This is a true story, or at least true to the best of my recollection and, since this was one of the most memorable events in my life; I'd have to say it was pretty damn spot on. I have changed some names and places to protect the guilty but other than that, I have changed nothing. If you are offended by young boys enjoying one another, during that time when innocence allowed one to be `naughty' without there being any real long term consequences, then you are probably offended by life events in general and, in any event, are either in denial, or on the wrong website.


If you like the story, by all means express your appreciation in the normal way and I don't mean by jerking into some handy tissue. On second thoughts, maybe I do.


Steven Randal was perfect and, every time we hung out, all I could think about was seeing him naked and being rude with him. At 11 he was a little under 5 foot tall, weighed in around 90lbs, and had longish wiry blonde hair and the most beautiful face I had ever seen. When he smiled, he had dimples and when he looked at me with his big brown eyes, I would have gladly been his slave. I was a year, almost two, years older than he was but a late bloomer and I had barely started to exhibit any signs of puberty, beyond a slight lengthening and thickening of my 4 inch cock. I took every opportunity to get a look at his. Mainly this was by making sure that when he took a piss in the bushes, I needed to go at the same time. I wasn't very coy about making sure he got an eyeful of mine and made no secret of the fact I was checking him out as he let go his stream. On one occasion we accused him of being a girl over some reluctance to participate in one of our many wild ventures. His angry response was out of proportion to the fun being poked at him and I suggested if he was really a boy, he should prove it. His shorts and underpants were round his ankles and his shirt front pulled high almost before the words were out. I got an instant boner that my shorts hardly contained. Through most of that summer, I assumed he didn't get the same feelings about me (or any of the other boys) I was getting about him.

That was until one evening, I was drying off in the sunshine, with my best friend Gaz and another friend Mark, after we had been skinny dipping in the local reservoir. We were swapping idle chat when Mark blurted out he thought his brother and 'that Steve Randal' might be puffs. Naturally we demanded a full account and he told us that Timmy, his 10 year old brother and Steven played this game at Steven's house, where they pretended to be in the movies, got naked and acted out sex scenes. Specifically, one would be James Bond and the other, his latest shag. Of course, I mirrored Gaz's disbelief but stored every detail up. After all, this was a major league scoop and my mind was already wondering how I could get `in'. While I wasn't that interested in Timmy, who was a skinny, wimpy sort of kid, if getting rude with Steven meant getting rude with him to, I wasn't that fussy and was definitely not going to let that trifling thing get in my way.

It was about a week later that the two of them said they were taking off in the middle of a game we were all playing in the woods by the creek. My mind had no doubts about what they were going to be doing, although it was probably more wishful thinking than something borne of factual evidence. I waited a few minutes then `remembered' I had to do some chores for my mum. Without any real idea how I was going to do it, I was determined to get in on the action. I went straight over to Steven's house. Like most of us, his mother worked during the day and so I knew they would be in on their own. The only possible obstruction might be Steven's 16 year old cousin Anthony, who was supposed to keep an eye out on him. On the other hand, there wasn't much risk of that, he would be off hanging down the recreation ground with his jerk off mates, smoking and making lewd comments at any girl that walked past.

I got to the front door and rang the bell. After a second longer ring, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and the door opened.

"Oh hi!" said a topless Steven, "what dya want?"

"Games all over", I replied "and I thought I might play with you guys if that's OK?"

I fully expected to be blown off at this point but to my surprise and joy; Steven opened the door wider and said,

"Oh sure, we're up in my room."

As I followed Steven upstairs, Timmy came out onto the landing to see what was going on. When he looked down and saw me, a look of horror came across his face. He was stood there wearing what I assumed was one of Steven's mother's underskirts, his undies and what looked like a girl's sport bra. He immediately burst into tears. Steven and I raced to the top and shoved him into the bedroom and asked him what was up. His answers were obvious; after all, he had been caught in women's underwear. I assured him I thought dressing up was a really cool game and I would really like to play whatever it was they were playing. I could see the doubt cross both faces and so I confessed that I knew what their game was and I really did want to play. Steven explained how the game went but wasn't sure how I could fit into it. I volunteered that I could maybe play the camera man or the director of the movie and that way I could see what went on by watching them and then after we could swap places. There was some discussion about them being naked which I brushed aside with,

"Well it will be the same when I am an actor but if it bothers you I'll strip now and be a naked director or camera man."

That had us all in stitches but they seemed to think me getting naked first was a good thing a gesture of trust or something like that. So, I wasted no time in getting naked. I was about 5' 2" and athletically built, shortish dark hair than needed a trim and sapphire blue eyes. In later years it was my eyes more than anything else that boys and girls would say were truly stunning. Both were surprised I hadn't got any pubes yet but they were equally impressed with the 4 inches of very stiff boy flesh I was sporting. Comments like,

"It's rude to point" and

"Mind you don't get it caught in the clapper board",

caused even more giggling and eased any remaining tension.

So it was I watched them go through their sexy improvisation. I made some camera noises every now and then but mostly I watched in fascination, my role as cameraman allowing me to manoeuvre myself so I got a perfect view. It quickly became clear that the real thrust of the game was the `rudeness'. The undressing, did not take long at all and they ended up with Steven on top of Timmy, between his legs simulating fucking him. Timmy had his dick wrapped in his ball sack and that all tucked between his thighs, to make a more `pussy' like look and Steven slid his very stiff 3 inches of slender boy shaft up and down the grove. On one hand, it was really hot to watch and I was getting to see Steven's dick in all its horny glory. On the other, it was all a bit tame. Certainly, I think I was coming closer to an orgasm that they were but they were clearly enjoying the skin on skin contact.

My turn! I was almost breathless in anticipation. So I was to be the girl and Timmy was to be James Bond. I suggested that we start the scene naked and, with some effort, I managed to stick my dick, rather painfully between my thighs. No way was that boner folding into my scrotum. Timmy moved in to seduce me if it could be called that and started to kiss me. The kiss was on the face of it passionate but very closed mouth. I have had better from by teddy bear. Despite my interest in Timmy being but a fraction of that for Steven, I found myself driven to taste his merge offering, so I slide down to my knees and pretty unceremoniously clamped my mouth around his 3 inches. I think this may have been too much for Timmy and he pulled away and announced he was late and had to get going. I am sure his dick tasted fine, but it was such a forgettable moment, I have forgotten. If getting dressed and racing downstairs was an Olympic even, Timmy would have shattered the world record. I think he paused to take a breath only to urgently seek assurance,

"You won't tell anyone, will you?"

As the door slammed behind him, Steven and I looked at one another. "Looks like it's me and you then," I laughed.

"Will you do that to me, what you were doing with Timmy? You know, suck my dick?"

"Hell yes!" I replied, "but can we not do the movie thing. Can we just do rude, sexy stuff?"

Steven beamed, "oh yes, yes. I only did that movie shit 'cos it was the only way to get Timmy to do the rude stuff. "

So it was, still on my knees, I pulled Steven towards me and admired his dick for just a few seconds before I snaked out my tongue and started to taste the prize. His dick was only 3 inches long and pretty slender, and his foreskin, even when erect covered his cock head - but not for long! As I took his beautiful cock into my mouth, I trapped the head between top lip and tongue and skinned back his foreskin to expose his tender glans. A moan escaped his lips and one hand knotted in my hair, pulling me harder onto him. I had both hands on his butt and as I worked his shaft with my tongue, he started to thrust in and out of my face. I pulled his cheeks apart opening his butt crack and then slid one finger into it. I wanted to push it right into him but, without forcing it and maybe hurting him, I couldn't breach that particular defence not yet anyway. I must have loved the taste of his meat because I was covering his whole groin and pubis in drool as I became more frenzied in my hunger for his bits and very soon, Stevens' thrusts became much faster and more erratic. His breath came in gasps and then, with a high pitched screech, he made one last thrust which nearly knocked my front teeth out. Still pumping and still gasping, his movements become weaker and eventually he collapsed onto the top of my head. His weight, I guess, rolled me over and we ended up in a hug, a snakes wedding of limbs. As our bodies came together I felt my own cock rub slid between his legs and started to fuck the opening made by his thighs, his balls and his bum crack. His body was limp beneath me but the stimulation of my cock on his balls and butt obviously awake his own little beast again because I felt him poking me with each thrust. It didn't last long though, I wanted him so badly and, eyes rolling back in their socket, I gasped,

"Watch this," as I flipped my dick onto his before shooting 5 or 6 decent jets of still clear boy cum between up onto his chest and tummy. I slumped down onto him and my boy juice became the mayonnaise in a tummy sandwich. We lay there and wriggled against one another for what seemed ages before we both announced, in unison, we needed a pee. We raced to the bathroom and, standing side by side, without any discussion or invitations being exchanged, we held one another's dicks as we relieved ourselves.

"That!" exclaimed Steven as we staggered back to the bedroom "was fucking incredible!"

"Better than Timmy?" I asked

"Not even in the same universe!"

"You wanna try some more. Some other stuff too?" I asked, pretty much sure of his reply.

"Do bears poo in the woods!" was his reply, he voice squeaking and cracking at the same time in horny anticipation. "What does it taste like? You know, sucking my dick?"

"Why not try it for yourself?" I replied "but yours tastes out of this world. I would suck your dick any day of the week and ten times on Sundays. First though, why don't we take a shower and get clean? Maybe have some fun washing each other's bodies and........... stuff?"

"Brillz but we will have to share my towel", said Steven and then with a cheeky grin and a twinkle in his eye that I was to become oh so familiar with and that I knew meant he was thinking about sex, "that or find something else to rub one another down with."

Steven spun round and, grabbing my hand pulled me toward the large walk-in shower in the corner of the bathroom. Entering the cubicle, the reached out and pressed a control button built into the wall and jets of water sprang at us from nozzles not just above but all down the length as well. This was by far the poshest shower i have ever been in. The first jets were freezing cold and we instinctively wrapped one another in a clenched hug. However, it wasn't long before warm water was playing on our bodies and we separated, our minds focussed on what we might be playing on those bodies to.

"Me first. Besides, you were the one that spermed all over me."

"Not real sperms", I corrected, "I can't make proper spunk yet just clear stuff."

"More than me!" he retorted, sticking out his tongue.

I wasn't about to argue. Of course, it might have been the warm water that was making me giddy, but then we all know, it was definitely, the idea of running my hands all over his body that was to blame for that. I proceeded to touch every inch of his body. Mostly with soapy hands, but sometimes without, just to get the natural feel. I played particular attention to his butt, getting him to bend forward to give me better access ...... and so it was my slippery, soapy finger slipped effortlessly into his pink hole. He gave a moan as it entered but offered no hint of complaint, even pushing back against the pressure to force it deeper inside. I had never contemplated the notion of licking a bum hole, let alone sticking my tongue into it. The idea would have even been abhorrent to me but the red mist was now descending and no avenue was out of bounds to my growing lust. I just couldn't resist it.

"That's my ......oh...oh........" Steven started to offer some objection but it never really emerged and he pressed his butt into my face to eagerly accept this new invasion. I half expected it to smell a bit and to taste of something but it didn't. There was a mere trace of a bum scent but it tasted just like the rest of his beauteous body - gorgeous!

I would have happily ministered to Steven all afternoon, but he wasn't to be denied his own explorations. Pulling away from me, he helped me off my knees and started to follow a similar process on my body. The feeling of his hands running over my body sent wave after wave of pleasure coursing through me. He reached my dick which was leaking freely by the time he got to it.

"What's this? Are you spunking again already?"

"No," I replied, "it does that when I get horny. I think it is to make it slippery. You know, for when you do shagging?"

Steven stuck out a tongue and gingerly tasted the oozing from end of my dick - his first taste of cock. He nodded then licked the remaining fluid before continuing his ministrations. When it got to my butt, he followed my lead and got me to bend over, washing my bum thoroughly and inserting his finger as deep into me as it would go.

"Is it okay if I don't lick your bum?" he asked, "at least not this time."

"No worries at all," I reassured him, "you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

This time! The words resonated in my head. This time meant there would be other times. Many other times? Hell, I certainly hoped so.

A sharp crack and a stinging pain on my right butt cheek snapped me out of my dream world. Steven was giggling almost uncontrollably as he flicked his damp towel at me again, catching my thigh.

"Fuck! Aw!"

"I missed again," he giggled, "how the hell could I miss that?"

He flicked the towel again, aiming for my engorged boy cock.

"You hit it and put it out of action and you will get no more sexing up today."

I launched myself at him, catching him partly round the waist and partly under his butt. We tumbled to the floor with a bit of a bump and rolled over and over, not really trying to gain a particular advantage, just revelling in the body contact. Before long, we flopped onto out backs, panting at the exertion. Steven reached out a hand and wrapped it around my shaft. Silently, he shuffled down and, bending over my tummy, he took my dick in his mouth. His teeth grazed a little but he must have realised because as he descended it a second time, there was nothing but lips and tongue. Steven was sucking his first cock and, having received his first blowjob only an hour or so earlier, was clearly either a natural or a quick study. His mouth greedily worked my cock, pausing at each up stroke to tongue the head, flirting with my pee hole. He joked with me after that I was moaning so loudly, he was worried his mum would hear it all the way in town at work. As I got used to the waves of pleasure, I noticed his own cock and bum were almost perfectly positioned for me to get what I wanted as much as I wanted his mouth on me, another taste of his dick and to play his bum hole with finger and tongue. It required a slight shuffle, but he was light and easily boy-handled into position. One hand squeezed and toyed with my balls as he lathed my dick, the other, teased and probed at my hole. Damn! Did he know how he was driving me crazy? His finger tracing the outside, dipping in but never really pushing past the resistance. As I felt the pressure building in me, I concentrated on his dick and as I did so, his hips moved in time, thrusting his own tattoo into mouth. I knew he was close. I sure as hell was. I wondered, will he swallow or spit? I swore I yelled a warning, though he swore if I did he never heard one. We came as one. I pumped string on string of my watery offering into his throat. Surprise or not, he didn't refuse the serving and none worth worrying over escaped his hungry mouth. He pumped and seemed to climax once, twice possibly even three times. Humping my face long after I had sunk spent into the check duvet cover. He stopped pumping and I gently started running my tongue over his deflating dick. I slid it over the cockhead and his shivered and more moaned than yelped,

"No, fuck no! It's too tickly!"

Withdrawing his dick from my mouth, he swivelled again, head to head. We hugged and kissed deeply. I could smell he gentle odour of sex and it was with that fragrance wafting in my senses, we drifted off to sleep.

We woke together with a start.

"Hello. Steven, I'm home!"

Panic hit us simultaneously. Steven grabbed a tee shirt and tracksuit bottoms and was dressed in them in seconds, shouting back,

"Hi Mum, down in a minute!"

I'll stall her," he chuckled, "get dressed and I'll think something up. Just go along with whatever."

I started to pull on my clothes - all of them. Unlike Steven, I might not have the luxury of being able to dress properly later. I heard him talking to his mum.

"Mum, Ollie is over. We're still not finished Risk. Can he stay for tea?"

Steven's voice was way louder than it needed to be just for his mum. I took my cue and looked around the room. His games were all on a shelf, neatly stacked and I located Risk easily and set it up on the floor. Naturally, I set it up with my having a very significant advantage. After all, all's fair in sex and war!

"If you want dear; do I know Ollie? Never mind. I will need to call him mum and make sure it's okay."

"I think you met him before, he lives round the corner at the top of Millside Crescent."

By now, I had descended the stairs and walked into the kitchen to find Steven pouring 2 glasses of fruit juice.

"Hi Mrs Randal."

"Oh hello dear. Ah yes, I remember Ollie," she said, "What's your telephone number dear?" Clever trick that, remembering me, because I don't recall having ever met her before!

Unfortunately, mum said i couldn't stay that day as we were going over to visit my Grandma in hospital. She was always glad to see me, I was expected and I would never disappoint her - not even for sex. Mrs Randal was very apologetic, observing that there was always another time.

"May be Friday mum? Maybe for a sleep over, you know, for company when you and dad go dancing? Then Anthony won't have to babysit 'cos there are two of us?"

My eyes must have been the size of saucers. Steven had it all sorted and I thought I was the one doing the seducing! So, another quick call later and it was all sorted. As he walked my to the end of the garden, Steven told me that his mother would be home the next day on her non-working day from work, so I would have to make do with footy and a flash while we had a pee. But Friday .... Well Friday is a story for another time.