milked, all the eggs were collected and cleaned, and all the animals were fed. The kitchen crew found a pleasant surprise when they opened up the kitchen to find fifteen gallons of cows milk and one of goats milk, and three dozen and a few eggs. Jamie very nearly came in his diaper from having such fresh items to be used finally. He was a proud chef and hated using canned and powdered foods, but he did the best he could with the products that they were easily able to get. This morning they made a truly great breakfast for everyone.

As soon as everyone filed in for breakfast, they knew something was different, it smelled better than it ever had before, and that was saying something, because they always ate very well. Once breakfast was served, they were all told that the milk and eggs were all fresh, they all cheered and Banjo was patted on the back, as were both Jim and Nicky.

After breakfast everyone was outside by the new barn area to put that together, and it took every bit of the next three days to build it, and then a further three to build the greenhouse. Both were plumbed and electrified and outfitted with the heaters that they would very much need, but no one, most especially the boys, had had one single chance to have any release. Jack knew what he was doing though, he knew the boys would be nearly bursting by the time they were finished, and had to wonder if when he did finally let them have their much deserved private time, if they would be able to work the next day. He figured they would, but would probably be dragging tail quite a bit.

“Finally, what a busy week, even for us. Even if the devil himself were to appear right now, I'd tell him to fuck off, I want sex. Come on guys, let's get it on.” Banjo cheered as soon as the afternoon crew was released from their work and they made it to the kids lounge.

“Now, Nicky, are you sure that you want to have sex?” Banjo asked.

“For sure, and I want you to be my first.”

“Okay, you got it. I'm thinking chain, you against having cock in your mouth and ass at the same time?”

“Hell no.”


“How big a dick can you suck?”

“Not sure what the biggest I could suck is, but I've sucked one about the same size as you before easily enough.”

“Okay guys, you heard him, try not to choke him though, he's still pretty fresh.” Banjo called out.

Nicky was knelt in the middle of the room and Banjo and another entered him at the same time, only Banjo entered only with lube coated fingers, two to be exact. He fingered Nicky for a few moments to make sure he was going to be able to take him, and he was happy to feel that Nicky would easily be able to. So as soon as Nicky was ready for it, Banjo got into position and slipped right in. Those behind him that were preparing him and all those behind him also moved into position, so that as soon as they were able to, they too slipped in.

For the next two and a half minutes that they managed to last for their first orgasm of the evening, there was an awful lot of panting and sighing going on. Not one of them even tried to stop though as their first cum crashed through them, they just kept right on fucking away merrily. They were panting a little harder now and there was a little grunting too as they came, but they never stopped.

Orgasms two and three were exactly the same way too, only they lasted a few seconds longer each one. After their third back to back cum though, even they could not keep going, so they all crashed to the floor, falling apart as they did so. It took several minutes for them to all come down, and it was Nicky to come down and say something first.

“Wow, now that was totally awesome, thanks so much guys, I'm definitely gonna love living here.”

“I think we all know how you feel.” Banjo sighed.

“We do.” The others all called out as one.

“Good.” Nicky smiled.

“Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I need something more than just one dick in my ass, so Ben and Avery, fill my ass, and Nicky, I want you in my mouth. I'll finger fuck you as well while I suck you, unless you'd like to sample one of the others.”

“No, that sounds hot. Are you sure you can take both their dicks though, they're both really big?” He asked, sounding nervous.

“Oh yeah, and then some. Don't worry about me. Even these guys call me a slut, and here that's a hard thing to call someone, because we all are.” Banjo grinned brightly.

“He is.” Everyone called out again.


Everyone got back into position, they had now rested enough to last for another few cums each, so they were raring to go. Nicky watched with curiosity as Banjo did in fact take both the large teen dicks, and once Banjo had them both inside fully, he pulled his dick out the top of his diaper and fed it to Banjo. Banjo was only too happy to be fed the hot looking little baby sausage, and then as promised, he started fingering Nicky as well.

“Mmm, so good.” Nicky sighed.

Similar sighs could be heard all around them as everyone got into their favorite positions, a couple more were positioned the same way Banjo was as well, others were just in pairs. They were all enjoying themselves though, and that was all that mattered really.

For this go round, they all lasted almost ten minutes, but like the last time, none of them stopped even for a second to catch their breaths, the minute or two they had before was good enough for them. Another ten minutes later and they were all cumming again, but this time they did separate. More moans and sighs escaped them all as they came down from their great orgasms, which this time took longer to come down from than the previous one had taken to happen at almost twelve minutes.

“Wow, I never imagined that sex could be this good. I'm so worn out, but I don't want to stop.” Nicky sighed out first.

“Know how you feel, but most of us probably have only one or two left in us before we just pass out.” Ben said this time.

“Not sure I have one left in me, let alone two, but I don't want to stop either. How many fingers did you end up getting inside me anyway Banjo?”

“Four, you did really good.”

“Wow, that's the most I've ever taken, and it didn't even hurt.”

“That's 'cause I prepared you well.”

“I'll say. You think I could take one of the bigger boys then?”

“Most of them yes, but I wouldn't try for Ben or Avery just yet if I were you.”

“I wasn't, at least not yet anyway.”

“Then go choose your partner and let's see if all of us have at least one more cum in us, even though I'm sure that the ones who can cum probably aren't any more.”

“Okay.” Everyone said tiredly.

They all went and chose a partner and went at it again for another fifteen minutes before they all could take it no longer and exploded one last time. It was a huge explosion, painful too, and it was definitely the last, because they were all wiped now for sure.

“Wow, I'm so tired I'm not sure I can stand.” Nicky said.

“You get used to it.” Banjo laughed.

“I doubt it, but I'd sure like to try.” He laughed.

“We do try, hard.”

“Oh ha ha.”

After that the diapers were passed around and everyone diapered their partner and then helped each other up. They all wandered back to their cabins for the night and headed to bed, all of them very much worn out. If it were not for the fact that they had no choice, because their fathers would wake them up, every boy there was sure they would sleep in the next morning.

Probably not so surprisingly though, every father did in fact have to go and wake up their sons, because not one of them woke up on time by themselves. Every father there had to laugh, only because they had foreseen this and knew it was going to happen. The men of course had been very full too and had had a very good night themselves, but the boys had come in a full hour later than the men had, and they had probably fired off twice as many times as the men had. Every boy too was dragging tail, or in almost every case, diaper, because they were all so wet that they were very nearly dragging their diapers behind them, thus causing more than a few dads to laugh at that as well.

Finally though they all made it to their chores and then to breakfast, and while the morning crew was certainly tired, by the time Breakfast was served, they were doing far better. Class came around and they were all sitting there doing their school work when Nicky passed out on the keyboard of his computer, the constant ringing of a key being pressed alerted Jack to this. He had to laugh.

“Okay, class dismissed, you boys all go get some rest, I'll send someone around to get you guys up for your afternoon chores.” He smiled warmly to the boys, he envied them and wished that he could have watched it the night before.

The boys did all go lay down too, most of them actually falling asleep for almost an hour. The afternoon crew were fetched and they did their duties, and finally dinner time rolled around. By then, all the boys were feeling far better. The six very long hard days of labour and then the incredible night of sex had worn them out almost completely, but a little extra rest did them a world of good.

It has now been almost two weeks since that day, and all the boys and men were doing really good. The farm animals were all doing great, their milk or egg production was right where it should be, they all looked and sounded to be perfectly happy and healthy, and that was always good. Jim and Nicky had already gotten some plants started in the greenhouse, but they were staggering things a bit, so that they always had fresh stuff. The boys had had a few more great orgies, as they usually did, but none were so intense as Nicky's first time with the group, but great none the less. The boys had even been taken out and shown how to saddle and ride the horses. All the boys knew how to ride, except Banjo, and most of them knew how to saddle them, but they were all shown again anyway. Between Jim and Nicky, they were able to teach the boys easily enough.

It was decided though that the amount of milk and eggs that they were getting every day was just not quite enough, so Jack ordered the same amount of chickens as the last time, to double their amount. He also added another ten cows and just four more goats, since the goats milk was not used as much, but like Jack had said, it made great cheese, and they went through a lot of that, so more milk from them was good too. The amount of horses was good though, so they were not increased. The new animals had arrived the day before and were integrated into the coop or with the rest of the animals, and they all seemed happy. Within just a few days the production of eggs and milk was just about perfect. They had more than enough every day to feed everyone and still have some left over for baking, which Jamie was enjoying a great deal more now.

In fact Jamie had been outdoing himself lately with the baking, because there are just some things you cannot do with powdered eggs, but fresh eggs were perfect. He was even making fresh mayonnaise and salad dressings, instead of relying on packaged and or bottled ones, once again, everyone truly appreciated it all. Banjo kept getting thanks every time he turned around, they were all so happy with him for his idea, everyone was far happier for it. An oil field has a tendency to create large appetites, and these men and boys enjoyed their good food, and now it was really good, instead of just good as it was before.

“Hey guys, let's go put a movie on in the rec hall and watch it, I'm getting a bit worn down again, last night was good for me.” Ben told the guys after they all gathered once the evening crew was released.

“Okay.” They all said, because the night before they had had a great two hour long orgy again.

They all headed to the rec hall, telling every man that they saw that was not working what they were doing and inviting them to join. Once there, the theatre sized popcorn maker was turned on to heat up, and then they made five large batches of popcorn for everyone to enjoy. The movie was chosen at random and set up in the player to go once they were ready. There were five types of juice made and ready to go, and they even went and snitched as many sweet treats from the kitchen that they could get their hands on. Once everyone was there and ready to go, the house lights were dimmed and the movie started. They all enjoyed their nice treat and watched the entire two and a half hour long ultra intense action movie. Once it was over, they all helped to clean up the mess and then everyone headed to their cabins for the night.

Summer had slipped away peacefully, fall was in full swing, but it was already starting to get very cold at night, and the mornings were frigid at best. Winter was surely coming, and poor Banjo was already suffering. He had taken to wearing thick pants and sweaters even while inside, because the others still thought it was too warm to bother putting the heat on, and though they might put a light pair of pants and a shirt on now if they had to go outside, inside they were still nearly naked at all times.

“How can you possibly go out there in just your diaper Ben, it's only ten degrees out there?” Banjo asked as they were about to leave the dining hall after finishing their cleaning in there.

“Easy, I just walk out, same as I always do.” He teased, the others just laughed. Most of them were still naked other than their diapers as well, while a few of the others had put on some light clothes.

“You know what I meant. Here I am in a long sleeved shirt and a sweat shirt, long johns and jeans, and I'm still cold when I go outside. I have to go find a jacket now, because it's too cold out there for me.” He whined.

“You're gonna have to just get used to it I'm afraid. You really should just strip down to almost nothing and go out and just work and get used to it, because that's the only way it's gonna happen. You already know, because we warned you, that just being cold won't get you out of any of the work around here that needs to be done. All the rest of us do it, even when it's far colder than this, and so will you. Wearing so many clothes when it's not even cold isn't good for you either, you're gonna over heat, especially if you're wearing all that inside.”

“I can't strip down, and even in the kitchen today I was only just right temperature wise, so I definitely wasn't in any danger of over heating. I won't quit on you guys, but you're gonna have to put up with my whining about it being cold, I just don't handle cold well.”

“Man, I've never met anyone as warm blooded as you. Granted, everyone I've ever known was pretty much raised in the north, where cold is just normal. You will get used to it though, trust me, it'll just take time is all, and you do need to strip down and let your body adjust to it. You won't die, I promise, and if you do manage to get hypothermia from being outside right now, I know how to cure it, so have no fears.” Ben grinned.

“Well, that's comforting at least.”

“That's good, but I've never had to help a hypothermia person in this warm of weather.”

“Yeah, well I don't even like going into the freezer or the cooler remember, but I'm not getting undressed.”

“Suit yourself, but the sooner you do it and let your body adjust, the better it will be for you.”

“Honestly, right now I don't believe you, and I can't see myself ever believing it either. And it's really supposed to get to negative twenty or thirty?”

“Oh yeah, and sometimes we get a wind chill factor of an extra ten degrees.”

“And what exactly is a wind chill factor?”

“Basically, the thermometer reads twenty below, but the temperature it feels is colder due to the wind. We can get some pretty wicked winds here, and most of the time they're coming from the north, so it makes it feel even colder than it really is. During the winter time, if you have to go outside for any length of time, if it's windy, make sure and be properly dressed, because you can and will get serious hypothermia if you stay out for too long. I have helped people with hypothermia before, and it's not fun, it's really scary and not something to take lightly. I have no fears that you'd be stupid enough to go outside in anything but the warmest possible gear, since you're so afraid of the cold, but when you're used to the cold like most of us are, we can sometimes forget how cold it really is.”

“Oh, great, it just keeps getting better and better. How the hell could you forget how cold it is though, that'd be like me going for a walk on the surface of the sun, forgetting that it's a little too hot?”

“We're just so used to the cold that it doesn't bother us too much, and if we're working, we don't like to wear too many clothes, so that we don't overheat, but it can be dangerous too if you stop working or get caught in the real cold for too long. Even at negative twenty I've been outside in nothing but a pair of shorts and a tee shirt cutting wood, but it was a clear day with no wind, so it wasn't that cold, and while working, I didn't even feel cold at all. Then the wind picked up though and I started to get pretty cold, so I had to go in and put something on. It's really not as bad as you think it is, it's just a matter of getting used to it like I keep telling you.”

“Sorry, but I think maybe you guys have a few loose wires if you can do that, that's just not normal.” Banjo laughed.

“Yeah, well I never was accused of being the brightest bulb on the tree.” Ben grinned and the others laughed as well.

“Can we go get me a jacket though, I really am starting to need one when I go outside?”

“Fine, but you really shouldn't.” Ben sighed. He knew Banjo was going to be a tough one when it came to the cold, and he hoped that Banjo would not end up holing himself up in his cabin and refuse to come out when it got really cold out. No one would appreciate that.

“I know, and I know you're right that I should get used to it, but I just can't. As soon as I left the cabin this morning to come here, I was already freezing cold, my teeth were chattering, and I was shivering all the way 'til about half way through cooking breakfast. I had to stick my hands under my armpits just to keep them warm, and I could see my breath. What's up with that anyway, you shouldn't be able to see your breath!”

“The colder it gets, the more you see your breath, that's just the way it works. I saw how cold you were this morning though, and it's nowhere near cold yet. Are you gonna manage when it gets real cold out, or are we gonna have to drag you from your cabin for chores, because we will?”

“I don't know, I guess I'll have to manage, but don't expect me to be happy about it.”

“You'll either get used to it or ask to leave, so the choice is yours.” Ben shrugged.

“I know, and I don't want to leave, ever, so I guess I'll just have to get used to it, but don't expect it right away. It'll probably take me a couple years or so before I do though. So expect non stop whining 'til then.” Banjo smiled.

“I hate whining, so don't mind me if I smack you when you do so.” Ben warned.

“I get that from my dad if I whine too much, so I'm used to it, but I don't whine unless I'm cold.”

“Then you're gonna get a lot of smacks over the next seven months then, because that's about how long winter lasts here.”

“Really, that long?”

“Yeah, pretty much the same amount of time you're used to having for summer is about what we're used to having for winter, but it's hard winter for only about two to three months of that. The rest of the time is just a little cold and snowy. Granted, we got more snow here the warmer it is, if it's too cold, it doesn't snow.”

“Huh, how does that work, I thought it had to be cold to snow?”

“Not sure why, but anything below about negative twenty five to thirty and it won't snow. We'll still get snow storms as the wind picks up the snow that's already on the ground, but otherwise it doesn't snow all that much during the coldest part of winter. It was the same in Alberta when we lived there too, the colder it got, the less snow we got, but we always had lots from the early part of winter, so it didn't matter any. We should probably start getting snow within the next one to two weeks though, it's dropping about one degree a day now, and as soon as it hits zero, you can bet we'll see snow. I've been here for a few years now and we've never seen the end of October with less than a couple inches of snow.”

“A couple inches, at the end of October, how much is there at the end of winter?”

“Depends on how many thaw cycles we've had during winter. Sometimes we've had several by the end of winter so there was only about a foot left to completely melt off, but the year before last, we'd had none, so once it finally started to warm up, we had four feet of actual snow, plus the amount that drifted.”

“Four feet, as in nearly as deep as I am tall?” Banjo asked incredulously, he had never even heard of that happening.

“Yeah, sure. You mean you've never heard that you can have that much snow?” Ben asked in amazement.

“No, I never even thought it was possible.”

“Man, most ski resorts can't even open up to start skiing until they've got at least that much snow pack at the base of their mountain.”

“I've never even seen skiing done, I know nothing of skiing or ski resorts. I'm totally ignorant of anything winter related I'm afraid, I'm from the south where winter is warm, or at least warmer than here. Granted, we had warmer days in winter time where I lived than I had during the summer here. We had twenty five degree winter days sometimes, it was rare, but it happened, and you guys were all like it's so hot when it was twenty five. I was happy when it got to thirty and you guys were trying to cool off.” He laughed.

“Yeah, I guess it's just what you get used to. My dad and I went down south once for a few months before coming here, and it was winter time. I never left the house in anything more than just a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and I still thought it was nice and warm out. The locals there looked at me like I was crazy as they were wearing pants and jackets. Mind you, I am crazy, but that's beside the point. I suppose they probably wouldn't do any better here than you are, but you will get used to it, I promise. Now, let's go find you a jacket you big baby.” Ben grinned.

They all headed out, but as they all left the dining hall, the rest of the group split off to go do whatever they wanted until it was time for class to start. Ben took Banjo to the store house and they found a jacket there that fit him well, as well as a pair of gloves that were still fairly light weight, but would keep his hands warm. As soon as Banjo put them on, he sighed and said he felt a lot better already, and they left. He still said it was cold on his face, but he was fine, because the rest of him was finally warm again.

By the time Christmas time rolled around, everyone was doing great, and even Banjo was sort of getting used to the cold. It was not truly cold yet, though it was far colder than he had ever felt before. He had went and got himself a really nice thick winter jacket, some really good gloves, some good snow pants and boots, a full face toque and a scarf and he was able to manage while outside. He did have to admit that riding the skidoos was a great deal of fun, and even though he did get cold faster than the others, he found that he was able to just push it back and continue having fun. When the boys were asked to go chop wood, because they did use some wood heat in the winter, he was able to shed a little of his winter wear and go chop wood. This was another first for him though, he had never done this before and had to be shown everything about chopping wood right from the basics.

Christmas was actually a fairly tame event, no one really passed out any gifts, no one wanted or needed anything, they all already had all that they needed. The only thing they did do was take three days off and they all spent a lot of time together. They went out and played, they watched movies, they sat around just talking and laughing, and they swam, but otherwise, they just relaxed for all three days. The only chores that had to be done were of course the boys' chores, but the men helped them with all those, so that they were done quickly.

The middle of May was fast approaching and the weather was warming up finally, the snow was starting to melt, and Banjo was feeling better every day. He had made it, and though he had had a hard time at times during the coldest part of the winter, he had done very well, surprising even himself. The other boys all told him that he was doing great, and though he did complain about the cold, it was not nearly so much as they had thought he might. Given that he had no choice but to work in it every day, no matter what, his body did end up getting far more used to it than he thought it would, or could for that matter. By the time the worst of the winter was over, he and the others were wearing the exact same amount of clothes, and he was just as comfortable as they all were. Granted, like he had been told even before winter, Jack only bought the very best of winter wear for everyone, so that helped a great deal.

Whenever Banjo got too cold though, there was always someone around that was more than happy to help bring his core body temperature up several degrees. In fact, it was this very thing that probably got Banjo the most used to the cold, because the boys always promised him that if he went out and did whatever for a couple hours or however long, that they would take him in and warm him up real good. Banjo's sex drive was considerably stronger than his aversion to cold, so it always won out. The others all had to laugh at this, because sex was both Banjo's greatest strength and weakness. He was incredible, of that there was simply no doubt, but the promise of sex could get him to do absolutely anything, and they hoped no one ever found this out about him and used it for evil purposes, because he would probably commit any sin if he was promised enough sex. The last bit of winter slipped away and before they knew it, it was almost summer time again.

“Well Baby, we've been here a year already. You think we can do it for another year or ten?” Mitch asked on their first anniversary of arriving on the island, they had just finished eating dinner, they were sitting with each other tonight.

“You bet. You ever make me leave here and I'll disown you.” Banjo grinned.

“Even with winter being so hard?”

“Even with winter, I wouldn't give this up for the world.” He smiled serenely.

“I don't blame you. Winter was almost as hard on me as it was for you, but we both made it and it's finally summer again. So, what are you doing tonight?”

“I asked the guys to throw me an anniversary party for surviving a whole year here, and they agreed to make me pass out. They've never actually managed to make me pass out, but they're gonna try even harder this time. I hope I'll be able to walk tomorrow, but you might wanna ask about a wheelchair in case the boys wear me out too much.”

“Sounds like fun, I just might have to ask the men to do the same for me.” Mitch laughed.

“Good, then it should be a very good night. If I make it home tonight, I'd be surprised, but I'll see you in the morning no matter what. Have a good night, love you.”

“Hell, I might not make it home either, so I'll see you at breakfast. Have a good night and love you too.” Mitch smiled warmly and they hugged and parted.

It was a very good night for Banjo too. The boys laid him on a table on his back, he was lubed up, and then he was fucked. His hot hard baby bone was sticking out the front of his diaper and someone was sucking him at all times, and someone was feeding him their dick at all times as well. They made Banjo cum twenty three times, he was filled with more than that amount of cum and almost as much piss, and like they had promised him, they made him pass out. His last cum of the night was so painful he just passed out cold. He was then double diapered, because he was really going to need it, then he was lifted off the table and laid on some mats and covered up. The rest of the boys diapered each other, and then they all curled up all around Banjo and slept with him.

From then on, Banjo never complained about the cold, he weathered many winters there, and neither he nor his dad ever retired. Mitch died when he was eighty right on the island that they called home. Banjo did too when he was almost ninety. Many of the boys and men that had lived there stayed just as long as well, and they all stayed happy and healthy. They all had great sex almost every day, and though Banjo got older, his sex drive never left him. He was just as insatiable at thirty, forty, fifty and older as he was when he was just a boy. Over the years they lost some, but they always gained some as well. Whether someone left of their own free will or died, it was always sad to see someone go, but as it always seems to, life always went on.

I should also note that Mitch finally let Banjo have sex with Jamie as a fourteenth birthday present, it was Banjo's most favorite birthday present he had ever received, and it was a wild orgy all night long, or at least until Jamie passed out in mid stroke inside Banjo, but he had already cum six times and he just could not go any longer. After that Banjo was allowed to have sex with any person on the island that he wished. And that as they say is that.